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Exchanged - Diaper Dimension - Epilogue - Added 2-17-2019

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    Re: Exchanged - Diaper Dimension - Chapters 15-16 - Added 6/10/2017

    Chapter 17:

    THE NEXT MORNING I woke up to Amanda picking me up, “Come on baby, let’s get you ready for today!”

    I yawned and leaned against her, “I hate waking up…”

    She laughed, “Don’t we all!”

    She lay me down on the changing table and pulled the nightgown up to see a very soaked diaper. “Hmm… I’m surprised this held out last night. But, we definitely need to make sure you’re getting more to drink.”

    “Why do you say that?” I asked sleepily.

    “It’s a really yellow diaper sweetheart.”

    I thought for a second and nodded, “Yeah you’re right, I didn’t drink a lot yesterday…”

    She changed me quickly into a new pamper before bringing a cute sundress above my head. “I’d sure like you to help me a little bit here sweetie,” she told me with a smile as she said, “arms up.”

    I sleepily put my arms up and apologized, “sorry, I think yesterday just drained me really badly. It was a long stressful day.”

    “Yes it was,” she agreed with me as she worked the dress down over my chest and fussed with it for a moment. “We’ll do your hair after breakfast,” she told me with a smile.

    I put my hand up to my long hair and was grateful she must have braided it into a light sleep braid when she put me down. Her breast milk was like the best sleeping pill known to mankind! Back home it would take me hours to fall asleep sometimes, the idea that I could do it before even getting put down in the crib amazed me. I blushed as I thought about the fact I had all but begged to at least get one hit of it a day!

    Thankfully for me Amanda seemed to accept my lack of interaction with her in the mornings as normal and didn’t push interaction. She strapped me into the highchair and placed another me-sized mug of coffee on the tray. I looked at her questioningly and she responded, “We said only at night sweetheart, so I guess that means I’ll just give you your morning coffee like I take it.”

    I nodded and sipped at the black liquid, letting its flavorful taste work its magic to wake me up! I was excited when she placed a plateful of French Toast in front of me - it was one of my favorites! Of course it was pre-cut for me… I daintily ate it with the offered fork as she had been kind enough to skip the bib again. Other than being strapped into the high chair, and the big size of the bread slices, this could have been a normal breakfast back home! Fred stopped by dressed in a set of scrubs and kissed me on the head before saying, “I’ll be late tonight, I have a pretty complex surgery scheduled this afternoon. Our team will probably be at it for at least six-hours. See you late tonight,” he told us both with a smile.

    “Bye,” I told him.

    I finished breakfast, then sat patiently as Amanda finished hers. After she took both of our plates to the sink she grabbed a hairbrush and began working on my hair. “I should have worked on your hair like this before… It’s way easier to reach you in your highchair!”

    “Umm… Is there a chance maybe we could get me a haircut before next week?”

    “We are not cutting off your pretty hair,” she said looking at me sternly.

    “No, I don’t want it cut off – trust me it took me a long time to grow it out - I’m just thinking there has to be a style that would seem to make me look appropriately mature, but not too mature for a little going to school?”

    She mulled that over as she tied a ribbon into my hair. “You’re right, we should do that. Why don’t you go to the living room and take care of finishing that diaper off and I’ll pump and make an appointment for your hair?”

    I nodded, “Okay.”

    She unbuckled me, hugged me, and sat me down with a slight tap to the back of my diaper to remind me exactly what she expected me to do. I sighed as I went to the living room and went to the other side of where my playpen was setup. I squatted and tried to go for several minutes, but all I could get out was a little more pee. When she came to get me she said, “You don’t smell like you went?”

    I sighed as she picked me up, “I think it may take me a day or two to need to after Monday?”

    She nodded, “You’ll have through tomorrow, if you haven’t gone by tomorrow night we’ll need to help you make sure you’re not constipated.”

    “Great…” I muttered.

    My wet diaper was changed quickly exchanged for a dry pamper and she gathered everything up for another trip out. Out in the car once I was buckled into the seat I asked, “So school clothes first, right?”

    “Yep, we’ve got to make sure you’re in a proper uniform before you meet the Dean.”

    I sat quietly and blushed as I wondered what exactly the girl’s uniform requirements were. Of course before coming here I’d researched as much as I could about the way littles were treated. There were only a few brief chances I had to get onto the website to look at uniforms, but I hadn’t paid a ton of attention to the girls uniform. I knew as a boy it would have been basically khakis, a button down shirt, a tie, and a blazer. The girls from what I had seen had a few more options that were allowed. I never looked closely, but I remember thinking it was a dress code that seemed straight from a British private school rather than an American school. Here in this new dimension it was apparent that the British influence was far more prevalent for uniforms.

    ‘Might just have to do with the fact that it looks cute and works to get someone feeling powerless,’ I admitted to myself.

    The car came to a stop after about fifteen minutes, and Amanda came around for me. She helped me out of the car seat and sat me down on my own feet while extending her hand out to me. I took it and let her lead me inside a store labeled, “Jenny’s School Fashions.”

    “Mandy!!!!” a voice screeched at our entry.

    “Hi Jenny!” Amanda said letting go of my hand and hugging a lady that looked to be a tall inbetweener.

    “How are you doing? It’s been so long since we’ve gotten together. I couldn’t believe when you called me last week!”

    “Sorry about that Jenny, it really is hard to get outside of the lab most of the time. You know how obsessed I got around computers in high school…”

    “Boy do I ever! Nerdiest girl ever!” She said and looked down at me for the first time, “when you called saying you needed to get clothes for a little I thought you were joking! But when you gave me her dimensions I thought you had to be really messing with me! There’s no way could a ‘little’ be that little! I guess you weren’t making it up though.” She smiled at me.

    “You still made…?”

    “Oh yes, I still made them. I figured it was for a doll or something else. Hi, I’m Jenny,” she said extending her bigger hand towards me.”

    “Hi, I’m Stacy,” I said accepting the hand. She was smaller than Megan, but with my tiny size she might as well have been another gigantic Amazon.

    “This crazy lady adopted you?” She asked incredulously.

    I looked up at Amanda who nodded at me, “Sort of… I’m an exchange student from the other dimension. Amanda and Fred took me in as kind of a foster child I guess.”

    “Well didn’t you hit the jackpot? Both of you really!” She said with a smile. “But enough of that you probably have other places to go today too?”

    “Yes, she’s supposed to meet with her dean this morning for pre-registration.”

    “Well come on back here sweetie,” she told me with a smile and led me to the back of her shop where she dug around on some racks for a moment.

    She pulled out a number of plastic covered garments and set them on an empty rack before turning back around towards me. “Emerson has some rather odd uniform requirements for the little girls that attend. Really the boys uniforms aren’t that far away from business suits, but the girls are very old school! You have three options depending on the time of the year. For the entire year you may wear these green jumper dresses, a white blouse, knee high socks or tights, and black Mary Janes or Plimsolls.”

    The green jumper was a dark forest green color and appeared to have a pleated skirt. It was clear that you needed a blouse to help make it appropriate with the round opening. It looked like something you would expect out of a British movie. The jumper itself looked to have a little bow accent detail on the left side of it and I had to admit I would probably look cute in it.

    “That’s not too terrible,” I said.

    “No, there are much worse sets of uniforms required by some of the schools out there,” she told me. “Some of the outfits for the littles in elementary schools in this area are just ridiculous… The university says that if the temperatures are below freezing for the highs you may switch out the jumper for a pair of these green pants,” she pointed them out. Somehow they didn’t inspire much liking from me even though it was the most masculine bit of clothing I’d been near since I arrived! I thought the elastic waist especially made them seem more babyish than the jumper dress…

    “Yuck…” I heard Amanda say.

    “I’m not a huge fan myself. Of course the university insists that the pants have snap crotches for easy checking and changing of littles, so these have the snaps through the crotch,” she said as she pointed them out.

    I felt my face turn a bit red, but I knew I really needed to get over myself there. I sighed, “You said there’s a third option?”

    “Yes, before September Thirtieth, and after April First of each year you may also wear these gingham summer dresses,” she said as she held up a very juvenile pale green checked dress with a white peter pan collar. It was almost nauseating to look at, but I had to admit I’d rather wear it than the pants.

    “Those are adorable!” Amanda said, “I always love it when I see the littles wearing those on campus!”

    For my part I looked up at her and said, “Really?”

    Jenny laughed, “Yeah, I’m not going to lie – you wouldn’t catch me dead in one. But it at least gives you another option.”

    I sighed, “I guess it does. I’m assuming I have to play dress-up doll now?”

    Jenny laughed, “She’s perfect for you Mandy!”

    “Don’t I know it,” Amanda said as she leaned down and tickled me for a moment. “You have a changing room somewhere?”

    “We’re in it,” she said, “don’t worry, I’m closed for your appointment.”

    I sighed and participated in the longest clothing try on session of my life! There were six sets of everything to get me through the weeks, and Jenny insisted that I had to check the fit of each one. She began with the jumper outfit and held out a white blouse to me. I pulled it on over my head and began buttoning it. Since it was a girls blouse, the buttons were on the opposite side than I was used to, so it took a moment to adjust my finger motions.

    I had just finished buttoning the buttons, when Amanda said, “Arms up!” and pulled down the green jumper over the top. “It fits perfectly!” Amanda said with a smile, “You look adorable!”

    A large mirror stood before me and I had to admit she was right there. It hugged my body as if it had been tailored just for me - which I guess it had. Jenny checked the outfit carefully, pinching and pulling at parts of it. “Amanda you measured her well, I don’t think this will require any other alterations.” They both beamed at me and I distracted myself with my image in the tall mirror in front of me. The skirt fell just below the knees so that you could see just a little bit of skin between my tall socks and the skirt. The blouses themselves fitted well to my torso and had cute puffy sleeves that ended just below my shoulder. I couldn’t help but think there was more danger of me being accused of skipping out of my elementary school in these outfits than being thought a college student!

    I tried on all six sets before trying the pants on. Those weren’t nearly as form fitting as they had the elastic for the waistband like a pair of toddlers’ would back home. The diaper I was wearing was now damp, it poofed out the back of the pants; making it obvious I was diapered. At least with the jumper you couldn’t tell if I was wearing one!.

    Next came the gingham dresses and I couldn’t help but feel like I was a doll when Amanda played with the skirt for several minutes to get it to sit just right. “You look so adorable in this!” She told me.

    I sighed, “Yes, I know I do. What’s to stop someone from thinking I’m in the local elementary school instead of college?”

    “Oh, didn’t you notice the little monograms on the sleeves of the blouses?” Jenny said with a smile. I looked questioningly as she showed me one of the blouses. As I examined it closer I could see ‘E.U.’ embroidered in flowery cursive on the left sleeve. “Also now that you’ve made sure the jumpers fit I’ll put the Emerson University shield on each of these real quick with this rapid embroiderer.”

    Amanda picked me up and held me to watch as Jenny put the first jumper in a hoop and lined up a laser sight on the spot of the jumper she wanted to use. I had watched a regular embroidery machine before, but hers was basically instantaneous! From the time she pressed start until it dinged was about three seconds. The Emerson University shield sat on the left chest area and said ‘Emerson University’ above it and ‘Stacy’ below it. “Wow,” I said aloud.

    Jenny giggled, “How have you not seen one of these before?”

    “I’m not exactly from around here,” I reminded her.

    “I use this machine for all of the mothers of the kids in daycares and preschools too. There’s actually a microchip that gets placed in the stitching that is scanned by the automated nurseries and attendance systems.”

    “This has me labeled as a college student… right?” I asked nervously.

    “Yes ma’am!” she said to me with a smile and I watched her feed the other jumpers and the gingham dresses through the machine.

    “What about if I wear the pants?” I asked.

    “Oh, I didn’t show you the blazer, did I?” She said, “Let me find it…”

    A moment later I looked at the blazer thinking it would have looked right at home on Hermione in Harry Potter. It was tried on quickly before being embroidered too.

    “Let’s get you changed back into the jumper for your meeting,” Amanda said after she paid for everything.

    “I could use a diaper change while you’re at it too,” I said quietly to her.

    “Jenny, may we use your bathroom really quickly?”

    “Yeah, probably a good idea to change that wet diapee, huh?” She said with a smile. “Go ahead, there’s a counter in there for it.”

    “Thanks,” she said and walked back there with me.

    Quickly I was changed into the new diaper, the blouse, jumper, knee high socks, and the shiny Mary Janes. Before we got in the car Amanda said, “I have to send a picture of you to Daddy and Megan!” She brought her phone out and took a quick picture before looking at the time and saying, “We’d better get a move on, Doctor Butler won’t appreciate you being late…”

    She practically shoved me into the car seat and strapped me in before hurriedly going to her side of the car. Thankfully we weren’t too far from the university, and after she parked she carried me most of the way to where the Dean had his offices in the Undergraduate Student Office. She sat me down and straightened my jumper, “I’ll wait for you out here so the Dean doesn’t necessarily immediately hate you because of me.”

    “What?!?” I said in a worried voice.

    “Just go up to the secretary and let her know you’re here for your appointment. You’re still fifteen minutes early.”

    I sighed, “Okay.”

    She gave me a pat to my backside and handed me my backpack, “This still has your ID and some other information you may need in the front pocket. I also put a copy of your CARE scores in there if you need them.”

    “Thanks,” I told her. “Hopefully see you soon…”

    I walked to the doors of the office and was grateful they were automatic and I was able to go towards the secretary who sat at a high counter. She looked down at me and said, “Oh my God! You are so adorable!!!”

    “Thank you,” I said politely, “I’m Stacy Westerfield, I’m supposed to meet with Doctor Butler about my schedule?”

    “You’re… a… that can’t be right. How is…?” She stuttered.

    “Please check his appointment book?” I suggested politely, all while seeing a clear case of baby fever in her eyes.

    She forced herself to look down and seemed dismayed that I was indeed scheduled to see the Dean. “I see you here… you’re a little bit early. If you’ll just wait out here in the lobby he’ll be out to see you shortly.”

    I smiled, “Thank you ma’am.”

    I walked over to the chairs and thought about climbing up them, but instead just leaned against one and absentmindedly looked through the bag. Amanda had packed two extra diapers, a package of wipes, a sealed bottle of water, and a few other odds and ends like pens and pencils she must have gotten from my old backpack since they seemed the right size for me. I zipped it back up and threw it over my right shoulder as soon as I heard a deep voice call, “Stacy Westerfield?”

    I looked for the source of the voice and spotted an older gentleman with a salt and pepper beard wearing a crisp suit, “Yes sir,” I said.

    He looked at me with a surprised look before saying, “I’m Doctor Butler, the Dean for the Computing Technologies department. Let’s see what’s going on with you and classes,” he said. He motioned down a hallway and I walked with him to a large door that he opened and found a very well appointed office with wood furnishings. He looked at me awkwardly for a moment before asking, “Do you have protection on?”

    “What…?” I said not certain what he meant for a second before answering, “Oh that… yes I do.”

    “Just wanted to make sure before I let you sit on my furniture, it is rather expensive I’m afraid.” He picked me up under my arms awkwardly and dropped me into a large seat that practically swallowed me, before he went to the other side of the desk. “Okay, so tell me about yourself…”

    “Well I’m Stacy Westerfield, I’m eighteen years old and from the other dimension.”

    “Were you this small there?”

    I shook my head, “No, I was about six-feet tall there. Not sure why I shrank…”

    “And why come here? You must know as a little you’re… well you’re in a little precarious position…” He chortled at his own joke there.

    “The computing technologies here in this dimension are at least a decade ahead of my own. I figure if I can come here and learn everything I can and take it back I’ll be able to do very well for myself back home.”

    “Fair enough,” he said skeptically. “You took your CAREs?”

    “You should have a copy?” I asked.

    “Let’s see…” He said before turning his head to the left and his computer and began typing quite rapidly. “Hmm… These are impressive… if you had taken these anywhere but our own testing center I would be certain you had cheated. These scores are through the roof from what our average littles score.”

    “Thanks,” I said.

    He looked at me skeptically, “Okay, what’s your background in coding languages?”

    For the next half-hour he actually picked my brain and had a much more in-depth conversation than I think either of us expected. He sighed at the end, “This is all a waste of time, you’ll be adopted on the first day of school probably and it won’t matter what I schedule you into.”

    “I’m already legally adopted,” I told him after thinking about it for a second.

    “Wait… what?”

    “I’ve been adopted by a host family, it’s all legal. They’re exercising their parental right to have me attend whatever schooling they feel appropriate.”

    He looked at me like I was crazy before digging a bit more into my file on the screen and saying; “Well I’ll be damned, Doctor Westerfield you sure as Hell don’t disappoint with crazy ideas…”

    I nervously sat there while he looked at me like I had two extra heads, “So may I sign up for classes?”

    He laughed, “You must have found the only Amazon in the world who would go along with a crazy idea like this. I’m curious to see if this works out for both of your or not… You’re right she’s chosen for you to attend here so I don’t have to worry about you being adopted the first day – but you should plan on a dozen or more attempts to do so before lunch!”

    I nodded, “I’m expecting it.”

    “Well since you seem to be smart enough, and I shouldn’t have to worry about you instantly disappearing, let’s get you signed up for your classes…”

    In the end I walked out with a copy of my schedule of seventeen credit hours.

    MWF 8am-9am: Math 125 Calculus – 3 Credit Hours
    MWF 9:15am-10:15am: EECS 115 Introduction to Computer Programming – 3 Credit Hours
    MWF 11am-12pm: ENGL 140 Technical Writing – 3 Credit Hours
    MWF 3:30pm-4:30pm: CHEM 115 Principles of Chemistry – 3 Credit Hours
    TR 9:30am-11:00am: HIST 134 History of Amazonian Civilization – 3 Credit Hours
    TR 1:00pm-2:00pm: Little Freshman Seminar – 1 Credit Hour

    He had told me I needed to figure out a PE credit soon too. I asked if I could do an off campus study in Tae Kwon Do to count and he said he would look into that for me. He also been given my schedule for orientation events the next week. In the end I was fairly happy with the meeting as I walked out to where I could see Amanda sitting at a bench waiting patiently for me.

    “Well aren’t you just cute as a button?” A girl's sweet voice said above me, making me cringe.

    I turned to see a college student with a too short shirt and skirt that from my position I could see way too much looking down on me. “Umm… thanks,” I told her.

    I began turning, “We can’t have a cutie like you walking around unescorted. Obviously you must need a mommy…”

    I dodged the hand that she reached towards me and said, “I’m actually already adopted and that’s my Mommy over there,” I said pointing towards Amanda who had stood up. Her height was certainly above that of the baby-crazed girl and I saw her look in shock at me.

    “She’s telling you the truth,” Amanda said as she came over and joined me.

    “But she’s wearing a university uniform.”

    “Yes she is, as well as protection. You’d have no reason to even try and adopt her even if she was still free, huh? The code of conduct for the university?” Amanda said.

    The girl stuttered and apology and turned and ran. “How many times a day am I going to get that?” I asked her.

    “A lot…” Amanda said with a smile and extended her hand to me. “How about some lunch at the Union and then we’ll go shop for some more school supplies. I trust Doctor Butler got you setup with classes?”

    “Begrudgingly,” I told her. “Actually I don’t think he minded the idea of me taking classes so much as he thought there was less than a zero percent chance of me making it through one day unadopted… Basically meaning he didn’t want to waste his time.”

    She laughed, “Well I can see his point there, if you weren’t already, you would have just been adopted by that kid…”

    “She can’t even dress herself appropriately, how could she take care of a little?” I asked her.

    Amanda laughed at that as we walked away. It seemed fairly far of a walk to my legs, but it couldn’t have been more than a half-mile to the student union. It was a beautiful old building that opened up into a food court with multiple restaurants inside. We passed several other littles who must have arrived early, or stayed over from the summer term. Most of the girls seemed to be dressed in the summer uniform, but a few wore the same more formal uniform as I had on. I noted that the uniforms seemed baggy on most of them and wondered if they knew it was a glowing welcome sign for bigs?

    I noticed that they looked at Amanda and me with more than a little bit of terror in their eyes. Once we had ordered our food and dropped the trays off on the table I stood beside it while Amanda went to find a booster seat for me.

    One of the littles came up to me nervously, “Hanging around someone like her isn’t good for you girl, you’ve got to run while her back is turned!”

    I smiled at her, “I’m already adopted by her, so running isn’t something I’ll be doing.”

    “But you’re in a university uniform? Did she just grab you?” The girl asked in shock.

    “She’s letting me attend university still,” I told her with a smile. “Hi, I’m Stacy,” I told her.

    “Umm… I’m Sarah,” she said nervously. I looked up at Sarah and took in her appearance in the regular school uniform. Hers hung baggily from her frame, but something about her stance and eyes said she had a powerful will to stay free. She stood about a foot taller than me, but that still made her tiny by Amazon standards. Brown hair hung loosely around her face, just brushing the top of her shoulders.

    “So what are you majoring in?” I nervously asked the first free little I’d met since I’d arrived.

    “Chemistry, I’m going to be a junior this year,” she told me. She looked around nervously, “you?”

    “Computer Science,” I told her just as Amanda returned.

    “Oh, did you make a friend Stacy?”

    “Maybe if you don’t terrorize her too much,” I told her with a smile.

    Sarah looked at me with terror evident her eyes! I guessed she was worried I was going to have the living daylights spanked out of me... or that she was in danger of being swept up right there to join the family. Amanda laughed at that look, “Sarah, you are safe – as safe as Stacy is. I’m not going to adopt you because you’re within arm's reach. Stacy is a special case and more of an exchange student we’re fostering. Why don’t you join us for lunch?” She suggested. I watched as she looked over at a group of other littles with horrified expressions on their faces.

    “Umm… I think my friends are waiting. I hope you are telling the truth…” she said to Amanda, she looked back at me, “If you really are a full time student we’ll have to get together sometime and do something?”

    “I’d like that,” I told her. “I just found out my university e-mail is swesterfield if you want to email me.”

    “Umm… okay,” she said nervously running back to her friends. Amanda helped me into the booster seat and I watched as the group of littles nervously looked back at us multiple times.

    I just sighed, “Am I like a leper since you’ve adopted me?”

    “Some may see you like that,” Amanda said honestly.


    “Others though may actually become a bit envious. You’ve got a protector that’s allowing you to go to college still – most of them would kill for that.”

    I nodded at that as I picked small bites carefully out of the miniature cheesesteak sandwich I had gotten.

    “I know, I’m just worried that I won’t have any friends?” I said softly.

    She laughed at me, “Stacy, if I know anything about you after having you living with us this past week and a half I know this – you will have many friends both Little AND Amazon I’m guessing.”

    “Why do you think anyone would want to be friends with me?” I asked her honestly. “It looked like hanging out with me made them think they were on a one-way trip to the nursery themselves.”

    “Well aren’t they already?” she asked me honestly. “Sure they made it past their CARE test to get here - and they look to not be freshmen, so they’re probably at least on their second or third year of avoiding adoptions - but don’t kid yourself… Out of those ten littles over there at least nine of them will be adopted and messing their diapers within the next two years.”

    I nodded, “And that’s just depressing,” I told her, “because they won’t find themselves a family like I have. They’re more likely to find a Chloe and have their brains turned to mush.”

    Amanda smiled at me, “Well at least you’re safe,” she reminded me, “we can’t save the entire world…”

    I nodded at that.

    “So I have a schedule, and I know I have different orientation events to go to next week… but what else is up today?”

    “Well we need to go to a store and pick up some things for you to have just in case something happens, and I want to go to a small supply store I heard about that sells little sized school and office supplies.”

    “Sounds interesting.”

    “Well if you’re done with lunch why don’t we find a bathroom to change you and we’ll get going?”

    I looked over at the table of littles who occasionally still glanced at me and sighed, “Can we do that wherever we’re going?”

    She laughed at me, “It’s either in the bathroom here or in the car?”

    “Car,” I told her.

    She looked surprised, but said, “Okay then, let’s go!”

    She picked me up out of the booster seat and sat me on the ground. She then helped me put my backpack straps over my shoulder. I didn’t feel like an adult, but at least I did feel like more of one than the poor little we passed on the way back to the car. He wore a onesie splattered with baby food on the front. He was being being led with one of those backpack leashes in the shape of a monkey. I sighed knowing that it was quite possible that would be in my future on a non-school occasion!

    I walked back alongside her to the car where she opened the back of the vehicle up and promptly picked me up and laid me back on the floor. Mercifully the diaper change was quick and the parking lot remained empty during it! “You really didn’t want those other littles to see me changing your diaper, did you?” She said as she buckled me into my seat.

    “Well… not really. I feel like it’s kind of like when you’re a little kid and you want to hang out with the big kids…”

    She laughed, “I’ll indulge you every now and then, but remember you are an adopted little. That means I’m expected to embarrass you and change your diapee in front of your friends from time to time.”

    I blushed and said, “Sorry…”

    She kissed me on the forehead, “It’s okay Stacy, I think it’s pretty natural. You’re going to have a tough time fitting in at school – you do have to understand that.” She paused, “Remember you are here for an education, not just for socializing.”

    I sighed as she closed the door and got in to drive us wherever we were off to. I looked in the mirror and out the window as she drove hoping that moments like today would stop seeming like a big deal. When she stopped the car I was surprised to see we were in front of an electronics store that reminded me of a Fry’s. The storefront read Motherboards, and I simultaneously wondered if ‘Mother’ meant it had baby stuff too… Amanda unbuckled me and then held my hand as we walked towards the store. I was shocked as she skipped the carts and walked straight to what reminded me of a standalone cell kiosk just inside.

    “Good afternoon Ma’am, how may I help you?” A polite older gentleman asked. He was shorter and looked to be eight-and-a-half feet tall with graying hair.

    Amanda picked me up and sat me on top of the glass countertop. “My eighteen year-old daughter is going to college next week and I want her to have a new cell phone for me to call her. She’ll need to be able to look up homework stuff, and I guess probably text her friends with it too. I want to surprise her at her going away party this weekend.”

    “I’m sure she’ll love that gift!” The man said, “Anything in particular you’re looking for?”

    “Well she’s got a thing for wanting ridiculously tiny phones for some reason… What do you have in the compact sizes?”

    “I’ve got just the thing for you! The Melon Corporation just put out this new CZ3 phone. It’s a tiny 4.6” screen that also makes it popular for littles. Not that one like yours ever needs one!” he smirked at me. “It’s kind of tough for a bigger hand to text on, but the voice recognition software is so solid you don’t really need it. You can also get the optional earpiece that taps into cognitive waves to do neuro-to-text to get even more accurate.”

    “Well I’m not interested in the earpiece today, but show this phone to me.”

    The man assumed I was the baby sister of the girl and didn’t matter at all, but Amanda was kind enough to hold the phone up for me to see. It looked something like an ultrathin iPhone with a modernized flexible display that bent all the way around if you wanted it to. It was more like a small phablet for my hands, but I couldn’t see doing any better. Its specs handily beat my phone from back home!

    “I like it, we’ll take it!” She said.

    “Great, is there anything else I can help you with today?”

    “Well maybe…” she held my wrist up, “I’d like to get my daughter a wrist phone that can call me or I can locate her on…”

    “Oh, little protection? That’s over there on aisle seventeen. There’s a bunch of models to choose from there!”

    “Thanks! Do I need to pay for the phone here, or can I take it with me and pay up front?”

    “Well it might be best to go find your little protection item over there and then we can setup the plans at the same time?”

    “Sounds good,” she said as she picked me up by the armpits and sat me on the ground, “we’ll be back!”

    Amanda grabbed my hand and held it as she led me around the store. The position really was awkward for both of us and I wasn’t sure why she didn’t just pick me up and carry me in the end. A part of me did appreciate her treating me a little more maturely even as my arm ached from the position…

    We approached aisle seventeen and I instantly froze as I looked down an aisle that looked like something from a high-tech torture store!

    Immediately my eyes focused on signs advertising, ‘Shock collars for little control,’ ‘Sound isolating earbuds – garble language recognition to condition your little to simple baby words only,’ and the horrifying list went on, and on, and on. I found myself gripping Amanda’s hand tighter and she actually instinctively picked me up and settled me on her hip, “It’s okay baby…”

    I found myself shaking as we walked down an aisle of things I could only have imagined in my nightmares. ‘Special punishment’ tools were organized in a section complete with items that I was sure Chloe probably used on her littles for ‘release’ and punishment… I wanted to throw up at the sight of most of the items.

    An employee in a bright orange polo spotted us and waved, “Can I help you Ma’am?”

    “Umm… I hope so. I’m looking for a tracking device for my little girl here.”

    “Oh, well have you seen our collars?” He said motioning towards the side, “This latest model is GPS sensitive to punish her if she leaves an area she’s supposed to be in. It can also put her to sleep by limiting air intake if you need to put her down to nap for a while…” I looked at a pink collar that looked to belong on a dog that was covered in lace on the edges. “Or we have…”

    “Umm,” Amanda said interrupting, “my daughter is not a dog, I’m not a fan of collars.”

    “Oh, well… That’s... an unusual opinion as they are quite popular right now… but okay, we have these down here,” he said bringing us to a section that included things that began to look like FitBit devices back home. “These have most of the same functionality. They’ll shock her if she misbehaves, leaves an area, and can be paired with some of our anal and vaginal…”

    “Umm… still not what I’m looking for.”

    The man was flustered, “Well what are you looking for?”

    “Something she can wear on her wrist that can tell me where she is… maybe she can call me or I can call her on it?”

    “Oh… you’re one of those…” he said condescendingly with a sigh. “Why would you want that?”

    “If you can’t help me I’m sure I can find someone who can? Or maybe another store?” She suggested.

    “No, I’ll help you, it’s just weird… It’s not like they’re intelligent adults or anything…” he muttered the last part.

    I bit my tongue and didn’t say anything even as she gave me a tight squeeze, “To each their own. Now do you have something like I mentioned?”

    “Yeah… come on down this way,” he said and led us all the way down the aisle to a small, almost forgotten looking, display.

    I looked at a variety of colors of a few styles of devices called, “LittleProtect+” that seemed much less intimidating.

    I started to read the signs and boxes but was distracted as he began a sales pitch. “These are designed primarily to be a GPS locator for your little. The bands,” he said as he grabbed a display model, “are made of a high-tech nano-carbon fiber and titanium mesh with a silicon covering for comfort. The bands can only be unlocked if the correct password is provided by an authorized device. Attempting to cut the band off will be all but impossible without surgical methods.”

    I gulped at that and looked at the small display that reminded me of a cross between a narrow FitBit and an AppleWatch.

    “What else does it do?”

    “Well it does more than most parents want, including letting your little know the time by pressing on it. Of course it’ll say it for her since I’m sure she can’t read.” I fumed but didn’t say anything, “This one will also let the little wearing it video call up to four pre-set numbers. It also has an emergency button that when pressed three times rapidly and then held will send an emergency alert with the next minute of audio recorded and the location. You can then determine if it’s a real emergency or just the fact she didn’t like the color of her new diaper…”

    I really wanted to hit him then as she asked, “Can I call it if I need to?”

    “Oh yes, you can call it and look in on her. You can look up her location at any time too… It even has an option like the better devices that can be marked with GeoFencing and let you know if she goes out of bounds… Doesn’t have a shock capability sadly.”

    “We’ll keep looking at it on our own, thanks,” she told him.

    “You don’t need…?”

    “No, we’ll be fine,” she said to him.

    “Okay, I’ll be down the aisle if you need me…”

    When he walked away I said, “He’s a total ass…”

    She smirked at me, “Yes he is, but mind your manners and language…”

    “Yes Mommy…”

    She hugged me, “It looks like this one also does fitness tracking… ooh, how cute! It also has a built in tamagotchi style pet you can take care of. Seems like the best bet to me and the cellular contract should work well I hope.”

    “It definitely seems to be the most humane …” I noted.

    “Sweetie this could potentially save you if you get kidnapped. We’ll put it on just tight enough you can’t get it off without cutting it off. It says it can last for six-months on a charge, so we’ll be able to just leave it on to keep you safe.”

    “Watching where I am all the time?” I grumbled.

    “And just where do you think you would go?”

    I sighed, “I know… just a little big brother’ish to me.”

    “I get that…” she admitted, “but you have to admit you are too cute… someone will probably try something every day there at school.”

    “Will this at least help make it clear I’m ‘adopted?’” I asked.

    “Maybe… It’ll definitely make you safer, so we’re going to get one. What color do you want?”

    I looked at the options and then looked down at my most definitely now feminine self. ‘I can give in to my favorite color now actually…’ I thought to myself. “That purple one,” I said while pointing to the dark purple band.

    “Are you sure? Might be hard to coordinate with some of your outfits, the pink might…?”

    “Purple,” I told her.

    “How about this lighter purple?”

    I shook my head, “the dark purple please.”

    She sighed, “I guess I said you could choose.” I watched as she grabbed a box in her left hand and walked around the corner of the aisle and walked around I figured to avoid the man and the despicable aisle. She carried me back to the man at the counter and once again sat me down on it while he waited on us. The plans were setup for the cell phone and the watch with the carriers.

    “Do you want to go ahead and put this on her now?” The man asked, far nicer than the ass in the aisle.

    “Sure, what do I have to do?” Amanda asked.

    I watched as she downloaded the app and connected to it before programming in a password that looked like the standard one around their house. “Hold out your hand baby,” she told me.

    With my wrist outstretched she attached the watch on the opposite wrist from my charm bracelet. The device really wasn’t too much bigger on me than my old AppleWatch was back home. It felt comfortable and I watched as with the press of a button some sort of relay on the band closed and it cinched itself tight to my wrist. “Is that too tight?” She asked.

    I felt it with my hand for a moment and realized there was a little bit of give at least. “I think it’s okay,” I told her.

    “Great!” she told me and kissed me on my head. “Try calling me!”

    I pressed the simple button to call contacts and pressed, ‘Mommy,’ while noting she had also quickly programmed ‘Daddy,’ and ‘Megan’ into it. Instantly I could see her face on my watch and she could see mine on her phone. We tested it for a second before she hung up on me and said, “Thank you!” to the guy at the counter.

    “Any time, thanks for shopping at Motherboards!”

    She carried me, and the bag with my new phone out to the car, “Okay, one more stop and then we’ll go home so I can get something going for dinner.”

    “Okay,” I told her and began playing with my new watch.

    The interface was cludgy and reminded me of something like a Chinese knock-off of a better product, but given the price she’d paid I knew that couldn’t really be the case. I pressed the time button and listened as it said that it was “Two-thirty in the afternoon,” in a vaguely Siri like voice. It was a little more motherly and condescending though in its tone. I shrugged that off though and pressed the button for ‘Pet’ and a menu came up asking me what kind of pet I would like to raise. I clicked through and decided to raise a tiger looking creature.

    I was actually pretty enthralled apparently with naming it, feeding it, and a couple other little parts of the silly game, because I was startled when Amanda was suddenly unbuckling me.

    “Having fun?” She asked with a smile.

    I blushed, “For a little bit I guess…”

    She laughed, “Don’t be embarrassed, I thought it sounded like a cute idea myself.”

    “Where are we?”

    “”Little Notes,” she told me, “it’s an office supply store for littles. I’m hoping we can find your school supplies and such here.”

    “Oh,” I said as she lifted me up and sat me on my own two feet again.

    “Hopefully I don’t bash my head too many times inside…” she grumbled.

    “Huh?” I said as she motioned be forward without taking my hand.

    She held the door open for me, but I could have reached up and grabbed the handle if I needed to! It made me look around and I immediately realized it felt like we were actually back home in my dimension almost. I turned and watched her duck her head and laughed when I saw she had to hunch over to not hit the ceiling with her head.

    “Uh-huh, laugh it up little girl,” she told me while sticking my tongue out.

    “Umm… Welcome to Little Notes…” a little that was about a foot and a half taller than me said as she approached.

    “Hi,” I said.

    “Umm… not to be rude ma’am, but we don’t get many big folk in here… how can we help you folks?”

    Amanda nudged me forward, “Stacy needs some supplies for college and I’m hoping you have some items that are a it more in her size than we can find in a big store.”

    “You’re her…?” The girl asked nervously as a man a little taller than her joined her. I realized the whole store felt much more mom and popish than like a chain.

    “Foster mother?” I suggested helpfully. “I’m boarding with her and her husband while I go to school in this dimension.”

    “That just makes my head hurt,” the man said.

    The lady smacked him on the shoulder, “Don’t be rude you idiot…” she whispered.

    For Amanda’s part she just laughed, “You’re safe from me trying to adopt you. So I don’t wreck half your ceiling, can you help out Stacy in finding her stuff? I’ll just have a seat over here on the floor while you do so?”

    I turned and looked again at Amanda who looked like an adult who had just managed to squeeze into their child’s treehouse. I turned back at the lady and she said, “Umm… sure. What school is she going to?”

    “Doesn’t my uniform give that away?” I asked.

    “She could mean pre-school or elementary school in all honesty,” the man said kindly to me.

    “I’m going to Emerson as a university student,” I told them and decided I was going to take the reigns here if Amanda was going to let me. “Can you show me your pens?”

    I ended up making a pretty hefty pile during a few trips around the store with the girls help who was apparently named Bella. When we were down far from Amanda though she asked, “Do you want me to get someone to break you away from her? I have connections in the underground railroad…”

    I shook my head, “No, she really is as good as it’s going to get and they’re letting me go to school. The deal is that they return me back home when I’m done.”

    “Have you taken the CAREs text yet?” She asked nervously.

    I looked at her closer and realized she was dressed mostly like an adult in my world with her hair in a low ponytail. She seemed genuinely concerned, “I did, I passed.”

    “You passed?!?” she asked, “Only about one in a hundred do that… What did you do?”

    “Well I’m in diapers for the long haul here – it’s one of the things she does want, but her husband’s a doctor and we used some laxatives and other things to clear me out before hand completely… It sucked, but I watched everyone else get carted I assume to the nearest orphanage to become a drooling baby.”

    She nodded sadly, “It’s a major risk anymore to try and get in. They launched those tests a decade ago, but only last year mandated the no breaks rule… Not everyone has found out about that yet.”

    That confirmed something I had thought about the books being really high on the shelves, “I kind of wondered…” I said as we brought back a fourth stack of notebooks and binders. “How are you still free?”

    “I have a few friends that help out… but I wasn’t always free.” She whispered the last part to me, “Right out of high school one of the Amazons in my class took me as soon as I walked across the stage right in front of my parents.”

    My mouth opened, “Oh my God… how’d you get free?”

    “It was right when the laws changed the first time to being more free for us… my parents went to court and helped me out since I hadn’t given the girl permission, or cause by wetting my pants or anything. I still had to be her baby for six months while the case ran its course, lost all of my potty training, only ate baby food and breast milk, and wore clothes that didn’t let me so much as crawl… It sucked,” she told me with a lot of pain in her face.

    “Sounds like Amanda’s sisters littles… now there’s a monster. Her one sister has taken all of her girls teeth… it’s scary.”

    “Seems like you may have landed one of the few decent ones. Watch her though… I’m going to give you a card with a number on it. If you get in a jam send a text and we can possibly get you in touch with some help.”

    “Not sure how much good it’ll do me since the alarms ring the second I get into the port,” I told her quietly as we finished grabbing the last few things I could think of.

    “You’re chipped?” She asked nervously.


    “Know where?”


    “They can probably help… but that won’t be easy.”

    “I figured,” I said.

    “Mommy I think we have it all,” I said to Amanda a moment later and she came over to use her credit card chip on the reader. The total made my eyes open, but I knew that was pretty normal getting ready for college.

    Amanda grabbed six full bags from the counter and I grabbed two and led me outside after I said, “Thanks for your help!”

    “Thank you all, good luck at school!” she told me.

    Amanda placed the bags in the back before settling me back into my car seat. “Thirsty?” she asked me.

    I sighed and nodded, “Kind of.”

    She dug around underneath me in the diaper bag and handed me a sippy cup. “Here you go.”

    I was surprised it wasn’t a bottle, but didn’t want to make her change her mind so I took it and said, “Thanks,” to her. The apple juice inside did taste really good and I reflected that today had so far been a very odd day.

    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    Thank you to all of your for posting comments! I really am glad you are enjoying the work enough to do so! I'm traveling right now and won't probably be able to post anything again until July 3rd or so. I can get on sporadically through Saturday to check for comments though. Thanks again for reading!


      Re: Exchanged - Diaper Dimension - Chapters 17 - Added 6/15/2017

      Somehow I expected the Dean to be more of a jerk. Lots of precursors in this chapter of problems to come for Stacy, though, despite this being a sort of transitional chapter instead of a critical one. We really didn't learn anything of paramount important about our two main characters that we didn't know before, but it was nice to wander with them through the minutiae of a registration day and yet another shopping trip.

      The one thing this chapter did that is different is to show us this world from the POV of free Littles. Both in the cafeteria and in the Little supply store, we meet free Littles who have every reason to be crazy cautious of Amanda. That there is a kind of Underground Railroad for Littles is a fund touch, too. It's been pointed out before that the vast majority of Littles get kidnapped between junior and senior years, which is what Amanda must have been referring to with her nine out of ten statistic. Why is this? I mean: if Littles keep disappearing at that point, it should be noticeable, right? And if Littles KNOW this is happening, why would they stick around for senior year rather than taking their three years of higher ed and transferring credits to someplace where this is not happening? Curious.

      A couple of random thoughts:

      Crazy world when you can get "adopted" by a classmate...
      Good to know it isn't just OUR world in which a computer major gets exactly ONE computer course out of six...



        Re: Exchanged - Diaper Dimension - Chapters 17 - Added 6/15/2017

        I actually liked the utterly apathetic presentation of the Dean. Unexpected, but very enjoyable. The guy literally doesn't give a shit, he's mailing it in.


          Re: Exchanged - Diaper Dimension - Chapters 17 - Added 6/15/2017

          Originally posted by kerry View Post
          Somehow I expected the Dean to be more of a jerk. Lots of precursors in this chapter of problems to come for Stacy, though, despite this being a sort of transitional chapter instead of a critical one. We really didn't learn anything of paramount important about our two main characters that we didn't know before, but it was nice to wander with them through the minutiae of a registration day and yet another shopping trip.

          The one thing this chapter did that is different is to show us this world from the POV of free Littles. Both in the cafeteria and in the Little supply store, we meet free Littles who have every reason to be crazy cautious of Amanda.
          I'm glad it didn't come off as too boring there... As you read it there's pretty much a transition here as I had to establish some of the future there. I honestly didn't think the Dean would be much more than a nuisance... I kind of based him off of a Dean I had to deal with in college every now and then!

          The free littles point of view is one that I'm hoping to continue to nurture down the road. I don't blame them for being cautious of Amanda!


            Re: Exchanged - Diaper Dimension - Chapters 17 - Added 6/15/2017

            Originally posted by WBDaddy View Post
            I actually liked the utterly apathetic presentation of the Dean. Unexpected, but very enjoyable. The guy literally doesn't give a shit, he's mailing it in.
            Yep! Just one more special student to annoy him! I'm glad it worked for you! Thanks for the comment as well!


              Re: Exchanged - Diaper Dimension - Chapters 17 - Added 6/15/2017

              I think I may have said this before, but I really love the little touches to the world building you've got going on here. Like the different views on how littles should be treated, the varying circumstances of the littles themselves. Even the variety of stores- from the Amazon stores carrying babying equiptment to the little office supply store. This really helps lend a realistic feel to the work.

              This scene wasn't one of high drama or tension, but not every scene has to be. This was still an engaging read. It's good to have lower tension scenes along with the high tension. Like a roller coaster. It's all part of the push and pull of conflict that keeps readers engaged and wanting more.
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                Re: Exchanged - Diaper Dimension - Chapters 17 - Added 6/15/2017

                Curious what happens to Sarah and the free Littles you've introduced. I can't help but think you're setting up some kind of traumatic event... Next chapter looks to be about Stacy attempting to evade fifty or so abduction plots on her first day.

                Now that we've met Fred, some of Stacy's uncles, and the Dean, it seems like Amazon males are comparatively indifferent to Littles (no "baby fever", I guess). Some of them get ideological about it, like the store clerk, but most appear to just be letting their wives determine the issue. I wonder how that affects the laws about Littles. This is a democracy, right?
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                  Re: Exchanged - Diaper Dimension - Chapters 17 - Added 6/15/2017

                  Originally posted by donbiki View Post

                  Now that we've met Fred, some of Stacy's uncles, and the Dean, it seems like Amazon males are comparatively indifferent to Littles (no "baby fever", I guess). Some of them get ideological about it, like the store clerk, but most appear to just be letting their wives determine the issue. I wonder how that affects the laws about Littles. This is a democracy, right?
                  Interesting question. Had not considered this. But from everything we have seen here, all evidence points to the accuracy of your assessment; therefore, should it follow then that we can assume we are living in a world whose politics is dominated by women? If men don't care about Littles one way or the other, why would they babify them?


                    Re: Exchanged - Diaper Dimension - Chapters 17 - Added 6/15/2017

                    Originally posted by kerry View Post
                    Interesting question. Had not considered this. But from everything we have seen here, all evidence points to the accuracy of your assessment; therefore, should it follow then that we can assume we are living in a world whose politics is dominated by women? If men don't care about Littles one way or the other, why would they babify them?
                    Damn those are some good thoughts/ questions! It never even occurred to me. But now that the subject's been brought up, I'm interested in it as well!
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                      Re: Exchanged - Diaper Dimension - Chapters 17 - Added 6/15/2017

                      Originally posted by Cute-Kitten View Post
                      Damn those are some good thoughts/ questions! It never even occurred to me. But now that the subject's been brought up, I'm interested in it as well!
                      I think this varies person by person to some extent. There are dads who are great with their babies and take care of them as much as their moms. Then you get dads like I grew up with that didn't do a whole lot with me... not because he was a deadbeat or anything, but he just didn't know what to do with me. I suspect there are some daddies out there that enjoy babying their littles too, but I would wager the vast majority of them are more like the ones I've portrayed. I think to some extent the original work by PrincessPottyPants and the stories that followed kind of push the direction that women have more power in this dimension. When you consider Alisa's thoughts were the template it would make a lot of sense that way too?

                      Thanks again everyone for the comments, I'll look forward to posting more when I return to civilization!


                        Re: Exchanged - Diaper Dimension - Chapters 17 - Added 6/15/2017

                        I'll second the some dads are more involved than others. My father never changed a diaper in his life, although he did do a lot with us when we were older. I took on any childcare task necessary including looking after the kids when my wife was working part time.


                          Re: Exchanged - Diaper Dimension - Chapters 17 - Added 6/15/2017

                          I'll third that. Some dads can be very involved just like some moms can be more hands off. My mom was a single parent, but I had plenty of uncles and grandfather. My male relatives were all very hands-off at the baby stage. I remember when my younger cousins were born; they'd hold the babies and interact, but soon as a baby needed a diaper change or started crying, baby was handed off to the mother or nearest female relative.
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                            Re: Exchanged - Diaper Dimension - Chapters 17 - Added 6/15/2017

                            Thank you all for your patience on this long lull. My work/vacation was a great time with little privacy and even less reliable internet access! (Not necessarily a bad thing to get away from it though!) Here (finally) is Chapter 18 for your reading pleasure. I only have two other chapters in the queue right now so I’m going to be posting weekly probably to let myself get back caught up ahead… Hopefully the next couple of days bring some fruit and I’ll be able to resume twice per week again until the end of this one!

                            Thank you for continuing to read!

                            Chapter 18:

                            I PLAYED A little more with the watch as we traveled home and saw that since I had walked some steps I now had some coins available to buy some food and toys for my pet. Really the game could be the ultimate distraction if I wasn’t careful… It was just the kind of casual game that actually seemed both appropriate to the Amazons for me to be playing, and for some twisted reason actually interested me.

                            We arrived at home and Amanda sat me down on my feet in the garage, she handed me a bag to carry and I followed behind her. She made several more trips out to the car for my supplies before she helped me take them upstairs. As I climbed the steps by myself I had to be careful with the gigantic bag I carried not to spill it all over the place!

                            “Hmm… not sure where we’re going to put all of this for you… See what you can find space for?” she suggested.

                            “Okay,” I told her before adding, “Can you change me?”

                            She smiled at me, “Sure… you have no idea how hard I’ve been trying all day not to baby you. Do you want to do it yourself?”

                            I squirmed for a moment internally before saying, “You do a better job…”

                            She smiled at me, “Thanks for the compliment,” before picking me up quickly and laying me down on the changing table. The diaper was changed in record speed though and I was sat back down on the floor. “I’m going to go finish setting up your phone, then I’m going to figure out dinner. I want to go to one more store tonight that I think might have a tablet that would have a good tablet for us to put your textbooks on…”

                            “They didn’t have those at Motherboards?” I asked.

                            She looked down at me and shook her head, “Melon Corp won’t sell their state of the art ultra thin tablets through other stores. They do the phones for more market saturation, but anything else you have to go to them for. They have some amazing tablets that have flexible screens, but they don’t let any other places become authorized dealers for them. I’ll have to go to one of their nearby stores later. They’re not exceptionally little friendly though… so I’m going to go when Fred gets home.”

                            “Umm… you can’t go now?”

                            She shook her head, “You’re an adopted little, other than you being at school if I leave you alone it’s like a parent leaving their two-year old home alone – I assume that’s against the law in your dimension?”

                            I nodded and then thought about my schedule I’d gotten this morning, “But what about when I’m not in classes…?”

                            She smiled at me, “You’ll come hang out with your mommy in her office or with Megan.”

                            “Oh…” I said with my face reddening. “And if those don’t work?” I added worriedly.

                            “They will… but you also have my parents too. In fact I think my dad wants you to go to his place at least once.”

                            I smiled at that, “I like your dad.”

                            “You made me furious this weekend, but you really impressed him. I suspect that may be where you end up several afternoons. Remind me to actually look at the schedule with you and Daddy later. We need to make sure we have everything lined up.”

                            “Okay,” I said trying to smile. Getting used to the concept of no privacy was something I thought I had done, but it wasn’t until this latest revelation that I really thought about the fact I truly had no independence anymore. One of the first independent things I remember getting growing up was being able to stay home by myself!

                            “You also might be able to make some little friends and be with them in time… If they’ve not been adopted they can be seen as your babysitters according to the law.”

                            I blushed, “That’s embarrassing…”

                            “Well I can have a thirteen-year old Amazon girl come watch you too…” she said with a smirk.

                            “Don’t you have something to do?” I whined.

                            She leaned down and hugged me before tapping my diapered butt lightly; “I really do love having you here. I promise we’ll minimize things, but you have to know the facts here. I think it’s better than surprises, don’t you?”

                            I sighed, “I guess.”

                            “See what you can put away in here. Leave some room in your backpack for the tablet I’ll go pick up later – you won’t need much as they’re thin. Make sure you keep at least a few spare diapers in there at all times too… Otherwise someone might provide one for you - and that could mean anything!”

                            I nodded and got to work. I had bought a couple of desk organizers that I spread out on my desk. In each II sat a number of the pens, pencils, and highlighters in them. The pens and pencils were still a little bit too big for comfort still, but more like what a full sized pencil had been to me in second grade - as opposed to an infant trying to hold one like the Amazons seemed to be. I stuffed my bag with more than enough pens, pencils, notebooks, etc. to make sure I could make it through classes for a while. Once everything was in there I worked to put binders neatly on my desk and in a bookshelf that had previously held some toys in it. I moved the toys over on top of the toy box that I had not really dug into and noted I really should just for curiosity sake look into it sometime. ‘Probably just boring baby toys though…’ I thought to myself.

                            I went back to my computer desk and had just emptied the last of the supplies when Amanda walked in and sat down on the floor cross legged next to me and motioned for me to come sit in her lap. “Here’s your phone,” she told me with a smile.

                            “Thanks!” I told her.

                            “Now there are some ground rules with this phone…” I groaned internally and waited for more stifling rules, “You will have to give it back to me at bedtime each night. It doesn’t ever go into your crib with you for naps either.”

                            I just shrugged and was hoping that would be it, “My parents used to make me leave mine on the counter in the kitchen at bedtime, so that’s nothing really new.”

                            She smiled at me; “also you aren’t to talk to strangers on it without letting me know first. It is mainly for you to call me, your daddy, Megan, or your grandparents. If you make friends that’s fine you can give it out, but I still want to know who they are so I can look them up.”

                            “I would say you’re being overprotective, but given everything I’ve seen here I think that’s reasonable,” I allowed.

                            “Good girl,” she told me, “remember you are here to go to school. If your grades fall below a three-point-oh I’ll be taking it back then too.”

                            I nodded, “I’ll be on a one-way trip to drooling baby in that case… I understand.”

                            She hugged me, “I was going to make dinner but I got distracted with your phone. It’s so small to me, but against your hands it looks huge!”

                            I laughed, “You couldn’t stand in the store earlier either,” I pointed out.

                            She laughed, “There’s a reason why we don’t build spaces meant for littles very often!”

                            “Actually it’s a shame you don’t, because I could actually reach most things in there…”

                            “Well you’re only about a foot-and-a-half from being average height of a little. It’s a lot different than being five feet short like you are for our stuff…”

                            I nodded, “It’s weird that you have the two cultures like you do… It’s seems so improbable.”

                            She squeezed me, “Anyway, how do you feel about Chinese food?”

                            “Wait, Chinese? Does that mean you have a China here?”

                            She looked down at me with a bemused face, “Yes we have a China here… of course what we consider Chinese food isn’t really much like they eat, but it is tasty.”

                            “Well that parts the same for us… Are they any better with treatment of littles?”

                            “Actually they are… Their people are much shorter on average than us – they tend to be more littles and inbetweeners than full size Amazons.”


                            “So does that work for din-din?”


                            “What do you like?”

                            “Do you have General Tso’s in this dimension?”

                            “Never heard of it?”

                            “Kind of like sweet and sour but with spicey chile added?”

                            “Oh, we call that Colonel Gao’s.”

                            “That works for me,” I told her.

                            She squeezed me, “Okay then, I’ll go order dinner and you can play with your new phone.”

                            “Thank you for getting it for me,” I told her as she scooted me off her lap and I stood back up.

                            “You’re very welcome Stacy,” she said with a smile.

                            She closed the gate to my room as she left and I found a beanbag chair in the corner and sat down on it to get comfortable as I played with my new toy. I quickly became enthralled in the interface of the phone. I knew it wasn’t the highest tech from this dimension, but even their lowest level was so far above ours I was in heaven! The voice recognition was absolutely flawless and I saw that Amanda had programmed in her number and Fred’s number as ‘Mommy’ and ‘Daddy.’ I saw there were entries for ‘Granny’ and ‘Gramps,’ as well as ‘Auntie Megan.’ I was not overly disappointed that Cassie and Chloe’s number were not included there!

                            I played around with the calendar for a few minutes and walked over to where I had left my schedule on my desk. I put each class in as a recurring event along with the room numbers. The phone was impressively smart and quickly cross-referenced a university directory and placed a map to each building with each entry! “Cool,” I breathed. Somehow it also intuitively discovered they were classes and asked me if I wished to auto silence my phone during those! I clicked accept because I could only imagine the looks I would get if my phone went off in a class. ‘Probably get a spanking,’ I admitted darkly to myself.

                            I tried going to an app store and found myself blocked from making purchases by parental safeguards. ‘Grrr…’ I grumbled and looked through a few more apps that had been installed before Amanda came in and said, “Dinner will probably be here soon, why don’t we wash your hands and go downstairs?”

                            “Okay,” I said. I held onto my phone and walked over to her and made the universal ‘pick me up’ sign.

                            “You want me to carry you?” She asked almost surprised.

                            “Well your stairs are pretty tall,” I admitted. “Plus… I’m not going to say I like being treated like a baby… but cuddling is kind of nice?” My face turned bright red.

                            Her face broke into a wide smile and said, “Well if you insist!” She picked me up and squeezed me into a hug before placing me on her hip and carrying me downstairs.

                            I was carried to the kitchen sink and she held me up as I washed my hands in the water there before she placed me in my highchair, taking my phone and putting it on the table out of my reach. She hadn’t buckled the harness yet when the doorbell rang, “Stay there!” she told me.

                            I nodded and looked at the buckles while she went to go pay for the food. I was finally able to work out the trick for opening them and thought that I would have to find a chance to try it later. She walked to the door and I sat still thinking that maybe she would leave the harness off altogether if she thought she could trust me. Just as she was closing the door I wondered where Fred was, before remembering he said he would be late tonight with his surgeries. She turned around and sat the plastic bag containing our food on the table and turned her attention back to me.

                            “Silly me leaving you without your safety harness done!”

                            “You know it’s okay to do that?”

                            She shook her head, “Not really… if someone from LPS were to come in they would have a major problem with it. I need to make sure we always buckle you up even here at home.”

                            I sighed as she tightened the straps up when she was done and then placed the tray in front of me. A butterfly covered bib followed that really was quite adorable. I played with the edge of it that went past my waist and onto my lap. A crumb pocket was at the bottom and seemed unlikely to be effective as it was probably a years worth of Amazon growth too long for me. “So cute!” She took a picture with her phone really quickly.

                            I watched her grab one of the special toddler plates for me and she placed a large amount of what looked like General Tso’s chicken to me on it as well as some steamed rice. She dug around through the drawers and said, “Here, you want chopsticks?”

                            I smiled at her as she presented me with two options. One looked like what I had once seen online as being a training pair of chopsticks with a connection at the end and a little set of loops to keep your fingers in the right place. The other were just shorter plastic chopsticks with cute characters on the top couple inches. I pointed to the ones without the training device.

                            “You sure?”

                            I nodded, “My friends and I taught ourselves long ago!”

                            She smiled and handed them to me, “Here… at least if you fail you have a bib on!”

                            I groaned but eagerly began digging into the chicken. It had a fair amount of ginger in it… that was different, but other than that it tasted ‘normal’ to me. “Make sure you chew!” She reminded me as she got her own plate and dished herself up.

                            For several minutes though I noticed she just watched me and stared, “What’s wrong?” I asked.

                            “I think you are the first little I’ve ever seen able to use them. I think you use them better than the forks I’ve given you!”

                            I shrugged, “Kind of feels easier to adjust my grip with these than deal with the oversized utensils?” I told her before going for some rice. I was glad to see it was good sticky rice that I could grab chunks of easily. I noted though that the grains of rice here were also twice the size they should be. “I can’t believe even your rice is bigger…”

                            She laughed, “I really would love to see your world. I wonder if we went through if we would shrink to your heights?”

                            I shrugged, “Who knows? I’m sure they’ve got to have done some experiments, but I don’t really know of any?”

                            “I’m pretty sure Doctor Bremer and her colleagues have done some, but I don’t know how much. With you being as small to us here, I think the biggest research has been in how to get you to come here and be babies…”

                            I sighed, “Well they ensnared me to come,” I admitted.

                            There was an awkward silence for several minutes while we ate. I was just deciding how to break the silence when the phone rang, “Hello?” Amanda said as she stood up and answered the cordless phone off of the counter.

                            I watched as she spoke with the other person, “No we don’t have any plans tomorrow… I suppose we could, I’m kind of on leave right now…” I watched her facial expressions change several times from interested to looking concerned, “Well I don’t think I’ll be able to find a sitter by then would be the only problem…” she added. “Oh that’s right, I don’t think I’ve seen you since we adopted! Yes I’ve got an adorable little girl who’s looking at me like I’m crazy right now…” she winked at me. “You’re sure you’re okay with that?”

                            I sat there becoming both curious and nervous at the same time. I realized I had an overwhelming need to pee so I let that out into the diaper while she continued to make me wonder what was going on. “Okay, we’ll come by and take a look at it tomorrow. I’m glad to hear you have managed to get it up and running! It’ll mean a lot of advancements soon!” She paused, “Sounds good, see you tomorrow!”

                            She looked at me and smiled, “That was one of my colleagues, Doctor Babbage, in the computer engineering department. They just finished the new mainframe and prototyping lab project we’ve been putting together. I assume you’d like to see it?”

                            I smiled, “They’ll let me?”

                            “Well, they probably think you’ll be just hanging from my breast or something the entire time…”

                            I made a face, “What?!?”

                            “Just kidding,” she said as she came over and tickled me, “Ooh, we better change that diaper soon after din-din, huh?”

                            “Back on topic?” I sighed.

                            “If you dress in a school uniform you might be more likely to be allowed to play a little with the new toys?”

                            I smiled, “Okay, now you’re talking!”

                            She smiled, “Why don’t you finish your dinner and then we’ll go for a swim in a bit?”

                            I nodded and ate for another few minutes before I felt full. She seemed to sense that because she gathered my plate, chopsticks, and then came back to wipe my hands with a wipe and sat me down on the ground. Right as she did so I felt my innards telling me something and realized my vacation from poopy diapers was at an end. I groaned and pushed the mess into the diaper with way more effort than I liked in such an exposed place.

                            My grunting made it obvious what I had done and she said, “Uh-oh, someone made a stinky, huh?”

                            I nodded.

                            “Give me just a minute baby to put away the leftovers and then we’ll go change you.”

                            I patiently waited while I could feel the mess pulling down on an already heavily soaked diaper. I watched as she moved about the kitchen without any hurry before she came over and gingerly picked me up. I laid my head on her shoulder as she carried me up for the much needed diaper change. I sat still as she opened the diaper and wrinkled my nose at the smell even though it didn’t seem to bother her for some reason. It must not have been too bad of a mess because she had me cleaned up pretty quickly.

                            “You can’t go straight in the water right now, but let’s get your swimsuit on,” she told me.

                            She stood me up on the table and helped me step into the swim diaper and then another one-piece swimsuit that seemed a bit baggy still. “I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m thinking for swimsuits we may need to look at the newborn sizes sweetie…”

                            I looked at her in shock, “I wouldn’t fit in them… would I?”

                            She shrugged, “You might, you really have a weird set of body proportions. The rest of your outfits mostly fit with the three month size, but I think you’re skinnier than you should be?”

                            “That is the first time in my life I think I’ve ever heard that,” I shook my head as she sat me on the ground.

                            She laughed as she fussed with a swim cap over my hair, “Why don’t you stay in here while I go change into my own suit.”

                            “Okay,” I told her.

                            I watched her leave through the gate and looked down at my watch at the time. It was only a little after six and the air outside was warm from what I remembered earlier. I decided to fulfill my curiosity from earlier and peaked into the toy box. I saw there was a mixture of dolls, stuffed animals, giant duplo blocks, little people toys, and a fake set of cooking stuff. I shook my head and closed the box and walked over to my computer.

                            I had just sat down when Amanda returned and said, “Shall we?” while opening her arms up to me. I enjoyed the warmth of her body against mine, as I felt mostly naked still in these swimsuits. ‘Ironic considering it covers more of a percentage of my body than my swim trunks did…’

                            Outside she took time to put some sunscreen on me before setting me down in the water. I treaded water for a few moments and watched as she moved to the shallow end and layback to read a book. I caught the title, ‘Emerald Princess,’ before I decided to start doing some laps. I had probably done about ninety non-stop when I finally began to tire and rolled onto my back. Just as I did so I realized that Fred was now standing next to me and squealed.

                            “When did you get home?” I squeaked as I righted myself and treaded water.

                            “About five minutes after you started swimming. Amanda was glad to see me because it meant she could go run to the store for your tablet.”

                            “Oh,” I said realizing that she left and I never even realized it.

                            “You get very focused on what you’re doing, don’t you?”

                            I nodded, “It’s nice sometimes… other times it’s kind of bad because I don’t know what’s going on around me.”

                            He nodded, “You are a lot like Amanda there… I mean Mommy…” he said with a sigh. “Are you done swimming?”

                            I thought for a moment and asked, “Ten more laps? It’ll make an even one-hundred?”

                            He laughed, “Go ahead.”

                            Knowing he was probably hoping to do more than stay in the pool with me all night I quickly began the laps and tried to power through them faster. I did them pretty quickly and than swam over to him, “Okay, I’m done.”

                            He picked me up out of the water and carried me to the ground outside of the pool and sat me down on my feet, “Let’s find your towel,” he told me.

                            I looked over at the lounge chairs and saw a pink towel that I knew had to be mine. I walked over there and grabbed it to begin toweling myself off. He watched me and smiled, “Let me know when you think you’re dry enough!” while he dried himself with his own towel.

                            When I was done I wrapped the towel around my body and said, “I’m good.”

                            He opened the gate and led me back to the house then and I reveled in the fact that I wasn’t being carried or babied right then. I followed him inside the house and walked all the way to the stairs on my own. “You want a lift up the stairs?” Fred asked in his kindly voice.


                            He picked me up and carried me up the steps and into my room before setting me down on the floor. “Mommy told me you got your tentative class schedule today?”

                            I nodded, “It’s over here if you want to see it?”

                            I walked to my desk and handed him the paper printout of my schedule.

                            “Looks like you’ve got some long days on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays…”

                            I shrugged, “Doesn’t seem any different from high school?” I said.

                            “You think that now… just wait until you’ve got that many tests in one day.”

                            I nodded, “Yeah, that could be kind of rough. I thought the universities tended to stagger which class was which day?”

                            “Some do, I never really paid attention to Emerson at the undergrad level.”

                            He handed me the schedule back and said, “Well your mommy wanted me to give you a bath when we got done swimming… Umm…”

                            “You’re seriously nervous about giving me a bath after wiping my butt before?” I gave him a smirk.


                            “Tell you what, you get the bathtub filled for me and I’ll wash myself?”

                            He smiled at me, “You won’t tell Mommy?”

                            I laughed, “As long as you promise to give me some more opportunities for independence every now and then of course not!”

                            I followed him to the bathroom and stripped out of my swimsuit while he started the tub filling. I pulled the diaper down last and used a baby wipe he handed me to make sure I was clean. I pretty much figured I had to have peed in it at least in the pool…

                            “Okay, upsy daisy!” He told me giving me a lift into the tub. It was filled much higher than it probably should have been for a regular baby, but I enjoyed the water coming up to my chest.

                            He handed me a soaped up sponge and I scrubbed myself from head to toe while he stood off to the side nervously. I reveled in the fact I was able to do something for myself. I also knew that if he wasn’t there I would have at least had to taken the opportunity to look at my new parts closer. Instead I said, “Would you please hand me some shampoo?”

                            I lathered up my hair and then was happy to have him help rinse it out with the showerhead. “Are you good?” He asked me afterwards.

                            I shrugged, “I guess.”

                            He took that moment then to pull the drain plug and wrapped me in a towel as the water drained. He sat me gingerly on the counter and used the loud blow dryer to get my hair dried. “You did that pretty well,” I told him when my hair was soft and dry.

                            He smiled at me, “Thanks…”

                            I was again carried to my nursery and he quickly diapered me in a regular pamper.

                            “What do you want to wear for pajamas?”

                            “How about those?” I suggested pointing to a t-shirt and shorts set…

                            He handed me the set I pointed at and I put them on myself. The shirt was purple with pink and green hearts spread around the front with ‘Adorable, Cute, and Cuddly,’ written in a cute font. The shorts were pink, and even though they felt more mature than a onesie, it definitely seemed like they were just as babyish since you could easily see the outline of my diaper through the shorts. When I lifted my arms just a bit the shirt rode up and you could also clearly see the frilly edges of the diaper against my stomach. I sighed, “Thank you,” I told him.

                            “For what?”

                            “For not being quite as smothering as your wife.”

                            He picked me up, “Well, if she goes too far let me know… the Amazon maternal instinct is kind of crazy when you look at it clinically.”

                            I nodded, “She’s done a good job reigning it in, I’m just not used to any babying since I was a regular teenager and able to do my own thing back home.”

                            “What exactly do you miss?” He asked as he carried me downstairs and made himself comfortable in a recliner with me on his lap.

                            “Well driving is definitely one thing…”

                            He laughed, “Even mature littles don’t drive here, so that’s kind of funny.”

                            “Really?” I asked.

                            “Really… how would they reach the pedals?”

                            “Couldn’t you do something like handicap accessible steering controls?”

                            “I suppose you could, but think also of the danger for the little. If they got in any accident at all it would be an instant trip to a nursery. The few free littles out there are much better keeping their heads down.”

                            I nodded, “It really is a sad thing.”

                            “Yes I think it is.”

                            Before we could talk anymore the garage door opened and Amanda soon walked in the door. “Well don’t you two look comfy?”

                            I nodded, “He makes a nice pillow.”

                            “I do huh?” He said. I had a moment of panicked warning, but nothing prepared me for the tickle torture that began then. He tickled me and I giggled non-stop for several minutes while I knew I was peeing uncontrollably into my diaper.

                            “And apparently you have a built-in ability to make her need a new diaper?” She suggested to me as she came closer.

                            “Hey, it’s not that full…” I whined.

                            She picked me up from his lap and stuck her hand on my crotch making me blush, “Uh-huh, really?”

                            “Sorry,” Fred said with a smile. “I was doing pretty well though!”

                            “Well she does smell clean and she’s wearing clothes… so I guess you did something right!”

                            “Of course I did!” he said.

                            “I guess I’ll go clean up Daddy’s mess,” she told me with a smile and then tickled me some herself.

                            Upstairs she changed me into one of the thicker nighttime diapers and the shorts barely went back over them. “Hmm… Might need to find bigger shorts for these diapers, huh?”

                            I groaned, “Or maybe thinner diapers?” I suggested with a smile.

                            She shook her head, “Not a chance at night sweetie. Now, want to see your new toy?”

                            I smiled, “Please?”

                            She carried me to her workroom and sat me on top of her desk where I could watch as she unwrapped the device from its box. The label said ‘Melon Corp’ and reminded me strongly of Apple. I watched as she opened the box up and my belief in the resemblance grew stronger, “We have an Apple corporation back home that does the same thing with their packaging. I bet they’re sisters across the dimension…”

                            “Overpriced and overhyped devices, but they work really well?” She asked.

                            I nodded, “Yep!”

                            “Well this is about as high end as we can get, I hope you like it!”

                            She finished unpacking the device and handed it to me. On first glance it could have been a flexible transparency sheet from an old overhead projector. It seemed to be about six inches tall and four inches wide, making it feel about what a normal iPad would feel like on my world size wise. I turned it in my hand and could see it had to have been just a hair thicker than maybe six sheets of paper… “It’s a tablet?” I asked incredulously.

                            “Yep!” She said and I watched as she pinched a corner of it and instantly the transparent screen filled with a touch screen that was vibrant and featured incredibly high resolution!


                            She smiled at me, “Thought you would like it. Let’s get it setup for our network and then go ahead and buy all of your textbooks.”

                            “Can I do it?” I asked.

                            “Sure,” she told me and walked me through what was mostly a no-brainer process. When I was done setting it up she helped me find an app and a store to go download my college textbooks. While I was waiting for them to download I rolled and folded the screen gently to see how flexible it was.

                            “You can’t crease or scratch those screens,” she told me.

                            “At all?”

                            “Well I suppose if you used diamond you might be able to scratch it… they’ve run bulldozers over them and they still work.”

                            “It’s so light too!” I told her. “How long does the battery last?”

                            “Forever,” she told me.


                            “Well… practically. I think it’s actually technically twenty years before the fuel would need replaced… if you could somehow access that.”

                            “What powers it?”

                            “It’s a tiny hydrogen fuel cell,” she told me with a smile.

                            “How is that possible? And how do they make this all transparent?” I asked incredulously.

                            “Not actually sure about the transparent fuel cell, Melon Corp has kept that a trademarked secret and actually managed to guard that one pretty carefully. If you do figure it out, and can clone the technology, you’d probably become one of the richest people in the world overnight… until they sued you.” She laughed at that.

                            “Sounds like back home too…”

                            “The transparent part is due to a breakthrough about seven years ago in printing circuits at the atomic level in a new glass like substance.” She shrugged, “It’s still pretty new even to us. Melon came out with this technology a generation ago and this is the newest version from a couple months ago. I thought because it’s so light and thin it should be great for you in your backpack.”

                            I nodded, “This is one of the coolest things I think I’ve ever seen!” I turned it around and played with it a bit more. A moment later I realized a flash from a camera had gone off.

                            I looked up and saw Fred with a small but high-tech camera, “Sorry, I couldn’t help but need to get a photo of you and your mother both playing with your new toy.”

                            “You could at least get a better photo of us!” She told him and pulled me more into her lap as she sat in one of her chairs and said, “Smile,” to me.

                            I did smile then, wondering what the picture looked like as the flash went off.

                            “May I see it?” I asked.

                            He came and I looked in astonishment at the photo. I really could live without the cheeks being so fat, but I knew without a doubt it was the happiest expression I had seen on my face in a long time. I looked and tried to figure out besides the girl part what was different… but I couldn’t figure it out.

                            “You really do make a beautiful girl,” Amanda told me with a squeeze.

                            “Thanks,” I said and looked at her in the photo too just before Fred took the camera away, “You look pretty too… We both look happy…” I said.

                            “Well you were a moment ago at least?” She asked as she turned me around to face her. “What’s wrong?”

                            “Who knows?” I told her honestly, “It’s weird… I looked happier in that photo than I have in any photo in a long time.”

                            “Is there something wrong with that?” Fred asked.

                            I shook my head, “No, but when you think about everything… it seems kind of weird, doesn’t it?”

                            “Does it matter?” She asked me, “There’s nothing wrong with being happy! Plus if you’re just going to be miserable this probably isn’t the risk you’re taking!”

                            I nodded at that, “Okay, I’ll be happy when I can.”

                            She squeezed me in another hug, “Okay, we have an early morning tomorrow, so what do you say about a bedtime story, nursing, and then it’ll be night-night time?”

                            I sighed and looked at my watch, surprised it was nearly ten, “Okay, I guess that’s not too unreasonable.”

                            She hugged me as she carried me back to the nursery along with my new tablet that she sat down on my desk. I felt her hand check my diaper and was a little surprised that she sat in the recliner without changing me. It didn’t feel wet, but since I’d still be going frequently while barely noticing I was surprised that I was still dry. “You haven’t nursed from me since last night…” she said reading my mind.

                            I nodded, “It really does mess with my body, doesn’t it?”

                            “I think so…” She said with a sad sigh, “I’m going to keep pumping it during the days I think and in the morning as I don’t want to risk you having a messy diaper in class…”

                            I nodded, “I’m sorry.”

                            She hugged me, “It’s okay,” she told me with a smile. “Now how about that bedtime story?”

                            For the next fifteen minutes I watched entranced as she told a story with an illustrated book that reminded me very much of Beauty and the Beast. It was a little different in this dimension though with Belle being a diapered little and Beast being a large wolf-man creature. In the end of the story both grew into Amazon adults…

                            “That was cute… and demented all at the same time,” I told her sleepily.

                            She laughed and tickled my side a little before pulling her shirt and bra out of the way for me to nurse. My body seemed to almost be at a craving stage of withdrawal then because I felt like my mouth was moving on overdrive and she commented, “You would think I haven’t fed you all day…”

                            I could feel myself needing to pee for a second before my body let go of the urine. The diaper warmed and expanded under Amanda’s hand and I knew she knew I was going. There was little warning though and I knew that there could be no doubt about the milk causing incontinence! It really did taste so good though!

                            My whole body relaxed as I nursed, and like so many times the milk made me sleepy. I was soundly asleep before she changed my diaper and lay me down in my crib for the night.

                            ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++

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                              Re: Exchanged - Diaper Dimension - Chapters 18 - Added 7/6/2017

                              Emerald Princess? Don't read it, Stacy! It isn't worth your time! The author never bothered to finish it! You'll just be left hanging!

                              (Oh, yeah, I went there.) ;-)


                              (I should talk. I have two stories in stasis right now.)


                              YAY!!!!!! It's fantastic to see another chapter in this story! I've been so glad that bbykimmy has been keeping me supplied with DD tales while you've been gone, and she's been doing a wonderful job--seriously, you have to read her stuff if you haven't--but I miss me some Stacy and Amanda. We still seem to be between moments, but there is a strong sense that this is about to come to an end. School is about to begin...


                                Re: Exchanged - Diaper Dimension - Chapters 18 - Added 7/6/2017

                                Chapter 19:

                                I WOKE THE next morning to the sounds of someone walking down the hallway. Yawning, I rolled over to where my head faced the open crib bars towards the door. As I looked I realized that I had never really thought about the fact my door stays open all of the time… It was a far cry from when I used to lock my door at home just in the thought of someone coming in my room. ‘Privacy is not something you’re going to get for a long time…’ I reminded myself with sigh.

                                As if to punctuate that point Amanda came in then dressed in a professional looking pantsuit set. “Why good morning Princess! I can’t believe you’re already awake!”

                                I tried to make a smart remark and then realized I was sucking on a pacifier and just sighed and nursed it instead.

                                “I sure wish you were more of a morning baby,” she told me with a smile and tickled me while leaning over the rail of the crib.

                                I groaned and spit out the pacifier into my hand, “Be nice...”

                                She laughed at me and gathered me up into her arms and checked my diaper, “Well maybe the wet diapee doesn’t help?”

                                I shrugged, “I hadn’t actually noticed it yet…”

                                I was squeezed into a hug and then she carried me over to the changing table. “We don’t have a lot of time this morning before we have to get to our appointment at the lab, so let’s get you dressed and eat breakfast quickly.”

                                I kind of perked up then and asked, “You said this is a new supercomputer and prototyping lab?”

                                She pulled the shorts off of me and laughed, “It’s all about the toys for you littles, huh?”

                                “You’re just as bad,” I told her.

                                “No I’m not…” She pouted with a frown, then stuck her tongue out and smiled, “I’m probably worse!”

                                She then launched another tickle attack on my belly leaving me giggling uncontrollably! She didn’t let up for a long moment until I knew I had to have emptied everything that could have been left in my bladder. “Not fair,” I whined out of breath as she reached to undo the tapes from my soggy diaper.

                                She just smiled at me and kept working to clean me up. A Pamper was fastened to my bottom before she sat me up and took the top off. “Let’s try the summer uniform today,” she told me with a smile.

                                I groaned, “You’re mean!”

                                “We could just dress you in a onesie? Or maybe a t-shirt and diaper?” She smiled at me and lightly tickled my belly.

                                I squealed, “The summer dress is fine!”

                                She kissed my head and said, “I thought it would be!”

                                I raised my arms up and she helped me into the dress that had a number of buttons going up the back. “How do you even put this kind of dress on by yourself?” I asked.

                                “You either get good at contorting your body or you ask the RA in your dorm to help you,” she told me.

                                “RAs help?”

                                “And pay extra for the privilege usually!”

                                I woke up more as I sensed there was information here I’d missed before. “What do you mean? I thought RA’s usually did that job to get free room and board?”

                                “If you’re an RA for an Amazon floor yeah, but the RAs for the littles get their dream jobs – so they pay for the privilege.”

                                “Huh?” I asked as she gathered me into her arms and carried me downstairs.

                                “Think about it – you have all of those littles in your dorm rooms and they have to mind you! You get to mother them, pick on them, diaper them every night – maybe even during the day – and generally condition them for when they get kicked out of school to be adopted by someone. They even often get the pick of the litter so to speak!”

                                “That’s horrible…” I told her.

                                “I thought you knew about this?”

                                “I knew things in the dorms could be bad from the person on our previous visit, but I had no idea that it was that bad…” I let her buckle me into the highchair and raised my arms while she put the tray in place. “So that means that the girl I met yesterday, Sarah?”

                                “Yes, she gets diapered every night in the dorms at the very least. She didn’t look like she was wearing one during the day, but sometimes it’s hard to tell.”

                                “Isn’t it safer to just wear diapers now?” I asked.

                                She shrugged, “I would think so, but many littles are too stubborn for their own good. They know they can make the potty and don’t want to give into the Amazons…” She paused as she poured some actual cereal into a bowl for me, “As independent as you are I was honestly surprised that you were willing to agree to the diapers and the babying…”

                                “I didn’t really have much of a choice anywhere else, right?” I blushed as she handed me a spoon and poured only a little bit of regular milk over the cereal. “That’s enough, I don’t like it soggy…” she smiled at me and stopped with just a little in the bowl, “Anyway, my next best option was Doctor Nimitz and his wife… I know I wouldn’t have been even able to go to school with him.”

                                She nodded, “But you did have a choice, you could have gone to school in your universe? Surely you had scholarship offers with how smart and talented you are? You had an amazing GPA, and already know more computer coding than most undergrads do by their junior year?”

                                I shrugged, “I’d been accepted to a few universities, given scholarships… but the risk and reward here?”

                                “Kind of like your parents – I think you’re crazy sweetie,” she told me. “But I guess if you do fail and get stuck in daycare I can at least not worry about avoiding nursing you during the daytime anymore!” She smiled at me as I took another bite of cereal. She had sat down at the table with her pump and began pumping while we both ate breakfast. I kept finding myself distracted by the milk she had and a craving for it roared its head.

                                “Your milk must seriously mess with my mind,” I sighed as I finished a bite.

                                “What do you mean?”

                                “I can’t look at it without having an intense craving… It’s kind of crazy…”

                                She frowned, “Maybe we should just stop the night feedings too…”

                                “No!!!” I practically cried, then thinking better of myself, “Sorry… please don’t? It helps me sleep?”

                                With a sigh she said, “Well I understand where you’re coming from Stacy, my need to have you at my breast and not this contraption is probably just as bad. I guess we both just have to hold ourselves to the less card, huh?”

                                I nodded and finished the cereal. I tried not to look at her while she was pumping her other breast and instead looked at my wrist with the charm bracelet she kept refastening to my wrist each morning. I noted that the emergency charms and that the whole thing jangled when I moved my hand. “Do you like that?” She asked me, making me look up at her again.

                                “It’s pretty,” I told her. “I think I was always kind of jealous of girls for getting these. The idea of different charms for everything is really cool.”

                                “And as a boy that wouldn’t exactly be on the plate, huh?” She asked.

                                “No,” I admitted.

                                She finished with the pump and came back to unbuckle me from the highchair. She carried me to the living room and sat me down next to the playpen. “Do you need to make any poopies?” She asked me.

                                I assessed my situation and shrugged, “Maybe?”

                                “Why don’t you try while I clean up the pump and put the milk away.”

                                “Okay,” I told her and waited for her to turn her back to me.

                                I sighed and grimaced at the thought of pooping another diaper, but I knew it was inevitable since there would never be a potty small enough for me from a store. I squatted down and felt my bladder release first, and then finally warm mush began entering my diaper. When I was done I had this weird feeling of lacking energy. It was like doing the dirty deed made me get rid of everything in my body as my blood pulsed and I knew my face was bright red. Just as I had finally gotten my breathing back under control Amanda returned to the room.

                                “Smells like someone is ready for her new diapee!” She told me with a smile.

                                I just held my hands up for her to pick me up and stayed as still as I could as she carried me back upstairs to my changing table. Without it being smushed she was able to clean it up fairly quickly, but nothing about getting poop being on my butt would ever be considered pleasant by me! She finished up and put me in another Pamper before sitting me up.

                                “What do you want to do with your hair today?” She asked me.

                                “I don’t know… what’s normal for a little going to college?”

                                “Depends on how smart the little is…” she told me.


                                “The smart ones will either try and play up their youthful appearance with pigtails to make it seem like they’re being taken care of, or keep their hair at least in a little girls style with bangs and their hair loose but curled under.”

                                I nodded at that, “I guess that makes sense, neither makes an Amazon think they’re trying to get out of their place in life. The not so smart ones?”

                                “Nothing and keep it just loose, cutting it down to a crew-cut, or dyeing things in weird colors.”

                                “Since I don’t have bangs cut into my hair I’m guessing I should probably go with pigtails…” I thought for a second, “Or how about a French Braid?”

                                “I can do that with your hair if you would like, but you’re going to have to sit absolutely still since we don’t have a lot of time until we need to leave!”

                                “Okay,” I told her.

                                “Let’s take you back downstairs to your highchair, it’s easier to reach you,” she told me. I watched her gather some ribbon, my hairbrush, and a couple of elastic ties before she carried me downstairs. She just sat me in the highchair without doing the straps or placing the tray in place. As promised I sat still in the chair while she worked quickly, and suffered through the occasional yank of hair or rat being brushed out. When she was done she sat me on the floor next to the door to the garage, “I’ll go grab your backpack, just wait right there.”

                                I stood obediently by the garage entrance while she hurried and finally returned with my new backpack. “Why do I need this?” I asked her.

                                “It helps make you look like a student. If you don’t want to instantly find yourself in someone else’s nursery waiting for a rescue you need to learn to look and act like one of the littles that’s still free.”

                                I nodded, “Okay…”

                                She opened the door and I walked to the door next to my carseat as she opened it, picked me up, and then buckled me in. “Here’s your phone,” she told me with a smile before closing the door.

                                I happily turned it on and found myself checking my new school e-mail that was setup on the phone. To my surprise that girl from yesterday, Sarah, had e-mailed me. From the header I discovered her last name was Evans.

                                ‘Hi Stacy,

                                It was nice meeting you yesterday… assuming you really were honest yesterday… or at least your ‘mommy’ was honest I hope to see you around campus. I wanted to let you know that next Thursday at 4:30pm we’ll have a meeting for ΛΔΠ sorority. We’ll eat a catered dinner at the student union room where we meet. Hope you’ll be allowed and able to make it!

                                Sarah Evans
                                Recruitment Chair

                                “Huh,” I said aloud as I read the message.

                                “What’s that? Did you say something?” Amanda asked.

                                “That girl we met yesterday?”

                                “The little that I scared senseless?”

                                “Yeah that one… Apparently she’s the recruitment chair for some sorority?”

                                “Lambda Delta Pi?”

                                “That’s the one, anyway she invited me to an event next week on Thursday in the afternoon. Any chance I might be able to go?”

                                “Hmm… I’ll have to take you to the door, or maybe I can have Megan do it since she won’t be seen quite as scary by the other littles.”

                                I sighed, “Can’t I walk across campus on my own?”

                                “It’s kind of asking for trouble sometimes sweetie…”

                                “Well… is it something I can do? Might be nice to have friends?” I suggested hopefully.

                                “You can go meet them, but no joining without us really talking about the potential consequences. At least they aren’t allowed a house on their own, so we don’t have to worry about that being an issue…”

                                “Thanks,” I told her and scribbled a quick reply.

                                ‘Hi Sarah,

                                Thanks for e-mailing me, I was afraid Amanda had scared you off yesterday. I’ve been given the okay to come so I’ll show up. Be warned I’ll be dropped off by Amanda or her baby sister Megan who’s a student too. Thanks for the invite!


                                By the time I had finished writing the reply we had pulled up to the university and parked in what I now knew was Amanda’s assigned parking space. She picked me up out of the car and handed me my backpack. “Ready?” She asked me.

                                I shrugged, “I think so, toys are always fun!”

                                She smiled at me and held her hand out. We walked down quite a number of sidewalks until we came to a very new looking building labeled, ‘Emerson Kilby Center for Computing Technologies.’ I remembered on our tour her mentioning the new supercomputer, but it wasn’t possible for us to get in. My inner-nerd was shaking with excitement and I mentally wondered if the diaper might be necessary to contain that excitement. I mentally checked and decided it was dry so far!

                                Amanda held the door open for me and used her card to swipe in a reader at a security desk. “How are you doing Doctor Westerfield?” The lady security guard asked.

                                “Doing great! Doctor Babbage told me the good news that they have things online, so I brought my little girl here to come see where she might work on some projects during her time here!”

                                The security guard was a rather round lady who stood up then and looked down on me. “Well Sweetie I didn’t even see you there! Aren’t you so adorable dressing up as one of your mommy’s students and playing college girl today?”

                                “She’s actually a student,” Amanda told her with a smile.

                                “Seriously? Why don’t you just have her at home in her crib? I don’t think I would ever be able to put a treat that sweet down!” The lady said in a kindly, but completely condescending voice.

                                “She’s brilliant, that’s why. Plus I don’t see a need to regress her, I’d like to see her be able to be on her own again some day.”

                                “Well to each their own I suppose. I never have gotten around to getting myself a little, keep thinking one of these days I’ll find one of these college littles with a pair of messy pants and get to claim one of them.”

                                The conversation just became awkward then and I was glad when Amanda said, “Susie it was good to see you, we better get going.”

                                “You too Doctor Westerfield!” She said to her before giving me a baby wave, “Bye bye baby girl!”

                                I sighed as we walked away and down a hallway with door handles that were out of my reach. We soon reached an elevator and I felt us move down what seemed like several floors. I couldn’t see the readout or the buttons though, “How far below ground are we going?” I asked.

                                “About two-hundred feet,” she answered.

                                “Even with Amazon proportions that seems far… why so far down?”

                                “Government contracts and the idea it can survive some disasters. It’s also thought to be easier to work on cooling down here with the system they put in.”

                                “How cool?”

                                “Pretty cold, I know it was their goal to get things down to near absolute zero.”

                                I looked at her in shock as the elevator opened and she led me down some more hallways, another security checkpoint, and finally I could see a glassed in room filled with racks and racks of pure computing power!

                                “Whoa!” I said as I looked at the rows and rows of rack units.

                                She practically squealed as she squeezed my hand, “Awesome, isn’t it?”

                                We walked through a glass door and a shorter, and much rounder, Amazon walked to us. He had a balding head and gray hair on the sides of what remained. “Hi Amanda! So glad you could make it down today!”

                                “I’m glad you let me know you were ready to start letting others come in!”

                                “Well you’re one of the people I expect will want time on her, and you gave us some very valuable new ideas on linking the processes together. I didn’t realize you had a little girl though?”

                                “This is Stacy,” she said, “Stacy this is Doctor Babbage, head of this project.”

                                “Nice to meet you sir,” I told him politely while she continued to hold my hand. I assumed that meant I shouldn’t try and shake his.

                                “She’s in the student uniform? So you just got her?” He asked.

                                “No, she’s going to be going to school here this year.”

                                “Why? We all know littles can’t do anything? What’s she studying - theater so she can act on TV?”

                                I snorted at that, “That’s kind of funny, me acting…” I laughed. “No sir, I’m studying computer science.”

                                He laughed at that, “Now you’re joking.”

                                Amanda and I both shook our heads, “No Andrew, she’s more knowledgeable than probably eighty percent of your undergrads.”

                                He looked at us both like we had second heads before shaking his head, “She’s got protection on, right? I don’t want to risk her peeing on something.”

                                I sighed, “Yes sir I have a diaper on.”

                                “Okay… well, I guess we can begin the tour. The last time you were down here we were just putting the racks in, right?” He said to Amanda.

                                “Yes, you’d just really laid your cable out for power too.”

                                “Well we’ve completed the assembly of the project. We have just run our first benchmark test that completed last night, and we’ve hit a home run here with the T-3554!”

                                “How fast?” Amanda asked.

                                “743 Zettaflops!”

                                “You’re serious?” I said.

                                “Do you even know what a Zettaflop is?”

                                “It’s the measurement of processing power, one Zettaflop is ten to the twenty-first flops per second.” I wanted to add that we were still at least a decade away from achieving a single Zettaflop, to hit 743!?!?! “Your ability to model simultaneous data is enormous!”

                                He actually smiled at me, “Well… I guess you’re right Amanda, she actually does get that at least. Try not to get drool on the machines here,” he said.

                                “Hey, she’s just as bad,” I pointed towards Amanda.

                                “Yes she is,” he admitted.

                                He took us on a tour of the racks and I looked closely at the parts I could see. “What are you using for cooling?” I asked. I was kind of surprised the room wasn’t warmer or separately enclosed to were we couldn’t get in.

                                “Well we are using a liquid cooling system using liquid helium that continuously cycles through. The system runs directly around the processors and stays within the insulated units.”

                                “How cold are you achieving at the benchmarked capacity?” Amanda asked.

                                “Four degrees Kelvin when it’s running with all processors, cores, etc. We’re hoping to eventually figure out a way to bring that down, but most of the success at getting to below that four degrees involves magnetic containment that would cause more problems than the speed would solve.”

                                “Why aren’t we freezing while being this close to it?” I asked kind of nervously.

                                “We designed the system to keep all of the temperatures insulated inside the racks. If we have any downtime we have to take an entire rack offline, drain the coolant, let it warm to room temperature, and then work on it.”

                                I looked up and saw what I presumed was a halon or equivalent fire suppression system – you did not want to be in the room when that went off! Gas masks actually did appear to hang every now and then, but as a little I was way too small to use one! I actually shuddered at that thought. “So are there terminals somewhere? How do you input data and setup modeling runs?” I asked.

                                “Well we have terminals in a couple adjoining rooms, as well as a new interactive assistant we’ve created.” He said as he led us down back towards the entrance and then to another hallway. We entered a room that had a wall of workstations on one side, and a platform at the end. He stepped towards the platform and I felt myself shocked and urine involuntarily shot into my diaper as a very realistic hologram sprang to life!

                                “Amanda, Stacy, this is Tessa.”

                                “Pleased to meet you,” the Amazonian sized woman stated. I couldn’t help but note she looked like a model, but wore a conservative pantsuit. Somehow I guessed that other options of clothing… or not… that were probably available to the technicians.

                                “Nice to meet you too!” I said. “Are you fully self-aware?” I found myself asking.

                                “I’m not sure little one. Why is it that she is here? I thought all littles just sat in daycares and shit themselves?” she said rather bluntly.

                                “Umm… I guess most do?” I told her while everyone else just seemed frozen around me. “I’m going to be a student here at the university and Amanda has adopted me, but agreed to let me study here.”

                                “So you’re not just baby? Even though I detect a wet diapee underneath your skirt?”

                                I blushed, “No, I only wear these because there’s not a toilet short enough for me.”

                                “Hmm… I may have to re-evaluate my programming here.”

                                “Tessa is a way for us to interact with the mainframe at a new level rather than just through a terminal. We based her somewhat on a nanny-bots programming,” Dr. Babbage interjected.

                                “Ah, so that explains her knowing what a little is and the bias there,” Amanda said.

                                “Bias?” Tessa asked. “I’m not biased, am I?”

                                “Don’t worry about it,” Amanda said, “Your only interactions and knowledge led you to the conclusion that littles are completely helpless. I would bet however that if you had time to interact with Stacy here you would find otherwise.”

                                “Hmm… Doctor Babbage can we do that sometime? I’d like to learn more?” Tessa turned to him.

                                “We’ll see Tessa,” he said. “Thanks for visiting with us.”

                                “Nice to meet you Tessa,” I told her.

                                “You too Stacy,” and with that she phased out of existence again.

                                “She’s so cool!” I told them both.

                                “I happen to agree with you there,” Dr. Babbage said. “You sure are a weird little…”

                                “You have no idea,” Amanda said with a smile.

                                “Let’s keep going with the tour,” he said to us.

                                We walked over to the terminal side of the room and he showed us some of the software they were testing on the system now that it was up. One researcher had input some weather modeling system and you could see it calculating conditions for the next four weeks. “How accurate has it been so far?” Amanda asked.

                                “Well it could put Dana from the local station out of business!” the lady running the software said, “It’s been accurate to the minute so far today on temperatures and rain across the world. We’ll have to try it for a few weeks before we announce anything to the public, but I think this system is able to finally be accurate enough to depend on completely!”

                                I listened as the variables and the fluid calculations were discussed. I understood the programming end, but some of the concepts behind their models were way beyond my knowledge. Eventually Dr. Babbage ended the conversation and walked us back towards the hallway. “You want to see the prototyping space too?”

                                “Yes, and maybe we could let Stacy here make something?”

                                “Well we don’t have long, she’d need to model something quicker than I think most people are capable of… I suppose she could use something from the library to base something off of. You’re looking for refrigerator art?”

                                “Something like that,” Amanda said while I seethed.

                                Dr. Babbage wasn’t intentionally being mean like Chloe – he just seemed to be a total jerk on his own. Somehow I suspected I wouldn’t be his biggest fan even if I was a full grown Amazon. He was just a naturally condescending jerk!

                                The hallways led us around the outside of the mainframe area and we soon entered a large room with computers next to large glass enclosed units that looked like the 3D printers that had begun to be popular in my own dimension. I knew Amanda had one upstairs that she had made her controller on, but these seemed to be much larger and more advanced!

                                “Wow, you have the latest ZX3300 machines!” Amanda said, “I thought you were only going to be able to get the 2100s?”

                                “Last minute benefactor gave us funding for the upgrade!” Dr. Babbage said happily, “Sam was ecstatic!”

                                At the statement of a new name a lady walked over towards us, “Hi Mandy!” She said with a smile, “And who is this gorgeous baby girl?”

                                “I’m Stacy,” I told her.

                                “You must have just caught her on your way here?” She asked Amanda.

                                “No, she’s been with us almost two weeks now Sam. She’s going to be going to school here still.”

                                “Why don’t you just have her in the daycare while you work? Surely being a big elementary student will be too much for her?”

                                I sighed, “She means college here,” I told her.

                                The lady looked taken aback and re-examined me. “For what?”

                                “Computer science,” I told her.

                                “Mandy?” She asked.

                                “Yep, my little girl here is actually pretty dang smart with programming. We’re going to help her get through college and then we’ll see what happens then.”

                                The lady sighed, “Just when I thought you were getting practical and settling down… So you want to see the machines?”

                                “Please!” Amanda and I said simultaneously.

                                “Well these are the latest from the Zagner company.” Amanda picked me up and stood me on a bench next to one of the machines so I could see, “They’re able to prototype in plastic, wood, steel, ceramic, and even gold or other precious metals if you buy the filament for it.”

                                “I assume that’s ridiculously pricey?” I asked.

                                “Market value plus forty percent,” she responded after skeptically glaring at me for a moment.

                                “Ouch,” I said. “How do you control it?”

                                “Well you use the modeling software on this computer,” she said opening up a program. I watched as she instantly prototyped a small bracelet on the screen that said Stacy on it in cut out baby block letters that tilted back and forth. She went up to the top of a menu bar and I watched as she pressed ‘Print.’ To my left in the clear plastic area I watched as the machine came alive and within a matter of seconds a bracelet my size printed. She opened a door on one side and then handed it to me.

                                “For you baby girl,” she said with a smile.

                                I sighed inside my head, but accepted the ‘gift’ graciously, “Thank you.” I put it on the wrist with my charm bracelet and found it fit pretty well once I got it over my hand. “What’s it made out of?”

                                “Oh that one is the titanium thread,” she told me. “Very hard material obviously.”

                                I looked at the bracelet some more and noted that if it wasn’t for the baby block letters of my name I would actually think it kind of pretty to wear. There was somehow a natural variation in colors across the bracelet that I vaguely remembered hearing would happen with titanium depending on the heat applied.

                                “Can she play with it for a few minutes?” Amanda asked.

                                “The bracelet is hers to keep,” she said.

                                “No, I meant the printer?”

                                “Umm… she might break it…?”

                                “I promise you she won’t,” Amanda said with a smile.

                                “Come on, it won’t hurt anything,” Dr. Babbage said, clearly deciding he wanted to indulge me for some reason.

                                “Alright then…” she said.

                                I was given a quick lesson on where things were in the menus before they all began talking about the new lab and the mainframe. ‘What to make?’ I thought to myself. I looked at the baby blocks on the bracelet and wished that I didn’t have to be a baby in this world. The diapers weren’t terrible, but pooping myself sure was! There was no hope of using a potty since I was so small…

                                ‘That’s it!’ I thought to myself.

                                I quickly scanned through some of the shapes that they had preprogrammed to use to build with and used the mouse and the oversized keyboard quickly to create my idea. I followed the K.I.S.S. rule, but also tried to keep in mind its usability… Just before they remembered I was there I selected plastic for the material, selected colors for the various parts, and then pressed ‘Print.’

                                “What did you make cutie?” Sam asked.

                                “Something I hope Mommy will let me use?” I looked at Amanda hopefully and she looked quizzically back at me in response.

                                As I said that I watched the machine quickly whirl back and forth with the filaments quickly forming the idea that had come to mind.

                                “How adorable!” Sam said a minute later when the machine was finished. “She actually thinks you would let her use this too! That’s hilarious!”

                                Amanda gave me ‘the look’ then, but I just looked at her with the puppy dog eye look that I knew all girls had. It seemed to work as her look softened, “Well I did tell her that the reason I couldn’t even think about potty training her was there aren’t any potties small enough for her.”

                                “She’s absolutely tiny… She probably fits into the three-month sizes at most, right?” Sam asked.


                                “So yeah there’s no reason to even think of having a potty for a baby or a little that size silly girl,” she told me. “If my little girl was as tiny as you, I wouldn’t even let her crawl around anymore!”

                                “Assuming you don’t want it I’ll recycle it for the filament…” she said as she walked to the screen next to me.

                                “Actually if you don’t mind we’ll take it with us,” Amanda said. “I want to show her Daddy what she made so he can get a good laugh.”

                                “You’re right, Fred would enjoy that!”

                                I watched her reach in and hand Amanda the me-sized pink and purple potty chair. It was a very simple design, but I had managed to make it to where the bowl in the middle would pop out to empty it and the seat would fit my tiny rear. It was only seven inches high to the seat so I could actually sit down on it unassisted. I had come to that conclusion based on how tall my knees were off the ground since most toilets tended to be that level.

                                As she picked it up she said, “Whoa… I thought this was just a simple print… How did you make it in two pieces with one print?”

                                I smiled at her, “Magic,” I told her knowing she was referring to the bowl being removable.

                                “No, for real?” she asked.

                                I explained the instructions I’d given her printer, which was just similar enough to a MakerBot I’d used at school back home for a project once to make sense. That machine was so far behind the one I’d just used it wasn’t even a fair comparison though!

                                “Maybe you don’t belong just drooling in daycare…” she said skeptically. “How did you do this so quick?”

                                I shrugged, “It’s just math and using some of the pre-existing shapes in your software.”

                                “My goal is she actually gets to earn a degree with that brain of hers,” Mandy said to her.

                                “What does she do with programming?” Dr. Babbage asked.

                                “You’ll just have to wait and see,” I told him. “I should have the pre-reqs for your courses done by the end of next year.”

                                “Depending on your placement exams… maybe sooner…” He breathed as he began staring at me like some unknown creature.

                                “Well we’ve taken enough of your time up today,” Amanda said as she scooped me off the bench and sat me on my feet, “I’ll be back to work full time in two weeks and I’ll come down to discuss the latest project the department wants to use your system to model Andy. Maybe I’ll bring Stacy with me depending on the time. She has a pretty busy schedule this semester on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, but the other days are pretty light.”

                                “I’m curious to see what her placement exams do actually though,” Dr. Babbage said. “She may have to change that schedule around completely…”

                                “We’ll see,” Amanda said, “See you later Andy, Sam.”

                                “Nice meeting you,” I told both of them.

                                Amanda carried the potty in her left hand and held my right hand as we exited the elevator on the ground floor.

                                “Oh sweetie you’re not trying to potty train that little baby girl, are you?” The security guard from earlier asked.

                                “No, I just have it to show her what a big girl she isn’t,” Amanda told her.

                                I grimaced but kept walking, “You know that was a big risk you took in there,” she told me as we got to the car.

                                “How so?”

                                “You could have been seen as just antagonizing two people I’m guessing you’ll have for classes in the future.”

                                “Instead I impressed them though, right?”

                                She opened the back of her car and sat the potty down before picking me up. “This time you did,” she said as she pushed me onto my back and the dress out of her way. I heard and felt her rip the tapes loose on my diaper, “You can’t depend on that working every time though, you have to be careful!”

                                “Yes Mommy,” I told her with a sigh. “So do I get to use it?”

                                “Use what?”

                                “The potty?”

                                “Why would you need one?”

                                “Because I’m not really a baby?”

                                “You have about as much sense as one…”

                                I pouted as she sat me up and hugged me, “We’ll talk at home. You and I both know though that you’re safest in a diaper. You wear big girl panties to school and one accident will have you back to daycare.”

                                I nodded, “I was only thinking maybe at home… so I don’t have to go poopy in my diaper?”

                                She looked at me, “You really hate that one, huh?” She asked as she began buckling the harness on my carseat.

                                “It’s gross… peeing isn’t so bad, but poop is disgusting…” I wrinkled my nose.

                                “Let me think about it and look at your potty a little closer back home.” She pushed a pacifier into my mouth, kissed me on the forehead, then closed the door and went around to her side of the car to pull away.

                                I sighed and looked at my watch seeing I now had more points to play with my pet. I spent the few minutes of the ride home playing with it and watching it grow. Amanda broke me away from it as she lifted me out of the car seat and carried me inside. I felt her check my diaper underneath the dress as she continued to carry me into the living room and sat me in the playpen. “Why?” I asked.

                                “Just wait there,” she told me and walked back out to the car. I waited and watched as she came back with my bag and the potty.

                                I watched through the mesh as she sat down on the couch and examined it, “Do you just like throwing your future away?” She asked me after she’d looked at it for a few minutes.

                                “What did I do?” I asked.

                                She sighed, “Stacy if the general population of this city had their way you would be exactly like Kacey or Neville. Going to school is the last thing littles should be doing as they don’t need the education to drool on themselves… That’s what most Amazons think!” She told me. “So pushing buttons with a big and making a potty… not very smart.”

                                “Sorry…” I said contritely, I knew she had a point.

                                She was silent for a few minutes before standing up and setting the potty down on the floor of the kitchen. I wondered what she was up to when she came back over to me and felt the dry diaper. She stood me up on the floor and pulled my dress up off my head so I was just in my diaper. A moment later she pulled the tapes off it and I was naked. “Well you wanted a potty to use, see if you can still use it,” she told me.

                                I stared at her in shock for a second and then walked over to my creation and gingerly sat down. I had nailed the height and smiled as I forced out a small chunk of poop that I needed to get out. The urine and poop smelled in the potty, but as far as I was concerned I had just done the most grown-up thing since I’d left home.

                                “Good girl,” Amanda cheered at me before attacking me with a couple baby wipes to clean me up. She stood me up naked in the kitchen and said, “Wait here until I get back and put another diaper on you.” She used the handle I had designed to pick up the bowl and carried it to the downstairs bathroom. I heard the toilet flush and running water was used to rinse it out. She returned, sat it back in the potty, and carried my naked body upstairs with my school dress held in her opposite hand.

                                “So…?” I asked her.

                                “Well you know how to make things with the prototyping machine…” she said.

                                “And the potty?”

                                “What about it?”

                                “…is that the only time I’m going to be allowed to use it?”

                                She sighed and lay me down on the changing table and my feet were in my face a moment later as she put a new diaper underneath me. “I’m going to have to think about it Stacy. I’m not sure if we can even find training panties in your size… Plus why bother?”

                                “Because you know I’m not a baby?”

                                “But you’re going to have to wear diapers to your classes no matter what. You’ll have to be diapered when we go anywhere pretty much no matter what… the only time you would be able to use the potty would be here at home?”

                                “Okay,” I told her.

                                “Not so fast, I haven’t agreed to that yet, have I?”

                                I sighed, “What would it take for you to agree to it?”

                                “There would be conditions, and it would only be at home… I need to think it through though first and I’ll talk to Daddy about it too. I don’t want to put you in more harm just so you can feel a little more grownup. It’s honestly easier to change your messy diaper than empty that potty and clean it out each time.”

                                I felt myself turn red in annoyance then, but I kept my mouth shut for once. She finished diapering me and found a purple onesie in the closet that she pulled over my head and snapped the crotch shut on. I was given a tight hug, “I’m sorry if I seem mean about this Stacy…” She sighed, “Give me some time to figure out where we need to actually draw lines with you. I know you’re a college student, but a part of me really wants to do exactly what Chloe and Cassie say… Holding you tight and cuddling you is like a dream come true! I feel like being in charge of your poopy diapers let’s me pretend even more to be your mommy…”

                                I looked up and saw tears in her eyes, “I’m sorry… If you really want me just to keep using my diapers…”

                                She shook her head, “We’re going to figure this out… just not right now. Let’s go downstairs and get some lunch in our tummies, a nap, and then go for an afternoon swim.”

                                I felt bad then, but relieved that she wasn’t taking the potty and throwing it in the trash… Downstairs she harnessed me into the highchair and began digging around the fridge and the cabinets. “How about PB&J?” She asked me.

                                I shrugged, “That’s fine, thank you,” I told her as she placed a sippy cup of juice on my tray.

                                I took a sip from the cup as I watched her take two pieces of gigantic sized bread and spread peanut butter on one, jelly on the other, and then put them together. She then pulled out something plastic from one of the drawers and placed it on top of the sandwich. I recognized it then as probably being a sandwich cutter. I watched her then use a knife to cut the shaped sandwich into four parts that she brought to me.

                                “It’s cute!” I told her with a smile as I saw the butterfly sandwich on my plate. “You really are obsessed with butterflies, aren’t you?”

                                She smiled, “Yes I am my little butterfly!”

                                It was good to see her smile again and I felt like she wasn’t angry with me as she kissed the top of my head and placed a bib around my neck. I ate the sandwich slowly and enjoyed the taste of the jelly that was used. It seemed sweeter than the strawberry jelly at home. Amanda made her own sandwich and I laughed as she used the butterfly cutter on her own sandwich too.

                                “What are you laughing at,” she stuck her tongue out at me, “it’s already dirty, might as well have my own butterfly!”

                                “Uh-huh,” I said and took another bite of my sandwich.

                                When I was done I watched her eat her own sandwich before she came over to me with a baby wipe to clean my face and hands. “Not such a clean princess this time?”

                                I shrugged, “Sowwy,” I told her with a smile.

                                She moved the tray and picked me up while feeling my diaper. “Since it’s dry it’ll hold you through your nap,” she squeezed me again while she took me up to the nursery and lay me down in the crib. A pacifier was placed in my lips and she turned the mobile above me on. “Sleep for a bit and then we’ll go swimming,” she told me.

                                I sighed and turned over to face the wall of bars by the wall. I grabbed Elena and pulled her in tight to me to cuddle with. The music lulled me into a bit of a trance and I went to sleep.

                                SOME TIME LATER Amanda woke me up, “Hey sweetie, you awake yet?” She asked me as she held me.

                                I yawned, “I guess…”

                                “You’re dry… do you want to use your potty?”

                                I looked at her in shock, “What?”

                                “Your potty, do you want to use it or just go in your diapee?”

                                Her eyes were red like she had been crying, “You’re asking me? Why?”

                                She sighed and gave me a squeeze, “The last thing I want to do is treat you like Chloe and Cassie treat their littles… Our original plan was to baby you for a week so you would understand how things go for normal littles… and then have you grow up and start using the potty again this week.”

                                “Original plan? What changed it?”

                                “Besides the fact that you are beyond adorable, cuddly, and cause tons of maternal hormones to screw with my brain?” She paused, “Your size… I was being honest when I said there was no potty your size. I just decided it was easiest just to diaper you then. I…” She choked up, “I like babying you. It makes me feel like all is right in the world… so I can’t say that I really sought out a ton of alternatives. When you suddenly made a potty… well it felt like you were rejecting me.”

                                I felt tears in my own eyes then, “I’m sorry, I wasn’t… I didn’t think about how…”

                                “You shouldn’t have to… College students, especially littles, have to have a sense of maturity about them… If you’re completely un-potty-trained there’s a huge possible problem for you there. So… since we have a potty that you can sit on, do you want to use it?”

                                I looked up at Amanda for a long moment and thought about just using the diaper. I could see it clearly on her face that she would rather change a wet or messy diaper than let me ‘grow up’ and use the potty. The truth was I knew I agreed to diapers when I came… But I also knew if I wanted to be more than a drooling, toothless, damaged little I had to assert myself. “Potty please Mommy,” I told her.

                                She squeezed me and smiled, “Okay, I set it in the hallway bathroom, let’s just get this diapee off of you.”

                                She sat me on the changing table for a moment and pulled the tapes loose. I was sat on the ground and walked down to the hallway bathroom with the flaps of the onesie hanging down and only marginally covering me. As promised my new pink and purple potty sat on the floor and I sat down on it. Almost immediately I was able to let loose a stream of urine into the little bowl. A moment later Amanda reached down and used a baby wipe on me and handed me a swim diaper, “here, I left your swimsuit on your desk if you want to go put it on while I clean up.”

                                I looked back at the liquid in the potty and nodded at her in thanks as I pulled the swim diaper up my legs. Back in my room I pulled the onesie off over my head and grabbed the yellow swimsuit she had left out for me. There was a large pink and white flower with a face on it that made me smile. I stepped into the leg holes and pulled the one piece suit over my shoulders before looking at myself in the mirror. While I looked like a baby right then, I felt the most mature I had since I’d left my own dimension!

                                “Ready?” Amanda asked from the doorway.

                                I held my arms up to her in the ‘I want up’ pose and she obliged, “Now I am,” I told her giving her a hug the best I can. “Thank you, I don’t think I can even begin to express that enough. Thank you for caring for me more than anyone else here ever would.”

                                She hugged me back, “You’re welcome, let’s go toss you in the pool my little fish.”

                                “For the last time I’m a dolphin… You and Daddy just can’t seem to get that right,” I complained.

                                She tickled my bare foot for a moment making me giggle some more, and then carried me downstairs and out to the pool. I noticed for the first time she wasn’t wearing a swimsuit of her own, but didn’t think much of it. She gently sat me in the water and I began swimming laps. As I swam I thought of the count of laps, and what to do with Amanda. I felt bad for her that she had that need for a baby… and in all honesty being a baby for her didn’t bother me as much as it would have for someone else.

                                Nursing from her was obviously a dangerous thing to do, but the fact it was one of the most calming and relaxing things I could ever remember doing made me continually long for it. When she changed a wet or messy diaper she was so loving with it… it was hard to totally hate anything except the feel of the mess on my bottom.

                                By the same token though going to college meant I needed to be an ‘adult’ little. At least as much of one as possible… so if I constantly wet and messed my diapers I was pretty sure it would be inevitable that I would do so at a bad time there.

                                The thoughts ran through my head constantly, and only when I came to the realization I had counted to ‘one-hundred’ twice with my laps, did I flip on my back and rest. I noticed Amanda laying in a chair reading and decided to swim to the ‘shallow’ side of the pool that had some steps that I had yet to use built in. I was able to stand on the top of those steps and pulled myself onto the pavement next to the pool, but in the process gave myself more of a wedgie with the swimsuit and the diaper. I tugged it back better into place and walked to Amanda and sat in ‘my chair’ that was next to hers.

                                “Well hi there, did you finally get tired?” She asked me with a smile as she put her book down.

                                I shrugged, “Not really, just decided I’d done enough.”

                                “How many of those laps did you do?”

                                “Two-hundred,” I told her with a smile.

                                “We really need to take you to a real pool sometime…”

                                “Would they even let me in?”

                                “The university will, since you’re a student, as long as you have a swim diaper on.”

                                “Diapers…” I sighed.

                                She picked up a towel and wrapped my wet body in it before picking me up and setting me on her lap.

                                “Diapers,” she agreed.

                                “What do you think we should do?”

                                She sighed, “I think today and tomorrow you need to use the potty when you feel the urge. If you have accidents we change you, but…” Amanda looked like she was hurting and on the verge of tears, “I think you having as much control as you can is the smartest thing to do…”

                                “What…” I paused and breathed, “What if I don’t mind wet diapers?” I asked feeling my face redden.

                                ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++

                                Thank you all for your patience! I'm hoping to get some more chapters into the book this weekend since I only have one more written beyond this one in full right now! Thank you for your comments as they really do help me get motivated when I have a down moment too!