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    [Complete] Happy Family

    Hello to all.

    I'd like to re-post my story from another forum. It is a mysterious story about a strange adoption agency. Hopefully you'll like it.
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    Re: Happy Family

    Part 1

    Charity Dixon is looking at her tablet and browsing the news without any big interest. It is only a habit to spend some time while she is sitting in the bus on her way to school. She isn’t really interested in politics or economics and sometimes reads sensational stories only.

    Suddenly an ad popped up and Charity doesn’t delete it immediately. Usually she is annoyed by the ads, but this one caught her eye. A company named Happy Family is looking for volunteers. According to the ad their job would be babysitting and the company would pay them an above average wage.

    Charity reads the ad over and over; it is a wonderful opportunity for two reasons. Charity needs some supply just like any other young girl and she would be able to save them for a nice vacation next year. However the second reason is even more important. Several days ago Charity read a story about the Happy Family and the story was quite mysterious. Happy Family is an adoption agency where the barren couples could look for a child. However nobody was able to find out where the children came from. Of course, Happy Family provided birth certificates, but a journalist investigated some of the adoptions and wasn’t able to find the biological mothers. However the story is quite long and she doesn’t finish reading it until the bus stops in front of the school.

    Charity has been a very curious girl for long and this mystery is attracting her attention very much. Maybe she would be able to find something interesting and the wage would be a nice bonus. She decides to apply for the job on the same day as long as her school is over. She also decides to read the story once more.

    The school lessons seem endless for Charity and she can’t wait until the end. In the afternoon she heads directly towards the Happy Family. While sitting in the bus she tries to find the story and finish reading it, but there were too many new posts on the site and Charity doesn’t find it again.

    The company seats in a small villa far from the city center. Charity gets off the bus and walks for about five minutes until she spots the villa. It is a quite large two-storey house in Victorian style and surrounded by a well-maintained lawn. It is standing aside from the other houses and doesn’t match their modern architecture. A short paved path leads to the entrance door.Charity is welcomed by an older lady:

    “Miss Charity, we are glad you want to help us in our charity mission. Do you know how many people desire for children and aren’t able to get their own ones. We keep helping these people as well as the desperate girls who got pregnant by a … mistake.”

    The lady leads Charity through a large entrance hall and upstairs to the second floor. Charity has to admire the interior. It is a harmonic mix of the original and modern equipment. The entrance hall is large and there are several doors there. In the second floor they get to a smaller corridor. It is not as luxurious as the entrance hall and the lady shows Charity the nurseries, the kitchen, the playroom and the bathroom. Charity is surprised by the expensive equipment, but she doesn’t tell anything. The lady turns to her:

    “Miss Charity, you will work in one of these nurseries and you can choose the time according to your school duties. “

    Charity nods and the lady escorts her to the downstairs office. It is a small room with a table, two chairs and two small cabinets. Half an hour later she is heading home with her new job contract. She also has planned the first shifts in the company and she is looking forward to the money, but she also likes small children. In her past Charity babysat often; however the wage wasn’t that high.

    At home her mother is surprised by the job. She is getting a bad feeling because of the wage. However it is difficult to find an objection against a plain babysitting. After a short discussion Charity’s mother nods and Charity can start her first shift soon.
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      Re: Happy Family

      I feel like it goes without saying that this is an ominous start... I would offer genuine critique, but considering I'm kind of on borrowed time as it is and I'm supposed to be using it to write my own stuff... I think I'll be as brief as possible. I'll just cover the one thing I noticed while not reading it critically.

      You switched tenses partway through. The story starts in past tense and ends in present tense. There's no real warning and it kind of screws with the literary flow a bit, to say the least.

      That's about it from me. Try to keep the tense consistent throughout each scene from here on out and you'll do fine.


        Re: Happy Family

        Thanks for the comment. I'll correct the following parts. Originally I started writing in the present tense, but I got a feeling I should turn it into past tense. I'd welcome an advice how to use the tenses correctly. English isn't my native language and maybe I was focused on other issues.


          Re: Happy Family

          I'm going to have to second XenonVoid's point here. Mixing up the tenses like you do is generally a big no-no. It makes a text harder to follow. You can still use one tense in the dialogue and a different one in the narrative, but not switching between past and present like you do is a good first step.
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            Re: Happy Family

            Part 2

            Charity is a little nervous when she enters the Happy Family two days later. Her first shift starts after school and lasts until late evening. The lady gives her an encouraging smile and leads her to the nursery. They encounter another young girl there:

            “Charity, let me introduce Susan,” Susan also smiles at Charity, they greet each other and Susan leaves. The lady turns to Charity again:

            “Susan works as a waitress and she can work in the mornings. Now let me show you our sweet little John. He is 10 months old.” The small boy is asleep in the crib with a pacifier in his mouth. Charity walks over to the crib and keeps watching him for a minute; he looks satisfied.

            The lady interrupts her: “Before I go back to my duties, I’d like to explain you something about diapers. We use cloth diapers to be environment-friendly. They are good, but you have to check them more often. The used diapers are to be thrown into a pail in the bathroom and poopy ones should be rinsed first.” She smiles again and leaves.

            While Johnny is asleep, Charity checks the surroundings. The nursery is a cozy room with two cribs, a table with two chairs and two cabinets. Charity looks into the cabinets and they are full of baby and toddler clothing. Several toys are sitting on the cabinet top. The walls are colored in bright colors and there are several pictures hanging on them.

            Charity leaves the nursery and walks over to the bathroom. She finds a changing table, a cabinet with clean diapers and rubber pants, several potties of different sizes and the mentioned pail next to the bathtub.

            The kitchen is located next to the bathroom and it is well equipped. A large table is located in the middle of the room and there are several high chairs and common chairs around it. The fridge is stocked by baby food and by adult food for the babysitters.

            In the corridor Charity meets another girl. Her name is Joan and she is babysitting in the second nursery. Joan shows Charity two babies; they are twin girls about two years old and they are asleep as well, hugging each other.

            Charity returns to her nursery and at the same moment Johnny wakes up. At the first moment he startles and cries when he sees an unknown face. Charity lifts him from the crib and cuddles. Two minutes later the crying stops and Johnny put his small arms around her neck. It is a little surprising; very few babies are that courageous and not afraid of new people.

            The garment on Johnny’s behind seems to be heavy and Charity carries him to the bathroom immediately. The changing table is equipped with safety straps and the little boy can’t fall down. She pulls down the rubber pants and removes the soaked diaper. After a thorough cleaning she puts a clean diaper onto him and throws the wet one into the pail:

            “Johnny, we are clean and can have a fun together. Do you want something to drink?” Charity is carrying him into the kitchen. She prepares a baby bottle with warm tea and puts the nipple into his mouth. To her surprise the boy smiles at her, grabs the bottle and drinks. When he finishes, he gives the bottle back and nods. It is a quite unusual behavior.

            Charity carries Johnny into the playroom and puts him down onto the floor. The playroom is a quite large and well equipped for babies and toddlers. There is a playpen in the middle of it, several cabinets and shelves with books at the walls. Baby toys are scattered on the floor. However, Johnny doesn’t seem to be interested in them. He crawls towards a shelf with children books and watches them closely. Charity takes a book from the shelf and gives it to him. She is quite curious what he does. Johnny sits down, puts the book in front of him and opens it just like an adult would do. Charity stares at him, wide-eyed.

            Joan enters the room along with the twins. Both girls hurry up to the toys, sit down and find some dolls; they start playing almost immediately without paying any attention to Johnny. Their behinds are well padded and the diapers keep their legs a little apart.

            Joan sits down next to Charity and looks at Johnny closely. Charity turns to her: “Joan, do you understand what’s going on here?” Joan shakes her head: “Charity, I don’t understand it completely, but I can tell you some experience with the twins. I’ve been babysitting them for about two weeks and I have to tell you some events are quite odd.”

            Charity turns to Joan and listens to her carefully. The children seem to be busy at their activities.
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              Re: Happy Family

              Wow, this is quite good, please do keep it up!


                Re: Happy Family

                Part 3

                Joan looks at the girls and at Charity: “Charity, the girls change their behavior sometimes. If you watch them just now, they are like any other toddlers. However I experienced several days when they behaved like teenagers. We could talk together and they were able to dress themselves, use forks, knives and even help me in the kitchen. However, the next day they switched back to toddlers.”

                Charity nods: “Joan, Johnny also behaves like he was older. Anyway he seems to be sweet,” she smiles at Johnny. He turns his head and smiles at Charity. Joan nods: “Ann and Mary are sweet as well; however they are challenging. I have a lot of work checking their diapers and changing them; both drink much water and don’t stay dry for long. The cloth diapers are quite a drawback here.”

                Charity looks at Ann and Mary and watches them; both girls are holding big baby bottles and drinking indeed. She nods and smiles: “I understand you, Joan.”

                Johnny turns away from the book and crawls to Charity. He stops in front of her and points at his crotch: “E –ee”. Charity lifts him: “Sweetheart, have you peed into your diapee?” He shakes his head and Charity understands: “You will pee then,” he nods. Charity carries him into the bathroom and removes the diaper. She sits Johnny onto a small potty and he nods. Minute later he is done and Charity strokes his head: “You are a good boy, Johnny. Anyway I put the diaper back, okay?” Johnny nods again, Charity carries him back and he sits down to the book again.

                Joan stands up and walks over to the girls. The packages between their legs are dropping down: “Ann, Mary, let’s go with me,” she tries to pull them away, but the twins protest loudly and cry: “We wanna play, Joan.” Charity turns to Joan: “I help you, Joan. Bring the supplies and we can change them here.” She sits down to the girls: “Lie down and you will be clean in a jiffy,” she strokes their heads. Ann and Mary are surprised by her action and stop crying. Ann lies down and lets Charity pull down her tights and rubber pants. Meanwhile Joan comes back and Mary lies down as well. Charity and Joan commence the changing process and the twins are clean in a few minutes. Anyway they still are holding the bottles. Johnny is sitting and watching them as if he was aware of their problems.

                The afternoon is passing slowly; Johnny keeps looking into the book and even turning the pages. Joan takes the twins and goes to the park. An hour later they come back to the dinner. Charity can assist Joan again to wash the girls’ hands and they also need clean diapers.

                Charity and Joan escort all children into the kitchen and sit them into high chairs at the table. Johnny is able to feed himself and he even doesn’t mess up his bib. Charity and Joan can focus on the twins. They manage to eat the dinner, but a lot of food has landed on their bibs.

                After dinner Charity brings Johnny back into the playroom and takes another book from the shelf; Johnny sits down and opens it while the twins start chasing each other around the room. They don’t look tired at all and Charity wonders if they would be able to fall asleep.

                About half an hour later Mary stops and bends her legs; a concentrated look on her face reveals what’s going on. Ann runs away, but she stops shortly after and several grunts escape her mouth. Both girls don’t run anymore and they walk carefully towards Joan. A strong smell is spreading across the room.

                Johnny also leaves his book and crawls towards Charity. This time he seems to be too slow and the guilty look on his face tells Charity what happened:

                “Johnny, you did a poo in your diaper, didn’t you?” He nods and a tear appears in his eye. Charity strokes his head and smiles at him: “No problem, let’s fix it.” She carries him into the bathroom and changes his dirty diaper quickly: “Johnny, would you like to go sleep now?” The little boy nods and yawns. Charity carries him to the nursery, puts him into the crib and returns to Joan. She helps her to clean the twins and tries to calm them down before sleeping. She sits down between them and reads them a fairy-tale. Finally both little girls lean to her and their eyes close. Joan and Charity put them into their cribs. To her surprise Charity spots straps on the crib sides. She whispers to Joan: “Do you have any idea about the straps?” Joan shakes her head.

                About an hour later Joan and Charity are relieved by a young woman, who starts the night shift. She has a scowl look on her face and the girls are glad when they leave the building.
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                  Re: Happy Family

                  Part 4

                  Joan and Charity are walking towards the bus stop and Joan turns to Charity:

                  “Charity, I don’t have any idea about the straps. Of course, I never used it and never found the girls strapped to the cribs. On the other hand I heard some complaints from the woman we met today. She was very unpleasant and I don’t know why she accepted this job. Somebody like her can’t be a good babysitter in my opinion.”

                  “Joan, I read some story about Happy Family several days ago, but I didn’t finish reading it. Since then I haven’t found it again. Did you read it by chance?”

                  “Sorry, Charity; I didn’t read it. However I’m quite curious and would look for it as soon as possible. When do you have the next shift?”

                  “It is Wednesday today … I come on Friday in the afternoon and on Saturday the whole day.”

                  “What a pity, I come tomorrow and on next Monday. Anyway you can give me your number and I call you when I find something.” Charity nods and gives Joan her number.

                  They get to the bus stop and Charity’s bus arrives first. They say their goodbyes and Charity gets in. In the bus she hopes to find the story, but she fails again. All of sudden Charity realizes that the story was removed probably.

                  At home Charity tells her mother about the babysitting and about the mysteries. Her mother listens carefully: “Charity, I’d almost say it’s your fantasy. To be honest, I’d quit immediately if I was you. Try to think about this strange agency, but be careful, please. I’d like to give you a good advice; do your job and don’t be too curious.”

                  On Thursday Charity is waiting for Joan’s call, but Joan doesn’t call her. Charity isn’t worried about it; maybe the story was removed indeed and Joan didn’t find it either. However she can’t get rid of a bad feeling when she imagines the scowl woman taking care of toddlers.

                  On Friday after school she hurries up to the Happy Family. The lady leads her into the nursery and introduces a new toddler; her name is Sally and she is almost 3 years old. All of sudden Charity is surprised by the age of the toddlers. Where were the children before they were given to Happy Family? If it was an opportunity for young girls and their unexpected pregnancies, the babies would be close to newborns mostly. Anyway Charity remembers her mother and doesn’t ask the lady about it.

                  The lady leaves the nursery and Charity watches the sleeping toddlers for several minutes. After that she walks to the other nursery. The second babysitter greets her, but she doesn’t seem to be interested in a talk. Charity returns to her nursery when Sally wakes up. She smiles at Charity and asks her: “Hi, what’s your name? I’m Sally.”

                  Charity answers her and Sally sits up in the crib: “Charity, could you change my diaper, please? I’m all wet.” Charity nods, brings the supplies and asks Sally to lie down. The small girl obeys and Charity pulls down her pants and rubber pants. The diaper is very large, thick and wet:

                  “Sally, do you really need that thick diaper? You are a big girl though and you could try to be without diapers.”

                  “Charity, I’m afraid of it; Miss Malcolm was angry at me when she found wet spots on my pants in the morning. I had a thin diaper only.”

                  Charity strokes Sally’s head: “Don’t worry about me, sweetheart. If you want, I put another large diaper on you, but try to come to me if you have to pee, okay?” Sally smiles and nods.

                  Meanwhile Johnny wakes up, but Charity isn’t able to find out the former behavior. He is nice and sweet, but he is still a ten months old baby. Charity gives Johnny tea in a baby bottle and gives Sally a sippy cup. When they finish, she lifts Johnny onto her arms, climbs down the stairs, puts him into a stroller and walks out of the villa to the park.

                  They open the back door and Charity is surprised again. She couldn’t see the park from the street, but it is a very nice place. There is a playground with a sandbox, slide and swings in front of her. The playground is surrounded by lawn and there are several paved paths with benches all around. The whole park is fenced so the children can’t run away. However the fence matches the overall style of the villa. A few trees provide a pleasant shadow for those who want to sit on the benches.

                  Sally hurries up to the slide and Johnny crawls on the grass. The twins appear shortly and they head towards the sandbox. Charity notices thick bulges on their behinds. Their babysitter sits down on the next bench and gets a book.
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                    Re: Happy Family

                    Part 5

                    Charity is surprised by the babysitter. The girl isn’t watching the twins at all. They start playing in the sandbox, but several minutes later one of the twins looks around carefully. She stands up and heads towards Charity:

                    “I’m Ann. How are you, Charity? You were very nice to me on Wednesday.”Charity is taken aback, but she reacts immediately: “Nice to hear it, Ann. Join me and we can talk a little. You told I had been good to you. Aren’t the other ones nice?”

                    Ann sighs: “You and Joan are very nice, but the other babysitters are not. Look at Cathy; she is reading her book and doesn’t take care of us at all. She put thick diapers on our behinds, gave us two big bottles and now she needn’t do anything until dinner. It is quite uncomfortable and I can’t walk properly. Most of the babysitters do it. You can’t imagine the embarrassing when I have to pee into the diaper and don’t have another option. ” She points at her crotch and Charity notices the wet diaper.

                    Charity lifts Johnny from the ground and she is trying to teach him walking. Ann is walking with her while Sally is riding on the slide. Several minutes later Sally joins Mary and both girls start playing together in the sandbox.

                    Charity realizes that Joan was right. At this moment she has an opportunity to find out more details: “Ann, can you remember how you got here? Do you have any family or friends?”

                    Ann stares at Charity: “Sorry, I can’t remember anything. All I remember are the last two weeks. It is strange, but everything before it is like in a fog. All my memories are linked to this house.”

                    “Ann, do you know any idea why you are talking with me and Mary seems to be in a toddler state? Two days ago you both were toddlers.”

                    Ann shrugs: “I don’t know. I remember two or three times before when I felt like an older girl like just now. The remaining time I probably was a toddler. I also think Mary was in the adult state several times, but we never could talk together.”

                    “How long do you stay in the adult state, Ann?”
                    “I wake up like this and it lasts until I fall asleep again.”

                    Charity nods; she has got a trace finally. Something strange happened to Ann and probably to all other children and they got to Happy Family. It is important to find the past of them. They couldn’t appear out of nowhere: “Thank you, Ann; hopefully we would be able to find out more. Tomorrow I come again and we can stay together the entire day.”

                    “Charity, I’m afraid I won’t be able to talk with you tomorrow. Maybe Mary will.”

                    For now they have to focus on Johnny; he drops to the ground and tries to crawl away; Ann looks at Charity: “Let me help you,” she runs towards Johnny and makes him crawl back to Charity. Charity lifts Johnny and cuddles him: “Where did you want to go?” Johnny smiles at Charity and Ann and laughs. Charity notices the soaked diaper: “Ann, I have to go inside. Johnny has to be changed. Go get Sally, please.”

                    At the same moment Sally is approaching Charity and Mary is walking next to her. The girls stop in front of Charity and Sally announces: “Charity, Mary is soaked.”

                    Charity grins at her: “Sally, thank you for your care; however Mary should be changed by Cathy. By the way, you didn’t come to me since we came to the playground. Are you sure Mary is the only one who is soaked?” Sally blushes and looks down. Charity reaches to her crotch: “Sally, what did you do? You have pooped yourself.” “Sorry, but I just wanted to come to you when it happened.”

                    Charity shrugs and turns to Ann: “Ann, you have to wait now; there is a messy behind to be cleaned.” Ann nods, takes Mary at hand and heads back to the sandbox. She looks sad.


                      Re: Happy Family

                      Part 6

                      Before the dinner Cathy stands up and heads towards the kitchen: “Ann, Mary, come with me!” Charity gets Johnny and Sally and follows Cathy. Both twins are walking slowly and the packages between their legs are quite heavy and dropping down. Charity feels sorry for Ann, but she doesn’t want to argue with Cathy. Maybe the twins get adopted soon and the adoptive parents would be a nice and loving family.

                      Sally is quite able to feed herself and Charity can focus on Johnny. He is still smiling at her and Charity feels like a real mother for a short moment.

                      Later in the evening the babysitters are relieved by the scowl woman again. In the entrance hall the old lady stops them: “Charity, I’d like to offer an extra work for you if you want. Unfortunately a babysitter quitted yesterday and I don’t have anybody for tomorrow except you. Take care of the twins as well and I pay you double. Johnny will be adopted in the morning and you needn’t take care of him anymore.”

                      Charity pretends to hesitate, but her heart jumps. She will get a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the twins and their fate. If they have an afternoon nap, there are four opportunities that one of them will be in the adult mode:

                      “Okay, madam; I take the tomorrow’s shift even if it is a challenge.”

                      On her way home Charity still tries to find the mysterious story; however she finds something else. Several young students disappeared in the last weeks and there is still no trace of them. She is reading through the notices without a big interest when she stops at a message about twin sisters. She is getting a strange feeling. Is it a coincidence only or are the missing students related to the children in Happy Family somehow?

                      At home Charity doesn’t tell her mother anything about her findings; she is afraid her mother wouldn’t allow her to work in Happy Family anymore. Instead, Charity decides to investigate the case by herself. She could call the parents of the missing twins and ask them about details. Fortunately the names are listed in the messages and Charity writes down all of them. In the next days she will call the people and try to find something usable. Maybe the old photos of their children could show a similarity to the children in Happy Family.

                      On Saturday Charity hurries up to the Happy Family. In the entrance hall she encounters a couple; the woman is holding Johnny and he smiles at Charity as soon as he spots her. She can read in his eyes he is in the adult mode. The old lady brings some documents and they thank her. The couple seems to be nice and Charity hopes that Johnny gets into a good and loving family. Anyway she would like to tell them about Johnny’s adult mode, but she doesn’t have any idea how to explain it. There is only one option; Charity pulls the woman aside and explains her: “Madam; I babysat the little Johnny and I have to tell you he is very smart and can even surprise you.” Johnny turns away from his new adoptive mother and grins at Charity.

                      The scowl woman is nowhere to be seen and Charity wonders where she is. She asks the old lady, but she answers that the night shift is over and the children are still asleep. She even invites Charity to a cup of tea. Charity is surprised by it, but it wouldn’t be polite to refuse and they have a cup of tea in the office. Half an hour later the old lady stands up: “Charity, I’m leaving for the weekend; the house is all yours now. Take care of the children until the evening.”

                      Charity walks over to the nurseries. She opens the door of ‘her’ nursery and almost faints; she wasn’t able to imagine the scene in front of her eyes.


                        Re: Happy Family

                        Part 7

                        Sally is strapped down to the crib and her hands are covered in mittens; she isn’t able to undo the straps. Her torso is tied to the crib by a wide strap and her legs are tied apart. A pacifier is fixed in her mouth and a big package of diapers is visible on her crotch. Her eyes are full of tears.

                        Charity runs to the crib and removes the pacifier: “Sally, everything is okay; I untie you just now.” She looks at the straps, but they seem to be locked. Keys are needed to open them.

                        Sally looks at Charity: “Charity, the keys are probably in the kitchen,” Charity realizes that Sally is in the adult mode:”Okay, Sally, I’m back in seconds.”Sally stops her: “Charity, wait with the keys, please. My diaper is soaked and I have to pee very badly. I don’t want to leak; bring a clean diaper and change me quickly.” Charity is surprised by the request, but she realizes that Sally wouldn’t be able to get to bathroom in time. She gets another large diaper and changes Sally quickly even without cleaning her. Sally sighs in relief: “Get the keys now and I can help you then. I think the twins are strapped down as well.”

                        Charity finds the keys in a kitchen drawer indeed and hurries up to Sally. The straps can be unlocked and Sally stands up from the crib: “Let’s take care of the twins now. I can change out of the pajama then.”

                        The twins are strapped down in the cribs in the same way. Charity is angry at the scowl woman, but she also realizes that the old lady saw Sally and didn’t help her. With help of Sally she frees the twins quickly; they are crying and cuddle to Charity immediately. She holds them tightly: “My little girls, Charity is with you and you are safe now.” She turns to Sally: “Bring the changing supplies please.”

                        To Charity’s surprise Sally is able to change Ann while Charity is changing Mary. Charity is curious if one of the twins is in adult mode, but they are upset and keep crying. Meanwhile, Sally heads towards the bathroom and in ten minutes she is back dressed in a nice dress and tights; anyway without a diaper: “Charity, I put the pajama and wet diaper into laundry. Let’s make the breakfast now.”

                        Charity dresses the twins into pink tops and denim pants; they look very cute, but there is no trace of adult mode at all. Charity hopes that some of them will get into it after the afternoon nap.

                        After the breakfast all move to the park; it is a wonderful sunny day. Ann and Mary head to the sandbox and sit down; they don’t have mood to run around after the night experience. Sally sits down to Charity and Charity starts talking:

                        “Sally, you can talk with me and behave like a teenager; you even aren’t wearing the diaper and you were able to dress yourself and prepare breakfast. Yesterday you were like a three year old toddler.”

                        Sally stares at her surprised: “Really? Wait, I remember something about the large diaper and angry babysitter.”

                        Charity’s heart jumps. Maybe Sally can tell her even more: “Sally, do you remember more? How did you get here?”

                        “I don’t remember exactly how I got here and everything before the last days is like in a fog. However … I was in basement and there was a strange machine there.”

                        “What are you saying? Is there a basement in this house?”

                        “I think yes. If you want, I can help you look for it,” she looks at the sandbox: “Charity, you have got a stinking task to perform now.” Ann is approaching them and she is walking carefully, her legs wide apart. Charity grins at Sally: “Do you know I had the same task with you yesterday?” Sally nods: “Okay, I watch Mary meanwhile.”

                        In the bathroom Charity straps Ann to the changing table; Ann almost starts crying again, but Charity strokes her head: “Sweetheart, you could fall down.” She pulls the pants down and removes the dirty garment. The cleaning process takes some time and as soon as she finishes, Sally appears in the door, leading Mary: “Another one.” Charity sighs and repeats the process.

                        Sally turns to Charity: “I can watch the girls and you should try to look for some clues in the villa.” Charity nods and Sally leaves, leading the twins to the park.


                          Re: Happy Family

                          Part 8

                          Charity starts her search in the second floor. She knows the nurseries, kitchen and playroom already. There are two more rooms there; they look like storerooms. Charity doesn’t find anything interesting there; the storerooms are full of bedding, diapers and clothing; there are even some spare cribs there. In the far corner there is a stairwell leading upwards to the loft. The loft is empty and dusty. She climbs the stairs down to the ground floor and explores the entrance hall. It is a large room and Charity can admire the equipment. The furniture matches the villa style; the prospective adoptive parents should feel well here. The office is locked, but she could have expected it. There are more doors on the walls, but all of them are locked as well. A stairwell is leading down to the basement, but Charity finds only a large washroom with several washers and dryers as well as a boiler room there. There are on other doors in the basement.

                          All of sudden Charity hears some muffled noises from behind the walls. She isn’t sure if it is a hallucination only, but she decides to continue her searching. Unfortunately her effort is vain; if there is something strange in the villa, it is well hidden. Maybe she can try to find something the next weekend. For now Charity stops her searching and returns to the park; she doesn’t want to leave Sally alone. Sally is playing with the twins and she seems to have her fun at it.

                          Meanwhile the lunch time is coming; Sally helps Charity change the soaked diapers. The twins seem to be exhausted and they probably fall asleep after the lunch. Charity and Sally manage to prepare the food quickly and they feed Ann and Mary. Both girls go to the cribs willingly and Charity changes them into their pajamas. Minutes later they are asleep.

                          Sally yawns as well: “Charity, I could have a small nap, I’m tired after the night.” Charity nods, but she realizes what Ann had told her: “Okay, Sally; however you probably return to your toddler mode then. Let me put a diaper on you.”

                          Sally startles: “Do you think? I wouldn’t like to return; however I can’t stay awake forever.” She sighs and lies down in the crib. Charity pulls down her tights and puts a large diaper with rubber pants onto her behind. She covers Sally and gives a kiss on her forehead.

                          While all children are asleep, Charity tries to find a hidden door again; anyway she fails. The door has to be somewhere behind the locked office door or it is disguised. She also doesn’t hear any more noises and returns to the kitchen to make a cup of coffee.

                          As soon as she finishes the coffee, she hears a voice from the nursery. She hurries up and Mary is announcing: “Charity, could you remove my diaper, please? I have to go to the bathroom.” Charity lifts her from the crib, brings to the bathroom and removes the dry diaper. However Mary is too small to sit on the toilet bowl: “Mary, sit on the potty; you would fall down from the toilet.”

                          Mary nods and sits down. Charity leaves her alone “you can have some privacy.”

                          In five minutes Mary has finished and Charity helps her clean her behind. However they don’t have any panties: “Mary, would you mind if you put the diaper onto you; we don’t have panties. Unless … unless you want to wear the pants without panties. However it’s uncomfortable.”

                          Mary shrugs: “The diaper is comfortable and you pull it down if I have to pee.” Charity nods and puts the diaper back.

                          Ann and Sally wake up several minutes later and Ann’s rule has worked; Sally is a toddler again. Mary is able to assist Charity to change both girls and they are ready to play. Mary takes a big bottle and walks to the book shelf. Charity takes a book and passes it to her. Sally and Ann sit down and play with dolls.

                          The afternoon is passing slowly. Charity doesn’t try to ask Mary; she seems to be busy at the book. About an hour later Mary stands up and runs to Charity: “Charity, I have to pee, hurry up please.” They head into the bathroom and Charity wants to unzip Mary’s pants, but Mary is pressing her hand against her crotch: “Mary, I have to pull down the pants.” Charity pulls her hand away and grabs the zip when she feels the diaper getting warm. Mary sighs and looks down to the ground. Charity lifts her onto the changing table: “Sweetheart, it is OK; your body is small and weak. Let’s change you into a clean diaper now.” She changes Mary quickly and they return to the playroom.

                          The afternoon is uneventful and Charity is relieved in the evening. Fortunately the scowl woman doesn’t appear.
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                            Re: Happy Family

                            Part 9

                            On Sunday Charity commences her investigation. Her first target is the parents of the missing twins. Fortunately they are willing to listen to her, but the story seems unbelievable. The father keeps shaking his head: “Charity, you seem to have a great fantasy.” Anyway the mother brings an old album with photos of the twins.

                            Charity opens the album and a cold chill runs down her spine. The girls in the pictures are Ann and Mary. She puts the album onto the table with shaking hands: “Missis Brown, the twins in Happy Family are your daughters. I don’t know how they were regressed, but I’m quite sure about their identity.” The father stares at her wide-eyed and tears appear in his eyes: “You … you found our little girls.” They promise her help and Charity can continue her mission.

                            Unfortunately the twins are the only children she was able to identify. All other parents either didn’t want to talk with her or she didn’t recognize the toddlers. Anyway it was a great success. Now Charity is sure about a criminal plot and about a mysterious way to regress the children to the toddler age.

                            The next Tuesday Charity starts her regular shift after school. The old lady tells her the latest news; the twins have been adopted by a rich family and she will be the only babysitter today, taking care of Sally and a boy named Charlie. He is about the same age as Sally.

                            Charity is hardly able to drink her coffee when Charlie wakes up. He startles when he spots her and Charity has to calm him down. Sally wakes up at his crying. Charity takes both toddlers into the bathroom and changes them quickly. Neither of them seems to be in the adult mode.

                            The weather isn’t very good; it is raining and they have to stay inside. Before going to the playroom Charlie announces he is hungry. Charity is a bit taken aback: “Charlie, didn’t you have your lunch.” “Yeah, miss, but I’m still hungry.” Charity shrugs and gives him a piece of bread with butter and jam. Charlie eats it instantly and asks for another one. Sally asks her for some juice only.

                            In the playroom Charlie looks for some cars and starts playing with them; he also tries to convince Sally to join him. She isn’t enthusiastic by his offer, but they are only two and she sits down to him. Charity is watching them and smiling a bit.

                            All of sudden Charlie stops playing and stands up; he bends his knees and holds still. A minute later he approaches Charity: “Miss Charity, could I have a clean diaper?” The smell reveals what happened. Charity nods: “Okay, poopy boy. Sally, what about you?” Sally looks up, a bit surprised. She also stands up and follows Charlie: “I’m wet only.”

                            The cleaning process is quite long; Charlie has to be put into the tub and showered. After changing both toddlers they return to the playroom and continue playing. Sally and Charlie seem to be getting on well.

                            When Charity is relieved in the evening, the old lady is waiting for her: “Charity, could we have a talk? I have got an offer for you.” She invites charity into the office and offers her a cup of tea:

                            “Charity, you are a good babysitter. There are cameras all around the house and I could watch your work closely. In my opinion you could try out something special.”

                            Charity is sipping the tea and suddenly realizes that the lady could watch her while she was searching the villa. She startles, but tries to stay calm and find out what the lady knows:

                            “Of course, madam, it is an honor for me if you give me some special offers. Could you tell more about …” Charity is getting a bad feeling; she is tired, her eyes close and her body relaxes in the chair.


                              Re: Happy Family

                              Part 10

                              The Regresser test report:

                              The Regresser prototype has been tested on 20 subjects so far. Teenagers of both sexes were regressed to the baby age. The test results are as follows:

                              - All tested subjects were regressed successfully and there was no fatality or serious bodily damage.

                              - The subjects were not regressed to the required age of newborns. Most subjects have been regressed to an age of 2 or 3 years and only two of them were regressed to an age less than 1 year.

                              - The mental regression wasn’t completed fully. Unexpected short periods of mental activity on a level of an adult were observed in almost all cases.

                              - According to detailed examination the test subjects aren’t able to grow either physically nor mentally.

                              A well-dressed man is sitting at the massive wooden table in the middle of a luxurious office and reading the report; his face is getting red with anger. He starts yelling at his companion and his voice echoes in the large room: “What the hell did you create, James? We wanted to have lovely small babies which can be sold to solvent families. Instead of it we are producing small beasts which remain toddlers for their entire life and they have got pieces of adult mind. It is a total failure!”

                              The second man dressed in a lab coat tries to protest: “Sir, I did my best and the tests on animals were successful. I don’t know what happened. Give me the last chance, please.”

                              The old lady is standing in the corner next to a big cabinet, watching both men and keeping silence. It wouldn’t be wise to tell the even a single word. After all, she is responsible for the care only and she never wanted to know more about the regression.

                              “Okay, James. However; it is really your last chance. Try to use some new settings and be successful this time. Otherwise I cancel the entire work and get rid of you. Hopefully you know what I mean.”

                              “I will be successful, sir. You get two lovely small babies this time.”

                              The well dressed man calms down a little: “You have three days, James. I come again on Friday and I want to see a total success.” He turns back and leaves the room. James stands up and walks slowly to the basement. He opens the second door on his left and enters the treatment room. It is a small room equipped with a hospital bed and a mysterious machine. There is a big computer and a strange cabinet next to the bed. Several wires with electrodes are connected to the cabinet. James sits down to the control computer and starts working. His fingers are moving quickly on the keyboard.
                              Charity opens her eyes and looks around. She is lying down on a hospital bed and her limbs are strapped to the bed. A big pacifier is filling her mouth and it is fixed behind her head. She is dressed into a hospital gown and her crotch is covered by a large and thick diaper.

                              The room is small and there are no windows on the walls. Charity looks to the right and she sees a young boy on the second bed; he is strapped down and dressed in the same way. There isn’t any more furniture in the room.

                              The boy turns to her and tries to speak, but the pacifier prevents him from it. Charity tries to speak as well, but her effort is vain. Charity also checks the straps, but they are locked and she isn’t able to open any of them. She struggles for awhile, but all straps are quite tight.

                              The door opens and the old lady enters the room: “Charity, this is the special offer. Up to now you were a babysitter and I offer you the baby role. You are thirsty probably.”

                              The pacifiers are equipped by a hole and the lady attaches a bottle to each of them: “Drink, my babies. Auntie Hannah will come later when you finish.”

                              Charity is thirsty indeed and she sucks on the nipple until the bottle is empty. The boy does the same and his bottle is empty even earlier than Charity’s one. Hannah comes back and removes the bottles: “I come back later to check on my babies. Good night.” She leaves the room and dims the light.