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  • BabyAnna
    started a topic [Complete] Snatched Surprise

    Snatched Surprise

    I knew he was going to rape me. I just didn't know what to do about it. I stared at him, determined not to cry, refusing to scream or panic. He ignored the hatred in my eyes, just sat there, actually started cleaning his nails with the large knife he held.


    The command was firm. He didn't shout, the knife blade flashing in the light of the bedside lamp gave his deep gravelly voice the extra weight it needed. I resisted, just stood there, wishing I'd...
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  • BabyAnna
    started a topic [Complete] Concealed


    Frank applied the safety, ejected the magazine, cleared the chamber and put his pistol on the table. The Glock 26 looked like a toy gun, its compressed form stumpy and ugly, but he was glad he'd had it on him. Hearing someone enter the house he stepped away from the table, turned to face the door and raised his hands.

    "Police! Stop there. Hands up, keep them where I can see them. Don't move!"

    The police officer was young, frightened, his service weapon pointing...
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  • skara
    started a topic [Complete] My Hospital Bladder Problem

    My Hospital Bladder Problem

    Years ago, I was eighteen and in the hospital for a two week stay. My right elbow was in a large cast after a severe surgery, and numbing agents were coursing through my arm from a pump in my shoulder. Naturally I was pretty bed-bound, and when nature calls, the thing to do was go in a little plastic pitcher by the bedside. It had measurement on the side in milliliters, presumably to check that patients were staying hydrated. Not that it was difficult to stay hydrated, as I had a bag of mineral...
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  • Gummybear
    started a topic [Complete] Road Trip (Nikki & Sarah 9)

    Road Trip (Nikki & Sarah 9)

    Just for the record, the title of this story is a temporary title. I need to find a better one. And as usual, constructive criticism is welcome.

    "This is booooooring,"

    Nikki gave Sarah one of her patented 'looks'.

    "I know, I know. I sound like a five-year-old." Sarah held up her hands.

    "Yes. And let's not forget that this was your suggestion," Nikki said.

    "Remind me never to make vacation suggestions...
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  • [Spam is murder] Supersoft Eco-Gaia

    This is not SPAM. NOT spam. Do not spam the mods with complaints about spam as this is not spam. I wouldn't spam. I don't even like spam. I like organic fairtrade tofu.

    Announcing Supersoft Eco-Gaia, environment friendly waste management for everybody. Give birth to the Earth.

    People across the world are destroying natural habitats by not only wasting water flushing their toilet, but also channelling that waste into the wild. You can help prevent this heinous...
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  • BabyAnna
    started a topic [Complete] Good Girls Wear Diapers

    Good Girls Wear Diapers

    She walks through to the bedroom, unzips her skirt, tilts her head and watches his face as it slides slowly down her smooth tanned legs. Eyes wide, he looks up at her face and asks, "But.. silk?"

    She doesn't smile, just looks back at him, speaks softly. "I've been a naughty girl. Very naughty."


    He comes back into the room, looks at her lying there naked. The expensive Italian lace, torn and ripped, lay on the floor by the bed,...
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  • BabyAnna
    started a topic [Complete] A Treatise on the Maiden

    A Treatise on the Maiden

    A Treatise on the Maiden

    As Halloween approaches, minds turn to the more traditional forms of securing a loved one. While those of a nautical bent tend to favour irons and there's always that section of the community that enjoy stocks or even a pillory, many people will instead recommend a shrew's fiddle. Requiring less space than a yoke yet imposing greater vulnerability than shackles this option is portable and draws the arms well clear of the diaper being used or changed.
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  • BabyAnna
    started a topic [Complete] Adult Baby ABC

    Adult Baby ABC

    a is for amah

    Auspicious adults always avail adolescents avec an amah.

    b is for bottle

    Beautiful babies beyond breastfeeding, being babysat by burdened bedwetting babysitters, bereft bountiful breast, beg bottle balm, but blessed babysitter brings brilliant bacon baps berthed beside baked beans.

    c is for crib

    Crib or cot, childproof closures cleverly constrain coddled child.

    d is for diaper
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  • Windeljungen
    started a topic [Complete] SHOCK THERAPY


    A young teen is sentenced to juvenile jail. He and his cellmate, an abused 11-year old boy, are forced to wear diapers while locked in their cell. Despite episodes of embarrassing diaper wetting, the boys forge a strong friendship in jail and decide to become brothers. Will they be able to stay together when they're released?

    The Sentencing

    "Josh Taylor, I hereby find you guilty of second-degree shoplifting. The security camera clearly shows you pocketing the headlight....
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  • Humilatron
    started a topic [Complete] ENF/Punishment | Election Day

    ENF/Punishment | Election Day

    Hannah sat lazily on the couch in her family room watching tv. She should be going to vote during this time, but she was too lazy and couldn't care less who won. She was simply looking to get by and not have to do anything all day.

    Her mother suddenly burst open the door. "Hannah, you haven't gone to vote yet. Come on, get off your butt and I'll take you to the voting location," she said.

    "No, mom. I don't want to go. It's a pointless vote anyways,"...
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  • BabyAnna
    started a topic [Complete] The Castration

    The Castration

    The Castration

    Danny looked at his mother in horror. When you're eight barely an hour passes without someone telling you off but he'd never seen her looking this angry.

    Jane stomped up to the worried looking boy, grasped his wrist and pulled him roughly towards the house. "Come with me," she demanded, ignoring that the small boy couldn't do anything else, "you have some explaining to do."

    Danny wondered what he'd done wrong this time....
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  • Les Lea
    started a topic [Complete] Circumcised 1-5

    Circumcised 1-5


    I was ten when mum decided I should be circumcised. I’d become increasingly lazy when carrying out my visits to the bathroom. She was fed up with me missing the toilet bowl and I often departed unaware that I’d left a puddle of pee where I stood. This was because I had a very loose foreskin that, if I didn’t retract right back, often covered my pee-hole and sent trickles in different directions. Some pee hit the water so I assumed it all had but I didn’t check and
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  • oumpah
    started a topic [Complete] Self-Perception, by ChrisMyst

    Self-Perception, by ChrisMyst

    Self-Perception, by ChrisMyst

    Ben visits his family during a family reunion, and decides to show off some new equipment from work.

    1 - Pressure

    Ben stepped out of his Lexus and pulled his sunglasses down from his head to shield his eyes from the harsh morning sun. What a waste of time, he thought to himself, as his polished black shoes made crunching sounds on the cracked soil beneath his feet. I’m going to need to get these things professionally shined,...
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  • BabyAnna
    started a topic [Complete] Decadent Deux

    Decadent Deux

    Decadent Deux

    Sequel to the story Decadent, so read that one first.

    Another night, another pizza. A new delivery driver this time, slightly older, a very attractive muscular frame. I decided not to let this one laugh at me, adopted a different approach.

    "Is that my pizza? I ordered the stuffed crust; I like a nice hot stuffing."

    Sure, it was crude. That didn't stop it working, a smirk telling me he'd understood. I looked down,...
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  • BabyAnna
    started a topic [Complete] Decadent



    Pizza delivery is the peak of Western decadence. Not only is someone making a meal for you, not only are they delivering it to your door, not only are they charging you an African's week's wages for this, but the meal they deliver is nutritiously bankrupt, a hedonistic luxury consumed purely for pleasure.

    I opened the door and welcomed my decadence.

    The boy that delivered it drove to my house so he had to be at least 17, even if he didn't look it....
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