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    Don't think this one is up anywhere else anymore. As far as I know it can only be accessed with the help of the Wayback Machine. Nice short and the associated images aren't complete without it in my humble opinion.


    By: Shiro

    "Nina! it's time to get up! You're gonna be late for school again"

    Nina woke up and threw the covers off of her, reaching for her glasses on the nightstand. she hated getting up in the mornings, Especially for another dreary day at school. She reluctantly got up and pulled her cuttoff shorts and a t-shirt on. after pulling on a pair of socks, she went downstairs, scarfed down a fast breakfast and pulled her sneakers on over her feet. Her mother sat sipping her coffee and sighed.

    "You really have to learn to be more responsible… you need to manage your time better. Maybe you'll get a decent breakfast in the mornings. This running around in a hurry isn't healthy for you."

    Nina just shrugged her mothers advice off and grabbed her school bag, darting off to catch the bus to school. She made it to the bus stop and got on the bus just before it departed. She sat alone at the back of the bus for a bit. braiding her long red hair as they went. she was well versed in braiding her hair on the bumpy ride at this point. Eventually the bus stopped and her friend Darky got in a little down the road. Nobody really knew how the nickname came to be… She claimed it was one she got online. She sat next to Nina with her lil sketchbook in hand.

    "Morning Nina! Running late again, I see…" Darky chuckled as she set her books down on her lap.

    "Yeah as always. What's new in the sketchbook? Your friend online do you more of those… what were they… 'Furry' characters?"

    Darky nodded, she always liked furry art, though Nina never really understood it. She didn't mind it but never followed up on it to actually be a fan of it. they arrived at school, to the usual crowd of popular kids, throwing their snotty remarks to them as the walked by. Nina blew them off as she waved goodbye to Darky, who was parting ways to get to her class.

    Class went by as it usually did. Nina fought against the desire to sleep caused by the droning of the teachers. and made i through her day, uneventful as they were. She left her class and made her way out to the bus, only to be stopped and shoved back against the lockers by the same group who harassed them that morning. She recognized the blonde cheerleader and her two lackeys in an instant.

    "hey, why are you such a loser?" She chided Nina "why can't you just fit in like us? Is it because you're so lame, or is it 'cause your mommy won't let you out to play with the big kids."

    They all laughed and Nina looked out the door to see the bus pulling away from the stop. The blonde girl smirked as she saw Nina notice this.

    "Aaaaw… poor girl missed her ride… it's a shame we have a full car. Now she'll have to walk AAAAAAAAALL the way home…"

    The trio left laughing and Nina just sighed and started to make her way home. She was passed by a car filled with the mocking laughter of the trio as the blew past her on the road, throwing a few stray bits of trash at her. She just walked on, ignoring it as best she could. She past through a familiar buisness section of town and was looking through the windows at he stores' mechandise. She suddenly came across an unfamiliar store.

    "That's weird…" she stated, "I never saw THIS store before…"

    She looked up at the sign of what read "ye olde curiousity shoppe" and peered inside to see that it was, infact, open. Nina walked inside and started perusing the aisles of this rustic looking store until she came across an old silver adorned box with a large flat saphire fixed to the top of the lid.

    "May I help you?" came a voice from behind her.

    Nina darted around, startled by this voice, to see an older woman, in a long cloak and shawl. She smiled and walked up beside her.

    "I'm sorry if i frightened you child, I'm the owner of this store and it's almost time to close. I seldomly get visitors around here, so you can stay around if you like."

    Nina nodded and asked her about the box the was so interested in before. "Excuse me, but what is this box?"

    The old woman smiled and told her it was a "Wishing Cube". by placing her hands on the stone on top, the box would know her and contain what you most desire, even if Nina herself didn't understand at first. Nina was about to ask how much it was, but before she could respond, the old woman handed her a card with a phone number on it.

    "I know you are interested in the box, so you can have it, as long as you promise me you'll stop by again, even for a visit. I tend to move a lot, so i don't really have a defined address, so if you are looking for me, call the number on that card"

    Nina nodded and thanked the old woman, since she agreed, it seemed like a good deal. She didn't mind visiting someone so cheerful, as it was uncommon in her life.

    She went outside and saw a cab waiting outside. She asked if she could get a ride home. The cabby looked at his watch and asked,

    "which way are you going? I'm off duty right now, but if you're on the way, I'll take you a little closer at least."

    Nina told the cabby her adress and he nodded in response.

    "Yeah it's a little outta my way, but i can get you within a few blocks of it."

    Nina climbed into the back seat of the cab and the cabby took her most of the way home in silence. she thanked him as he dropped her off, to which he responded with a gentle smile.

    Nina ran the remaining blocks and got out her keys for the front door, unlocking it and heading inside. She dropped her backback by the door as she slid her shoes off. Her mother was out at soccer practice with her younger brother, and would be away from home for a lil while more, so she decided now was the best time to try out her new "Wishing Cube" in peace. She went upstairs to her room and set it on the floor in front of her. she knelt down and placed her hands on the saphire on top of the box.

    To her amazement, the word "Nina" appeared in the saphire. Startled, she took her hands off the jewel.

    "Th-This is too weird… M-M-maybe I'll wait until I talk to the shopkeeper again." she stammered.

    She picked up the box to put it away, and to her surprise, it was a little heavier than before. She opened the lid on the box and to her surprise, there was something inside. She lifted this new object out and examined it.

    "What is this? …it looks like a pair of underwear, but… are those… tapes? Wait a minute, this looks a diaper!"

    She looked this diaper over carefully, there was an image of a cartoony lynx face of the front, the word "Baby" on the belly strap, and a weird elastic setup at the back. She wondered why the box gave her this. she was almost 18 and surely did not need to wear diapers, and most certainly did not WANT to wear them. Or did she?

    She looked it over curiously… she did not know why, but looking at it only made her curiousity burn even more. She stood in front of the mirror in her room and posed with it in front of her. After much consideration, she decided to at least try them on.

    "I guess it wouldn't hurt… what could happen?" she reassured herself.

    She pulled down her cutoff jeans and slipped out of her panties. Carefully, she opened up this diaper and slipped it between her legs, pulling it up snuggly against her. She laid back against the wall and pulled the front up and fastened the tapes to the front peice, one by one, until it held the diaper around her waist. She could swear it smelled like baby powder when she put it on and breathed in a sigh of comfort. She looked herself over in the mirror and smiled at this diaper around her waist. She pulled up her shorts again and walked downstairs to get her bag with her homework, as well as take out the garbage. She crinkled as she walked downstairs and giggled with each little step she took. She put on her shoes and grabbed the the garbage hauling outside feeling the thick padding around her. She stepped back inside and closed the door.

    "All this crinkling… wearing diapers… i feel like a real baby" She smiled at this realization.

    Suddenly, her stomach gurgled, and she needed to go to the bathroom badly. She felt as though she was going to let go right there into the diaper. Well that was too much, even for her curiousity. Without even removing her shoes, she ran upstairs to her bedroom to take off the diaper and she saw a note in the box. She picked it up and read out 'dramatic change will occur', and grew a little fearful. What kind of "dramatic changes" did the note refer to? suddenly, another wave of pressure reminded her that she needed to use the bathroom, a little more urgently than last time. She bolted into the bathroom and tugged at the tapes on her diaper. She needed to get it off fast.

    But even though she pulled on them as hard as she could, they would not come undone. She paniced and tried to pull the whole diaper off of her at once. Much to her dismay, it did not budge. She started to sweat, her bladder straining to hold back the flood. Suddenly, she felt her bladder weaken, and let go totally. there was a warm hiss as she wet her diaper. She looked down in shock, and no matter how hard she tried, she neither slow nor stop herself from wetting at all. She watched in horror as the diaper grew puffy and discolored as it gathered fluid. She watched the cartoon lynx slowly fade from the front of the diaper, and before too long it had disappeared completely.

    Nina had to get to the bottom of this fast, She pulled her shorts over her wet diaper and started to make her back to her room, to get the card with the old woman's number on it. She needed to get this diaper off before she wet again

    However, before Nina had taken two steps, she doubled over in pain. It felt like her whole spine was being jarred around inside her. Tears welled up in her eyes, now winced in pain, until they opened again to a popping sound behind her, followed by the sound of tearing fabric. She looked down to see her short's around her ankles, torn completely open at the back. her belt, still threaded through the beltloops of her shorts was also broken at the back. She looked down in horror. It looked like something tore through them from the inside. Nina grew a little nervous and peered over her shoulder behind her, letting out a short screech at what she saw. Swaying out behind her, now fed through the elastic spot on the back of her wet diaper, was a tail. Long and bushy, covered in a grey fur, with a variety of spots all along and a white tip.

    Her skin itched and fur started sprouting all over her body. She stood up to see her cheeks covered in tufts of long fur, much like the lynx that was on her diaper to start, grey with white tips, in the mirror. She reached up and touched the fur on he cheek and noticed her hands also covered in fur, with pads on the fingertips and palms. Her fingernails were also lengthening into claws as she watched. She look at them in tears, until she heard the door close downstairs. She quickly closed and locked the door to the bathroom and leaned against it, as her brother came upstairs. She felt her stomach gurgle again followed by a warmth behind her as her diaper sagged. she looked down behind her to see that her fears were, infact, correct. She was messing her diaper, now lumpy and dscoloring at the back, and like before she could do nothing to stop herself.

    Her brother knocked on the bathroom door, asking how long she'd be.

    Nina replied in a shakey voice, "I- I- I-I'll be out in a minute!"

    She felt her ears grow feverishly hot and looked over in the mirror again to see they had grown into a full pair of lynx ears. They slinked back as she softly wept, watching herself transform into a morphic lynx. Fur crept up her legs from her socks and she watched her shoes strain and buldge, as her toes thickened, the fronts tearing with the freedom of her new claws. She could only watch as they tore apart around her feet, now furry and more like an animal's paws. Finally her face pushed out into a short muzzle, throwing her glasses to the floor as it extended, and she looked herself over in the mirror. She was a lynx, albeit a humanoid one , but a lynx none the less.

    She sighed and said, "I look like one of darky's friends drawings. A Real-life furry. How am I gonna explain this to mom?"

    She bit the bullet and called her mother upstairs, who was a little shocked upon seeing he daughter as a lynx in a used diaper. Nina quietly explained the story of how these events transpired, and her mom opted that she return to the shopkeeper.

    She reluctantly agreed to going out in public as she was, but agreed it was the best course of action. She went into her room and grabbed the box while her mother sent her brother Jeremy into his room until they left. Her mom grabbed a long coat and pulled it over Nina's shoulders, lifting the hood up over her head and ears. Nina's tail lightly swept about under the coat. and she padded out to the van with her mom. As she climbed in, she turned to her mother.

    "Oh yeah… I'm gonna need some new shoes too." She quietly stated, pointing down at her paws, where her socks and bits of her shoe still clung around her ankles.

    Her mother nodded in agreedment, "I hate to say it, but i think you need some adult diapers now too."

    Nina blushed and shyed away from her mother as she felt herself wet again lightly, without control. "yeah, i know… thanks for not embarassing me in front of Jeremy."

    Her mother reached over and stroked Nina's cheefur, now a little matted by tears. she didn't need to say anything, and Nina was just glad she cared as much as she did.

    She pulled up, letting Nina out. She knocked on the door of the shop, and after a few seconds the old woman came to the front, to see Nina with her hood over her face. She looked down to see the Box in Nina's furry, clawed hands.

    "Oh, you poor child, what happened? Come in, come in…" She stated, in obvious concern.

    Nina's mother told her to wait at the shop, and she was going to pick up a "Few things." Nina nodded in agreement and blushed again, knowing that they were probably shoes.. socks… and adult diapers…

    the old woman pulled up a stool across from the table in the back where she was sitting. Nina removed the coat she was wearing, sitting down on the stool with a sickening squish.

    "S-Sorry about that…" Nina stated, timidly.

    the old woman only smiled and assured her that it was alright. She seemed more concerned about what happened to make Nina the way she was. She took a deep breath and explained the story once more, looking down at her pawtoes, which she wriggled nervously as she spoke. Shortly afterwards, her mother returned to the store with her "Supplies" in tow.

    Nina looked up, "I don't know how i'm gonna change this diaper though… i tried to undo the tapes before and they wouldn't open at all…"

    She tugged on one of the tapes and it opened with ease. to Nina's amazement. Her mother gestured into the store's washroom, so nina could get into a clean diaper. She went in and her mother followed, much to Nina's protesting.

    "Look, Nina, I'm your mother in whatever form you have. Do you know how to clean up after an accident?"

    Nina shook her head with a sigh. She knew this was not gonna be a battle she could win. Her mother calmly smiled and explained that she'd do it this time, and anytime she wanted a change afterwards, but if she wanted to change herself, she'd need to know how to do it. she pulled out a fresh diaper and an exactoknife and cut a hole in the back for her tail. Nina squeaked as her current diaper grew a little more puffy and warm.

    Nina's mother undid her tapes and pulled off her soiled diaper carefully. Nina knew she was beet red under her fur, but this had to be done. Her mother got out some wipes and cleaned her methodically, looking up to see her daughter's fuzzy face looking back down at her, watching and learning. She powdered Nina lightly and pulled the new diaper over her tail and fastened it at the front . Nina felt a tingling sensation behind her at the base of her tail, and looked back to see that an elastic peice had formed on the diaper around her tail, holding it snuggly in place. She breathed a sigh of comfort and hugged her mom, thanking her again.

    The old woman smiled, and asked, "Are you okay with that form? You seemed quite happy when you came out."

    Nina paused, she was so scared by the experience that she never stopped to think about it. She looked herself over, and felt a whole lot healthier than she did before. even her eyesight was better now. However Nina could not stay in this form.

    The shopkeeper nodded and she handed Nina a small amethyst pentant with a silver lining. Nina gazed down on it and asked what it did.

    "this will help you regain your human form, and contain your werelynx one until you want it" the woman said, placing it in Nina's paw. Nina watched as the fur on her hand receeded back and her hand was human once more. She tried to make it look like a paw again, and it went with but a thought. Nina smiled and fastened it around her neck, thanking the old woman.

    "Gladys," the old woman stated with a smile, "My name is Gladys."

    Nina pulled on the coat again and climbed into the van again with her mother, waving goodbye to Gladys as they went home.

    No sooner did Nina get home than her brother saw her as a lynx, and diapered, Nina looked back at him and smiled timidly. Her mother looked sternly at him as he began to laugh at his big sister. Nina smiled and said it was alright.

    "If he steps out of line, i can always do it to him too" she said, sticking out her tounge and placing her paw on his head.

    Jeremy swallowed hard and said he'd behave, and went back into his room as Nina went upstairs. Nina lay back on her bed and sighed in comfort, crinkling softly as she shifted, when an idea struck her. She reached over and picked up her phone and called Darky over for the evening.

    Shortly after Darky had arrived, Nina had laid out the box and smiled to her friend, who was overjoyed when she saw her. Nina explained everything about what had happened to her and told Darky that this was the box that gave her the diaper to start it all. Darky knelt down and slowly placed her hands on the jewel, which said her name shortly after.

    She opened it up, to see a diaper with a cartoon aminal on the front, and smiled up at Nina.

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    That was a fun story.

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