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  • raphil1
    started a topic Resolved: problems entering chat room

    problems entering chat room

    Whenever I enter the Chat Room I get a security pass warning
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  • Rich text editor and Google Chrome issues

    Just documenting this here before I forget.

    As you may remember, Chrome (and the open source version, Chromium) had an issue with the post editor on vBulletin 4. That is no longer the case in vBulletin 5. The rich text editor works fine now, and it doesn't have that silly "must press enter once before you can type spaces" bug that drove a lot of people (including me ) nuts
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  • BabySofia
    started a topic Resolved: Issue with Age

    Issue with Age

    Good morning,

    I tried PMing Clawdia, but it's not letting me do so... I tried to edit to another theme but it's not letting me until I update an age. There's no field to edit though, although the default seems to think I must be some sort of eternal baby of a 1,000+ years old... (We could only wish, huh?) I know you're probably up to your eyeballs with reconfiguring everything still, but wanted to let you know I was having the issue. Best wishes with the upgrade!

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  • Contest Entry Bot
    started a topic Resolved: Tapatalk Support is offline

    Tapatalk Support is offline

    Clawdia is aware of this and it will be fixed after she's had some much needed sleep.
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