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Exchanged - Diaper Dimension - Epilogue - Added 2-17-2019

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    Hola, no estoy familiarizado con los ABDL, sin embargo, tu historia me ha gustado demasiado, es de esas historias que cuando la lees te vas imaginando todo lo que sucede, de igual forma el final que le diste estuvo bastante gracioso y en ciertas partes de la historia le das un giro inesperado los cuales me gustaron, perdón si no escribo en ingles pero es que mi ingles no es tan bueno al escribir, desde méxico tienes un fan y espero mas historias de tu parte, incluso a pesar de dejar el final como esta hubo una sugerencia que no me parecio descabellada que era hacer que amanda, fred y bella visitaran a Stacy, ya que esta historia fue muy diferente a otras de "diaper dimensional" creo estaría genial hacer ese episodio como forma de especial, sin mas espero mas de tí que tu historia y tu forma de escribir me gustaron mucho


      i have just read this story for the first time and love every chapter of it. thank you so much for the enjoyment your story has given me


        Originally posted by nomdemprunt View Post
        Stacy came out of the Amazon dimension virtually unchanged on a character development front than she went in. Where dreams of wealth and riches are all well and good as an adolescent, after being exposed to reality in such a harsh way I would have expected those goals to shift in some way
        I think a sex change is quite a difference

        I do understand your point, but the character was only ever really tolerant of the infantilisation and I can easily understand the refusal to accept that future, or indeed to allow others to dictate a future. In that regard Stacy retained the level of independence and self determination that allowed her to survive the earlier part of her exchange visit.

        That said I did feel she was unduly capable and thwarted people better educated than her, with access to and familiarity with superior technology. It's still a great story though.


          oh my god, this story has got to be one of the best and highest quality diaper stories I ever read. I just couldn't stop reading. it's two thirty in the morning and just... wow. This just shows that a diaper story can avoid all the bad cliché's and still be good!


            I signed up for this site specifically because I wanted to make a comment on this story.

            I'm a crier so its not terribly surprising that at points this story made me cry, but it has the very rare honor of being one of very few stories (4 that I can think of) that made me cry because it was over.Some other comments talked about the story moving too slowly, but I would have been happy if this was an ongoing serial just exploring the characters and world for as long as BabySophia could be convinced to keep writing it. The intensity and range of emotions they managed to evoke from me was very impressive and while its fair to say the story could probably use polish in places it may have earned a place in my top 10 favorites, not just of AB fiction but of written works.I just really want to say thank you.