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The Biggest Little Vacation [Diaper Dimension] - Chapter 9 (Updated 2/23)

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    Re: The Biggest Little Vacation [Diaper Dimension] - Chapter 7 (Updated 2/20)

    Originally posted by WBDaddy View Post
    This is just so adorable. And the very adult feelings being exchanged makes for an interesting bit of intrigue...
    Awww, thank you so much! <3

    I'm really glad to know you're reading and enjoying the story!
    Please, if you like my writing - leave a comment, they really do mean the world to me.

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      Re: The Biggest Little Vacation [Diaper Dimension] - Chapter 7 (Updated 2/20)

      The kiss!!! Its like their relationship is changing into one with passionate intimacy. So cute to watch Jo feel confused. Can't wait for where this all goes.

      Thank you for posting


        Re: The Biggest Little Vacation [Diaper Dimension] - Chapter 7 (Updated 2/20)

        Chapter Eight

        Holding hands with Jo felt so different as they wandered through the aquarium. Cammi was used to holding hands with her mommy, she held her hand any time they walked together... which, she had to admit, wasn't all that often. More often Cammi was pushed in a stroller or carried, Jo was so much faster. And when they did hold hands, Cammi usually had to reach above her head to maintain the grip - she was used to standing only to a little below Jo's waist - Jo was average height for an Amazon woman, but Cammi was a little short for an adult Little... not exceptionally so, but she had been teased a bit in school.

        Now, they held hands like the other couples that Cammi saw wandering the aquarium, hands hanging down, clasped together, swinging gently as they walked. As they wandered through the maze of beautiful fish tanks, looking at tropical fish an a dizzying array of colors and shapes - fish that had funny tendrils and antennae, fish that were so bright yellow they looked like they were colored with a highlighter, fish that were as black as night except for a funny colored spot - Cammi couldn't help but watch the couples. There were some families too, and Cammi felt strangely jealous of the small children... standing to their parents' thighs, running to and fro, pressing themselves against the glass... when she had done the same thing after they had arrived, a security man had told them that she couldn't run and she couldn't touch or he'd have to ask them to leave. Jo hadn't let go of her hand since.

        She did get to pet a stingray which was amazing, and touch a starfish, which were both things on her "tropical vacation to do" list... but it was hard to be a couple with Jo, rather than having the freedom to run and laugh and be silly. As they walked down a darkened hallway, Cammi spotted another couple, a man and woman a little younger than Jo and Cammi - they were standing in the darkened area, her body pressed against the wall, him kissing her tenderly. She blushed, wondering what that felt like now... her breasts felt bigger, her hips felt bigger, her face felt different... and her legs definitely felt longer. She hadn't really thought about a romantic relationship with anyone in years... six years, in fact.. not since Frederick had dumped her. They had kissed like that, what felt like a lifetime ago.. she remembered liking it, she remembered expecting an Independent life with an Independent man. But Jo had changed all that. Jo had shown her the love of an Amazon, a kind of deep caring and self-sacrifice that another Little couldn't provide.. but here they were both Amazons.

        Cammi suddenly felt hyper aware of her diaper crinkling slightly as she walked hand-in-hand with Jo. None of the other people her size wore diapers here - they were embarrassed by it. She could tell she was a little wet, but the new pink diapers felt much more like what she was used to at home - it would last for a long while yet. As they walked down the hallway, Cammi's pace slowed as she lingered a bit to watch the kissing couple.. would Jo like to be kissed like that? Jo had asked at one point, years ago, if Cammi wanted a daddy... but the idea had been so alien to her. She was attracted to men, she couldn't imagine one in the caregiving role that Jo filled.. so she had said no. She had always wondered if Jo felt unfulfilled by their relationship, if Jo had needs that couldn't be met... but her mommy hadn't brought it up again. Cammi had always feared that it was Jo that wanted a man in her life... and that Cammi was depriving her of something she needed.

        The thought left her mind as Jo pulled her around the corner, however, into an alcove where a floor-to-ceiling tank of glowing jellyfish awaited. The jellyfish were engaged in a beautiful dance, up and down, side to side, their small forms glowing with a faint blue in the dark of the hallway. Cammi wrapped her arms around Jo and rested her head on the woman's shoulder, letting out a long, low sigh of contentment.

        "They're so pretty," she whispered, it seemed wrong to spoil the atmosphere with a loud sound. They watched the jellyfish dance for many long minutes, cuddling in the dark and for the first time, they both really felt that it was a good vacation.

        * * *

        The aquarium had been wonderful - Cammi's legs felt much stronger after the walk all the way through the large building. She had to stop periodically to rest, but as the day went on the rests were shorter and less frequent. She was feeling really energized as they stepped out of the air conditioned building and back into the tropical humid heat.

        "Mommy," Cammi said playfully, bouncing up and down with both of her hands wrapped around one of Jo's. "Let's race." They raced from time to time back home, but Cammi always lost, Jo's stride was easily four of her small steps, she never stood a chance. But she felt energetic after her stroll through the aquarium and she wanted to run. Jo looked less certain. "Come on," Cammi whined, "Please? Exercise is good for you!" Jo grimaced at her own words being used against her. She had to force Cammi to exercise once a week since the girl didn't walk as much any more, and every week it was the same fuss - and that was the line she used.

        "Fine," Jo agreed, "We'll race to where the sidewalk meets, see it?" Cammi nodded, spotting the place Jo indicated. "Ready? Go!"

        The two women took off running, Jo at her usual Little-trouncing jog... but Cammi was running flat out, as hard as she could. And it felt AMAZING. She was at the agreed upon "finish line" long before Jo and was bouncing around... she had to stop to hold her breasts, however... too much bouncing had caused them to ache - a thing she was not used to, and the bra that Jo had bought her was not built for running, a thing she never had to worry about.

        "Ow," she complained, "Boobies hurt when you run."

        "I know," Jo laughed, "How are you liking those?"

        The question got an odd look from a passer-by, but the two women were getting used to ignoring those. She patted Cammi's diapered bottom for a moment before taking the girl's hand again and walking at a much more leisurely pace.

        "It's weird... like, my body feels different. Well, it's like it's not even MY body. I feel stronger and faster, I want to run and jump... and I hadn't given much thought to the breasts, are they cute?"

        "Everything about you is cute," Jo smiled. "Come on, cutie - let's go get some lunch and then I think you need a nap."

        "I don't want to nap," Cammi objected, "I feel like I have more energy than I ever have in my whole life!"

        "That's terrifying," Jo joked, "you're always a bundle of energy... but you always take an afternoon nap and you know it."

        "I don't want one," Cammi crossed her arms and sat down in the grass next to the sidewalk... and that's when Jo realized she was in trouble. Normally, she'd be able to scoop her Little up and carry her to a playpen or to her crib, put her down for a nap and she'd be out in ten minutes... she couldn't pick Cammi up in this state.

        "Cammi," Jo said sternly, "you need to get up and come have lunch, and then we're going to take a nap. Do you understand?"

        "No!" Cammi fussed, drawing attention from the locals, "I don't want to." Jo's cheeks burned as a small cluster of onlookers had gathered.

        "Camille Eloise Fabron," she had to resort to the full-on mommy voice now, which caused Cammi to sit bolt upright. "You are about to be in big trouble. Is that what you want on your vacation? Or do you want your silly conch food?"

        "No, I don't want to be in big trouble," Cammi said sullenly, standing. "May we please go get the conch fritters?"

        "Yes, but afterward, you're going to... "

        "Take a nap," Cammi's voice was sadness. Jo took her hand and smiled.

        "Good girl," she paused to shoot the onlookers a glare before wandering off to the shop the waitress the day before had indicated would have what Cammi sought. That was close, Jo thought to herself, how do you mommy someone your size?

        * * *

        The conch fritters had turned out to be little dough balls with the seafood mixed in - the first batch was too spicy for Cammi, so Jo took that one (it was wonderful) and ordered a second batch for the Little, specifying that she needed it mild. They sat together on a bench near the stand that sold the silly food and ate, watching the seagulls circle, watching bicycles and cars go by, and generally just enjoying each others' company.

        After their fritters were done, they prepared to head back to the hotel. Cammi pondered trying to get out of it again... but Jo's face was very stern as soon as the thought crossed her mind. Jo took the Little by the hand and marched for the hotel.

        "I'm not tired!" she whined. "Let's go play!"

        "We'll play more after your nap."

        "Mommyyyyy," Cammi whined, "Please!?"

        A young man watched the short-haired woman practically drag the long-haired woman away... and then a breeze blew up her skirt as she was off-balance being pulled by the short-haired woman. He blushed furiously, he didn't mean to see anything, he didn't mean to look... it had just happened. But he knew what he saw. The Mommy was dragging the LG away, and she was diapered... a thick, pink diaper. It was the stuff of dreams and fantasies, right there on the street of his hometown. Evan couldn't believe his luck. He was twenty-two years old, going on three and he had never met another AB/DL in his life. And there were two beautiful women right there... living the life he wanted. He dreamed of a firm mommy taking him by the hand and marching him off for a nap. He dreamed of a beautiful woman like that laying him down and... he blushed more, unable to even finish the thought. He knew it was wrong, he knew he was being creepy, but he just couldn't help himself.. and he followed them back to the hotel. He wasn't such a creep that he'd go in after them, he felt awful at having followed them as long as he did... but he didn't know when he'd get another chance.
        He watched longingly as they walked through the hotel entrance... and then he noticed that the girl's anklet had popped off. It looked shiny and expensive. He rushed over and picked it up, but they were gone... he had kept a respectful - well, respectful other than the fact that he was literally being a creeper and following them through town - distance. He hadn't planned on bothering them, but he felt like he had to return this now. He stepped into the lobby, but they were gone.

        I guess I should turn this in to the front desk
        , he thought sullenly... his chance, his one chance to talk to them and not be a complete scumbag, had just slipped through his fingers. It would totally be okay if he caught up to them with a dropped item... he examined it closely, "Camille / Little / Adopted" was all it read ... he turned it over in his hands and then.. he wasn't sure why, but he slipped it on his wrist. It was just a black bangle with a wide gap on one side... it was how it had popped off her ankle. But now that it was on his own wrist, the gap was gone... and he couldn't get it off. He panicked, looking around... the man at the front desk was looking at him strangely. He waved a nervous wave... and ran.

        * * *

        "No," Cammi heard herself saying, even though Jo was giving her the stern face. It had finally occurred to her that the other woman really couldn't make her do anything she didn't want to here. "I don't want to take a nap, I'm not tired."

        Jo groaned inwardly, she wasn't ready for this kind of defiance... and she wasn't equipped for it either.

        "Please Cammi?" she asked softly, "Let's just lay down and have a nice relaxing rest... you don't even have to sleep, just lay down."

        "No," Cammi said again, "I don't want to. Let's do something else, something we both want to do."

        "Camille, you're not being reasonable. You need an afternoon nap - you've taken an afternoon nap every day - every afternoon - for years."

        "And that was when I was Little," she replied stubbornly, crossing her arms. "I'm big here. I'm... I'm on a vacation from being Little."

        "Cammi," Jo sounded weary, which caused a tiny pang of guilt in the Little's brain, "You're still a Little - you're standing there arguing with me in a wet diaper. I rocked you to sleep last night, crying because we didn't have a bottle for you. You may have a bigger body, but you are still very much a Little, and you need a nap."

        "No!" Cammi stamped her foot. "I'll... I'll just go out by myself."

        "Please don't, Cammi," Jo's voice was tinted with sadness, "Please, just... just lay down with me and snuggle. I need my Little." Cammi crumbled, the last thing she wanted to do was to make her mommy sad on their vacation. She still felt far too energized to take a nap... but it was Jo's vacation too. With a sigh, the Little laid down and curled into her same-sized Amazon. "Thank you, sweetie."

        "You're welcome - it's your vacation too, I want you to be happy. I'm sorry I made you sad."

        "It's okay sweetie, we'll talk about it more after our rest, okay? Let's just relax."

        The two of them laid down, Cammi curled into Jo's side, feeling restless... but she laid there like a good girl. Eventually Jo's pettings stopped, and her breathing slowed. Cammi waited a few minutes, then sat up slowly. Jo was out, but Cammi - as she had said plenty of times - wasn't tired. She looked around the room... she could watch TV, but that might wake Jo.. she sat, wondering what she could do. She had a couple of ideas - one involved staying in the room... but one didn't. She eyed the table next to the door, Jo had left some currency there... she could go out for ice cream and be back before Jo woke.
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          Re: The Biggest Little Vacation [Diaper Dimension] - Chapter 7 (Updated 2/20)

          Originally posted by LilPeaches View Post
          The kiss!!! Its like their relationship is changing into one with passionate intimacy. So cute to watch Jo feel confused. Can't wait for where this all goes.

          Thank you for posting
          We'll see what happens! I love dealing with these kinds of feelings in stories. Thank you for reading!

          Now for the bad news: chapter 9 isn't done yet. When I'm "on" I can easily write a chapter a day, but I haven't been lately, so we've caught up with what I had written. I'm going to build up a few more chapters again before I start posting, I'm not sure when it will be but I will not abandon this story.
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            Re: The Biggest Little Vacation [Diaper Dimension] - Chapter 8 (Updated 2/22)

            Kimmy, I swear to god if they end up stuck there!


              Re: The Biggest Little Vacation [Diaper Dimension] - Chapter 8 (Updated 2/22)

              Originally posted by superfunnel View Post
              Kimmy, I swear to god if they end up stuck there!
              Now do you really think I'm the kind of cruel author who would do something like that?
              Please, if you like my writing - leave a comment, they really do mean the world to me.

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                Re: The Biggest Little Vacation [Diaper Dimension] - Chapter 8 (Updated 2/22)

                Chapter Nine

                Cammi stared at the door for a long time, but decided against it. Jo had been so sad when she had said she was going out alone. Her Amazon just didn't seem to understand that her new body came with an incredible amount of new energy. And she hadn't really taken the time to explore it. She stripped off her dress, dropping it on the floor, then her bra as well - leaving a line of clothes to the bathroom, where she stood in front of the mirror in only her thick, pink, wet diaper. The image was strange to her... Littles, at least native Littles, didn't have curves like these - the Portal Littles in the movies often did but who knew whether that was surgery or not. Sure, she had breasts, but not like these. And her waist looked smaller, her collarbones more defined. She looked like... well, like Jo. Her high blonde pigtails fell just past her shoulders, until out of curiosity she reached up and untied them, letting her hair cascade down until the tips tickled her nipples.

                She had once caught Frederick with a magazine... a magazine full of naked Amazons. She hadn't understood the allure, they would never be interested in him as a sexual partner, he was a Little. He had gotten defensive and yelled at her, saying it was only a fantasy, that he didn't actually want to be intimate with an Amazon, that he knew he was a Little and that he loved Littles... and her. Looking at herself now in the mirror, she understood it a little more. Her breasts were fuller, she cupped them with her larger hands, her long, lithe fingers - they were more than a handful for sure, whereas she was used to only having a handful. She had considered herself attractive before, she never had any trouble getting a boy's eye growing up, but now... now she was beautiful. The diaper looked quite out of place on her Amazon body. She turned in the mirror, looking at how it poofed out around her butt, smooth and round. She ran a hand along the pink plastic, just enjoying the feeling. She loved her diapers, and these - while not as thick as her personal favorites back home - were soft and comfy when they were dry and warm and squishy when they were wet.

                And then a thought struck her. She slipped over to Jo's sleeping form and started unbuttoning her jeans. Gently, slowly, carefully... she didn't want to wake Jo up. She slipped Joanna's jeans off delicately, and then her panties. Jo stirred and grumbled as those slipped off, but Cammi was lucky... she didn't wake up. Cammi held up her Amazon's trim blue panties... so thin, so flimsy - it was hard to imagine that she'd ever worn anything like these, it seemed like a different life altogether. She slipped quietly off the bed and reached into the bag of diapers, pulling out one of the delightfully soft pink rectangles. She unfolded it carefully... and started to slide it under Jo's bottom.

                And Jo sat up.

                "What," she said fiercely, anger flashing in her eyes as she saw the open diaper in Cammi's hands, "Do you think you are doing?"

                "I uh.. um," Cammi stammered, stepping backwards but Jo caught her by the wrist and before Cammi knew it, she was over Jo's knee. Three hard swats stung against the backs of her left thigh - Jo was serious, these weren't swats on the diaper. "I'm sorry! I just thought you might like how it feels!"

                "Amazons," she growled, "Do NOT wear diapers, do you understand me?" Three swats landed on her right thigh in rapid succession - Jo managed to hit the exact same spot three times in a row, and tears came to Cammi's eyes.

                "Yes mommy! I'm sorry mommy!"

                "You are never this naughty at home, Cammi - what has gotten into you?" she lifted the girl and set her gently on the bed while she picked up her panties from the floor. "I've never missed your crib more in my life. What did you think you were doing?"

                "I'm sorry, I'm sorry," Cammi sobbed, the feeling that she had let Jo down hurt far worse than the stinging of her backside, "I just wondered... I wondered what you would look like in one, I wondered if you would like how it feels."

                "Amazons," Jo repeated sternly, as she pulled her underwear and pants back on, "do not wear diapers. Littles do."

                "You sound like the Littles in this dimension," she said quietly, a little afraid to speak up but unable to keep the thought to herself. Jo's expression softened, and she sat back down on the bed next to Cammi and pulled the girl into her lap.

                "I suppose I do," she admitted, smiling, the loving softness of her voice returning. "It's just not a thing that's done, sweetling. Diapers are for Littles - no matter what their size is. Do you think I'm secretly a Little?"

                "No," Cammi giggled, "You're my big strong mommy."

                "That's right," Jo squeezed the naked girl, "Littles need someone to take care of them."

                "Well that's not true," Cammi objected, "There are lots of Independent Littles and they get by just fine."

                "You're right, sweetie - I don't mean to denigrate the Independent Littles. You gave me a wonderful gift by letting yourself need me. The truth is, I needed you."

                "I needed you too," Cammi agreed, "You were there for me in a way no one ever was before, Jo. You held me when I cried, you laughed with me... I love you so much."

                "I love you too, you silly Little. Now who are diapers for?"

                "Me!" Cammi giggled, leaning her weight onto Jo, causing the woman to lay back on the bed. Jo's hand slid down Cammi's bare back, her fingertips trailing that soft skin. She traced down the small of Cammi's back, rolling the girl on her side and patting her diapered bottom before continuing down her long legs.. she had to admit that there was an appeal to Cammi's new body... and down to her bare ankle.

                "Cammi," Jo said, her voice thick with concern, "Where's your anklet? The one the travel department gave you? Did you take it off?"

                "Um," Cammi frowned, sitting up, "No mommy... I remember I still had it after we ran, it felt a little slippery from the sweat. I guess... I guess it fell off?"

                "Shit," Jo cursed, startling Cammi with her intensity, "That's Amazon tech. Come on, we need to get you dressed. We need to find it before someone else does. Hopefully it's still on the ground somewhere between here and the aquarium."

                * * *

                The two of them strode through the lobby, Cammi trailing behind with Jo leading her by the wrist.

                "Ma'am," William signaled in an attempt to get their attention as they blew through the lobby and past the front desk, but he failed. They were out the door in a moment - their search had begun. They walked all the way back to the aquarium together, and then began the tedious task of retracing their steps. Cammi was cranky and tired by the time they had slowly searched every place they had been that day... and Jo's nerves were starting to fray at her whining.

                "Cammi," Jo found herself saying in a warning tone after the girl complained about her tired legs for the thirtieth time, "Your whining is not helping us."

                "Hey, I've been helping," Cammi was instantly defensive, "I'm looking just as hard as you... I'm just not used to walking around as much as you are."

                "You were fine when you wanted to race," Jo pointed out callously. Cammi stopped walking altogether, looking wounded. "Baby, I'm sorry," Jo said softly, seeing the tears start in Cammi's eyes, "I'm sorry, Mommy's legs are tired too. Let's go relax in the room and I'll see if the little computer they gave me has some advice on what to do, okay? I'm sorry I got cross with you baby. Okay?"
                Cammi could only nod, she was choking back tears as Jo took her by the hand and led her gently toward the hotel.

                "I also wish I could carry you," Jo said softly, "I wish I could scoop you up and cradle you in my arms and snuggle you and rock you and make all your big sad feelings better."
                Cammi did not look mollified as Jo took her wrist gently and led her back to the hotel. William spotted them immediately and called again, rushing over.

                "Ms. Fabron," he ran over to the couple with a small box, "Here are the items you requested." He held out the box, worried for the pair - Ms. Fabron looked quite upset and possibly angry, where her partner Camille looked positively distraught. "Also, a young man came in here earlier holding something that looked quite similar to the bracelet you were wearing on your ankle... "

                "When?" Jo demanded, a little too strongly.

                "A few hours ago.. "

                "Thank you William. Can you tell me what he looked like? Do you know him?" Jo frowned. Great, she thought, I really hope that little computer has some answers, because I have no idea how to track someone down in this place.

                "I didn't know him," William said apologetically, "He was a smaller man, perhaps early twenties, brown hair in a somewhat haphazard shaggy cut, clean shaven, lean build. I'm afraid I don't have any more information than that."

                "You've been wonderful, William. I really appreciate your help."

                "It's my pleasure, ma'am," William looked to the girl and reached into his pocket, producing a candy sucker, "For you, young miss?" This felt really odd to him because the girl Cammi was pretty close to his own, he was sure. The front desk kept a jar of these small lollipops for children and he thought that maybe...

                The sadness in Cammi's eyes vanished as she lit up with a positively childlike joy, taking the sucker and bouncing up and down a bit. William blushed a bit, both at the girl's unabashed joy over something so simple, and the bouncing of her bosom.

                "Thank you, Mr. William!" Cammi beamed... and before Jo could even open her mouth, the wrapper was off and the candy between her lips. Jo looked a little cross, it was considered rude to offer candy to someone's Little directly instead of to the Amazon parent, but there was no way William could know that. She'd mention it if it happened again, there was no sense in making him feel embarrassed or making Cammi feel sad about it. She tucked the small box under one arm and led Cammi, much happier now, to the elevator.. and William could see the faintest hint of a pink diaper sagging beneath the hem of her skirt. Did she... surely she didn't...

                * * *

                Jo had opened the box they got from William and gave the large pacifier to her precious Little, turning the television on to some cartoon animals, one that was chasing the other with various implements of destruction, and fishing out the minicomp from the bags. After finishing the research, and a diaper change for Cammi, they set out for dinner... and recon. Jo had learned from the mini-computer that her own traveller card and the minicomp could be used to track down the bracelet in the event that the Little wearing it got separated. It didn't seem to have any insight as to why the bracelet had come off, but at least they should be able to retrieve it. As long as the young man who picked it up was not also a tourist... the thought made Jo feel nervous. The bracelet itself didn't do much, but she wasn't a technology specialist - who knows what a primitive society of Littles like this one could learn from that simple device, just in the way it was designed and manufactured. She would be in quite a bit of trouble if she didn't return with it, the travel contract was quite clear on that.

                Their makeshift radar indicated that the bracelet was still nearby, and they followed the signal together on foot.

                "We're like spies," Cammi giggled, "Secret Agent Mommy and Secret Agent Cammi, going to find the bad guys and save the day."

                Jo was incredibly thankful when the minicomp signaled that the bracelet was actually in a nearby restaurant called Wild Philly Wings, which Jo learned that the place served nothing but chicken nuggets in a wide variety of sauces. She shook her head once again at the overwhelming Littleness of the entire dimension. They placed their order, honey barbecue flavored for Cammi and something called 'spicy Philly' for Jo, who had to admit that the spicy cuisine of the dimension was pretty good, even though it tended to be a little sweet as well. Jo kept one eye on the minicomp the entire time... the bracelet was stationary, after their waiter had wandered off and Cammi had started coloring on the menu with the provided crayons, she scanned the room for someone that matched the description William had given.

                And it didn't take her long. Sure enough, there was a young man sitting three tables over, eating a basket of the chicken nuggets with a fork, sauce smeared a bit around his mouth... and Cammi's bracelet on his left wrist. Jo frowned, it turned out that finding the bracelet might be much easier than retrieving it - how was she supposed to confront this young man without tipping her hand?
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                  Re: The Biggest Little Vacation [Diaper Dimension] - Chapter 8 (Updated 2/22)

                  Originally posted by bbykimmy View Post
                  Now do you really think I'm the kind of cruel author who would do something like that?
                  yes .


                    Re: The Biggest Little Vacation [Diaper Dimension] - Chapter 9 (Updated 2/23)

                    I like how there are still so many little conflicts that the two find themselves in. Even though its a dimension where there is more freedom. I also enjoy seeing the two's relationship and physical appearance from outside spectators.

                    Thank you for posting