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  • dl68
    started a topic [Incomplete] The Wrong Shop

    The Wrong Shop

    The Wrong Shop

    Chapter 1

    My thoughts were suddenly interrupted by a tannoy announcement saying the museum was about to close, I looked at my watch and realised that it was nearly 5pm. I had been in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam for the last 6 hours studying a number of their Impressionist paintings. I saved the file I had open on my tablet PC; feeling satisfied that I had enough information to help me with my studies when I returned to the UK.

    I packed everything
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  • Agent Dark (A Diaper Dimension Story) ~ Chapter 1 posted on 11/26/2019

    Hello guys, it's me. I've decided to post this, a story that I doubt very strongly that any of you had ever seen before! This is a Diaper Dimension Story with a little bit of world-building added into it, I'm not sure how much yet, but it's not LotR level, no one could out-Tolkien J.R.R. Tolkien. The purpose of writing this story is to go where none have before, the main character in this story isn't nearly as helpless against the Amazon' the vast majority of her kind are. In
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  • DeVille
    started a topic [Incomplete] Many Padded Occasions

    Many Padded Occasions

    This is a story born out of a girl giving up on the notion of finding that one perfect role-playing partner (mostly through my own failings) and finding precious few works of fiction that tick off all of the boxes I need in order to engage myself in a story (and there are too many). In short, I'm a picky thing and decided to put my money where my mouth is and just write my ideal story. It requires a small bit of suspension of disbelief, but most of the stories here do. I hope it's good.
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  • Humilatron
    started a topic [Incomplete] Scout's Honor

    Scout's Honor

    PART 1

    Holly Hector was the 9 year old daughter to Natalia Hector who was a proud Girl's Scout not too long ago. This made it crucial for Holly to join the Girl's Scout troop, the very one that Natalia had been a part of. Natalia was a rather young mom having her daughter when she was 20, and raising her little girl almost as if they were sisters.

    Natalia and Holly had a very close relationship and always made sure to uphold the Scout's Honor; to stand by any promise and...
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  • Humilatron
    started a topic [Incomplete] Aunt Vicky

    Aunt Vicky

    Part 1
    Aunt Vicky was one of those young hot aunts that all the boys crushed on. She had large breasts and a big round butt. But she also had a big secret.

    Her 10 year old nephew, Timmy, sat up in a tree as he spied on her looking through her bedroom window. Aunt Vicky walked out with a towel wrapped around her body straight from the shower. Thinking she was alone, she dropped her towel letting all of her naked glory hang out. Timmy's jaw dropped at the sight of his aunt....
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  • Humilatron
    started a topic [Incomplete] Diaper Dare

    Diaper Dare

    Part 1

    It was another boring summer weekend as Daniel felt the urge to poke his eyes out. He had played all his games dry and had nothing to do. It was too cold for the pool but too hot to go outside. All of his friends were gone for vacation and his family was away leaving him responsible for the house at age 19.

    Dying of boredom, Daniel scoured the internet to try and find something to do. He browsed Reddit, 4chan, Twitter, YouTube, and finally he stumbled upon an odd...
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  • Humilatron
    started a topic [Incomplete] It Was Just One Night

    It Was Just One Night

    Part 1

    It was just one night. That's what Jessica repeated in her head. She was 19 years old, a sophomore in college, and she had just wet the bed on the 6th of July. Her 20th birthday only a few weeks away. But the stains on her sheets applied a different age. She quickly stripped her sheets and through them in the wash. She always did her own laundry so she hoped her parents wouldn't suspect a thing. She then took a shower and got ready for the day.

    Jessica was a 19 year...
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  • DumbDog143
    started a topic [Incomplete] The Worst Timing

    The Worst Timing

    Henry sat constantly distracted by an urge to look around the room, mainly at the front door. He was on the living room couch & knew very well no one would be home for a while. Jen didn't get off work until five pm & it was only three, John wouldn't be home for a few days he'd gone on a vacation to get away from the cold for a bit. So Henry sat on the comfy, tan, pleather couch wearing a very wet diaper, a xmen t-shirt & a pair of old sweatpants. He had a blanket close by to cover himself...
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  • Sammy
    started a topic [Incomplete] Rachel Zanes baby

    Rachel Zanes baby

    So this is a sequel to a story that’s being co wrote with another author. Don’t worry about the prequel as you’re not really missing out on much. I’m unsure about this first chapter so bare with as it maybe rewrote. I’ve included a link to the prequel thats being co written however it is incomplete.

    Rachel Zane has paid for Sasha Banks to go to college,...
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  • Lillie's Little "Accident" 1st chapter complete!

    This is my first story on the forum, hope you enjoy!

    While most college students would spend most of their time studying or out with their friends, Lillie preferred to do more childish things. On this particular day, Lillie had finally decided to work up the courage to make a trip to Walmart to buy some supplies. She walked inside the door, feeling as if her whole body was physically shaking. She walked the entire store, buying groceries, still trying to talk herself out of it. She...
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  • Protocol 301 Redirect Chapters 1-6 (1st part of ch 6)

    This is the first story I have written in a while so I am taking it slow. It is a science fiction story about a young diaper lover as he explores more about who he is and what it is that he desires in life. I hope you enjoy.
    .................................................. .................................................. .................................................. .....................

    Chapter 1

    Steven glanced out through the window of the space elevator....
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  • You can't be my mom anymore, but I've always wanted a daughter of my own...

    Life was fairly normal for Elizabeth Simms, or so she told herself. She was a recently divorced and somewhat single mother - if you counter her adult daughter who lived at home while she finished school to be on the spectrum, that is. Evelyn was quite the successful and intelligent young woman, already in her second year of med school. She'd dreamed of being a doctor for as far back as she could remember, which is why she knew first hand what to expect when the changes took place, and the dynamic...
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  • To Aid And Abet (A Diaper Dimension Story) - Chapter 2

    To Aid And Abet

    Chapter 1: A Pet Bird Named Sam

    Back in her childhood home, Emilia had owned a pet bird which she named Sam. Sam had been a parrot, a small but colorful bird that looked at the world with wide eyes and would get excited whenever someone came through the door. Even more when that someone was new to Sam. Sam had been very open about people. He would always say: "Hello Friend, Welcome To Mimiville!" when someone came in.

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  • Cute-Kitten
    started a topic [Incomplete] The Chikan

    The Chikan

    If you enjoy my stories and would like early access to new stories and updates, please consider joining my patreon. Part 2 is posted there, as is a new Valentine short story. All new material appears first on patreon, and after a few weeks I will be posting it here as well.

    The Chikan
    by CK Cute_Kitten

    Amber was on her last pullup. For the past few hours out shopping in Shibuya, she’d managed...
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  • Infantile World (a West World inspired diaper story) [Chapters 1 - 2]

    Hello everyone, this is the beginning of my West World inspired diaper story. Feedback is appreciated. Hope you enjoy!

    Chapter One
    Welcome to Infantile World

    Slowly, the tram came to a pleasant stop, with but a small hitch as it settled into its spot. The door slid open silently, but the two occupants of the private compartment didn’t immediately move, instead, they locked eyes, and a wicked smile came over one of them.
    “Are you ready, Brae?” the smiling...
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