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Megan's Great Day by Nyuu

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    I wish there was more

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    Re: Megan's Great Day by Nyuu

    sequal PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Night
    Megan's Great Day by Nyuu

    The bounced for quite some time until Megan got tired, she plopped down on her diapered butt with a thud.
    "Im…gonna..(wheeze) sit for a..second." Megan was having loads of fun, but was damn near out of energy. Amy on the otherhand showed no signs of slowing, she was a machine. Megan watched Amy jump and jump, one thumb in her mouth. It was obvious she was enjoying acting as infantile as she could, and Megan, having experienced the same over the last few days couldn't help but just smile and feel happy for her.

    Amy abruptly stopped jumping, her smile faded.
    "What's wrong?" Megan asked. Her inquiry went unanswered for a moment. Amy looked down,at her crotch, and then at Megan.
    "Uh oh!" Amy said with a smirk. Her childish enthusiasm was enough to let Megan in on the whole story and they both watched Amy's crotch began to discolor. The warm ecstatic rush over Amy's privates was more than she had ever anticipated. She felt it quickly wash over her front and rush across ther thighs to her buttocks. Amy became week in the knees as she stumbled off her feet. As she finished she came back to the real world and sighed a big, cute breathe of relief. Megan watched the whole thing and began to laugh.

    "What?" Amy was almost laughing too.
    "You just wet your diaper! Your a baby!" Megan was laughing so hard she fell back and kicked her legs in the air.
    "Well…so do you!" Amy returned her thumb to her mouth.
    "That's what makes it so funny!" Megan rolled clinching her gut.
    "Oh." and with that Amy began to laugh histerically too. For a moment they just lied on the tramp looking at the afternoon sky. It was really nice out, just a few of clouds.

    "Look at that cloud!" Megan yelled. "It looks like a diaper!"
    "No it doesn't it wooks wike…a bwock of cheese." Her articulation muffled by her thumb.
    "Oh, Now I'm hungry, I wanna eat." Megan put her thumb in her mouth too.
    "Hey that cwoud wooks like Ewvis!" Megan didn't see it.
    "Ewvis ate cheese!" Megan randomly said.
    "Yeah, he probabwy wore diapers too!" They both giggled again. A moment of silence befell the two girls as they looked at the sky.

    "Amy?" Megan looked over at Amy who was closing her eyes.
    "I'm glad your my friend." Megan said, her tone very childish and vulnerable, but plainly sincere. Amy's gaze shifted to Megan, and she smiled a light hearted, warm smile.
    "Me too Megan, I think your great!" This made Megan smile too. They continued thier cloud gazing until properly motivated, Amy went to move. "I'm gonna go inside."
    "I'm coming too!" Megan slowly got up and carefully cimbed off the tramp to go inside.

    Inside the house the air conditioner was so very cool, and welcomed. Both girls walked into the family room downstairs.
    "Megan, would you do me a big favor?" Amy asked in a tone like Megan was going to immediately say no.
    "Um..Sure, what is it?"
    "…Will you change my diaper?" Amy's face was red again, and Megan's eyes grew wide.
    "*Gulp* I…I've never changed anyone else!"
    "Pwetty pwease, I'm very wet!" Amy began to pout frighteningly realistically.
    "Ok..ok..settle down." Megan retrieved the diapers from the couch. She slowly pulled one out and took it to Amy who was ready and eager, legs spread on the floor. She undid the tapes on Amy's diaper, each one making that horribly loud tearing sound. She opened up the diaper and Amy was laid naked. Megan knew how beautiful Amy was and it was very akward. She slid the new diaper under her and began to whipe her clean. Amy moaned slightly as she went over her vagina, Megan froze in her tracks when she heard the noise, but then continued. She began to oil and powder her, Amy laughed as it tickled her sensitive skin, Megan smiled, turning her over and rubbing it into her butt. Then carefully, she began to tape up the diaper. At last Amy was changed.

    Amy's adorable smile symbolized her gratitude and her approval of Megan's diapering. She just laid there sucking her thumb, Megan smiled at her, which only made Amy smile back.
    "Does that feel better?" Amy nodded in satisfaction. "Well, now what do you want to do." Megan asked politely.
    "Wets watch T.V." Amy snatched the remote off the coffee table and frantically began searching all the channels. Megan was rather hungry and couldn't focus on the T.V. She opted to go back to sleep. Amy found some old scooby doo on hte tube, and the noise was hard to deal with, Megan really didn't get to sleep.

    While Megan was laying there, her mind wandered. It was a school day tomarrow, and Megan would be wearing diapers. Megan cringed at the thought of allowing Cassandra in on her secret, there by every student; as Cassandra would make it a point for everyone to know. Megan thought she was pretty good at hiding it, but alas, she also tried to hide it from her friends, and that failed miserably. She also thought of Jessica, and what kind of extra stress may have been put on her shoulders due to this fiasco. Megan contemplated many things in her semi-sleep. Amy however just giggled at the T.V.

    Megan awoke a little later to a foul smell in the air. She sat up and sniffed, she looked at Amy.
    "Did you fart?" Amy turned around, red faced, sucking her fingers, she didn't say anything, but another fart erupted from her butt. Megan layed back down and stared at the cieling, but her attention was robbed by another wet fart from Amy. Looking over, Amy was fidgenting, sitting on her knees, rocking her butt in the air. Megan smiled.
    "Does Amy have to go potty?" Amy, her one free hand on her butt, turned to look at Megan again, a facade of distress on her face, as she nodded her head 'yes.'
    "Amy gotta go weal bad." Amy sounded sad, she stuck her lip out. Megan watched as she repositioned herself time and time again, before another stinky fart erupted. Megan put a hand over her mouth and watched the drama unfold. Amy stopped moving, and she spread her legs. From behind her thumb, Amy muttered "Uh-oh!"

    Megan watched intently as Amy's adorable prosterior began to bulge right under her. Amy let out a really cute high pitched grunt as her bottom was smothered in a warm mess. She felt it slowly slide across her bum and expand her seat outward. Likewise, Megan, in awe, watched as Amy's seat began to droop downwards. Amy pushed out another good sized shot, and Megan, so enthralled with what she was seeing, lost conrol of her own functions. She was greeted with an unexpected warmth in her crotch, regardless, she couldn't stop watching Amy who was now, rocking back and forth, forcing a huge mess into her diaper. Her diaper was akwardly bulging out right between her legs as she took a squating position. She turned around to see Megan looking right at her, then went back to pushing out her mess. Megan watched her face turn red as she grunted adorably again. A last fart came out as her body took over the rest,no pushing was needed, her sphinctor was depositing the rest whether she liked it or not. Amy was in awe at was she was doing, seeing her own diaper bulging out. Megan began to feel the warmth flow through her legs and cover her ass. She finally looked down and saw that she was wetting herself unconciously, even while awake, but that only distracted her for a moment.

    Amy's face was wierd as her mess moved around in her pants, it was obvious that his was a new experience.
    "I think I had an accident." Amy's tone was just like that of a child. Her hand went to her butt, as she begin to feel her new deposite from the outside and the inside. "I have to pee too!" Amy said as her crotch was already turning yellow. She then looked at Megan who was staring at her reaction intently, smiling a funny smile. "What?"
    "Does Amy need her diaper changed?" Megan asked sincerely. Amy smiled and put her thumb back in her mouth.
    "I fink so, I fink I poop my pants." She said, through her muffled fist. Megan got up to retrieve a diaper, Amy noticed Megan was wet too. "Hey, you need changed too, you have to go first!"

    Megan laid down and spread her legs ready for her diaper change. Amy went and sat there and looked at Megan for a moment.
    "What? What is it?" Megan got real self concious.
    "I think your cute!"
    "Yeah well, I dress like this…"
    "No, I mean, REALLY cute." With that Amy sat on Megans diaper, and leaned down laying her stomach on Megans. Their chests met, and Amy took her finger to Megan's hair to gently brush it behind her hair. She looked into Megan's eyes, waiting for the same excitement. A rush of confusion, but really panic-like heat as well, came over Megan. She became excited, which only confused her more. Amy put her hand on Megan's breast, Megan was breathing heavy, but her innocent eyes fired, enough to incite Amy to continue. She put her lips on Megan's, and left them there, but it was an ever so pleasant brush with the toung that sent Megan into euphoria. She closed her eyes, and slowly lifted her hand to reach Amy's bottom, as she put her own toung to good use.

    "Eh-hem!" The sound came from behind them. Quickly Amy was too her feet, and Megan sat up, supporting herself with her hands behind her. Both in a frazzle, hearts beating wildly, they looked behind them, at the foot of the stairs stood Jessica.

    A horrible awkward silence, like the sound had been raped from the room, encompassed all of them. Megan could only hear her own heart beating inside her echoing through her bones. Amy wasn't breathing, just waiting for the verbal outcry that was sure to come from Jessica. What was probably moments passed like days, and eternity of dreading the next moment.

    Jessica was carrying a bag of assorted goodies, but it had hit the floor with a crash, no doubt a direct effect of the awe that was present on Jessica's face as well. The look of total shock was horrible, it made the two girls sitting in diapers blush the deepest red, before the first words were spoken.

    "Megan…go up to my room." Jessica's tone and demeanor were surprisingly lacking in rage, a rage that Megan was almost sure Jessica would have. She looked puzzled, she looked at Amy. "Now please." Jessica continued in a likewise un-emotional inflection. Megan got up slowly, her wet diaper still warm on her skin was the only noise in the room as she sheepishly waddled past Jessica and up the stairs. At the top of the staircase she turned for a look back down, neither Jessica or Amy had moved, but Jessica could tell without looking that Megan had stopped.

    "I'll be up there soon enough Megan." This time, though not incurring any more inflection, her volume let Megan know that this might have been a little more serious than she previously led on. Megan continued on her course. She made it to Jessica's room and closed the door. Silence was all she had now. She did not want to know what was going on between Amy and Jessica downstairs, but it couldn't have been good. Megan knew that this was going to change irreparably, if not compromise Amy and Jessica's relationship, and there was nothing Megan could do. She curled up on Jessica's bed and put her thumb deep into her mouth and sucked steadily. Tears streaked from her eyes steadily and pooled under her face upon the mattress.

    The clock hit 6:00pm the sun was dying on the western horizon, tainting the sky a brilliant maroon, as it knew that night was approaching. The street lights were turning on, and children who had been previously playing the streets were being summoned into their homes. The neighborhood was growing quiet, but inside one such house, there was Megan. Awaiting her fate as if a trial of objective jury members were the wall between freedom and the electric chair. How has she gotten into this mess, and drug her friends along for the ride? Megan could have killed herself right then and there, but she had neither the strength, nor the means to do so; instead she laid on the bed and sulked. She sulked a while, a long while. Until she was perplexed by a growing need to pee again. She rolled on her back, and spread her legs. Jessica showed no signs of coming up from whatever she was doing down there, and Megan didn't know what else to do. The warmth in her diaper was recovered, now with a rush that was, with Megan on her back, flowing down her buttocks and pooling along her backside. Megan moaned from behind her thumb as the ecstatic flow began to spread out to her leggings. Megan shifted and squirmed as the warm wetness settled under her, trying to get comfortable. But it wasn't working, the feeling was only getting worse, and her crotch begin to itch.

    As she continued to squirm and re-adjust her weight, her moans of discontent turned to soft cries and whined from behind her pacifier, but they were still loud enough to be heard. The foot steps of Jessica could be heard coming up the stairs, but Megan didn't stop, she needed to be changed, and she needed help. The door to Jessica's room creaked as Jessica entered holding a fresh diaper and supplies. Megan calmed down a bit when she saw that Jessica carried relief. Jessica was silent as she approached Megan and pulled her legs up off the bed into the air. She undid the tapes and wiped her clean, with the same poise and caring that she had this morning. She lovingly powdered her bottom and rubbed it in and die all the oil too. Megan took notice that while nothing in her execution had changed, she wasn't talking, not even baby talk. She wasn't looking Megan in the eye, or smiling at her like she normally did. Though when she finished she sat still and waited for Megan to initiate conversation. Her eyes were not angry, they held no rage or discontent. But they glimmered with some dissatisfaction, only accentuated by the rest of her face. Her demeanor begged an answer to an unasked question, a question, or rather, a series of questions that need not be asked to be known.

    "I…I don't know…" Megan trailed off. Tears were upon her again. "I don't know…(sniffle)"
    "You don't know what Megan?" Jessica as always was there for her, making sure she made it through the day okay. She rubbed her back gently as if to massage the answers out of her.
    "I don't know what happened." Megan's lip was quivering but she stopped the waterworks.
    "Did Amy force you to do anything that you didn't…"
    "NO!" Jessica's question was quickly answered. "It wasn't that, she wouldn't do that…I dunno"
    "Hey I trust Amy too!" Jessica sniped "Its just that…what I saw wasn't something you would do…or…was it?" Now Jessica was addressing a new area, one that Megan was not ready to explore.
    "It…just…happened…I don't know why?" Megan was back to tears.

    "Did you like it?" Woah, this was not a question she was expecting, and one that she did not want to answer. Her heart missed a beat. And though she wasn't going to answer, her silence answered for her.
    "Fine! Ya know what?! You can change your own damn diapers from now on!" Jessica was suddenly red in the face, and her outburst was more frightening than anything Megan could have ever imagined.

    Jessica turned and stormed out of the room, slamming the door behind her. Megan cried aloud, her sorrowful hollers could be heard throughout the house. Jessica wasn't even down the stairs before she was in tears too. What had she done, her temper had gotten the better of her, and she couldn't take it back. What she had done was unchangeable, and only because she was under so much stress. She cursed herself, worse than she had ever before. She had become so infuriatingly frustrated with not only Megan, but with herself, for not being the person she wanted to be. She just sat on the stairs and cried silently into her hands.

    Jessica gathered herself, Megan was still crying like a two year old (ironic [not] ) and showed no signs of stopping. Jessica walked back up the stairs and opened her bedroom door. Inside Megan was on the bed where she left her, in the exact same position. Megan saw her enter and suddenly stopped crying and withdrew, curling up in the corner, as if Jessica posed some physical harm.
    "Megan! I'm not going to hurt you, give me some credit." Jessica's face was back to the old loving face Megan had known, but red with tears and sparkling with redemption.
    "I don't wanna be a bad person." Megan's eyes shimmered with moisture.
    "Your not…I am." Jessica was always very forgiving, but even now Megan couldn't believe that Jessica just said what she did.
    "What?" Megan asked.
    "Megan, I have been under too much shit lately and I have been taking out on you. I am so sorry for not being the friend I promised I would be." Jessica was almost in tears in front of Megan.
    "Jessica stop.."
    "Can you forgive me?"
    "Jessica…I'm sorry I brought this on you. You have only been the most sincere friend to me…I…"
    "Megan! I don't want to stop being friends…you can do whatever makes you happy." Jessica's face abruptly changed back to the warm, light-hearted friend.

    She was led out of the room and back down the stairs to the living room. Amy was sitting on the couch, her eyes red from crying, but she also noticed that her diaper was fresh, and very well taped up, too good a job for Amy on her first try. A movie was put on so they could watch.

    "Look you guys, my parents will be home tomorrow but you can stay tonight, after that you are on your own!" Jessica exclaimed. "You guys share this fold out bed, I will sleep upstairs, should you need anything, help yourself. I will change you…unless…I'm asleep and, again, then your on your own. But you guys probably 'll make a pretty good team. Now for dinner…"

    Dinner consisted of frozen pizzas and milk. So far so good, the mess thereafter was doable…until dessert. Jessica, being generous retrieved some vanilla ice cream from the freezer. Harmless though it seemed, she was too generous and gave a lot of ice cream to both girls. Amy ate fast and was down to the near bottom. She looked down at the last couple fo bites, not getting soft in the warm temperature of the room. Her mind raced as she was too full to finish it, and she smiled an awful smile as she plotted what to do with it. She scooped it up into her spoon and flung its contents.

    Megan was abruptly hit in the head with something very cold and wet. It took a moment for both Megan and Jessica to absorb what had just happened. Jessica smirked and put her hands to her mouth, before tipping back in her chair and laughing hysterically. Megan looked at Amy, who was likewise laughing a riot. She scooped up some of her ice cream and flicked it back, hitting Amy square in the nose. Amy didn't quite expect this, and started to tear up.

    "Now Amy don't cry…you had it coming and.." Jessica didn't finish before another was blasted back at Jessica and got her shirt. Jessica laughed and flung some more back at Amy completely missing and hitting the wall.

    "Now if your going to make a mess I'm not going to give you any more Ice Cream!" Jessica was met with two scoops of ice cream in the face, one from each girl who were laughing so hard they were rolling out of their chairs. "Ok…I guess you think its funny!"

    Both girls peeked their heads over the table to see Jessica charge like a bull.
    "AHHHH!" They screamed in Unison and bolted for the basement. Amy tripped not too far along the path.
    "Run, save yourself!" Amy was overcome as Jessica grabbed her. Megan went down the stairs as Jessica was preoccupied with Amy. The room was dark and there were plenty of good hiding places, she had to think fast…Jessica was coming. She found a closet, one out of the way and plenty of room. She snuggled her way in and slid down the wall into a crouch. She was breathing heavy, trying not to give away her hiding spot.

    "Oh no, Amy's been had, What if she gets me?" Megan heard Jessica's footsteps coming down the stairs. Her heart raced. The light was turned on and the light leaked its way into the closet through the small crack at the bottom of the doorway. She could hear Jessica talking
    "Come out little baby…I know your down here, and there is no escape." Jessica's feet could be heard pressing against the carpet as they approached the closet. "Megan? Are you afraid?" Megan could feel her sweat and pulse increase…Jessica's shadow could be seen at the doorways bottom.

    Could you be in….HERE! Jessica flung the door open. Megan screamed before she was drug out into the light. There on the ground she was powerless, Jessica sat on top of her legs, she couldn't move away. "I got you!" Jessica preceded to tickle Megan right in her sides. Megan was very ticklish and it ached at her sides, she laughed so hard, that not even Jessica had ever heard her laugh so loud. Her childishly happy tones and laughs were very warm, and Jessica was laughing with her. She then pulled her T-shirt up to expose her entire naval, and pressed her lips against her stomach. She blew and a fart-like noise erupted and Megan squealed playfully as she was powerless to stop it.

    Normally Jessica had reservations when tickling Megan, because it can make people wet their pants…that problem wasn't present here for obvious reasons, so Jessica went all out. Megan laughed so hard she thought her insides were going to pop. Finally Jessica relented her attack and They both took a moment to breath. Megan's lungs were on fire, but her smile was just as big as ever. Jessica sat back and smiled at how adorable Megan looked in her pulled up T-shirt and diaper, red in the face from heavy breathing. She got to a sentimental mood, looking at her, like the sister she never had.

    "Megan are you ready for bed?" Jessica asked cheerfully. Megan stuck her thumb in her mouth and shook her head 'no'. "Well alright, but we need to go to school tomorrow, so be prepared."

    The thought of school sent a new fear into the heart of Megan but that quickly subsided as Jessica quickly grabbed her and pulled her close of a hug. The warmth of Jessica's hugs were more than mere temperature of her body, Jessica had a way of letting you know that she really cared and Megan melted against her. Jessica coaxed her back and Megan closed her eyes.
    "Don't go to sleep yet Megan." Jessica shook her back awake. "Let's go back upstairs." Megan took Jessica's gentle hand and walked with her back upstairs. Up there, Amy was on the floor where Jessica had gotten her. Her diaper was visibly wet from a distance, no doubt because of the tickling. Amy laid there playing with her toes until she saw Megan.

    "Megan, wanna watch a movie?" Amy sounded genuinely excited.
    "Maybe you'll get to watch after you get changed." Jessica said it in a very funny tone. Amy took one look at her diaper and turned beat red. Megan just watched as Jessica carefully undid Amy's diaper and with great confidence wiped her clean and powdered her. She swiftly brought a fresh diaper through her legs despite her squirming and fastened it tight. Amy was amazed at how softly yet assertively Jessica touched her, she knew exactly what she was doing. Jessica gave Amy's diapered butt a firm pat, sending her off to watch the movie.

    Jessica helped Megan into her pajamas and let them watch the movie.
    "I'm going to bed, don't stay up late..ok guys." Jessica was gone into her room. Amy turned to Megan once she was sure Jessica was gone. She put her lips close to Megan's.
    "Where were we…" She trailed off as they kissed.

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  • Night
    Megan's Great Day by Nyuu

    She could feel the warmth of her soaked diaper clinging to her skin, now crinkling more as she walked. She didn't even make it out of the isle, before she was hit with another urge, this time, it was different. She went to a squating position immediatley and subconciously. As soon as she got there, she felt her insides grumble and she let out a little gas. She looked at herself in the mirror, she could tell by her reflection that it looked like she was going to shit her pants, and that's exactly what was about to happen. She was hit with a slight cramp as she uncontrollably started to push it out. The warm mush hit her diaper and began to collect in her seat. She continued to watch as she could feel it coming out of her, and it was balling up in her seat, pushing it out. Sitting perpendicular to the mirror she saw a small bulge right under butt began to take shape. Even through her clothing it was very visible. She now began to push, and her face turning slightly red as she let out a cute grunting noise from behind her thumb. Now the bulge swelled outward over a full inch from her butt and began to from there expand in everywhich direction. Her face got redder, and let out and audible sigh of strain, taking in a much needed breath, before going back to pushing. She was extending her legs; Up on her fully streched arm and legs, her butt facing one wall, her head looking at the ground and her back arched up, she looked like she was in the wheelbarrel race without a partner. She grunted louder as she was now having a hard time fitting her mess inside her pants. One hand still inside her mouth, she looked over at her beat red complexion to see her butt continuing to swell, becoming a sizable hill under her ass. She finally was complete with a large grunt and she went to her knees to catch her breath. She regained some of her strength before examining her butt closely in the mirror, there was a huge arbitrary mound right under her asshole, visible clearly through her clothing. She poked at it with one fo her hands, it was pretty soft, and very warm under her butt. She was again struck with a feeling, this time very painfully urgent, she had no time to act before her insides let out another mess, this time, very fast, as it was really warm and soft, accompanied by a loud fart. Her hand was already on her ass as it forced its way in and around her hand, she could feel it molding its way around her butt. Quickly her ass was encompassed in poop as it shot out of her like frosting on a cake. It stopped as suddenly as it started and now she could smell what she had done too well. The odor was atrocious, and Megan took her hand away from her butt to see the damage in the mirror. Her butt was now just sticking out too much for anyone to mistake her predicament.

    She teared up, and slowely stood, feeling the mass in her pants shift and pull her down. She shouldn't have eaten those eggs, she had never had such a bowel movement in her whole life. She grabbed her dragon friend and waddled out of the isle, the diaper still crinkling.

    "Megan!" Jessica's voice came from across the store, as she stepped into view. Jessica and Amy came running down the store to meet her. They found her holding the stuffed dragon, blushing. "Megan, we agreed that you woul stay in the Toy isle, I had no idea where you went!" Jessicas words sounded genuine, but also were pretty disqusted. Megan burried her face in the animal she was carrying. Jessica then got a horrible look on her face, like someone just pinched her ass. "What is…" She didn't need to finish the sentence before she knew the answer. She could smell something very stinky, and knew the source right away. Amy was not so quiet.
    "Oh man, I think Megan needs changed quick!" Megan's face only became redder as tears collected in her eyes.
    "C'mon Megan, we'll get you to the car." Jessica handed Amy her debit card. "I'll take Megan to the car, you pay for the stuff." Megan now got a good look at what was in the cart. Besides Amy's digital camera, and a duffle bab, it was Megan's necessities. Inside was a big pack of dispozable diapers, a new kind, they looked kind of big and expensive. Also some powder and oil, as well as a bib and some other undiscernable goodies.
    "Can I have this?" Megan held up the stuffed dragon. "Its on sale."
    "Um…whatever." Amy took it and smiled.
    Quickly Jessica ran Megan out the door, recieving a couple of wierd looks but it was too late for them, Jessica was dragging her through the parking lot, Megan could feel the wide load in her seat moving between her legs. At the car Jessica put Megan in the back seat and Jessica climbed in with her. Megan sat in her mess and her eyes widened.

    "What in the hell Megan!" Her tone was angry. "You ran off and got us worried, and you shit yourself in a public place! What in the fuck is wrong with you!" Megan just cried softly. Jessica acted before she thought, and slowley realized that her tone was real harsh. She looked Megan over, now whiping the tears away, trying not to look too childish in front of Jessica. She looked away but couldn't quit sniffling.
    "Hey Megan I…" Jessica couldn't finish her sentence. Megan didn't say anything, she just lied down on the seat and curled up sucking on her thumb. The smell of Megan's diaper was beginning to permiate the car, so she stepped outside.

    Amy was coming, grocerycart in hand.
    "Alright, I think I got everything. The cashier looked at me pretty wierd when she saw all this baby stuff though." Amy just laughed, it was different when the diapers weren't yours. "Is Megan alright?"
    "Um…I yelled at her pretty loud, I didn't even think about what I was doing, now she's crying." Jessica seemed depressed, she had no intention of mistreating her friends, but Megan was adding some extra stress to her weekend.
    "Well, lets get home and change her, and give her a nap." Amy's solution was simple enough to work.

    They both climbed into the car, and immediately smelled Megan's messy diaper. Amy turned around and could see Megan teary-eyed lying on the back seat, sucking her thumb. She climbed into the backseat with her, and took Megan's head into her lap. She gave her the pacifier, and pulled from the bags the large purple dragon. Megan slowly accepted the gift. Amy massaged her head all the way home, calming her down.

    It didn't take long for Megan's diaper to become increasingly uncomfortable, and as she shifted her body, she let out little whimpers of discomfort from behind her pacifier.
    "Shh Shh Shh." Amy gently helped Megan onto her lap, where she could sit between Amy's legs and not have her weight on her stinking mess. She faced the opposite way as Amy, head over her shoulder, coaxed her back. Megan was nodding off, and Amy was taking a liking to holding her, she was warm and soft, and her dependence on Amy was very…fulfilling.

    As they reached the house, Megan was getting tired, and Amy knew that she was not going to be able to carry her.
    "C'mon Megan, take my hand." She was led inside for a good changing. This turned into a fiasco in the bathroom, as Jessica was determined to give her a bath, and Megan just wanted to splash everything. Afterwards after everything had calmed down, Megan took a nap.

    "Hey Amy, can you watch Megan, I have to get some more stuff." Jessica was in a hurry out the door.
    "Um, Yeah, I suppose I could do that." Amy said innocently.
    Some time passed before Megan awoke, there was no noise in the house. She stirred for a moment, laying in nothing buy a small Pink T-shirt and a diaper. As she got up, the whole house was quiet, too quiet, she wondered if anyone was home. The halls echoed with only the crinkling of her diapers, as she waddled slowly, cautiously.

    The Guest bedroom door was cracked, and there was some stirring inside, Megan could hear it. She scooted up to the door, and inched it open slightly. The image on the inside was enough to make Megan's heart skip a beat, her mouth dropped open, sending her pacifier careening to the floor, with a thump. Amy was standing on the bed, wearing only a diaper.

    Amy heard the pacifier hit the ground, she spun around to see Megan there, in her cute pink T-shirt and carrying her new stuffed dragon, staring at her. Amy was bare naked except for the new thick white diaper that was tightly, and shapely taped onto her very veluptuous hips. It hugged her beautiful buttocks perfectly. It was pretty thick so she was standing with her legs a little distance apart, and its elastic top reached for her bellybutton but could not cover it. She was a simply stunning woman to behold visually, now adorably inspiring with the childish attire on her.

    She had a look of complete shock and fear pasted on her face, she did not know what to do. Both girls were frozen in thier steps. Amy had not anticipated anyone finding her, not like this. Megan was stupified, and her unfaltering stare at Amy demanded an answer. Amy could just stand there, her face began to turn red, deep red, and she put her index finger into her mouth before she started to laugh, a nervous laugh that aknowledged that she had been caught, but begged for acceptance. Megan appraoched her slowly, looked her in the eyes. Amy was on the verge of tears, staring back at Megan. All Megan did was put her arms around Amy in a warm embrace. Amy melted, right then and there, into a pathetic whimper, and then a sobbing.

    While there were several minutes of bonding in the hug, eventually, both Megan and Amy came to and stared at eachother, wondering what had brought this on. Megan's adorable stare, begged the question, her eyes flaring innocently.
    "I just wanted to know what it felt like." Amy said gently rubbing her bulging diapered butt. Its texture was an all new experience to her; smooth, plastic-like, very…sensual. But on the inside it was warm and cozy, suggly placed and bending with her with any motion, albiet, not without a cute crinkling noise. Overall its adorable exterior and soft absorbing interior was more than enticing, it was a step away from erotic.

    "Do I look cute in it?" Amy got on all fours, and put her cute butt in Megan's face. She looked over her shoulder sucking her thumb. She was obviously going for the "cute and sexy" look, and she got both down right!
    "Your adorable." Megan said in her soft voice "But you need a shirt!" Amy looked down at her bare breasts. She cupped them in her hands.
    "Yeah, maybe your right." Amy went for the only shirt she herself owned within the house, a light blue T-shirt. She opted not to wear her pants (or try) so that her attire would match Megan's.
    "What if Jessica comes, what will she think?" Megan asked
    "I dunno." Amy didn't seem at all very concerned, almost like she wanted to have Jessica see her like this. Amy just crawled on her happy way. Megan was confused, Amy had really changed her tune, and it was all so sudden. She followed Amy to the Kitchen where Amy was getting ready to fix two bottles.
    "We should eat, I'm really hungry." Megan said poutfully, grabbing her stomach.
    "We have to wait till Jessica gets here." Amy turned around with two bottles of milk, handing one to Megan. Amy took hers and began to suck slowly, too slowly, she was trying to look cute in front of Megan again. Megan smirked and but the nipple to her lips. The milk was a welcomed cool beverage to Megan's dry throat.

    They both sat on the kitchen floor drinking thier milk, staring at eachother, and when their gaze met eachothers, quickly looking away, and then laughing. But before too long, the milk was gone, and both girls were in need of something to do.
    "What do you want to do?" Megan seemed eager to play, chomping at the bit. Amy however was pretty lazy, and just yawned. Sleepily she began to gather ideas.
    "Let's go play outback." She finally spouted.
    "Outback!? You mean in the yard?" Megan looked out the back door, the backyard was huge, with a lot of fun things to do, but, that was outside, in view of the public. "people can see us out there!"
    "So, people saw you today at Target? Let's go outback!" Amy stood up and opened the backdoor. Megan had no intention of following, she crawled to the door and watched as Amy ran out into the open. Her Blue T-shirt did not even cover her naval, her diapers were in full view of anyone who glanced out thier windows.

    "Come on Megan, its a beautiful day!" Amy danced in circles. Megan just shook her head from the relative safety of Jessica's home. Amy stopped and began to tap her foot like an impatient mother. "Megan, its alright just come out here."
    "Oh man, I know Im going to regret this." Megan stood slowly and gave her diapered butt a pat to see how it was. The diaper was too bulky and too noisy to be mistaken as underwear regardless of how far away any onlookers were. She put one foot infront of the other, as she waddled into the sunlight. There was no sign of any neighborly activity, but that was little to calm the nerves of Megan. She slowly trotted to where Amy was. Amy then looked to her left, Megan followed suit. There was a big trampoline in the yard, Megan's eyes widened. Amy raced to the trampoline.

    "No Wait!" Megan's words did little to halt Amy's newfound sense of adventure (or want for humility.) Amy climbed up onto the tramp and crawled on all fours to the center. Megan knew that the trampoline was just going to draw attention which is the last thing two high school seniors need when they are dressed in just diapers and T-shirts. Amy stood up and called for Megan, Megan just stood there mortified. Amy began to jump, her hair bouncing in the wind.

    "Weee!" Amy was screaming in happiness. Megan did not want to take part in Amy's 'get everyone to notice me in my diapers' game. But, however, the trampoline looked pretty fun. Megan was in a regressed state of mind, and any more rationallity on her part would have marched her back inside, but instead, she waddled over to the trampoline. "come on up, its fun!" Amy reached for Megan's hand and helped her up. The trampoline's texture was very neat under her naked feet. Ame began to bounce. The look on Amy's face was priceless, and Megan did not want to miss out, she jumped too. They sent eachother flying into the air and childish giggling and laughing persued. Bounce…Bounce…Bounce…The threatening thought of Neighbors seeing them melted as Megan became comfortable with the fact that she was wearing her diaper outside, she did not seem to care; it also helped that Amy was there too, and together they were having fun, thats what mattered.

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  • Night
    Megan's Great Day by Nyuu

    Jessica went to fill Megan's bottle again, and Amy put Megan in her lap. Amy took the remote in hand, and turned the channels till Megan found something that was okay to watch. Amy couldn't help but notice how sweet Megan's odor was, between the shampoo and the baby powder. Also, she was very soft, perhaps the pajamas or knowing Megan's vulnerablility, somehow, Amy could sense an aura of fragility from Megan.

    Jessica returned with the bottle, now filled with milk again, but she handed it ti Amy.
    "Would you like to do the honors?"
    "Yeah, sure!" Amy snatched the bottle from Jessica's hand and placed it to Megan's lips. Megan appeased them by taking it into her mouth and beginning to suckle. The formula was warm and sweet. She relaxed and laid in Amy's lap drinking the formula, but it wasn't long before she was fast asleep.

    It was still dark when Megan awoke to the purring of Jessica's kitten on her lap. She was on the larger of two couches, folded out into a bed in the basement of Jessica's home, and it took her a while to realize this. It was very dark in the room, only illuminated by the flashing 12:00 on the VCR. No one knew how to set it. She stirred for a moment, having slept a lot the previous day, she really didn't need a lot of sleep now, but she didnt want to wake the others. They were laying next to her one to the left and one to the right. Jessica and Amy were sound asleep. Megan was in need of a trip to the rest room, but was completely unable to get out of the bed without waking somebody. She shifted. It was then that Megan became aware of her diapered state.

    All the memories of the night previous came flooding back, and Again Megan could kick herself for letting her secret be so easily uncovered. Nevertheless, it was nice to have someone to baby her, and even better to have her friends aceptance. Thats all Megan needed to use her diaper right there. Laying on her stomach, in her pajamas that looked like they were ment for a three year old, she slowly wet herself. The growing warmth under her was very soothing, as it encompassed her groin it moved up towards the waistband and around her thighs. It was a great relief and enough of one to reinspire the tiredness in her as she floated back to her dream.

    The sunlight came pouring in the window, splashing the basement with yellow rays of warmth. Megan was pulled from her dream by streams of flare they produced. She stirred she was the only one in the bed. Amy was at its foot, staring at the T.V., morning cartoons no less. Jessica was in the kitchen concocting somesort of would-be breakfast, yet with such poise and manner, that she could have passed herself for a dignified chef.

    Megan's diaper was soaked and very cool, clinging to her skin like a child to its mother on the first day of school; very uncomfortable. Moving around in it only created the soft, cute crinkling that let Amy know Megan was awake.

    "Hello sleepyhead! Did you get enough sleep?" Amy's tone was like a mother to her baby, and yet, it was like Amy always talked to Megan, so different, yet so the same; Megan wondered if she was reading too much into it.
    "Yeah, I was tired." Megan's words weren't very discernable through her gregarious yawn.
    "Well, Jessica's making breakfast, or at least trying." Amy's words did not go unheard.
    "I don't see you helping!" Jessica's rebuttle came screaching from the kitchen. And with that Amy stood up and went to assist. Megan was left with the cartoons, which were mildly enjoyable, especially the funny ones. She curled back up on the couch and surfed for some entertaining shows.

    In the Kitchen, Amy was going to put out any fires that Jessica started, but she couldn't stop monitering Megan. Megan, who was more like a little kid than even before, couldn't necessarily be left alone. Not that she was subject to normal childish stupidities like choking on things or falling down the stairs, but she had gone through a momentous transition in the last 72 hours and was in dire need of a crying shoulder.

    Megan was in no hurry to get out of bed though, she was content on just watching T.V, not that sunday morning was notorious for its quality programming. It wasn't long before nature's calling was at her heel again. With her friends in the kitchen gone psuedo-warzone, she was sitting in her used diaper, using it again. As she rekindled the warmth of the diaper again, she was met with the usual relief as well as a sense of infantile security. She was hard-pressed not to suck her thumb, but she really didn't care now. The only people who would know were the ones who, likewise didn't care.

    Upon completing the breakfast preperation, or whatever you wanted to call it, Amy and Jessica were frazzled, but found solace in the infantile image of Megan on the couch. Sucking her thumb, clinging to the stuffed turtle, and wearing the most childish pajamas ever seen on a highschool senior, Megan's picture was a peculiar one for sure.
    "Hey Megan!" Jessica was eager to have Megan's attention. "Breakfast is served." Megan, being a rational human being, was not excited about eating the 'food' that Jessica made, but was not one to cause possible confrontation with her best friend.

    She began to waddle up the stairs slowely, and timidly, unsure what would happen if she got too close. As she came into the kitchen, both girls were looking at her, an atmosphere of akward belonging in the room. Amy scooted a seat out and motiond for Megan to sit. She did as she was told. Seated at the table next to her was Jessica, and the table was set, complete with salt and pepper. In front of Megan was her bottle, filled with milk. Amy retrieved the food from the stovetop. She brought it over still steaming to the table. It appeared to be some sort of omlet, a chaos omlet perhaps. It was a mix of many things, most unidentifiable to Megan's eyes, with no visible sense of coordination or organization. But it smelled delicious. Jessica looked into Megan's greedy eyes to know that she had done at least an acceptable job making breakfast.

    Amy was behind Megan now, tying a bib around her neck. Megan was now in an akward position, she liked being babied, but her freinds eagerness towards it was just a little wierd. A week ago she could have sworn that everyone would have called her a freak, thats what Cassandra did. Jessica cut the omlet into fourths and put one on Megan's plate and began to cut it up into little pieces. As Jessica, but the first bit onto Megan's fork, Megan just opened her mouth wide and let Jessica do the rest. She scooped a couple fo bites into her mouth before letting Megan take over the controls.

    Breakfast, was relativiely quiet, with very little verbal exchange, but not for the normal reasons. No one at the table was mad at eachother, they were just in thier own worlds. Megan was the first to finish and was getting up from the table.

    "Hold it! Your coming with me!" Jessica said in a pragmatic but authoritative tone. Megan was frozen in her tracks, what had she done? Jessica was smiling, an obvious sign that Megan had done nothing 'wrong', so what did she need?
    "C'mon" Jessica took Megan's hand and led her into the living area downstairs. Megan's puzzles were solved when Jessica went for the bag of diapers.
    "Oh, a change!" She thought. Megan laid down on the ground and allowed Jessica to unzip her pajamas. She slid them down Megan's body exposing her soft, naked skin underneath. Jessica, though, hederosexual, was forced to admire megan's complexion. Her skin was as smooth and flowing as cream, only to be accentuated by her great dark red air, almost brown, just a fiery tint in the light to give it that extra flair.

    Jessica undid the diaper slowly and peeled it away from her skin, the smell of stale urine, was only slight, but unmistakably present. As the air was allowed to meet Megan's skin again, she shivered. Jessica wiped Megan gently, but made sure to get the whole area. Jessica found it akward to touch Megan's genitalia, but not as akward as Megan did. Megan couldn't move, legs hoisted up slightly and spread as well, she did not want many to really see her in this position unless she was planning to have sex with them, and even then, it was supposed to be with the lights off. Jessica freely applied oil to her skin and rupped it in, it coated her pelvis in a wierd warmth. Then came the powder, which was likewise added very liberally. As it was shaken on to her crotch, Megan was tikled to the point of giggling, and Jessica smiled at the happiness in her tone.
    "Does that feel good?" Jessica asked rhetorically. Megan just blushed and smiled before sticking her thumb into her mouth, she did not answer.

    As Jessica pulled the diaper up between her legs, Megan was greeted with a familiar and enviting bulk around her. She squirmed to feel it.
    "Hey, wait till I have it on to move there." Jessica continued to lead the diaper up and across Megan's body, before it was carefull tape up on both sides. Megan now went to move, The bulk between her legs now again replaced, with a fresh diaper. Megan was givin a feast for all the senses. Every move made the lovable crinkling, that warmed Megan's heart, the adorable white diaper made Megan look like a child, and her bottom stuck out like minority in Salt Lake City. The thick aroma of baby powder was sweet and arousing, and most importantly, the diaper felt perfect, absolutley perfect. Inviting Megan to regress, forget about her stress, and to not be afraid.

    Jessica had not yet gotten used to Megan wearing diapers, and amidst the new experience, she found herself constantly amused with how adorable she was. Megan crawled around in her new diaper, wearing only that and her socks that she wore under her pajamas, it was obvious that she needed some clothes.
    'Hey Megan, wanna go pick out some clothes?" Jessica's exxagerated enthusiasm enticed Megan to oblige and follow. They walked by Amy who had been observing every meticulous act Jessica went through, and followed them to Jessica's room.

    In her closet, there was an abundance of old clothes that Megan could wear (not that she would) but it was still fun to play. Many of Jessica's clothing was just too…eccentric for her tastes. Megan's preffered atire was a pair of overalls and a t-shirt, most of the clothing in Jessica's clothing either involved a skirt, or it was really not that much clothing at all. A continued rummaging through all the crevices of Jessica's room came to few real options, and Megan was growing bored of laying on the bed, staring at the cieling.

    "A HA!" A cry came from deep within the closet, and out came pouring Jessica, hair in a frazzle. She was holding an obviously aged pair of shortalls. They were perfect! Adorned even with childish embroidery on hte chest pocket, the pair was light blue, as if it had been worn many times in ages past. The only question was if it would fit Megan.

    Jessica eagerly had Megan stand and step inside the leggings, and pulled them up. Megan's diapered butt was large and bulky, and this pair though technically large enough, was meant to have a girl with less figure standing in them. Her rotund behind pushed them outwards, making all the focus of her lower half go to her ass. Still, they were cute, and with the right stockings, she could be made to look even cuter. Over her white T-shirt, the shortalls added a touch that even the diapers themselves could not. Jessica went to retrieve some of her more outlandish socks from her drawer. She produced a pair of rainbow striped socks that were long enough to go over the calves. This addition made Megan's outfit complete. Jessica laid Megan back down on the bed and took her feet. Megan was ansy, so Jessica struggled putting each sock on, but once on, Megan looked like a different person.

    Megan was led to the bathroom vanity to see her reflection. The girl on the otherside was adorable, Megan was immediately inthralled. She put her hands up against the mirror and approached her image with an intrigued smile.

    "Hey silly, you'll get the mirror dirty." Jessica shooed Megan's hands away. Then began to do her hair. Then it hit Megan like a ton of bricks.

    "Where are we going?" Megan asked
    "Um…Just Target, I need to pick up some things." Jessica tried not to make it seem that she was hiding this from Megan. Megan looked down at her soon to be public attire and cringed. She was cute, but explaining this to the world was going to be a mess, one which was better left alone.
    "I don't wanna go." Megan's pouty lip was her only weapon against Jessica, she was in no position of authority.
    "I'm sorry Megan, but I can't leave you here."
    "Yes you can, Me and Amy will play!" Megan now searched for the logistical answer to the problem but with no avail.
    "Amy's coming to, we'll all be there Megan, don't worry."
    "But what if soneone sees me like this?" Megan's tone got quiter and direly more concerned.
    "C'mon Megan! You seriously dress like this all the time, the only difference is you have a diaper on now." Jessica hit the nail on the head. Megan looked at herself again. She did look pretty much like she always did. She turned to examine her butt. While slightly larger, there was no way to tell she was diapered from looking at it, less she bent over, and the plastic snuck out of one of one of the legs to her shortalls.

    Sound however was a different problem. With ever step, jerk, thrust, or bend, her 'underwear' emitted a horribly cute noise, that would let anyone within earshots distance in on her charade. Any mother, father, or daycare specialist was going to know what was up if they heard it. Hands down. They would hear the noise, see her clothing, and bulging butt and put two and two together. Megan was unsure, how going to a department store on a sunday, dressed like toddler, was going to yiled any positive influence at all.

    She turned around and gave Jessica an honest look in the eye.
    " I don't wanna go. I can stay here, I can be good." Her pleas were absorbed by a caring Jessica who put her hands on Megan's shoulder to show support.
    "Megan. two nights ago, you pissed yourself to the point of leaving stains on your clothes, and you came to my house, and peed on my floor. Since then, I've fed you, bathed you, diapered you, clothed you, and babied you. Last night you shit your pants and cried till you had no more tears. Now please just come with us so I don't have to worry about leaving you here? I swear it'll be allright!" Jessica's bold statement went a long way in Megan's mind. She was absolutely right, and much to Megan's disdain, she was forced to oblige.

    They went down the stairs to find that Amy was already in the car waiting.
    "She's not waisting any time, neither should he, Lets go!" Jessica was pylling Megan by the hand behind her. Outside the morning-miday sun was bright and hot, feeding all the plants, turning the asphalt into an environmental hazard, and blinding anyone with the audacity to step out in it. Megan immdiately squinted to see where she was going. She climbed into the back seat of the car, and Jessica buckled her seat belt. With this, she got in and started it up. The powerful air conditioning was more then welcome as it came cascading through the air into the back seat. Megan embraced the cool, refreshing breeze as it caressed her face.

    Amy turned around with Megan's pacifier in hand.
    "Here, I thought you might want this." Amy stuck into Megan's mouth. "Don't worry, I don't care if you take it out in the store, I just thought you might want it for the ride." Megan slobberingly accepted the gift and sucked merrily on it. As they drove through town Megan, through her new childish mindset, rediscovered the whole place. As they came to an interesection, there was a car next to them. Two African-American children in the back seat. A boy about six, and his sister about three. The boy looked at Megan sucking on the pacifier with a great inquisitive look, his mouth open in inquiry. The girl however just made a funny face and rolled her eyes. Megan likewise crossed her eyes back. The girl laughed at this and then stuck her finger in her nose. Megan copied. The girl then stuck the other finger in the other nostril and Megan copied again. The girl laughed so hard she covered ger mouth, even her brother was laughing by this point. As the light turned green, the cars accelerated to different locations. The children in the other car waved bye and Megan sadly waved back.

    Everything in the world was different somehow, the world just seemed…bigger. All the people hustling and bustling throuout the city, and then the planet. Megan was deep in thought and awe of everything around her when they reached the store.

    "Alright, Megan, stay close to Amy and Me, and we'll be out of here faster than you can say 'happy birthday." Jessica did little to reinsure Megan that this was going to be anyhting than a nightmare.
    "Haffy Boofday" Megan tried to say it from behind the pacifier, but failed miserably, though it got Amy to chuckle.

    They led Megan by the hand, into the building, the ominous "Target" sign looming overhead as the passed through the doors. As they entered Megan could already see a couple of people. She took a deep breath and was saturated with the apartment store aroma. It smelled like old popcorn and new clothing. Jessica and Amy went to the electronics section, apparently Amy was after a new digital camera. They pulled Megan along, crinkling all the way. Not as many people were present and Megan had anticipated, which only put her a little more at ease. As they got to the electronics section, a cute guy was across the counter, and he looked bored as hell. Megan did not want anyone to see her like this, especially memebers within her age group, she darted down an isle and cut in. Jessica could not hold her back, she was off. While Amy did her best to put her clevage in the man's view and flirt with him, Jessica followed Megan, and found her in the toy isle.

    "Megan I thought we agreed to stick together." Jessica didn't seem actually disappointed, but was almost laughing at what Megan looked like running in her thick diapers.
    "I don't want to have anyone look at me, can we please leave." Megan was sitting legs spread in the middle of the isle, practically in tears. Jessica leaned down to hug her.
    "Alright, can you stay right here, and we'll be back for you, we're just getting a couple of things." At this Megan felt a little better, atl least she stopped her sniffling.

    Jessica left back to find Amy and the Electronics guy doing everything but touching eachother, drooling over the counter.
    "Hey Amy, did you come here to get laid or buy a camera!" Amy was suddenly, painfully, pulled back to reality.

    Meanwhile Megan was just sitting in the toy isle looking at all the little toys. She say something that lookied like a wheel with a lever. When she pulled it she was greeted with a very silly voice.
    "The Cow sais 'Moo'." Megan giggled a little. She remembered these from her childhood. She found other toys and contraptions that either looked really cute, or made so many wierd noises she couldn't resist them. She crawled around the isle, Bulging diapered bottom sticking out like a sore thumb. But no on else was present. She became fixated on a stuffed dragon that was on sale. It was a deep purple with orange wings. It must have been at least three feet tall, cause sitting on her diapered butt, Megan was about as tall as it. It was so soft, and furry; and despite being a dragon was really cute. She held it and hugged it, and wanted it really bad.

    She then got ansy, wondering where her friends could be. She went to the next isle, dragging her new Dragon friend. The next isle was full of lawn and garden appliances, followed by car stuff. In the back she found a bunch of mirrors, and as she went down the isle, she saw herself. She saw her adorable, and strangly provactive image, and the stuffed animal only added to the image. In front of the mirror she was forced to suck her thumb, and then take a seat. She had her legs spread and could see her diaper in the leggings of her shortalls, as if the bulge around her seat and crotch weren't enough of a giveaway.

    Her mind now was no longer on finding Jessica or Amy, she was content making funny faces in the mirror. Her mood changed slightly when she became aware of an urgent need to pee. She watched herself kneel in front of the mirror, and put on hand to her crotch, the other in her mouth. And with that she began to feel the warm splashing in her crotch. It seeped in quick around her crotch as a growing circle before it ran across her thighs. It made it to her back side and tickled her rear. As she continued, her crotch was taking the bulk of the wetness on and she could feel the warmth through her clothing on her hand, as the diaper expanded and became rather squishy in her palm. She continued to suck greedily on her thumb, now drool running down her wrist She could see that the middle of her diaper, that ran between her crotch and ass, was expanding as well, bulging her clothing out, as her torent of relief showed no signs of slowing. She began to slowly massage her crotch and legs, as she now began to have a pool gather under butt, only to have it soaked up making her bottom look even more rediculous. It was about this time that the flow slowed, and Megan was awair of the odor of urine in the air. She gasped for air, cause she hadn't been breathing, and sighed in great relief. Then she felt alone, she wanted Jessica to come and change her, the feeling was so overwhelming and immediate that Megan had to act, she got up dragging her dragon friend.

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  • Night
    Megan's Great Day by Nyuu

    The sun baked the room in a golden hue. Jessica opened her eyes, but quickly shielded them from the bright onslaught of sunlight. She sat up and looked around, remembering she was in Megan's room. She turned to see that Megan was still asleep. Curled up with her teddy bear, it was absolutely adorable. Jessica needed to use the bathroom, and got up. On her way she saw a note on Megan's door.

    "Megan, went to breakfast and shopping, we'll be back this afternoon. Love Mom and Dad." Jessica smiled.
    "This is perfect." She thought.

    Megan was waking up. She was sucking on her pacifier, and turned over, Jessica was gone. Megan became concerned, so she sat up. That's when she felt a funny feeling in her diaper. She stuck her hand down there and discovered she was wet. Megan was confused, when had she peed? She didn't remember going…
    "Holy shit!" Megan said out loud, and then immediately covered her mouth. She had wet in her sleep. She heard the toilet flush, and was aware of her need to go again. She sat there and begin to pee her already wet diaper. She could barely feel the wetness, since her diaper was already soaked. Jessica came into her room.
    "Well now your awake!" Jessica said cheerfully. "Are you ready to use the potty instead of your diapers this morning?" Jessica knew that Megan was still an adult under this attire, and capable of using the toilet, little did she no that Megan was wetting her diaper right then.

    Megan just blushed, and looked at her crotch that she was in the process of wetting, then back at Jessica. Jessica could tell by her face and silence what was going on.
    "Oh Megan! Aren't you a big girl?" Jessica sounded concerned and she got up close to Megan. Megan was still full force peeing into her diapers and as both fell silent, the only sound was Megan's 'stream' hitting the inside of her diaper, and Jessica was close enough to hear.
    "Well…I'll take that for a no." Jessica sounded just slightly disgusted, but quickly smiled at Megan and rubbed the top of her head as she looked for what to change Megan into.
    "Megan, I know that your peeing your pants, but do you think you can use the toilet today?" Jessica urged Megan to stand up and act like an adult, at least a little.
    "Yeah, I can do that." Megan stood up, only now the flow in her diaper slowing down. "But I still need help changing." Megan's eyes were big, and begging. Jessica laughed.
    "Alright, I can do that." Jessica unzipped her pajamas, and saw that her double diaper had done the trick. She laid Megan down and undid the diaper. Megan was still sucking on her thumb.
    "What do you want to wear?" Jessica asked.
    "I dunno"
    "Well, you have a pair of these sweat shorts." Jessica pulled out a pair of gray running shorts, with the word 'booty' across the butt.
    "That'll work." Jessica helped Megan into a pair of pink panties and her shorts, deciding that the shirt would be okay for a while. Megan walked out into the house.
    "Where are mommy and daddy?" Megan looked around.
    "They said they would be back later, that gives us some time for preparation." Jessica was preparing to make breakfast. Megan was going to have toast. Jessica fixed her toast, and then went on to fix her own food. Megan noisily ate her food, getting a good amount of the milk from her glass on her chin and t-shirt. Jessica just shook her head as Megan giggled at herself acting like a child. Jessica was on hand to wipe her down and then take her downstairs when done.

    "I think there's going to be a sleep over at my house tonight, with the regular crew." Jessica mentioned. Megan got excited, she liked sleep overs.
    "Um, what do you have planned?" Megan perked up.
    "Nothing outside the ordinary, watch some movies, ya know. But we have to leave this house early, your parents will be back." And with that, Megan and Jessica were on the move, packing up. Jessica thought it might be a good idea to bring Megan's diapers and necessities, and put it all in the car. Though it was Megan's car, she really wanted Jessica to drive. They headed to Jessica's house, which was always empty, they would for sure have their privacy. Megan ran into the downstairs and saw the huge TV in the living area.
    "Holy Cow, this thing is HUGE!" Megan was in awe.
    "Yeah, my Dad loves his toys." Jessica seemed remarkably less excited. Megan turned on the TV and was immediately lost in the shows on digital cable, they had long lost cartoons that Megan hadn't seen in ages. Jessica just unpacked. Jessica was upstairs, getting everything in order, and Megan was downstairs watching T.V. But soon she was asleep, sprawled across the floor, sucking on hr thumb.

    Jessica had been upstairs for an hour before deciding if it was best to check on Megan. She went downstairs to find Megan on her stomach on the floor. Upon closer approach though, she could see that the carpet was wet under her.
    "Oh no!" Jessica wasn't that loud, but she knew that this was going to be a hassle. "Megan, get up sweetheart." Jessica's voice while soft, commanded authority, and Megan was wide awake.
    "Wha…" Megan rubbed her eyes.
    "Megan, you peed on my mom's carpet." Megan looked down and saw that her shorts were soaked, and there was a circle on the carpet about a foot and a half in diameter. Immediately Megan was thoroughly embarrassed and proceeded to cry. Jessica, leaned down and gave her a hug and gently rubbed her back, without saying anything. She led Megan by the hand to the washroom, where she left her for a moment. She let Megan sit on an old towel, just in case She deodorize the carpet and put an anti stain mix on to work for a few minutes. Megan was in the washroom sulking, sitting on the cold-tiled floor in the dim yellow light in her soaked shorts. Before Jessica had come back, Megan needed to pee again, but just let loose before she could even get up. Megan watched as a steady flow, that she was powerless to control, flowed out of her and was being soaked up by the towel. The towel grew warm under Megan's bum. Megan just cried as always. The towel was getting to full capacity, when Jessica returned for Megan.

    "Megan, its okay, I just think…" Jessica stopped, seeing that Megan was in the middle of uncontrollably peeing again. Megan just covered her face in shame and finished her business. Jessica gave her a second.
    "Are we all done?" Jessica spoke very perky, as if it was alright that Megan had just pissed herself twice. Before Megan could answer Jessica had pulled a diaper out from behind her back along with the oil and powder. Megan looked at them and continued to cry. Jessica just took Megan off the towel and put her on the floor. She took Megan's shorts and panties off throwing them in the washing machine. She began to powder and oil Megan.
    "Ya know Megan, its gonna be best if you wear diapers for a while, cause if you ruin the carpet, I'll be killed. No trial, no appeal, straight to execution." Jessica was pulling the diaper tight around Megan. Megan had slowed to a sniffle as the soft diaper met her skin. "If you need to use the toilet tonight, just let me know and we'll take these off, okay?" Jessica was being really nice, and Megan didn't understand why she wasn't furious, or at least making fun of her. Megan just sat up in her knew diaper and moved around to make it crinkle. Jessica handed her the pacifier.
    "Do you want this?" Megan nodded her head from behind the tears of shame. Jessica put it in her mouth and led Megan out into the living room. Jessica sat down and put Megan in her lap. It was slightly awkward, Megan was only three inches shorter than Jessica. Megan resting against Jessica began to relax, her sad whimpering from behind the pacifier were silenced, and her tears were drying up.
    "Ya know Megan, I feel kinda like a big sister." Jessica abruptly announced. "And as long as you need anything, I'll be here." Megan turned around in her lap supported only by her big diapered butt. She looked at Jessica and would have said something, had the pacifier not been in her mouth, but instead hugged her, tightly. Jessica could sense by the tension of the hug, that this meant a lot to Megan. Megan was crying again, but this time not from sadness.

    The sun was going down on the late saturday afternoon. The sky was a peachfuzz orange, as if lit ablaze by the suns final stand of glory, before deminishing. The air was quiet outside, and the wind not even a whisper. Jessica was frantically calling everyone on the upstairs phone, while Megan slept on her couch. Jessica tried, but to no avail, to get everyone to come over to her house. Lisa was unreachable, and Lauren was going to a party. Only Amy lacked saturday night plans.

    Jessica went downstairs to find Megan drooling on the couch.
    "You can't hold any of your fluids in, can you?" Jessica said softly, so not to wake Megan. Megan was off in her own dream world, where she was truely happy. Jessica was going to wake her, as Amy was coming over, cand couldn't have Megan in just a shirt and diapers sleeping on the couch. But Jessica couldn't stop staring at Megan, who was the poster-child for a new level of adorable. Finally, softly, Jessica started to move Megan's shoulder.
    "Hey, Megan?" Megan was unwillingly drawn away from her dream, and pulled back to reality, only to be greated by Jessica's smiling face. She rubbed her eyes, her stomach rumbling with hunger. She opened her mouth to talk, and the pacifier she had been sucking on fell out.
    "What time is it?" Megan asked still rubbing her eyes.
    "Um…Its 5:30. We might have to get your clothes changed Megan, Amy's coming over tonight." Megan was immediately motivated to move. The htought of another, and in this case, less personal friend, seeing her in diapers, was more than Megan was willing to risk. She got to her feet and followed Jessica upstairs.

    "Now, we didn't bring any of your clothes, except your pajamas, so you can borrow some of my sweats. I don't think you'll like most of the other stuff i wear." Jessica pulled a pair of pink sweat bottoms from her drawer. "We'll also need to cover up that telling diaper sound." Megan just looked down at her still dry diaper. Jessica pulled some thick bloomers she had hidden away from when she was a cheerleader in Junior high.
    "These are going to be a bit tight, but they'll do the trick." Jessica helped Megan step inside the clothes and pulled up her pants. Megan had to do nothing but lift her legs and suck her thumb.
    "Thanks Jess, I appreciate this."
    "Well, i wouldn't worry about Amy figuring out your secret." Megan walked around in her clothes, sure enough the sound didn't exist, but her butt looked pretty big.
    "My bum is kinda big."
    "Don't worry, this is pretty good. Amy'll be here soon, but we can eat first." Megan walked downstairs by Jessica's hand and was helped to some maccaroni-and-cheese. Jessica gave her a sippy-cup of apple-juice.
    "Hey, whats this?" Megan stuck her lip out.
    "Your milk was everywhere but your mouth this morning Megan, and I told you about my Mom's carpet." Jessica's tone was so chirpy. Normally, Jessica should have been disgusted with Megan, but instead she acted like it was alright that she made messes.
    "Im sorry." Megan was sad again, her eyes watering, remembering her embarassment.
    "Hey, shhh. Its okay, its okay to wet yourself. That's why your wearing diapers now." Jessica came over and massaged her neck. Jessica's words did little to make Megan feel better about what had happened. Megan just sat there sulking quietly.
    "C'mon Megan, you need to eat your maccaroni." Jessica sounded concerned for Megan's health.
    "Im not hungry."
    "Aw, don't pout." Jessica sat down next to her smiling, trying to make this easy on her. "If you don't eat it, im gonna have to feed it to you." Megan started crying.
    "Im not a baby!" Megan's scream was met with a spoonful of maccaroni in her mouth. She chewed and swallowed. "Hey, thats not bad." Megan changed her tune.
    "Do you want some more?" Jessica asked. Megan nodded and opened her mouth as Jessica put another spoonful into her mouth. She drank some applejuice and then asked for more. Jessica continued to feed Megan, and she was really enjoying herself. Jessica could tell that only now was teh gap left by being an only child being filled. She now had someone who she cared for like a sister, being dependant on her, and Jessica was willing to help. Megan's mouth was covered with cheese when she finished. Jessica went and fixed a bottle of milk and gave it to Megan. Megan just took it and sucked. She retreated downstairs to the couch. Jessica followed her and watched her snuggle on the couch, drinking her bottle.

    A knock came on the door. Jessica took the bottle form Megan and stashed it in the fridge. It was Amy, she had brought a few movies to watch. Megan just got under the covers, not wanting to risk anything at all.
    "Hi all! I brought some killer flicks that you guys are gonna love." Amy made herself at home. "Have you guys seen the old casablanca?"
    "I wasn't aware there was a new one." Jessica said.
    "Well, there isn't, but its still old." At this megan begin to giggle. Amy's attention was drawn to Megan.
    "Hey there, do ya wanna watch a movie?" Megan nodded her head. Amy then saw a peculiar item on the floor, and picked up Megan's pacifier. Immediately Megan's face burnt red.
    "What is this? Hey, Jessica what is this for?"
    "Its something i found while digging through all my old shit today, it must have been left on the floor." Jessica was quick to answer, sharp as a nail.
    "Yeah right!" Amy laughed. She went over to the entertainment center and popped in the movie. The lights wree then turned off, and everyone gathered in the strange glow of the TV.
    "Hey Megan, your parents now know that your over here, i called them for you." Jessica yelled as she hurried down teh stairs so not to miss the movie. The movie was in black and white. They watched, Megan liked old movies, but was soon growing tired again, since Jessica had awaken her now twice today when she was napping. She started to doze off, sticking her thumb in her mouth. Amy saw this, and smiled as the adorable megan, drifted to sleep, sucking on her fingers like a little child. Amy excused herself to get a soda. Inside the fidge, she then saw the bottle. It was begining to make sense.

    They finished out the movie and turned on the lights. This still wasnt enough to wake Megan from her slumber.
    "So, whats going on with Megan?" Amy's question was unwelcome, but had already been said.
    "Um…well, shes got a lot going on right now, shes kinda stressed." Jessica was trying to play cool, but losing the battle.
    "She seems to have regressed a bit, she acts even wierder than usual." Amy said looking at Megan now curked up in a ball on hte couch.
    "I don't know what your talking about." Jessica was not good enough for Amy.
    "Do you know what she was wearing last night?" Amy dealt the blow, thank god Megan wasn't awake.
    "A diaper?" Jessica had given in.
    "Yeah, i knew that you knew."
    "Hey i didn't know until last night." Jessica was backed into a corner. "And don't you dare make fun of her! Our friendship means the world to her, and your not allowed to ruin it." Amy immediately took offense.
    "Why would I not be friends with Megan because she wore diapers?"
    "Shes just very self-concious and very vulnerable right now, it would be best if you acted like you didn't know, even though your ok with it." Amy then looked at Megan in a new light, and kinda felt sorry for her, and smiled at how cute she looked, innocently sleeping with her thumb in her mouth. She then stirred.
    "Shhh shes waking up." Jessica whispered.

    Megan opened her eyes to see both of them looking at her. She was started as she wiped the drool from her chin.
    "What are you guys looking at." Megan looked concerned.
    Megan didn't want to move, in fear that they had something planned.
    "Hey lets play some cards." Jessica quickly retrieved some playing cards and started dealing.
    "What are we playing?" Megan asked
    "Poker. I've seen the guys play it a thousand times, it looks like fun." Megan was waithing to be dealt when she became aware of her need to pee bad. She really didn't give much effort to holding it in before it squeezed its way out of her. She was sitting on her knees at the small coffee table, when her crotch began to become wet. It emulated heat, that washed around her crotch and down her leggings. Complete ecstasy washed over her, as it splashed and teased her most sensitive area. It was a great relief, and it wasnt done, it had just reached her bottom and she was enjoying herself.
    "Megan! What are you doing over there! Its your turn." Amy broke Megan's rapture. Megan already had a flush, and didn't need any cards.
    "Um…I don't want anycards." Megan's voice was quiet. Jessica wasn't stupid, she knew what Megan had just done in her diaper, and worse yet, Megan knew that Jessica knew, and was blushing. They played a few hands, and Megan was winning most of the time, good thing they weren't gambling. Megan dropped out of the game late though, she just wanted to watch.

    Jessica and Amy went at it, talking about a lot of the things that were on thier mind at the same time, which Megan was happy listening to to give her more insight on her friends lives.
    "So, there I was, and He was like so drunk, and so big, I thought he was going to rape me…" Amy was in the middle of a story. "But when I couldn't run anymore, he finally caught up, and i was going to scream for help, and he just gave me a beer and said theat I had left it on the table!" Amy busted out laughing.
    "Wait, he chased you over a mile to tell you that? Now thats drunk!" Jessica's laughter ensued. Megan was still at the table giggling as well. When she felt something inside. Amy and Jessica were interupted and silenced themselves when they heard the noise. Megan farted. Not just any fart, this would make the guys blush. Megan's face turned red, and her mouth dropped open. Her stomach made a growl and she let out another one. Jessica put her hand to her mouth as she realized what was happening.
    "Megan?" Amy spoke, but Megan did not answer. She was sitting on her knees, bum sticking out, when a final (and unwelcomed) push from her stomach, filled her pants with a mess. Her bottom began to expand noticibly almost immediately, even through the sweats. The mess spread across her butt, but Megan didn't even cringe, she was frozen, jaw locked into place. Both watched her with awe as she farted a juicy fart again, this time, the sound was unmistakable, she was soiling herself. It continued to take up room in her seat and spread its way around. It covered her bum in warmth, and stuck in place, it felt like the consistancy of mud. Finally, she was done, but only she knew that. Jessica and Amy just looked at her as a tear filled her eye. The smell was now wafting to not only Megan, but Jessica too.
    "Did you just shit yourself?" Amy's question was met with a response.
    Megan's mouth opened wide and she let out a wail. Both were taken by suprise by this, but quickly reacted.
    "Oh Jesus." Jessica knew what had to be done. She got up and went over to Megan and put out her arms. Megan did not budge, she was crying like she never cried before. She sounded like a banshee. Jessica forcefully tried to hug Megan, but Megan pushed her away.
    "Shhh. Shhh." Its alright Megan, please its alright. Its not your falt." Jessica's voice was now her very soothing one. Amy watched in awe, but also with a kind of new respect for Jessica, to be able to handle this so well; and she felt bad for Megan who was obviously very vulnerable, and broken up.

    Jessica pulled Megan from the floor, to the couch where she sat, into her lap, except facing the opposite way. Megan was still crying, but at least here, laying her head over Jessica's shoulder, she could calm down. Jessica put the pacifier in her mouth to put an end to the screaming and began to rub her back.
    "Its not your falt Megan, stuff like this happens. That's why your wearing the diapers, we're not mad." Amy looked at Jessica.
    "Yeah Megan, its okay to poop your diapers, that's what babies do." At this Megan got embarrased in front of Amy.
    "Im not a baby." Her words were barely understandable from behind her pacifier, but Jessica understood.
    "Well, Megan, you kind of are, right now." Jessica while being nice and gentle in her tone, was rather blunt. "But who sais its bad to be a baby?" At this Megan said nothing. She was calming down, but the smell was becoming unbearable. She sat in a huge mess, and her butt was two feet away from Jessica's face.
    "Alright Megan, lets change your diaper." Both Jessica and Amy got up. Jessica took her to