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  • Some Social Groups have incorrect permissions

    Just putting this here to document it as this was reported privately.

    Some of the social groups that should have only been visible to members had their discussions visible to all members. The ones I knew for sure should have been private have been fixed.
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  • In some cases mods have no displayed indication that a thread has been closed

    Whether a thread has been closed is not shown on the index page (reasonable), and if the view recent post on the index page is used, there is no indication at the bottom of the thread or at the quick reply box that the thread has been closed. Nor is there any warning on posting that the thread is closed. In some cases mods may therefore reply to posts without any notice that the thread is closed having reached their screen.

    Thinking more, probably might as well close this as a won't...
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    Last edited by Ally; 04-04-2018, 03:38:27 AM.

  • older posts now have visible markup post upgrade

    I notice that my current (and checked my historical posts as well) stories that I have copied and pasted via google docs now have visible [font] tags around each paragraph. (See Diapers Sunshine Alabama)
    New posts made this evening do not have this issue.
    Not a big deal but thought I'd report it
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  • Mobile site, buttons below posts are stretched

    Okay, bad name for it. The buttons in the bar below each post (quote, flag, like, etc) on the mobile site, the "more" button which expands to show "quote" and "flag" is really tall and stretches the bottom of each post. Also, each post has the word "stuck" below it in a box. Not sure why.

    I'm using firefox on android 7.1.
    The problem only exists in portrait, all the buttons appear normal when I rotate to landscape.
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  • ClawdiaWolf
    started a topic Verified: Broken Search Engine Links / Bookmarks

    Broken Search Engine Links / Bookmarks

    This is, unfortunately, both a known issue and one I cannot fix easily.

    During the upgrade process the table that tells the board how to map the old vB4 links to the vB5 version was corrupted. While it’s possible to rebuild this table it would take literally weeks to do so as it would be a manual process at this point.

    I am attempting to write a script to do this, but not having much luck due to way too many topics in certain forums having basically the same subject ...
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