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All I Want for Christmas

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  • daddycool
    Re: All I Want for Christmas

    Originally posted by Kita Sparkles link=topic=5412.msg53960#msg53960 date=1360081416
    This also appears to have cut off at the end, like the other one.
    Sorry, I must have gone over the word count. I will post in individual chapters now.

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  • daddycool
    started a topic All I Want for Christmas

    All I Want for Christmas

    Hello all,

    I'd like to submit my story in full for anybody to enjoy. I know that it is not perfect and hopefully one day I will get the chance to sit down and improve it as well as rewriting the ending. All I Want for Christmas is a love story, it is a daddy and baby girl and contains sexual scenes, wet and messy nappies, regression and accidents.

    This is a story of 52,000 words so settle yourself down and I hope that you enjoy reading.


    *EDIT* Posting in individual chapters