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    Megan's Great Day by Nyuu

    Megans Great Day by Nyuu

    thump *thump* thump
    Her heart pounded within her chest like hammer on a fence post. Her mind raced at a hundred miles an hour, pondering why, how, and would she get a way with it. It was water under the bridge, whats done is done. She had to coach herself, talking to herself outloud.
    "Its allright, no ones gonna know." Her car came slowely to a stop, she checked all mirrors. The heighborhood was empty, no one was looking. She opened the door grapped her backpack and trotted to the door. Fumbling with her keys, she dropped them on the cement of her front step twice, she could barely hold still. But, she found the key and made it inside…*SLAM!*

    huff….*Wheeze*…"I made…it…..I made it!" And made it she had! Safe within her own home. Now no one could see her, no one could find her. The privacy of her own walls was so inviting, so relieving. She leaned back against the front door, now her shield against the outside and slid down it, her butt hit the ground with a thud. Still breathing hard she now cradled her backpack, which contained the reason she was so distressed. She unzipped it slowley, her hands shaking now, not due to fright now, just mere anticipation. She opened it up, and grabbed the bag within, pulling carefully, she produced her prize, a large bag of dispozable diapers.

    Megan had always had a bizarre interest in childlike things. She always acted a little young for her age, but upon reaching adolecence, she became more mature, yet never giving up an "innerchild" a sort of quasi nature, that she gave into from time to time. She always prefered the innocence and cute-natured look of youth, wearing overalls, shortalls, or otherwise clothing that most would have given up in thier years between Junior High and High School. That, in conjunction with her pink and pastel blue tee shirts instead of designer jeans and shirts that were so "sexy." She preffered bikini panties to thongs, puffy socks to sleek, and ribbons in her hair to highlights. Even her Hello Kitty Backpack was a clash to her peers' purses and over-the-shoulder packs. But she was not to be misunderstood. She was an adult, chasing hot guys just like the next eighteen year old senior. She was gorgeous, quite a looker, with a rotund behind and adorable face to boot.

    It wasn't until her adventures in babysitting in late junior high that she became aware of the real urnings of her inner-child though. She babysat Curtis, a few years ago, a little boy who was now entering kindergarden who lived on the otherside of the block. At the time he was just a baby, and she watched him once a week for thirty bucks a pop! Not bad for a wage at all considering the alternatives. But she soon found the crinkling of his diapers just too adorable to not investigate with a more first-person apprach. Unfortunately she never really had an opportunity to try any on. But at the time, she didn't even know that thats what she really wanted. She was confused, much like she was now. With her step into highschool came new feelings and new opportunities for sexual promiscuity. But that feeling inside her didn't go away, it was buried, and it festered. Ever so slightly shaping the way Megan talked, walked, clothed, and carried herself. Her inner child only now was being truely satisfied.

    She glanced at the clock…3:40pm that was pretty good. She was an only child, and her Mom wouldn't be home until at least 6:30 and her sometime father after that. That opportunity of time gave rise to some devious thoughts in Megan's head. She slowely stood up from where she sat, patting and fixing her faded denim skirt as she did. She carried her new found "garments" to her room. There she stared at them and pondered to herself just what the hell she was doing, but that question begged not to be answered only to be satisfied by giving in. She giggled with her adorable smirk as she now knew what she was going to do within the next five minutes.

    She removed her Pink t-shirt with a cute cartoon dog on it, and then, with little practiced effort, her lavender bra, laying her breasts bare. She decided to leave the pink ribbon ties in her brown/red hair, they were always very cute in flavor. And she unzipped and slipped her denim skirt to the floor. She stood there infront of her mirror dressed only in pink panties and matching socks. She even mused at the frills at the waist of her underwear like they were made for a six year old, now all she was missing was a lambchop logo.

    "Ha." This thought made her laugh outloud. She then reached down and pulled down her underwear as well, and she turned to admire her cute behind that filled her self-of-steem, and made most guys in her gym class drool. That thought too deserved a childish giggle. But then her attention now was drawn back to the diapers, sitting there on the edge of her bed, completely still, but brimming with possibilities. Megan retrieved some baby poweder her dad kept in the bathroom for foot oder and then undid the thick plastic encasing her new underwear. Her heart raced again as she pulled the first one out. The outer lining was so smooth and pleasurable. She pulled it apart and felt the soft inside that was even more inviting. She lay naked on her queen sized bed, decked in her light pink and blue sheets and slid the first diaper, her first diaper in sixteen years, under her butt. And as her body came to rest on it, she giggled again, this time for a few seconds as her smirk became an all out adorable smile. She twisted the top of the baby powder and applied it liberally to her senstive regions, making sure to rub it in well. The sweet scent wafted up to her nose and she was filled with ecstatic joy. She, now fully powdered, pulled the diaper up. She spread her legs wide so she could tape it well on the lower sides. She pulled it tight and did the first two tabs at her thighs tightly and with care. Now she worked her waist up to her waist which had little white finger prints around her belly button from the powder on her hands. As she did the last tab with as much care and firmness as she had applied the last five, she sat up, the movement causing the diaper to emenate the lovely stereotypical crinkle from behind her. She looked down over her diapered crotch, the smell of powder still so heavy in the room. She sat up on her knees so that she could see herself in the mirror.

    The image that she saw made her jaw drop. No longer was she an eighteen year old, but a two year old caught in some wierd dream. Her adorable diaper hung snug on her hips, and her powder covered hands hung at her side. She reached around to fondle the strange bulk on her behind. She prodded her ass, as all the new padding was simply irresistable. Her butt was now even cuter han before! She made her way off the bed and mused again for a couple of minutes with her reflection again. She decided it would probably be best to go with a shirt after all, picking up her discared pink T-shirt she left moments before. Replacing her shirt gave he the look of an honest overgrown toddler, and she really didnt feel much different from that anyway. She waddled in her crinkling diaper to her closet where she had many things from her childhood, not the least of which was a big stuffed bear roughly the size of a three year old. Nearly two feet tall, it at in the corner, now was the perfect time to become reaquainted with it.

    She held it in her arms, enjoying its soft embrace. Behind her it was dragged from her bed room to the kitched where she made herself a snack. Pop-tarts and milk was the best he could do. Then it was off the the living room, crinkling all the way, all she could do was smile as her pampers plopped down on the couch. All that was on TV was cartoons, fitting she thought, though they really didnt carry her interest that much. She was really just interested in lying down. She covered up with a blanket draped over the couch and pulled her stuffed bear into her arms. Last but not least, she slowley, hesitantly put her thumb in her mouth, and began to suck, slowely at first, as she drifted into sleep.

    She awoke with slowly, the light of the TV gleaming in her eyes. Megan came to and looked at the clock; 5:30 she had fallen asleep on the couch. She then became aware that her thumb was in her mouth. Hmmm. The stuffed animal in her arms was as well made her remember.

    "Oh shit." She remembered that she was wearing nothing more than a shirt and her diapers.
    "That could have been really bad." Megan cursed herself for falling asleep in the living room wearing nothing but her childish atire.
    "What if Mom had come home and saw you." But a sigh of relief was nigh, her mother wasn't home, and wasnt due to be for another hour or so. Megan got up began to walk upstairs, still enthralled with the lovely crinkling that escaped her diapers. She made her way to her room and again stopped in front of the mirror to admire her reflection. There was something about her appearing so childish and cute that nurtured her insides. She couldnt help but slip her thumb in her mouth and muse at herself.

    It was wonderful to escape the stresses of a budding adulthood with the simple pleasures of a child. She threw herself on her bed. Looking at the cieling she wondered who in her life would think differently of her if the could see her now. She immediately answered that with a resounding "everyobdy." Even she thought differently of herself, now that she had so spontaneously acted on an immature impulse; not that it wasnt worth it. Her best freind, Jessica, would no doubt, while finding her adorable, think differently as well, which would turn into a horrible teasing fest, the embarrasment of which would be more than Megan could bare. The mere thought made her cringe. Her mother would likewise hold her in a different light for quite some time. But while Jessica and her mother would still love her, it was the other people would would know once word got around that would always pose the most threat. She imagined all the boys at school laughing…she would never get a date again. She imagined being dropped from her group of peers so fast she wouldn't know what happened. All these thoughts made her very nervous, and she almost called it quits but upon realizing the true innocence of the act, especially if no one found out, she was not ready to give up. But now she had acted on it, it was done, and she quickly realized there was nothing for her to do, she was quickly growing bored.

    She sat up with ample time left before her parents came home, and nothing to do. Frustrated she thought it best to at least get some homework done. She sat down on her bedroom floor with her books and began to work. Immediately she was reminded of why she hated calculus so much, and chemistry wasnt exactly that much fun either. She quickly grew bored lying in front of her text books, and simply started shifting herself around to hear the crinkling of her diaper. The feeling was all it took to make her happy again. But slowly a new dillema caught up to her, she needed to pee. This wouldn't have been such a dillema if she hadn't been wearing a portable bathroom around her waist, and she was so desperately looking for a way to act like a child. Immediately she rose from where she sat, habit of going to the rest room, but immediately thought that the diapers were for so much more than crinkling. Megan's head was again filled with ideas and thoughts of what people would say if they knew, but no one would, she was alone, all alone.

    Megan Didn't know what to do. There was part of her that had never planned this part, and thought that perhaps that this next action would decide if she had taken it too far or not. But there was another part of her whos simple argument was "baby has to pee pee bad." She shifted he weight around, trying to get comfortable, only to have the urge to relieve her bladder become more urgent with ever passing minute. It came down to her knowing she couldn't hold it much longer, she was burying her hand in her padded crotch. But ultimately she decided against it. She made her way to the bathroom.

    She flicked on the light, there stood the toilet. She looked at it, and then down at her own diaper. She was determined to act somewhat like an adult and she took another step. She could do this, she was a big girl. She took another step. Now she was faced with herself in the vanity mirror. Her adorable exterior looking back at her. This was more than she could bare. She stuck her thumb in her mouth, and faced the mirror. Spreading her legs a little she told herself that no one would know. Then she relaxed. One thumb in her mouth, the other hand resting on her exposed naval (her shirt was pretty short.) She almost peed when her body subconciously stopped her. She had almost had it but then held back. This made her pain even worse, her sore bladder needed to be let go. She again tried even with a push but still nothing. She closed her eyes, and just filled her head with childish ideas, like sitting in a nursery and peeing her pants. She felt a small trickle escaping her. She opened her eyes to again be greeted by her thumb sucking reflection. She smiled as the trickle became a small streem. She giggled from behind her thumb as her eyes met her crotch and watched as a slight discoleration came over it. The warmth enveloped her nether regions and it was almost ecstatic. As the comfort and relief washed over her she relaxed more, now saturating her diaper. She watched as the material began to bulge out, expanding as it absorbed everything. The warmth now flowed down through her diaper, washing over her thighs and teasing her now very sensual sexual organs. It met her butt and the warmth surrounded her ass with such pleasurable heat. Now a full force steam in her diaper she placed her hand on her diapered crotch, her jaw dropped too as she fell to her knees as if she was having an accident. She sucked greedily on her thumb and saw that she looked exactly like a toddler pissing herself unintentionally. She could feel the warmth of her diaper on her hand. and massaged it gentilly. The flow now slowed to a trickle again as her entire bum, crotch and ever space inbetween was now covered in heat and wetness.

    "uh-oh" She said in a baby voice as she crawled on all hands and fours back to her room. When she got there, she laid on the floor legs spread prodding her saturated diaper. It was so engrosing. She couldn't believe that she just did what she did, But likewise couldn't believe that she had never tried this before . It was wonderful. She began to massage it sensually getting wuite a rise off of it, when in all too familiar noise broke into her ear. The front door opened.

    "Megan, are you here?" The voice of her mother called up the stairs. Megan jumped to her feet. What was she going to do?

    Megan was nervous again, and this time for good reason. Her mother was downstairs calling for her, and she was standing there in her room wearing a sodden diaper and no excuses to use. Her heart was pounding.
    'Think Megan, think.' She thought to herself. 'You've gotten out of stickier messes than this, just concentrate.' Her mother would make it upstairs if she didnt do something fast. First thing was first, she had to stall.

    "Megan?" Her mother called again. Megan poked her head out of her room.
    "Im here mom, just a sec, ill be right down." Ha this bought her some time. Now the next idea was to obviouslay get rid of the diaper. She couldnt take it directly to the trash, her mother stood between her and the door. She would have to hide it somewhere and take it later. It didn't take a rocket scientist, to know that this was going to stink the longer Megan left it out. But Megan, obviously inexperienced in such matters, didn' know how long she had, she could surely spare a few hours. Now all she had to do was fins a spot where she could hide it. She looked around her room. Her mother sometimes snooped around so this hiding place was of the highest priority, it had to be good.
    "The Closet" She whispered to herself. There were tons of great places to hide things in her closet. She once was able to hold on to a sack of marijuana for her freind Greg, while the police and his family searched out some mess he had gotten into. She managed to keep it secret for a month before she gave it back, and that was her closet. She went into her closet and looked around. Numerous shelves and places to put shoes. There was a perfect place inside a shoe cubby, where she could keep it until her parents went to bed.

    She pulled at the tabs of her diaper, and they made a horiffically loud tearing sound. Megan jumped hoping her mother did not hear that, bit shew was in her closet, no one heard it. But just to be careful, she slowly undid the other five tabs, and took her diaper off. The cool air met her groin and sent shivers up her body. The still warm diaper was heavy she noticed as she reluctantly taped it up against itself ans stored it for good keeping. She walked out of her closet and reached down to get her panties and puled them up against herself. They were cute, but not nearly as cute as her diaper. She sighed. Already she missed her babyish undergarment. She looked in the mirror at her now exposed womanly curves, and stuck her lip out like a pouty little girl. It was in her reflection that she saw the package of diapers sitting on her bed.
    "Man, gonna have to hide these too." She likewise found a cuby in her closet that would hide them well.

    "Megan! Do you have any plans for tonight?" Her mother called up the stairs. Megan sought after some purple sweat pants in her dresser.
    "No mom, im going to do my homework!" She yelled back. As she pulled up her pants, she still could smell the sweet perfume of babypowder on herself, not to mention her skin was still urine soaked, and she needed a bath. She walked out of her bedroom and at the top of the stairs yelled.
    "Mom, im going to take a Shower, ill be out for dinner."
    "Wait." Her mother commanded as she met megan at the bottom of the stair. "What is this?" Her mother produced her huge teddy bear. Megan turned white, she left it downstairs, now her mother wanted to know what was going on.
    "Oh thats just my bear, i must have left it out." Megan said with a very self concious giggle.
    "Out? Megan you havent played with this since you were a child."
    "Oh, well, i was watching a movie and the couch was uncomfortable, and i needed something soft to lay on." Megans stupid lies were getting ehr nowhere, not that ner mother really cared or suspected anything.
    "Megan, will you ever grow up?" Her mother asked jokingly and walked off. Buf for megan the question was much more poignient.
    "No mom, hopefully not." She thought to herself.

    Megan's Great Day by Nyuu

    Megan turned on the water in the shower, immediately it filled with hot mist. She stripped down and tiptoed into the warm waterfall. Water smothered her body and she was able to relax again. She lathered up herbody and carressed her skin with a soft washrag. While scrubing her thighs, she remembered that her diapers were sitting in her closet, on which was very wet. She had done an excellent job of hiding them, but, better safe than sorry, she decided to call her shower short so she could make sure her mother didnt find them. She quickly finished up and hopped out of the shower. She quickly dried off, not very well though, so thta she could make it to her hiding spot to mske sure that everything was indeed stilll hidden. As she put her clothes on she was aware of her need to pee again. She looked at her reflection and giggled at the thought of peeing her pants, urine running down her sweats. But this was obviously not a good idea if she wanted to keep a secret from her mother. This was all it took to kill that urge and she took down her pants and undies and sat on the toilet. The trickle against the water let her know that she was doing the right thing. As she peed she amused herself with thoughts like 'I'm a big girl, i go in the potty!'

    With that done, she pulled her clothing back up and got out of the bathroom. By this time her father was home too, which was strange, both her parents had come home early…on today of all days. Megan made her way back to her room. Inside she found her mom.

    "What are you doing in my room?" Her mother was startled from making her bed. "Mom, I can make my own bed." Megan said as if some of her adulthood integrity had been attacked. How ironic.
    "I'm Just helping out sweetheart. Just because your a big girl doesn't make me old." Her mother smiled a warm smile that let Megan know, as it always did, that her mother had the best inbtentions in mind when she dis anything, specially for Megan.
    "But it does smell funny in here." Her mother added. Megan's heart skipped a beat. "Maybe you should open up a window." Megan smiled halfway. She knew that the oder was baby powder, and how her mother failed to recognize it was anyones guess. Or did she simply not say it. Her mother left the room,leaving megan to wonder if her mother knew. She could have seen the diapers. Megan opened her closet to find her cubbies exactly the way she left them. Okay she hadn't seen the diapers, but she smelt her room. This wasnt enough cause for alarm in Megan's mind, and dismissed it.

    The rest of the evening was pretty much normal. They had spaghetti for dinner, which, megan liked to brag, was some of the best spaghetti in hte whole world. After that her parents retreated downstairs to watch some sappy movie that she didnt really care for leaving her to do what ever she wanted. She was supposed to do her homework, but that didnt really float her boat. She instead retreated to her room where she once again was in relative privacy to do what ever she wanted. She thought about rediapering herself, but decided against it, her parents were just a story in the house away and she didn't want to risk anything more tonight. She instead got on her computer and made her way online. At the nearest search engine, she looked for other girls who liked acting like children, even babies. While it took her a little while to know what to search for, she finally found the adult baby online world, where she could connect with an entire slew of people from across the globe who felt much like the way she did. Here she read forums, saw pictures, and became aquainted with new ideas for everything. While online she made a list of relatively easy to get items, that would make her experience as a baby more enjoyable.

    The nigt still young, she decided to go do some shopping. On the way out she said goodbye to her parents and disposed of her sodden diaper, now smelling a little stronger and more stale than before, in the trash. She drove down to the grocerey store singing to the radio the whole way, whcih aside from getting a couple of wierd looks from other cars occasionally was always a great way to spend in the car. Once she was finally in the grocery store she was a little more self-concious. She was here to buy items for herself, but did not want anyone to know that. Being about 9pm, the store was not that busy, ans she thought she could manage. She made he way to the baby isle, and immediately her heart melfted when she was completely surrounded by dispozable diapers and playful toys and bottles. She went to pick out a pacifier, which proved to be a nuisence ,for she needed the biggest they had. The best she could do was one intended for children older than 2, cause they didnt have any for people who were 18. She also needed a bottle. There was a threepack on sale, they were pretty large and multi-colored. She was all very new to this and decided that that was it. As she made her way back down the isle she noticed a sale on baby oil. She nary knew a thing existed, but she could smell it from outsie the sealed bottle, and made sure to pick some up as well. Now was the time to purchase the merchandise, and it was going to be the hardest part. She made her way to the registers, only two open and both empty. A middle aged woamn greeted her and asked her if she found evreything okay.

    "Oh yeah, ya know, not really shopping for much." Megan was desperatly trying to act casual, not to blush or seem to excited. The woman eyed the merchandise and then Megan with a worried look. Megan could feel her eyes on her.
    "Oh don't worry, the kids not mine, its my cousins, shes in from washington." Megan said. This seemed to satisfy the womans silent inqueries.
    "That was pretty good Megan. Nice save!" She thought to herself. Well teh total was a mere seven bucks and she put it in a plastic sack and sent Megan on her way. Once Megan got into the parking lot she smiled to herslef for being so clever. She placed the items in her purse, and made her way home.

    Once there she excused herslef to bed, she honestly was very tired, and told her mom she would see her in hte morning.
    "Megan, I have to work early tommarow by the time you get up for school, I'll be gone." Her mother said nonchallantly. Oh well, megan would see her when she got home tommarow at least. Her father worked early everyday, it was only on the weekends that Megan would be allowed to see her father in the mornings. Well Megan made her way upstairs and then what her mother said finally hit her. She would be home alone tommarow. All by herself. This was enough to fill her head with some great ways to spend the evening. She scurried off to bed, purse in hand, and locked her bedroom door.

    She made her way to the closet where she had so excellently stored away her diaper stash saefley, and retrieved one again. She then plopped down on hte bed, utensiles in hand and removed her sweat pants. While laying down she slid her panties to her feet and witha might kick sent them flying across the room. Undoing the diaper made a horribly loud plastic-like rustle, and she wanted to be careful about who might wonder about the noise across the hall. She slid the diaper under her butt and she carressed its soft interior by rubbing her bum around in it. She took out the new baby oil and poured into her hands, it was so soft and gentile, and its sweet oder so pungent, the room instantly smelled like a daycare center. Rubbing it gently into her skin, she took extra are around her most sensitive regions, the whole time kind of imagining it was a nanny of some sort doing it instead. Then came the powder, which she always liked to apply in bulk. She poured it all over her crotch and rubbed it in, giving her the look of a ghost from her waist to her vagina, then, turning over, repeated the process on her adorable prosterior. She sat up to look at her powder covered behind; she already looked like a baby. But the best part was still to come. Situating herslef on the diaper just perfectly, she spread her legs far and wide so that it could be brought up around her easier. As she pulled it torwards her it encased her sweet-smelling groin. She then taped the tabs to the diaper one by one as she had practiced hours before. It was done.

    She laid there for a couple of minutes not knowing what to do next. Then she moved, and teh diaper rustled. She moved again and the crinkling got louder. She sat up, crawled around on her bed, and made small thrusting motions with her pelvis. Every move she made was accompanied by cute crinkles from her diaper. She crawled to the edge of her bed to her purse, and retrieved the new pacifier. The plastic was hard to open, and when she finally ripped it, the pacifier flew to her pillow at 30 mph. Crawling to it and falling on her pillow, Megan opened her mouth and put the large pacifier in. The taste was a new snesation, as was teh texture, but instantly she was hooked. She laid there sucking happily on her pacifier for a few minutes, when she realized she was getting tired. She got up and set her alarm clock, she had to go to school tommarow. Then she made her way back to her closet, where she once again got her big teddy bear. Back in bed, with only a nightlight on (she had never liked the dark), she fell asleep better than she had in about seventeen years.


    The sun came creeping in her window early in the morning, burning her eyes, telling hre to get up. She stirred. The pacifier still in her mouth, and just enough drool on her chin and pillow to get embarassed, she woke up. She looked at her alarm clock, it wasnat due to go off for another hour. She rolled over, and her diaper noisily followed suit.

    "Oh yeah." She said out loud as she pulled away her covers to look at her pretty diaper. She had almost forgot she had it on. She sucked happily on her pacifier again, not knowing if she wanted to get out of bed. But the urgent morning call of nature was at her doorstep. She needed to pee, and this wasnt going to be a problem, cause she didn't even have to get out of bed. She just laid there and spread her legs. She was so into acting like a baby, that it was relatively easy for her to just relax and let it go. Her diaper was greeted with a warm streem that burst into her crotch. Immediately Megan could feel the warmth between her thighs, as it splashed and teased her genitalia. She lifted her bum and the urine raced down the inside of her diaper like a water fall. It geeted her butt with a forming pool of wetness, that was quickly absorbed by the thirst padding. She sighed in relief as her bladder continued its flow into her diaper. It wasnt just warm it was hot, her butt was really hot. She looked down at her sodden diaper still expanding under the raging river in her pants. She was amazed that she needed to pee this bad, it hadnt felt like it a moment ago. She then turned over and continued to pee more into her crotch. The wetness seeped up almost to her waist band and the diaper became a lot thicker as it desperatly tried to absorb every last drop. Finally, the flow slowed, and became a trickle, and then a drip.

    Megan was in heaven. Her diaper was now so much thicker, and warmer, and heavier. She couldnt move for a moment still, catching her breath. Her hand slowly moved down to the warm diaper. She massaged it gently loving the feeling she got on hte inside of it. Her hand then moved otrward her crotch where she pressed harder. The wetness seeped out of the padding only to be absorbed again when she released. The feeling was too much. She couldn't hlp herself as she pressed harder again between her legs, this time she rubbed up against her senstive skin as she did. The feeling she got in her lower back and chest were fantstic. She rubbed again and again, this time faster. She didn;t let go, rubbing up and down sensualy, deilcately while never letting up on the force. She moaned from behind her pacifier, with ever movement of her fingertips. She planted her feet on the bed, and pushed up to arch her back. Her legs whent up and down lalong with her fingers, pushing her pelvis into the air. She maoned again, this time not in spurts, she couldn't stop. From behind the pacifier it made her sound very childish, which was even more arrousing, cause she was being a naughty girl. She pushed up and down against her crothc as hard as she could with four fingers, through the thick wet diaper. Then it happened. She ghasped as it did. Her shoulders started sweating, and her legs got weaker. She cummed right there, but it didnt stop. Continuing on like her bladder as she rocked it with her hand. Now practically screaming in pleasure as she climaxed, the pacifier fell from her mouth, and she made sounds like she had never felt pleasure before. Tears were in her eyes, as she slowly, ever so slowly, calmed down. As her back came to rest against the bed again, she still couldn't stop slowly rubbing her groin gently.

    As Megan slowly came back to, capable again of rational thought and actions beyond impulse, she became aware that her diaper needed changed. Actually even worse, it needed to come off. She had to be at school in roughly an hour and a half, and she couldn't change into another diaper. The thought of her wearing a diaper to school was enough to make her heart race. What if Cassandra found out. Oh god, that would be the worst. Cassandra was the girl who got everthing she wanted, whos money and influence (or her fathers rather) went farther in the city (and therefore the school as well) than anyone elses. Cassandra always Megan a hard time for wearing childish, almost homely clothing compared to the sleek stylish, ans totally 'phat' clothing that Cassandra payed too much for. Cassandra was just too cool, and Megan kept her distance at all times, except during seventh period history where she was unfortunately made to sit behind her. The very prospect of Cassandra ever knowing Megans new secret would be more than devestating, Megan would have to kill herself…or Cassandra. Neither option was a very good one, at least in her mind, and steering away from diapers in public was on hte priority list…at least for now.

    Megan got ready, cleaning herself well and disposing of the diaper in an orderly fashion. Pop-tarts were on the morning menu with a glass of orange juice and milk. She dressed herself in a light blue T-shirt with the Care Bears on it (no one would suspect anyhting she wore it before) and light denim overalls. Her underwear as always was pink, the cutest color ever. She made sure to do her hair up in ties, dark blue but barely visible from a distance, it was the style that added flavor. Feeling that she had done her best at looking presentable, and ever so cute, she slung her Hello Kity backpack over her shoulder. She checked herself in the mirror. Despite the baggy liberty that the overalls provided, her derier still looked as good as ever. She loved the way that her clothes would tease the guys. Even though she went out of her way to look childish, there was something about of her appearance that made her sexy, and Megan liked that. Thats probably what pissed Cassandra off the most. She did everyhting she needed to, cleaned everyhting she needed to, and hid everyhting she needed to. It was off to school.


      Megan's Great Day by Nyuu

      The halls were bustling with people. Of all shapes and all sizes, all colors and cliques. Megan never had a hard time fitting in, she was pretty cool. She was friends with people of all walks of life, she knew kids from theater, and some kids from choir, and she knew plenty of kids from when she was on the girls soccer team last year. But she had since given up on most of the extra-circular activities to get a Job, which, didn't exist yet. The job market wasn't exactly open, especially to a High Schooler with no professional experience.

      As She walked down the busy hall in the early morning, she was greeted by many people. There was Dan the Asian Techy who's role in the Dramatic Arts program was second only to the teacher. There was Greg, the baggy-dressed, all chains and tatoos kind of guy, who's GPA was a true refection on how much he gave a shit, regardless that he was a genius. And there was Jason, dressed in a tight white T-shirt, and new Blue jeans, his mere appearance made Megan feel weaker, her heart longed for him. It may have been a mere crush, but she still put so much emotional stock in it.

      "Hey Megan, over here, did you get your homework done?" Then there was Jessica, yelling across the hall. Jessica and Megan had been best friends since Junior High, where they met in English class. Jessica was a pretty girl, blond hair over her shoulders and always pseudo-professional looking. She wore a blouse with mini-skirt, that would have looked almost business worthy, but finished it up with leather boots that had abrasive metal locks. She looked good, downright sexy and commanding, but the taste was sure…authentic.
      "Hey, the homework, did you get it done?" She repeated her eyes gleaming, probably because she hadn't completed it herself, and now wanted Megan's answers.
      "Shit, I didn't get it done." Megan said, as she remembered having laid it aside for other "pressing" activities.
      "Didn't get it done? You always do your homework." Jessica said concerned. "Megan, should I worry." Jessica had a kidding smirk on her face. "Oh well, we'll just have to get our answers from Amy, and speak of the devil."

      And in walked Amy. Only Amy could make such casual attire look so desirable. She was dressed in a faded blue T-Shirt (purposely faded to make it look old) and blue jeans. Her great red hair hung over her shoulders giving her otherwise very blue clothing some flare. From behind, she teased the guys by barely having the waist of her white cotton panties visible along the line of her jeans, cause she knew that everyone would be looking. Even Megan looked, cause Amy's ass was a perfect 10, everyone knew. Megan would have given her own a 9.8, but Amy's was flawless and she pushed this to what ever manipulatory end she could. The only thing better than that was her smile. Megan, though never actually attracted to Amy, immediately noticed when she met Amy that she was absolutely adorable. Her hair, her eyes, her dimpled smile and perfect teeth. Megan saw in Amy a super model just waiting to be let loose.

      "What devil? The One with the red hair?" Amy chuckled trying to make her way in the conversation.
      "Well we were hoping you had the where with all to have done your homework, cause Megan here, didn't do it." Jessica said.
      "Megan? Homework-less? This is a rarity." Amy's tone changed too. Megan just blushed.
      "Oh, c'mon sweetie, you know where just teasing you." Jessica cheered.
      "Yeah, I did it." Amy saved the day. "Just meat me in the Library first period and I'll give it too you." Amy was very accepting of the fact tat Jessica never did her homework and that Megan had finally missed one. Megan had always done her homework and on several occasions gave her answers to her friends.

      Megan got the homework, and copied it. Amy was looking at her the whole time.
      "What are you looking at?" Megan asked.
      "Just wondering, why you didn't do the homework last night. Was it a boy?" Amy's face perked up into her cute smile. Megan just blushed.
      "No, it wasn't a boy." Megan said very nonchalantly but a smirk was on her face.
      "Oh, it was a girl? Were you having sex?!" Amy's mind was just beginning to get dirty. Megan now was at the point of distraction.
      "What are you going off about?" Megan seemed flustered.
      "Sorry, didn't mean to pry into your sex life, did I hit a nerve?"
      "Oh my god, where do you get your material?" Megan joked.
      "Hey, you have no room to criticize me, I'm not the one who had sex with a woman last night." Amy pretended to get defensive and then waited for Megan's rebuttal, she got none. Amy paused and then added, "was she hot?"
      "Oh yes very." Megan said. "In fact she pleasure me like no one I've ever had. And then she called her friends over and we fucked all night."
      "Sounds like my night." Amy said.
      "Yeah? Well, with you I would actually believe it." Megan added.
      "Except I didn't have any sex, there were no people, just a girly movie and a chocolate bar." Amy thought she was clever. Megan didn't care to respond, she needed to get to class, second period was about to start. Jessica, who was silent the whole time, got up and slung her pack over her shoulder.
      "Well, Amy, thanks for the answers." Jessica said.
      "Any time."
      "Oh and, Megan?" Jessica asked before she left, "We need to talk about your sex life." Megan just blushed again and got up.
      "Hey, what are you doing this weekend?" Amy asked.
      "Um, nothing that comes to mind. Why?"
      "Well, there are some pretty fine movies coming out today, and we should go see 'em." Amy was a real movie buff. What she hadn't bought, she had downloaded, she knew every movie by heart, whether it was old, new, action or drama.
      "Okay, I'll look into it." Megan smiled at the very cheery Amy.

      The rest of the day went pretty smooth. There was English and Math, which were her first two classes to get out of the way. Then came Art, and lunch, where she again met up with her friends. The table usually consisted of Five people.

      -There was of course Megan who was always accepted as the shyest and most childish of all the people there, but they knew that Megan was very smart, and very talented. Megan was the best for thinking things through and giving advice to others.
      -Jessica, the headstrong, and strong-willed, self-proclaimed leader of the group, who's influence in student politics, and sway over many of the jocks made her the fist of the group. She was never afraid to back up her friends, and never ever willing to give up.
      -Amy, the gorgeous goddess, who's simplicity of the exterior hid many things inside. While she didn't try to come off as she did, her closest friends could tell that Amy was a complicated person, who's real emotions rarely showed through.
      -Lauren, who's health must have been better than most doctors. She took her vitamins, she exercised, and she was on the volleyball team and the basketball team during different times of the year. But, while this was her seen life, Lauren was a real party goer too. She had gotten quite a bit of a social climb, when she out drank the captain of the football team at a party three weeks ago.
      - and Lisa, who's wacky attitude was always a welcome addition. She was always a little messy, and her clothing was always dark and unkept. By no means a goth, though she got a long with all of them, she was kind of a punk (in attitude more than clique.) Never the less, she was beautiful, and she was dating Greg (they guy Megan stashed weed for one time) and he never lived it down. Now he was always going out of his way to help Megan, though he was nice before, now he acted like there was some debt that he owed her that could never be repaid.

      Together they were that table of people in the corner. They were nice to everyone, unlike some other tables of more popular folk, the ones with twenty people trying to squeeze in and always making fun of someone. This was their own table. Perhaps not as popular, but at least the smartest, and never a force to be underestimated. They sat and talked usually about more mature things or at least more pressing matters than most of their peers, often discussing politics, science, and philosophy.

      Megan quickly withdrew from the conversation though, her mind wandering to her diapers, which sat safe and sound back at her home, and they would be all hers after she got home from school.
      "Megan are you listening?" Jessica interrupted her thought process like a crowbar to the head.
      "I'm sorry….um…what? Megan acted dazed.
      "Who are you going to vote for in the upcoming election?" Jessica asked it as if her answer would decide the fate of the world.
      "Um…I don't know…I've never voted before." She obviously didn't want to talk. Jessica was concerned.
      "Are you alright Meg? I dunno, you seem kinda out of it." Jessica reached over and rubbed Megan's back. Again Megan was brought back to reality.
      "Hmm..oh yeah, im fine, just thinking about stuff." The Bell rang, her lunch was over. Everyone got up, said there goodbyes and made for their own classes. Jessica stayed to walk with Megan. Jessica had always known Megan to be a bit more like a childish and consequently, much more emotionally fragile. Jessica always saw herself as Megan's big sister, and saw her through being an only child in the weirdest years of her life.
      "Hey Megan, I noticed your different today. I dunno, but you can talk to me about anything! You know that right? Im not going to judge you." Megan didn't know what the big deal was, she was just daydreaming a lot today. But she thought about what Jessica said and thought to herself, 'If only you knew.' That thought filled her with smile and Jessica noticed the smirk.
      "What are you thinking about?" Jessica smiled, noticing Megan's glee. "Hey, there's something your not telling me. What makes you smile?" Jessica was itching to know what was going on in Meg's head.
      "Nothing, you just made me think of something." Megan replied.
      "Well alright, I'll see you sometime. We should do something this weekend." Jessica made her junction, and Megan walked to her Speech class.

      Speech wasn't one of her strong points. She loved listening to people speak, somehow the articulation of language was beautiful. She loved the theater for the same reason, and became a technical theater person accordingly, but she was too shy to be good at it herself. Luckily today was just notes. The class passed quickly as Megan's head, as it had been much of the day, was somewhere else. But when the bell rang, Megan was wide awake, cause it was the dreaded Seventh Period. She had history, a really cool class, but she had it with Cassandra. The wicked Bitch of the West, Cassandra was notorious for teasing Megan until she cried, she had been doing it since the Seventh Grade, and it was so easy to make Megan cry.

      Cassandra was one of the cool kids, who's hip clothing, and hollow personality were immediately threatened by Megan's unbridled individuality and she took advantage of her position in the hierarchy of cool to make Megan's life a living hell. She sat behind Cassandra, on the leftmost row of the class. Brian sat behind Megan though (a studly friend of the even studlier Jason), and he was pretty good at backing up Megan when she needed it. Once inside the class, the students were still talking about whatever was most important at the moment. New cars, failed tests, and all that jazz. But when Megan walked in, Cassandra immediately looked her over and gave an obnoxious remark about Megan's attire. Megan knew that she was smarter and had more personality (wit) than Cassandra and tried not to let it bother her.

      Class went off without a hitch, Cassandra didn't so much as look at her. It was going good, but the bell rang. Megan decided to go for it, exiting the class as fast as she could, she thought she was in the clear. She was halfway down the hall when Cassandra calls to her.
      "Hey Megan, Those are very cute overalls, does mommy put them on for you?" Megan stopped dead in her tracks, she couldn't take the emotional abuse she got from Cassandra.
      "What about those cute little shoes, are they velcro or do you now how to tie them now?" At this one of Cassandra's masculine cohorts who had been outside the classroom waiting started snickering. Megan's eyes welled up with tears, but she couldn't cry, not here, not because of Cassandra. Megan put her hand to her eyes to stop the waterworks. Cassandra took notice.
      "What are you gonna cry like a baby?" Cassandra mockingly stuck her pouty lip out and talked in a babyish tone.
      "Poor little Meggy. I think she needs a diapy change!" Megan ran off. She didn't have the spirit in her now to try and stand up to that. She ran out into the hall. Jessica was waiting in the usual waiting spot, when she saw Megan darting out of the hallway of classrooms and into the girls room, hands cupped across her face.
      "Uh-oh." She got concerned as she made it to the ladies room. Megan was inside in one of the stalls, Jessica couldn't see her but could hear her somewhat muffled sobs.
      "Megan, are you in here?" No answer
      "C'mon, Megan will you come out and talk to me?" Jessica paused, still no answer.
      "Pretty please? With Sugar on the Top, and a cherry too?" Jessica was getting desperate, she didn't have much more argumentative ammunition for Megan. But Megan opened the stall and came out, Tears running down her adorable cheeks. Jessica's arms immediately went around her.
      "Oh, what wrong?" Megan didn't answer, she was now crying without holding back. Jessica could feel her tears through her blouse already. Megan was just sobbing there, and it was Jessica who just rocked her back and forth.
      "Shhhhh Shhhhh." Jessica's whispers were calm and comforting. "What's wrong?"
      "Cassandra is an asshole." That's all it took Megan to say for Jessica to get the entire picture.
      "Oh goddam that little bitch." Jessica's tone went from comforting to angry. Megan was startled and began to sob again.
      "Why do you let her get to you. You know she's just an immature brat with nothing better to do but to bring others down. She's got no real life." Jessica was right. As immature Cassandra made Megan out to be, Cassandra was worse and she dealt with it by making fun of people who were acceptable targets. Megan had slowed to a sniffle.
      "C'mon, lets go, I'll walk you too your car. Out in the parking lot Jessica saw Megan to her car, and followed her home, though it was only five blocks.
      "Megan, I want you to go inside and get some rest." Megan nodded. Jessica gave her a big hug. And Megan felt loved. She was reminded of to what ends her friends would go for her. Megan, lost in the hug, gained all the support she needed. She smiled for the first time.
      "See, That's better." Jessica said her goodbyes and went to her own home. Megan trotted into the empty house. Closing the front door, she slid down it as her bum hit the ground. She stuck her thumb in her mouth and sucked. She was left with warm reminders of her great friendships she had, and how that alone made her the luckiest person on the planet.

      Now she was home alone, to do anything she wanted until 6:30, that was four hours away. Megan marched up too her room and removed her overalls. She went to the closet and removed the diaper bag. She slid her panties down and laid down on one, being sure to apply oil and powder for that lovely fresh scent. She brought the diaper and taped it snuggly into place. Each tab one by one. As she finished she put the pacifier in her moth and she started sucking. Immediately she calmed down, and cared a little less, about Cassandra and school. Hugging her soft teddy bear, she melted into a complete calm, No longer were her tears falling, no longer was she thinking about how right Cassandra was. Megan didn't care. She was under the covers, falling fast asleep with only her diapers, her pacifier, and a big caring teddy bear to comfort her and that's all she needed.

      It was late afternoon, the sun was getting into the western sky, turning they sky a deep blue, almost purple haze. The tint bounced off the clouds making magical colors. Children were in the street playing their childish games, like hide and go seek, and tag, just waiting for it to get dark. Birds were chirping, the neighbor was mowing his lawn, a dog barked in the distance, and Megan, of Sandbar Street was snuggled in bed sleeping with her big teddy bear.

      She was in a deep trance, dreaming of things that were sweeter than her own life, which was riddled with stress. She sucked slowly on the lavender pacifier in her mouth, and held the stuffed animal close. It was only 4:22 in the afternoon, and Megan was sleeping like it was 3:00 a.m.. She had grown accustomed to sleeping more often than most her age, often preferring to go to bed as early as 10:00pm to get up at 8:00, and even then, taking a nap in the afternoon. It was about now that she was awakened by the lawnmower in the distance. Her big eyes opened slowly and she smiled. Now sucking greedily on the pacifier, she was in a different mind set, one of a toddler. She always had this toddler in the back of her mind, it was the part of her that just wanted to act like a kid, always, but now, in the privacy of her own home, she was allowed to act on it. She rolled over, to examine the clock. 4:23. She was so in luck, her parents shouldn't be home for a couple of hours. She waddled out of bed, her diapers rustling ever so loudly, which only made her want to walk some more. She went into her purse and got the three-pack of bottles that she had bought at the store. She couldn't wait to get it in her mouth.


        Megan's Great Day by Nyuu

        In the Kitchen she filled it with cranberry juice. Screwing on the top, she immediately started sucking on it. She felt the sweet juice coming into her mouth, but not quite as fast as she wanted it to, the nipple was a little tight. She looked around for a pen, and stuck the ball point into the nipple as to free up some room. It did the trick. She was now able to get a good amount of juice into her mouth, and then some running down her chin. She made a second bottle and took them both downstairs. There she popped in a movie, a Disney classic, Toy Story, and began to watch. She sucked down the first bottle fast, and couldn't finish the second all too fast, cause she was giggling at the movie so much. As the movie was reaching the end, Megan had almost fallen asleep again, the two bottles laying empty on the floor, her draped over the couch like she just crash landed, when she needed to pee.

        She crawled down onto the floor, on all hands and fours, before she relaxed and stuck her thumb in her mouth, pretending to have an accident. She looked over at the bathroom, and began to crawl over to it, but was only half way there when her hand went to her crotch and she began to softly whimper from behind her thumb. Immediately her diaper was met with a hot stream that spread out through Megan's legs. It teased her thighs and began to make her crotch bulge out. She actually looked through her legs and watched as the yellow spread across her and her diaper began to expand. She fell to the floor laying on her stomach, laying still, legs spread. She could feel it spread all over and up around her waist band. As she moved to a couching position, she let it flow around her bum, but she was finishing up. The flow slowed, and it was done. Wetting her pants was so easy anymore, it took no effort or concentration. Now with the new warm sensation enveloping her, she wanted more for her butt. Her butt was not as warm and wet as it could be. Nevertheless she was soaked, and needed a diaper change. But she wouldn't be happy.

        She squatted down and pushed her bladder, she knew she had more in there. But ti wasn't going to be easy to get it out. She sucked on her thumb and pushed with all her might, letting out grunts as she did, trying desperately to wet herself some more. She wasn't abandoning hope yet. Her face turned red as she gave one final push. She was met with an unexpected reaction. Her bum let out a startling wet fart. Megan's eyes widened. Another wet fart that she was powerless to hold escaped her. She sat on her knees as her stomach rumbled and a new sensation took over her middle section. She need to poo. Megan's eyes were watering up as she was powerless to hold back the inevitable. Again two farts escaped her, now louder and more urgent in their calling. Megan's just stuck out her bum and waited. She spread her legs as another loud fart turned into a squelch, and a warm sticky mush was slowly pushed into Megan's diaper. At first the small load began to push her diaper out causing a noticeable bulging of her butt, but then it ran out of room, spreading across her ass. With another loud fart, Megan was startled and the mass moved full-speed into her pants. She let out a whimper as it encased her bum in a sticky mess, and began to push up her back side. She shifted her weight again and spread her legs some more, as her diapered butt expanded and drooped down, she could feel the weight tugging at her diaper. Now the smell wafted up to her nose, it was horrible. She began to cry. She just poopied her diaper and she was scared. Her bowels, now empty, just had gas, and she let out some more, as she finished up. She just sat there, sitting on her knees, sobbing, her diaper sagging. She began to crawl and it made the soft mess, caress her backside in ways she didn't quite like. At the stairs, she began to crawl up and her bum was greeted by a second load. She was caught off guard as another soft load shot into her diapers. This time, it squeezed its ways between her thighs, and up to her crotch. It was very warm and sticky. She screamed. Laying on the stairs, full out bawling, she needed a diaper change BADLY. She was amazed at how much she sounded like a baby when she was crying. When she became aware of how much noise she was making, she stuck her thumb in her mouth and cried softly from behind it.

        She made it to her room where she retrieved another diaper, and all her necessities. She walked to the bathroom, where she could clean up and looked at herself in the mirror. Her diaper was discolored and sagging, and the butt was huge, bulging out with a big smell mess inside. But she still managed a smile, wiping away the tears, her image was still very cute. She reached around and prodded her messy behind, it was soft and mushy. Now she didn't really mind the feeling as much, seeing how cute and innocent it made her look. She pressed with her whole hand on her bum, sending the mush between her legs. The feeling was like nothing Megan had ever experienced, and she fell to her knees. She now massaged herself in a masturbatory manner, but it was only a few seconds before Megan came. She moaned once and then fell to her back, suckling her thumb.

        The cleanup was a pain, it wasn't very fun, and it smelled like shit (pun intended.) After she got out, she dried off, and liberally applied both oil and powder, rubbing it into her skin filled it with unnatural warmth, Megan just giggled with glee. Putting the diaper snuggle into place, she put just a shirt on and crawled around her bedroom, loving the noise a fresh diaper made. Time was approaching for her parents to be getting home and she was still diapered, this was a problem. Not wanting to waste the diaper that was taped snuggle into place, she had to think fast. She realized that it couldn't be taken off, which basically meant she would have to wear it. The thought of wearing her diaper in front of her family, or in front of anyone made her very nervous, but excited at the same time. She really did desire to wear them all the time, and have no one care (or at least have no one notice.)

        Now was the perfect opportunity! She looked around her room for things in which to use to cover up the fact that she was diapered. She looked for a pair of the biggest panties she had. A white pair of full bottom panties were at the bottom of one of her drawers. This covered most of the diaper, but left some of it teasing its way through her leggings and at the waist in the back. Best yet though, they muffled the sound., to just a whisper, you could only hear it, if everything else was silent, and your ear was trained. She then put on a pair of overalls, a smaller pair, compared to some that she had, ensuring that her telling waistband wouldn't show. She chose a t-shirt with pink and white stripes plainly across it, it went well with the pants. She also chose some rainbow socks, and her pink tennis shoes with dark purple laces. They were the only tennis shoes she had, and ones that Cassandra kept giving her a hard time for. Her outfit was so perfect, so childish, yet so…normal.

        She checked herself out in the mirror. She looked normal, and as cute as ever, sucking on her thumb. She checked her butt. The diapered bulge (these being smaller overalls) was somewhat noticeable, more than what Megan wanted anyway. She thought that it was inconspicuous enough to pass the test., unless she bent over. When she bent over, her butt was pressed up tight against the pants, leaving the tell-tale bulge of a diaper, you wouldn't have to be an expert to know that. Likewise, her diapered crotch, bugled out a little, and knew that she wasn't at much liberty to do anything but stand in public.

        The Phone Rang. Megan jumped. It was Amy, calling to see if Megan still wanted to go to the movies. Megan was planning on it, she so rarely was able to escape the confines of her house to see her close friends outside school. Everyone was going. Lauren, Amy, Jessica, Lisa her boyfriend Greg, and his friends, Dan and Brian. This was going to be cool, but then Megan looked down at her diapered state, and knew that she would have to change, she couldn't be around ALL her friends in this state.

        "Hey Megan, were outside, c'mon" Amy's words hit Megan's ear with terror. They had already pulled up in her driveway, and she had to go now. She took a step and her diapers bulk made her walk weird. Her heart raced, as well as her mind.
        "What if they know? What will happen, ill be the biggest loser ever?" Megan was in tears already, getting so nervous she was shaking, ans she wasn't outside yet.

        She stepped outside, her eyes greeted by the blinding headlights of Amy's Toyota, Lauren was in the front seat, and Jessica was in the back, waiting for Megan. Megan got in the car, her palms sweating and trying to act normal.

        "Welcome to Taxi de Amy, our next stop will be Taco Bell. Please keep all hands appendages, belongings and children inside the vehicle until it comes a complete stop." Amy pulled out of the driveway with enough speed to kill an adult and with squealing tires was off.

        "What's wrong?" Jessica's question caught Megan off guard, she wasn't ready to engage in social conversation. Jessica could see the tears in Megan's eyes, so she had to say something. Megan just looked at her.
        "Oh, is it about Cassandra? She's just a Bitch, and you can't change that." Megan, thinking about what Cassandra had said, only mad her sweat more. She didn't know what to do, and just teared up some more. Jessica took her in her soft arms and just held her. Laying against Jessica's breast, Megan was beginning to relax. She closed her eyes, and was happy again. She loved Jessica, Jessica had only been her friends since the beginning and always been there for support. Amy saw Megan curled up on the seat, Head almost in her lap, falling asleep.
        "Tired Megan?" Amy said in her perky voice.
        "No, she just had a bad day today, That's all." Jessica was quick to answer.
        "Yeah." Megan softly added.

        Upon getting to taco bell, the four exited the car, and made their way in. Megan was already chirpier than before, engaging in all the conversations, and having a ball.
        "So Megan, do you think, athletics should get as much money as they do, in school I mean?" Lauren spouted the question, while Megan was taking a drink.
        "Well, while the competitive spirit in small doses never hurt anyone, and the benefits of exercise are well known, athletics have earned their place in our schools. But never should they take precedence over academics, regardless of how much money, can be made off of them. I think that sometimes, schools are too lenient on athletes who perform poor on academic tests." Megan calmly delivered her opinion, but on one expected such a well delivered, enthusiastically intelligent, argument. Lauren, who had known Megan for only a couple of Months, had her jaw open. Jessica just chuckled.
        "Guess, we see where Megan stands." Jessica knew that Megan was very bright, brighter than the rest of them at the table. Megan just smiled her cute smile, and went back to her drink.

        As they got up, they dumped their trash in the receptacle. Amy tripped and ended up ramming Megan with her tray, right in her bum. Megan was then aware of her diaper again. Her eyes got wide, wondering if Amy knew. She looked around at Amy, her face red. Amy was speechless. Megan looked at her quizzically, wondering if her secret was in danger of being broken.
        "Hey, quit looking at me like that! Im sorry, I just tripped!" Amy spoke as if she knew nothing. Megan could breathe a sigh of release. They went to the parking lot. Megan almost tripped on her shoelace, it came undone. Amy took notice immediately and jumped down to tie it.
        "Hey, I'll get that, don't worry about it!" Amy acted weird, in all the time they had known each other, she had never done anything like this for Megan, it was usually Jessica. Megan looked at her weird.
        "What can't I do something nice?" Amy asked very cheerfully. She then waled to the drivers seat. Jessica also gave her a funny look, wondering what just happened, but shrugged it off.

        The next stop was the Movie Theater. Amy, in her speedy Toyota, raced their. Along the way, getting challenged to a race by three guys in a black civic. Amy pushed the pedal to the metal, and narrowly lost to the civic as they hit 60 mph. She accepted defeat, by waiting for them to slow down, and then speeding up to meet them. As she passed them, Lauren pulled up her shirt and laid her naked breast against the glass and the guys were just dumfounded. Jessica was laughing uproariously at the spectacle. Megan just watched in awe, knowing that a cop was just going to pull them over. But none did, they made it to the movie theater without incident.
        Jessica and Amy both got huge Sodas, and then met up with the other four members of the group. Greg, Lisa, Brian, and Dan. They smelt a little like pot, but in this social circle, that didn't matter much. They just stood and talked, before the movie. Megan, was now out of the conversation, she wasn't good in large groups. Brian looked at her.
        "Hey Megan, I heard what Cassandra said today after class." Brian said. The group had now quieted down, cause all of them had heard the story. "Don't give Cassandra any bit of your attention, She's not worth it." Brian was both sincere and comforting. Megan gently smiled and said thanks. Amy couldn't stop staring at Megan, which while Megan didn't notice, it was bothering Jessica, cause Jessica could see everything.

        Inside the Theater, most guys were looking forward to sitting next to Jessica, Amy, and Megan, all beautiful, all single, but Jessica was sure to stick Megan on the end and sat next to her.
        "Here, this is for both of us." Jessica gave Megan the gigantic, ridiculously priced soda, filled with sprite, to Megan. Megan just giggled and began to drink. The Movie started, the room got dark. The movie was supposed to be a scary one.

        As the movie wore on, Megan was left in the corner, really scared. The movie was really tense, but it was interrupted, but Megan's worst but inevitable moment came. She needed to Pee. This was a one answer problem, cause if Megan excused herself, she would still be stuck in the diaper. She thought that maybe, she could go to the bathroom, and get rid of the diaper in the trash, but knew that Jessica would insist on accompanying her, and that wouldn't work. Megan accepted her destiny. She put her hands on her seat and pushed herself up ever so gently, not wanting to draw attention to herself. She relaxed and her crotch immediately grew warm and wet. She spurted out and her entire abdomen began to get hot and expand. It raced down to her bottom, coating her butt in a hot pool. Megan sighed in relief and she was sitting there pissing her diapers. She, after sitting there in complete ecstasy, became aware, that if anyone was looking at her, they were going to know that something was up. Immediately she looked around, but no one was looking, they were glued to the screen. She was finishing up, her diaper now very damp and heavy. She slowly sat down in it, encasing her butt in soggy warmth.

        She couldn't resist the chance to sneak her thumb in her mouth. Jessica noticed this out of the corner of her eye, but said nothing. The rest of the movie, regardless of being more scary, was less tense for Megan, she just sat there sucking on her thumb, absorbing the less than great story of the movie. Upon the ending of the movie, everyone was now on their way out. Jessica had to mention to Megan that sucking on her thumb was a bad habit before Megan was aware that she was doing it. Megan blushed. Saying their goodbyes, they made it to Amy's car.
        "Megan, um…my house is kinda locked right now, and my parents wont be home tonight, do you think you could help me out?" Jessica had failed to mention that she was in a predicament before.
        "Well, I'm locked out, I found out that my house key, fell off my key ring, and I cant get in until the morning." Sure enough Jessica's key was gone. Megan really didn't mind, Jessica was always welcome to sleep over when she needed to. Megan knew that her diaper change would be harder to keep a secret, but didn't fret.

        Amy dropped off Jessica and Megan at Megan's house and got out the window to give Megan a big warm hug. Inside, Megan's parents were watching T/V, acting suspicious.
        "Were you guys making out?" Megan asked giggling."
        "You know That's how you came to be here Megan." Her dad added. With that comment they retreated to Megan's Bedroom. Jessica immediately noticed the fresh scent that it carried, a lot like baby powder. Jessica was not quite on to Megan's little secret, but she was beginning to put two and two together.

        They sat and talked in her room for a long while, more personal conversation about each others lives then they would have mentioned in front of other people. For at least a couple hours, they conversed and giggled. Megan's Parents had since gone to bed, at the other end of the house, so they wouldn't hear them unless they were uproariously loud. Megan's diaper was now getting uncomfortable, and needed changing, and she needed to pee again, she would sneak to the bathroom.

        "Well," Megan started. "You need pajamas." Jessica knew she was right. And Megan went to her closet to find some. There were all kinds that Megan had, just some that were not quite to Jessica's taste. Jessica was going to want something besides a one piece footed pajama. She brought back a two piece, set of sweats that were thin and blue. As Megan exited her closet, the image she was greeted with was one of the most horrific Megan had experienced. On her bed sat Jessica, in her hands was Megan's bag of diapers, She fondled them very quizzically.
        "Um…Megan? Is there something you want to tell me?"

        Megan was speechless, and motionless. Jessica gave a somewhat sad and confused look to Megan. Megan did the only thing she could. She cried. She ran out of her room and into the hallway. Jessica was at a loss, she didn't know what to do, except run after Megan. Megan didn't make it that far before tripping on her annoying shoe lace. Jessica found her in the hallway on the ground on her stomach bawling her eyes out, trying to get away from the whole situation. Jessica, just stared at Megan, who was so powerless and defenseless at this time, and felt so sorry, she couldn't find the words to apologize. Instead she just bent down and hugged her, trying to calm her down, Megan could stop sobbing. Jessica took her in her arms and sat there with her.

        "Shhhh. Shhhh." Jessica's whispers were having a small effect, slowly Megan's sobs became whimpers. Jessica patted Megan on the butt, becoming very aware of her diapered state. Megan's mind was thrown through a loop, she was so embarrassed, and wanted to die, but she couldn't bring herself to move. There in Jessica's arms, she wet herself again. Megan wasn't as aware of its happening as much as Jessica who could feel the strange warmth grow and pool around Megan's crotch and bottom through her clothes. Megan's diaper, having already been wet, was in danger of leaking. within a minute, the legs of her overalls had wet lines stretching from her butt to her crotch across her thighs, Jessica felt these as well, and knew that Megan needed changed. Megan felt the wetness beginning to seep through her clothes, and her soft cries became full out sobs again, muffled only by Jessica's warm shoulder.

        "C'mon, lets get up." Jessica set into motion, and Megan slowly followed, holding Jessica's hand. Back in Megan's room, where there was light, both could see that Megan had a wet spot across her thighs, stretching halfway down. Megan covered her face, trying not to wake her parents with her tantrum. Jessica just felt sorry, and wished she could take it back. There was only one thing she could do for her friend now…help her. Jessica walked over to Megan, and started to undo her overalls, Megan started to take notice, but didn't react before both sides had been undone, and Jessica was pulling down her pants, revealing her sodden diaper. Then Megan was met with another hug, cause she still hadn't stopped sulking.
        "Megan, I love you, let me help you." Jessica's words were honest and comforting, as Jessica took Megan's hands, and helped her lay down on the floor.

        Jessica pulled at the tabs of the diaper, making a horribly loud noise as she did. Megan just lied there still teary eyed, powerless to help herself. Jessica grabbed her pacifier which was likewise hidden under the bed along with the diapers, wipes, powder, oil, and stuff. She gently pushed it into Megan's mouth, smiling as she did so, so that Megan would know it was not to shut her up, but to make her feel better. Megan sucked slowly, not knowing if she should just do this in front of Jessica, but it felt quite nice. Jessica pulled Megan's diaper off, allowing the cold air to get to Megan's privates. Megan blushed as she was now laid naked before Jessica, by Jessica's hand no less. Jessica hoisted Megan's legs and pulled a scented wipe out to gently wipe Megan's privates fresh. As the cool wipe went over her vagina, she softly whimpered. Jessica cooed her softly as she unfolded a new diaper, and placed in under Megan's butt, now applying oil. As she rubbed it in, Megan was calming down a lot, it was nice to have someone else rub oil and powder her for a change. Jessica powdered her and then turned her over getting the powder all over Megan's butt. Rubbing it in cautiously, so that Megan wouldn't get upset. She tuned Megan, back over onto her back and subtly smirked at the sweet aroma of baby oil and powder that now emulated from Megan's nether region. Jessica pulled the diaper up and taped it into place. Megan was going to move, but Jessica put her hand in front of her, as if she wasn't done. She produced a second diaper from the bag, and again laid it under Megan. With her finger nail, Jessica tore a hole in Megan's diaper and ripped a slit from her crotch to her butt and ripped her diaper's plastic open, letting the absorbent padding spill out onto the second diaper already under Megan. She then