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  • aceofclubs
    started a topic [Abandoned] Compassion and Care

    Compassion and Care

    Chapter 1: Country Roads Take Me Home...

    She was finally doing it! Sarah Jones was finally returning to her hometown of Mossrock West Virginia after spending 5 years in nursing school. The now 27 year old was looking forward to moving back into the tiny mountain town she once called home. She was also thankful that the hospital had given her a position as a home visit nurse. Everyone in Mossrock knows everybody else, and when someone moves back they are welcomed with open arms. She...
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  • Jeffy25
    started a topic [Abandoned] New Girl in School - Jilly Poo

    New Girl in School - Jilly Poo

    Several years ago, Jilly Poo from Daily Diapers wrote this magical story. She appears to have abandoned the story incomplete and hasn't picked it up, or even logged in in quite some time.

    So I am sharing her 308 page, 135,798 word story here since DD had their integration that appears to have made them lose a ton of stories.

    So here it goes:

    My parents told me my life would be different once I started high school but I don't think they...
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  • AmonBisby
    started a topic [Abandoned] The diary of an adult baby

    The diary of an adult baby

    Hey guys, this is my first ABDL-story I write, so I hope you enjoy it. The idea is that this will be about the daily life of an adult baby and his partner, who is also an adult baby, in a world where this is, not normal, but "socially allowed". Because it is supposed to be a diary, I have no idea yet just how far or long i will take this, or how regularly I will update it. This story is set in the UK, but as I am not actually British myself, I apologise in advance for making any mistakes...
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  • It's Your Fault I'm Not Poopular! by YC3

    First, a couple warnings.

    -This has been abandoned for years, so it'll never be 'finished.'
    The original is here.

    -I haven't read it in a similar amount of time, and didn't actually re-read it before posting.
    As such, the only thing I did do, was clean up some odd characters, and space out some paragraphs for better readability.
    The warning part of that comes from the fact that this originated on 4chan, which is notorious...
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  • Kaleb to Katie: A Butterfly Emerges

    November 2nd, 2001:

    Kaleb’s Diary:

    “ Here I am starting a diary, some guys do it so why can’t I? I’m a quiet person in general, don’t really associate with anyone at school. It’s not that I don’t want to it’s just that I feel like I don’t fit in with anyone. I’m not a rough houser like the rest of the boys in my class so I just read during our recess. The teacher’s don’t mind my reading either, I’m one of the smarter kids in the class so they just...
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