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  • Jacob's Regression (Age-Regression)

    Thank you for choosing to read Jacob's Regression. Before you move into Chapter 1, I wanted to share some important information.

    Content: Jacob's Regression is a non-sexual age-regression story suitable for 16+ readers.

    Updates: Are no longer paused, but there is currently no set schedule.

    Edits: Readers, I am an absolute perfectionist. This means that I am always editing this book in between chapter releases. There's a chance that you might see a spelling...
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  • Cute-Kitten
    started a topic [Incomplete] The Chikan

    The Chikan

    If you enjoy my stories and would like early access to new stories and updates, please consider joining my patreon. Part 2 is posted there, as is a new Valentine short story. All new material appears first on patreon, and after a few weeks I will be posting it here as well.

    The Chikan
    by CK Cute_Kitten

    Amber was on her last pullup. For the past few hours out shopping in Shibuya, she’d managed...
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  • Gummybear
    started a topic [Incomplete] Keeping secrets

    Keeping secrets

    OK, I know I've been lazy, so hopefully posting in smaller parts like this will force me to actually keep writing. Bear in mind that I might make changes to already posted stuff based on comments, critiques and if I simply need to change things to make the rest of the story work.

    Keeping Secrets

    I look out the window at the rain pouring down. The clouds are as grey as lead over a city where life is equally bleak. The only light in my office is from the desk...
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  • Les Lea
    started a topic [Incomplete] MANIFESTATION 1-8


    • In the great tradition of late night scares - Manifestation is a UK based one hour TV show which takes a skewed look at all things paranormal
    • Journalist Stefan Saint Maarten, Cameraman/Producer Ian Wallace and their compact team research the truths, lies and speculation regarding things that do (or don’t) go bump in the night.
    • Ghosts, apparitions, fables, legends, folklore - Manifestation brings you a case by case study of ghouls in the house, nightmare scenes and chilling
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  • Infantile World (a West World inspired diaper story) [Chapters 1 - 2]

    Hello everyone, this is the beginning of my West World inspired diaper story. Feedback is appreciated. Hope you enjoy!

    Chapter One
    Welcome to Infantile World

    Slowly, the tram came to a pleasant stop, with but a small hitch as it settled into its spot. The door slid open silently, but the two occupants of the private compartment didn’t immediately move, instead, they locked eyes, and a wicked smile came over one of them.
    “Are you ready, Brae?” the smiling...
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  • LittleKaito
    started a topic [Incomplete] After 3 (INCOMPLETE)

    After 3 (INCOMPLETE)

    Hi guys! I finally finished the first part of my story. This story takes place in the Splatoon universe, it’s a really fun Nintendo game! This story may contain lewd scenes later on in the story, take caution!


    After 3
    By littlekaito

    Inkblot Art Academy. The prime location for visual and musical art education in Inkopolis. Populated by the many creatures in the land, such as inklings and octolings, the school is bustling with activities....
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  • Sharlin
    started a topic [Incomplete] Moving on... 12:10:18 Chapter 1.

    Moving on... 12:10:18 Chapter 1.

    Hi, wasn't the story I had planned to share today. But I felt like sharing something.

    Chapter 1: Dropped Gloves


    I got home from a long exhausting and drawn out working day. A thick brown envelope waited for me in my mailbox. My curiosity had me at my heels and I wanted badly to know what it was inside. So I grabbed it and closed my mailbox and took it with me inside. I left it at a small table in the hallway. Leaving my jacket at the small...
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  • On The Cross ~ A Kirke McDougal Story

    I'm in preparation for NaNoWrimo, which some of you may recognize as National Novel Writing Month, trying to see how much I can write in fifteen to twenty minute sprints. I decided finding this forum again was the right kind of inspiration I needed to revisit a concept I've tried visiting a number of times.


    Chapter One

    It didn't surprise Terry one bit to find a murder victim in the kitchen. Face down, presumably female going on the conservative...
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  • Sightlines - Chapter 14 (Updated 8/24)


    Hello friends.

    If this is your first story by me, it is not indicative of my usual content. This is a co-written story between me and my mommy-type, Kachan. Kachan also enjoys writing but she doesn't usually write in this fetish arena so it's got a very different flavor to it.

    This is NOT a fetish story.

    This is NOT my usual smut.

    This is NOT a Diaper Dimension story.

    There may be some romance in it because I...
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  • The Amazons of Atlantis, (Chapters 1-3 added 7/14/18)

    Here is an example of what you can see on my Patreon, which is linked.

    Don't worry, I will post this whole story here as well.

    This started out as a request from one of the upper level Patrons. He got fully what he asked for, but got upset when it didn't form exactly the way he wanted (which wasn't ever promised - that would be a commission, and I don't really like commissions because those who want them tend to be so precise that the creator can't put her best work into...
    Become a patron of Kita Sparkles today: Read 56 posts by Kita Sparkles and get access to exclusive content and experiences on the world’s largest membership platform for artists and creators.
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  • lillilberry
    started a topic [Incomplete] Awash Chapter one

    Awash Chapter one

    First ever story!

    Thoughts would be most welcome!
    Awash Chapter One

    She sat on the bed, clutching her stuffed animal. She was alone and afraid. The lights were off and strange shadows would pass by under her door as people, strangers, moved through the night. Echoed steps would mutter through the locked door. There was silence except these strange intruders.

    She knew that she was going to be okay. It was just a hotel. Yet her world had been ripped from her.
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  • [Diaper Dimension] Hard Reset [7/15/2018] CH7

    Heyo, this is a story I've been writing in between Nomad and Sheltered. Somewhere around the length of Sheltered so far I think, but there's a bit to read. I've never written a diaper dimension story so I figured I'd try it out, but I'm not sure if I have as much as a knack for it as everyone else on here. I was curious nonetheless though! If the turnout is well this won't be a one-off tangent, so allow me to post everything finished for it I have here. Be sure to let me know what you think afterwards!...
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  • Me
    started a topic [Incomplete] Nomad [6/9/2018] CH3

    Nomad [6/9/2018] CH3

    Hey there, Sheltered isn't dead, but I have fallen out of touch with the story. I need to reread it and go through my notes again to keep writing for it. A draft does exist but it's nowhere near complete. Played with another story as well which should be going up around the time this one does. It's a bit more lengthy than this one (as I wrote more for that one). This was something I wanted to post though and see if it went anywhere. Let me know what you think!

    PS - Sorry for the long
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  • [Diaper Dimension] The Biggest of Desires - Chapter 21 (Updated 6/29)

    This story is a collaboration between a wonderful mommy-type (but not my mommy) named Maya, and it began as a roleplay (just like A Bedtime Tale in Eire) - I played Sabrina, she played Naomi. This is a "novelization" of that roleplay. I'm not done with "The Biggest Little Vacation" and I'll definitely come back to it. I hope you enjoy this in the meantime.


    Sabrina sat at her computer, typing away, finishing up one last chapter of the book she was...
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  • Cute-Kitten
    started a topic [Incomplete] Beach Baby

    Beach Baby

    Short start, even for me, but other parts will be longer. Consider this more of a prologue to introduce the central conflict, hence the horrible shortness.


    by CK Cute Kitten

    “A beach party? I don’t know…” Maggy frowned and stared at her goldfish swimming round and round in its glass bowl. The cordless phone felt heavy in her hand and she shifted uncomfortably on the couch. Her soggy pull-up...
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