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  • ClawdiaWolf
    started a topic Open Issue: Home Page Issues

    Home Page Issues

    This thread is for tracking issues specific to the home page. I'll keep a running list of known and fixed issues in this post.

    Known Issues

    Fixed Issues
    Avatars instead of usernames showing in Who's Online - Usernames should now always be show.
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  • ClawdiaWolf
    started a topic Open Issue: Missing Avatars

    Missing Avatars

    So, some of you have probably already noticed your avatars are missing. This is because vBulletin 5 doesn't support separate profile photos and avatars. If you need your original avatar please let me know and I can email them to you.

    If you want to use your profile photo from before the upgrade as your avatar the board will present you with the option to download it on the Edit Avatar screen.
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