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    Re: Something Old

    Good luck with the restaurant and thanks for the stories Nemo.
    The future may look bright but don't blind yourself by staring at it~me


      Re: Something Old

      Magical Trevor, as to your request; I would like to see it finished but I'd also like to see more like it and by that I mean stories that focus on life in a community where diapers at a later age are considered normal.

      I know of a story like that, Not only are Kids allowed to continue, But Adults too!.
      It was called "Diapertown USA", but was never posted to this group.

      A synopsis of the story;
      The older of 2 brothers is a Closet TB. His parent Must know, because they tell him they are moving and that they are going to "Diapertown USA" !
      It turns out they are also AB's!!
      The younger brother does not like the idea of moving, but gets more unhappy when he sees the Welcome Sign.

      I have a few of the chapters, but not all. And, The PC they are on is Died at the moment. (I CAN get them though as they are on a Secondary H-D and not the Primary).
      I know I am missing chapters 2-4, I have 1, 5 & 6. I do not think there were anymore after 6, but would Love to find them if there are.
      I originally saved it as HTML pages not txt, doc, or rtf files!
      "All the money in the world, all the things that we buy,
      profits that we have to make, the price is much too high.
      Children working in factories and mines.
      All the dangers that they face, paying with their lives."
      Children first, children now!
      It’s too late for when and how.
      People we must understand, child labour it has to end.
      Raise our voices, let’s all shout:------


        CAN THE writer PWWWWEEEEEZZZZ update/finish the story.



          I think that says it all.

          Remember what Zmokey the Zombie tells us: Only you can prevent thread necromancy.
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