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Thread: A Second Chance

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    A Second Chance

    Hey I was wondering if anyone remembers this story. Anyway…goes like this:

    Summary—A boy, orphaned at birth, spends the first years of his life living in horrible foster homes where he is severely mentally and physically abused. He's also a bedwetter, which only makes his problems worse. Finally, after being horribly beaten and running away, he finds himself in a loving home with a caring family. Knowing that he has had a horrible childhood, his new family lets him start over and become a baby again. He quickly learns to love being the new baby of the family, especially his diapers.

    Note: Be patient because diapers don't really come into the story until the second part.

    A Second Chance

    Part 1

    How it All Started

    One might say that I was cursed from the very beginning. I never knew my real mom or dad. The only thing I knew about my mom was that she was a crack addict. I remember once being told that I was born addicted to crack, which is why I don't know my mom, because I was taken away from her right after I was born. Apparently, that didn't bother her too much, because, as far as I know, she never tried to get me back.

    So, from the time I was born, I was a product of "the system," a number lost in the bureaucracy of the state foster system. I bounced from foster home to foster home never staying in one for more than a few months at a time. Most of the time my foster families were something less than what you'd see on "Leave it to Beaver." From the time I was two or three I remember getting hit a lot. My foster parents, their kids, and sometimes people in the homes that I didn't even know all hit me. I tried to be a good boy, but I still got hit even when I was pretty sure I hadn't done anything wrong. I remember one house, when I was seven or eight, where I was pretty much the designated punching bag for my foster family's real kids. They'd beat me up for no reason at all. A lot of times my foster parents would be watching the whole thing, and they'd just laugh and call me a wimp because I didn't fight back or try to defend myself.

    Since my mom was a crack head, I was also born premature, and I was really small. That never really went away, and I've always been small for my age. I was too small to defend myself, and the one time I tried to fight back it only got me beat up worse.

    Then there were the homes were no one hit me at all, the ones where instead of hitting me they just said mean things to me. They called me a retard, a crack-head baby, stupid, shrimp, runt, bastard (I didn't even know what that meant), and a lot of other mean things. Those homes were worse than the ones where I got hit. At least when the hitting ended it was over for a little while. The mean words hurt my feelings really badly, and I usually cried myself to sleep every night.

    To make things even worse, I've been a bedwetter for as long as I can remember. Almost every morning I woke up in wet clothes and sheets. That only earned me more torment and abuse from my foster families. They called me worthless, a baby, piss pants, and everything else you can imagine. I got a lot of spankings and just plain beatings because I couldn't keep my bed dry no matter how hard I tried. In one place I remember they whipped me every morning that I woke up wet with a belt—the buckle end. I can't remember ever sitting down when I lived there that it didn't hurt a lot.

    In most of the homes I usually had to sleep on the same, nasty mattress every night, and it was almost always still wet from the previous night's accident. I didn't even know there was such a thing as plastic mattress protectors. Quite often I was made to sleep away from everyone else to keep my smelly bed from offending the rest of the family. A couple of places I slept in the basement, in others I slept in the garage, and once I didn't even have a bed. In that house they told me I was like a puppy that wasn't housebroken—I wasn't sure what that meant—and they made me sleep on the floor on newspaper. At least they did give me a pillow.

    The only good time in my life was when I lived with an older lady. She was very sweet and loving to me. She never hit me or called me bad things. She didn't care that I was a bedwetter, and she even bought me pull-ups to wear to bed at night so I didn't wake up wet and cold. I was only about five at the time, so I don't remember too much about her. I remember she made really good oatmeal cookies. I think I lived with her for about six months before she got really sick. The people who always take me from one house to another—I think they're called caseworkers—came and told me she was too sick to take care of me. She went to the hospital, and they took me away from her. I didn't even get to say goodbye. I don't know what happened to her. I hope she's okay and still taking care of some other kids.

    By the time I was ten I had long ago lost count of how many homes I had lived in. I was in the fifth grade and I was still a bedwetter. It was when I was ten that I was sent to the worst house ever. The "dad" drank all the time, and he always stank like beer—I've lived in a lot of houses where they had a lot of beer, so I know what it smells like. He was really mean and he hit me a lot. He also said mean things to me. I was beat up physically and verbally on a weekly, usually daily, basis. The "mom" didn't hit me a lot, but she was really mean to me. She called me bad names all the time. They had two kids, and they were both mean to me and hit me all the time. Most of the time the mom would make enough food to feed her family, and then I had to eat whatever was leftover. If there wasn't anything left I just didn't eat.

    One night, after I had been there for three or four months, the mom and the dad both got really drunk. I was sitting in the living room watching TV with them because their kids didn't want a bedwetter in their room. I didn't have any toys, and I wasn't allowed to play with their kids' toys, so I just sat there watching whatever they watched. At some point they got into a fight over something, I don't even know what. They stood up and started yelling at each other, using really bad words. The dad threw a lamp across the room, and it hit the wall and broke. The mom slapped the dad across the face and left the house. The dad was still really mad, and I was sill there. I knew what was about to happen, and I tried to get away, but I wasn't fast enough. He came after me and grabbed hold of me so I couldn't run. He hit me a lot. I had a bloody nose and mouth before he was done. He didn't stop then, either. He kept hitting me long after I stopped trying to get away. I was able to get on the ground by a chair and curl up into a little ball. Even then, he continued to hit and kick me. I guess he eventually got tired and he stopped beating me. He told me, "Get your worthless ass to bed," as he went back to his chair, and I heard another can of beer pop open.

    I got up as fast as I could and ran out of the room. I tried not to cry because he hated whenever I cried, and I might get hit more if I did. In this house my bedroom was a walk-in closet in the hallway. I went into the room and collapsed onto the mattress that was on the floor that I slept on. I hurt everywhere. My face hurt and it was hard to open my left eye. My right arm hurt really, really bad. I couldn't move my right hand very well, and my arm was starting to get puffy. I hurt so bad that I couldn't help but start to cry. I lay down on my damp, smelly bed and tried to go to sleep. I lay there for a long time. I wanted to sleep, but I hurt too badly. Finally, long after the entire house was quiet, I fell asleep.

    I woke up sometime later. I felt cold. I reached down with my arm that didn't hurt and felt my abdomen. I groaned and frowned as I discovered that I had wet myself again, just like last night, and the night before, and every night before that. My stomach suddenly turned cold on the inside. I knew I was in for another beating when they found out I had had another accident. I got hit every morning here for that.

    I didn't know what to do. You'd think I'd just get used to being hit all the time, but it still scared me. Just knowing I was going to get beat in the morning was almost as bad as getting hit. I started to cry again in anticipation of the morning beating to come. Then, an idea that I had never thought of before crossed my mind. What if I wasn't here when they came to check my bed in the morning? If I wasn't here they couldn't beat me, right?

    I stopped crying and lay there thinking about that. I could just leave and I'd be okay, right? But, if I left I could never come back. If I ran away and came back they'd beat me worse than I had ever been beaten before. But, if I never came back, what was I going to do? I didn't have anywhere to go. I didn't have any friends at school because I was always dirty and people said I smelled bad. Who would take care of me and feed me if I left? But wait…I didn't get but a tiny portion of table scraps tonight. My stomach was growling even as I thought of that. No one took care of me here. I knew for a fact they didn't love me. They told me they hated me nearly every day.

    My options boiled down to either staying here and getting beaten again for wetting my bed, or running away and never coming back. At least I had a chance if I ran away. If I stayed I was guaranteed more pain than I was already enduring. And just like that, my decision was made.

    I instantly started to get up. That turned out to be more difficult than I thought it would be. I hurt more now than I had when I came in here however long ago that had been. I was stiff everywhere. My right arm was still killing me. I pulled myself up and started for the door. My left ankle gave out, and I fell right back down to my knees. My left leg hurt really badly. I reached down and felt it. It felt sort of loose and squishy down by my ankle. I tried to ignore that, and I limped to the door.

    I turned on the light in my room, my closet, and looked around to gather my stuff. I grabbed my shoes and put them on as best I could with only one hand. I was still wearing my only pair of jeans, which were of course wet, but I had nothing else to wear. I had a white t-shirt on, which I stripped off. I put on a worn-out, hand-me-down sweatshirt that was from two or three foster homes ago. I then looked around to see what else I should take. I had three more shirts, all of which stunk to varying degrees of my own, dried urine. My foster mother rarely did laundry, and, as I often slept in the same clothes I wore everyday—I couldn't remember ever having pajamas—they always got peed in. Even when she did laundry, my clothes often didn't get washed. I grabbed one of the shirts along with a thin jacket that I had.

    That was it. I had nothing else. I considered going to the bathroom to get my toothbrush, but I didn't have any toothpaste to use with it. There was only one tube in there that my foster siblings and I shared, and if I took that I'd be stealing. If I were caught and had to come back here that would just be one more thing I'd be in trouble for, and they'd just hurt me more. For the same reason, I immediately dismissed the thought of taking any food with me. I was already taking a risk in running away, and stealing would only make things worse.

    I then had to figure out how to get out of here. The mom and dad were both drunk, and probably sleeping like the dead, but I had to be careful not to wake up their two sons. I decided that the back door would be the best exit. From there I could go down the back alleyway that ran behind all the houses on the street. That way I might better avoid getting caught.

    I did just that, and, after putting my jacket on, I went out the back door without being noticed. I went up to the fence and had to figure out how to get over it. The back gate into the alley was locked with a padlock, and I obviously had no key. It wasn't a really high fence, so I decided I could climb it. It was really hard to climb with my hurt arm and leg, but I finally managed to get to the top of the fence.

    I started to go down the other side. I got myself hanging from the top by one hand. I was about to drop down, but I lost my grip before I was ready. I landed on my left ankle, and it immediately buckled underneath me. I fell down catching myself with my left arm. That only caused me pain in my left wrist, and I was just barely able to stifle a yelp of pain. I sat there for a second and took further inventory of my wounds. Now both of my wrists hurt, although the left one wasn't nearly as bad as the right. My ankle hurt even worse now. I decided that I had to ignore my pain right now. I had to get out of here quickly before someone found me. I took my bundled, extra shirt, which I discovered I had ripped on the fence, and I headed down the alley. I zipped my jacket up and stuffed my extra shirt inside of it. It was a little cold, as it was October, and I was getting a little chilly. The damp spot on the front of my pants only made me more uncomfortable.

    I limped down the alley ever so slowly. By the time I made it to the end of the block I had to sit down and rest for a second. My arm and leg were both throbbing badly as was my head. I put my left hand up on my face. My left cheek was all puffy and my eye was swollen shut. It hurt badly and I wanted to cry, but I knew that wouldn't help anything right now.

    After a few minutes of rest I got up and resumed my getaway. I crossed a street and continued down the alleyway. I got more scared with every passing moment. My foster home wasn't in a very good part of town. I could sometimes hear gunshots at night, and there were street corners we were told to stay away from at night because men sold drugs there. I knew at any moment someone could jump out of a dark corner and kidnap me. I decided that I had nothing to lose, though, so I kept going down the street.

    I was also afraid that the police would see me. I was a little kid, and if any cops saw me out in the middle of the night they were sure to arrest me and take me a back to my foster parents, who would then beat me again.

    I made it down to an area of town that had some shopping strips and other shops. It was about ten blocks from my foster home. I would have tried to go further, but it was already starting to get light, and I was hurting so much that I just couldn't go much further. I went behind a shopping center to find a place to hide. There was an electronics store that had several big boxes piled up behind it. I found a TV box that I could fit in and I crawled inside. I was freezing cold, but the box didn't provide much warmth. I curled into a little ball and tried to go to sleep.

    I spent the next two days just hiding out behind the shopping center. I was too hurt to go anywhere else, so I just hid out back there in my TV box. I heard a few people and trucks go by, but I was able to remain hidden and quiet enough not to draw attention. I didn't sleep much because I was afraid someone might find me when I was asleep and try to hurt me. Whenever I did sleep, I always woke up wet. By the second day the bottom of the box was soaked. It was yucky, but I couldn't find another box that was big enough for me to hide in.

    By the third day I was getting really hungry. I hadn't eaten since Tuesday when I ran away, and now it was Friday. I was nearly always hungry, but I hadn't ever been this hungry before. I decided that I had to find some food. I slowly crawled out of my damp, not so warm box. It was really hard just to stand up. Both my arms still hurt, though the right one was by far the worst, and my ankle was getting even worse. My right arm started hurting really badly as soon as I stood up. It was throbbing painfully inside the sleeve of my jacket. The last time I pulled my sleeve up to look at my arm it was all swollen and yucky looking, and it scared me, so I hadn't looked at it in a day or so. I zipped up my jacket partway and rested my arm inside of it on the zipper, which helped a little. I limped down the alley behind the shopping center and out to the main street. I think it was around the middle of the day, though I didn't have a watch, so I didn't think I would run into any of my foster family, as they were either at work or school.

    I walked down the street trying to figure out where I might find something to eat. My stomach grumbled at me as I looked around trying to find a source of food. I considered maybe looking in a dumpster behind one of the stores, but they were pretty big and I couldn't climb into one with my arms and leg so messed up. I finally stopped in front of a small grocery store that was on one street corner. I knew there was food in there, but I certainly didn't have any money to buy any with.

    About then, the idea of stealing came into my mind. I frowned at that. I knew stealing was bad. I didn't want to do that, but I didn't know what else to do. I was really hungry, and I was afraid I was going to get sick if I didn't eat soon. I looked around the corner down the side of the building. If I could get in and take a little something I could slip down that way and go down the back alley and hide somewhere. I looked back at the store's entrance. I took a deep breath and let out a sigh. I didn't have a choice. I was starving. I had to do this. I had made up my mind. I would go in, take one or two little things, and that was it. The next time I'd figure out some other way to get food without stealing, but this time I had to do it.

    I took another deep breath and limped toward the front door. I slowly pulled open the door with my less-injured hand and slipped inside. I immediately saw a clerk at the checkout stand. Thankfully, he was talking to a customer, and he didn't even notice me come in. I quickly limped back into the store out of the clerk's view. I limped through the store trying to decide what to take. It had to be something small that I could conceal. It also had to be something that I could open. I had no can opener, so I couldn't get a can of beans or something like that. Finally, it had to be something that I didn't have to cook.

    I suddenly found myself in the produce section. That was good. Maybe I'd take an apple. Apples were healthy and not too expensive. If I took cheap things maybe I wouldn't get in so much trouble if I were caught. Without a further thought I quickly reached forward and snatched the closest apple that I could grab. I quickly stuffed it in the pocket of my jacket. I looked around nervously to see if I might have been spotted. There weren't many customers in the store, and there wasn't anyone in my view. I limped over to another aisle. I was looking for some kind of meat figuring that would be the best source of energy. I found the canned tuna and chicken on one aisle. I thought I was going to have a problem since they were in cans, but I found a brand of canned chicken that had the top that could be pulled off without an opener. I got the smallest can I could find, again thinking that that would get me in the least trouble if I were caught.

    I decided I had taken enough. I hadn't been seen stealing the apple or the can of chicken, but if I took any more I was more likely to get caught. I now had to figure out how to get out of the store without being caught. I decided that just walking out like normal would be best. I made my way back toward the front of the store. I went through another aisle and suddenly stopped. I was in the pharmacy aisle. There was medicine here. Medicine. Maybe I could take some medicine and that would help me feel better. I didn't know much about medicine, but I remembered being sick once. My foster mom gave me some red liquid that didn't taste very good, but it helped me feel better. But which one should I take for my hurt arms and leg and all of the other bruises? I looked at different boxes with bottles of medicine in them. I found one that said Tylenol. I remembered seeing a TV commercial for that one. I think that was supposed to help with pain and fevers, and I was definitely in a lot of pain. I reached up and quickly grabbed a package containing a bottle of Children's Liquid Tylenol. I figured that would be the best thing to take, seeing as I was a child.

    I had just shoved the package in the pocket of my jacket with the apple when everything went wrong.

    "Hey, Kid! What are you doing?" I heard a mean, male voice yell from behind.

    It startled me so much that I jumped. I turned and saw the store clerk rushing towards me. Oh, God! What was I going to do now? Without even thinking, I turned and started to limp towards the store exit. I pulled the medicine out of my pocket and dropped it on the floor.

    "I'm sorry," I cried to the guy behind me as I continued to try to leave. Maybe that would help.

    I went as fast as I could, but I just couldn't go fast enough. I made it out of the aisle into the front area of the store, but that was as far as I got. All of a sudden the guy was behind me. He roughly grabbed onto the collar of my jacket and pulled me hard.

    "Ow!" I cried out in pain.

    "Who do you think you are, kid?" he said angrily. "I'm sick of you kids stealing stuff."

    He pulled me backwards. He got me off balance, and my hurt ankle gave out underneath me. I fell to the ground crying out in pain.

    "What's wrong with you?" he asked angrily. "Get up! Playing hurt won't help you. I'm calling the police."

    "I'm sorry," I cried. I was sobbing uncontrollably by now. "I'll give it all back! I'm sorry!"

    I took out the apple and can of chicken and handed to him.

    "Where's the rest?" he asked still sounding mean. "Where are the candy, and the chips, and soda? That's what you kids always steal."

    I just shook my head. I was crying so hard that I couldn't even talk.

    "What are you hiding there?" he asked.

    Without warning he reached down for my jacket. He grabbed my right arm roughly and pulled it out of my jacket squeezing my forearm hard in the process. A wave of pain went through me. It hurt worse than any pain I had ever felt before. It was like a combination of an exploding fire and a bold of lighting went up my arm all the way to my shoulder. The last thing I remember was screaming at the top of my lungs, and then everything went black.

    I woke up sometime later, I don't know how long. I was confused because I found myself in a bed with clean white sheets and blankets on it. I couldn't remember the last time I woke up in a bed like that, if I had ever done it at all. My vision was kind of blurry. I looked around trying to figure out where I was. Suddenly, I caught some movement out of the corner of my eye. Then, I saw a woman standing over me. She was fairly young and wearing a business suit.

    "Hi, little fella," she said with a smile. "How are you feeling?"

    I didn't say anything. I was too scared. Who was she? Was she a policewoman? A doctor? Was she here to help me, or take me back to my foster parents?

    "I'm Shelly Morgan," she said. She pointed to an ID badge that was clipped to her suit jacket to prove who she was, "I'm with the Department of Child Protective Services."

    Oh. She was a caseworker. None of them had ever helped me all that much. I silently groaned inside, knowing that I would probably be back in my foster home pretty soon.

    "In case you're wondering, you're at the Children's Hospital," she told me. "You were hurt pretty bad. Your right arm is broken, your left wrist was sprained pretty badly, and your left ankle was broken, too. You have bruises all over you. Can you tell me what happened?"

    I just stared at her. Should I tell her? She probably wouldn't believe me if I did.

    "Okay. How about we just slow down and start at the beginning?" she suggested. "What's your name? We don't even know who you are."

    I even hesitated at that. Should I tell her my name? If she didn't know who I was, how was she going to send me back to the foster home?

    "Come on, big guy," she coaxed gently. "I'm not going to hurt you. Why don't you just tell me your name?"

    "Th- Tha- Thaddeus," I stammered weakly. "Thaddeus Holmes."

    "Okay, Thaddeus," she said. "It's nice to meet you. Do you go by Thad, or Tad, or something for short?"

    "People call me Tad sometimes," I replied.

    "Okay, Tad," she said. "So, what happened? Did you fall, or get hit by something…or someone?"

    I just looked down and nodded.

    "Someone hit you?" she asked.

    I nodded again.


    "John did it," I replied.

    "Who's John?"

    She definitely didn't know who my foster parents were. Maybe that was good.

    "He's my foster dad," I said.

    "And he hit you?" she asked.

    I nodded. Suddenly a tear started to make its way down my cheek. She spent the next fifteen or twenty minutes asking me questions. I told her all about what happened that night in the foster home. She was shocked that it had happened on Tuesday, and I was only now getting help on Friday. I told her through my tears that I was too scared, and I thought that if I looked for help they'd just send me back.

    "Am I gonna go to jail?" I asked cautiously when I was done telling my story.

    "No, sweetheart," she said. "You're not going to jail. You didn't do anything wrong."

    "Uh huh," I said. "I stole. That was bad. I'm a bad person."

    I started to cry even harder then, overcome by the guilt of what I had done.

    Then the lady did something that was totally surprising. She got up and came over to me. She leaned forward, grabbed me around the shoulders, and hugged me. That felt really weird. The last time I remembered being hugged was when the nice, old lady did it when I lived with her. She hugged me all the time, but I hadn't been hugged in so long that I forgot how nice it felt.

    "You didn't do anything wrong, little man," the lady told me. "You were just trying to get a little food. The owner of the store said he's never seen anyone try to steal Children's Tylenol, and that's why he didn't press charges. You must have really been hurting if you were stealing medicine, huh?"

    "Uh huh," I whimpered.

    She held me closely for a few minutes until I calmed down and stopped crying.

    "Okay, big guy," she said. "I need to go make a couple of phone calls, okay? I'm going to go right outside. I'll be just out in the hallway on my cell phone. If you need anything just yell for me, okay?"

    I nodded again. She reached forward and gently wiped my tears away before she stood up to leave. She stepped out of the room closing the door behind her. I then started to look around. I first looked at myself. My bed was positioned so that I was sitting up slightly. I just then noticed how heavy my arms felt. They were both in casts that went up nearly to my shoulders. Each arm was bent at the elbow and fixed at a ninety-degree angle. The cast on my left arm was blue and the right one was green. I'm not sure what they were made of, but it wasn't that white, plaster stuff. Each arm was resting on a pillow on either side of me. I looked further down and saw that my left leg was propped up on some pillows, as well. It was also in a cast made out that same stuff. The cast went up to just below my knee, and it was striped in blue and purple like a candy cane. It looked pretty cool. My toes were sticking out of the end of the cast. I wiggled them and thought they looked kind of funny sticking out like that.

    I wondered why I wasn't hurting any more. It was the first time in days that I wasn't hurting all over. Except for my leg, my lower half was covered in a sheet and a thin, hospital blanket. I was wearing a hospital gown. I wondered where my clothes were. I wasn't sure, but it didn't even feel like I was wearing underwear. I thought about lifting the covers to check, but I really didn't want to move my arms right now because they felt really good where they were. I decided to just put my head back and relax. There was a nice, soft pillow behind my head that I could rest it on.

    I lay back, and I was actually about to fall asleep when the door opened. The lady came back in, but this time she also had a guy with her. He was wearing a white coat. He introduced himself as a doctor. He told me about everything that they had done to me while I had been unconscious. He said that they had actually had to break my right arm again because it had already started to heal crooked. He said walking on my left leg had kept my ankle from healing, so it hadn't started to set yet. He told me I was a "brave young man" for going for so long in so much pain. I actually smiled at that because I don't think I had ever been called brave before.

    A little later, while the doctor was still there, another man came in. He was kind of a big guy and he was wearing a suit. He told me he was a detective with the police department. He took out a shiny badge and showed it to me. I thought that was cool. He wanted to know what had happened to me, so I told him everything about the last few days just like I had told the lady earlier. When I was done he told me that he had enough probable cause—I didn't know what that was—to get an arrest warrant—I remembered what that was from a TV show—for my foster dad. I asked if I was going to have to go back there, and he and the lady both told me "absolutely not."

    Before he left, the policeman also told me I was brave and tough—I know I've never been called tough before. He said I should be a policeman when I grow up. I thought that was neat. Then, he let me see his badge again. He even put it in the fingers of one of my hands and let me hold it for a second. I asked if he had a gun, and he pulled his coat back and I saw a big, giant, black gun in a holster thing on the side of his belt. He wouldn't let me hold that, though, but that's okay because I remembered from a class at school that kids weren't supposed to touch guns.

    I also asked the policeman if I was going to go to jail for stealing. I know the lady had told me that I wasn't in trouble, but I wanted to be sure. I was glad when he told me that I wasn't. He said I was just stealing because I was hungry, and the owner of the store didn't want to press charges.

    The policeman and the doctor left leaving me with just the lady. I tried to remember to call her Miss Morgan. She was really nice to me, and I didn't know many people who were nice to me, so I had to remember her name. She kept talking to me to keep me company. After I called her Miss Morgan a few times she told me to just call her Shelly. I thought that was kind of cool. One of the only things I remember from living with the nice, old lady was that she taught me that I should always call grownups Mr., Mrs., or Miss because that's the polite thing to do. The only adults I ever called by their first name were my foster parents, but they didn't really count. So, I started calling the lady Miss Shelly, which she thought was silly but kind of "cute." She told me I was a very polite young man. This had to be one of the best days in my life. Three different people had paid me three compliments in one day. That didn't ever happen to me.

    I asked her what they were going to do with me and if I was going to stay in the hospital tonight. She told me that she had already called some emergency foster parents, and they were on their way to pick me up. I started crying again when she said that.

    "What's wrong, little man?" she asked me.

    "I don't want to go with more foster parents," I sobbed. "They're always bad to me."

    "I'm sorry, Tad," she told me. "But you have to."

    "Can't you just let me go?" I asked. "I'll get a job, and earn money, and learn how to take care of myself."

    She just smiled and said I didn't need to do that.

    "The foster parents I called are different," she said. "They're very special. I've been saving them for a very special child, and you're going to be it. They're very, very nice, and they're going to take very good care of you."

    "Are you sure they're not mean?" I asked cautiously.

    "Yes, I'm sure. They're very nice," she said again.

    "They won't hurt me?" I asked.

    "I promise they won't hurt you," she said. "I swear they won't."

    She promised and swore, so I figured she was telling the truth. Maybe these foster parents would be better. Still, I remained unsure. I had been told that my foster parents would be nice before and found out otherwise.

    We kept waiting for what seemed like a long time. A nurse came in to check on me. She checked a bag of liquid that was attached to a clear tube that ran down underneath my hospital gown. I asked her what it was, and she said it was a bag of IV fluid. She told me that they put a little tube into a blood vessel on my chest to give me fluids and medicine with. I hadn't even noticed that. I couldn't feel it at all. She told me that they normally put it on a person's arm, but they had to move it when they put my arms into casts. She asked if I was hungry, but I told her I wasn't. I didn't know why I wasn't because I still hadn't eaten anything. I guess I was just nervous.

    Finally, the door to the room opened once more, and two strangers came in. It was a man and a woman. The man was really tall and big. I probably would have barely come up to his waist if I were standing by him. The lady was much smaller, but she was still big compared to me. She was slim, but she looked like one of the ladies I had seen on the workout shows, like she worked out or ran a lot. She was also very pretty like the ladies on those shows.

    Miss Shelly greeted them both, and then they came up to me.

    "You must be Thaddeus," the lady said to me. "I'm Jan Bradshaw, and this is my husband, Peter. We came to see if you'd like to come stay with us for a while."

    I just stared at them nervously. They looked nice enough, but I had had foster parents before that looked nice, and it turned out they weren't. The only thing that was different about them was they asked if I would "like" to come stay with them. That was new.

    "Yeah, Thaddeus," the man said. "We'd really love to have you. Do you want to come home with us?"

    That was definitely new. He had asked hopefully, like they really wanted me to come live with them.

    "Um. Well. Okay," I said quietly. I still wasn't sure if I wanted to go, but it sounded like I'd hurt their feelings if I said no, and I certainly didn't want to do that.

    "Good," said the lady. "We're glad."

    With that Shelly got up and went out of the room. I was a little worried to be left alone with these strangers, but she came back just a minute later. She had that same doctor with her and another nurse. The nurse came over to me and checked on me. She told me that she was going to take my IV line out, but not to worry because it wouldn't hurt at all.

    While she did that, the doctor talked to the Bradshaws and told them all about me. He told them where all I was hurt at, and he gave them instructions for how they needed to take care of me. He also told them that I was about eight or ten inches shorter than an average ten-year-old, and that I should weigh about twenty pounds more than I did. He said I was the size of an average six-year-old. I knew I was small, but I didn't know I was that small. He told them that I was small mainly due to malnourishment. I didn't know what that meant, but I decided not to ask because I didn't want to interrupt the grownups.

    When the doctor was done, Mrs. Bradshaw came over to me with a small bag she had with her. She told me she brought me some clothes because Shelly had told her that they cut off all my clothes when I got to the hospital, and I didn't have anything to wear home. She and the nurse then pulled my gown off and helped me get dressed. Actually, they really did it all for me, since I really couldn't use my arms. It was kind of embarrassing because everyone saw me naked, and I couldn't cover myself up, but I really didn't have much of a choice.

    After I was dressed in what felt like a brand new sweat suit, the nurse left and came back with a small wheelchair for me. She and Mrs. Bradshaw helped me out of the bed and into the chair. The nurse also brought two little pouch thingies. She said that they were slings to help hold up my arms in their casts. She and Mrs. Bradshaw put them on for me. They did take a lot of the weight of the casts off of my shoulders, which was nice. While they did that, Miss Shelly signed some papers for the doctor so they could let me go. Then, Mr. Bradshaw signed some more papers from Miss Shelly so that he and his wife could take me home with them.

    The nurse and the doctor told me goodbye and good luck, and then Mr. Bradshaw got behind me and pushed me out of the room. His wife and Miss Shelly walked beside me as I was rolled through the hospital's hallways. We got on an elevator and went down to the first floor. Then I was pushed out of the hospital entrance where there was a covered driveway. I noticed that it was getting dark outside. The day had already gone by.

    Miss Shelly and Mrs. Bradshaw waited with me while Mr. Bradshaw went to go get their car. A minute later, he pulled up in a big, expensive looking SUV. It said "Lincoln" on the side, so I guess that was the name of it. It was maroon in color, and it was so clean that it was all sparkly everywhere. I had never been in a car like that. I had only seen them a few times.

    He got out of the driver's seat and came up to me after he opened the back door on that side. He reached down towards me. I immediately flinched because I wasn't used to someone coming so close to me. He put one arm under my legs and the other behind my lower back. Suddenly, without even grunting with effort, he picked me up and I was floating in the air cradled in his arms. I felt really high, like I was flying.

    "Alright, big guy," he said. "It's time to go home."

    I shivered with fear and uncertainty as he put me into the back seat of the SUV. The seat was made out of soft, kind of white, smooth material. I think it was leather, but I wasn't sure because I had never seen leather before. He set me down on the seat, and then reached up to pull the seatbelt down over me. He buckled me into the seat. He then reached further into the vehicle and produced a pillow for me. He put it on my lap.

    "You can rest your arms on that, okay, buddy," he told me.

    I just nodded. He then stepped back and Miss Shelly took his place in the open doorway.

    "You have fun at your new home, okay Mr. Tad," she said.

    I had never been called Mister before. That was kind of funny.

    "Am I going to see you again?" I asked in distress. She had pretty much become my only friend on earth, and I didn't want her to go away.

    "Of course you will, silly," she said with a smile. "I'll see you lots more, and real soon, okay?"

    "Okay," I replied uneasily.

    She leaned forward and I flinched again as she gave me a kiss on the cheek. I hadn't been given a kiss by anyone in a long time. It scared me to have her so close to me, but the kiss was kind of nice.

    She told me goodbye and stepped away from the car. Mr. Bradshaw closed the door and moved forward to the driver's door. At the same time, his wife walked around to the other side of the SUV and opened the rear passenger door. She climbed into the back of the vehicle next to me.

    "Are you comfortable, sweetie?" she asked me.

    "Uh huh," I answered.

    She reached into the back bench that was behind the two middle seats we were in. She pulled out another pillow. She reached over to me and I couldn't help but flinch as she moved in front of me. She put the pillow up against the door on the other side of me.

    "You can lean up against that and rest, okay, honey," she informed me.

    I just nodded.

    She leaned forward again, and I flinched yet again as I received another kiss on the other cheek. She then climbed back out of the vehicle and climbed into the front passenger seat.

    "Ready, kiddo?" Mr. Bradshaw asked me from the driver's seat.

    "I guess so," I said timidly.

    He put the vehicle in drive and it rolled forward. I waved as best I could to Miss Shelly who was still standing there. She smiled and waved back at me. A few minutes later we were on the highway headed out of town.

    "You're going to like your new home, Thaddeus," Mrs. Bradshaw said from the front seat, turning around partway to look at me. "We've got a big house with lots of room."

    "Where is it at?" I asked.

    "A little over an hour from here," she said. "We live in McKinney."

    I wasn't sure where that was, but I had heard of it before. It was a nice suburb pretty far north from the city.

    "Um, so, what should I call you guys?" I asked shyly

    "Well, you can call us Jan and Peter," she said. "Or Mom and Dad if you like, or even Mommy and Daddy. That's what your brother calls us, but you sisters call us Mom and Dad."

    "Brothers and Sisters?" I asked fearfully

    Brothers and sisters usually just meant additional tormentors for me.

    "Uh huh," she said cheerfully. "You have a big brother, named Billy, he's twelve; and two big sisters, Andrea and Cecilia, who are fifteen and sixteen. They were really excited to hear they were getting a new brother."

    I wasn't so sure of that. I had never had a foster brother that didn't pick on me or hit me. I only remember having a few foster sisters and they were mostly younger than me. I remember one sister who was older than me. She hated me because she could never have slumber parties with me there because she was embarrassed of my bedwetting.

    Speaking of wetting the bed, that was another thing I was worried about. I hadn't told Miss Shelly or anyone else about that yet. I knew I was going to wake up wet in the morning. These people seemed nice enough now, but I was sure that would change tomorrow. Then, it would probably be back to the spankings, and hitting, and name-calling. I was really worried about that, but I guess there wasn't much I could do about it. I had long ago resigned myself to a life of suffering because of my night wetting.

    "Sweetie," Mrs. Bradshaw interrupted my train of thought, "Why don't you lean over and take a little nap. You look tired, and it'll be a while before we get home."

    I frowned thinly and nodded. I was pretty tired, but I really didn't want to go to sleep. I leaned up against the pillow on the door and thought about all the uncertainties that lay ahead. I fought off sleep for as long as I could, but I quickly lost that battle, like every battle, and drifted off to sleep.

    I woke up a little later when I heard someone calling my name.

    "Thaddeus, sweetie. Wake up. We're almost home."

    I lifted my head off the pillow and saw Mrs. Bradshaw looking back at me. She had a big, warm smile on her face.

    "Did you sleep well?" she asked.

    I just nodded groggily. I would have actually liked to stay asleep. I was really tired from not sleeping much in the last few days. But then I forgot about that, because I suddenly felt that familiar, warm, wet feeling. I must have had another accident while I was sleeping. My worst fears had been realized. Now what was I going to do? I had ruined everything. These new people had been really nice to me, but I knew all that would change when they saw that I wet myself in my sleep. Almost immediately I started to cry. I was scared to death because I knew that I was probably going to get hit, or spanked, or even just yelled at in a few minutes. Then they'd probably not want me anymore. They'd probably call Miss Shelly as soon as we got to their house and tell her to send me back to my old foster parents.

    All too soon the SUV pulled into the driveway of a big, huge house. I had never seen a house so big before. It was two stories tall and looked like there were hundreds of windows on it. It must have had hundreds of rooms. I bet it was the biggest house in the world. It was too bad that I probably wouldn't get to live there once they found out I was a bedwetter.

    As they both got out of the front seats I started to shiver and cry more. I tried to find the latch to unbuckle my seatbelt. Maybe if I could unbuckle myself, I could get away and not get hurt. Unfortunately, the casts on my arms prevented me from reaching down by my waist where the buckle was. I was trapped until they let me out.

    Before I knew it the door by me opened and Mr. Bradshaw was there. The lights in the cab were on and he could immediately tell I was crying.

    "What's the matter, Thaddeus?" he asked me.

    I knew lying would only make things worse, so I didn't.

    "I had an accident," I sobbed.

    "Uh oh," he said quietly.

    "Please, don't hurt me," I begged pathetically.

    "What?" he asked in confusion. "Why would I do that? It's just a little accident. Come here, son."

    He reached forward. For the umpteenth time, I flinched as he leaned over me and unbuckled my seatbelt. He gently lifted me up and cradled me in his arms. He hugged me tightly to his chest and gave me a kiss on the forehead.

    "I'd never hurt you, kiddo," he told me. "Especially not for having a silly, little accident."

    By then, his wife had come around to us. She stood by us and brushed her hand through my hair to comfort me. They held me there for a few minutes until I calmed down a little.

    "Come on, big guy," Mr. Bradshaw said to me. "Let's go inside, and get you to bed, okay?"

    I sniffled one last time and nodded. They turned and I was carried toward the house. Without even thinking about it, I rested my head on Mr. Bradshaw's shoulder. The day had been such a long and tumultuous emotional roller coaster that I fell asleep before we even entered the house.

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    A Second Chance

    A Second Chance

    Part 2

    My First Day

    I woke up with a sudden start. Where was I? What had happened to me? I opened my eyes and looked around. I was shocked when I saw that vertical bars surrounded me. I looked around me and saw that I was indeed in a bed, but it had bars around it. I looked up and there was a weird looking mesh sort of thing over the top of the bed. Was I in a cage? I vaguely remembered those nice people bringing me to their house last night, but I couldn't remember anything after that.

    I then turned my attention to myself. I lifted my head off of the pillow it rested on and looked at myself. I saw the two casts on my arms, which reminded me about what happened yesterday. My arms rested on little pillows on either side of my torso. I had a clean, white, but baggy t-shirt on. I looked further down and saw my left leg in its cast sticking out from underneath a blanket and sheet that covered me. The sheet was really soft and baby blue in color. The blanket was made out of fleece and had a very childish pattern on it.

    I then felt a very weird feeling down in my groin and abdomen. I reached down with one hand and lifted he covers up off of me. I was in shock when I saw that I was wearing a pair of strange, clear, plastic underwear, underneath which was some very thick cloth that seemed to surround my entire butt and private area. What kind of clothes were those? I reached down and tried to stick my hand in the waistband of the plastic underwear, but there was a tight band around the waist that I could barely even get my fingers under. I then frowned when I realized that I was wet on the inside of these strange garments. I must have peed myself during the night like I did every night.

    I was getting scared and upset like I always was about being wet. Of their own accord, tears began to roll down my cheeks. I was still quietly sobbing a few minutes later when I heard a door open. I looked through the bars of my cage across the room. My vision was distorted by my tears, but I saw what looked like a woman come through the doorway. She came over toward me. A second later she leaned over my cage and looked at me through the mesh over the top. It was Mrs. Bradshaw.

    "Hi, Thaddeus," she said. "What's wrong, honey?"

    "Why am I in a cage?" I asked pitifully. "Was I bad?"

    "Oh, sweetie," she said. "You're not in a cage."

    She moved to undo the mesh and she removed it from the top of the cage—or whatever it was that I was in. She reached down toward me, and again, I flinched as she put her arms under my armpits and lifted me up.

    "This is a crib, sweetie," she informed me as she held me to her chest and hugged me. "I only put the top over it because we were afraid you might try to climb out by yourself and hurt yourself. We won't use that again."

    "Okay," I whimpered. Then, I admitted my transgression, "I wet my bed. I'm sorry."

    "You didn't wet your bed," she told me. "You wet your diapers."

    "Diapers?" I asked. "Is that what's on me?"

    "Yep," she said. "We figured you would probably have another accident, so we put you in diapers. I'm sorry they're a little big on you, but that's all we have right now. They're your brother's diapers."

    "My brother's diapers?" I asked.

    "Uh huh," she replied. "He wears them, too. Come on. Let's go change you."

    She turned and carried me across the room. I kept my encased arms wrapped around her shoulders as best I could. We went over to the opposite wall of the room to a table. She laid me down on the padded top of the table. It was kind of a funny table to have a padded top that was covered with plastic. The plastic had little bears, blocks, rattles, and other baby toys printed all over it.

    "So, how did you sleep, sweetie?" she asked me as she knelt down in front of the table and began fumbling with stuff that were in the cabinets under the tabletop.

    "Okay," I said timidly.

    She stood back up and set a stack of white, folded cloth on the table next to me. She then produced a tiny, shiny thing from the pocket of the slacks she was wearing. I realized that it was a key when she moved it towards me. She went to the waistband of my plastic underwear and reached for a tiny lock there. She inserted the key into the lock, and there was click as I unlocked.

    "Why are these things locked?" I asked.

    "Oh, we use locking plastic pants at night so they won't come off if you roll around in your sleep," she informed me.

    She pulled the plastic pants off of me and began undoing safety pins on the diapers. She unpinned three of the diapers and pulled them away from me. I noticed the inside of the inner diaper was darker and stained slightly yellow from my accident. My damp groin and privates suddenly became cool as they were exposed to the air. She then put one hand under my knees and lifted my lower half up so she could pull the diapers out from under me. She bundled the diapers up and took them over to what looked like a trashcan at the foot of the table. She returned to me, and took a wet wipe out from somewhere underneath the table. She reached up and began to gently wipe the area that had been covered by the diapers.

    "Am I gonna get a spanking?" I asked cautiously as she wiped me.

    "For what, sweetie?" she asked me.

    "For wetting the bed," I replied.

    "Honey, I told you, you didn't wet your bed," she responded. "You wet your diapers. And no, we would never spank you for that. It was just an accident. You couldn't help it."

    I just nodded.

    "Did you get spanked for wetting the bed at your old foster home?" she asked me.

    "Uh huh," I replied. "Spanked or just hit. They did it at all of my foster homes. "

    "Well, not here, sweetie," she told me.

    She stopped wiping me and leaned over me. I flinched again as she gave me a kiss on the forehead. She got back up partway stopping with her face about a foot from mine. She ran her fingers through my hair.

    "Sweetie, why do you always jump when someone gets close to you or touches you?" she asked me.

    I looked down and frowned. I suddenly wanted to start crying again.

    "Because the only time anyone ever gets close to me," I sniffled. "Is to hit me or hurt me."

    "Oh, sweetie," she said. "That's not going to happen here, okay? It won't ever happen again. Do you understand?"

    I just nodded tersely. I still wasn't one hundred percent sure she was telling the truth, but she seemed sincere enough.

    She finished wiping my nether region, and then she took out a white canister. She sprinkled some sweet smelling powder all over my lower abdomen. She slowly and gently rubbed it into my skin down there. I couldn't help but squirm and giggle just a little as she rubbed the powder into my little pee-pee and balls. Her rubbing me there felt really good, and I felt my penis get a little bigger.

    After she was finished powdering me she unfolded the stack of white cloth next to me. There were four pieces of cloth. They each looked like the ones she had just taken off of me. They were rectangular with strips running down the center of each of them that looked thicker than the rest of the cloth. She folded them up and stacked them on top of each other. She then grabbed me behind the knees again and lifted my butt off of the table. She slid the stack of cloth underneath me and gently set my butt down on top of the thick, soft pile.

    She then spread my legs and pulled the front of the diapers up between them. She pulled them up into my crotch snuggly and fanned them out over the front of my pelvis. She used the same pins removed from the other diapers to pin on the new ones. She pinned them snugly around my waist using six or eight pins on each diaper. It took her a while to finish, but when she did they felt very secure and snug around me. The diapers were so big came up all the way to several inches past my belly button, almost to my nipples. The diapers added at least a few inches of girth to my lower torso, and it felt like my butt was at least a few inches off of the table. She picked up a new pair of plastic pants and slipped them over my ankles. She had just a little trouble pulling the pants over my leg cast, but she eventually got it. She lifted my butt up one more time as she pulled the plastic pants up and over my diapers. She tucked in the leg and waistbands around the diapers.

    "There," she said. "I know these pants are a little big, but I think they'll do for a few days."

    "But, why did you put more diapers on me if I'm awake?" I asked in confusion.

    "Well, for one thing, it's probably going to be hard for you to go to the bathroom with those casts on your arms, sweetie," she explained, "Since you can't pull down your pants or wipe yourself. For another, you'll probably be sleeping a lot today, which means you'll probably have more accidents."

    "Why will I be sleeping a lot?" I asked.

    "Do you hurt?" she asked.

    "Um, yeah," I said with a frown.

    I had been aching pretty much all over since I woke up.

    "Well, the pain medicine the doctor gave us for you is supposed to make you sleepy," she said.

    "Oh," I replied.

    "Also, we don't have any boys underwear for you, so diapers are all you can wear," she said.

    "Oh," I said again.

    "You don't mind, do you?" she asked.

    "I guess not," I said.

    It wasn't like the diapers were uncomfortable or anything.

    "Now, how would you like some breakfast?" she asked. "Are you hungry?"

    I nodded vehemently. I was starving. I still hadn't eaten anything in days that I knew of.

    She reached down, put her hands under my armpits again, and lifted me up off the table. She planted my thickly padded butt on her left hip, and I wrapped my arms around her shoulders again. It felt kind of weird to be wearing these thick diapers, not bad, just weird. It was like I had a pillow or something wrapped around me.

    "Do you want some medicine first, or do you want to eat?" she asked me as she started to carry me out of the room.

    "I'm really hungry," I said.

    I figured I could ignore my pain for a little while, but my stomach was rumbling loudly.

    "Okay," she said.

    She carried me down a hallway, and then we went down a wide, curved stairway. She carried me through big open rooms in the house. I looked around in awe at the place. I was amazed at how clean and bright everything looked.

    Finally, we were in a big kitchen. It had huge, long counters surrounding it, and stainless steel appliances. The countertops were made out of some sort of greenish-black stone. It was the biggest kitchen I had ever seen in my life. A long counter separated the kitchen from a big table. She carried me over to the table. I expected her to sit me down in a chair at the table, but instead she took me over to a highchair. I couldn't believe it, but there was an actual baby's highchair next to the table. She held onto me with one hand as she used the other to pull the tray off of the highchair. She set the tray on the kitchen table, and then lowered me down into the seat of the highchair. I wandered why the chair was so big. In fact, I was kind of small for it. There was no way any baby could use it. She helped me get my arms through shoulders straps that connected to a seatbelt at my waist. She clicked the belt shut and then cinched the belt and the shoulder straps so that they held me tightly but not uncomfortably.

    "Lift your arms up for a second, sweetie," Mrs. Bradshaw instructed me.

    I did as she said, and she slipped the tray back on and there were two clicks as it locked into place. I noticed that the tray had straps on either side that looked like they were to tie the occupant's hands down. I could feel down on the footplate that my feet were on that there were more straps that were probably for the ankles.

    "How about some oatmeal?" Mrs. Bradshaw suggested.

    "Okay," I nodded. I really didn't care what I got so long as it was food.

    She went into the kitchen and put a pot of water on the stove to boil. After getting a canister of oatmeal out from a cabinet, she went to the refrigerator. She came back to me a minute later with a bowl and a spoon.

    "Let's have some fruit while we wait for the water to boil," she said.

    She set the bowl down in front of me, and then pulled a chair over from the table to sit down in. She sat down in front of me and stirred up the fruit in the bowl. I noticed it was a mix of fruit. There were some strawberries, bananas, grapes, and some fruit that I didn't even recognize. She picked up a little piece of fruit with the spoon and moved it toward myself.

    "I'm not a baby," I said. "I can feed myself."

    "Okay," she said. "Here. Try."

    She dumped the fruit back into the bowl and handed me the spoon. I took it in the fingers of my right hand and moved it toward the bowl. With the thick material of the cast covering almost my entire hand, it was actually hard just to hold the spoon. I managed to get a piece of some sort of orange fruit onto the spoon. Then, I had to figure out how to get the spoon to my mouth. With my elbow stuck in a ninety-degree angle I didn't have much leeway in how I moved my arm. I tried to move my head and arm together to meet in the middle, but I ended up dropping the fruit on the tray. I frowned looking at the mess I made. The fruit splattered all over the tray. I suddenly wanted to cry because I usually got in trouble for making such messes, and getting in trouble usually meant getting hit.

    "I'm sorry," I blurted immediately.

    "That's okay, honey," she said. "See? You can't really feed yourself, so why don't I help you?"

    "Okay," I replied.

    She took the spoon from me and used it to start spoon-feeding me the fruit.

    "Am I gonna get in trouble for spilling the fruit?" I asked worriedly.

    "No, sweetie. Of course not," she said. "You couldn't help it."

    I breathed a deep sigh of relief.

    "Sweetie, did you get hit a lot in the other foster home?" she asked me.

    My lower lip started to quiver. I looked down at the tray as a tear rolled from my eye.

    "Uh huh," I whimpered.

    "Well, don't worry about that anymore, okay?" she told me. "We don't hit here. We do spank, but that's it, and we haven't spanked any of the kids in a while."

    I just nodded. I hoped she was telling the truth.

    I sat there as she continued to feed me my fruit.

    "What's that orange stuff?" I asked as she moved a piece of it towards my mouth.

    "That's cantaloupe," she said. "It's a melon. You haven't ever had that?"

    I shook my head.

    "It's good," I said with my mouth full.

    "Good," she replied with a smile. "I'm glad you like it."

    She finished feeding me my fruit and returned to the kitchen. She started making the oatmeal for me.

    "Whose highchair is this anyway?" I asked as she was stirring the cereal.

    "It's your brother's," she said. "You didn't see that it said 'Billy' on the seatback?"

    "Oh. No, I didn't," she said. "He uses it?"

    "Uh huh," she said.

    "I thought he was twelve," I said.

    "He is," she said. "But he uses it."

    I frowned at that thinking it was sure strange for a twelve year old to eat from a highchair. I wanted to ask why, but by then she was bringing me my food, and that was much more important. She sat down in front of me with a big bowl of oatmeal. She had already added milk and sugar to it, and she stirred it up. She lifted a spoonful out and blew on it to cool it down. Then, she moved it to my mouth.

    "Let me know if it needs more sugar," she said.

    "It's good," I said with my mouth full again.

    She continued feeding me my cereal. It was really good.

    "So, Thaddeus," she said. "Is there something else we can call you? I heard Shelly call you Tad last night. Is that what you go by."

    "I guess," I said.

    "Well, what did they call you at your other foster homes?" she asked.

    I frowned again.

    "Usually things like 'stupid', 'idiot', 'bastard', 'son-of-a-bitch'," I said.

    She gasped when I told her that.

    "No one really ever called me by my real name," I said.

    "I'm sorry, sweetie," she said reaching forward to stroke the side of my face. "They were really mean, huh?"

    I sniffled and nodded trying not to cry again.

    "How would you like us to call you 'Tad'?" she asked.

    "Okay," I replied.

    "You know what? How about 'Taddy'?" she asked. "I like that. It's cuter."

    "Okay," I said again. Anything was better than being called "stupid."

    She finished feeding me my oatmeal.

    "I'm still hungry," I said as she started to get up.

    "You are?" she asked. "Well, do you like scrambled eggs?"

    "Uh huh," I replied.

    "Okay," she said. "Comin' up."

    She took my empty bowl to the kitchen and put it in the sink. She went to the fridge for a second and then went to the stove. A few minutes later I heard and saw her crack some eggs and dump them into a frying pan. I also saw her put some bread into a toaster.

    "Where is everybody?" I asked as she was cooking.

    "Billy had a game this morning," she said. "He plays peewee football. So, everyone went to see that. You could have gone too, but we decided it would be best for you to just sleep in and get some rest. They should be back early this afternoon, and you'll get to meet your brother and sisters then."

    "Do you think they'll like me?" I asked cautiously.

    "Of course they will, silly," she said. "They'll love you."

    "I hope so," I replied.

    "They will, Taddy," she assured me.

    By then she came over to me with a plate of eggs. She had cut two pieces of toast into triangles and spread what looked like strawberry jam all over them. I noticed that the plate was a plastic plate with a babyish design all over, and it was divided into three sections. It was a toddler's plate. I didn't realize until then that the spoon she had been feeding me with was also a little kid's spoon. She made sure the eggs were chopped up, and then she gave me a spoonful.

    "Mm, good," I said as I chewed.

    "You like it? I put some cheese and chopped up ham in them," she said.

    She fed me my eggs, stopping every so often to lift a piece of toast to my mouth so I could take a bite. By the time she was done I was finally getting full. She collected the dishes and stared to get up.

    "Are you full, now?"

    "Uh huh," I replied. "Thank you, Mommy."

    "Oh. So, you've decided to call me 'Mommy'?" she asked.

    "Is that okay?" I asked timidly.

    "Of course it is, sweetie," she said bending over to give me a kiss on the forehead. "I'd love to have you call me 'Mommy'."

    "Okay," I replied with a grin.

    "That's the first time you've really smiled!" she said with a smile of her own. "You have such a beautiful smile."

    I just blushed as I kept smiling.

    She went back into the kitchen to take the dishes to the sink. By the time she returned I was no longer smiling, but instead, I was frowning and about to cry.

    "What's wrong, honey?" she asked me.

    "I hurt," I sniffled.

    "Uh oh," she said. "I guess I should have given you your medicine already. Come on. Mommy will make you feel better."

    She came and removed the tray from the highchair. She unfastened my seatbelt and shoulder straps and picked me up. She set me on her hip again and carried me into the kitchen. She opened the refrigerator and pulled something out of it, but I was positioned in such a way that I couldn't see what it was. She carried me out of the kitchen into the next room, which turned out to be a den or family room. It had a big TV in it along with a cozy looking sitting area. She took me over to the couch and sat down still holding me. She sat in the corner and got me turned around so that I was cradled with my head resting on the arm of the couch with her arm underneath my shoulders as extra padding. She put a pillow under my left leg to prop it up. She then held a baby bottle up to my face.

    "What's that for?" I asked in amazement.

    "Since you can't eat, you obviously can't drink by yourself, either," she said. "So, that means we'll have to give you your drinks too, and the easiest way to do that is bottles."

    I sort of frowned at her.

    "Come on," she said. "Open up, sweetie. This has your medicine in it, and it'll make you feel better."

    I wasn't sure that I wanted to drink from a bottle, but I did want some medicine to make the hurting go away. I opened my mouth and let her push the nipple of the bottle between my lips. It had fruit punch Kool-Aid in it, which was my favorite flavor of Kool-Aid. I couldn't taste any medicine in it, so I just had to trust that it was in there.

    A few minutes later, I decided that drinking from a bottle wasn't so bad. In fact, I think it was kind of neat. I could just lay there in the lady's—whom I was starting to think of as Mommy—arms and suck away and not have to worry about doing anything. It took me about ten minutes to drain the entire bottle, and then she removed it from my mouth and set it on the end table by the couch.

    "Was that good?" she asked.

    "Yes, thank you," I replied.

    "You're so polite," she said.

    I just smiled back at her.

    "I've never drank from a bottle before," I said. "It's kind of funny."

    "Yes, you have," she said. "You had a bottle with medicine in it and another with formula last night while we were giving you a little sponge bath. You were pretty much asleep, though, so I'm sure you don't remember.

    "You look tired," she then informed me. "Why don't you take a little nap?"

    "Okay," I replied tiredly.

    She was right about that medicine, because it sure was making me tired. I settled back and closed my eyes. It was nice to go to sleep wrapped in such a nice lady's arms. She gave me a kiss on the forehead and started to run her fingers through my hair as I drifted off to sleep.

    I woke up a little later and found myself lying on the couch with my head in Mommy's lap. She got me a bottle of milk and held it for me as I drank it, and then I went right back to sleep.

    The next time I woke up I heard several voices. I opened my eyes and looked around. I was still lying on the couch with my head in Mommy's lap.

    "He's waking up," I heard an unfamiliar, female voice say.

    I looked over and saw some girls sitting on the couch across the sitting area. I started to sit up.

    "Let me help you, Taddy," Mommy said.

    She helped me sit up, and she picked me up and sat me in her lap. I looked over and saw a boy sitting in a loveseat. Mr. Bradshaw was sitting at the opposite end of the couch that Mommy and I were on.

    "Thaddeus, this is your new brother and sisters," said Mommy. "That's Cecilia, that's Andrea, and that's Billy."

    She pointed at each of the kids. Cecilia was tall looking, though she was seated, and slender. She was wearing some sort of athletic clothes like a tight-fitting running suit. It was light blue with stripes on the side. She had long, light brown hair. She was very pretty. Andrea was considerably shorter looking and stockier. She was big but I wouldn't say fat. She was wearing a pair of tight, faded jeans and a t-shirt that was also kind of tight. She had the same color hair as her sister, but it was shorter. She was also pretty, though I thought Cecilia was a little prettier. Billy had darker brown hair, and was definitely a lot bigger than me, though he was pretty slender. I think he looked a little like Cecilia though smaller, younger, and obviously a boy. He was wearing a dirty football uniform complete with padding underneath it. He looked sweaty and dirty. They must have all just gotten home.

    "Guys, this is Taddy," Mommy completed the introduction.

    "You can call me Celli," said Cecilia.

    "And I'm Andy," her sister informed me.

    "I'm just Billy," Billy said with a laugh.

    "Can I hold him," Celli said getting up and coming toward us.

    "Can your sister pick you up?" Mommy asked.

    I looked at Mommy and then at Celli uncertainly. I was definitely a little nervous. I shrugged and then nodded without saying anything. Celli reached down and picked me up gently. She put me on her hip and looked at me. I think she was about six feet tall, so I was pretty high off the ground.

    "You're so cute," she said, causing me to blush deeply.

    She then gave me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek.

    "I want to hold him," Andy said, now standing next to us.

    "Here," Celli said passing me off to her sister without even asking me if I want to.

    Andy took me in her arms just as gently. She was about half a foot shorter than her sister.

    "He is cute," she said. "But the poor, little thing is all beat up. That black eye is yucky. Does it hurt?"

    "Only a little," I squeaked quietly.

    "Such a brave, little guy," said Andy. She gave me a big hug and a kiss too.

    "I want to give him a hug, too," Billy whined.

    "Let's go see your brother," Andy told me.

    She carried me over to the loveseat and set me down.

    "Sit him on the couch, dear," said Mommy. "Don't let him stand up."

    "I will, Mom," replied Andy.

    She did just that, and carefully set me down on the loveseat. Billy immediately leaned over and gave me a hug. He was smelly and the plastic shoulder pads he wore were uncomfortable, but it was still nice for him to hug me. It was then that I realized that he was really smelly. He smelled like a toilet that hadn't been flushed in a while, like he had pooped in his pants or something.

    "You're casts look cool," he told me.

    "Thanks," I said blushing again.

    "It's going to be so cool having a little brother!" he said excitedly.

    "So, has he decided, yet?" Celli asked.

    I wondered what she was talking about.

    "No. We haven't even discussed that," said Mommy. "He's slept the whole morning, and I was waiting to do it with your father here, anyway."

    What were they talking about?

    "Why don't you girls take Billy upstairs and get him changed," Mr. Bradshaw suggested, "So we can have that discussion."

    "Okay," Celli replied. "Come on, squirt."

    "Yeah, you're stinking up the place, anyway, pooh-pooh butt," Andy said.

    "Like that's anything new," Celli commented. "I think he needs a bath, since he's all sweaty and gross."

    Billy, who still had an arm around me, gave me a gentle pat on the chest as he got up. His sisters each took one of his hands and they led him out of the room. I thought that was kind of weird, but I didn't really give it much thought.

    As they left the room, Mommy came over to me and picked me up. She carried me back to the couch and sat down with me. She got me positioned comfortably in her lap sitting sideways so she could put a pillow under my left leg to prop its cast up.

    "Are you hurting, sweetie?" she asked.

    "I'm okay," I replied.

    I was aching just a little bit, but it wasn't too bad.

    "Thaddeus," Mr. Bradshaw said. "What we wanted to discuss with you is an offer we wanted to make you."

    What kind offer would that be? I wondered.

    "Now, we know you've been through a lot for a little boy of ten," he continued. "We don't even know all of the things you've been through. Hopefully, as you grow to trust us, you'll feel comfortable with telling us everything, even the worst stuff, that's happened to you. Because we don't think you've had much of a childhood, what we'd like to do is let you repeat most of it."

    "What?" I asked in confusion. What was he talking about? I was still right in the middle of childhood. Most of it had been really bad, but how could I repeat it?

    "You see, sweetie," Mommy said. "Your brother, Billy, is adopted."

    "He is?" I asked. I sure couldn't tell, because he looked kind of like his sister.

    "That's right," she said. "We got him when he was five years old."

    "And he had been through a lot of bad things before he got here," her husband said. "Probably some of the exact same things you've been through. So, to help him get over that stuff and forget it, we let him repeat his childhood. Specifically, we let him repeat babyhood."

    I scrunched my face up in confusion. I still didn't get what they were talking about.

    "We let him be a complete baby," he continued. "Including diapers, baby clothes, eating in a highchair, drinking from bottles, getting baths, sleeping in a crib, and everything else a baby does."

    "And it worked," said Mommy. "He adjusted very well to living in a normal home, and you can't even tell he went through all that bad stuff. He enjoyed himself so much that he decided he wanted to stay our baby forever, and that was just fine with us."

    "So, what we wanted to offer you," said Mr. Bradshaw, "is the opportunity to be a baby again."

    "What's an opportunity?" I asked. That was a big word, and I didn't know what it meant.

    "It means another turn," he said. "A second chance. Another chance to relive your babyhood."

    "Would you like to do that, sweetie?" asked Mommy.

    "I don't know," I shrugged. "What would I have to do?"

    "Nothing," said Mr. Bradshaw. "We would do everything for you. That's part of being a baby."

    "I'd have to wear diapers all the time?" I asked.

    "Yes, but you already are," responded Mommy. "And they're not so bad, are they?"

    "I guess not," I replied. "So, Billy still acts like a baby?"

    "Actually, it's more like we treat him like a baby," she said. "He still does big boy stuff a lot of the time. He plays video games, plays sports, and goes over to his friends' houses. You could still do all that, too."

    "What about school?" I asked.

    "Billy wears regular, big boy clothes to school," Mr. Bradshaw said. "But he still wears diapers all of the time because he doesn't have any bladder or bowel control anymore, and they remind him that he still gets to be a baby."

    "I'd have to wear them to school, too?" I asked.

    "Uh huh," replied Mommy. "But Billy doesn't mind that. He gets changed at the nurse's office, and he wears disposables that people can hardly tell he's wearing."

    "So, what do you think, big guy?" Mr. Bradshaw asked me.

    "What if I decide and then change my mind?" I asked.

    "If you decide to be a baby, and then change your mind, then you'll go right back to being a big boy," he told me. "And, if you decide to be a big boy, and then decide you want to try being a baby, you can do that too. This is all your choice. We're not going to force you to do anything."

    "Except you will have to wear diapers at night," added Mommy, "At least until you start having dry nights."

    "That's okay," I replied. "It's better than waking up all cold and wet."

    "So, what do you want to do?" Mr. Bradshaw asked.

    "I don't know," I replied.

    "I bet you'd have a lot of fun being a baby," Mommy told me. "Your brother sure does."

    It sounded like she really did want me at least try being a baby. I thought about it for a few moments. I wasn't so sure I wanted to wear diapers all the time, but I guess I could try it. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad.

    "Well… I guess I could try it for a little while," I said cautiously.

    "Good boy!" Mommy said. "You're going to have so much fun."

    "But before we get started," her husband interrupted. "Let's go over the rules, first."

    "Rules?" I asked skeptically.

    "Yes," he said. "There are a few rules, but they're nothing really hard."

    "Okay," I said a little apprehensively. Rules could be hard to follow sometimes, and I usually got hit when I broke them.

    "First, like we said," he began. "You'll wear diapers twenty-four hours a day, all the time, no matter where we go or what we do. And, of course, you'll use them for their intended purposes. Second, no changing your diapers. Someone will do that for you. And you can never, ever take your diapers off for any reason. Three, any grownup can change your diapers if you need a change. That includes your sisters and anyone else we deem capable of changing you. Four, you can't tell us when you need a change. Someone will check your diapers regularly and change you when you need it, and you get changed when and where you need it. Also, no bathing yourself or feeding yourself at home. Someone will do all that for you, too. And you have to wear whatever you're dressed in and eat whatever you're fed."

    "Do I have to eat baby food?" I asked. That sounded really yucky.

    "No, sweetie," Mommy said. "You'll eat regular food. You just have to let us feed you, but you can't do that by yourself right now anyway."

    "What happens if I forget the rules?" I asked.

    "Well, if you take your diapers off we will spank, because that's just yucky," said Mommy, "But on everything else we'll remind you several times, and then we'll do timeout or something like that. We'll never hit you except for spankings on your hiney, and we never spank hard enough to leave bruises or anything like that. We don't expect you to be perfect. Everyone makes mistakes sometimes."

    I guess that didn't sound too bad. Spankings were lot better than getting beat up.

    "Do you have any other questions?" Mr. Bradshaw asked me.

    One question suddenly popped into my mind.

    "Why are you all being so nice to me?" I asked.

    "Because we love you, honey," replied Mommy as she gave me a hug.

    "You love me?" I asked. "But you just met me."

    "So?" Mr. Bradshaw said. "We fell in love with you the moment we saw you lying in that hospital bed."

    "Really?" I asked.

    "That's right," Mommy said.

    Wow. Nobody had told me they loved me in a long, long time. I think the last person to do it was the nice old lady I had lived with. She told me she loved me all the time, but no one else had since then.

    "So, are you ready to get started?" Mr. Bradshaw asked me.

    I thought about it for another moment. I couldn't find any reason not to at least try being a baby for a while. They seemed to really want me to be their baby. Part of me was worried that maybe they wouldn't love me as much if I decided not to be a baby. I decided that I was going to do this. I might not like it, but then again, I might love it.

    "Yeah. I'm ready, Daddy," I said.

    "So, you're going to call me Daddy now, too?" he asked.

    "Uh huh," I replied with as smiled.

    "Good," he replied happily. "I'm glad."

    He reached over and picked me up off of Mommy's lap. For the first time, I didn't flinch when he picked me up. He wrapped his big arms around me as he held me to his chest tightly. I suddenly felt very safe and protected in his arms. For some reason, I just knew that he wouldn't let anything happen to me as long as I was here.

    "Come on, you two," Mommy said as she got up. "Let's go get the new baby changed out of those wet diapers."

    I had only just then noticed that my diapers were wet. In fact they were considerably wetter than the diapers I had been changed out of that morning. I must have had more than one accident while I was sleeping, which explained why I hadn't had the urge to pee yet.

    Daddy got up off of the couch still holding me. He set me on his hip holding me higher off of the ground than anyone had. He carried me through the house and up the stairs.

    "Now, another rule right now, Taddy," Daddy told me, "Is that you're not going to be allowed to stand or walk for a while. The doctor said no putting any weight on your broken leg, and, since you can't use crutches with your arms in those casts, we're going to have to carry you around for a while."

    "For how long?" I asked.

    "Probably a couple of weeks," he told me.

    "And you can use your brother's stroller until we get you your own," Mommy added.

    "Billy has a stroller?" I asked.

    "Of course," she said. "He's a baby, and babies have strollers."

    "Wow," I replied.

    By then we were upstairs. We went down the hall to the room we had left this morning. I actually looked around the room for the first time. It was painted in soft, pastel colors with baby blue being the most prominent color. There were babyish looking paintings and pictures on the walls. There were also two big cribs in the room, one of which I had woken up in this morning, as well as the changing table. Each of the cribs had a bureau next to it. In one corner of the room was a huge TV and entertainment center, and in another corner was a colorful padded area with cushions and things. It was like a little padded lounging area for little kids.

    Daddy carried me over to the changing table and sat me down on the padded top. Meanwhile, Mommy went over to a door and disappeared through it. He had me lay down and he lifted my butt up so he could pull my plastic pants off. He unpinned my diapers and pulled them off of me.

    "What kind of diapers are those, anyway?" I asked. "I've never seen diapers like that."

    The only diapers I had ever seen were in commercials, and they were always the disposable kind.

    "They're called pre-folded diapers," Daddy told me. "Here."

    He reached down below the tabletop and pulled out a clean diaper. He handed it to me so I could feel it.

    "The whole diaper is four layers thick, and that thick center panel is call a soaker panel. It's eight layers thick. They're made out of a cotton called birds-eye cotton."

    "Why?" I asked. "Do they have birds' eyes in them?"

    "No," Daddy chuckled. "That's just what it's called. It's a special type of weave that makes the cloth more absorbent."

    "Oh," I replied.

    While he had been explaining that he had already started wiping me down with a baby wipe.

    "Why are the wipes warm?" I asked.

    "Because we keep them in a baby wipe warmer," he told me. "It makes them feel good, doesn't it?"

    "Uh huh," I replied.

    They did feel good. Daddy was just as good and gentle at wiping me as Mommy had been earlier. He did have much bigger hands than Mommy, and his skin was a little rougher, but he still did just as good a job. He powdered my butt and crotch up and rubbed the powder in just like Mommy had down. I also giggled and squirmed again. It felt really good to have that powder rubbed into my skin.

    "Honey, how many diapers should I put on him?" Daddy called to Mommy.

    "I used four because they fill the plastic pants up and make them fit better," said Mommy.

    Just then, she came out of the other room. She had a little bundle of cloth in her hands. By the time she came up to us, Daddy had a stack of diapers folded up. He picked my legs up and lifted my butt up off of the table and slid the diapers underneath me. He pulled them up between my legs and began pinning them on me after he made sure they were snuggly seated in my crotch. While he did that Mommy came up and stood next to my head and gently ran her fingers through my hair. I was getting to really like when she did that. It was really comforting to me. Daddy had the diapers pinned in place within a few minutes. He didn't use as many pins and Mommy had, but the diapers felt just as snug. He put a pair of plastic pants that were clear on me and got them tucked in around my diapers.

    "Now, let's get the baby's first baby outfit on," Mommy said.

    Daddy helped me sit up, and he took the t-shirt I had been wearing all day off of me. Mommy then helped me into a very colorful, babyish outfit. It was like a long-sleeve t-shirt, but it was long and had snaps at the bottom that snapped around my crotch and covered my diapers. It was kind of hard for her to get the sleeves over my casts, but the garment was stretchy, t-shirt material, so she was able to make it fit. The t-shirt was checkered in squares that were many different colors. Each squared had something in it; some had baby bottles, some had toy ducks, some had teddy bears, some had rattles, and all kinds of other babyish things.

    "What kind of shirt is this?" I asked.

    "It's called a onesie," Mommy replied. "It's got long-sleeves to keep you warm. I'm sorry it's not new. It's one of your brother's old outfits that he wore probably when he was six or seven. We're going to get you your own stuff made, but until then you'll have to wear your brothers old things. Do you like it?"

    "Yeah, it's kind of nice," I said.

    "You're going to make a cute little baby," Daddy said.

    He picked me up and gave me a kiss and then a big hug that completely enveloped me. He then passed me off to Mommy who gave me a kiss and a hug as well.

    "Let's go find your sisters and brother," she said. "I think I hear some noise coming from the bathroom."

    She planted me on her hip, and the three of us headed to another door in the room. Daddy opened it, and I immediately heard laughing and splashing from inside. We went in and I discovered that the room was a private bathroom that was connected to the bedroom. The bathroom was decorated in a babyish theme much like the bedroom. I saw Billy sitting naked in a tub full of water. There were islands of bubbles floating in the water. The tub was a huge rectangle. It was the biggest tub I had ever seen. All of us could probably bathe in it at once. The girls were sitting on the floor next to the tub splashing Billy with water. Billy was giggling as he picked up handfuls of bubbles and blew them at his sisters. They all stopped what they were doing and looked at us when they noticed us come in.

    "Well, we've got ourselves another little baby," Mommy announced.

    "Awe!" Celli and Andy both cooed together.

    "Cool!" Billy said jumping up and splashing water everywhere.

    "Hey. Settle down, kiddo," Daddy said gently but firmly.

    "Sorry," Billy said, still grinning broadly.

    "It's going to be so much fun having two babies, now," Andy said happily.

    "And he's so adorable as a baby," Celli said.

    "Yeah, you look very cute, Taddy," agreed Andy.

    "Thanks," I said grinning bashfully.

    "I wish you could take a bath with me," Billy said.

    "He will soon enough," said Mommy, "But we have to get him some covers for those casts first. We'll try to do that tomorrow or Monday."

    "Can he sit with us while we bathe Billy?" Celli asked.

    "You want to stay in here with your brother and sisters?" Mommy asked me.

    "Okay," I said a little nervously.

    "Are you hurting, sweetie?" Mommy asked. "You look a little pale."

    "Yeah," I said with a frown. I had been hurting for quite a while, but I didn't want to say anything so it wouldn't look like I was whining.

    "Okay," she said. "You stay here with them, and Mommy will bring you a bottle of medicine in just a minute, okay?"

    "Okay," I replied.

    She carried me over toward the tub.

    "Here. I'll hold him," Celli said.

    She picked up a towel that was on the floor by her and used it to dry her hands off. She then crossed her legs, sat Indian-style, and held up her arms. Mommy lowered me down to her, and she to took me and sat me in her lap with my back up against her chest. She wrapped her arms around my tummy.

    "Are you comfy, baby?" asked Celli.

    "Yes, thank you," I replied.

    "Ooh, you're so polite," she said.

    "Yes, he is," Mommy agreed. "He's a fine, young gentleman. Now, you three make sure he doesn't get wet because those casts have to stay dry."

    "We'll take care of him, Mom," Andy assured her.

    "Okay," said Mommy. "I'll be back in a minute with a bottle for him. You four behave."

    "We will, Mommy," Billy promised for all of us.

    Mommy and Daddy left us there in the bathroom.

    "Come on, squirt," Andy said to Billy. "Let's get you bathed."

    She soaped up a washcloth in some kind of liquid soap from a bottle. Billy stood up and walked over to her, and she began to scrub him down from head to toe.

    "So, how do you like the house, Taddy?" Andy asked as she bathed her brother.

    "Well, I haven't seen much of it," I replied, "But what I've seen has been really nice."

    "Mom didn't give you a tour?" Celli asked.

    "No," I replied. "I've pretty much slept all day. What time is it, anyway?"

    "It's only a little after 2:00," Celli said.

    We continued talking for the next few minutes. Mainly they talked and I listened. I looked around the bathroom a little more. I was surprised to find that there was a conspicuous absence of a toilet in the room. I didn't see one anywhere. I found that a bit odd. I also found myself staring at Billy. It was a little strange for me to see a naked boy standing there while his sister bathed him. He didn't have any shyness at all about all of us seeing him completely exposed. I noticed that his pee-pee was quite a bit bigger than mine, but that didn't surprise me, as he was so much bigger than me. He was probably a foot taller than me even though I was only two years younger than him.

    "So, Taddy," Celli said, bringing me out of my little reverie. "Tell me something: are you ticklish?"

    Without warning, she reached up and jabbed her fingers into the side of my chest trying to tickle me. I was ticklish, but what she did only hurt really badly.

    "Ow!" I nearly screamed as I tried to recoil away from her hand.

    "I'm sorry!" she said immediately. "What did I do?"

    "I've got a bad bruise there," I said sniffling. I was already crying. "That really hurt."

    "Oh, I'm so sorry, baby," she said as she hugged me. "I didn't mean to do that."

    "That's okay," said still crying. "You didn't know."

    She kissed the side of my face and stroked the other side of my face with her hand.

    "I'm sorry, baby," she said again. "Do you mind if I look at it real quick?"

    "I guess not," I said.

    She reached down and unsnapped the crotch of my onesie. She pulled the shirt up to expose most of my chest and abdomen.

    "Oh my God!" Andy gasped. She and Billy were also looking at me.

    "Baby, how much did you get hit?" Celli asked.

    "A lot," I whimpered. "The place where you hit was where John kicked me."

    "He kicked you?" Andy asked.

    "Uh huh," I nodded. "A lot. That's what happened to my right arm and my leg, too."

    "What about your left arm?" she asked.

    "I got that when I fell off the fence when I was running away," I replied.

    "Baby, you're just one big bruise," Celli said. She had me leaned forward, and she was looking at my back.

    "Yeah," I replied.

    "Taddy, I'm sorry you got hurt," Billy said with a whimper. He was rubbing his eyes, and I think he was starting to cry, too.

    "Thanks," I replied quietly.

    "Well, that's not ever going to happen again," Celli said firmly as she pulled my onesie back down and got it fastened on me. "We'll make sure it doesn't."

    "Yeah. We'll protect you," Billy said.

    "Thanks, guys," I said.

    Celli hugged me tightly and gently rubbed my chest and stomach to comfort me. About then, the door opened and Mommy came in. She handed Celli a bottle with juice in it.

    "Make sure he drinks all of that, dear," Mommy told her.

    "I will, Mom," Celli assured her.

    Celli got me situated so that I was cradled in one arm, and she held the bottle up to my mouth. I accepted the nipple as she gently pushed it through my lips, and I began sucking on it.

    "Why's everyone so glum all of a sudden?" asked Mommy.

    "We just saw all of poor Taddy's bruises," Andy answered as she rinsed Billy off. "They're horrible."

    "Yes. He's been through a lot," said Mommy. She got down on her knees beside Celli and me. "But all of that's over now, and we're all going to help him get over it."

    She leaned forward and kissed the top of my head as I continued to suck on my bottle.

    "Now, you girls finish getting your brother bathed and diapered up, and then bring the two babies downstairs because lunch is ready."

    She patted me on the head and rose to leave. About then, Andy had Billy step out of the tub, and she wrapped him in a big, fluffy towel. She thoroughly dried him off. He giggled when she got to his more ticklish parts. When she was done she gave him a light slap on his bare butt.

    "Come on, Diaper Boy Number One," she said. "Let's get you diapered before you make a mess everywhere."

    "Can I wear cloth diapers like Taddy?" he asked hopefully.

    "Oh, I guess so," replied Andy.

    They headed out of the bathroom. Celli stood up with me still cradled in her arms. She hooked the arm that held my bottle underneath my knees, and she carried me out of the room like a giant baby.

    "I'm not hurting you, am I, baby?" she asked me.

    I just shook my head no.

    She took me out to the bedroom where I saw Billy climbing up onto the changing table. Andy already had a stack of diapers on the table, which Billy planted his butt on. Celli carried me over to the table and stood there with me, and we watched her sister diaper Billy. As we stood there she gently rocked me back and forth in her arms.

    I lazily watched Andy powder Billy up and rub the powder into his skin. I noticed his pee-pee got big like mine did, but his was much, much bigger than mine. I continued to suck on my bottle as she pinned on his diapers. She then pulled out a pair of plastic pants identical to mine, and pulled them onto him. He climbed off the table and she got the plastic pants tucked in around his diapers. Andy then went over to the bureau by one of the cribs. She pulled out a garment. I noticed that the material it was made of was the same pattern as mine. She unfolded it and revealed that it was a long-sleeve onesie like I was wearing.

    "Let's dress the two babies alike, today," she said.

    "Cool!" Billy replied.

    He raised his arms up, and his sister pulled the garment on to him. She snapped the crotch shut over his diapers. She then turned him around and gave him a smack on his diapered butt. There was a distinct "thwack" from the plastic pants he was wearing.

    "Come on, baby brother," she said to him lovingly. "Let's all go downstairs."

    By then I had drained my bottle of Kool-Aid. Celli took it from my mouth and shifted me around so that I was sitting on her hip.

    "Ready to go downstairs, baby?" she asked me.

    I smiled lazily and nodded.

    "Let me carry him, now," Andy said.

    She came up, and Celli passed me off to her. Andy planted me on her hip and gave me a hug. They carried me out of the room and down the hall. I rested my head on Andy's shoulder because I was already getting sleepy from my medicine. By the time we were in the kitchen I was about to fall asleep. Mommy took me from Andy and put me in the highchair. I barely noticed her strapping me into it and putting the tray on.

    "Billy, you're going to have to sit in Daddy's lap, and he'll feed you," said Mommy. "Your brother is going to be using your highchair until we get him one of his own."

    "Okay, Mommy," replied Billy.

    He waddled over to the head of the table where Daddy was sitting. Daddy pushed his chair back a little and helped Billy climb up into his lap. I was suddenly kind of jealous, and I found myself wishing that I were sitting in Daddy's lap.

    "What are we having?" Billy asked.

    "I just put some chicken nuggets and tater tots in the oven real quick," replied Mommy.

    She brought out a couple of sheet pans full of nuggets and tater tots. She also brought two bibs. One bib was for Billy and the other was for me. Everyone dug in and began eating. Before we could eat, Mommy and Daddy put tater tots and chicken nuggets into divided, plastic, toddler plates like I had eaten out of this morning. They cut the chicken nuggets up into tiny, bite-size pieces for us. Mommy then set one of the plates in front of me. She took a little, toddler fork, and began feeding me bites of food. Though it was a quick meal, it was still one of the best ones I had in a long time. Mommy kept feeding me bites of food, eating her own meal in between feeding me. Every so often she held a plastic sippy-cup up to my mouth to drink some milk from. When I cleaned my plate, Mommy asked if I was still hungry. I nodded, so she put more food on my plate and cut it up.

    "You're sure a good eater," Mommy commented as she put another piece of chicken nugget into my mouth.

    Suddenly, for some reason, I found myself wanting to cry. I tried not to, but eventually tears started coming down.

    "What's wrong, baby?" asked Mommy when she noticed I was upset.

    I just shook my head, not wanting to say anything.

    "Baby, tell us what's wrong," Mommy said gently.

    "Well… at my old house, when everybody ate," I explained, "I had to wait and see if there was anything left over for me. This is the first time I've gotten to eat with everyone else in a long time."

    Everyone just stared at me silently for a few moments. Then, Mommy got up and came up to me. She reached down into the space between my stomach and the highchair tray. She unbuckled the straps that held me in the chair. She gingerly picked me up and carried me back over to the chair she had been sitting in. She sat down and hugged me tightly to her chest.

    "Those ugly people were so, so mean to you, baby," she told me quietly. "No one should ever have been treated that way."

    I couldn't see her face the way she was holding me, but I think she was starting to cry. That made me feel kind of bad. I thought that I probably shouldn't have told them that.

    "It's okay, Mommy," I said. "I'm going to be okay, now that I'm with you guys."

    "I know you are, baby," she told me. "You're such a brave, strong, little guy."

    I couldn't help but smile at that. I didn't know why she thought that, but it was still pretty cool.

    We then continued our meal. Mommy held me in her lap as she finished feeding me the rest of my chicken nuggets and tater tots. I thought that was kind of nice. Everyone talked about a bunch of other topics. A lot of the conversation was about me, and how much fun we were all going to have with me here. Everyone seemed to be really excited about me being here, which was pretty neat. Unfortunately, by the time we were done I was no longer paying much attention to the conversation. I was so tired that my head kept dropping forward as I sat in Mommy's lap.

    "Peter, why don't you take the boys into the den while the girls and I clean up," Mommy said. "I think Taddy needs another nap."

    "Sure," replied Daddy.

    Billy slid out of his lap, and Daddy got up from the table. He came over to us and took me out of Mommy's arms. He set me on his hip and held me with one hand while he took hold of one of Billy's hands with the other. He took us out into the den and sat down on one of the couches. He got me cradled in his lap with my head resting on one of his arms. Billy sat down next to Daddy and picked up both of my legs and rested them in his lap. He put a pillow on his lap underneath my legs to prop my cast leg up, which felt nice.

    "Go to sleep, baby," Daddy told me. "We'll be right here when you wake up."

    I smiled and nodded as I closed my eyes. I felt Daddy give me a kiss on the forehead just before I fell asleep.

    I spent most of the rest of the afternoon sleeping. Every time I woke up I seemed to be lying with or on someone else. I woke up in Mommy's arms again, and then I woke up with my head resting on Celli's lap, and then cradled in Andy's arms. Every time I woke up I was given another bottle of milk or juice. I also noticed that each time I woke up my diapers seemed to be a little wetter than the last time. I must have had an accident every time I fell asleep. I had slept so much that day that I hadn't voluntarily peed all day; I just went in my sleep. By the end of the day I was getting to the point that it didn't even upset me anymore to wake up and discover that I had had an accident.

    That night we had pizza for supper. It was the first time I had had pizza in a long time. Tonight, I asked if Billy and I could trade, and I got to sit in Daddy's lap while Billy used his highchair. Daddy cut up my pizza into little pieces and fed them to me.

    After dinner I was given another bottle of medicine because I was starting to hurt again. By the time I had finished with that I was getting tired, so Mommy and Daddy decided that it was time for me to go to bed. I didn't want to go to bed, but I was informed that babies had to go to bed when they were told to.

    They took me upstairs to the bedroom. Daddy went to the bathroom while Mommy took me over to the changing table to take my diapers off. She removed my plastic pants and unpinned my soggy diapers. After depositing the diapers into the plastic trashcan she took out a couple of baby wipes and began to clean my diaper area.

    "So, do you like your nursery, baby?" she asked me as she wiped me.

    "Nursery?" I asked. "Is that what this is?"

    "Well, sure, honey," she said. "It has cribs and a changing table, doesn't it? And all babies sleep in nurseries."

    "Oh," I replied. "Well, it's nice."

    "Good," she said. "I'm glad you like it."

    She finished wiping me up, and she pulled out a single cloth diaper from underneath the tabletop. She draped it over my privates, and then held it in place with one hand while she put her other arm around my back and picked me up. She set me on her hip keeping the diaper over my privates.

    "That's just in case baby has an accident," she told me.

    "I'm not gonna have an accident, Mommy," I said.

    "I know," she said. "But you may start having them after awhile, so we should probably start planning for them, don't you think?"

    "Oh. Yeah, I guess so," I replied. That sounded pretty reasonable, though I didn't know why I would start having accidents when I was awake when I had never had them before.

    "Let's go get the baby a sponge bath," she told me.

    She carried me to the bathroom. I found Daddy there sitting on the edge of the tub. There was a small amount of water in the tub. Mommy sat me down on the edge of the tub by Daddy. The tub was so deep and the side of it so high that my feet didn't even touch the ground. Daddy put a hand on my shoulder to steady me. Mommy got a washcloth from a closet in the bathroom and came over to us. She knelt down by the tub and dipped the washcloth into the water and used it to wet me down. She then squirted something into it from what looked like a shampoo bottle and worked up a lather of foam all over the cloth.

    "What is that stuff?" I asked.

    "It's baby body wash," she told me. "Babies have to have special soap so it won't burn their eyes."

    "Oh," I replied.

    She gently cleaned me off from head to toe. She was so gentle that she didn't even hurt any of my bruises. When she was done cleaning every part of me that wasn't hidden in casts she rinsed out the washcloth and used it to rinse the soap off of me.

    "Do you think we got any water in those casts?" she asked me when she was done.

    "I don't think so," I replied. They still felt dry in there.

    "Okay," she replied. "Let's dry you off so you don't get cold, and then we're going to wash your hair."

    Daddy picked up a towel that had b

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    A Second Chance

    A Second Chance

    Part 3
    Becoming a Baby

    I didn't wake up so startled the next morning. I think I was already starting to get used to my new home, which was strange because it normally took me weeks to get used to waking up in a new foster home. I had slept really well the previous night even though I had slept most of the preceding day. I found myself covered in a warm, fleece blanket and a flannel sheet. I felt very cozy. When I opened my eyes I immediately noticed that the mesh cover that had been over my crib yesterday wasn't there this morning. That was nice, I suppose. I decided to sit up, but it took me a while to do it because it was hard to sit up with both of my arms in casts. When I was finally sitting I pulled my legs up and sat Indian-style and looked out into the nursery. I didn't know what time it was, but I could tell from the light coming in through the windows that it was already light outside.

    I looked across the room and could hear deep breathing coming from the other crib, so I assumed that Billy was still asleep. I knew I couldn't get out of the crib by myself—actually I wasn't sure I was physically able to even if I was allowed to—so I decided to just sit there for a while.

    It wasn't until then that I noticed that my diapers were wet, but it didn't especially surprise nor upset me. I had finally accepted the realization that I wasn't going to be punished here for wetting the bed. In fact, since I was now a baby, I didn't have any choice but to go in my diapers at night whether or not I was awake.

    It was then that I realized that I actually needed to pee. I hadn't consciously peed all day yesterday, and I was surprised that I needed to go now considering I had already had an accident in my sleep. Still, I needed to go, so I decided to just let it out. I sat there in the crib and tried to relax and get my pee flowing, but my bladder wouldn't cooperate. I then tried pushing my urine out, but nothing came no matter how much I pushed. I decided that I couldn't go sitting down like I was, so I decided to lay back. I reclined back, propping myself up on my elbows, and I lifted my knees and spread my legs apart a little. I tried to relax again. I finally gave a little push, and I was able to get a slow trickle of pee going. I felt the warm pee flow down my crotch, between my legs, and onto my butt before it was absorbed into the cloth diapers. That slow trickle soon turned into a raging river as my bladder completely relaxed and gave up its contents. It felt good to finally be relieved.

    When the stream of pee finally stopped, I sat back up and resumed my former, Indian-style position. I spent the next few minutes exploring the feelings of my freshly warmed, wet diapers. I thought it would be kind of gross to wet my diapers, but it really didn't feel all that bad. There was a squishy feeling all over my groin and crotch, and I actually kind of liked that wet squishiness.

    After the novelty of my wet diapers wore off, I just sat there wondering when someone would come get me out of my crib. I thought back to how yesterday had gone. Though I hadn't done much of anything, and I pretty much slept all day, I still couldn't help but rank it as one of the best days of my life. I hadn't been hit or talked meanly to once, and, other than the three days I spent on the streets alone, I couldn't remember too many days in which I didn't get hurt in one way or another. I don't remember ever being loved, cared for, and nurtured so much in my life.

    I wondered how much longer I was going to be here. I was usually only in a foster home for a few months to as long as a year before I got moved to a new place. I don't know why I was moved so much, but I think, at least some of the time, it was because all of my foster families eventually got tired of my bedwetting. I was starting to believe that that wouldn't be a problem here, but I still wasn't sure if I'd be staying here for a while. With my luck I probably wouldn't be here long. These nice people would eventually find something they didn't like about me, just like all my other families, and then they'd get rid of me. That was how it always worked.

    I tried to push that out of my head for now and think about how good things had gone for me, so far. I had had a great day yesterday. Even though I was still in pain from my bruises and broken bones, everyone had been so nice to me. They really made me feel special, something not many people had ever done for me before. They all seemed happy to have me here, and they treated me like I was one of the family. I even remembered them telling me that they loved me last night before I fell asleep.

    Then, it suddenly hit me—I hadn't told them that I loved them back last night when they told me they loved me. I suddenly felt really bad about that. I should have told them I loved them. Why didn't I? I felt really dumb for not saying that. I guess it was because it had been so long since anyone had told me that, that I just forgotten that I was supposed to say something back. I hoped they weren't mad at me. What if they decided they didn't want me because I didn't tell them I loved them? I was abruptly scared and very worried. What if they sent me back to the other foster home? I didn't want to go back there. I was tired of getting beat up, and spanked, and called names, and being hungry all the time. I realized that I had probably messed up badly. If only I had just told them I loved them back, but I hadn't. I just forgot. Now, I had probably messed up everything! I probably wouldn't be here much longer. That was too bad. I think I was really going to like being a baby here.

    I got so upset that I started to cry over the whole thing. I sat there for the next several minutes quietly crying as I thought about what a dumb, stupid idiot I was. I wiped my eyes and nose on the shoulder of my t-shirt, since I couldn't reach my hands up to my face.

    I was still crying when I heard Billy stir in his crib across the room. He sat up rubbing his eyes. He yawned before he finally looked over at me.

    "Hey, Taddy," he said with a smile.

    I barely glanced at him and then looked down shamefully.

    "Hi," I squeaked, trying not to sound like I was crying, but failing miserably.

    "What's wrong, Taddy?" he asked me with sudden and genuine concern.

    "Nothin'," I replied curtly.

    "Then why are you crying?" he asked reasonably.

    "I'm sorry I didn't tell you I loved you last night when you told me you loved me," I blurted. "I just forgot. I'm sorry."

    "Oh," he said with a confused look. "That's all? Don't worry about that. It's no big deal."

    "Yes, it is," I said. "I should have said I loved you back."

    "So, you forgot," he said. "That's nothing to cry over."

    "Everyone probably hates me, now," I sobbed. "I'm so stupid!"

    I looked down and sobbed wishing that I could bury my face in my hands. I suddenly stopped crying and looked up when I heard the now familiar sound of a crib opening. I saw Billy climbing out of his crib. His obviously padded butt was facing me. I noticed that he was wearing a one-piece, footed sleeper. His feet touched the ground and turned to face me. He started waddling in my direction. I was suddenly horrified.

    "Billy, what are you doing?" I asked urgently. "We're not allowed to get out of our cribs!"

    "I know," he replied uncaringly.

    He came up to my crib and worked some kind of latch mechanism on either end of the side of the crib. In a second he had the side of my crib dropped down, and he was climbing into my crib

    "But, you'll get a spanking," I told him.

    "So?" he shrugged as he lifted a leg over the side of the crib and got in with me.

    He plopped down onto the mattress with me and faced me. He leaned forward, grabbed my shoulders and hugged me.

    "You need a hug," he said. "Some things are worth getting spanked for, and taking care of my little brother is one of them."

    "You mean you're not mad at me?" I asked in confusion as I continued to cry.

    "Of course not, silly," he said. "So you forgot to tell me you loved me. So what? You were tired, and Mommy had just given you that medicine. And, trust me, I know you can forget about a lot of things when Mommy is holding you in the rocking chair feeding you a warm bottle of milk. I know you love me, too. Forgetting to say it back once isn't going to make me stop loving you."

    "Really?" I asked.

    "Really," he assured me. "I promise."

    "But what about everyone else?" I asked. "Do you think they're gonna be mad at me."

    "No, Taddy," he said slightly exasperated. "No one is going to be mad at you. Just wait and see."

    "Okay," I said wiping my eyes on my shoulders as best I could.

    "Come on," he said. "Let's go sit and talk until someone comes to get us up."

    "Shouldn't you go back to your crib?" I asked.

    "Nah," he replied. "I'll just wait with you. I'll tell them why I got out of my crib, and they probably won't spank me. The thing you have to learn about Mommy and Daddy is that the rules are kind of flexible so long as you have a really, really good reason to break them. Except for the one about taking off your own diapers. I can't think of any good reason why they wouldn't spank us for that."

    He reached over and pulled the side of the crib up. It slid up on its rails and latched into place. We then crawled back to the side of the crib that was up against the wall and leaned up against it. He put an arm around my shoulder and pulled me into his side.

    "How'd you sleep?" he asked me.

    "Pretty good," I said. "It takes a little while to get used to sleeping in these thick diapers."

    "Yeah, but you do get used to it," he assured me. "Give it a couple of weeks and you won't even notice them."

    "It's hard to go in them," I said. "I had to work really hard to pee earlier."

    "I kind of remember it being that way when I first went back into diapers," he told me. "I was only five, though, so I don't really remember. Now, I just go whenever, and I usually don't even know when I'm doing it. I'd probably have major accidents if I went without diapers."

    "You like wearing them?" I asked.

    "Like? I love them," he told me. "I can't imagine not wearing them."

    "Hmm," I replied. "I hope I will, too."

    "You will, little brother," he told me. "You will."

    "Billy, what do Mommy and Daddy do?" I asked, changing the subject.

    "You mean their jobs? Mommy is a lawyer," he said. "She works in some big law firm in Dallas. She makes a lot of money."

    "Wow," I said. "She argues in court in front of judges and stuff?"

    "Yep," he said.

    "Cool," I replied.

    "And Daddy is a psychiatrist," he said.

    "What's a psy-, psych-," I stammered.

    "Psy-chi-a-trist," he pronounced it slowly. "That's a special type of doctor that helps people who have been through bad experiences or are having problems dealing with certain things like their feelings."

    "Really?" I asked. I wasn't sure I understood what he was talking about.

    "Yeah," he said. "He specializes in child psychiatry, which means he helps kids mostly. He works at a big hospital in Dallas. He helped me a lot when I first got here, and I'm sure he'll spend a lot of time talking to you."

    "Really?" I asked.

    "Uh huh," he said.

    I was about to ask him about Celli and Andy, but the door to the nursery suddenly opened, and we saw Mommy come in.

    "Good morning, babies," she said happily.

    Then she abruptly halted in her tracks. Her hands immediately went to her hips, and she got an angry look on her face.

    "Billy, just what do you think you're doing, young man?" she asked angrily. "What are you doing out of your crib?"

    She didn't raise her voice at all, but I could tell she was not happy.

    "Taddy got a little upset," Billy said immediately. "He needed a hug, and I don't think he could wait, so I came over and got in his crib with him."

    "Hmm," she said. "Is that true, Taddy?"

    "Uh huh," I said with a shaky, squeaky voice.

    "Well, I guess that's okay, then," she said. "Just don't make a habit of it, okay, Billy?"

    "Okay, Mommy," he said. "I won't."

    She came up to us and dropped the side of the crib down. She reached over to Billy, lifted him up and out of the crib, gave him a good morning hug and kiss, and set him on the ground next to her. She then picked me up. She immediately held me close to her and gave me a hug and kiss.

    "How's Mommy's little baby?" she asked me.

    "Okay," I said quietly.

    "So, why were you upset, baby?" asked me.

    I suddenly wanted to cry again. My bottom lip began to quiver, and my eyes began to water uncontrollably.

    "I'm sorry I didn't tell you I loved you last night when you said you loved me," I whimpered. I was starting to cry. "I just forgot. Please, don't be mad at me. I promise I won't do it again."

    "Oh, baby," she said, hugging me even tighter. "It's okay. I'm not mad at you. You were really tired last night, and you had a bottle in your mouth anyway. Now, you just hush and stop crying."

    "Okay," I replied, still whimpering a little. "I love you, Mommy."

    "I know, baby," she said. "Mommy loves you, too. You weren't upset about that all night, were you?"

    "Only since I woke up," I replied.

    "Well, it's nothing to get worked up about," she told me. "You can tell Daddy and the girls you love them when we go downstairs."

    "Okay," I replied.

    She then shifted me around so that I was sitting on one of her hips. She reached around behind me with her free hand, and I felt a finger go inside my plastic pants for a few seconds.

    "You're not that wet," she informed me.

    I then felt her put her hand on my butt and give my diapers a squeeze.

    "No pooh-poohs, either," she said. "You'll be okay for a few hours. Now, sit on the floor, baby, while I check your brother."

    She gently sat me down on the floor on my butt. She bent over to Billy and turned him around so his back was to her. She unzipped a zipper that ran down the back of his sleeper. She stuck her hand inside his sleeper and inspected his diapers.

    "You'll be okay for a while, too," she told him. "We'll just wait until after breakfast to change you. Daddy's making pancakes this morning."

    She zipped Billy's zipper back up and gave him a swat on the butt. She then turned around and reached down for me. She put her hands under my arms and picked me back up and planted me on her hip.

    "Do you like pancakes, Taddy?" she asked me.

    "I don't know," I replied.

    "Haven't you ever had them?"

    "I don't know," I repeated.

    "Hmm," she replied. "Well, I guess we'll find out, today. Come on, Billy."

    She reached down with her free hand and took Billy's hand. She led him out of the nursery as she carried me. We went downstairs and into the kitchen.

    "Good morning, babies!" Celli told us happily when she saw us come in.

    Billy pulled away from Mommy and waddled over to his sisters, whom were both sitting at the kitchen table. He gave each of them a good morning kiss on the cheek. He then climbed into Celli's lap.

    "Everybody," announced Mommy, "Taddy has something he wants to say."

    Everyone got quiet and stared at me. That made me a little nervous, and I was about to hide my face in Mommy's shoulder.

    "Go ahead, baby," she cajoled me gently.

    "Um. I'm sor-," I began.

    "No, baby," Mommy cut me off. "You don't need to say you're sorry. Just tell them what you wanted to tell them."

    I nodded nervously.

    "Well. I forgot to tell you all that I loved you back when you guys told me you loved me last night," I explained. "So, I just wanted you all to know that I loved you, too."

    "Aw," my two sisters both cooed together.

    "We love you, too, Taddy," Andy said.

    "Yeah," Celli agreed. "We knew you loved us back. You were just really tired last night."

    "Let's go get you a bottle of milk," Mommy told me.

    I nodded as she carried me into the kitchen. We stopped by the counter where Daddy was cooking pancakes on an electric griddle. Mommy held me up to Daddy, who leaned over and gave me a kiss.

    "Morning, big guy," he told me. "Did you sleep well?"

    "Uh huh," I replied.

    "Daddy loves you," he said.

    "I love you, too, Daddy," I said with a grin.

    With that Mommy took me over to the refrigerator. She opened the right-hand door and reached in. I noticed that there was a shelf that was half full with probably a dozen baby bottles full of milk and different-colored juices. She pulled out two bottles of milk, and then carried them and me back to the table. She handed one bottle to Celli, who still held Billy in her lap. She then went around the table to Andy.

    "Sit with your sister, baby," Mommy told me, "And she'll feed you your bottle while I help Daddy finish breakfast."

    She lowered me down into Andy's open arms. Andy got me situated in her lap, and she took the offered bottle from Mommy. She held the bottle up to my mouth and pressed it to my lips. I immediately accepted it and went to work sucking the contents out of the bottle. I rested my head on her shoulder as I drank.

    A few minutes later Daddy delivered a plate stacked high with pancakes to the table. Mommy brought a plate full of bacon and a dish full of scrambled eggs. Mommy carried me over to the highchair while Billy went over to Daddy's lap to be fed. We both had bibs put on, and then we were fed our breakfast after everything was cut up for us.

    I very quickly decided that I really liked pancakes, even though I couldn't remember ever having them before. I probably ate five or six of them, along with a few strips of bacon and a pile of eggs. I also drained two sippy cups of orange juice. Mommy said she was glad I was a good eater because that would help me grow up to be big and strong. I was so small that I wasn't sure she was right, but I sure hoped so.

    After breakfast, I was starting to hurt so Andy and Celli took Billy and me into the den. I was given a bottle of Kool-Aid with my pain medicine in it as I lay on the couch with my head in Celli's lap. Everyone else watched TV while I fell asleep. I spent most of the rest of the day sleeping just like I had done the previous day. I only vaguely remember Mommy carrying me upstairs to change me out of my wet, night diapers.

    I woke up sometime later in the day. I was surprised to find that I was outside. I was lying on my back, and I saw the blue sky with patches of fluffy clouds when I opened my eyes. I was a little worried until I felt that I was lying next to someone. I also felt an arm wrapped around my chest under my arms. I turned my head and looked to see that I was lying next to Celli. We were lying together on a padded deck chair outside of the house. I was a little surprised to see that she wasn't wearing much of anything. All she had on was a two-piece swimsuit. She was wearing a pair of sunglasses, and she was holding a book in her free hand.

    "Hi, baby," she greeted me when she saw that I was awake. "Did you have a good nap?"

    I smiled and nodded.

    "Why are we outside?" I asked.

    "Well, it turned into a nice, warm day," she replied. "So I decided it would be a good day to get some sun, since who knows when we'll have another warm weekend. And, I figured you could use some sun too, little man."

    "Where is everyone?' I asked.

    "They all went to the park," she responded. "I told them I'd stay to keep an eye on you."

    "What time is it?" I asked.

    "About three," she said. "You've been asleep for a while."

    "I'm sorry I'm sleeping so much," I said as I rested the side of my face on her chest.

    "Don't be sorry, Taddy," she said. "You're hurt, and you need to rest so you can heal."

    I just nodded.

    "Are you getting hungry?" she asked me. "It's been a while since breakfast."

    "Uh huh," I said. My stomach started growling as I thought of that.

    "Okay," she said. "Let's go inside, and I'll get you something."

    She pushed me up into a sitting position. She got up, and then bent over to pick me up. We turned to go inside when she had me planted on her hip. I noticed that all I was wearing were the usual, thick cloth diapers and a t-shirt. The t-shirt must have been one of Billy's old shirts. It was bright blue with Blue from Blue's Clues ironed onto the front. It was very childish looking and pretty small on me. It was kind of tight, but not uncomfortably so.

    I was able to look around and get a glimpse of the backyard. The yard was really huge, and a brick and metal fence surrounded it. There were lush green grass and patches of big trees all over the place. I then looked closer to the house and saw a cool little playground with a swing set and neat structures to climb all over. It was too bad I couldn't climb on any of those right now.

    Celli carried me into the house and to the kitchen. She set me in the highchair and got me snuggly strapped into it before she put the tray on.

    "So, what would you like to eat?" she asked me.

    "I don't know," I shrugged.

    "Hmm," she said. "Well, we'll be eating dinner in just a few hours, so how about just a peanut butter and jelly sandwich."

    "Okay," I replied.

    She went into the kitchen and got out stuff to make me a sandwich with.

    "What smells so good?" I asked.

    "Mom has a pot roast cooking in the crock pot," she told me. "That's what we're having for supper."

    A few minutes later she brought a toddler plate, along with a sippy cup of juice, over to me. She pulled up a chair and sat down in front of me.

    "Now, Billy is usually allowed to eat his sandwiches by himself, but since you can't I'm going to feed you yours," she told me. "You just have to promise not to bite me."

    "I won't bite you," I giggled.

    "Okay," she said. "I just wanted to make sure."

    She fed me a peanut butter and strawberry jelly sandwich that she had cut up into tiny little squares. There were also some mini-Ritz crackers and baby carrot sticks, which she fed to me. I was very careful not to bit her fingers as she placed bites of food in my mouth. Every so often she held my sippy cup up to my mouth so I could wash my food down with grape juice.

    "Celli, why are there these straps thingies on the tray here?" I asked between bites.

    I had been wondering about those straps since I first saw them yesterday.

    "Well, you're brother sometimes likes to takes being a baby just a little too far, and he starts throwing food and stuff," she told me. "When he does that we strap his hands and feet down so he can't make a mess. I think he does it on purpose. I think he likes us tying him down."

    "He doesn't get in trouble for throwing food?" I asked in amazement.

    "No," she shrugged. "Babies do that kind of thing. But he knows not to take it too far or do it too often. He knows he'll get a spanking if he does it too much."

    "Oh," I said.

    I had never heard of such. I was baffled by the very thought of a twelve-year-old being allowed to throw food without getting in major trouble. I wondered if I could do the same thing. I doubted it. They'd probably get rid of me if I started doing that.

    A few minutes later I was finished with my meal.

    "Thank you, Celli," I told her as she stood up with my empty plate and sippy cup.

    "You're welcome, baby," she told me.

    Celli left me in the highchair while she went to clean up the kitchen. While she was doing that I used the fingers of one hand to try and get into the cast on the other arm. I was itching pretty badly up on my left wrist, but I couldn't get to the itching spot.

    "What are these casts made of?" I asked while Celli was still washing dishes.

    "Um, it's called fiberglass," she told me. "It's sort of like a plastic."

    "Oh," I said. I was grimacing, still trying to get at the itchy spot.

    "Do you want some more medicine, baby?" Celli asked a minute later as she returned to the breakfast area.

    "No, thank you," I replied. "I'm okay right now."

    "Don't put your fingers in your casts, baby," she told me. "You could hurt yourself."

    "But, I'm itchy," I told her.

    "Come on," she said. "We'll see if we can take care of that."

    She took the tray off of the highchair and upstrapped me. She picked me up and carried me out of the kitchen. We went up the stairs and she carried me down the hall to the nursery. We went over to the changing table and she sat me down on it. She reached down to one of the cabinets in the table. She pulled out the canister of powder that was used when Billy and I got our diapers changed.

    "Last summer, Billy broke his arm," she said. "The doctor told us that baby powder helps with the itchiness."

    "How do you get it in the cast?" I asked.

    "Watch," she said.

    She reached up and sprinkled powder into the top openings of my two arm casts up near my shoulders. She then had me hold my arms up with my hands pointed up in the air, and she sprinkled more powder into the openings around my fingers. She then told me to sit there and wait, and she left the room. She returned a minute later with an electric blow dryer. She brought it over to the table and plugged it into an outlet near the table. She turned it on and it hummed as she held her hand over it checking the temperature.

    "Okay," she said. "I've got it set on cool so it won't get you hot."

    She held it up against the openings on my casts and I felt cool air blow into the spaces between my skin and the inside of the casts. It felt really good.

    "That feels nice," I told Celli.

    "Good," she said.

    She turned the hair dryer off a few minutes later and set it down.

    "Thank you, Celli," I told her.

    "You're welcome, baby," she said as she leaned over and gave me a kiss on the forehead.

    She then lifted my t-shirt up and put her fingers inside the waistband of my plastic pants. She felt around the tops of my diapers.

    "You're not too wet," she said, "But a change won't hurt. Besides, I haven't gotten to change you yet, so now is as good a time as any."

    "Um, can't we wait for Mommy to get home to change me?" I asked.

    She just looked at me with an arched eyebrow.

    "I thought Mom and Dad told you the rules," she said.

    "They did," I nodded.

    "And do you remember the rule about all grown-ups can change you?" she asked.

    "Uh huh," I nodded.

    "Well, I just said you need to be changed, so that means you get changed," she said. "Okay?"

    "Okay," I said unenthusiastically.

    She then leaned forward and gave me a kiss on the nose.

    "Don't worry, stinker," she said. "I do it just as good as Mommy."

    She helped me lay down and she lifted my legs up onto the table. She picked my legs up and lifted my butt up so she could pull my plastic pants off. When they were off she unpinned my diapers and removed them. I was a little embarrassed because she hadn't seen me naked before. That was the main reason I really didn't want her to change me. I wasn't used to girls seeing me naked. I must have been glowing red in humiliation, and Celli quickly saw that.

    "You don't have to blush, baby," she told me. "I've seen it all before, and I'll be seeing it a lot more."

    "I'm just not used to girls seeing me naked," I said.

    "Yes, you are," she said. "Mom has changed you a lot."

    "But, she's not a girl," I replied. "She's Mommy."

    She just laughed at me. By now she was about done wiping me. She slid a stack of diapers underneath my butt, and then she started sprinkling powder all over me.

    "Um, Celli, what happens when I need to go number two?" I asked cautiously as she started rubbing the powder into my skin.

    "Babies go pooh-pooh in their diapers, and you're a baby, so you just go whenever you want," she explained reasonably. "And speaking of that, you haven't made pooh-pooh since you got here, have you?"

    I glowed red in discomfiture.

    "No," I squeaked bashfully.

    "You need to try to go soon," she told me. "Mom pretty much makes sure Billy goes every day. If he doesn't he gets a laxative or a suppository."

    "What's that?" I asked.

    "They make you poop," she said. "Of course, that's not much of a problem with Billy. Seems like there's always something coming out of his butt."

    By now she was almost finished pinning my diapers on. The diapers seemed thicker than the ones she had just taken off of me.

    "Why are these thicker?" I asked.

    "Oh, I folded up and extra diaper and put it in the center," she told me. "I think your butt needs to be a little puffier. You'll look much cuter."

    "What?" I asked in disbelief.

    "Boys look cute with puffy, diaper butts," she informed me.

    "Ha," I laughed at her lightly.

    "We like our diaper boys to be very padded around here," she said.

    "So, what if I decided I didn't want to be a baby anymore?" I asked "Would you all still love me as much?"

    "Of course we would, silly," she assured me. "But Andy and I would figure out some way to make you want to stay in diapers. We made a rule a long time ago that all boys have to wear diapers in this house."

    "Daddy doesn't wear diapers," I said.

    "Daddy is the only exception," she said. "All other boys have to be diapered."

    "But why?" I asked.

    "Like I said, boys look cute with puffy, diapered butts," she told me.

    I just smiled thinking she was pretty much nuts.

    By then she was pulling a new pair of plastic pants onto me. She got them on and helped me sit up. Then, she got my pants properly adjusted.

    "So, what do you want to do now, Taddy?" she asked me as I sat there with my legs dangling off the side of the table.

    "I don't know," I shrugged.

    "Hmm," she folded her arms in front of her and thought for a moment. "I know. You haven't really seen the house yet, so why don't I give you the dime tour?"

    "Okay," I said. That sounded kind of fun.

    She picked me up and carried me out of the nursery. She proceeded to give me a thorough tour of the house. It didn't have the hundreds of rooms that I originally thought it would, but it was still pretty big. There were four other bedrooms upstairs in addition to the nursery. Two of them were Andy's and Celli's. Each bedroom had its own private bathroom. There was also a large game room at one end of the floor. It had a big-screen TV, a pool table, and a pinball machine. I thought that was really cool.

    There was also a big trophy case on one wall of the game room. Celli showed me all of the trophies she, Andy, and Billy had won over the years. She played softball and basketball, Andy played softball and soccer, and Billy played football and baseball. They each had several trophies, some of which were about half my height. I thought that was really cool, but it also kind of worried me. I had never played sports mainly because I was too small to keep up with everyone. I liked soccer and baseball, but had never been good at either sport, and I certainly hadn't had anyone to encourage me or teach me to play. I hoped I would fit in with this family if I weren't too athletic.

    We went downstairs where I was shown all the rooms down there. I saw Mommy and Daddy's bedroom, which was huge. She showed me the two studies that Mommy and Daddy both had. There was also a library with a bunch of books. I had never heard of a library in a house, so I thought that was cool. There was a big, formal living room and formal dining room, I saw the kitchen and den, which I already knew well, of course, and then she showed me the two poolrooms.

    One poolroom had a pool table and a wet bar in it. Celli told me that was Daddy's favorite room, and he spent a lot of his free time playing pool. The other poolroom was even cooler. It had a real, indoor swimming pool in it. I had never seen such a thing. It was a big room with glass walls that provided a nice view of the backyard. The pool was pretty big, and it had a hot tub attached to it, and there was a waterfall that had water flowing out of it into the pool. There was also a sitting area and a picnic table.

    "Wow," I said when we were in the room. My voice echoed throughout the large, open space, which actually scared me.

    "You like it?" Celli asked. "Mom and Dad added this room on a couple of years ago because we all like to swim so much. That way we can swim all year long. Do you like to swim?"

    "I don't know," I shrugged.

    "Do you know how?" she asked.

    "No," I said looking down slightly shamefully.

    "Well, we'll have to teach you how," she said. "It's not that hard. Of course we'll have to wait a little while. If we put you in the pool, now, you'd probably sink right to the bottom with those casts."

    "You think so?" I asked.

    "Well, I don't know," she said. "How about I toss you in, and we'll find out?"

    "No!" I gasped abruptly. "No. Please, don't do that."

    "Oh, silly," she said. "I'm just kidding. I'd never do that."

    She hugged me tightly and rubbed my back comfortingly.

    "Did I scare you?" she asked me.

    "Well, maybe a little," I admitted.

    "I'm sorry, baby," she said. "I was just joking. Now, how about we go back to the den, and we can watch some TV?"

    "Okay," I replied.

    She carried me out of the poolroom, and we went back to the den. She lowered me down onto one of the couches. She laid me down and put some pillows behind my head and shoulders and another one under my broken leg.

    "I'm going to go change, okay?" she informed me. "I'll be back in just a few minutes."

    I just nodded.

    She reached over to the coffee table where the TV remote was sitting. She picked up the remote and turned the TV on. She then handed me the remote. As she handed me the remote, she leaned over and gave me a kiss on the nose.

    "You watch TV, and try not to get into trouble while I'm gone," she told me.

    "Okay. I won't," I said with a smile.

    She tweaked my nose with her fingers and rose to leave. She left me there and I turned my attention to the large TV screen in front of me. I had to look at the big remote to find the buttons to change the channel with. It was hard to hold the remote and push the button at the same time with the casts on my arms, but I managed to do it by using both hands.

    I flipped through several channels looking for some cartoons or something to watch. There were a lot more channels on this TV that they didn't have at my old foster home. I finally found the Cartoon Network. I didn't recognize the cartoon on it, but I really didn't care. I realized that I was actually watching what I wanted for the first time in a long time, a very long time. I never got to watch cartoons or anything of my choice at my last few foster homes.

    I watched the cartoon show for the next few minutes. When a commercial came on I looked around to see if Celli was coming back. She had been gone for quite a while. I wondered what had happened to her. I hoped nothing had happened to her. It seemed like she had been gone forever.

    A few minutes later I was starting to get worried. What if she didn't come back? What if something had happened to her? I felt very lonely. I was getting scared. I hadn't been alone since Friday, and I didn't like it. I suddenly hated being alone. Where is she? I thought in despair.

    Finally, when I was just moments away from starting to cry, I heard footsteps on the stairs and Celli came into the room. She was now wearing a pair of cutoff denim shorts, and a soft, pink t-shirt. The shirt ended before it got to her shorts, and I could still see her belly button.

    "Where were you?" I asked, trying to hide my distress.

    "I told you I was changing, sweetie," she told me as she came up to me.

    "What took you so long?" I asked.

    "I don't know," she replied.

    She bent over and picked me up.

    "Were you getting scared?" she asked.

    "Um… No," I replied, fibbing just a little.

    "Uh huh," she said skeptically. "Well, I'm here now, okay?"

    I nodded.

    "How would you like a bottle of milk?" she offered.

    "Yes, please," I replied.

    "Okay," she said as she put me back down on the couch. "Do you want it warm or cold?"

    "Um, maybe a little warm, please," I said.

    "Comin' right up," she said. "I'll be back in a sec."

    She left me there and disappeared into the kitchen. A minute later she came back with a baby bottle. She set the bottle down on the end table next to the couch. She picked me up and sat down. When I was cradled in her arms she picked up the bottle and pressed its nipple into my mouth. I sucked on the warm milk and relaxed as she held me. I was actually pretty close to falling asleep again by the time I was done with the bottle.

    Just as she pulled the empty bottle from my mouth and set it down we heard the front door open. We both looked over to the room's entrance, which was always where the entryway was.

    "We're home," I heard Mommy say.

    Then, we saw everyone come into the room.

    "Mommy!" I said excitedly as I sat up in Celli's lap.

    "Hi, baby!" she greeted me.

    "Hi, Mommy," I said. "Hi, Daddy! Hi, Andy! Hi, Billy!"

    I was surprised at how happy I was to see everybody. Mommy came over and picked me up out of Celli's arms. She gave me a kiss and a hug.

    "I missed you, Mommy," I said.

    "We missed you, too, baby," she told me.

    She gave me another kiss. I then looked up and saw Daddy standing next to us.

    "Hi, big guy," he greeted me.

    "Hi, Daddy," I replied happily.

    He took me from Mommy's arms and held me closely.

    "How are you feeling, baby?" he asked me.

    "Um, I'm okay," I said. I was actually hurting just a little bit, but I was tired of sleeping, so I didn't want any medicine.

    "What have you guys done all afternoon?" he asked me.

    "Not much," I said. "Celli showed me the house, and she gave me a sandwich and stuff."

    "That's good," he said.

    I then greeted Andy and Billy. Andy held me and gave me a hug and a kiss. Billy even gave me a kiss in greeting. They were both kind of smelly like they had been outside, but they had been outside, so that wasn't too surprising. I also noticed that Billy was dressed kind of funnily. He was wearing a pair of purple overalls with short legs, under which was a white t-shirt with horizontal, purple stripes on it. He looked pretty silly, and it was pretty easy to tell he was heavily padded underneath his clothes.

    After our mini-reunion, it was suggested that Billy and I should go up to the nursery and play while we waited for supper to be finished. Andy carried me up the stairs while leading Billy by the hand. She took us to the nursery and deposited me onto the floor in the middle of the room. There was a soft, padded play mat on the rug there.

    "You babies stay in here and behave," she told us. "And, Billy, remember Taddy isn't allowed to stand up or walk on his own, so you'll have to get everything for him."

    "Okay," Billy replied happily.

    She bent over and gave me another kiss, and then she stood up and gave Billy a rather hard swat on the butt.

    "Andy, can I take my short-alls off?" Billy asked.

    "Yes, you may," she said. "Just put them in the hamper because they're all sweaty and dirty."

    He nodded as he started to fumble with the clasps on the outfit's shoulder straps.

    "Bye, babies," Andy told us as she left the room.

    "So, what do you want to do?" Billy asked as he stepped out of his short-alls and turned to take them over to the hamper next to the changing table.

    He was wearing thick cloth diapers, but they didn't look quite as thick as mine. He plastic pants were clear, just like mine.

    "I don't know," I replied.

    "Do you like Legos, or G.I. Joes, or Hot Wheels?" he asked me.

    "Um. I don't know," I shrugged.

    "Well, what kind of toys did you play with at your old home?" he asked.

    "Um, none," I looked down at the floor embarrassedly.

    "They didn't have any toys?" he asked me.

    "Well, their kids did," I explained. "But they didn't let me play with them, and I've never had any toys of my own that I can remember."

    "Well, they suck!" he declared forcefully.

    I gasped at his language.

    "Let's play with Legos, okay?" he said. "We can do a lot of stuff with Legos."

    "Okay," I said.

    He went over to some shelves next to one wall of the room and pulled out two large, plastic bins. He brought them over to me. He opened them up and I was amazed as he dumped out thousands and thousands of different colored blocks into a pile in front of me.

    "Don't tell Mommy and Daddy I said 'suck', okay?" he requested.

    "Oh, I won't," I said immediately. "I promise."

    "Thanks," he said. "Here."

    He handed me a big, green, flat, Lego plate.

    "You can build whatever on that," he said.

    I nodded. I had seen commercials for Legos before, so I at least knew how they worked. Within a few minutes we were both building things. I decided I wanted to build a boat, so I started on that. A few minutes later, Billy got up and went back over to the shelves. He brought over another bin, and I was again astonished as he dumped out more Legos.

    "How many do you have?" I asked in wonderment.

    "There's three more bins over there," he said.

    As he sat back down he squatted down, and I heard what sounded like a muffled fart come from him. A few seconds later, I smelled the strong odor of what could only be his poop coming from him.

    "Did you just poop?" I asked.

    "Yep," he said with a big grin.

    He then dropped rather hard onto his butt, and I watched as he slid his butt back and forth on the floor for a few seconds.

    We then sat building things for the next little while. We talked quietly as we built things. He told me about what they had done at the park today. I was actually a little jealous of all the fun he had, and I wished I could have gone. The smell of his dirty diapers never went away. If anything it only got more pervasive.

    After a little while, I decided I needed to pee. I hadn't gone since that morning, at least not while I was awake, and my diapers were actually still dry. I sat there for a few minutes trying to go. I found I had the same problem I had had in the morning. I just couldn't make myself go sitting there. I tried shifting around to different sitting positions to find one I could pee in.

    "What are you doing?" Billy asked when he noticed me getting antsy.

    "I gotta pee," I said.

    "Hmm," he said. "Well, just relax and pretend you're sitting on a potty or something."

    I nodded and tried to do that. Finally, I was able to pee when I was leaning back and resting on my elbows and my legs were spread out in front of me. Within a few minutes I had flooded my diapers, and my crotch and butt felt wet.

    "Do you like it when you're diapers are wet or poopy?" I asked Billy as I returned to playing.

    "Of course!" he said adamantly. "I love it."

    "So, you don't mind having to wear diapers everywhere, even to school?"

    "Well, after being in diapers for seven years, I really don't have a choice anymore," he explained. "But, it's not so bad. After a while I just started ignoring people staring at me and saying things. At school it's harder for people to tell since the disposables aren't quite as noticeable, but everyone there knows I wear diapers anyway."

    "Hmm," was my only reply.

    I wondered if I would be able to go out in public and not be embarrassed. I didn't really think so. I was starting to think that being a baby might not be such a good idea.

    Probably an hour later, Daddy came up to summon us to supper. He carried me downstairs while Billy tagged along with us. We went to the kitchen where I was put into the highchair and Daddy strapped me in. The highchair was on the other side of the table tonight for some reason. The table was already set for dinner and the food was already laid out. Everyone else sat down, and, somewhat to my surprise, Daddy said a prayer. After grace we all ate. Billy's and my food had already been cut up. My plate was full of roast, potatoes, and vegetables that had been cut up into tiny pieces and mixed into sort of a stew.

    I quickly found out that that the highchair was on the other side because Andy had asked if she could feed me tonight. She put a bib on me and began feeding me my food. The pot roast turned out to be a very good meal. It was the best meal I had had here, yet. Andy was also not as adept at feeding me as Mommy was, and she got food all over my face. She and Celli thought I looked hilarious when I was done eating, but they also said I looked cute. Mommy even got up and retrieved a camera to take a picture of me. I kind of think Andy might have done that on purpose

    After supper, Mommy and the girls stayed to clean up the kitchen, and Daddy took Billy and I back upstairs to the nursery. He played with us with the Legos for maybe half an hour, but then he said we needed to have our baths. He went to the bathroom and started bath water running for us, and then came back to us. He picked me up and carried me over to the changing table. He set me down at on end of the changing table, and then picked up Billy and set him down in the middle of the table. He had Billy raise his arms, and he removed his t-shirt. Billy lay down on the table, which was big enough that I could still sit at the end and there was plenty of room for him to lie down. Daddy pulled his plastic pants off and began unpinning his diapers.

    It wasn't until Billy's diapers were unpinned and Daddy was removing them that I noticed that his diapers were different than the ones I had on. They were rectangular, but they had half-circular cutouts where his legs were, and it looked like there was elastic at the top where his waist was.

    "What kind of diapers are those?" I asked curiously.

    "Oh, these are contour diapers," Daddy told me. "They're kind of like disposables, except made of the same cloth as the pre-folds you have on. They're custom-fitted for your brother. We use the pre-fold diapers as stuffers in the middle of these. We're going to get you some of your own diapers pretty soon."

    "I get my own diapers?" I asked.

    "Yep," Daddy told me. "You sure do kiddo."

    "Cool," I said quietly.

    The only things I had ever had of my own were my clothes, and I didn't even have those anymore, since the last clothes of mine that I had worn were cut off at the hospital. It would be kind of nice to have something of my own, even if they were diapers.

    I watched as Daddy continued to remove Billy's diapers. Billy had been wearing three of those contour diapers. I could tell just by looking that all three diapers were wet at least up front. When the last diaper came open I saw Billy's pee-pee stand up. There was a large pile of reddish brown poop in the bottom of his diapers. It disappeared under his butt and pressed right up by his balls under his penis. I was amazed at how much of it there was. I didn't think I pooped nearly that much.

    I couldn't help but stare as Daddy took out some baby wipes and started to clean my brother's diaper area. It took him a while to get all the poop wiped off of him, much longer than it took to clean me, but, of course, I had still never pooped in diapers. I kind of wondered what that was going to be like when I finally needed to poop.

    Finally, Daddy finished cleaning Billy up.

    "Okay," said Daddy. "Let's trade places. Billy, hop off the table so I can get your brother out of his diapers."

    Billy did as he was told and climbed off the table. Daddy picked me up and laid me down on the table. He pulled my plastic pants off and started unpinning diapers again. Billy took my former place down at the end of the table. He watched intently with a little smile on his face as I lay there. I was a little embarrassed to have him watching me, but I guess I really couldn't say anything considering I had just watched him get changed.

    Daddy got me out of my diapers and I squirmed a little as he wiped me up. He then put a diaper on my privates in case I had an accident, and he picked me up again. He carried me into the bathroom as he led Billy along by the hand next to him. He told Billy to climb into the tub and turn the water faucet off as he set me down on the edge of the tub.

    "No splashing at all tonight, Billy," Daddy warned him. "We don't want to get your brother's casts wet."

    "Okay, Daddy," replied Billy. "I'll be careful."

    Daddy then proceeded to give me a sponge bath with a wet washcloth and baby body wash as I sat on the edge of the tub. Billy quietly played with some bath toys while he waited for his turn. When I was all clean and rinsed off Daddy dried me with a thick fluffy towel. He wrapped me in the towel so I wouldn't get cold, and then he sat me on the floor next to him. Next, he had Billy stand up, and it was his turn to get a bath. Ten minutes later, Billy was washed and rinsed, and Daddy was drying him off. Daddy then picked me back up, and we all returned to the nursery.

    "Taddy gets to go first this time," Daddy announced.

    He set me down on the table and helped me lay down after he took my towel from me. He pulled out a stack of diapers and folded them up. He then lifted my legs up and slid the diapers under my butt. Next, he thoroughly powdered me with a liberal amount of baby powder. He then pulled the front of the diapers up between my legs and started to pin them on. He got them securely pinned around me, and then he took out a fresh pair of plastic pants and pulled them up my legs.

    "Billy, go get one of your white t-shirts for you brother," Daddy said.

    Billy scurried over to his chest-of-drawers by his crib. He opened a drawer, pulled out a shirt, and brought it back over to us. By then I was already sitting up on the table. I raised my arms up, and Daddy pulled the shirt onto me.

    "All done, big guy," he said.

    "Thank you, Daddy," I told him as he picked me up.

    "You're welcome, baby," he told me.

    He gave me a kiss and then set me down on the floor. Then, he picked Billy up and set him on the table. Billy immediately lay down as Daddy pulled out a stack of fresh diapers for him. He unfolded four of those contour diapers. He then folded up one of the pre-folded diapers like I was wearing lengthwise and laid it out down the length of the other diapers. Next, he lifted Billy's butt off of the table and slid the thick stack of diapers under him. He then used probably thirty pins to pin on Billy's diapers, and a pair of plastic pants completed the ensemble. Daddy sat Billy up and gave him a kiss.

    "Do you want a sleeper on, yet, or do you want to just wear a t-shirt like your brother?" Daddy asked him.

    "Um, just a t-shirt, I guess," replied Billy.

    Daddy got him another t-shirt from his bureau and put it on him.

    "Okay. It is now one hour until bedtime," said Daddy, looking at his watch. "Do you guys want to play up here, or would you like to go downstairs with everyone and play in your playpen?"

    "Let's go get in the playpen," Billy said.

    "How's that sound, Taddy?" asked Daddy.

    I was actually surprised to be asked my opinion since I so rarely got a say in what I did.

    "Um, that sounds good," I replied.

    Daddy nodded and reached down for me. He picked me up, perched me on his hip, took one of Billy's hands, and we left the nursery. He carried me downstairs and to the den where we found the females watching TV and chatting. Daddy took me over to Mommy and set me in her lap while Billy waddled over to the couch his sisters occupied to get some attention from them.

    "Did baby have a nice bath?" Mommy asked me as she hugged me.

    "Uh huh," I replied. "I just wish I could take a real bath."

    "Tomorrow we're going to see if we can take care of that, okay baby?" she told me.

    "Okay," I replied.

    Daddy then brought a big, folded-up thing into the den. He set it over in an out of the way corner of the room and began unfolding it. It was like a low cage or coral. I guess it was about a six-foot square. The vertical, wood bars on the sides were a couple of inches apart and probably about two-and-a-half or three feet high. There was a wooden floor in the bottom of it upon which Daddy unfolded a big pad that was covered in the same baby-printed plastic stuff that was on the changing table. When it was unfolded all the way, Daddy came back over to me.

    "Let's go get in the playpen, kiddo," he told me.

    I raised my arms up to him as best I could as he reached down for me and picked me up. He carried me over to the playpen and set me down in it. Billy ran over to us, and Daddy picked him up and set him down next to me. Daddy then left the room once more and returned with a laundry basket, which he set in the playpen with us. It was full of toys.

    "Now, Taddy, the rule with the playpen is that you can't get out of it without asking permission, first," Daddy informed me. "But, since you're not allowed to stand up or walk now anyway, that shouldn't be a problem."

    "Okay, Daddy," I said.

    "Good boy," he told me. "Now you boys play nice and behave."

    We both nodded as he walked away and joined everyone else.

    Billy proceeded to dump out the basket of toys. It was full of toys, but they weren't big-kid toys. They were Fisher-Price and Little Tykes toys. Toddler toys. There were all kinds of trucks, cars, tractors, and airplanes. There were also blocks and a few other miscellaneous little-kid toys.

    "What do you want to play with?" Billy asked me.

    "I don't know," I shrugged.

    "Okay," he said. "Well, I'm going to play with this airplane and a couple of cars. You just play with whatever you want."

    I nodded. Billy took his toys and crawled over to one corner of the playpen. I had never seen so many toys in my life, so, needless to say, I had some difficulty picking some out. Finally I decided on a few cars and trucks along with some blocks. I built a tunnel with the blocks and sent the cars and trucks through it. I was surprised at how much fun I could have with baby toys. I was very quickly lost in my own little world. It was a little hard to move around and play with things with my three casts, but I managed okay.

    I got so lost in playing with the toys that I was surprised when Mommy and Daddy came up to us and told us it was bedtime. The hour had surely gone by quickly. Mommy picked me up while Daddy picked up Billy. We told Celli and Andy goodnight, and then we were both taken up the stairs and down the hall to the nursery. Mommy took me over to the rocking chair in the corner of the room and sat down with me. She had a bottle of juice with her, which she proceeded to feed to me.

    "This has some medicine in it for you, baby," she informed me.

    I was glad for that because I had been hurting for a little while. I had been able to ignore my pain while I was playing with the toys, but now I really wanted some medicine.

    "Did you have a good day, baby?" asked Mommy

    I just smiled and nodded as I continued to suck on my bottle.

    She continued to hold me for the next few minutes as I sucked on my bottle. It felt very nice and comforting to be held as she gently rocked me. By the time I was done with the bottle I was about to fall asleep. Mommy set the bottle down, and picked me up. She carried me over toward my crib. I noticed that Daddy and Billy were sitting over in the opposite corner of the room in the little sitting area over there. It looked like Daddy was reading to Billy from a children's book.

    Mommy put me in my crib after giving me a goodnight hug and kiss. About then, Daddy was carrying Billy over to his crib. He put Billy into his crib and told him goodnight. Mommy and Daddy then switched places, and he came over to me. Daddy told me he loved me and gave me a kiss and a hug too. He told me goodnight, and then he and Mommy left. They turned out the lights in the nursery and closed the door partway as they left. The soft glow from a couple of nightlights left a little light in the room.

    "Goodnight, Taddy," I heard Billy say from across the room.

    "Goodnight, Billy," I said as I lay down. Then, I abruptly sat back up, "Oh, Billy? Thanks for letting me play with your toys."

    "I didn't let you play with my toys," he said, sitting up in his own crib and looking at me. "Those are our toys, now. They're both of ours. My toys are your toys."

    "Really?" I asked in amazement.

    "Yep," he said. "Now, go to sleep. Goodnight."

    "Goodnight," I repeated as I lay back down.

    "I love you, baby brother," Billy said.

    "I love you, too," I said softly.

    I smiled to myself as I got the covers pulled up around me. I rested my head on my pillow. Within a few minutes I drifted off to sleep.

    I didn't wake up the next morning until Mommy came in and gently nudged me awake. I had turned over on my stomach during the night, which was how I was lying when I woke up. I rolled over on my side and looked up to see Mommy standing there.

    "Good morning, baby," she said to me. "It's 8:30. You need to wake up."

    I smiled and sat up.

    "Morning, Mommy," I greeted her.

    "Did you sleep well?" she asked as she dropped the side of the crib down.

    "Uh huh," I replied.

    She reached into the crib and picked me up.

    "We've got a big day today," she told me as we went over to the changing table.

    "Really?" I asked.

    "Yep. We're going to run some errands this morning, and then we're going into town to have lunch with Daddy, and then you have to meet with your caseworker."

    "Is that Miss Shelly?" I asked.

    "Uh huh," she said. "She's your caseworker."

    "Good," I said happily. "I like her. She's really nice."

    "Yes, she is," agreed Mommy.

    She set me down on the table and pulled my t-shirt off of me. She helped me lay down and then she began to undiaper me. As she did that I figured out how to get a thumb up to my eyes so I could wipe the sleep from them. I had to lift my head up and meet my thumb partway, but I was able to accomplish that simple task. I decided it was going to be a long ordeal having these casts on for so long. I had just woken up, and I was already itching from the casts. When I was done rubbing my eyes, I tried to get my left index finger up into my right arm cast to get at an itch up there. It was probably futile since the itch was way up on my forearm, but I still tried.

    "Don't put your fingers in your casts, baby," Mommy told me.

    "But, I'm itchy, Mommy," I whined.

    "Okay," she said. "We'll do something about it in a minute. Let me finish changing you."

    She had already removed my diapers and wiped me up. Of course, my diapers had been wet, indicating I had had yet another accident in my sleep. She lifted my butt up and put a stack of diapers under me. She pinned them onto me, and I noticed that there were only three of them. I wasn't sure why she put one less diaper on me, but I decided not to ask. When she finished pinning them on me I could definitely tell my diapers were thinner. I was already so used to having the thick diapers on me for the last two days that I actually missed the extra diaper.

    A minute later

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    A Second Chance

    "Yes, it's very good, thank you," I told her as she pushed another spoonful into my mouth.

    "That's good, mijito," she said.

    She continued feeding me my breakfast. Every so often she'd let me take a bite of toast or a drink from my sippy cup.

    "Where is everybody at?" I asked after a while noting how quiet the house was.

    "It's Monday, Taddy," she said. "Billy and your sisters are at school, and papá is at work already. They all left around 7:00."

    "Oh," I replied as I received another spoonful of oatmeal.

    A few minutes later I was finished with my breakfast. Ms. Rosie wiped my face with the bib and removed it. She was just taking away the dirty dishes when Mommy returned.

    "All done, baby?" she asked.

    "Uh huh," I smiled.

    "Good," she replied. "Let's go get your teeth brushed, and then we've got to run."

    "Okay," I replied.

    She came up and unstrapped me and removed me from the highchair. She carried me back upstairs and back to the nursery. We went to the bathroom and she set me on the counter by the sink. She pulled out the spare toothbrush I had been using and brushed my teeth for me. I think I could have probably figured out how to brush my teeth by myself, but it was kind of nice letting Mommy do it for me. A minute or two later that was done, and we headed downstairs. Before we left the nursery Mommy stopped at the changing table, and she set me down. She produced my two little slings for my arms and put them on me to hold my casts up. She then grabbed a baby-blue satchel bag by the changing table.

    "What's that, Mommy?" I asked as she carried the bag and me out of the room.

    "That's Billy's diaper bag," she said. "You two can share it for now, but we may have to get you a bigger one later when we take both of you out. I can only fit a couple of changes of your cloth diapers in there."

    "You mean you might change me somewhere, today?" I asked apprehensively.

    "We're going to be out for quite a while, baby," she said. "I'll probably have to."

    "Okay," I nodded sadly.

    By then we were downstairs in the kitchen again. Mommy set me down on the kitchen counter and told me not to move. She went over to the refrigerator and pulled some baby bottles out and stuffed them into the diaper bag.

    "I've got your medicine and some regular Tylenol in here in case you start to hurt, baby," Mommy told me. "If you do, just tell me and I'll give you some."

    "Okay," I nodded.

    "Let's go," she said as she came back over to me.

    "We'll be back this afternoon, Rosie," Mommy said as she picked me up again.

    "Okay, I'll see you then," Ms. Rosie replied. "Have fun, little Taddy."

    "Okay. Bye, Ms. Rosie," she said.

    "Bye, bye, mijito," she told me.

    Mommy carried me out the back door of the kitchen to the garage. The house had a really big garage with room for three cars in it. Right now there was only one vehicle in it, a tan SUV. It was a smaller vehicle than the big, maroon SUV Daddy had driven me here in. I saw that it said "Toyota" on the back when Mommy was carrying me around to the driver's side. She opened the back door and I was amazed to see a large car seat strapped to the bench back there. It looked just like a toddler's car seat, but it was bigger, a lot bigger. Mommy shifted me around and set me down in the seat. It was actually a little big for me.

    "Where did you get this?" I asked.

    "It's your brother's car seat," Mommy told me. "This is what he rides in. We're going to order you one of your own today while we're out."

    "Really?" I asked.

    "That's right," she confirmed.

    She got me adjusted in the seat and reached around behind my head to pull down some straps over me. The straps made up a harness of sorts with two padded shoulder straps, a belt that went around my waist and a final strap that came up between my legs. Everything connected into a padded latch over my pelvis. With a couple of adjustments and two secure clicks, Mommy had me strapped into the seat. We actually had to take my arm slings off again to get the harness on properly. She then had me lean my head forward so she could pull a three-sided foam headrest down a little. I put my head back and it was enveloped on the back and sides in the very comfortable headrest.

    "Are you comfortable, baby?" Mommy asked me.

    "Uh huh," I said.

    Actually, I was very comfortable. The car seat was very thickly padded and the seat pan and seatback came up on the sides to wrap me up on three sides. I felt very cozy and secure in the car seat.

    Mommy leaned forward and gave me a kiss on the cheek as she set the diaper bag on the other side of me on the bench. She closed my door and went up to the driver door. She slid into the front seat and pushed a button on the ceiling that opened the garage door. A moment later the car was started and we were backing out of the garage.

    "Billy is usually asleep in that thing before we even get out of the driveway," Mommy told me. "So you just doze right off whenever you want to, okay?"

    I just nodded.

    A minute later we were on the road. I got a look at the rest of the neighborhood for the first time since it was dark and I had been nearly asleep when I first came here. The other houses in the community were just as big and fancy as Mommy and Daddy's house. I guess a lot of rich people lived here.

    Mommy drove us out of the neighborhood and through the town. I discovered that McKinney was actually a pretty large town. There were neighborhoods and shopping centers all over the place.

    I was enjoying the scenery, but the car seat was so comfortable that I couldn't help but get sleepy. I was just about to doze off when Mommy pulled into a shopping strip. She parked in front of one store and got out. She first went to the back of the SUV and opened up the tailgate. She made a lot of noise back there, but I couldn't see what she was doing since the car seat prevented me from seeing anything to my rear.

    A minute later she opened the door by me. She reached in and got me unfastened from the car seat. She picked me up out of the seat and pulled me out of the car. I looked down and noticed a large stroller next to us, which Mommy proceeded to set me down in. Like the car seat, it was much bigger than a baby's stroller would be. It looked like it folded up like a baby stroller would. The seat was made out of blue, nylon material. When I was sitting in it, I noticed that it wasn't nearly as padded as the car seat, but my thick diapers provided enough padding that it was still pretty comfortable. It had a restraining harness system similar to the car seat, which Mommy pulled over my shoulders and clicked into place after adjusting it to fit me. She pulled the diaper bag out of the back seat.

    The whole time I was looking around to see who might see me. I was more than a little nervous about being out in public wearing such juvenile clothes, my thick diapers, and being pushed around in a big stroller. I hoped people weren't going to stare or laugh at me.

    Mommy apparently had everything out of the car, and she pushed me toward the store we were in front of. I looked up over the door and saw that sign said, "Molly's Custom Fashions." I guess that was the name of the place was. I didn't quite know what "Custom Fashions" would be, but I was sure that I'd quickly find out.

    Mommy pulled the glass door to the place open and pushed me inside. I noticed several mannequins in the front of the store with various types of clothing on them. There was a long counter with a cash register on it behind which I couldn't really see much, as I was sitting down. Mommy went up to the counter. A woman suddenly appeared there.

    "Hello, Mrs. Bradshaw," the lady said. "So good to see you again."

    "Good morning, Molly," replied Mommy. "Good to see you, too. And how many times do I have to tell you to call me Jan?"

    Molly either didn't hear or ignored the question, because she looked down at me and smiled.

    "So, this is the new little one you told me about," she said. "He's adorable."

    "Yes, this is Thaddeus, Molly," Mommy introduced me. "Taddy this is Molly. She makes all of your brother's baby clothes for us. Say hi."

    "Hello, Ms. Molly," I said trying to remember to be polite even though I was almost shaking with nervousness.

    "Hi, Mr. Taddy," she said.

    I wanted to laugh about being called Mister again. That was so funny.

    "You're just cute as a little button," she said with a smile.

    "Thank you, ma'am," I said blushing in embarrassment.

    "Ooh, so polite," said Molly.

    "Yes he is," Mommy said. "And that's completely his own doing. He's been the perfect little gentleman since the moment we got him."

    I blushed again, but it was really nice to have Mommy complimenting me.

    "I thought you said he was ten," Molly said next.

    "He is," Mommy confirmed.

    "He's so tiny," Molly said.

    At that I frowned a little and looked down.

    "Yes, he is," said Mommy. "He's small for his age, but we've got him eating a lot, and he's going to grow up to be big and strong like his brother and Daddy."

    "Of course he is," Molly agreed giving me a warm smile. "But until then we need to get you dressed in some new clothes, don't we?"

    "That's right," agreed Mommy.

    "Okay, well, you guys come on back to the fitting room, and I'll get our little guy measured myself," said Molly.

    She went over to a small gate through the counter and held it open as Mommy pushed me through it. I could now see the rest of the place. There were several large tables all over the room, and I saw several sewing machines and other weird looking machines. Along the walls were bolts of fabric stacked up in racks. I saw two other ladies hunched over sewing machines. Mommy greeted them. They both said hi, and gave me a look. They looked nice enough, but I was still very bashful and nervous, and I tried not to meet their eyes. We went back to a door and through it into a little room that was pretty empty. It had a bench on one wall along with several mirrors all over the room. There was also a short, little carpeted platform in the center of the room.

    "Why don't you go ahead and get him undressed," Suggested Molly. "It'll be easier to measure him that way."

    "Sure," Mommy replied.

    She got down on her knees in front of me and began to undress me. First, she unfastened my stroller restraints. Then, she unstrapped my short-alls and pulled my shirt off. She then had to get me out of the short-alls, which was a little harder to do since I couldn't help her much. Eventually, I was sitting there in the stroller in just my diapers. I was very embarrassed to be practically naked in front of this woman who was still pretty much a stranger to me. My ears and cheeks burned, and I knew I was blushing very deeply. Unfortunately, I was about to be even more embarrassed.

    "Should we take the diapers off, too?" Mommy asked.

    "I think we'll have to," replied Molly. "There's no way I can get accurate measurements with diapers that thick on him."

    "Okay," said Mommy.

    She reached for and grabbed the diaper bag off of the back of the stroller. She opened it and pulled out a folded up bundle. She unfolded it, and I saw that it was some sort of pad made out of plastic. The plastic was in a bright, babyish print. One side of it was covered in a plain, white cloth of some kind.

    "Come on, baby," Mommy said to me when she had the pad spread out onto the floor. "Let's get on the changing pad so Mommy can take your diapers off."

    She picked me up out of the stroller and laid me down on the ground. She began to pull my diapers off.

    "Do we have to do this, Mommy?" I asked squeakily.

    "Yes, baby," she told me. "Ms. Molly needs to get your measurements so she can make you some clothes. You want new clothes, don't you?"

    I nodded shallowly, but didn't say anything. I wasn't sure if I wanted clothes if I had to go through all this to get them.

    "Good," she said. "Now, be a good boy for Mommy."

    I nodded again. I was probably more embarrassed than I had ever been in my life, but I really wanted to be a good boy.

    She unpinned my diapers and discovered, like I already knew, that I was still clean and dry. She pulled the diapers out from under me and folded them.

    "Does he need to stand up?" Mommy asked.

    "That would be best," replied Molly.

    "Come on, baby," she said.

    She put her hands under my armpits and picked me up. She carried me over to that little platform in the center of the room. She set me down on it.

    "Now, baby, I want you to put all your weight on your left foot, and don't put any on your broken ankle, okay?" she instructed me.

    I nodded.

    "Mommy will stand behind you the whole time to make sure you don't fall," she assured me.

    With that Molly came up to me. She had a measuring tape, a pencil, and a small notepad with her. She got down on her knees in front of me.

    "Now, don't worry, Taddy," she told me. "There's no reason to be embarrassed. I've seen it all before. I've got four boys of my own at home."

    "Really?" I asked.

    "Yep," she replied as she started to wrap the measuring tape around my chest and shoulders.

    "In fact, the three oldest ones go to the same school as your brother, Billy," she said. "My oldest is one of Billy's best friends."

    "That's right," Mommy confirmed. "Matty is over at our house all the time."

    "Uh huh," Molly agreed. "I'm sure you'll get to meet all of my kids pretty soon. I've also got a daughter that's your age."

    She took measurements of various places on my body. It seemed like she measured every single part of me from the neck down.

    "Now these casts will probably throw off his sleeve measurements," Molly said. "But what I'll do is not put any elastic in the cuffs and leave the sleeves just a little long. When the casts come off, you can bring all of his clothes back and I'll re-hem them and put elastic ribbing on them."

    "I think that would be fine," responded Mommy.

    "Okay, then," Molly said. "You can get him diapered and dressed again. You're a very good boy, Taddy. A lot of boys squirm around and won't stand still when I measure them."

    "Thank you," I said bashfully.

    Mommy picked me up again and took me back over to the changing pad. She laid me down on top of my diapers after she refolded them and laid them back out. She powdered me up with a little baby powder, and began to re-pin my diapers.

    "So, what do you want me to make for him?" Molly asked.

    "Well, diapers for one," Mommy said immediately. "Just like the ones you make for Billy."

    "Okay," she replied. "Standard thickness?"

    "Just like you do for Billy," Mommy said.

    "Okay," she said. "How many?"

    "Um, let's start with three dozen in Taddy's size, and three dozen just a little bigger," said Mommy. "Hopefully he'll have a growth spurt soon, and we'll need bigger diapers."

    "Okay," Molly said again as she made notes on her notepad. "What about clothes?"

    "Well, he definitely needs some sleepers," said Mommy. "It'll be getting cold soon. Other than that, make him a few onesies, both long and short-sleeved, maybe a playsuit or two for cold days when he can't just go around in diapers, and we have to have some of the cute t-shirts you make for Billy, probably a dozen of those. Oh, and make him two pairs of cute overalls like the ones he's wearing."

    "Do you want the sleepers footed?" Molly asked.

    "Make four footed ones and two without feet," said Mommy.

    "With the zippers in the back, as usual?"

    "Of course," said Mommy. "We don't want our little baby trying to get out of his sleepers."

    By now she had finished diapering me, and she pulled my plastic pants back on. She put my shirt and short-alls back on and then put me back in my stroller. Before long I was fastened back into its seat.

    "What colors and patterns shall I use?" Molly asked.

    "What's your favorite color, Taddy?" Mommy asked me.

    "Um, blue," I replied.

    "Use mostly blues, then," Mommy told Molly. "But a few other bright colors won't hurt. Do you have any cute, new prints that you haven't used on Billy's things? I want Taddy to look a little different so he can have his own little identity."

    "We just got a shipment of cloth in," said Molly. "Why don't you come to my office and we can sit down and look at some swaths?"

    "Okay," said Mommy.

    She started to push me out of the room.

    "Mommy, I'm starting to hurt," I said quietly trying not to whine.

    "Okay, baby," she said. "Mommy will give you a bottle in just a second."

    We went to another room in the business that was a small office. Mommy sat in one of the chair in front of the desk while Molly went to get some fabrics. While we waited Mommy took a bottle of red Kool-Aid out of the diaper bag. She also took a little bottle of medicine out. She used a little measuring cup to measure out the medicine, which was also red, but it was thick and syrupy. She dumped the medicine in the uncapped baby bottle, recapped the bottle, and shook it up. After she put the bottle of medicine away, she unstrapped me from the stroller again, and picked me up. She cradled me in her lap, and then pushed the nipple of the bottle into my mouth. I lay there sucking on it even after Molly came back in with a stack of cloth. She just cooed at me and said how cute I was again. I was embarrassed, but I wanted my medicine, so I really didn't pay attention to her.

    Mommy and Molly went through several stacks of cloth and a few binders that had swaths of fabric in them to pick out stuff for me. I just continued sucking on my bottle. Mommy asked me if I liked a few of the prints, but all I did was nod at her without giving the swaths much more than a glance. All I cared about was that there was medicine in my bottle, and I wanted it to be in me so the aching in my arms and leg would go away.

    Finally, they were done choosing fabrics and patterns. Mommy asked how much Molly was going to charge her. Molly didn't say anything. She just wrote something on the list of clothes she was going to make for me, and showed it to Mommy.

    "That sounds fair," said Mommy. "I'll pay you an extra hundred if you can have it done in two weeks."

    "That shouldn't be a problem," Molly said.

    "In fact, the weekend after next, let's all get together at our house for a little cookout before it gets really cold," said Mommy. "That way your husband and kids can meet our new baby. We'll have a great time. You can bring everything then, and I'll just write you a check."

    "That sounds great, Jan," replied Molly.

    "I'll give you a call a week from Wednesday to see how everything is going and to confirm our get-together."

    "Very good," Molly said.

    Mommy put me back in the stroller again and fastened me into it. She put my empty bottle away and returned the diaper bag to its position hanging behind the stroller.

    "You stay cute for us, Taddy," Molly said to me. "And the next time I see you we'll get you fitted with some nice, new clothes."

    "Okay. Thank you, Ms. Molly," I said.

    "You're welcome, baby," she said. "Tell Billy I said hi."

    "Okay," I nodded.

    Mommy and Molly told each other goodbye, and I was pushed out of the store. Mommy put me back in the car seat and strapped me into it. She returned the stroller to the back of the SUV, and a moment later we were on the road again. I was already getting tired from my medicine, so I pretty much just sat there in a stupor and paid little attention to the ride. I was just about to fall asleep when we pulled into a large shopping center. Mommy got me out of the car seat once more and into the stroller again. She pushed me towards one of the stores. It said "Pharmacy" over the door. We went inside and straight back through the store to the pharmacy counter. An older lady came up to the counter.

    "Hi, Jan," the lady greeted Mommy. "Good to see you."

    "Hello, Carol," the lady said. "Good to see you, too."

    "So, this is the new little one?" she asked looking down at me.

    I wondered if the whole world knew who I was now.

    "Yes," replied Mommy. "This is Thaddeus. Taddy, this is Carol."

    "Hi, Taddy," Carol said.

    "Hi," I squeaked shyly.

    "You're just the cutest little thing," she told me.

    Why did everyone keep saying that?

    "Thank you, Ms. Carol," I replied politely, but still blushing.

    "So, you want to get him all fitted out, then?" Carol asked.

    "Yes," said Mommy. "We just left Molly's place. She's going to have us a bunch of stuff made within a couple weeks. I need to get some prefolds in his size to hold us over until she has his fitted diapers made. Of course, we'll need plastic pants in his size, as well."

    "Excellent," said Carol.

    "And we'll need to go ahead and order another stroller and car seat for him," said Mommy.

    "Certainly," she said. "Do you want the same models as what you have for little Billy?"

    "Yes," Mommy replied. "All the same stuff."

    "Okay. Well, let's go look at some diapers first, shall we?" Carol suggested.

    She came out of the pharmacy and we went over to a secluded corner of the store. I found that we were in the diaper aisle. Except it wasn't the baby diaper aisle. It was the adult incontinence section. Carol led us over to a section where I saw stacks of prefolded diapers like I was wearing.

    "How big is he?" Carol asked.

    Mommy opened her purse and took out a little sheet of paper.

    "Those are the measurements Molly just took," Mommy explained.

    Carol looked at them for a second.

    "He's about three sizes smaller than Billy," she said. "The child mediums should work fine for his waist size."

    She reached down and picked up a bundle of diapers in a plastic package. She tore open and end of the package and pulled out a diaper. She handed it to Mommy.

    "Seems a bit small," said Mommy. "He'll probably be growing a lot soon."

    "You could go with the child large size," said Carol. "Then there's an extra large, and then you get to the adult, extra small, which is what Billy has."

    "Hmm," said Mommy. "Well, that's what Taddy is wearing now, but they're pretty big. Let's try some of the child larges and extra larges. We'll start with a couple dozen of each of those sizes."

    "Okay," said Carol.

    She grabbed several packages of diapers and carried them back to the pharmacy counter. She came back and then they went a few feet down the aisle to the section that had plastic pants. Mommy picked out several pairs of plastic pants. They were all clear or mostly clear plastic. We then returned to the pharmacy counter.

    "I'd like to go ahead and get him a case of disposables as well," said Mommy.

    "Okay," said Carol. "He's sort of right between baby-size diapers and youth diapers. You could probably put him in toddler diapers, but youth-size diapers would be more absorbent."

    "Well, we definitely want as much absorbency as possible," said Mommy said. "If he wets anything like his brother he'll need it."

    "I can certainly understand that," said Carol.

    I blushed deeply at them talking about me wetting.

    "We don't stock that size of diapers in the store," said Carol as she reached underneath the counter. "We can order them by the case, though."

    She produced a binder and began paging through it.

    "Would you like the same brand you have Billy in?" asked Carol.

    "Oh, of course," said Mommy. "We've tried them all and that's the best brand."

    "It is," Agreed Carol. "I try to recommend it to everyone. Um, I see here that it's available in two absorbency levels in that size: extra and super absorbent. Super absorbent is the best, but they're quite a bit thicker."

    "We better get those," said Mommy. "We can't take a risk not having enough protection."

    "I must agree with you there," said Carol. "They come in cases of ten dozen. The company can ship them within forty-eight hours, and they take seven to ten days for standard shipping, but I can get them here in three or four business days, if you need me to rush them."

    "No, no," said Mommy. "No rush. We can keep him in cloth for now."

    "Okay," said Carol. "Now let's see about the stroller and car seat."

    I would have listened to the rest of the conversation, but about then I lost my battle with the medicine-induced grogginess that I was fighting. I didn't wake up again for quite a while. The next thing I knew, Mommy was pulling me out of the car again. I opened my eyes as she set me down in the stroller.

    "Hi, baby," said Mommy. "Did you have a good nap?"

    I just nodded sleepily.

    "Where are we, Mommy?" I asked groggily.

    "We're at the outlet mall in Allen," said Mommy.

    I didn't know where that was.

    "We're going to get you some big boy clothes," said Mommy.

    "Oh," I said tiredly.

    "Why don't you just go back to sleep, sweetie?" she suggested. "I can tell you're still sleepy, and there's really no reason for you to be awake."

    "Okay," I said quietly.

    I needed very little encouragement. The last thing I remember before falling asleep again was her pushing me toward a big store with a blue sign over it that said, "Oshkosh B'Gosh."

    The next time I woke up I was being put back into the car. I didn't say anything as Mommy strapped me into the car seat and then took the stroller to the back. She climbed into the driver's seat and we were off again. Before we pulled out of the parking lot I noticed that my diapers were now wet. I must have had another accident in my sleep. I pretty much decided to just ignore that for now.

    "Where are we going now, Mommy?" I asked quietly as we got onto a highway.

    "We're headed into Dallas, baby," she said. "It's time to go meet Daddy for lunch."

    I just nodded and looked out the window as I tried to wake myself up.

    "How are you feeling, baby?" Mommy asked me after a few minutes.

    "I'm okay," I said. I wasn't hurting at the moment. I actually felt pretty good, especially cradled in the comfy car seat.

    "Sweetie," Mommy said from the front seat. "We need to talk."

    Uh oh, I thought. That didn't sound good. I looked up at the rearview mirror to see the look in Mommy's face. I silently prepared myself for some really bad news. A thousand things went through my head. What if they had decided they didn't want me? What if she was taking me back to Dallas to give me back to Miss Shelly, who would then send me back to my old foster home, or yet another home where they would hurt me? I didn't think I could handle that. I finally found a place that I thought I was going to like, and I didn't want to leave. I'd stay with Mommy and Daddy forever if they let me, even though I knew that was highly unlikely to happen.

    After a few seconds of thought I looked up at the rearview mirror again.

    "Okay," I said quietly.

    "You haven't made pooh-pooh since you've been here," she said. "Have you?"

    I let out a mental sigh of relief. I didn't want to talk about pooh-poohing, but it was sure a lot better than what I had been thinking of.

    "No," I replied shyly.

    "When is the last time you went?" she asked.

    I shrugged.

    "I don't know," I said.

    "Did you go at all after you ran away?" she asked.

    "No," I replied.

    "Then that means you went at your old home last, right?"

    "Uh huh," I said.

    "Baby, that's nearly a week," she said as though I didn't know. "That's too long, baby. You supposed to poop every day to stay healthy. I know you didn't eat much when you were out by yourself, but we've fed you a ton of food since Saturday morning, so you should be ready to go pretty soon."

    I didn't respond. I just sat there.

    "Have you felt the need to poop?" she asked.

    "No," I said.

    I honestly hadn't.

    "Okay," she said. "Well, I want you to be trying for the rest of today. If you haven't gone by later this afternoon when we get home Mommy is going to have to give you something to make you go. That won't be a whole bunch of fun, but I have to or you might get sick. You can get really sick if you don't make pooh-pooh often enough."

    I didn't like the sound of that at all. I still wasn't sure I was going to like pooping in my diapers, but I certainly didn't want to be made to go. I wasn't sure how she'd do that, but it didn't sound pleasant.

    "Okay, Mommy," I said. "I'll try really hard to go."

    "Okay, baby," she said. "Good boy."

    That ended the conversation, and I went back to enjoying the scenery. Another thing I liked about this car seat was that I put me much higher up above the ground so I could see more than I normally could while sitting in a regular seat.

    Before long I could see the skyline of Dallas looming in the distance. The buildings, towers, and skyscrapers got larger with every passing minute. We got all the way into downtown before we exited the highway. We pulled into a large medical center with a big white building that said, "Baylor" on it.

    "Is this a hospital?" I asked.

    "Yep," said Mommy. "This is where Daddy works."

    "Is this where I was?" I asked.

    "No, you were at the Children's Medical Center, which isn't too far from here," she said.

    "Oh," I replied.

    We pulled into a parking garage where Mommy parked. Once again, she got me out of the car seat and strapped me into the stroller. We went into the hospital through a large lobby area. I was extremely nervous the whole time because there were a lot of people all over the place. Several people, including some kids passed by us, and I know they were staring at me. I wasn't sure if they were looking at my bright, babyish attire, or the prominent diaper bulge around my lower half, but I was extremely embarrassed either way. Several very small children that practically gawked at me especially discomfited me.

    Finally, we got on an elevator and went all the way up to the tenth floor. We exited the elevator and Mommy pushed me down a big hallway. She eventually turned us off of the hallway, and we went through a door. We went into a fairly large waiting room. Mommy pushed me up to the receptionist's desk. A lady at the desk stood up to greet us. She greeted Mommy like they knew each other, and immediately told us to go on back into the office.

    We went further into the suite. Down a little hall past the reception desk was a row of offices. We went all the way to the end of the hall through an open door.

    "Hi, honey," Mommy said happily to a chair at a desk that was turned away from us.

    The big chair turned around and I saw Daddy sitting in it.

    "Daddy!" I said happily.

    "Hey, buddy," he said with a cheerful smile.

    He immediately got up and came over to me. He unstrapped me from the stroller and picked me up. He gave me a big hug and a kiss.

    "How's Daddy's little baby doing, today?" he asked me.

    "I'm okay," I replied.

    "That's good," he said. "Did you enjoy the drive into town?"

    "Uh huh," I replied.

    "We got him some of his own diapers, and I ordered a bunch of stuff from Molly," said Mommy.

    "Great," said Daddy. "Are you guys ready to get some food?"

    "Uh huh," I said. "I'm hungry."

    "Good," he said. "Let's go then."

    He put me back in the stroller and strapped me in. He then got behind me and pushed me out of the office as Mommy walked beside us. On the way out of the suite, we stopped by a few other offices so Daddy could introduce me to some of the people he worked with. There were a couple other doctors and some nurses, and they were all very nice to me.

    After that we left the office and headed out of the hospital. We went out the front of the hospital and I was pushed down the street for a little way until we came to a small restaurant. We went inside and were quickly seated. Daddy got a booster seat for me and put it in one of the chairs at our table. He took me out of the stroller and set me down in the booster seat. We had a pretty quiet lunch. Mommy helped me order something from the menu. I ended up getting chicken tenders and French fries. When the food came, Daddy cut my meal up into little pieces and fed everything to me.

    We spent a while in the restaurant talking about whatever struck our fancy, but then Daddy had to get back to work, and Mommy had to take me to my meeting with Miss Shelly. We walked Daddy back to the hospital, and then Mommy and I left after he gave me a hug and kiss and told me to be a good boy for Mommy. Within a few minutes, we were on the road again driving around through downtown. There were big, huge buildings all over the place that were so large that I couldn't even see the tops of them when looking out the windows on either side of me.

    Not too long after we left the hospital Mommy parked along one side of the street in front of a big building. She got me out of the car and we went inside and up another elevator. A minute later we were in a large office with several desks and cubicles in it. Mommy asked where we could find Shelly Morgan, and we were pointed over to a desk in one corner of the room. We went over there where we found Miss Shelly working at her desk.

    "Hi, Miss Shelly," I said happily when I was pushed up to her desk.

    "Well, hello, Mr. Tad," she said cheerfully. "How are you doing? Are you feeling better?"

    "Uh huh," I replied.

    "Good," she said. "You look much better. Is that a new outfit you're wearing?"

    "No," I said. "It's my brother, Billy's."

    "Well, it looks very cute on you," she said.

    I blushed in embarrassment.

    "Thank you," I said.

    "I guess we should get started, then," she said. "Let's go over to the conference room where it's quieter."

    She got up carrying a file folder with her. Mommy followed her, pushing me along. We went to a small, glass-walled room with a little table and five or six chairs. Mommy and Miss Shelly sat down at the table across from each other. I was kitty-corner to both of them.

    "Well, Tad, your former foster father is in jail," she told me. "He spent the weekend in jail, and had a bond hearing this morning."

    I had no idea what a bond hearing was.

    "I went to the hearing, and the prosecutor and I showed the judge pictures of what he did to you," she told me. "The judge took one look at the pictures and he set bail at $200,000."

    "What's that mean?" I asked.

    "That means he has to pay the judge $200,000 to get out of jail," she said. "Since he doesn't have that, he'll probably be in jail until he goes to trial."

    "What's a trial?" I asked.

    "That's where the prosecutor has to prove what your foster dad did," answered Mommy. "When they prove that he hurt you, they'll probably send him to jail for a long time."

    "That's right," said Miss Shelly. "He was charged with aggravated assault and injury to a child, both of which are felonies, which means he could go to prison for years."

    "Really?" I asked.

    "Yep," she said. "I've already talked to the prosecutor, though, and he'll probably be offered a plea bargain. If he doesn't accept the plea bargain the case will go to trial, and you'll have to testify against him."

    "What's that mean?" I asked.

    "That means you'll have to go to court and tell a judge and jury what happened to you," Miss Shelly said.

    I got a little nervous at that. Testifying sounded like it was pretty hard.

    "We don't want you to have to do that, which is why he's going to be offered a plea bargain."

    "What's the DA going to offer?" Mommy asked.

    I didn't know what a DA was, either.

    "He might drop one of the charges," she said. "Maybe offer him a few years for a guilty plea. I'm pushing hard to get at least some time in state prison."

    "Good," Mommy said. "He needs it."

    "My supervisor is also investigating to see if we need to take their two children away," said Miss Shelly.

    We spent the next half-hour talking there in the conference room. Miss Shelly wanted me to tell her everything that had happened to me again to make sure she had her report right. I didn't want to talk about that again, but I did. She asked me how I liked the Bradshaws, and I, of course, told her that I really liked living with them.

    "Now, Taddy," said Miss Shelly. "Before you go, we have one last thing we need to take care of. I need to get you placed in a permanent foster home."

    I didn't like when she said that. Did that mean that I was going to be taken away and put somewhere else? My bottom lip started to quiver, and I suddenly wanted to cry.

    "I was going to start looking for a home to place you in," she said. "But, Dr. and Mrs. Bradshaw said they'd be delighted to have you."

    "Really?" I asked excitedly, abruptly perking up.

    "That's right," she said.

    "You're just too cute, baby," Mommy said to me. "We just can't get rid of you."

    "So, I get to stay with you?" I asked.

    "For a while at least," she said. "That is, if that's what you want.

    "I do!" I said happily. "I really, really do!"

    "Good!" said Mommy.

    That pretty much ended the business we had with Miss Shelly. She told us she would be in contact with us soon, and then we left. Before we left, though, she gave me a nice hug and a kiss on the cheek.

    We went back outside and Mommy loaded me into the car.

    "Ready to go home, baby?" Mommy asked as she picked me up out of the stroller.

    "Uh huh," I said. "I'm kind of tired."

    "Well, you can sleep all the way home," she told me.

    Before she put me into the car she stuck her hand down the back of my short-alls. I felt her stick her fingers in the back of my diapers.

    "You're not all that wet," she said. "But you haven't made pooh-pooh, yet."

    "I know," I said sadly.

    "You need to try to go on the way home, baby," she said. "If you can't then I'm going to have to give you something when we get home."

    I nodded sadly.

    "Try to go, okay?" she said.

    "I will, Mommy," I promised. "I'll try really hard."

    "Good boy," she said as she gave me a kiss.

    She put me in the car seat and buckled me into it. She put the stroller away, and then climbed into the seat in front of me. A minute later she pulled out into traffic, and we headed back out of the city.

    I would have liked to go to sleep, but I ended up spending most of the trip trying to poop. I was able to pee sitting there after some considerable effort. I had needed to pee a long time ago, but I hadn't been able to go sitting there in front of Mommy and Miss Shelly. I tried to poop really, really hard, to the point that I'm sure my face was flushed with the exertion, but I just wasn't able to make myself go. I just didn't really feel the urge to go for some reason. By the time we pulled off the highway in McKinney and were getting close to home, I was getting very upset because I couldn't poop.

    Finally, Mommy turned onto the driveway of the big house. She pulled the SUV into the garage and shut the engine off. She got out of the driver's seat and came back. I was about to cry by the time she opened my door.

    "We're home, baby," she announced happily as though I didn't know.

    She reached for me and unbuckled the car seat restraints. She pulled me out of the car seat and set me on her hip. I barely felt through my thick diapers as she gave my butt a squish.

    "You didn't make pooh-pooh, did you, baby?" she asked.

    I looked down and shook my head shamefully.

    "I'm sorry, Mommy," I said with a shaky voice. "I tried really hard."

    "I know, baby," she replied.

    "I didn't mean to be bad," I said sniffling and fighting back tears.

    "Oh, baby, you're not bad," she said giving me a hug. "You just couldn't go pooh-pooh. There's nothing wrong with that. It just means Mommy is going to have to give you a little help to make you go. You're not a bad boy. You're a good boy. Understand?"

    I just nodded.

    "Let's go inside," she said.

    She gave me a kiss and then reached into the back seat for the diaper bag. She carried the diaper bag and me into the house. We went through the kitchen and she carried me up the stairs. We found Ms. Rosie upstairs in the nursery collecting dirty laundry.

    "Hello," she said. "Did you two have a good day?"

    "Uh huh," I nodded quietly.

    "What's wrong, little Taddy?" she asked, obviously noting that I was a bit downtrodden.

    I just shook my head without looking at her.

    "He hasn't had a bowel movement in about a week," Mommy said, "And I'm going to have to give him a little suppository to help him go."

    "Uh oh," said Ms. Rosie. "Pobresito."

    She picked up her basket of laundry and carried it out of the room. As she passed us she leaned over and gave me a kiss on the cheek. She left the room and Mommy carried me over to the changing table. She set me down on it and began undressing me. She got me out of my short-alls but left my t-shirt on. She picked my dangling legs up and laid me down on the table.

    "You lay right here, and Mommy will be back in just a minute," she told me.

    I nodded as she turned to leave the room. I waited there quietly for a minute or two until she returned. When she came in, she was carrying a baby bottle of milk with her. She set the bottle on the table by my head and then began to undiaper me. She pulled my plastic pants off and unpinned my diapers. She pulled the front of my diapers back exposing my lower half. I then watched her pull a latex glove onto one hand. I wondered why she needed that.

    "Okay, baby," she said. "Here we go."

    She lifted my legs up and pushed them up onto my chest. She held them there with one hand, and then I felt one of the fingers of the gloved hand invade my butt hole. I felt her push something very small up into my rectum. It was so small that I couldn't even feel it after she withdrew her finger.

    "All done, baby," she said.

    "That's it?" I asked.

    "Well, not quite," she said. "But that's all I had to do."

    I wondered what she meant by that.

    I lay there quietly as she began to put my wet diapers back on me. She pinned them on and then put the plastic pants back on. She then picked me up and put me on her hip. She carried me over to the rocking chair in the corner of the room along with the bottle of milk. She sat down in the rocking chair and got me cradled in her lap. She pushed the bottle into my mouth and I almost instinctively started sucking on it.

    "Now, baby, in just a minute you're going to start to get a little tummy ache," she told me. "Then you're going to feel like you need to go pooh-pooh really bad. I want you to try to hold it in just as long as you can before you let it out, okay?"

    I just nodded as I sucked on my bottle. I was already starting to feel a little funny down there. My butt kind of burned just a little. It wasn't too bad yet, but it was a little annoying. Within a minute or two I was getting a little cramping down in my lower abdomen, and within another minute that cramping had turned into a fiery, burning ache. It hurt really badly. I couldn't even suck on the bottle of milk anymore.

    "Mommy, it hurts," I whined, spitting my bottle out.

    "I know, baby," she said. "It won't last for very long. Just keep holding it for a little while longer."

    Soon enough, just like she predicted, I really, really needed to poop. I almost couldn't stand it anymore, but I held it as best I could. Mommy wanted me to hold it, so I was going to hold it no matter what. A minute or two later, I was crying it hurt so badly.

    "Mommy, it hurts really bad," I sobbed.

    "Okay, baby," she said. "Go ahead and let it out."

    "Right here?" I asked.

    I really didn't want to poop in front of another person.

    "Just go, baby," she said. "Just relax and let it go."

    I still didn't want to go in front of her, but I just couldn't hold it anymore. Finally, I just relaxed my clenched butt cheeks. Without me even pushing, a long, wet fart along with a little liquid of some kind came out of my butt. It was a pretty loud fart, too. Letting the fart out helped me feel just a little, but another wave of cramping quickly followed its release. Again, without pushing, a glob of poop slid out of my butt. I don't think I could have held it in even if I had tried. I thought pushing that rather large amount of poop out would help, but that really didn't stop the pain. As soon as that wave of poop came out more cramping started and I had to push more poop out.

    I proceeded to poop more than I think I had ever pooped before in my life. Wave after wave of poop came out of my butt. The cramping didn't seem like it was ever going to stop. Within a few minutes I was crying pretty loudly, only stopping my crying long enough to strain as I tried to push more poop out to make the cramping stop. The whole time Mommy rocked me gently and held me tightly trying to comfort me. It didn't help with the pain at all, but it was nice to know she cared.

    When the poop first started coming out it was pretty firm, like clay, but as I pooped more it got softer and squishier. It went from clay consistency, to mashed potatoes, to peanut butter, to spaghetti sauce, and after a while it was more liquid than anything else.

    Finally, the pain in my guts started to subside. The cramping grew smaller and smaller. I let out one last, wet fart and I felt much better. I was winded and exhausted from the long ordeal. The side of my face was resting on Mommy's chest as she gently ran her fingers through my hair.

    "Do you feel better, baby?" she asked me.

    "Uh huh," I whimpered quietly.

    I was still upset and crying softly as I panted.

    "Just calm down, baby," Mommy said. "It's all over now. You did very well. You're a brave, little baby."

    I finally calmed down and stopped crying. I was suddenly even more tired than I had been when I got home. Without much further thought I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep as Mommy continued stroking my hair.

    I woke up sometime later and found myself lying in my crib. I had little pillows under my arm casts and another propping up my leg cast. I was covered in my soft, flannel sheet that I was starting to really love. I sat up and immediately noticed the squish of the humungous lump in my diapers. It felt like I had a football-sized pile of play-dough or mud in my diapers, but I knew it was poop, of course. It went all the way up my butt crack and I felt it pressing up and past my little balls and pee-pee. I then noticed the smell. It was horrendous. I smelled like a backed-up sewer. It was like the worst fart I had ever smelled before, except it didn't go away.

    I sat up the rest of the way and immediately looked over to see Billy sitting in his crib across the room. He smiled and waved at me.

    "Hi, Taddy," he said cheerfully.

    "Hi, Billy," I replied. "Why are you in your crib, too?"

    "Because I have to take my afternoon nap after I get home from school," he said.

    "Really?" I asked.

    "Well, yeah," he said as though I should have known. "All babies take afternoon naps, especially ones that go to school. You'll be taking them, too."

    I reached up and tried to scratch my head, but it was hard to get to the itchy spot on my scalp. I cursed my casts yet again.

    "How long until someone gets us up?" I asked.

    "Shouldn't be much longer," he said. "We only have to take a thirty minute nap. Mommy or one of the girls should be in any minute.

    "You stink," he said next with a big grin on his face. "So, that's your first diaper poop. What do you think?"

    "I don't know," I said with a frown as shifted my butt around. "It's all gushy and squishy in there."

    "I know. Isn't it great?" he said with a fiendish gleam in his eyes.

    "I guess it's not so bad," I said. "It stinks really bad."

    "You'll get used to that," he said immediately. "I hardly notice my poopy smells anymore. I like mine. You probably will, too."

    Just then the nursery door opened and Andy came in. She was wearing a pair of those short pants that stopped below the knees that girls wore. I couldn't remember what they were called. The top of the pants stopped just below her hips and a halter-top completed her outfit leaving her bellybutton exposed. She and Celli seemed to like to have their bellybuttons showing.

    "Hi, babies," she said happily.

    She immediately came up to me.

    "How's my little stinky butt?" she asked. "I heard you made a big, big poopy today."

    "Yeah," I said looking down and blushing with embarrassment.

    "Are you ready for a change?" she asked me.

    I nodded adamantly.

    "Come on," she said. "Let's get the babies into some clean diapers."

    She let the side of the crib down and picked me up. She put me on her hip and gave me a kiss.

    "Such a stinker," she cooed at me as she tweaked the tip of my nose.

    We went over to Billy's crib and she dropped the side of it down so he could climb out. I was then carried over to the changing table. Andy plopped my butt down rather firmly causing my poop to ooze around inside my diapers even more. I must have gotten a funny look on my face from that because Andy kind of laughed at me. She helped me lay down and then she pulled my plastic pants off. She slowly unpinned my diapers and began peeling them back. She finally got to the last one and opened it up.

    "Wow!" she said with widened eyes when she looked inside my diapers.

    "Whoa!" Billy joined in. He was standing next to his sister watching me get changed. "That's a big freakin' load!"

    Andy immediately reached down and gave Billy a hard swat on the butt.

    "Don't say 'freakin''!" she said. "You know you're not allowed to use that kind of language. I'll spank your hiney, young man."

    "Sorry," Billy said with a gulp.

    "That is a big load, though," she agreed as she looked back down at me. "These diapers sure looked harmless from the outside."

    I finally couldn't resist the urge to look any longer, so I pushed myself up onto my fiberglass-encased elbows. I look down at myself and was amazed at the disgusting sight of my poopy mess. The inside of my diapers was covered in a swath of brown muck. My abdomen was covered in poop all the way up to a couple of inches above my privates. Even the insides of my legs were coated in my own waste.

    "I think I need gloves for this cleanup," said Andy.

    She reached down under the tabletop and produced a pair of latex gloves. She put them on and took out several baby wipes. She then proceeded to thoroughly clean my diaper area. It took her several minutes to get all the poop off of me. When I was finally clean she diapered me up in a thick set of four diapers after she thoroughly powdered me. I enjoyed the feel of the fresh, clean diapers on me. She pulled a clean pair of plastic pants onto me and got them tucked in and adjusted. Before she sat me up she lifted my shirt up and sprinkled some baby powder on my chest.

    "We want our little baby to smell nice and fresh," she said.

    I squirmed and giggled as she rubbed the powder into my skin, which tickled a lot.

    She then picked me up and set me down on the floor.

    "Sit on the floor while I change your brother, baby," she said.

    I nodded as she gave me a little pat on the head.

    Meanwhile, Billy was climbing up on the table to take my place. It was only then that I noticed he was actually wearing a disposable. I hadn't really seen him wearing disposable diapers yet. The diaper was pretty thick, definitely not like a baby diaper, with four tapes on it. The front and part of the back of the otherwise white diaper was tinted slightly yellow, and there was a prominent brown smear in the seat of it. He was obviously wet and poopy.

    He lay down on the table and Andy immediately started changing him. She pulled the tapes open and opened his diaper. She got him cleaned up much quicker than she had me, and she pulled out a new disposable from underneath the table.

    "Can't I wear cloth, now, like Taddy?" he asked.

    "Nope," Andy replied curtly.

    "Why not?" he asked.

    "You shouldn't have used that bad word," she said.

    "Aw, come on, Andy!" he whined.

    "Hush!" She said. "You're in no position to argue. I can turn you right over and tan your bare, little butt."

    "Come on, Andy," he said more pleadingly.

    "It's either no cloth diapers, or I'll go tell Mom you said 'freakin''," she said.

    "But you just said it," he said.

    "So," she said. "I'm not a baby. I know when it's appropriate to use certain words. Babies don't know things like that, which is why you can't use those words. Now, if I hear one more word out of you, Billy Bradshaw, you're getting a spank, and I'm going to tell Mom what you said."

    He just huffed and lay there. He rather uncooperatively let her put a new disposable on him and tape it up. He sat up and Andy leaned forward and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

    "All done, baby brother," she said. "Now let's all go downstairs."

    She turned around and reached down to me as Billy slid off of the changing table.

    "Do you want a snack, baby?" she asked me.

    I nodded. I was getting a little hungry.

    "Are you hurting? Do you want some medicine?"

    "No. I'm okay," I said.

    She planted me on her hip and took one of Billy's hands with her free hand. She took us out of the room and downstairs to the kitchen. I found that Celli was home now too, and she greeted me. Andy set me in Celli's lap before she strapped Billy into his highchair. She then went to the kitchen to get us our snack.

    Ms. Rosie was just leaving for the day. She gave Billy and me a kiss, and said that she was happy to meet me, and that she'd see me tomorrow. After she left Andy brought us our snack. It was something called rice pudding. Andy said Ms. Rosie had made it that afternoon for us. It was rice cooked in milk with a cinnamon stick in it and lots of sugar to make it sweet. It was really good, and I ate every bite as Celli fed it to me.

    After our snack Billy had to do homework, so the girls put me in the playpen in the den to play by myself until supper. Daddy got home just before supper was ready. He came into the den and picked me up out of the playpen. I got to sit in his lap and cuddle with him as we watched the evening news. Actually, he watched it since I wasn't really interested in the news. We then ate supper, and then it was time for Billy and me to have our bath.

    I finally got to have a real bath tonight since Mommy had purchased some cast protectors for me at the pharmacy today. Basically they were like plastic bags shaped to fit over my casts with a rubber gasket-like thing at the top that sealed around my arms and leg respectively to keep water out of the casts. They worked really well and kept my casts perfectly dry even when completely submerged in water. Unfortunately, I still wasn't allowed to play around too much in the water because Mommy and Daddy thought that too much movement might cause the cast protectors to leak.

    After we were squeaky clean and thickly diapered for the night Billy and I got to stay up for just a little while. We went downstairs where Mommy displayed everything she had purchased for me to the whole family. That was good since I had been pretty much asleep the whole time she was buying it all.

    I found that she had gotten me a bunch of "big boy" clothes at the Oshkosh B'Gosh and Tommy Kids stores at that outlet mall. There were a couple of pairs of over-alls, a pair of jeans, and a pair of khaki slacks. That was it for pants. She said we'd worry about a pair of shorts or two later on. She also bought me two pairs of sneakers in addition to a pair of dressier shoes. There were several shirts along with socks and plain, white t-shirts. I noticed that, except for the socks and t-shirts, all of the "big boy" clothes didn't look all that big-boyish. Everything was kind of juvenile looking. It wasn't as childish as what I had worn today, but neither was it the things I had seen stylish kids wear at school—not that I had ever had any stylish clothes before. I was going to ask about that, but then I remembered the rule about having to wear what I was told to, so I kept my mouth shut. The clothes didn't look too bad, and it was more clothes than I had ever had in my entire life, so I supposed that I shouldn't complain.

    Then, Mommy showed me the really special thing she got me. It was my very own teddy bear. That really excited me, as I don't think I had ever had a teddy bear of my own. She handed him to me and I immediately clenched him to my chest tightly. He was a kind of silly color of orange, and his snout, paws, and the insides of his ears were beige. He had a little brown nose and brown eyes. He had a little, navy blue bib around his neck that was trimmed in red and had an apple embroidered on it.

    "Thank you, Mommy!" I said happily. "I never had a teddy bear. I love it!"

    "You're welcome, baby," Mommy told me as she picked me up and gave me a hug. "I'm glad you like it."

    After that, it was time for Billy and me to go to bed. We told Mommy and our sisters goodnight, and then Daddy took Billy and me upstairs to the nursery. We sat in the padded lounging area on the floor in the corner, and we each had a bottle of warm milk as Daddy read us a story from a children's book. It was a story for probably a four or five-year-old, but I actually found it interesting after a while.

    When the story was finished Daddy tucked us into our cribs. After he gave me a kiss and a hug he laid me down in my crib. He got my pillows adjusted comfortably under my casts and then he pulled the sheet and blanket up over me. He also made sure my new bear was tucked in right next to me. He went over to Billy's crib and tucked him in, and then he left us telling us goodnight once more as he switched the lights off. Billy and I told each other goodnight and that we loved each other, and then he quickly fell asleep.

    I stayed awake for a few minutes thinking about the day. Other than the horrible, suppository ordeal, it hadn't been a bad day. In retrospect, it hadn't even been so bad going out in public in really thick diapers and dressed as a big toddler. It had only been my third full day here, but I already felt more at home in this place than I had ever felt in any place before. I wondered if being treated like a baby helped any with that, but I guess it really didn't matter. I liked thinking of this place as home, and I liked being treated like a baby. If those two feelings happened to be related, so be it.

    And with that somewhat cheery thought, I drifted off to sleep.

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    A Second Chance

    A Second Chance

    Part 4

    Spectacles, Home-School,
    And Diaper Therapy

    The last week had gone really well. On Tuesday Mommy took me to a new doctor. Dr. Gordon was Billy's pediatrician, and now he was going to be my pediatrician, as well. He was a really nice doctor. He gave me a very thorough exam from head to toe. He wanted to do some blood tests on me, but his nurse couldn't draw blood from me with my arms in the casts, which was just fine with me. He also had my x-rays and medical records, which Mommy had gotten Miss Shelly to get for us.

    The really depressing part of the visit was when I was weighed and measured. I only weighed 45 pounds, from which the nurse deducted a few pounds because of my casts, and I was only 44 inches tall. The doctor took out a growth chart and showed it to Mommy and me. It was a graph with two sets of wavy lines on it that showed the range of average heights and weights of boys at all ages from two to twenty. It listed stature—I had had to ask to find out that that meant height—at the top of the graph and weight at the bottom. I didn't really understand the whole chart but he showed me where I was, and where I was supposed to be, and I was way below where I was supposed to be. Even as a small ten-year-old I should have been at least six inches taller and weigh ten pounds more. If I were an average size ten-year-old I would need to be a foot taller and twenty pounds heavier. As it was, I was the size of a slightly below average six-year-old.

    The doctor told us that I might catch up, and I would certainly grow more, but that I might always be small because a lot of developmental milestones—I didn't know what those were—take place in the early years, and I could have missed those because I had been so malnourished—he finally explained to me what that was—for so long. He said I had probably been underfed for the last five or six years. He told us that malnourishment might also explain my bedwetting because it may have caused me to have an underdeveloped bladder. He said that an underdeveloped bladder could have also been caused by me being born prematurely and addicted to crack in the womb. He told us that I might be a bedwetter for the rest of my life because of that, but it was really too early to tell.

    All that news made me feel really bad, but Mommy held me and comforted me. She told me it didn't matter that I was small because lots of people were small, and they were no worse than anyone else. That made me feel better. I also got a lollypop when we left the Doctor's office, which made me feel a little better, too.

    After leaving the doctor's office, Mommy took me to a barbershop where we got my hair cut. Mommy asked me how I wanted my hair cut, but I really didn't know. I wasn't one to really care about my hair all that much. Mommy thought I would look better with my hair trimmed pretty short, so we decided to do that. I had kind of messy, brown hair that got tangled and stuck up a lot, so short hair would probably be best anyway. The lady barber—I found out they were called hair stylists—spent quite a while cutting a lot of hair off of me. When she was done I could actually see the tops of my ears and my eyebrows in the mirror, and I thought I looked pretty good.

    On Wednesday, Mommy had taken me to Billy's school, which I found out was a private school, where I had taken a bunch of hard tests to see how smart I was. On Thursday, I had stayed home with Ms. Rosie while Mommy and Daddy went to the school to talk with the people there about me. When they got home they took me to the den and sat down with me. They told me that I was a little below where I was supposed to be in reading, writing, and math.

    "Does that mean I'm dumb?" I had asked sadly.

    "Of course not, baby," Mommy assured me. "That just means you haven't learned enough, yet."

    They told me I probably just hadn't had enough help with schoolwork over the years, and that moving around from home to home and to different schools probably had only made things worse. That made sense, because I couldn't really remember ever having any of my foster families help me with homework, or take much of an interest at all in my education.

    They told me that the school had suggested that I be kept out of school for the rest of the semester, and then I could start up again with the fifth grade in January. In the meantime, Mommy and Daddy were going to look for a tutor to come to the house and home-school me so that I could catch up with everyone else in my grade. I kind of liked that because then I wouldn't have to go to school until after my casts were off, which was good because it was still hard for me to do things by myself with them on.

    When I wasn't at the doctor's or at the school taking those tests I was either at home being a baby, or off with Mommy running errands. She had taken the whole week off from work so that she could stay home and take care of me. Mostly we stayed home and she played with me, read me stories, and did other fun stuff with me. I was fed a lot of bottles, and whenever I was hungry Mommy and Ms. Rosie stuffed me with a ton of food.

    I was also getting more used to my diapers. By Friday it was getting easier to pee in my diapers whenever I wanted, and my diapers were almost always wet. I was already starting to like my diapers when they were wet, and I usually tried to pee as soon as I was changed so my diapers would be wet again. After Monday, I had pooped in my diapers at least once a day and sometimes twice. On Wednesday, Ms. Rosie had made Mexican food for us for supper, and I had pooped four times the next day because of it. I was getting used to my poopy diapers, but it was taking me longer to do that, since I didn't poop nearly as often as I peed. Whenever I pooped I usually sat around in my mess for an hour or two until Mommy or Ms. Rosie got around to changing me. Since I wasn't allowed to ask to be changed, I just had to sit around until someone noticed the smell and came to check on me, but I really didn't mind that.

    Every day I seemed to like being a baby more. I didn't even mind when we went out and Mommy dressed me in babyish looking clothes. She took me shopping and even to the doctor in outfits similar to the one I had worn on our outing on Monday. The only time I had worn "big boy" clothes since coming here was when I took the tests as the school. It was still embarrassing when people stared at me, but no one had said anything to me or been mean, yet, so I decided I could live with some minor, temporary embarrassment, especially since whenever I was upset about it Mommy would hold me and comfort me.

    On Friday, I slept in until Mommy came in to wake me up. The last few days I had woken up with Billy in the morning, but for some reason I didn't wake up then this morning, and he was already gone when she woke me.

    "Good morning, baby," said Mommy as she picked me up out of my crib and gave me a hug.

    "Morning, Mommy," I said tiredly.

    "We've got another big day, today, baby," she told me as she carried me over to the changing table. "We're going to see the eye doctor, this morning."

    Miss Shelly and Mommy hadn't been able to find any record of me ever having my vision checked, so Mommy decided that I needed to go see an optometrist. We were going today to take care of that. I didn't really want to go see another doctor, but Mommy had told me that eye doctors didn't really do anything that hurt, so I wasn't too worried.

    Mommy got me changed into a new set of cloth diapers. I was now wearing nothing but my very own diapers. Mommy didn't really like the fit of either the smaller or the larger-size diapers she had bought for me on Monday, so she wound up using a combination. She used two of the smaller diapers stacked inside two of the larger size diapers, which turned out to fit me very well. The new, smaller diapers came up to about three inches past my bellybutton when they were pinned on snugly. They were the same thickness as Billy's diapers, so they still bulged a lot, but I was starting to like my thick diapers. When I went to the school for the tests on Wednesday, Mommy had only put two diapers on me so that I would fit into my big boy jeans, which still only barely squeezed over the diapers. I found that I didn't like the diapers thinner. They just didn't feel right in between my legs.

    I had also noticed that Billy's diapers, that I had been wearing, were much dingier and grayer than the new diapers Mommy bought for me. They looked fine by themselves, but when I saw his diapers next to mine, mine looked much better and whiter. I guess that came from the fact that his had been used so much, and they were just stained. Some of his diapers even had brown stains in the center of them where it was obvious that poopy stains had set in.

    After I had a clean set of my diapers and a fresh pair of crinkly, plastic pants on, Mommy sat me up and went to my bureau to get me some clothes to wear. Earlier in the week, she had pulled out a bunch of Billy's old clothes and put them in the bureau that was now considered mine. She went through some drawers and brought a small pile of them over to me. She unfolded a t-shirt and put it on me. It was white t-shirt with blue sleeves, and blue stripes going across it. She pulled the shirt on me and then unfolded a pair of overalls that were the same blue as the t-shirt. She got them on my legs and pulled the garment up over me. Earlier in the week, I had found out that all of Billy's babyish pants had snaps in the crotches and inseams, which Mommy said made diaper changes easier. The overalls were no exception, which was good because the snaps made it easier for her to put the garment on over the cast on my left leg.

    When the overalls were on, Mommy got a pair of socks and one of my new shoes. She put a sock on my right foot and then another over my toes and the lower part of the cast on my left foot. She told me it had gotten just a little cool out, and she didn't want my toes to get cold. She put the shoe on my right foot and that completed my outfit. She grabbed the diaper bag, which was always by the changing table, and checked to make sure it was stocked with diapers and changing supplies. She slung it over her shoulder and picked me up. She carried me downstairs and to the kitchen, where, as expected, I saw Ms. Rosie at work.

    "Buenos Días, Señora Rosie!" I greeted her happily. Over the last few days she had already taught me a few simple phrases in Spanish, or español as she called it.

    "Buenos Días, mijito," she replied. "Como estás?"

    "I'm good, thank you," I said.

    Mommy carried me over to the highchair and strapped me into it.

    "What would you like for breakfast, mijito?" Ms. Rosie asked me.

    "Um, pancakes!" I said after a moment's thought.

    "Something a little faster, baby," Mommy said. "How about some oatmeal?"

    "Okay," I said cheerfully.

    I had been eating a lot of oatmeal for breakfast. I couldn't remember eating it very often before I came here, but I had come to really like it. Mommy said it was good for me to eat it because it kept me regular. I wasn't sure what that meant, but it must have been a good thing.

    Mommy made me some oatmeal while Ms. Rosie went about cleaning and doing whatever else she always did. I had noticed it seemed that Ms. Rosie was always busy doing something. She was always cleaning something, doing laundry, or doing a host of other things. She was a very hard worker, but she also made sure to take a little time to teach me some Spanish or just sit and talk to me, feed me a bottle, or make me snacks. She was also very good at changing my diapers. She was a very good nanny.

    When my oatmeal was finished Mommy brought it over to me along with a sippy cup of milk. She fed me my oatmeal, in which she had put some raisins, and some toast with peach preserves on it. After breakfast we went upstairs to the nursery again, where Mommy brushed my teeth. After that we had to leave because my appointment was in twenty minutes. Mommy put me in the now familiar car seat in the back of the SUV. She climbed into the front seat, opened the garage door, started the car, and began to back us out of the garage.

    "Mommy, we forgot Squeaker!" I suddenly yelled.

    She slammed on the break causing my head to slam into the cushy headrest behind me.

    "Baby, can't you go without him, for once?" she asked. "We'll be back in an hour."

    "No, Mommy," I said quietly, but pitifully. "Please?"

    She sighed and put the car in park.

    "I'll be right back," she said.

    I smiled as she got out of the car and ran inside. She came back out a minute later with my orange teddy bear. I had named him Squeaker because he had a thingy in him that squeaked when his tummy was squeezed. She opened the back door and handed him to me. I hugged him tightly, causing him to squeak. Squeaker and I had become very attached over the last few days, and he was only rarely out of my sight or personal possession. He pretty much went everywhere with me.

    "Thank you, Mommy," I said. "I love you."

    "Hmm," she smiled. "I love you, too, baby."

    She leaned into the back seat and gave me a quick kiss before she climbed back into the driver's seat.

    Then, we were off again. We got out of the neighborhood and headed into the center of town. We pulled into a shopping center, which I found out was the same shopping center that the pharmacy we had visited on Monday was in. Mommy pulled up in front of the eye doctor's office. She got the stroller out of the back and brought it around to my door. She got me out of the car seat and strapped me into the stroller. She then took my arm slings out and put them on over my casts and around my neck.

    "Is Squeaker coming with you, or is he going to keep your car seat warm for you?" she asked holding Squeaker up.

    "He's coming with me," I said immediately, reaching up toward him as best I could with my arm casts and slings on.

    She handed him to me and I put him between my chest and my arms, which were stacked one in front of the other in front of me.

    She grabbed the diaper bag and slung it over the back of the stroller, and then she pushed me toward the office door. She pushed me into the office and went up to the receptionist, who was sitting at a desk behind a counter. She got a clipboard from the receptionist lady, and then pushed me over to a seat so she could sit down next to me. She began filling out a bunch of paperwork that the doctor needed in order to see me.

    While she did that I sat there quietly looking around. I noticed some other patients sitting on the far side of the waiting room. There was a lady about Mommy's age and two girls. One of the girls was about my size, meaning she was almost certainly younger than me, and her sister was probably a couple of years younger than her. I noticed the younger girl lean over to her sister as she stared at me. She whispered something to her big sister and pointed in my general direction. The girls both started to giggle just a little. They were almost certainly making fun of me. I didn't know if it was my teddy bear, my clothes, the stroller, or perhaps the babyish diaper bag behind my head, but they had definitely picked up that I looked a little more immature than I should. All I could do was glow in humiliation and try to look away. They kept whispering and giggling amongst themselves for what seemed like an eternity. I kept looking at them out of the corner of my eye silently imploring them to shut up. Finally, their mom reproached them into silence.

    By then, Mommy had finished filling out the paperwork, and she returned it to the nurse. She then came back over to me and bent over and unstrapped my restraints. She picked me up and sat down with me sitting in her lap sideways. She wrapped her arms around me and hugged me to her chest. I rested my head on her shoulder and let out a satisfied sigh. My back was to those annoying girls, who I knew were still probably quietly making fun of me to themselves. I didn't know if Mommy was holding me because she heard those girls making fun of me and thought I needed some comforting, or if she just wanted to hold me, but I really didn't care. All I cared was that once I was in her lap, it seemed like nothing could go wrong. Everything was right with the world so long as I was in Mommy's lap.

    A few minutes later, a nurse came out and called me back. Mommy put me back in the stroller without strapping me in and pushed me through the door into the inner office. Apparently, those girls' appointments were later than mine, because they were still waiting there. I was taken back to a little area where the nurse gave me a bunch of simple, vision tests. There were some cards with pictures on them and I had to look at them and tell her which objects in the pictures were sticking out. She said that was to test my depth perception. I wasn't sure what that even was. There were a bunch of other tests like that. She then had me look at pictures of a bunch of different colored dots to test my color vision. I could see all the numbers made of dots, so my color vision was fine. I also had to put my face up to a weird, kind of scary contraption that blew a little puff of air into my eyes. The nurse told me that was to measure the pressure inside my eyeballs.

    There were a few other tests with some other funny machines. When all those tests were done, the nurse put some drops in my eyes that were supposed to numb my eyes, and some more drops that were supposed to dilate them. I had to asked what that meant to find out that it made my pupils get really big so more light would come in, and the doctor could look into and actually see inside my eyes. I thought that was kind of neat. I was then taken into an exam room that was kind of dark. Mommy put me into a soft, padded chair that was in the room.

    We waited for a few minutes until a man wearing a white coat came in.

    "Good morning," he said cheerfully.

    "Hi, Dr. Harrison," Mommy greeted him.

    "Hi, Jan," he said. "Nice to see you again. I see you have another little patient for me."

    "That's right," she confirmed.

    "You must be, Thaddeus," he said to me.

    He came up and sat down on a little stool next to me.

    "Say hi, Taddy," Mommy reminded me.

    "Hello," I said nervously.

    "Have you ever been to an optometrist?" he asked me.

    "No, sir," I squeaked.

    "Well, I can tell you that I'm not going to cause you any owies," he said. "I'm the most painless doctor you've ever seen."

    I nodded and tried to smile. That sounded good, and he seemed pretty nice.

    "I want to get a look at that little shiner you have there, first," he said.

    He came around to my left side where my formerly black eye was. Over the past few days it and all of my bruises had faded considerably. They had gone from purples and blues to shades of yellow and brown. They were kind of ugly, but only the worst of the bruises still hurt.

    He gave my left eye and the area all around it a thorough exam.

    "Did your eye swell shut after it got hit?" he asked me.

    "Uh huh," I said sadly, remembering when that mean man had punched me there.

    "Well, the eye itself looks very good," he said. "And no broken bones around it, either. Looks like just some soft tissue bruising. I don't think there's any permanent damage."

    I guess that was good.

    He then looked at my other eye. He gave it a thorough exam too, but he didn't poke and prod around it as much. After he shined some lights into my eye from some little scope he was holding, he started with the rest of the exam.

    He turned the already dim lights off, leaving only a single light in the room that illuminated a white, eye chart on the wall in front of me. He had me look at the eye chart and read from it, which wasn't too hard, since I obviously knew the alphabet. Then he pulled a weird looking contraption out.

    "Now, Taddy," he said. "This is a special set of goggles, called a phoropter, that is going to help me find out how good your vision is. I'm just going to set it in front of your face in front of your eyes. It won't hurt at all. You'll just feel it touching your nose and cheeks."

    I nodded as he pulled the thing down in front of me. It was attached to the back of the chair by a big arm. He got the thing over my face and adjusted it so that I could look through two holes on it. I could see the eye chart on the wall through the holes.

    For the next several minutes he turned a bunch of dials and switches on the contraption that moved different lenses in front of my eyes. Some of the lenses made my vision really blurry, but others didn't seem to do much at all. He would put two different lenses in front of one eye and ask me to tell him which one made my vision clearer. He did that over and over on both eyes until I got really bored with it.

    Finally, he was done with that. He did a few other tests, including one where he shined a really bright light in my eyes and looked inside my eyes with what he said was a special microscope. None of them were quite as long as the one with the phoropter thing, so the exam didn't take much longer. When he was done he turned the lights back on and made some notes on a manila folder that he had brought in with him.

    "Well, Taddy," he said after a few minutes. "I think we need to get you some glasses."

    I was shocked and mortified by that. How could I need glasses? I thought I had done pretty well on the tests.

    "What seems to be the problem, Doctor?" asked Mommy.

    "It seems Taddy is just a little bit nearsighted," he said. "And he has some slight astigmatism."

    "What's that?" I asked.

    "Well, nearsighted means things that are far away look sort of blurry to you," he said. "And astigmatism means your eyes aren't shaped quite right, which means you have to squint sometimes to make things look clearer. Do you have trouble seeing the chalkboard at school?"

    "I don't know," I shrugged.

    "Do you get headaches during the day after you've been reading the chalkboard for a while?" he asked.

    I thought about that for a second. Then I remember that I did sometimes get headaches at school.

    "Yeah," I said. "Sometimes, but not really bad."

    "Well, that's from your vision," he said. "Your eyes are straining too much to see things that are far away, which gives you a headache."

    I was really upset by that. I didn't want to wear glasses.

    "But don't worry," he said. "It's not really bad. You won't have to wear really thick glasses, just little, thin ones."

    "I have to?" I asked.

    "I'll put it this way," he said. "If you don't wear glasses, your vision will probably get worse, which means you'll have to wear thicker glasses later on. If you wear glasses, your vision might actually get better. Some kids grow out of mild nearsightedness and astigmatism, and then you wouldn't have to wear glasses at all once you're older."

    I thought about that for a second. That didn't sound so bad. Maybe if I wore glasses for a little while my vision would get better and I wouldn't need them anymore.

    "Let me go get you prescription written up," he told me. "And then your mom can take you right next door to the eyeglasses store."

    I nodded sadly as he got up to leave the room. I looked over at Mommy when he was gone.

    "Do I have to wear glasses?" I asked whiningly.

    "Yes, baby," she said. "You don't want your vision to get any worse, do you?"

    "No," I replied.

    "Then you have to wear glasses," she said.

    "Okay," I replied sadly.

    "It won't be that bad, baby," she said. "Celli wears glasses."

    "She does?" I asked.

    "Yep," she said. "It's just now that she's older she wears contact lenses, so you never see her glasses."

    "Oh," I replied.

    If my big sister could wear glasses, then I guess I could, too.

    A few minutes later, Dr. Harrison came back in. He handed Mommy a slip of paper.

    "Okay, big guy," he said to me. "You're all taken care of. Don't worry, okay. You'll look very good in glasses."

    "I will?" I asked hopefully.

    "Yep," he said. "I can tell. Trust me, I'm a doctor."

    I nodded, slightly reassured.

    "And before you go, I need to give you one last thing," he said. "Well, actually two last things. One is a pair of sunglasses."

    He pulled something out of his coat pocket and unfolded it to reveal that it was a pair of paper and plastic sunglasses.

    "Since we dilated your eyes, you're going to be sensitive to bright light for a few hours," he said. "So you need to wear these for a few hours at least. You can take them off inside if the room isn't too bright, or whenever you feel that the light outside doesn't hurt your eyes."

    He leaned forward and put the glasses on me. They were pretty silly looking. They were big on me, and they were squarish and kind of stupid looking, but I suppose they weren't designed to look stylish.

    "And the other thing is a Blow-Pop," he said as he held up the piece of candy to me.

    "Thank you," I said smiling as I took it from him rather awkwardly with one hand.

    "Do you think your teddy bear would like one?" he asked.

    "Um, probably not," I said. "But do you think I could take one for my brother?"

    "Sure you could," he said. "That's very thoughtful of you. I think Billy would like that. Speaking of Billy, he hasn't been in to see me in a while, Jan. Maybe you should bring him in."

    "I suppose it has been a while, hasn't it?" replied Mommy. "Let me give you a call next week, and I'll try to set something up."

    Dr. Harrison nodded, told us goodbye, and left us alone. Mommy got me back in the stroller.

    "Does Billy wear glasses, too?" I asked almost hopefully as she strapped me into its seat.

    "No, baby," she said. "But he still has to get his eyes checked every year or two."

    She pushed me out of the exam room and back out to the waiting area. I was glad that I didn't see those girls that had been making fun of me. I guess they were already in another exam room. I knew it was mean, but I hoped they had to wear glasses, too, big, thick glasses.

    After Mommy paid for the visit and I got another lollypop for Billy, we left the office. She pushed me right next door to the neighboring eyeglass store. We went inside where we were greeted by a saleslady. Mommy told her we were here to look at some glasses for me. The lady led us over to the section that had children's frames. There were dozens of eyeglass frames on display racks. Some were obviously ugly and I didn't like them, but there were others that didn't look too bad. I couldn't really make up my mind about what I wanted, so Mommy started to pull frames off the racks and put them on me. We tried on several pairs, and I kind of just let Mommy look at me and decide how I looked in them.

    Finally she found a pair she liked. She unstrapped me from the stroller and picked me up. She held me up to a mirror that was on the wall next to all of the frames.

    I looked at myself in the mirror. The glasses were thin, wire-framed, and brass in color. They were trimmed in sort of brown and black striped colors. The saleslady called that tortoise-shell, which I didn't quite understand because I thought tortoises were supposed to be green. I guess they looked pretty good on me. The lenses were sort of flattened ovals and didn't look too big on me.

    "What do you think, baby?" Mommy asked me.

    "I don't know," I replied.

    "Do you like them?" she asked.

    "I guess," I said with a shrug.

    "I think they look great on you," she said. "You look very handsome. Why don't we get them?"

    "Okay," I said

    We got those frames, and Mommy picked out another cheaper set of frames for me because she said I needed an extra pair of glasses just in case something happened to the good pair. Mommy filled out a bunch of stuff for the lady and purchased the glasses for me. We were told the glasses would be ready in an hour or so.

    We left the store, and Mommy decided we could run some errands while we waited for the glasses. She got me back into the SUV, and we left the shopping strip. We went to the bank where Mommy had to do something real quick, and then we went to the grocery store because Mommy said we needed baby powder and baby wipes.

    As Mommy was taking me out of the car at the grocery store I took the opportunity to poop my diapers. I had needed to go for a while, but I didn't want to poop in front of Mommy and the saleslady at the eyeglass place, and found it hard to poop strapped into the car seat because I was sitting directly on my butt hole, and nothing would come out. I couldn't move around very well in the car seat to get into a more comfortable pooping position. When Mommy picked me up, the pressure on my anus was relieved, and I almost immediately filled my diapers. My diapers had already been peed in a few of times earlier in the morning, and the large load of excrement I released only added to the mess. Mommy set me down in my stroller, which squished my poop all over the inside of my diapers.

    Once I was strapped in, Mommy pushed me into the grocery store. We didn't need to get much, so my lap served as our shopping cart. We went straight to the baby aisle where Mommy grabbed two, large, refill bags of baby wipes and two, large, white canisters of baby powder. She piled everything on my lap, but none of it was really heavy, so it didn't hurt or anything.

    That was all we needed, so we then headed to the front of the store and got in a checkout line. As she pushed me through the aisle I found myself staring at all of the pictures on the front of the hundreds of packages of baby diapers that filled a good portion of the aisle. I wondered how much I looked like the babies in those pictures. Since it was still pretty early in the morning on a weekday, there weren't very many people, so we got through the checkout line fairly quickly. The girl at checkout counter gave me a funny look—I suppose at my silly, babyish attire, but then she smiled and winked at me.

    We left the store and Mommy took me out to the car. She put the bag of groceries on the floor in front of the car seat. My feet didn't come anywhere near touching to floor, so there was plenty of room down there. She put me in the car seat and strapped me in. I guess she didn't smell my diapers because she didn't say anything or attempt to check them. Since I wasn't supposed to asked to be changed I didn't say anything either. There was another nice squish as she set me down in the car seat.

    "Well, we've still got another twenty minutes or so," said Mommy as she started the car. "How would you like some ice cream?"

    "Okay!" I said happily. I hadn't had ice cream in a long time, probably years.

    We went down the street to a local Dairy Queen. Mommy took me out of the car again and put me in the stroller, and we went inside. She bought two sundaes for us, strawberry for me and chocolate for herself. It was a nice day out, so she decided we would go outside and eat them in the little covered eating area out in front of the Dairy Queen. We went out there and she sat on a bench at the table.

    "Do I have to put a bib on you, or can you try not to make a mess?" Mommy asked before she started feeding me.

    "I won't make a mess, Mommy," I said. I didn't really want to wear a bib out in public.

    She nodded and began feeding me my strawberry sundae. It was good. I hadn't had ice cream in so long that I nearly forgot what it tasted like.

    After feeding me a few bites and taking a few bites of her own sundae Mommy began to sniff the air suspiciously.

    "Did baby make stinky in his diapers?" she asked me.

    I felt my cheeks and ears burn in embarrassment. I must have been glowing bright red. I looked around to see if anyone had heard her, but thankfully there was no one anywhere near us. I looked back at her, smiled ever so thinly, and nodded.

    "Mommy will get you changed in few minutes," she told me. "Let's finish our ice cream, first.

    We finished our sundaes, and she used some napkins to wipe my face off. She gave me a kiss on the forehead and stood up. She threw our trash away, and pushed me out to the parking lot. We went up to the SUV, but she stopped behind it rather than on the side to put me in the car seat. She opened the tailgate of the vehicle and then bent over to me.

    "Let's get the baby's diapers changed," she told me.

    She unstrapped me and picked me up from the stroller. She set me down in the back of SUV. She pulled the diaper bag off the back of the stroller and opened it. She pulled out a changing pad and unfolded it. When it was spread out on the floor of the vehicle, she picked me up and laid me down on it. My head was toward the front of the car with my feet and crotch down at the open tailgate where Mommy had easy access to my diapers. She pulled the inseams of my overalls open producing a fairly loud series of pops as the snaps gave way. She lifted my butt up and pushed the garment up and out of the way. Next, she pulled my plastic pants off and began unpinning my diapers. My damp, lower half became cool as she exposed my diaper area.

    "Baby made a big, stinky load for Mommy," she commented almost happily.

    She pulled the diapers out from underneath me and bundled them up. The diaper bag contained a plastic bag for soiled diapers. She put the diapers in there, and went about cleaning me. She used several baby wipes to clean my diaper area up. A minute or two later, she unfolded a stack of diapers and folded them up to put on me. She lifted me legs and butt once more and slid the stack underneath me. She pulled the diapers up between my legs tightly and began pinning them in place. She got them pinned on and lifted my butt one last time to pull my plastic pants back on. She pulled my overalls back down and snapped them up over my legs.

    "Now, the baby is all clean," she said as she picked me up.

    "Thank you, Mommy," I said hugging her around the neck.

    "You're welcome, baby," she said as she returned the hug. "Ready to go get your new glasses?"

    I frowned at that. I had almost forgotten about the glasses.

    "I guess," I replied unenthusiastically.

    "It's not that bad, baby," she said. "You'll be okay."

    I nodded as she carried me around to the side of the car. She put me into the car seat and strapped me in. She returned to the rear of the vehicle, cleaned up the changing area, and stowed the stroller. A few minutes later we were back on the road. Five minutes later we were back at the eyeglass store. Mommy took me inside where the saleslady took us over to a little desk to fit me with my glasses. Mommy sat me in her lap and the lady put the pair of glasses on me. She spent the next several minutes adjusting the arms and nose pads of the glasses so they'd fit me perfectly. When she was done with the first, more expensive pair, she repeated the whole process with second pair of glasses.

    "You look very handsome, young man," she said when she was done and I was wearing the first pair again.

    I looked at myself the mirror that was on the desk. I guess I didn't look too bad, but I still didn't want to wear them. Now, people were going to call me "four-eyes" and all sorts of other names.

    "They look very good on you, baby," said Mommy.

    I tried to smile at that, but I still wasn't all that hyped about wearing glasses.

    With that, we were ready to go. The lady gave us instructions on cleaning the glasses, which I barely paid attention to, as I figured that wasn't something I would be dealing with much. We also got some cases for the glasses, which apparently came with the frames. We headed outside and I surveyed a world now framed in thin ovals. The lady said I'd get used to the glasses and eventually not even notice the rims around the lenses, but right now it was very weird having these things in front of my eyes.

    Mommy put me in the car seat, and we headed home. We pulled into the garage, and Mommy got the grocery bag, the diaper bag, and me out of the vehicle.

    "Don't look so sad, baby," Mommy told me as she planted me on her hip. "You look very cute in your glasses. I think you may even look better with glasses than without them."

    "Really?" I asked skeptically.

    "I sure think so," she confirmed.

    She carried me inside to the kitchen where we found Ms. Rosie. She was emptying the dishwasher.

    "Hello," she said happily, giving us a glance. Then she did a double take, looking at me more closely.

    "Oh! You got some glasses," she said with a smile. "You look muy hermoso, very handsome, mijito."

    I just smiled thinly, "Thank you, Ms. Rosie."

    "Let me see," she said.

    She came up and took me from Mommy, who was then able to set her other burdens down. Ms. Rosie set me on her large hip and got a better look at me.

    "Yes, you look very handsome," she repeated. "You look even smarter now than you did before."

    "Really?" I asked.

    "Of course," she said.

    That made me feel a little better.

    "Are you ready for some lunch, mijito?" she asked me.

    "Uh huh," I replied.

    "I made chicken salad," she said as she carried me over to the highchair.

    She strapped me into the highchair as Mommy left the room to go do something else. Ms. Rosie made me a chicken salad sandwich along with some potato chips and carrot stick. She brought them over to me along with a sippy cup of juice and a bib. She tied the bib around my neck, pulled a chair up to sit down in, and began feeding me. Like all sandwiches I ate, the chicken salad one was cut into tiny, little squares, which Ms. Rosie placed in my mouth for me to chew.

    I wasn't sure if I had ever had chicken salad before, but it was pretty good. I was amazed at how many different kinds of food they ate at this house. Mainly, at my other foster homes, we just ate a lot of stuff out of boxes, and things like frozen pizzas. I didn't know macaroni and cheese didn't always come out of a blue box until Mommy made some from scratch the other day for lunch. We ate things like chicken, steaks, pork, and other things that I had never really had before. I know I had never had a steak before. Until I came here, I pretty much thought that ground beef was the only type of meat there was. I was also eating a lot more fruits and vegetables here than anywhere else. I had fruits or vegetables with almost every meal. I didn't always like the vegetables, but I was willing to try almost anything, and the rule about eating what I was fed prevented me from complaining too much.

    Ms. Rosie continued feeding me my lunch. I wasn't that hungry since I had had that sundae earlier, but I wanted to be a good boy, so I ate everything that was fed to me. As she fed me Ms. Rosie sang some little song in Spanish to me. I didn't understand it, but it sounded kind of funny.

    Mommy returned to the kitchen just as Ms. Rosie finished feeding me my lunch.

    "I think someone is about to fall asleep," she said to me.

    "Yes," agreed Ms. Rosie. "I think he needs to take his afternoon siesta."

    "But, it's not naptime," I complained.

    I usually was put down for a nap right at 2:15, about thirty minutes before Billy got home from school. Then, I was awakened around 3:15 when he got up from his afternoon nap. Mommy said I needed to take longer naps because they would help me heal from my injuries faster, and because I needed more rest to help me grow faster. I wasn't sure if she was telling me the truth or not, but it sounded logical to me.

    "Yes,' she said, "But it will be in half an hour, and you've had a big day. You already look like you're about to fall asleep."

    I just frowned even though I was kind of tired.

    "Come on," she said. "I'll feed you a bottle of milk, and you can go to sleep."

    She got me out of the highchair, and went over to the refrigerator for a bottle of milk. She started to carry me out of the room.

    "Wait! Where's Squeaker?" I asked urgently.

    "He's already in the nursery, baby," said Mommy. "He's already taking his nap."

    "Oh," I replied.

    Mommy carried me through the house and up the stairs. She took me to the nursery and carried me over to the changing table. She set me down on it and removed my single shoe, my socks, and the overalls leaving me in just my diapers and the blue and white t-shirt. She checked my diapers, but I had only wet once since being changed, so I was hardly wet at all. We went over to the rocking chair and she sat down with me cradled in her arms. She pressed the nipple of the bottle to my lips, and I immediately accepted it. I began sucking the cool milk down. Mommy gently rocked me back and forth. I must have been more tired than I thought I was because I don't even remember finishing my bottle before I fell asleep.

    I woke up lying on my stomach in my crib. I lifted my head off the pillow and immediately noticed that Squeaker was right next to me. I reached over to him and grabbed him, clutching him to my chest. I rolled on my side and sat up. I wiped the sleep out of my eyes with one of my thumbs as best I could as I looked around the room. I could hear that Billy was sleeping away in his crib.

    I scooted back and sat up against the back of the crib by the wall. I didn't know what time it was, but I figured someone would probably be in shortly to get us up. I suddenly heard a dull, very low rumble coming from outside. It sounded like thunder. I looked over out of the window not far from my crib. The blinds over the window happened to be open, and I could see that, sure enough, it was raining. Suddenly, there was a rather loud clap of thunder and a flash of lightning that actually caused me to jump. I heard Billy let out a yelp and sit up abruptly.

    "That was loud!" he said excitedly. "Is it raining?"

    "Yep," I replied.

    "Hey, Taddy," he greeted me.

    "Hi, Billy," I replied. "How as school?"

    "Not bad," he said. "I'm glad it's Friday. So, Mommy said you got glasses."

    "Yeah," I said.

    I had actually nearly forgotten about that. I wondered where my glasses were, as I had just noticed that I wasn't wearing them.

    "I bet you'll look good in them," he said.

    "Thanks," I replied.

    "How're your diapers?" he asked me.

    "Just wet," I said. They felt a little wetter than they had when I went to sleep, so I had probably had an accident during my nap, but that didn't really bother me.

    "Not me," I said with a smile. "I'm nice and poopy."

    I watched as he rocked back and forth briefly and moved his butt around on his mattress, obviously trying to smear his poop around more inside his diapers. I silently wondered what disposables felt like as I heard the prominent crinkle coming from the disposable diaper he was wearing and obviously enjoying.

    Right about then the door opened and Celli came in.

    "Hi, babies," she greeted us.

    "Hi, Celli!" Billy and I both said in unison.

    "Who's stinky?" she asked.

    Neither of us said anything. Billy had told me that he rarely told anyone when he did anything in his diapers even when he was asked just because that's how babies were, so I had started to do the same thing. She went over to Billy's crib first and let the side of his crib down. He stood up in the crib. Celli gave him a hug and a kiss and reached around behind him to check the status of his diaper.

    "Well, that's one poopy baby," she said.

    She patted him on the butt and lifted him out of the crib. She set him down on the floor and came over to me.

    "I heard you got some glasses," she told me.

    "Yeah," I said flatly.

    "You know I was wearing glasses at your age, too," she said.

    "That's what Mommy said," I replied.

    She went over to my chest-of-drawers and picked up my glasses. I guess Mommy had put them there when she put me in my crib. She brought them over to me, unfolding the arms along the way. She turned them around and slid them on my face for me.

    "Aw, you look cute, baby," she said. "Those look really good on you."

    "Thank you," I said blushing and actually smiling.

    "Come on," she said, lowering the side of my crib.

    I held my arms up to her, and she picked me up. She gave my butt a squeeze and then stuck her fingers inside my plastic pants.

    "You're not too bad," she said. "Only one stinky baby this time."

    She carried me over to the changing table and set me on one end, leaving enough room for Billy to climb up and lay down. He did, and she began to change him. He was just wearing a red t-shirt with his disposable diaper. He and his sisters all wore uniforms to their private schools, which included a white polo shirt and khaki pants, but when he got home from school those clothes immediately came off, and he was put in either baby clothes or just a t-shirt. Normally, for afternoons he just wore a t-shirt, like me.

    Celli changed him out of his poopy disposable that looked like he had been wearing it for a while. He had told me that he usually got changed in the nurse's office at school at lunchtime. Celli pinned him into a set of diapers equally as thick as mine. Once he had a pair of plastic pants pulled on, he hopped off the table. Celli picked me up and the three of us went downstairs.

    I found that Ms. Rosie had already left for the day, but Mommy and Andy were in the kitchen.

    "Hi, babies!" Andy greeted us when we came in.

    Billy immediately ran up to give her a hug, while Celli carried me over to her.

    "Oh, don't you look handsome in your new glasses," she told me as she took me from her sister's arms. "You look even cuter, now."

    "That's what I told him," said Celli.

    "See, baby? I told you that you would look good in glasses," Mommy told me.

    I figured she was right, but I was also smart enough to realize that my sisters probably wouldn't say I looked bad or nerdy in glasses, even if I did.

    "Mommy made some chocolate chip cookies," said Mommy. "You babies can each have one before supper."

    "Alright!" Billy said.

    He ran up to Mommy by a counter as she removed hot cookies from a cookie sheet and put them on a cooling rack. He started to reach for a cookie, but Mommy swatted his hand away.

    "Uh, uh, uh," she said. "You go sit down, and your sisters will feed you two."

    He frowned ever so thinly, but then smiled and waddled over to table. Celli got him into his highchair while Andy carried me over to the table and sat down. Celli got some cookies and two bottles of milk for us. Celli fed Billy a cookie as Andy fed me mine as I stayed seated in her lap. She tore it up into small pieces and put them in my mouth. The cookie was still really warm, and the chocolate chips were all soft and gooey. It was a really good cookie. Between bites she held the bottle up to my mouth so I could wash my cookie down with milk.

    After our cookies, Andy took Billy and I back upstairs. We went over to the entertainment center in the corner to play some video games. Billy had Xbox and Playstation 2 game machines and a whole bunch of games. None of the games were rated higher than "E". Billy told me that Mommy wouldn't let him have anything rated higher than that until he was a little older.

    I had been really amazed when Billy allowed me to play with his video games. I had lived in a few other foster homes where their kids had had video games, but I don't remember ever being allowed to play with them. At the last home I was in the two boys had had a PS2, but they had never once let me even touch it. Every once in a while I got to watch them play. I really didn't even like to do that because, once, the oldest boy had lost at a game when I was watching, and he was really mad, so he beat me up. I don't know if he blamed me for him dying in the game or not, but I lost a tooth over it. I was just glad that it was a baby tooth, and it had grown back in a few months. I didn't even bother telling my foster parents about it because they wouldn't have done anything about it anyway. I just hadn't been able to eat much for a few days because my mouth had hurt so much.

    I should have known that Billy, of course, wasn't like that at all. When I had expressed my thanks for his consent to play with his video games, he had told me that the same rules that applied to the rest of the toys applied to the video games, as well. According to him, his video games were my video games.

    We played a racing game on the Xbox called "Burnout 2" for the next hour or so. It was hard for me to use the game controller with my arm casts, but I managed okay. I was just slower and crashed my car a lot more, but Billy didn't laugh at me for being such a lousy player, and he even let me win sometimes. After we played for an hour the door to the nursery opened, and I turned around to see Daddy coming up behind us.

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    A Second Chance

    "Daddy!" I said happily.

    "Hey, buddy," he said.

    He came up behind me and picked me up. I had been sitting in one of the cushy beanbag chairs that were in front of the entertainment center. He hugged me tightly and gave me a kiss on the forehead.

    "You sure look handsome in those glasses," he told me.

    "Thank you, Daddy," I replied.

    "Do you like them?" he asked.

    "Yeah, I guess so," I said somewhat noncommittally.

    "Well, I do," he said. "I like them a lot."

    He bent over to Billy and gave him a pat on the shoulder and a kiss on the head.

    "Hey, Billy," he said.

    "Hi, Daddy," Billy said, not really turning his attention from the game.

    "Did you boys both have a good day?" asked Daddy.

    "Yep," I said immediately.

    "Sure," said Billy.

    Daddy sat down in my beanbag chair and got me situated in his lap.

    "How ya feelin', today, kiddo?" he asked me.

    "I'm good," I replied.

    "Not hurtin' any?" he asked.

    "Nope," I said.

    "That's good," he said.

    We sat there for a little while chatting as Billy continued to play the video game. Eventually, Daddy picked up the controller I had been using and joined in the game. I had so much trouble using the Xbox controller that I really didn't mind not joining in.

    A while later, Celli came up to tell us that supper was ready. Daddy carried me downstairs as he led Billy along by the hand. Tonight, I got to sit in Daddy's lap to eat, and Billy used his highchair. We had some kind of chicken casserole tonight. It wasn't too bad, but I don't think it was my favorite. I, of course, didn't complain, and I ate every bite I was fed.

    After dinner, Mommy returned to the kitchen.

    "Tonight is a special night, everyone," she said a moment later.

    She came back out carrying a cake.

    "Taddy has been with us for a week, as of tonight," she said. "And I thought we need to have some cake to mark the occasion."

    She set a little chocolate cake down in front of me. It wasn't big or fancy, just a simple cake covered in chocolate icing. There was no writing or any decorations on it, but I still liked it because no one had ever made me a cake before. Mommy brought out some little paper plates and cut the cake up into pieces. Daddy fed me a piece of the cake and a sippy cup of milk. It was really good.

    "Okay, now we have some surprises for you, Taddy" said Mommy when we were all done with our cake.

    She got up and the girls followed her out to the garage. I turned around and tried to peer around Daddy's arm to see what they were doing out there. A second later they each returned carrying something.

    "Ta duh!" Mommy said.

    She was carrying a big car seat like Billy's that I had been using. It was covered in blue fabric, unlike Billy's, which was tan. Behind her, Andy had a big stroller that was identical to Billy's. Finally, Celli had something I didn't quite recognize.

    "What's that?" I asked pointing at it.

    "That's a baby walker," said Mommy. "They make them for big babies, too. It was in the same catalog I ordered your stroller and car seat out of. I figured that, since you can't walk for a while, you might like this so you can get around on your own. I bet you're kind of tired of being carried everywhere, huh?"

    "Yeah," I said. I liked being carried, but it did get old, especially since I couldn't go anywhere or do anything unless someone carried me.

    "You want to try it?" asked Daddy.

    "Uh huh," I nodded.

    He stood up and carried me over to it. I had seen a baby walker once before, and this looked just like one, except it was bigger. It had a big, plastic, rectangular ring at the bottom with four wheels, four vertical posts, and a big, blue, plastic oval platform, like a tray, on top with a hole in it. The hole was plenty big enough for me to fit into, and it had a blue, fabric basket in it with two holes for my legs. There was a nice, padded backrest on the back of the hole.

    Daddy gently lowered me down into the seat basket. My legs went through the holes, and suddenly my crotch and butt were resting in the seat sling. I wiggled my legs around and realized my feet didn't touch the ground.

    "I think we need to lower I just a bit, dear," said Mommy.

    Daddy lifted me up a little to get my weight off of the frame, and Mommy lowered the walker just a little. Daddy set me back down and I could feel my right toes touch the ground.

    "I don't want to lower it much more, right now," said Mommy, "Because we don't want you to use your left leg too much, okay? For now, you can just use your right tiptoes to move around."

    I was doing just that as she was talking. I tried scooting around in the kitchen, but it was hard to move in a straight line with only one foot. I kind of just scooted around in a circle until I ran into one of the chairs at the table.

    "What do you think, baby?" Celli asked for everyone.

    "I like it," I said, "But it's kind of hard to move around in with only one foot."

    "Maybe in another week or so we'll start letting you use your other leg," said Mommy. "But until then just being able to stand is better than nothing, isn't it?"

    "Uh huh," I replied. "And this thing is kind of fun."

    "I wish I had one of those," Billy said kind of whiningly.

    "You don't need one, silly," said Mommy. "You can walk just fine. And I'm sure Taddy will share it with you when he's not using it."

    "Yeah, Billy," I said. "You can use it, too. It's both of ours."

    He just grinned broadly at that, obviously satisfied.

    "Well, that's probably enough surprises for one night," Mommy said. "I think it's time for the babies to have their baths."

    "Can we bathe them, tonight?" Celli asked.

    "Yeah," Andy agreed.

    "I guess so," replied Mommy.

    "Let's go then, poopy butts," Celli said.

    "Hey! We're not poopy," said Billy. Then he added: "Yet."

    "Exactly," Andy said. "Yet. You will be any minute, now."

    Billy just grinned broadly.

    Celli picked me up out of my walker while Andy got Billy out of his highchair. We were taken upstairs leaving Mommy and Daddy to clean up the kitchen. Celli sat me on the changing table when we were in the nursery, and then she went to the bathroom to start our bathwater. Andy came up and removed my t-shirt and had me lie down. She started to remove my plastic pants and diapers. I had peed a few times since my nap, so I was fairly wet, but I was nowhere near approaching the capacity of my thick diapers.

    "Andy, why do y'all put us in such thick diapers when I never even use them all?" I asked as she was unpinning my diapers.

    "Because diaper boys look cute in extra thick diapers," she said. "And of course, it makes sure you're in no danger of ever leaking. Plus, you like it."

    "Says who?" I asked.

    "Me," she said. "You love your diapers thick, don't you, Billy?"

    "Yep," he agreed immediately. "The thicker the better."

    "See," Andy said. "All you boys are like that. If you don't like your diapers thick, now, you will soon enough."

    I didn't say anything. I had already decided that I liked to wear thick diapers, but I don't think I was ready to admit it just yet.

    "All boys like super thick diapers," she said. "Even the ones that don't wear diapers. They just don't know it, yet. As soon as they're in diapers for the first time they're on a path toward loving them. Even boys that are being made to wear diapers or have to wear them eventually start to like them. Celli and I have conducted scientific studies that prove that all boys like diapers."

    "Really?" I asked.

    "Yep," she nodded.

    I looked over at Billy, who was standing behind Andy where she couldn't see him. He only rolled his eyes and shook his head. I wondered if they really had done such studies.

    She finished undiapering me, cleaned me up, and she put a diaper over my privates to catch any leaks. She picked me up and set me on the floor so Billy could take my place. A few minutes later, Billy was completely naked, like me. He climbed off of the changing table as Andy handed him a diaper to hold over his pee-pee. She picked me up off the floor and carried me to the bathroom.

    We found Celli in there next to the tub that was filled with water and bubbles. We were getting a bubble bath tonight, which I thought were fun. Celli had my plastic cast protectors out, and she started to put them on me after Andy set me on the edge of the tub. She got the cast protectors on over my three casts, and then she took my glasses off of me and set them on bathroom counter. She then helped me get into the tub, and I sat down into the nice, warm water.

    The girls sat on the floor in front of the tub while Billy and I pushed some toy boats around in the tub. I couldn't really play too much with plastic protectors covering my arms and hands, but I still had fun. After we sat playing and chatting for a few minutes the girls started bathing us. Celli bathed me while Andy bathed Billy. It took them about ten minutes to thoroughly clean us, and then we were being dried off. After we were dry and my cast protectors had been removed, Celli carried me back to the nursery. Billy tagged along with us while Andy stayed behind to clean up the bathroom.

    Celli laid me down on the changing table and got me diapered up for the night. She used a fifth diaper tonight, folding it into thirds lengthwise and putting it in the center of my other diapers. I guess she just wanted my butt to look puffier, and therefore cuter.

    "I think we'll use some baby print pants and you boys tonight," she said as she pulled out a pair of plastic pants for me.

    She pulled the babyish pants on me. They were locking plastic pants like we always wore at night. Once I was locked securely away in my diapers for the evening, she put one of my plain, white t-shirts on me. She then set me on the floor, and Billy climbed up onto the changing table. A few minutes later he was in an equally thick set of diapers. He was locked into a pair of baby-printed plastic pants identical to mine, and a white t-shirt left the two of us looking exactly alike.

    "Do you boys want to stay in here and play until bedtime, or do you want to go downstairs?" Celli asked us.

    "I wanna go get in my walker, again," I said. "Please?"

    "Okay, baby," she said.

    She bent over and picked me. She started to carry me out of the nursery, but she suddenly stopped in her tracks.

    "Uh oh. We forgot you glasses, baby," she said. "Billy, can you go get Taddy's glasses, please?"

    "Uh huh," Billy nodded.

    He turned and quickly waddled toward the bathroom. He and Andy both came out together a second later. Billy brought my glasses over, and Celli put them on for me.

    "Such a cute, handsome baby," she cooed and gave me a kiss. "Let's go downstairs."

    The four of us went downstairs to the den where we found Mommy and Daddy watching TV. Celli carried me to the kitchen where my walker was still sitting. She lowered me down into the seat. I immediately tried to scoot around the floor with my right foot. I still couldn't move much, and when I did it was in a circle since I was only using one leg.

    "Come on, baby," Celli laughed at me. "I'll push you into the den."

    She got behind me and leaned over. She put her hands on the back of the walker and pushed me into the den were everyone else was sitting, chatting, and watching TV. Billy was sitting in Daddy's lap cuddling with him. I was always kind of jealous when I saw that, but I got plenty of my own cuddling time with everyone, so I had no reason to complain.

    I made myself comfortable in my walker. The seat basket and the backrest were quite comfortable. The platform that surrounded me gave me plenty of room to rest my arms on, and the periphery of the hole the seat was in was padded as well, which was even better for my arms. I got settled in and just relaxed in the walker as I watched TV.

    At 9:30, Billy and I had to go to bed. Mommy went to the kitchen to retrieve two bottles of milk while Daddy picked me up and took Billy and me up to the nursery. We went over to the lounging area in the corner of the room. There was an extensive library on a bookshelf there of children's books and more grownup books that Billy liked to read. Billy selected a children's book for Daddy to read to us tonight. We all settled down on the floor in the corner with Billy and I sitting on either side of Daddy. Daddy opened the book and started reading to us. A few minutes later Mommy joined us with bottles of warm milk for Billy and me. She let Billy drink his bottle by himself, and she sat on my other side and held my bottle for me. I was sandwiched in between Mommy and Daddy, which I found very comforting. I felt very safe there with them.

    Twenty minutes or so later Daddy finished the story. I was almost asleep by the time he was done. Mommy picked me up off the floor and carried me to my crib while Daddy carried Billy to his crib. Mommy gave me a hug and kiss and laid me down in my crib. She tucked me in making sure I had my teddy bear within easy reach. She pulled my glasses off of my face and told me goodnight. She then went over to Billy's crib, and Daddy came over to me. He leaned over into the crib and gave me a kiss before he closed my crib and told me goodnight.

    He and Mommy left us alone and turned out the lights as they left. Billy and I told each other goodnight and that we loved each other. I was already so sleepy that I very quickly fell asleep.

    The weekend hadn't been too great. It had rained all weekend. Billy's weekly football game even got cancelled, which was really disappointing to me, as I wanted to go see my new brother play football. We had had to stay inside all of Saturday, but we at least had a lot of stuff to do. I found out that us babies got to stay up a little later on Saturday nights. We watched a movie with Mommy and Daddy until about 10:30 before we were put to bed. Of course, the movie was rated PG. Billy and I weren't allowed to watch anything with a higher rating than that.

    Sunday had been a pretty bad day for me. I had, for the first time in a few days, woken up with throbbing aches in my arms and leg. Daddy told me that a cold front had come through during the night. He said that cold fronts caused a change in the air pressure, which probably caused pain in my broken limbs and injured joints. I had been kind of achy all day. We were supposed to have gone to church in the morning, but I had been given a bottle with some of my pain medicine, and it put me to sleep for a lot of the day. I woke up and found that Daddy had stayed home with me and Mommy had gone to church with Celli, Andy, and Billy.

    It was pretty cool from the cold front and still damp and dreary, so we had all stayed home for most of the day, although Celli went off with a couple of her friends from school. Thankfully, there was quite a bit for us to do there. Billy and I played with Legos and a bunch of other toys along with some board games and video games. Mommy and Daddy even played with us, and the four of us played a game called "Life." They had to teach me how to play it, since I hadn't ever play it, or really any board games, before.

    On Monday, once again, I slept in until someone came in and woke me up. I was on my stomach, and I rolled over when I felt someone nudging me. I looked up and saw Daddy standing over me. Mommy had to go back to work this week, so Daddy was taking off this week to stay with me. Of course, I could have stayed with Ms. Rosie just fine by myself, but I was also starting home school this week, and Daddy was going to be my teacher. He hoped to find someone to be my tutor from now on by the end of the week. I just hoped he found me a nice teacher.

    "Morning, baby," he told me.

    "Hi, Daddy," I smiled somewhat groggily.

    He had already retrieved my glasses from the top of the bureau. He opened them and put them on my face.

    "Did you sleep well?" he asked as he picked me up.

    "Uh huh," I said.

    He gave me a good morning hug and kiss.

    "Well, we sure had a long night with you," he said.

    "What do you mean?" I asked in confusion.

    "You woke the whole house up around 2:30 or 3:00 this morning. You were screaming, and yelling, and thrashing around all over you crib."

    "What?" I asked in disbelief.

    "Do you remember having nightmares last night?" he asked.

    "No," I replied.

    "I think you were having night terrors," he said.

    "What's that?" I asked.

    "We'll talk about that in a little while," he said. "Right now let's get some food into you."

    "Okay," I replied.

    He checked my diapers, determining that I was only slightly wet and could wait a while for a change, and then he carried me downstairs. He carried me to the kitchen were I found, as expected, Ms. Rosie. I said good morning to her, in Spanish of course, as Daddy strapped me into the highchair. He then went to the kitchen and started making me some scrambled eggs for breakfast.

    "Daddy, when am I getting my own highchair?" I asked as he was by the stove cooking.

    "Hopefully by the end of the week, kiddo," he said. "We have a carpenter custom make them, and he told us he'd rush it for us. Maybe by Friday we can go pick it up."

    "Cool," I said.

    A few minutes later, Daddy brought me a plate of eggs and toast. He put a bib around my neck and fed me my breakfast along with a sippy cup of orange juice. When I had cleaned my plate, he took the dishes to the kitchen and put them in the sink. A minute later he came back out to me. He wiped my face with my bib and pulled it off of me. He then took me out of the highchair and put me on his hip.

    "Let's go to Daddy's study for a little while," he said.

    He carried me through the house, down the main hall to his study. The study was relatively large. It contained a desk with Daddy's computer, a big couch, and several bookcases full of tons of big, thick books. We went into the room and he set me down on the cushy, leather-upholstered couch. He then went to a bookshelf, searched for a book for a moment, and then pulled one off the shelf.

    "So, you don't remember having any nightmares, last night?" he asked.

    "No," I replied.

    He came over and sat next to me with the book. It was a pretty big book, like a textbook, and it said "Psychology: An Introduction" on it. He opened the book and began paging through it.

    "I think, because you can't remember any bad dreams," he said, "That you were having sleep terrors, or night terrors."

    "What's that?" I asked for the second time today.

    "Well, it's kind of like nightmares, but a little different," he said, which really didn't help my understanding.

    "You see," he continued. "When you sleep, you actually go through several different stages of sleep."

    "Really?" I asked.

    "Uh huh," he nodded. "When you first go to sleep, you enter what's called Rapid Eye Movement Sleep, or REM Sleep. They call it that because your eyes are actually moving around really fast."

    "Really?" I asked again.

    "Uh huh," he said. "You can actually watch someone sleeping and see their eyes moving around underneath their eyelids."

    "Wow," I replied.

    "When you're in REM Sleep your body is asleep, and parts of your brain are asleep, but most of your brain is still awake. That's when most dreams happen because your brain is still working and thinking a lot. When you have dreams in REM Sleep, your brain actually tells your body not to move so you don't move around during your dreams and hurt yourself. And since your brain is mostly awake, you can usually still remember parts of your dreams or at least that you had dreams.

    "Now, the rest of the time you're asleep, you're in Non-REM Sleep. There are four different stages of Non-REM Sleep. In Stage One you're in the lightest level of sleep, and in Stage Four you're in the deepest level of sleep, which means it's hardest wake you up then. Do you understand?"

    "Uh huh," I nodded.

    He showed me a chart in the book he was holding that showed the different stages of sleep and how they changed throughout the night. I didn't quite understand the chart, but I basically understood the whole concept he was talking about.

    "Sometimes, but not often, people have dreams in Non-REM Sleep," he went on, "And when they do they usually happen in Stage 4. For whatever reason, when you have dreams in Stage 4 Sleep, your brain doesn't tell you're your body not to move, so, sometimes, people talk, and walk, and do other things when they're dreaming in Stage 4. I've even heard of people going to the kitchen and eating food during Stage 4 dreams."

    "Really?" I giggled. That sounded really funny.

    "Yep," he confirmed. "When you have a nightmare during Stage 4 sometimes you sit-up and start screaming and struggling like you're fighting someone or something in the dream. That's called a night terror. You almost always can't remember having night terrors because you're sleeping so deeply when they happen and the parts of your brain that controls your memory are asleep."

    "And you think that's what happened to me last night?" I asked.

    "Yep," he said. "We tried to wake you up, but you just wouldn't. In Stage 4 sleep, you're sleeping so soundly that it's almost impossible to wake you up. You were even fighting Mommy as she tried to hold you."

    "Really?" I asked yet again.

    "Uh huh," he said. "So, that's why I think you were having night terrors."

    "So, what does that mean?" I asked.

    "Well, not a whole lot," he said. "You were just having bad dreams and you didn't know it. You've been through so many bad things that it's not surprising that you're having night terrors. What we'll do is start talking later this afternoon about stuff, and we'll see if we can't make those night terrors go away."

    I just nodded.

    "But, right now, it's time for you to go to school, mister," he said.

    He got up and picked me up off the couch. He carried me back to the kitchen. Instead of putting me in the highchair he sat me down at a chair at the table. He left the room for a second and came back with a file box. He set the box on the table, removed its lid, and started to take out books, binders, folders, and school supplies. I frowned sadly looking at all the stuff. I hadn't been in school in nearly two weeks, and I really wasn't looking forward to doing more schoolwork. I knew school was important and I had to go, but I didn't like school anymore than any other normal ten-year-old.

    He went through everything and got it organized, and then he started me on a math lesson. He had a lesson plan that the school had given him to follow. The stuff I was working on was actually below the fifth-grade level. I knew that because I could remember doing it before. I hadn't done too well in math in the fourth grade, though, so I guess I didn't mind doing it again.

    We spent the rest of the morning working on schoolwork. We did math, science, reading, writing, and social studies. I thought it would be boring, but Daddy actually kept it kind of fun and interesting. I found out that Daddy was really smart, but I guess he had to be to be a doctor, especially a psychiatrist. Halfway through the morning, Daddy checked my diapers. I was still only wet, and I wasn't uncomfortable, so he decided not to change me, yet. He also got me a bottle to drink. Over the weekend I had figured out how to drink from a bottle on my own. Since baby bottles were tall and skinny, I could grip one with both hands at the very bottom and hold the nipple to my mouth if I leaned my head forward just a little. Still, everyone liked to feed me my bottles, so mostly I let them. Daddy put me in his lap and held my bottle of grape juice to my mouth as we continued my lessons.

    For lunch, Ms. Rosie made us some sandwiches and Daddy fed me. While I sat in the highchair eating my little bites of sandwich and chips as Daddy fed them to me I shifted my butt around slightly and I pushed a pretty big load of poop into my already soaking wet diapers. It was a silent bowel movement accompanied by no flatulence, so Daddy didn't even notice when I did it. I just continued eating my lunch as I sat there in my now messy diapers.

    About the time Daddy finished feeding me, he started to sniff the air.

    "Did you just fill up your diapers, stinky boy?" he asked me accusatorily.

    I just smiled but didn't say anything.

    "I guess I'll just have to check myself," he said.

    He took my plate and empty bottle to the sink and returned a second later. He wiped my face with my bib before removing it. He then unstrapped me and picked me up. He gave my butt a squeeze, which squished my poop around a little.

    "Yep," he said. "You're a poopy little guy. Let's go get you changed."

    He put me on his hip and carried me through the house up the stairs. We went down the hall to the nursery. We found Ms. Rosie in there emptying the diaper pail that was full of dirty, stinky cloth diapers.

    "We sure are doing a lot more laundry around here with two babies filling up diapers, now," she commented as she dumped the contents of the pail.

    She emptied all of the yucky diapers into a plastic laundry bin that she could carry down the stairs. The room always kind of stank from Billy's and my dirty diapers, but now it really stunk badly. I had already gotten to the point that my poopy diapers smells didn't bother me all that much, but those nasty diapers that had been sitting in the diaper pail for a few days smelled really, really bad as she carried them by me and out of the room.

    "Yucky," I said as Daddy carried me over to the changing table.

    "Yucky?" replied Daddy. "Half that yucky is yours, mister."

    I just giggled at that as he laid me down on the table.

    He pushed my t-shirt up and out of the way a little bit. He unlocked my plastic pants and pulled them off before he began to unpin my diapers. He pulled the four, soaked, filthy diapers off of me, bundled them up, and deposited them in the diaper pail. There was a solid, wet "thunk" as the diapers collided with the bottom of the empty pail. Daddy then got some wet wipes out and used them to clean me up. My poop had been pretty soft and squishy, so it had left a pretty big mess for him to take care of. When I was clean and dry, he pulled out clean diapers and stacked them under me. He sprinkled baby powder all over my diaper area and rubbed it into my skin. As always, I giggled and squirmed just a little when he did that. He then began pinning my diapers into place. A few minutes later I was in a new pair of plastic pants.

    He picked me up and we headed downstairs. We went to his study again for some reason. He set me down on the floor and then went to one of the bookshelves in the room.

    "How about we work on a puzzle?" he suggested, showing me a box he picked up from the shelf.

    "Okay," I shrugged.

    He brought the puzzle over to me and sat down on the floor with me. He opened the box, which was actually a metal tin, and dumped out hundreds of little, cut up pieces of cardboard. I looked at the picture on the front of the tin and saw that this was a Snoopy puzzle. It was Snoopy dressed as the WWI pilot flying his doghouse. The tin also said it was a 500-piece puzzle, which I thought was a lot. We spread the pieces out on the floor and began putting the puzzle together.

    As we sat for the next couple of hours working on the puzzle Daddy and I talked about stuff. He asked how I liked living here, to which I naturally responded that I loved it. He asked me a bunch of other questions, too. He asked what I thought about my old foster dad being arrested. He asked how I liked the food we ate here and what kinds of things I had eaten at other foster homes. He even asked if I thought I might like to try any sports when I got my casts off. He also asked how liked wearing diapers and being treated like a baby. Eventually, I asked him why he thought Billy and me being treated like babies helped us.

    "Well, Taddy," he said. "A lot of kids go through very traumatic experiences when they're young. Do you know what traumatic means?"

    "Um, it means bad, right?" I replied.

    "That's right," he nodded. "Anyway, a lot of kids go through bad things, and I don't necessarily mean just things like you've been through. Maybe they go through a bad divorce, or the death of a very closed loved one. Maybe they spend a lot of time being sick, like kids that have cancer, or maybe they were in a bad accident and got hurt really bad, and had to spend a lot of time in hospitals because of that. Whatever the experiences kids have, they remember them for a long time, and sometimes when they get older they get mad and upset that they didn't have the same, happy childhood that a lot of other people have. They get bitter. Do you know what bitter means?"

    I shook my head.

    "Well you know what a bitter taste is, right? Like when something tastes bad."

    "Like Brussels sprouts?" I asked. We had had those the other day, and I didn't really like them at all. They were kind of nasty.

    "Like Brussels sprouts," he chuckled. "That's bitter. Well, just like some things taste bad, some experiences can leave kids feeling bad and angry. But, if they get to be treated like babies and little kids when they're older, they can still have some good memories about what it's like being little. It doesn't directly help with all the problems they have from the things they went through, but it gives them some happy memories. I've also found that it helps them talk about the bad things they've been through so they can get over them. Do you understand what I'm saying?"

    "I think so," I said.

    "You and Billy aren't the only big babies, either," he said. "I've had quite a few other families do it with their children before. I started it several years ago, in fact. Long before Billy came to live with us."

    "Really?" I asked.

    "Yep," he nodded. "Some of the kids I helped turn into babies again are all grown up. One or two of them even have kids of their own, now."

    "Hmm," was all I said.

    "The only thing I've found strange about it is that it doesn't really seem to work with girls," he said. "I've only ever tried it with a few female patients, and it never has worked. Diapers and baby treatment only seems to work with boys."

    "Why?" I asked.

    He just shrugged and smiled thinly. "I don't know, Taddy. I've just about come to the professional, scientific conclusion that diapers are for boys, at least once girls get past normal potty-training age."

    I couldn't help but laugh at that. I thought that was pretty funny.

    "Well, guess what," he said next. "It's time to go pick up your brother from school. Do you want to come with me?"

    "Don't I have to take my nap?" I asked.

    "Well," he said. "Since you're officially in school, now, and since you did really good, today, I think we can go ahead and make your naptime the same as Billy's."

    "Cool," I said.

    "Let's go get you dressed," he said. "You could go in what you're wearing, but it's still just a little chilly today."

    He took me upstairs to the nursery and dressed me in a red t-shirt and a pair of my denim, "big boy" overalls. I was barely able to squeeze into the overalls, and the seat and lower abdomen of the garment was completely stuffed with my bulging diapers. He put a sock on my right foot and another over the toes on my left foot, but he didn't bother putting a shoe on my good foot, since we wouldn't be getting out anywhere. He took me downstairs again where we told Ms. Rosie goodbye and headed out to the garage. Daddy buckled me into my new car seat, which was in the backseat of his big SUV. A minute later we were headed down the driveway.

    It was only a ten-minute drive to Billy's school. As I've already said, it was a private school. The building looked pretty old, like it had been there a long time, but it was relatively small compared to the schools I was used to. Billy had told me that less than five hundred students went there. I had also found out that Celli and Andy went to the same private school, but the high school was at a different campus down the street. They didn't get out of school until a half-hour after Billy.

    We pulled up in front of the school, and I noticed kids were already coming out of the front entrance to the building, so I guess school had already been dismissed. Everyone was dressed exactly alike. They all wore khaki slacks and white polo shirts that had the school emblem on them. Some of the girls wore khaki skirts, but that was the only variation in the uniform.

    Daddy parked in front of the school in a queue with several other cars with waiting parents. He rolled the windows down so I could get a little fresh air, and then he shut the engine off and got out of the car. He went around to the passenger side, which was by the curb, and waited. I kept my eyes glued to the doors of the school waiting to see Billy come out.

    As I sat there I wondered silently if I would be going to school here in January. It looked like a nice enough school, and I actually thought I'd like to go here. However, I really didn't think I'd be here until January. By then I was sure that Mommy and Daddy would get rid of me, or the foster care people would take me away for whatever reason. Even though I really did think that Mommy and Daddy and everyone else here loved me, they'd eventually get tired of me; that was what always happened. After a while everyone got tired of me. I never really knew why. I suppose parents had enough trouble taking care of their own kids, so why would they want to deal with a kid that wasn't even theirs forever? Even, if by some miracle, I were still here when January rolled around, I'd probably just go to a public school. It looked like this school was pretty expensive, and I doubt Mommy and Daddy would pay for me to go here. I was just a foster kid, after all. I wasn't like Billy or the girls.

    I came out of my musings as I saw Billy come out of the school. He was walking with some other boy that looked about his age. I wondered if that was his best friend, Matt, that was Ms. Molly's son. Billy had only told me a little bit about him, but they seemed like really good friends. I hoped maybe I could have a friend like that one day. I had never really had a best friend. I was kind of shy and it took me a long time to get close to other kids, and I moved around so much that I just never had time to develop any close relationships. I think I came close to having a best friend once or twice, but then I was moved to other foster homes, and I hardly ever even got a chance to say goodbye to what friends I had. By the time I was eight, I had just started to not even try to make new friends.

    I saw Billy and his friend wave goodbye to each other and part ways as they approached Daddy's car. Daddy greeted Billy's friend briefly, which told that he was Matt, because Daddy called him "Matty." Billy came up and gave Daddy a hug, and then Daddy opened the back door so Billy could climb into the back seat.

    "Hey, Taddy!" Billy greeted me happily.

    "Hi, Billy!" I replied.

    "You got to stay up to come get me?" he asked.

    "Yeah," I replied. "Daddy said since I'm in school now, I get to have the same naptime as you."

    "Cool," responded Billy.

    Billy tossed his book bag into the seat between us, and then he plopped down into his car seat. As he sat down I noticed the plainly audible crinkle of the disposable diaper he was wearing underneath his school clothes. As he had been walking towards the SUV, I had been able to clearly see the bulge of his diaper under his khaki slacks. Mommy told me his disposables were hardly noticeable under his clothes, but I sure thought otherwise. There was an obvious bulge in front of his groin and down around his crotch. When looking at him from the rear, I could plainly see that the seat of his slacks was completely filled by the diaper. Sure, it wasn't as obvious as the prominent bulge of my cloth diapers, but I could still definitely tell Billy had a diaper on. The fact that he had to tuck his shirt into his pants only made it more obvious that he was diapered.

    Daddy got Billy buckled into his car seat, and then we were ready to go. He got back into the driver's seat, and then we were off. After Daddy rolled the windows back up, I could smell that Billy's diaper was more than just wet. It seemed he was always poopy after school.

    Billy spent the next few minutes telling us how his day had gone at school. It seemed like it had been a pretty normal day. Billy asked how my day had gone, and I told him about me starting home school and how that had gone.

    Soon enough, Daddy pulled into our driveway and parked in the garage. He got out of the car and went around to Billy's side of the car, first. He let Billy out of his car seat, and then he came to get me. He unbuckled me and pulled me out of the car seat. I was carried inside as Billy tagged along behind us. Billy said hi to Ms. Rosie, who was in the kitchen. He said several things to her in Spanish that I couldn't understand, and she responded back to him in Spanish. I wished I knew as much Spanish as Billy did, but maybe I would learn. I wondered if Daddy even understood all of what they were saying.

    Daddy then took Billy and me up to the nursery to put us down for our naps. Billy pulled his school clothes off and put a plain t-shirt on that was green. Daddy set me on the changing table and pulled my socks off and then my overalls, leaving me in just my red t-shirt and diapers. He then carried me over to my crib and laid me down in it. He tucked me in and pulled my glasses off my face. He leaned over and gave me kiss and told me goodnight. He closed my crib and went over to Billy to tuck him in, as well. I didn't think I was really tired, but I drifted off to sleep very quickly.

    I woke up probably twenty minutes or so later. I sat up in my crib yawning as I did so. I looked over and saw that Billy was already awake and sitting up against the wall in his crib. He smiled and waved at me when he saw me. I grabbed Squeaker and clutched him to my chest as I scooted back up against the wall in my crib.

    "Billy, how many times do you go in your diapers, every day?" I asked when I again noticed the stench coming from his diaper.

    "You mean poop?" he asked.

    I nodded.

    "Well, I normally go a couple of hours after breakfast," he said. "Then I go again a couple of hours after lunch, and I usually poop again sometime during the night."

    "Why so much?" I asked.

    "Well, I asked that once, and Mommy told me that real babies go a little while after every meal because eating gets their digestive system going and makes them need to poop," he explained. "Most people that are potty-trained only go once or so a day because they know how to hold it until it's convenient for them to go to the bathroom, and eventually their digestive systems get adjusted to that routine. Since I've been in diapers for so long I guess I've forgotten how to hold it, and I pretty much just go like a real baby does. A lot of times I barely even notice when I'm pooping. It just comes out all of a sudden. I don't notice at all when I'm peeing anymore."

    "So, you have to sit in class in poopy diapers?" I asked.

    "Yeah," he said. "I've got nowhere else to go. I just wait until lunchtime to go to the nurse's office, and then I wait until I get home in the afternoon for another change."

    "But can't everyone in your class smell you?"

    "Probably, yeah," he said with a shrug. "Everyone knows I wear diapers, so I guess they expect it. If it gets too bad Mrs. Kutching will send me to the nurse's office early to get changed, but that's not too often. I can ask to go get changed whenever I want, but I never do that."

    "Aren't you embarrassed, though?" I asked.

    "Nah," he said. "Like I said, everyone knows, and I just stopped caring what everyone thinks of me a long time ago. If they have a problem with it, it's their problem, not mine. Although if someone told me I stunk really bad, or they asked me nicely to change, I'd probably go get changed just to be nice. I don't care what anyone thinks, but I don't want to get them mad at me, either."

    I hoped I could be like that. I was already dreading having to wear diapers to school, even though part of me didn't think I'd ever get the chance because I'd probably be leaving here before then.

    Not too long after that Andy came into the room to get us up. She got us both out of our cribs, and she changed Billy's diaper. We went downstairs, where we were fed a snack. After that, Billy had to do homework, and I spent some time in my baby walker. I had gotten pretty good at getting around in the walker over the past few days, and I could get around pretty well on my own even using just my right leg. Earlier, Daddy had told me that they'd probably start letting me walk around some just a little by Friday, because the doctor said I could put some weight on my broken ankle after two weeks. I was glad for that because I was getting tired of not being able to walk. At least I could say that my walker was a lot of fun. Squeaker usually rode around with me stuffed down in the seat in front of me.

    Mommy got home at 6:00, by which time Daddy had nearly finished supper. We ate dinner as a family like we always did, and then Mommy gave Billy and I our baths so she could spend some time with us.

    Celli and Andy put us to bed tonight after Celli read us a bedtime story. Overall, it had been a great day. I actually liked doing my home school stuff, and I really liked spending so much time with Daddy. As I went to sleep in my nice, thick diapers I couldn't wait for the next new day.

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    A Second Chance

    A Second Chance

    Part 5

    Sleepwalking and the Babysitter

    The next day, Tuesday, started out weird from the very beginning. I remember actually having a nice dream just before I woke up. Billy and I were running around in a park playing in literally nothing but enormously thick, cloth diapers. We were having a lot of fun playing tag and hide and seek. I didn't have any casts on my limbs, so I could run, jump, and climb freely. I wasn't embarrassed in the least to be outside in my diapers. There were other people around, but none of them really didn't paid much attention to us, so, apparently, no one thought seeing two older boys running around in nothing but diapers was all that unusual. I was just about to catch up to Billy and tag him when I suddenly heard a female voice calling my name from somewhere.

    "Taddy. Taddy," I heard. "Wake up, baby."

    I opened my eyes, and immediately wondered where I was. I wasn't in my crib for some reason. I was lying on the floor facedown with my knees drawn up underneath my chest. It was very dark like I was in a cave.

    "Baby, what are you doing under there?" I heard Mommy asked.

    I lifted my head off the carpet and tried to sit up. The back of my head slammed into something that was over me.

    "Ow!" I yelped in pain.

    "Careful, baby," Mommy said.

    I turned my head to the left and looked over to see Mommy down on the floor peering at me through a part in the skirting that ran around the bottom of the crib. I suddenly realized that I was under my crib. I was balled up in one corner right next to the wall. The skirt running around the crib made for the cave feeling.

    "What am I doing here?" I asked in confusion.

    "That's what I'd like to know, baby," Mommy said. "Come out here, sweetie."

    She reached her arm toward me and waved for me to come toward her. Still in a state of confusion, I crawled out from underneath the crib. Mommy stood up as I came out and immediately picked me up. I noticed Billy standing by us looking at me like I was completely crazy.

    "How did you get out of your crib, baby?" Mommy said.

    "I don't know," I said.

    "You don't remember climbing out?" she said.

    "No," I replied.

    "Are you sure?" she asked a little suspiciously.

    "No, Mommy," I said realizing that I was probably in trouble now. "I promise."

    "Did you see or hear him do anything last night, Billy?" she asked.

    "Nope," he replied with a shrug.

    "Am I gonna get a spanking?" I asked worriedly.

    "No, baby," she said giving me a hug. "You must have done that in your sleep."

    She carried me over the changing table and set me down on it. She had me lay down and she started to change my diapers.

    "How could I get out of the crib when I'm sleeping?" I asked.

    "Sleepwalking, baby," she told me. "The night before last it was night terrors, so I guess you're sleepwalking, now. I just can't believe you didn't hurt yourself, baby. You climbed out with the side of the crib still up, and that's pretty high."

    "My ankle hurts," I whined.

    "Uh oh," she said. "Well, climbing out of the crib surely put some weight on it, and you may have walked around some. I'll give you some Tylenol in just a little while."

    I just nodded.

    She changed me into a clean set of diapers and then sat me up and moved me to the end of the changing table so Billy could take my place. He climbed up onto the table, and he got changed out of his wet and poopy night diapers. So far, I had yet to wake up with poopy diapers here. I wondered what it was like to sleep in poopy diapers all night. I suppose I would eventually find out.

    Mommy got Billy cleaned up and changed into a new disposable. He slid off the table, and Mommy gave him a loving swat on the butt as he walked away.

    "Get dressed for school, baby," Mommy told him. "I'm going to change your brother's shirt and brush his teeth."

    "Okay, Mommy," he said as he headed for the closet where most of our "big boy" clothes and all of his school uniforms were hung.

    Mommy went over to my chest-of-drawers and opened a drawer. She pulled out a baby blue t-shirt and brought it over to me. She unfolded it and stopped for a moment as she looked at the front of it.

    "Aw. This was one of the first shirts Billy got when he came here," she said nostalgically.

    She had me raise my arms and she pulled the garment on me. It was kind of small, and she had trouble getting the sleeves over my casts, but she eventually pulled it onto me. The shirt was small even for me, and it fit pretty tightly, but not uncomfortably so. It was sort of a weird t-shirt. The collar wasn't like a normal, round, t-shirt collar. It was like the opening for my head was made by overlapping the back half of the shirt over the front half, sort of like a large slit for my head that was round in the center. The collar was trimmed in two lines of elastic ribbing that ran all the way to the edge of the shirt where it met the sleeves.

    "This is a weird shirt," I commented.

    "It's a baby t-shirt. These are called lap shoulders," she said as she ran her fingers along the shoulder line. "It makes for a bigger, more stretchy opening for baby's head, and it's got snaps on the back of the neck, too, to make it easier for Mommy to put on you."

    She reached around to snap two or three snaps that were in a vertical row on the back of the shirt. As she did that I looked down at the t-shirt. There was a big teddy bear iron-on on the front. It was a brown teddy bear, and he was wearing a white diaper. The bottom of the t-shirt only covered maybe the top inch or two of my diapers, and I had a feeling my torso would be exposed if I bent over or stretched at all.

    Mommy picked me up and carried me toward the bathroom. She stopped along the way at my chest-of-drawers and picked up my glasses. She put them on me and then carried me to the bathroom. She set me on the counter next to the sink. She wet my toothbrush—I now had my very own, bright, colorful toothbrush—and squirted some toothpaste on it. I grinned broadly, exposing my teeth, and she brushed them thoroughly for the next minute or two. When that was complete and my mouth was rinsed out, she pulled a comb out of the drawer by the sink and combed my unruly hair. She then carried me out of the room and we went downstairs. I saw Daddy in the kitchen making some coffee.

    "Morning, Daddy!" I greeted him happily.

    "Hi, Baby," he said. "Did you sleep well?"

    "Uh huh," I said.

    Mommy carried me over to him and handed me off to him. He gave me my good morning hug and kiss.

    "He slept great, except I found him under his crib, this morning," Mommy informed him.

    "Under his crib?" he replied.

    "Yep," she said. "I think he's started sleepwalking. He must have climbed out of his crib during the night."

    "Uh oh," Daddy replied.

    "I'm sorry, Daddy," I said sadly.

    "There's no reason to be sorry, kiddo," he assured me as he gave me another hug. "It's not your fault."

    He went to the refrigerator and got a bottle of milk. He then carried me over to the table and sat down with me. He got me situated in his lap and held the bottle to my mouth. I immediately started suckling the nipple.

    "What kind of cereal do you want this morning, Taddy?" Mommy asked from the kitchen. "We have Raisin Bran, Honey Nut Cheerios, and Kix."

    "Cheerios, please," I said spitting the bottle out for a second, which squirted milk all over my chin.

    "Careful there, kiddo," Daddy warned me.

    "Sorry," I replied.

    "That's okay," he said as he pushed the bottle back into my mouth.

    A few minutes later, Billy came trotting into the room. I could plainly hear his diaper rustling softly underneath his khaki trousers. Daddy stood up still holding me and set me down in the chair we had been in. He went over to Billy and told him good morning with a hug and a kiss. He then helped Billy into the highchair and got him strapped in. Daddy returned to me and picked me up again just as Mommy brought me a bowl of cereal and a plate of toast. She also brought me a bottle of juice that she said had some Tylenol in it for me. Daddy sat down again with me in his lap. He tied the bib that Mommy had handed him around my neck, and began to feed me.

    Mommy took Billy's cereal order and got him a bowl. She brought him his Raisin Bran and tied a bib around his neck. She gave him a spoon and let him eat. Billy was allowed to eat cereal and other not too messy things from bowls, but his bowl was the plastic kind that had a suction cup on the bottom to hold it to the highchair tray, and his spoon was a plastic, toddler spoon. He held the spoon in a handlebar grip like a toddler would. Mommy told me he had only been allowed to start using spoons at home when he turned twelve. Even then, he was mostly only allowed to feed himself cold stuff because babies didn't know when hot food was too hot, and he might burn his mouth. I wondered if and when I'd be allowed to feed anything to myself. Obviously, that didn't really matter at the moment, since both of my hands were still restricted by their casts.

    Before Daddy finished feeding me the girls came into the kitchen. They both made the rounds giving Daddy, Billy, and me good morning kisses. They both got themselves some cereal and a cup of coffee. Celli and Andy both drank coffee. I don't know if they drank it because they needed to wake up, or if they thought it made them look more mature, but I thought it was kind of funny for my sisters to be drinking coffee. I always thought of coffee as a grownup drink, and while Celli and Andy both were much, much older than me, I couldn't quite make the mental leap of considering them grownups.

    After breakfast everyone needed to start leaving. Mommy left first because she had a long drive into Dallas to work. She gave everyone a kiss, told us to be good, and she headed out to the garage. A few minutes later, everyone else left. Celli had her own little car, with which she took Andy to school with her and dropped Billy off at his school along the way. The house was suddenly quiet for a bit with just Daddy and me. It was still before 7:00 in the morning, so not even Ms. Rosie was here, yet.

    "Do you want to go watch TV for a little while before we start school?" Daddy asked.

    "Okay," I replied.

    He carried me into the den and we sat on one of the couches. He flipped the TV on and found some cartoons for us to watch. We watched Nickelodeon for the next hour or so until a little before 8:00. By then Ms. Rosie was already there doing her normal work. Daddy took me back to the kitchen and sat me at the table. He got my school stuff out and we went to work on the morning's lessons.

    We spent a couple of hours doing some social studies and English lessons. He then started me on a math lesson. When I was working on a math worksheet he left me alone for a little while to go do some work in his office. Ms. Rosie was off somewhere in the house cleaning or doing laundry. I was about halfway through my math worksheet when my stomach started to get kind of upset. My abdomen started to cramp and grumble as I felt the contents of my intestines gurgle around inside.

    It very quickly became difficult for me to concentrate on my math work because my tummy hurt so much. All of a sudden, I felt an urgent need to defecate. I shifted my butt around in my seat to get into a more comfortable position. Once I did that I didn't even have to push to get poop to come out of my butt. I just stopped holding it. Almost immediately, really runny poop began to flow into my diapers. My stomach started cramping again, and I pushed harder to get the offending stuff out of my system. I felt liquefied poop flowing all over inside my diapers. It ran up my butt crack and forward under, around, and over my privates. I sat there for probably five minutes pushing runny effluent out into my diapers. When I finally finished I felt much better, but now my diapers were literally brimming with poop. I sniffed the air, but I really couldn't detect any odorous evidence of my mess.

    I went back my worksheet, but I couldn't really concentrate on it because I was too busy exploring the feelings of my super poopy diapers. I suddenly realized that my messy diapers felt really good. I subtly moved my butt around feeling my poop squishing around all over inside my diapers.

    A few minutes later Daddy returned just as I finally finished my worksheet.

    "Hey, Tadpole," he greeted me, "Are you finished."

    "Tadpole?" I said with an amused laugh. "Why do you call me that?"

    "Because, one, your name is Tad," he said. "And you're a baby, and baby frogs are called Tadpoles."

    "Oh," I said. I guess I had never thought of that.

    "You don't want me to call you Tadpole?" he asked.

    "Yeah, I guess you can," I smiled.

    "So, are you done?" I asked.

    "Uh huh," I replied.

    He gave my worksheet a brief glance to check over it.

    "Very good, Taddy," he said. "Not a single mistake."

    "Really?" I asked in amazement.

    "Really," he confirmed. "You're doing very well. Now, how would you like to take a little break and ride around in your walker for a little while?"

    "Okay," I said happily.

    He picked me up out of my chair and carried me into the den where my walker was usually kept. I was surprised that he didn't check me or detect the smell of my extremely messy diapers. I still couldn't discern any odors, either, so I suppose he just didn't notice it. He lowered me down into the walker and I got my feet into the holes in the seat basket. He set me down in the seat and I immediately felt the contents of my diapers squish around. My runny poop flowed further up both the front and back of my diapers. For the first time I actually got a little worried that my diapers would leak.

    "Okay, Tadpole," said Daddy. "I need to make a couple of phone calls. You can stay here and watch TV for a while. I'll be back in just a little while to make you some lunch if Rosie hasn't done it already."

    I just smiled and nodded. Daddy gave me a kiss on the top of my head and turned to leave the room. Before he left he got the TV remote for me and deposited it on the tray of my walker. I sat there for a few minutes after he was gone exploring the new sensations inside my diapers created by the pressure of my weight on the seat of my walker. Every little move I made caused my effluent to ooze around more. It was a weird feeling, but I decided that I liked it. I could suddenly feel my little pee-pee grow little bigger, but I wasn't quite sure why it was doing that. Maybe it was because of how good my diapers felt.

    I scooted over in front of the TV and turned it on. I found some cartoons on the Disney Channel to watch and I sat there for a little while. Half my attention was paid to the "House of Mouse" show on the TV, while the rest of it concentrated on my delectably yucky diapers. While I was watching TV I peed for about the fourth time since being changed when I got up. My digestive track was still a little messed up, and I couldn't help but poop a little more. I was starting to get really worried that my diapers wouldn't hold much more. I lifted my shirt up and looked to see if anything was leaking. I ran my fingers around the top of my plastic pants, but I didn't feel anything coming out of them. I was finally able to smell my own mess probably a full hour after I had filled my diapers.

    "My, my, my!" I heard Ms. Rosie say from behind me, causing me to jump. "Somebody is really stinking up this room."

    I turned and looked over my shoulder to see her coming towards me.

    "I think you are ready for a change, Señor Taddy," she told me.

    She picked me up from behind and turned me around.

    "Oh my!" she said. "You're leaking all over inside your plastic pants."

    I looked down as she held me at arm's length and could just barely see that the bottom of my plastic pants below my crotch was filled with yucky, brown goop. It looked like my poop must have oozed out of the sides of my diapers by my legs.

    Ms. Rosie kept me at arm's length as she carried me through the house. She took me upstairs to the nursery, but she didn't take me over to the changing table. Instead, she carried me straight to the bathroom. She stood me up in the tub telling me not to put any weight on my bad ankle as I stood there. She pulled my t-shirt off and set it on the bathroom counter. She then got my cast protector for my leg out and put it on me. I nearly fell as my leg was up in the air so she could put it on, but Ms. Rosie grabbed me to keep me from falling. She then had me stand there as she carefully removed my plastic pants. There was a rather large puddle in the crotch that left trails of brown gunk down the insides of my legs as she pulled the pants down. The second she pulled the waistband of my pants away from me the smell instantly got worse in the bathroom. It was pretty gross.

    "Such a mess," Ms. Rosie commented flatly.

    "I'm sorry, Ms. Rosie," I said despairingly, hoping my mess hadn't upset her.

    "No, no, mijito," she said. "Don't be sorry. This is what babies do."

    She got me out of my plastic pants, and she gently set them in one corner of the tub trying not to spill their contents. She then went to work unpinning my diapers. I was dripping poop into the tub beneath me as I stood there. She pulled the first two of my diapers off. They were somewhat damp up front, and there were little lines of poop on either side of them where they had been around my legs. The next diaper was really bad. My liquid poop had soaked all the way through the first diaper and into the second one. She tried to be careful and not make a mess, but when the diaper came off it dripped effluent all over the place. She set that diaper on top of the other two next to me, and then she started on the last diaper, which was obviously the worst. The diaper was pretty much completely brown even on the outside. She pulled out all but a single diaper pin on either side of the diaper. She then put one hand under my crotch to hold up the diaper as she used the other hand to take out the last pins. As soon as it was unpinned the diaper, completely saturated with my pee and poop flopped down from my waist. The front and back came down spilling liquid poop all over the tub.

    "Oh, my goodness," said Ms. Rosie.

    I was very upset with myself for making such a mess for someone else to clean up.

    "I'm sorry, Ms. Rosie," I whimpered again. I was about to start crying.

    "Shhh," she shushed me gently. "It's okay, mijito. Señora Rosie doesn't mind."

    She set the last diaper on top of the others. I looked down and saw that literally the entire inside of the diaper was solid brown with my runny mess. I then looked at myself. My entire pelvic region was covered in a layer of poop all the way up to my bellybutton. There was even poop in my bellybutton. It was really yucky. I could only imagine what my backside looked like.

    She moved the stack of soiled diapers away from me, but left them on the bottom of the tub. The tub had a handheld showerhead in it, which Ms. Rosie retrieved and turned on. When the water was warm she turned me so that I was standing sideways in the tub. She had me hold my arms up to prevent their casts from getting wet, and then she used the showerhead to thoroughly rinse me off. When the poop was all gone, she soaped a washcloth up and used it to give my lower half a quick scrub. She then rinsed the soap away leaving me completely clean once again.

    She got a towel and dried me off with it. She then wrapped the towel around me and picked me up. She carried me into the nursery, leaving my messy diapers and plastic pants there in the tub. She took me over to the changing table and set me down on it. She removed the cast protector on my leg and laid me down on the table. She immediately pulled out a new stack of diapers for me. She folded them up properly and raised my butt up off the table to slide them under me. She then sprinkled powder all over me using a little bit more than normal since I was still a little damp from my cleaning. She pinned the diapers on as snuggly as ever. My penis got a little bigger and stiffer again as she was pinning the diapers on. I still didn't know why it was doing that. I wondered if I could ask Daddy about that.

    A minute later, I had a new pair of plastic pants on, and she got my shirt from the bathroom to put it back on me. When I was dressed—at least as much as I was going to be dressed—she carried me downstairs. Daddy was at the bottom of the stairs when we got there.

    "I was just coming up to look for you guys," he said.

    "I had to rinse off little Taddy," Ms. Rosie informed him. "He had very bad diarrhea, and it was leaking into his pants."

    "Uh oh," said Daddy. "Did you make a mess, Tadpole?"

    "Uh huh," I admitted shamefully.

    "I need to go clean up the bathroom, now," said Ms. Rosie.

    "Okay," said Daddy. "I'll get him fed. Let's go, Tadpole."

    Ms. Rosie gave me a kiss on the cheek and handed me over to Daddy. She went back upstairs while Daddy took me to the kitchen.

    "So, is your tummy messed up?" Daddy asked me.

    "A little," I admitted.

    "Well, do you want to eat?" he asked.

    "Yeah, I'm hungry," I said.

    "Okay," he replied. "Well, let's go find something for you to eat for lunch."

    He took me to the kitchen and strapped me into the highchair before he went to look for some food. He decided some soup and a sandwich would be good, so he made a can of Tomato soup and some grilled cheese sandwiches. He cut my sandwich up into little squares and brought it and a bowl of soup over to me. He pulled up a chair and began to feed me.

    "Tomorrow, how about you and I go to a bookstore and you can pick out some books to read?" he suggested as he fed me. "You need to start reading more."

    "Okay," I said with a shrug.

    "I want you to start reading three or four books a month," he told me.

    "That many?" I asked with a frown.

    That seemed like a whole lot of books to read in a single month.

    "Yep," he nodded. "Billy was reading that many when he was your age."

    "You mean like chapter books?" I asked, still frowning.

    "Uh huh," he nodded. "Don't worry, kiddo. You can pick out however many you want, and I'll help you read them. You can read them to me like we do with your brother and you at night."

    "Will you still read to us?" I asked.

    "Of course," he said. "You can read to me during the day, and I'll read to you at night."

    "Okay," I said with a smile.

    He finished feeding me my lunch, and then he cleaned my face and took the dishes to the kitchen sink.

    "Puzzle time," he said as he came back to me.

    He unstrapped me from the highchair and picked me up. He carried me out of the room and down the hall to his study. The puzzle we had worked on the day before was stills strewn out on the floor in the middle of the room. Mainly all we had gotten together was the perimeter or the puzzle and a few other small areas of it. He set me down on the floor and got down there with me. We spent a little while working on the puzzle and talking. Just a few minutes into working on the puzzle I all of a sudden let out a wet, gurgling fart, which was followed by a fairly large squirt of runny poop. I guess my digestive system was still a little messed up. Daddy looked up at me when I let the fart.

    "I guess your diarrhea isn't all the way gone, yet," he commented.

    "Uh, uh," I shook my head.

    I quickly let out another fart and more poop came out of me. Daddy and I both pretty much ignored it, and I went back to talking and doing our puzzle. I was starting to really enjoy my little talks with Daddy. He made me feel like I could talk about anything with him. He talked to me a little bit about my sleepwalking. He asked me if I remembered anything about any dreams or nightmares I had last night. I told him about the good dream with Billy and me in the park in just our diapers, but I couldn't remember any bad dreams. He asked me if I thought I knew why I might have started sleepwalking, but I really didn't know any possible reason for it.

    Before I knew it, it was time to go pick up Billy from school. Daddy picked me up and carried me out of the room. We went to the kitchen, again, where we told Ms. Rosie goodbye. Then Daddy carried me out to the garage.

    "Don't I need some clothes?" I asked.

    "It's pretty warm, today," replied Daddy. "I think you'll be okay."

    "Okay," I said a little sadly.

    I wasn't all that enthusiastic about going out of the house in nothing but a t-shirt and diapers. Of course, the rules, once again, prevented me from saying anything. At least I could take comfort in the fact that I would be in the car the whole time.

    Daddy strapped me into my car seat, and we were on the road a minute or two later. We made the short trip to Billy's school. Just like yesterday, Daddy parked in front of the school with all the other waiting parents. He rolled the windows down and got out, leaving me in the back seat. We actually got to the school a little early, but within five minutes of our arrival we heard the school bell ring and kids began pouring from the school's entrance. While we waited there, I took the opportunity to squeeze out a little more poop into my already messy diapers. It was a little more solid than my earlier excretions, so I guess my diarrhea was finally starting to subside.

    Within just a few more minutes, I saw Billy come out. Like yesterday, he was with his friend, Matty. They both came toward the SUV and stopped in front of Daddy.

    "Daddy, can Matty come over for the afternoon?" I heard Billy ask.

    "Do you have homework?" asked Daddy.

    "No," Billy replied. "I already finished it all."

    "Okay, then. He can come over," Daddy said.

    "Cool!" Billy said.

    "Let me go ask if I can come over," said Matty.

    He and Billy ran over to a car that was a few vehicles in front of Daddy's. I suddenly noticed Ms. Molly there. She was helping one of her kids into her SUV. I noticed she was helping a girl that looked a lot like her. I suddenly remembered her telling me she had a daughter who was my age. I guess that was she. She was very pretty, and I wondered what her name was.

    I didn't think about that for very long, though. I suddenly realized that Matty was about to see me in nothing but diapers and my extremely babyish t-shirt. I was mortified. He was probably going to make fun of me, or at least think I was a total weirdo. I at least realized that he probably knew Billy wore diapers, since Billy had told me that everyone at school knew he did, but that still didn't make me all that happy. I wondered if Matty had ever been over and seen the nursery and Billy dressed in baby clothes and thick, cloth diapers like I was wearing. I sure hoped so.

    I didn't have much time to dwell on the issue, because all of a sudden Matty and Billy were climbing into the back seat with me. Matty climbed in first. I was glowing red in embarrassment, and nearly shivering with nervousness. I was preparing myself for the worst when Matty looked at me. To my surprise he just smiled broadly.

    "Hi," he said cheerfully. "You must be Taddy. Billy has told me a lot about you. I'm Matt."

    "H- Hi," I stuttered.

    He reached forward with his right hand obviously offering a handshake. I didn't know what else to do, so I just responded in kind, and he shook the fingers of my right hand ever so lightly. Without a further word, he climbed into the third row of seats. The middle row that contained Billy's and my car seats was just two, bucket seats and a center console, but there was a third little bench behind us. Matty went back there and settled into a seat while Daddy got Billy buckled into his car seat. Matty didn't seem the least bit surprised by us riding in oversized car seats, so he had apparently seen Billy's before. I suppose that shouldn't have surprised me considering they were best friends.

    "All buckled in back there, Matty?" Daddy asked as he finished getting Billy settled in.

    "Yes, Dr. B," Matty replied cheerily.

    "Good," Daddy responded. "Let's go then."

    Daddy went around to the other side of the SUV and got into the driver's seat. A minute later we were headed back home. Soon enough Daddy pulled into the garage and shut the engine off. He got out of the car and let Billy out of his car seat. Billy and Matty climbed out of that side of the car while Daddy came and got me out of my car seat. Daddy and I followed the boys into the house. We found Ms. Rosie in the kitchen doing dishes.

    "Hello, everyone," she said to us.

    "Hi, Rosie!" Matty said.

    "Hello, Matty," she said. "How are you, mijo?"

    "I'm fine, thanks," he replied.

    "Okay, naptime, boys," Daddy said immediately.

    "Aw," Matty and Billy chorused in unison.

    "No whining. Let's go," Daddy said gently but firmly.

    They followed Daddy upstairs as he carried me along. We went upstairs to the nursery. Billy and his friend both dumped their backpacks just inside the door. Daddy gave my diapers a quick check. He knew I was poopy, but he said I could probably wait until after my nap for a change. While he was doing that, Billy and Matty were both stripping off their shoes, socks, and pants. I suddenly watched in amazement as Matty removed his pants to reveal that he was wearing a disposable diaper. I don't know why, but I was completely shocked. I thought Billy and I were pretty much the only older boys in the world who wore diapers. I guess that partially explained why he wasn't at all shocked to see me in diapers.

    Daddy carried me over to my crib as Billy and Matty finished undressing. He gave me a goodnight kiss and tucked me in. He made sure I had Squeaker in my arms, and he pulled the sheet up over me. He then helped Billy and Matty climb into Billy's crib. I guess they were going to share the same crib. I had a lot of questions about my new discovery with Matty, but I was actually ready for a nap, so I quickly drifted off to sleep.

    I woke up not too long after I fell asleep. I sat up and discovered that Billy and Matt were already up. They were sitting in Billy's crib chatting quietly.

    "Hey, Taddy," Billy greeted me when he saw that I was up.

    "Hi," I said rubbing the sleep from my eyes.

    "Sleep good?" Matty asked me.

    "Yeah. Thanks," I said.

    "So, you're ten?" Matty asked.

    "Uh huh," I nodded.

    "You're pretty small for a ten-year-old," he said. "My eight-year-old brother, Danny, is bigger than you."

    I just frowned and looked down.

    Billy suddenly reached over and popped Matty on the arm pretty hard.

    "Leave him alone," Billy ordered.

    "I was just saying," Matty said. "I didn't mean anything by it. Sorry, Taddy."

    "That's okay," I said flatly.

    "So, you're a bedwetter?" he asked next. "Danny and I used to wet the bed, too."

    "Is that why you wear diapers?" I asked, finally glad for the opening to ask my burning questions.

    "Ha," he barked a laugh. "No. At least not during the day."

    "Why then?" I asked.

    "Well, I used to be kind of a bad kid," Matty admitted. "I got in lots of trouble."

    "No kidding," agreed Billy. "You were always going to the principal's office."

    "Yeah. Well, my parents got tired of spanking me and grounding me, since it didn't work," he explained. "So, they decided to try putting me in diapers to see if that would straighten me out. It did."

    "So, you're being punished?" I asked.

    "No, not anymore," he said. "It used to be a punishment, but after it worked so well, and I was a good boy for so long, my Mommy decided that I should just stay in diapers, since they seemed to improve my behavior. I was glad because I was starting to like my diapers anyway."

    "Does your brother wear diapers?" I asked.

    "Oh, yeah," he said. "Mommy decided that since diapers worked so well on me, that she'd just keep Danny in diapers, too."

    "How old were you?" I asked.

    "I was eight," he said. "Danny was four and he was going through potty training, but Mommy was having a pretty rough time with that with him, so it kind of relieved her, and him, to put him back in diapers. I had already been in diapers a year by the time she gave up on his potty training and decide it was best to just keep us boys in diapers. My other brother was a newborn at the time, so he obviously wasn't potty trained then anyway. By the time it was time for him to come out of diapers, my mommy and daddy just decided not to bother potty training him since his two older brother's were already in diapers. Caleb is five, now, and they're gonna do the same thing with my three-year-old brother, Zachary. My parents just think leaving boys in diapers makes us behave better."

    "So, all of you wear diapers?" I asked.

    "Yep," he said with a broad grin.

    "What about your sister?" I asked.

    "What about her?" he replied.

    "Does she wear diapers, too?" I asked.

    Billy and Matty both laughed at me as though I had asked the most inane question in history.

    "Yeah, right!" replied Matty. "I don't think so."

    "Why not?" I asked.

    "Diapers are for boys, dummy," Matty said.

    At that, Billy reached up and punched Matty in the arm again.

    "Don't call him 'dummy', dummy!" Billy said somewhat angrily.

    I smiled thinking that it was really nice having him protect me. Certainly, no one had ever done that for me before.

    "Jeez!" Matty said as he rubbed his shoulder. "Sorry, Taddy. Anyway, no, Maggie doesn't wear diapers. One, she doesn't really get into trouble like I used to, and, two, that's just weird. Diapers are for boys."

    "Oh," I replied.

    "Yeah, diapers are definitely for boys," Billy agreed. "Just ask Celli or Andy if they'd like to wear diapers one day."

    "Ha! I'd like to see that," Matty said.

    Right about then, Andy came into the room and turned the lights on. She had already changed out of her school uniform, and she was wearing a stripped tube-top with spaghetti shoulder straps, and a pair of tight, faded jeans. As usual, her bellybutton was showing. I needed to ask about that. Why was it that the girls—except Mommy and Ms. Rosie, of course, that would be kind of weird—all showed their bellybuttons around here, but all of us boys' bellybuttons were always covered in diapers?

    "Hi, babies," she said. "Boy, does it stink in here!"

    Billy and Matty both chuckled at that in satisfaction.

    Andy went over to Billy's crib and dropped the side down so Billy and his friend could get out. She then came over to me.

    "How's my little munchkin, today?" she cooed at me as she put the side of my crib down.

    "I'm good," I said with a grin.

    She picked me up and I wrapped my arms around her neck as she gave me a hug and a kiss. She took me over to my chest-of-drawers, where she collected my glasses and put them on me. She then carried me over to the changing table.

    "I think you're the smelliest, today, Mr. Taddy," she told me as she set me down.

    I just smiled and blushed embarrassed. She laid me down on the table and pushed my t-shirt up a bit. She pulled my plastic pants off and began to unpin my diapers.

    "Matty, did you bring a diaper with you?" she asked without turning away from me.

    "Of course," replied Matty. "You know I never go anywhere without extra diapers."

    "Yeah, thank Goodness," Andy said with an arched eyebrow. "Do we need to review the rules for you, Matty?"

    "I've been coming here since I was seven, Andy," Matty replied flatly. "I think I know the rules by now."

    "Still, a little review wouldn't hurt," she replied, "And it would benefit Taddy, anyway."

    I looked over at Matty and Billy, who both groaned and rolled their eyes.

    "What's the first rule, boys?" she asked.

    "'All boys have to wear diapers in this house,'" they parroted simultaneously.

    "Except Daddy," Billy added.

    "Except Daddy," Andy agreed. "And any other men of legal age. 'They will be diapered immediately upon arrival, and they will not be undiapered until immediately before they leave.' 'Rule Two: Wearing pants is a privilege for boys, not a right. All boys will wear no pants unless specifically authorized to do so, and then only appropriately babyish attire may be worn to cover up diapers. All pants must be approved by we girls or Mom and Dad.' 'Rule Three: Diapers will be used for their intended purpose. Boys may not use toilets for any reason.' And, why is that, boys?"

    "Because boys aren't clean enough, and they can't be properly trained to use the toilet." Billy said immediately.

    "Very good, Billy," Andy replied patronizingly.

    "And, why would you wear diapers if you're not gonna use them?" added Matty.

    "Good point, Matty," Andy conceded. "'Rule Four: Boys will wear whatever, how many, and however thick diapers they're put into, no matter what, with no questions asked, and they may never, ever remove their diapers.' 'Rule Five: No asking for diaper changes, ever. The adults and we girls know when to change diapers, and we will do so at our leisure.'"

    "What's 'leisure' mean?" I asked.

    "It means 'whenever we want to do it'," she replied. "'Rule Six: Wearing diapers 'in this house' also includes outside in the yard and any excursions while a guest here, and all rules still apply when we leave the house.' 'Rule Seven: Boys will be babied as much as the adults and we girls see fit, to include feeding, drinking from bottles, dressing, bathing, burping…and whatever else we decide.'"

    "Burping?" blurted Billy.

    "I just added that one," Andy said matter-of-factly. "'Rule Eight: Playing with big boy toys and games and watching big boy shows is also a privilege, not a right.' 'Rule Nine: All boys in this house are considered to be babies, and they will answer appropriately if addressed as such.'"

    By now I thought Andy was completely off her rocker.

    "And what's the final and most important rule, boys?" she asked.

    "'The girls are in charge,'" Billy and Matty droned again. They were both rolling their eyes.

    "And?" Andy coaxed.

    "'All boys have to do what the girls say,'" Billy replied.

    "Babies, not boys," Andy corrected. "All boys are babies, remember?"

    "I thought I could choose if I wanted to be a baby, or not," I mentioned.

    "That's right," Andy said. "You just keep on believing that as long as you want, sweetie."

    By then she had cleaned up my messy butt and crotch, and she was pinning fresh diapers onto me. A minute or two later she was pulling a new pair of plastic pants onto me. She got them on and adjusted on me, and then she picked me up. She kissed the tip of my nose and turned to sit me on the floor behind her where Billy and Matty had been sitting. She then did a quick "Eeny-meeny-miney-moe" to determine which of them got changed next. It turned out that Billy got to go first. He stood up and went over to the table. I quickly noticed how stained his diaper was from his pee. There was also a prominent brown stain in the seat of it. He was obviously poopy, but the smell in the room already announced that pretty well.

    Andy changed Billy into a clean set of cloth diapers after removing his well-used disposable and cleaning him up. He hopped off the table and received a swat on the butt from Andy before he went to change out of his school uniform shirt. Matty then got up and climbed onto the table. His disposable diaper was in pretty much the same condition as Billy's had been. Andy retrieved a disposable diaper from his backpack. It looked like the exact same brand of disposables as Billy wore. It was very thick, though naturally not as thick as the set of cloth diapers I was currently packaged in.

    Once he was changed, we were ready to go downstairs for an afternoon snack. Andy picked me up off of the floor and carried me as the boys tagged along behind us. We went down to the kitchen where we found Daddy starting supper as Ms. Rosie was just leaving. She told us goodbye and then headed out of the house. Celli was also in the kitchen doing homework at the kitchen table. Andy carried me over to her.

    "Hi, baby," Celli greeted me as she took me from Andy's arms. "Did you have a good nap?"

    "Uh huh," I replied as she gave me a hug.

    "How as school?" she asked.

    "It was good," I said. "I didn't make any mistakes on my math worksheet."

    "Good boy!" she told me. "You're a smart little guy."

    "No, I'm not," I said blushing.

    "Of course you are," she said.

    About then, Andy brought a plate of cookies and a baby bottle of milk over to us. Celli let me hold my own bottle as she fed me two oatmeal cookies. Billy sat in his highchair and was fed by Andy, while Matty sat at the table and fed himself. I wondered if he had his own highchair at home, but I decided I'd asked that later.

    "Matty, are you staying for supper?" Daddy asked from the kitchen.

    "I don't know," Matty said. "I can if that would be okay."

    "Of course it would," Daddy said. "You know you're always welcome here."

    After our snacks, it was decided that we boys would go upstairs and play. Celli carried me back upstairs with Matty and Billy.

    "Celli, I'm itchy," I whined a little. "Can I have some baby powder in my casts, please?"

    "Of course you can, baby," she said.

    She carried me over to the changing table and set me down as Billy and Matty went over to the entertainment center to play some video games. Celli left to retrieve her hair dryer. She was back in a minute, and she went through the process of sprinkling a little sweet-smelling powder into my casts and then blowing cool air from the blow dryer into them. It felt very nice to have some relief, albeit temporary, from the itching. I couldn't wait to get those casts off.

    She then carried me over to where the boys were. There were only the two beanbag chairs, so she had Billy scoot over just little in his, and she set me down in the cushy bag next to him. The beanbag chairs were pretty big and I was so small that the two of us fit into the chair fairly comfortably, although we were pressed right up against each other. Billy immediately wrapped an arm around me as he continued to play his video game.

    "You want to play, Taddy?" he asked me after a while.

    "No. That's okay," I replied. "I'll just watch."

    We continued sitting there for a while playing. Suddenly, Matty let out a rather loud fart. I looked over at him, and he just glanced at me and grinned mischievously. I could quickly smell the foul odor of his gas, but I couldn't quite tell if he had messed his diaper or not.

    A while later, Mommy came up to get us for supper. Billy and I greeted her as she gave us hugs and kisses. She then picked me up and carried me out of the room beckoning Billy and Matty to follow us. We all went downstairs to the kitchen where Daddy was setting supper on the table. I was strapped into the highchair while Billy and Matty occupied adjacent seats at the table. Billy was down by Mommy so she could feed him, while my highchair was by Daddy's place. All three of us boys had bibs tied around our necks. I guess Matty was at least a baby in that respect, too.

    We ate our supper, which consisted of meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and peas and carrots. Daddy mixed my peas and carrots into my mashed potatoes, which I liked. I noticed that Matty had also been given his food in a divided, toddler plate, just like Billy and me. He also only had a spoon to eat with, and his meatloaf had been cut up for him.

    Almost the second supper was over, Matty's mom, Ms. Molly, showed up to pick him up. He was nice enough to tell me goodbye and that he was glad to have met me before he left. I decided that Matty was a nice guy, and that Billy was really lucky to have him as a friend. I wished that I might have a friend like him one day. Strangely enough, Andy gave Matty his school pants back, but he didn't put them on before he left the house with is mom. He just went outside with his diaper partially exposed underneath his shirttails.

    After that, Billy and I had our baths, and before I knew it, it was time for bed. Mommy read us a story tonight, and then she and Daddy tucked us into bed. I was a little disappointed to find that Mommy had rigged the mesh cover over the top of my crib. She said it would keep me from climbing out in my sleep and perhaps getting hurt. I didn't really like that, because the mesh top made me feel a little closed-in, but I supposed I could live with it. We were tucked in, and I very quickly drifted off to sleep.

    The next day, Wednesday, started even weirder than the previous one. I was sleeping very nicely when someone touching me suddenly startled me awake.

    "Ah!" I yelped as I sat bolt upright.

    I looked to my side and saw Mommy touching me. I immediately noticed that I wasn't in my crib. In fact, I wasn't even in the nursery. I was crouched down on my knees out in the upstairs hallway. I had been curled up lying in a little ball like that. I was actually just inches from the edge of the stairway leading down to the rest of the house.

    "Oh, my God, baby!" Mommy said urgently. "How did you get out here?"

    "I don't know," I said, frowning in confusion.

    "How did you get out of your crib?" she asked.

    "I don't know," I repeated.

    She picked me up and hugged me tightly.

    "Thank God, you didn't try to go down the stairs!" she said. "You could have been hurt really bad if you fell."

    "I'm sorry, Mommy," I whimpered, suddenly very upset.

    "No, no, baby," she said, giving me a kiss. "It's not your fault."

    We went down the hall to the nursery. She immediately flipped the lights on, and we went over to my crib. She inspected the mesh cover over the top opening of the crib. It was connected to the crib by straps on its four corners.

    "I guess you squeezed out through the little slit here," she said. "But it would have been a tight squeeze."

    The side of the covering could be pulled away from the side of the crib providing just enough of an opening for me to slip through. I still couldn't understand how I had figured that out in my sleep.

    "Are you sure you don't remember climbing out of your crib?" asked Mommy.

    "No, Mommy," I said in distress. "I promise I don't."

    "Okay, baby," she said giving me another hug and a kiss. "You're not in trouble. We're just going to have to find a way to keep you in your crib so you can't get out and hurt yourself. I can't believe you didn't fall down the stairs."

    "What's going on?" we heard Billy asked sleepily from behind us.

    "Your brother climbed out of his crib and was sleepwalking, again, last night," Mommy told him as she turned to take me over to the changing table.

    "How did you do that?" Billy asked me.

    "I don't know," I said with a shrug.

    "Don't worry about it, now, guys," Mommy told us. "We'll worry about it later. Come on, Billy. You need to get up for school, baby."

    She left me on the end of the changing table and went to go let Billy out of his crib. They came back over to me, and Billy climbed up on the table and lay down. Mommy changed him out of his poopy, nighttime diapers and got him into a new disposable. He then went to get dressed as Mommy checked my diapers. I was only wet from my usual nocturnal accidents, so she decided I didn't need to be changed just yet. She got my glasses and a t-shirt for me from my bureau. She changed me into a pale, pastel green "baby" t-shirt like I wore yesterday. It had a little tiny bottle, rattle, and rocking horse embroidered on the middle of the chest. She put my glasses on my face and took me to the bathroom to brush my teeth. When my teeth were brushed, she combed my raucous hair. We went downstairs where we found Daddy making coffee again. He was wearing a robe over his pajamas.

    "Morning, Tadpole," he told me as he took me from Mommy and gave me a hug.

    "Hi, Daddy," I said cozying up to his chest.

    "He got out of his crib again," said Mommy. "He was out in the hall right at the top of the stairs."

    "What?" he asked in amazement.

    "Yep," Mommy confirmed.

    "You could have been hurt," Daddy told me.

    "I know," I nodded sadly.

    "We're going to have to figure out something to do," Mommy said.

    "Yeah, we are," Daddy agreed.

    We then went through our family breakfast routine. Billy and the girls were downstairs within a few minutes. Everyone had breakfast, and then everyone but Daddy and I left for the day. Daddy said we should get started on my lessons for the day right away, so that we'd have plenty of time to go get me some books later. We spent the next few hours working on all my different subjects. The math lesson was new. It was compound fractions, which I remembered hating in the fourth grade. It was hard, but Daddy helped me through the worksheet.

    Around 10:30, Daddy thought I had had enough school for the day, so we could go get me some books. He took me upstairs and sat me on the changing table. He first checked my diapers to make sure I wasn't in need of a change, and then he went to my bureau to find some clothes for me to wear. He pulled out a pair of baby blue short overalls and a pair of socks and brought them over to me. He unfolded the short-alls and started to pull them onto my legs.

    "I have to wear this?" I asked a little uneasily.

    "We're going out, kiddo," he said. "You have to have some clothes on."

    "But, Daddy…" I started to whine.

    "Taddy, you remember the rules, right?" he asked gently.

    I just nodded.

    "No, complaining," he said. "If you do, no short-alls, and you'll just go in your diapers and that t-shirt."

    My eyes nearly popped out of my head at that threat. My mouth dropped open in surprise, but I quickly pulled it shut and kept it that way. There was no way I wanted to go out in public in just diapers.

    He got the short-alls on me and fastened their straps over my shoulders. Like all of the other pants I had worn here, the bottom half of the short-alls was completely filled by my bulging diapers. I looked down at my crotch and it was sticking out probably three or four inches further than it should have.

    I didn't have long to consider that, though. Daddy pulled and sock onto my right foot. It was a short sock that came up just a few inches past my ankle. It had two, pastel blue pinstripes running around the cuff. He put a tennis shoe on over the sock, and we were out the door and going down the hall as soon as he collected the baby blue diaper bag. Just before we got to the top of the stairs, I made Daddy stop and go back so we could get Squeaker. He needed to go with me. He might want a book to read, too.

    We went downstairs, told Ms. Rosie goodbye, and Daddy took me out to the garage where I was loaded into my car seat in the back of his SUV. We backed out of the garage and down the driveway. Within a few minutes we were headed toward the center of town. Daddy pulled into a big shopping strip and parked near a Walden Books store. He got my stroller out of the back of the vehicle and loaded me into it. When I was strapped into it and my diaper bag was hung over the back handles, he pushed me toward the store. We went into the bookstore where a male store clerk immediately greeted us. He gave me a funny look, but then he pointed us toward the juvenile books section, where Daddy and I started to go through books. He asked what kind of books I read, and I just shrugged. I really didn't read all that much because I had a bad history with chapter books.

    When I was about eight, I had been in a foster home where I took a chapter book home from the school library. It was one of my first chapter books, and it wasn't very big. I don't even remember what it was about. The foster family had had a real son, who was four. The four-year-old had somehow gotten hold of my book one day. I caught him with it and tried to get it back from him, but he started screaming and crying and my foster mom told me to leave him alone or I'd get a spanking. I had watched in horror as he took the book and proceeded to apply just about every crayon he had to its pages. I tried to get him to stop, but he wouldn't. If I had tried to make him stop he would have screamed more, and I would have been in big trouble. He was only four, but he had already learned which one of us was in charge. He knew I couldn't do anything to him.

    Obviously, I had had to return the book to the library at school where the librarian had naturally discovered that the book was ruined. The school called my foster parents and they had to pay for the book. When I went home that day my foster dad had really whipped me hard. I tried to explain that their son had done the damage to the book, but the four-year-old was old enough to lie and deny it, and they, of course, believed him over me. I was just "the bedwetting little shit," after all. That was the home where I got whipped every day with the buckle end of the belt for wetting my bed, so you can imagine how badly I was beaten for ruining a library book, especially after trying to blame it on their son. I had had to sleep on my stomach for the next week or so because my back, butt, and the backs of my thighs hurt so badly. Going to school and sitting at my desk all day had been really bad.

    Consequently, I never took another library book home. When the class went to the library to check out books, I would just get a book and keep it in my desk at school. I never got to finish a chapter book because I never had time to read a whole one at school before it was time to turn it in. Eventually I just stopped getting chapter books, and I just got picture books, since they were easier for me to finish in time.

    Daddy quickly figured out that I wasn't going to be much help picking out books, so he pulled a few off the shelf and read me their descriptions and asked if they sounded any good. I really wasn't sure what I wanted to read, so I just shrugged. He asked if I had read the latest Harry Potter book, and I told him I hadn't read any of them. He immediately decided for me that we'd get the first Harry Potter book. He found a copy and set it in my lap. I was glad when he told me we could count that as two books for my monthly quota, because it looked pretty thick. We finally found a couple of other novels that sounded interesting to me, so we got them, as well. Daddy paid for the books, and we left the store. He then announced that it was time for lunch, so we went down the street to a Chick-Fil-A, a fast food place I had seen before but never been to. Before he put me in my stroller to take me into the restaurant he checked my diapers. I had only wet three or four times that morning, so I wasn't in need of a change.

    Daddy bought me a chicken nugget kids meal and something for himself, and we went over to a table to eat. The restaurant had an indoor playroom, which accounted for the restaurant being full of kids and parents. Obviously, with school in session, all of the kids were no older than four or so, and many of them were just little toddlers. Most of the parents looked like stay-at-home moms. I don't really know why, but I was really nervous, at first, when we were in the restaurant eating. I felt like everyone was staring right at me in my babyish attire. I don't know how, but Daddy must have sensed that I was getting a little upset, because he picked me up out of my stroller and held me in his lap. That made me feel a lot better. He fed me my chicken nuggets and waffle fries, and it didn't even bother me that I saw a few people staring at me as he fed me. After we finished eating, we just sat there for a few minutes as Daddy held me. We didn't even talk all that much. I casually looked around the restaurant just surveying the activity around me.

    I suddenly realized that I was looking at all of the kids' lower midsections and trying to decide if they were wearing diapers underneath their clothes or not. I could easily tell that a few of them were, with others it was kind of iffy, and with some I was almost certain they were not in diapers. I was for some reason glad that I noticed that most of the boys appeared to be wearing diapers, I suppose because then I knew I wasn't alone, but then again, the majority of the boys were all around two or three years old with a few that were four or maybe five, and I couldn't tell that many of the older ones were in diapers.

    I also noticed that far fewer of the girls present seemed to be wearing diapers compared to the boys. It seemed that only the very youngest girls who were only barely able to toddle around were in diapers. Strangely, it seemed that many girls who were obviously not in diapers were younger than many of the boy who obviously were. I wondered what that meant. I wondered if it had anything to do with what Andy and Billy were saying yesterday while going over "the rules." Did that mean that boys really weren't capable of being trained to use the toilet properly? I thought I had always done a pretty good job. Of course, I always wet my bed, but I wasn't sure if that counted or not. Maybe I'd ask Andy about it. She seemed to know a lot about this sort of thing.

    Daddy put me back into my stroller and strapped me in. He then told me to wait there while he took our trash from lunch to the trashcan. I sat there clutching Squeaker in my lap and waited. Suddenly, I saw a little boy coming toward me. He looked like he was three or maybe four. He was dressed in a red and blue striped t-shirt underneath a pair of denim, Oshkosh B'Gosh overalls, that looked exactly like the ones Mommy had bought for me. Strangely, he was also carrying a teddy bear around, dragging the poor stuffed animal by one arm.

    "Hi," he said to me with a smile as he came up to me.

    "Um, hello," I said a little nervously.

    "Did you get hurt?" he said pointing at the casts on my arms.

    I looked down at myself.

    "My big bwother fell out of a twee, and he had a cast on his arm," he informed me without waiting for me to answer his question. "Is dat what happened to you?"

    "Um, yeah," I said.

    I didn't really care to explain that someone had beaten me, and I hoped he wouldn't have understood such a concept, anyway.

    "My name is Kyle," he informed me. "What's your name?"

    "Taddy," I replied.

    "I'm this many," he said holding up three spread fingers. "How old are you?"

    "Um, ten," I admitted.

    "Ooh, you a big baby," he said delightedly.

    "Who said I was a baby?" I asked.

    "Well, you got on big diapers," he said. "Babies wear diapers. And you dressed like a baby. That mean you a baby, huh?"

    "Yeah," I said smiling thinly. "But how do you know I'm wearing diapers?"

    "Because, I can see 'em up your pants, silly," he said.

    I looked down at myself and suddenly realized that, much to my horror, the legs of my short-alls were short enough and the openings large enough that anyone at the proper angle could plainly see my diapers and plastic pants. I could see the whiteness of my diapers radiating out of my pant legs like headlights on a car.

    "Mommy put me in pull-ups," he told me next. "She say I have to start usin' da potty so I can be a big boy."

    "Oh," I replied, trying desperately to take my mind off of my shocking discovery. "You don't like your diapers?"

    "Well…" he hesitated. "Yeah, but Mommy say only babies wear diapers, and it time for me to be a big boy."

    Then I got just a little brave, "That's too bad, isn't it?"

    "Yeah," he admitted kind of sadly.

    "I guess I'm lucky," I said. "I get to still be a baby and wear my diapers."

    "Yeah," he said.

    "Why don't you tell your mommy you still want to be a baby?" I suggested.

    He just stared at me for a few moments. I must have given him an idea he had never thought of. He seemed to be very intrigued by my suggestion.

    "Kyle," a lady suddenly called from across the restaurant. "It's time to go, sweetie. Tell your little friend goodbye."

    He turned to look at the lady and then turned back to me.

    "I gotta go," he told me

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    A Second Chance

    I smiled again and nodded.

    "You're a stinky baby," he commented giving me a hug and a kiss on the top of my head. "Now, back to reading."

    He picked up the book and we went back to reading. I read about ten more pages completing the first chapter. It felt good to finish a chapter, and I decided that I liked this book.

    "Okay," Daddy said. "We need to go get your brother from school soon, so Daddy needs to change you."

    I stayed seated in his lap as he reached over to my stroller for the diaper bag. He pulled it off and sat it next to him. He opened it and pulled out a changing pad and spread it out on the other side of him on the unoccupied side of the bench.

    "You're going to change me here?" I said.

    "Good a place as any," he replied.

    "Do you have to?" I asked worriedly. I didn't want to be changed out in the middle of a park.

    He picked me up and flipped me around so that I was facing him.

    "Taddy," he said. "You complained about your clothes this morning, and now you're complaining about being changes. You know the rules, don't you?"

    I nodded sadly, my lip beginning to quiver.

    "Now, you know you don't have to be a baby," he said. "We can take you home right now, get you out of these diapers, put some undies on you, and you'll be a big boy, again. Is that what you want?"

    I shook my head vehemently as a single tear rolled down my cheek. I wasn't upset at the prospect of losing my babyhood, or about the rules of it. I was upset because Daddy was mad at me.

    "Okay," he said. "No more complaining, then."

    "I'm sorry, Daddy," I whimpered quietly.

    "That's okay, baby," he said.

    He gave me a hug and a kiss on the forehead, both of which comforted me, and then he picked me up and laid me down. Naturally, he positioned me with my head away from him and my crotch toward him so he could get at my diapers. He pulled the inseams of my short-alls open, grabbed my legs, and lifted my butt so he could push them up under me. He then had to unlock my plastic pants because I was still in the locking, nighttime pants I had worn all night. I had been in these diapers for nearly eighteen hours now. I didn't have a rash, but I was very, very wet by now.

    He pulled the plastic pants off and began to unpin my diapers. Just as he was doing that a guy came jogging by. He quite blatantly stared at us—mainly me—as he jogged by. I think he almost tripped he was so distracted. I got very upset, and I was about to cry again. Daddy stopped unpinning my diapers and reached over to my stroller. He turned back to me and handed me my teddy bear.

    "Here. Give Squeaker a hug," he told me. "That'll make you feel better."

    I clutched Squeaker between my arm casts and my chest making him squeak. Daddy gave me a comforting pat on my belly, and continued changing me. He got the last diaper undone and opened it up.

    "You're sure a wet, dirty baby, today," he said with a smile.

    He took the package of baby wipes out of the diaper bag and began to clean my really dirty diaper area. I could feel my little pee-pee grow bigger again. It seemed to do that nearly every time I got my diapers changed, lately. I still needed to ask about that, but I didn't want to have that conversation here in the middle of the park.

    Just as I was thinking about that another jogger came by. He did the exact same thing that the other jogger did, except he slowed down a lot more to stare at me. I glanced at him briefly, but then I just stared up at the tree above me. I could feel my ears and cheeks burn in humiliation, and I started sniffle as I fought back tears.

    "It's okay, baby," Daddy told me gently. "Almost done."

    He finished cleaning me up, and he put the bundled, dirty diapers and used wipes into the plastic bag that was kept in the diaper bag. He then pulled out a stack of clean diapers and got them folded up to put under me. He grabbed my lower legs again and lifted my butt up so he could slide the stack of diapers underneath me. He lowered my butt down onto the wonderfully cushy pile of cloth. He then spread my knees apart and started pulling diapers up between my legs and pinning them on. Within a few minutes, all four diapers were pinned around me snuggly. He pulled the same pair of plastic pants, which had been around my ankles during the change, back up over my diapers and got everything adjusted properly. He locked the pants back on me, though I don't know why, and then lifted my butt one last time so he could pull my short-alls down over me. He got my outfit snapped up, and then he picked me up and sat me in his lap facing him. He wrapped his arms around me and gave me a big hug.

    "See there? That wasn't so bad, was it?" he asked.

    I just shook my head.

    "Daddy loves you, big guy," he told me.

    "I love you, too, Daddy," I said with a smile.

    He gave me a kiss on the forehead and hugged me tighter.

    "Ready to go pick up your big brother?" he asked.

    I nodded and grinned.

    He put me back into my stroller and strapped me into it. He then cleaned up the changing area and put everything into the diaper bag. Once the diaper bag was slung over the back of the stroller we headed out of the park. We went back to the SUV and he loaded me into my car seat. In another minute we were on the road driving towards Billy's school. I don't think I was awake for five minutes after leaving the park before I drifted off to sleep in my cozy car seat.

    The next thing I knew I was waking up in my crib. I had had another good dream about diapers, and I woke up in a very good mood. I had Squeaker clutched against my chest, and I was laying on me side. I immediately noticed that my diapers were already wet, but that was no surprise. I pushed myself up and saw that Billy was awake, sitting in his crib.

    "Hey, Taddy," he greeted me happily.

    "Hi, Billy," I smiled tiredly. I got a thumb up to my eyes and started wiping sleep from them.

    I was already itchy in my casts and I wanted to stick my fingers into them, but I knew I wasn't supposed to. Thankfully, I didn't have to wait long. Right about then, Celli came into the room.

    "Hi, babies," she greeted us happily.

    "Hi, Celli," we both said in unison.

    She came over to me first and opened my crib. She picked me up and I wrapped my arms around her neck and hugged her.

    "How's my little, baby brother, today?" she asked me.

    "Good, thank you," I said. "How are you?"

    "Such a polite baby," she said giving me a kiss on he cheek. "I'm good, too, thank you."

    She retrieved my glasses from the dresser and put them on me. We then went over to Billy's crib. She gave Billy a kiss as he stood in his crib, and then she held me up to him, and I gave him a kiss on the cheek, too. She dropped the side of his crib down so he could climb out then carried me over to the changing table and set me down on it. She stuck her fingers inside the waistband of my pants and checked the status of my diapers.

    "Celli, I'm itchy," I said, trying not to whine.

    "Okay, baby," she said. "Let me change your brother's diaper, and I'll go get the blow dryer in a second."

    I nodded as she gave me a kiss on the forehead. She scooted me down to the end of the changing table to make room for Billy. He climbed up onto the table and lay down with his head facing away from me. I watched as she untaped his diaper and opened it up. Like always, his disposable was extremely well used and there was a mound of poop in the seat of it that extended both toward the front and back of the diaper. I watched Billy's pee-pee immediately pop to attention as it was exposed. Most of his scrotum and his entire crotch were caked in a layer of dark-brown, almost black poop. The room got a lot stinkier as his diaper was fully opened.

    "Such a stinky, stinky baby," Celli said.

    She reached up under his school shirt and tickled his chest. He immediately squirmed and started giggling loudly. She stopped tickling so he wouldn't move and maybe make a mess. She got out some wet wipes and began cleaning him. She changed him into a nice, thick, set of cloth diapers and pulled a pair of plastic pants onto him. She then told him to go change his shirt, and she left to get the blow dryer for me. I was glad when she came back because I was about to lose my mind from the itching. She got my casts lightly powdered on the insides and blew cool air into them. I sighed in relief as she did so.

    "Thank you, Celli," I said as she was finishing up.

    "You're welcome, sweetie," she told me.

    She then picked me up and planted me on her hip. She took Billy by the hand and led him downstairs as she carried me. We went to the kitchen where we found Andy and Daddy. I guess Ms. Rosie had already departed for the day. Andy held me and gave me a hug, and Celli got Billy and I a snack. Ms. Rosie had made some brownies while Daddy and I were gone today, so we each had a brownie and a bottle of milk.

    After our snack, Billy had homework to do. I spent the rest of the afternoon zooming around in my baby walker. Mommy got home a little early tonight, which was a nice surprise. She picked me up and carried me around for a while as she helped Daddy with supper, which was nice. We ate supper like normal, and then Billy and I had our baths. Mommy and Daddy both bathed us tonight. After our baths, Billy and I spent sometime playing in the playpen down in the den while Celli and Andy watched TV with us. Mommy and Daddy went upstairs for some reason while we were all downstairs, and they stayed up there for quite a while.

    They came back down a while later and announced that it was time for the babies to go night-night. Billy and I said goodnight to our sisters, and we were carried upstairs. Mommy read us a story tonight while I sat in Daddy's lap in the lounging area in the nursery. Billy and I had a bottle of warm milk while we listened to the story. When the Dr. Seuss book was finished, Mommy picked me up out of Daddy's lap and carried me toward my crib.

    "Now, baby," she told me. "We have to do something special tonight so that you don't get out of your crib and hurt yourself tonight."

    I frowned wondering what she meant, but I didn't have to wait long for an answer. We got over to my crib and I looked in it to see something that had definitely not been there earlier. It looked like some sort of harness system that was strapped to the bed.

    "What's that?" I asked in distress.

    "It's just a little harness to hold you down, baby," she said. "So you won't hurt yourself."

    With a few seconds tears were streaming down my face.

    "I'm sorry, Mommy," I cried. "I won't get out of my crib again. I promise. Please, don't put me in that. I'll be a good boy."

    "Oh, baby," she said giving me a hug. "You're not a bad boy. You didn't do anything wrong. You're just climbing out of your crib at night without knowing it. If we don't help you stay in your crib you're going to hurt yourself."

    "But I don't want to be in a harness," I cried.

    "I know baby," she said. "But you don't want to hurt yourself, either, do you?"

    "No," I sobbed.

    "Then we need to do this," she said. "I'm sorry."

    "We have to?" I asked.

    "I'm sorry, baby," she said. "But Mommy and Daddy don't want you to hurt yourself. There's nothing else we can do."

    "Please, don't, Mommy," I begged one last time.

    "Baby, we have to," she said. "If there were another way we'd do it, but there isn't."

    I just kept sobbing as I buried my face in her shoulder.

    "Come on, baby," she said. "Let's get you in your crib."

    She lowered me down, but I clutched my arms around her neck. She reached up with one arm and gently removed my arms from around her. She lowered me into the open harness.

    "Don't fight, okay, baby?" she told me gently as she stroked the side of my face.

    "No, Mommy," I said still crying. "I won't."

    "Good baby," she said.

    Daddy had been standing behind Mommy the whole time. He came up next to Mommy and they proceeded to strap me into the crib. The harness was attached to the crib by a big strap that apparently went around the center of the mattress. The harness was made completely out of white, padded canvas, and it looked pretty complicated. Mommy started by pulling a very wide—maybe eight-inches-wide—band over my waist and midriff. She brought two ends of a canvas strap over that. She used some sort of little metal post thing that went through grommet holes in the straps to hold the straps together. Next, two shoulders straps came down over my shoulders and were fastened together with the same post in the waist straps. Mommy then put a little black thing over the little metal post and there was a little click as it obviously locked into place.

    "Now, these are magnetic locks, baby," Mommy said. "You have to have a special magnetic key to open them and only Daddy and I have one. So, don't try to play with them or open them, or you might hurt yourself, okay?"

    I just nodded.

    That didn't complete my restraining. There was a strap that went from one shoulder strap to the other across the top of my chest I suppose so that the shoulder straps couldn't be moved apart. The same type of little metal posts that held the shoulder and waist straps together held the chest strap to the shoulder straps. The tops of the shoulder straps were looped around my shoulders and up underneath my armpits where they were connected back onto themselves where the chest strap connected to them. It was a weird setup, but by the time it was all fastened together I couldn't move my upper body much at all. I could shift around for a little comfort, but that was about it. I also noticed that there were what looked like wrist restraints down by the waistband. They were attached to the strap that connected the harness system to the mattress. Thankfully, my arms in their casts couldn't reach those, so I don't think they could tie my arms down.

    "See, there, baby? That doesn't hurt at all, does it?" asked Mommy.

    "No," I whimpered.

    I had to admit it wasn't painful at all. The straps were secure, but they weren't really tight. There was no way I could get out of this setup, but neither was I really uncomfortable.

    Mommy put my pillow under my head and then made sure my arms were comfortable. Daddy put a little pillow under my leg cast and then pulled my sheet over me. Mommy then bent over and gave me a kiss as she gently rubbed my chest.

    "Mommy loves you, baby," she told me.

    "I love you, too, Mommy," I replied still sniffling.

    She moved out of the way so Daddy could give me a kiss and tell me goodnight. He told me he loved me too, and then he put Squeaker in my arms before he closed my crib. They went over to Billy and tucked him in and then left us alone after they turned the lights off. I lay there still quietly crying for a few minutes.

    "Taddy?" I heard Billy call quietly from across the room.

    "Yeah?" I whimpered.

    "It's gonna be okay, alright?" he assured me.

    "Uh huh," I replied, though I didn't believe him.

    "I love you, baby brother," he said.

    "I love you, too, Billy," I replied.

    "Night," he said.


    I sniffled again and tried to settle in for the night. A pretty good day had just ended on a very sour note. Why did I have to sleepwalk and end up tied down like this? Why couldn't everything go right for me for once in my life? I guess I just didn't deserve that. I suddenly realized that this was probably it. Mommy and Daddy had probably decided they had had enough of me. They didn't want anyone that sleepwalked and might get into trouble, break something, or hurt himself. They were probably just using the harness to keep me restrained for the night, and then in the morning, or maybe a few days, they'd get rid of me. For all I knew they had already called Miss Shelly, who was now looking for another place to dump me. I guess I couldn't blame them. Who would want some dumb kid who sleepwalked? I suppose I could say that this had been the best week and a half in my life. Too bad it had to come to an end, but I had always known it would not last forever. I just wished it could have gone on a little longer.

    On that unhappy thought, I closed my eyes and cried myself to sleep.

    I didn't wake up the next morning until someone nudged me awake. I opened my and saw Mommy leaning over the crib with her hand on my chest gently rubbing it.

    "Morning, Baby," she said happily.

    I didn't return her smile. I was definitely not a happy camper this morning. I had had bad dreams all night. Most of them were pure nightmares. One of them was my worst possible nightmare. In that one people had come to take me away from here. Mommy and Daddy and everyone else had been pretty indifferent as the strange man and women came to collect me. I tried to say goodbye to everyone, but they all pretty much ignored me like I wasn't even there, like I was already gone. I had then been taken back to my old foster home where I was severely beaten for telling people what my old foster dad had done to me. I had woken up in the middle of the night shivering and crying. Twice more I had awakened during the night and was completely in shock to find myself restrained and unable to move until I remembered the harness I had been strapped into.

    Mommy reached down and produced a little red disk thingy that she used to unlock my restraints. All she did was touch it to the magnetic locks and the black, button things came right off the metal posts they were attached to. She got all of the straps unfastened and picked me up out of crib. I wrapped my arms around her and immediately gave her a hug as she hugged me back. I really needed that this morning.

    "Did you sleep good, baby?" she asked me.

    "No," I said.

    "I'm sorry, baby," she said. "Was the harness uncomfortable?"

    "No, I just had bad dreams all night," I replied.

    "Oh, I'm sorry, baby," she said again.

    "Let's go get you changed, and that'll make you feel better," she told me.

    I wasn't so sure of that, but I didn't say so. Mommy carried me over to Billy's crib and we let him out, and then we went to the changing table. She changed me out of my night diapers, which were obviously wet. I then sat on the end of the table as she changed Billy into a disposable. He then went to go get dressed for school.

    "My ankle hurts," I said as Mommy picked me up off the changing table.

    "That doesn't surprise me, baby," he said. "You woke the whole house up again last night. You were screaming and yelling again in your sleep."

    "I was?" I asked.

    "Yep," she replied. "We came in and you were kicking your legs all over the place. We tried to stop you, but you were kicking hard. I'm sure you slammed you poor little leg into the mattress and the side of the crib pretty hard."

    "I'm sorry, Mommy," I said sadly. "I didn't mean to."

    "I know, baby," she said. "It wasn't your fault."

    Mommy took me to the bathroom to brush my teeth and comb my hair. After that she changed me into a clean, babyish t-shirt, put my glasses on me, and she carried me downstairs. We found Daddy in the kitchen making eggs and sausage for breakfast.

    "Morning, Tadpole," he told me cheerfully from the stove.

    "Hi, Daddy," I said quietly with very little cheer.

    Mommy carried me over to him and he gave me a good morning kiss. She then got me a bottle of milk and carried me over to the highchair. She strapped me into the highchair and gave me my bottle. She had to go finish getting ready for work, so I held the bottle myself, which didn't really bother me.

    After she left, it was just Daddy and I in the kitchen for a little while. I sat there quietly sucking on my bottle as I listened to Daddy humming as he cooked breakfast. He had just finished scrambling eggs when I finally worked up the courage to asked a burning question.


    "Yes, baby?" he replied.

    "Are y'all gonna get rid of me, now?" I asked. I was unable to look him in the face.

    "Get rid of you?" he asked. "Why would we do that?"

    "Because I sleepwalk," I replied starting to sniffle a little.

    He set the frying pan of eggs down on the counter and came over to me. He unstrapped me and picked me up out of the highchair. He held me in front of him and I automatically wrapped my legs around his waist to hold onto him.

    "Why would we get rid of you for that?" he asked.

    "I don't know," I shrugged. "Who would want a kid who sleepwalks?"

    "We do," he said immediately. "I want a kid who sleepwalks, and so does Mommy, and so do your brother and sisters. Taddy, we'd never want to get rid you for something like that. There is no reason we'd not want you here. We love you, kiddo, and when you love someone you can't just get rid of them, especially for something so silly as a little sleepwalking. Do you understand?"

    I nodded as a single tear rolled down my face. Daddy gave me a kiss and a big hug.

    "Okay," he said. "Now, no more talk of us getting rid of you. That's not going to happen. They may find some reason to take you away from us, one day, but that's the only way you'll ever leave here. We're not just going to get rid of you. Understand?"

    I smiled thinly, and nodded.

    He gave me another kiss on the forehead, and he put me back in the highchair. He continued preparing breakfast as I finished my bottle of milk. By the time we were both finished everyone else had joined us. We had our eggs and sausage, and I got a bottle of juice with Tylenol in it for my ankle. Then, everyone started leaving for work and school.

    Daddy and I watched Nickelodeon in the den for a little while, but then I had to go do schoolwork. He took me into the kitchen and we got started on Math. I wasn't a big fan of math, so I liked to do it first to get it out of the way. Ms. Rosie arrived just as we were finishing with the math work. We then did English and social studies. Daddy had me write a whole paragraph to practice writing. He told me to write about whatever I wanted to. I wasn't sure what I wanted to write about, at first, but then I decided to write about diapers. Even then I had trouble writing a whole paragraph. When I was finally done Daddy took the paper from me and read it.

    "I see you've picked Billy's favorite subject," he commented with a smile.

    That somehow didn't really surprise me.

    "This isn't bad, Tadpole," he told me.

    "Really?" I asked.

    "Really," he confirmed. "There are a few little grammar errors, but we'll go over those."

    He showed me where I had made the mistakes and then we went through my grammar book and he showed me what I should do. He then had me close the textbook and rewrite everything again. If I hadn't been writing about diapers, I think I would have been really, really bored.

    After my writing lesson we did history, which I found kind of boring. After that, we did science, which I found a little more interesting. Today's lesson was about magnetism, which was pretty neat. When the science lesson was over it was time for lunch. Daddy actually let me pick what I had for lunch today. I told him I wanted macaroni and cheese like Mommy made it. He said he wasn't sure if he could do it quite as good as she did, but he'd try. He ended up making macaroni and cheese that was okay. It wasn't quite as good as Mommy's, but it wasn't bad. He put some cut up ham in the macaroni and cheese so I would be getting some meat, and he also made me eat some carrot sticks.

    When he was done feeding me my lunch he said it was puzzle time. After he wiped my face with my bib he took it off of me and took the dishes to the sink. He retrieved a bottle for me from the refrigerator, and then he got me out of the highchair and carried me out of the kitchen. We went down the hall to his study where we found the puzzle in the middle of the floor just where we had left it the other day. He set me down on the floor next to the puzzle and got down on the floor on the other side of it. We spent the next little while working on the puzzle and talking like I had become accustomed to. He began asking me all sorts of questions just like he always did.

    "How was sleeping in the harness last night?" he finally asked after a while.

    "I don't like that thing, Daddy," I said.

    "I know, buddy," he said.

    "Do you have to do that?" I pleaded. "I promise I'll try not to sleepwalk."

    "Tadpole, it's not so simple as that," he said. "You know you can't help sleepwalking. There's nothing you can do to stop it."

    "I know," I said sadly.

    "We're just doing it to protect you," he said. "You understand that you're not being punished, right?"

    "Uh huh," I said sadly.

    "Sometimes parents have to do things for their kids that they may not like," he told me. "But we only do it out love because it's for your own good. Do you understand that?"

    I nodded

    "We won't use it for very long," he promised. "We'll do it for a few weeks, and then we'll let you sleep without it for a while and see if you sleepwalk again."

    I nodded again still not very happy with the whole situation.

    We continued talking about other things for the next hour or so. As usual, an hour or two after lunch, I filled my diapers with a pretty big load of poop. Today it was a quiet bowel movement, and Daddy didn't even notice when I did it. I just smiled sort of mischievously at my little secret and kept on working on the puzzle.

    "You're stinky, Tadpole," Daddy said about twenty minutes later.

    I just looked up at him and smiled.

    About then the phone on Daddy's desk rang. He got up and went over to answer it.

    "Hello," he said into the phone. "Yes… Oh, hello, Mr. Turner… Oh, it is? Well, that's great. Can we drop by this afternoon after I pick Billy up from school? Wonderful! We'll see you then."

    He hung up and came back over to me.

    "Guess what," he told me.

    I just shrugged.

    "Your highchair is ready," he said happily.

    "Wow!" I replied. "We're gonna go get it?"

    "Yep," he said. "As soon as we pick up your brother."

    "Cool!" I said.

    We kept working on the puzzle, both of us ignoring my worsening diaper smells. We kept on talking about different things. I stayed pretty excited about getting my own highchair. Daddy finally looked up at a clock on his deck.

    "Uh oh," he said. "We're gonna be late. We better get going, or Billy is going to wonder where we're at."

    He stood up and bent over to pick me up. He planted me on his hip and turned to whisk me from the room. We said a brief goodbye to Ms. Rosie and headed out to the garage. Daddy strapped me into my car seat.

    "Daddy, I don't have any clothes on," I commented as he finished buckling my car seat restraints. I was still just in my stinky diapers and a t-shirt.

    "You've got enough on, kiddo," he said. "It's warm enough. We have to go."

    He closed my door and climbed into the front seat. We pulled out of the garage and we were on our way. A few minutes later Daddy turned into the drive at the school. He pulled up in front of the school where there were already a bunch of kids outside. We immediately saw Billy waiting on the sidewalk in front of the school. He waved as he saw us pull up. Daddy turned the car off and got out. He gave Billy a quick kiss and then opened the back door so he could climb in.

    "Hi, Taddy!" Billy greeted me when he got in.

    "Hey, Billy," I replied. "Guess what. We're going to get my new highchair."

    "Cool," he replied as he plopped his butt down in his car seat.

    Daddy got him buckled in, and then we were off again. We headed off in a different direction from home. Daddy took us through parts of town I hadn't yet seen. We finally stopped in front of a little metal building that looked like a workshop, or a small warehouse. The sign on the building said: "Turner's Custom Furniture and Fine Woodwork." I think I could safely assume this was where my highchair was.

    Daddy got out of the car and let Billy out of his car seat. He then came over to my side. He unbuckled me and started to pick me up out of my car seat.

    "Do I have to go in like this?" I asked a little uneasily.

    "Yes, Taddy," he said. "You want your highchair, don't you?"

    I nodded.

    "Well, it's in here," he said. "Besides, Mr. Turner made you a highchair. Do you really think he'll be surprised to see you in diapers?"

    I suppose that made sense.

    "I guess not," I said.

    "Of course not," he replied. "Now, let's go."

    He put me on his hip and took Billy's hand with his freehand. He took us into the building. The entrance actually led into a small office. There was an older man sitting behind a desk doing some paperwork. He looked up and smiled.

    "Ah, Dr. Bradshaw," he smiled. "Good afternoon."

    "Hello, Mr. Turner," he said.

    He got up and came over to us.

    "Hi, Billy," Mr. Turner greeted my brother.

    "Hi, Mr. Turner," Billy responded back.

    "So, this is the new little one," he said.

    "Yes. Mr. Turner, this is Taddy," Daddy introduced me. "Taddy, this is Mr. Turner. Say hi."

    "Hello, Mr. Turner," I said politely but nervously.

    "Hello, Taddy," he said. "You remind me of my grandson. You look almost exactly like him, except he doesn't wear glasses. He's eight, though, so I guess he's a little older than you."

    "I'm ten," I said blushing.

    "Oh," he said with a nod. "I guess you're just a little guy, then."

    "Yeah," I said kind of sadly.

    "Nothin' wrong with that," he replied. "So, would you like to see your new highchair?"

    "Yes, please," I said with a renewed smile.

    "Right this way," he said.

    He led us out of the office to the rest of the building. We entered a rather large workshop that was full of all sorts of complicated and kind of dangerous looking machinery. One wall of the building was full of all kinds of wood stacked up on shelves. The air was thick with the pleasant smells of cut wood and the stronger odors of chemicals, which I assumed were from paints and wood stains. There was a clear spot just outside the office where I immediately noticed that a highchair sat. It was just like Billy's. It was made out of nicely carved wood with a plastic tray and a high, comfortable looking back. I could see that it had the same harness restraints that Billy's chair had. I also noticed wrist restraints on the tray and ankle restraints down on the footboard just like Billy's chair had.

    We went over to the chair and watched as Mr. Turner removed the tray from it.

    "Shall we try it out?" he asked as he turned toward us.

    "Sure," Daddy replied.

    Mr. Turner came over to us and held out his arms toward me. Daddy handed me over to him. I was a little nervous for a stranger to be holding me, but Mr. Turner seemed nice enough. He carried me over to the highchair. For the first time I noticed that "Taddy" was carved into the front of the seatback. I smiled at that thinking it was really cool to have something with my name on it. Mr. Turner set me down in the seat. It was just as comfortable as Billy's chair, and its hard, wooden surfaces squished the poop around in my diapers just like Billy's highchair would have done.

    "I think somebody is about ready for a change," Mr. Turner commented looking down at me with as smile.

    I just smiled back embarrassedly.

    "I think there're two somebodies who are about ready for a change," Daddy commented as he reached down to give Billy's butt a loving swat.

    Billy just giggled.

    Mr. Turner pulled the shoulder straps out from behind me and pulled them over me. I got my arms through them, and he buckled the seatbelt down at my waist. He adjusted the seatbelt and shoulder straps so they were snug, and then he retrieved the tray and reattached it to the rest of the chair.

    "Looks great," said Daddy. "What do you think, baby?"

    "I like it," I said with a big grin.

    "How's it feel?" asked Mr. Turner.

    "Good," I said still grinning.

    "I guess that about does it, then," Mr. Turner said.

    He took the tray back off of the chair and unstrapped me. He picked me up and handed me back to Daddy.

    "Thank you, Mr. Turner," I said as he was putting the tray back on.

    "You're welcome, little fellow," he replied. "I'm glad you like it."

    When the chair was reassembled he picked it up and carried it back to the office as we followed him along. Daddy set me down on the edge of Mr. Turner's desk and took out a checkbook. He wrote Mr. Turner a check to pay for the highchair. After Mr. Turner gave him a receipt we were ready to go. Mr. Turner carried the highchair out to Daddy's SUV for us and loaded it into the back. I thanked him again and Daddy shook his hand. He told us goodbye and he returned to his shop.

    "Thank you for my highchair, Daddy," I said wrapping my arms around his neck and hugging him as he carried me to my side of the vehicle.

    "You're welcome, kiddo," he said. "I'm glad you like it."

    He got me into my car seat and buckled me into it. A minute later, Billy was in his car seat, as well, and we were ready to go. Daddy got behind the wheel and we headed back home. A few minutes later we pulled into the garage at the house. Daddy got us out of the back seat and carried me into the house. We greeted Ms. Rosie, but then Daddy took Billy and me straight upstairs to the nursery for our naps. He checked my diapers just to make sure I wasn't going to leak before naptime was over, and then he carried me over to my crib.

    "Daddy, do you have to strap me into that thingy for my nap?" I said. I didn't want to go in that stupid harness again.

    "No, I guess not," he said. "Tell you what. How about you share Billy's crib with him for naptime? That way we can just leave the harness in your crib, for now"

    "Okay," I said happily.

    "How's that sound, Billy?" asked Daddy.

    "Sure. That's sounds cool," Billy replied.

    He was over by his crib pulling his shoes and pants off.

    Daddy carried me over there and put me down in Billy's crib. Once Billy was wearing nothing but his school uniform shirt and a diaper Daddy picked him up and put him in the crib too. Daddy leaned forward and gave us both a kiss on the forehead. We lay down next to each other and Daddy pulled the sheet up over us.

    "Daddy, can you get Squeaker for me, please?" I asked.

    "Sure, Tadpole," he said.

    He went over to my crib and returned with my orange teddy bear. He handed him to me and I clutched him to my chest. He also brought me my pillow and placed it under my head.

    "Thank you, Daddy," I said.

    "You're welcome, big guy," he said. "You boys go to sleep and have a good nap."

    "We will," Billy and I said together.

    "And no talking or playing around, or Daddy spanks," he warned us.

    We both nodded.

    He smiled and winked at us and then turned to leave. He turned the lights off and closed the door partway as he left. Billy turned over on his stomach and put one arm around my chest.

    "You think Daddy would spank us just for talking?" I asked Billy a little worriedly.

    "Nah, that was just so we'll be quiet and go to sleep," Billy told me.

    "Oh," I replied, somewhat relieved.

    "Night, Taddy," he said, as he got comfortable.

    "Goodnight, Billy," I replied.

    I closed my eyes and very quickly fell asleep.

    I woke up sometime later to a strange sound. It was a weird crinkling sound that I couldn't quite recognize as I awoke confused, disoriented, and groggy. As I slowly woke up the noise became louder. I opened my eyes and discovered that I was facing the wall. I was staring at the baby blue bumper padding that went around the crib down by the mattress. I didn't move for a minute or two as I continued to get my bearings and wake myself up. That constant, rhythmic rustling got a little louder. I realized it was coming from inside the crib with me. Suddenly, I heard some soft, muted moaning that sounded like it was coming from Billy. I was almost afraid to turn over and look to see what was going on, but my curiosity got the better of me.

    I slowly and quietly looked over at Billy. I found him sitting in one corner of the crib down by my feet. He was reclining in the corner with his knees raised up towards his chest and his feet spread apart on the mattress. His eyes were closed and his head leaning back against the crib's corner post. He had both hands planted firmly on the front of his disposable diaper and he was very firmly and rhythmically rubbing the front of his diaper up and down. He seemed to be thoroughly enjoying himself, as he had a silly little smirk plastered across his face. He was completely oblivious to my presence, or at least he certainly didn't care that I was there. He suddenly began slowly moving his hips back and forth as he methodically rubbed his diaper. Perhaps a minute later I was almost scared when his diaper rubbing rose to a crescendo, and then he suddenly stopped. His whole body then seemed to shudder as though he were being shocked by an electric jolt. His pelvis thrust forward abruptly a few times, and then he just stopped moving. He seemed to completely relax, and he went limp as he let out a long, deep sigh. He then sat there panting softly, still not moving as he remained limp as a rag doll.

    "Billy?" I asked timidly. "Are you okay?"

    "Huh?" he said, suddenly opening his eyes. "Oh. Hey, Taddy. Yeah, I'm fine. I'm great."

    He had the silliest, stupidest little grin on his face.

    "What were you just doing, Billy?" I asked, still confused as to what had just transpired.

    "Oh. Um. Hmm," he said, obviously searching for what to tell me. "You don't know what masturbation is?"

    "Master-. Master- what?" I asked.

    "I guess not," he said. "Um. Masturbation is something boys do. It's um…"

    He still seemed unable to decide how to explain this foreign activity to me.

    "Well, you've felt your little penis get bigger and harder, sometimes, right?" he asked

    "Uh huh," I nodded.

    I sat up, so I could get into a better position to listen to him. Squeaker was still clutched to my chest, and I set him in my lap as I crossed my legs in front of me. As I sat up and repositioned myself I was reminded of the rather large lump of poop that occupied the seat of my diapers. I almost couldn't help but move my butt around a little to squish it around some more.

    "Well, that's called an 'erection,'" he said. "As you get bigger your penis will get bigger, too, and you'll have bigger erections."

    "Like yours?" I asked.

    "Uh huh," he said. "But mine will still get bigger, too, and so will yours. Anyway, when you get an erection, you can rub it and it feels really good. And the more your rub it the better it feels. Eventually, it gets so good that you have what's called a 'climax.' It's kinda hard to describe what that his, but you'll know it when you have one the first time. Once boys hit puberty…"

    "What's that?" I asked naively.

    "Um, that's when boys start to get more hair and their voices change," he explained, "And they usually grow a lot more, and their penises definitely get a lot bigger. Actually, girls go through puberty, too, but it's different with them. I don't know much about that. Anyway, when a boy starts puberty, at some point he starts being able to ejaculate. That happens when you climax, but then stuff comes out of your penis."

    "Like what?" I asked curiously.

    "Well, it's like a little gel or something," he said. "I can't ejaculate yet, but Matty has."

    "Does it hurt when you ejaculate?" I asked.

    "Nope," he said with a shake of the head. "It feels really, really good. Trust me, you'll see one day."

    "Can I mast-, masturbate?" I asked next.

    "Um, yeah," he said. "Any boy can do it, but you won't be able to ejaculate for a few more years."

    "Oh," I replied.

    "Next time you're alone with Daddy ask him about it," he said. "He'll explain it all to you, and he can do a lot better job than I can. I was just a little older than you when he explained all that to me."

    I nodded.

    Right about then the door opened and Celli came into the room.

    "Hi, Babies," she said with a smile.

    Then her smile went away and she briefly fanned her hand in front of her face.

    "My Goodness!" she said. "I'm not even going to asked who's poopy. I can just tell you both are. Stinky babies!"

    She came over to us and dropped the side of the crib down. Billy and I both got up on our knees next to each other, and we each received a kiss from her. She helped Billy out of the crib and then she picked me up. She carried me over to the changing table with a brief pause by Billy's chest-of-drawers to collect my glasses. She set me down on the end of the table and had Billy climb up onto it. Apparently, she had decided that he would be changed first, this afternoon.

    He lay down and she pushed his shirt up out of the way a little. She reached down to his diapers and began untaping it. Once the diaper was untaped, she pulled the front of it back to expose his diaper area and the mess he had created for her.

    "What's wrong with the front of your diaper?" she asked him. She gave the front half of the disposable a more thorough inspection. "Were you a bad, little boy in your diaper, young man?"

    He looked away briefly without answering, but he had a smile on his face that plainly admitted what he had done.

    "Such a naughty baby," she said with a smile

    She suddenly reached up and got her hands on either side of his chest and began tickling him. He squealed with glee as she tickled him. He tried to get her hands off of him as he squirmed, but she was too strong for him. Suddenly, taking me quite by surprise, I watched his erect penis suddenly spurt a stream of urine up into the air. The fountain of pee went up perhaps a foot in the air before it came back down all over Billy's abdomen, legs, and all over the changing table around him. Thankfully, I was far enough from that part of him that I was able to avoid being hit by anything.

    "Oh, Billy!" Celli exclaimed.

    She abruptly stopped tickling him and reached down to pull the front of his diaper back up over him. She slapped it down on top of him containing the errant stream of urine.

    "Sorry," Billy said, though he didn't seem too embarrassed.

    "Don't worry," Celli said. "I shouldn't have been tickling you without a diaper on. We all know accident's happen when you babies aren't in diapers. Boys just can't control themselves properly. That's why they all belong in diapers."

    She went about changing him, but first she had to clean up the mess. She pulled out one of his prefold diapers and used it to wipe up his urine splatters from the table and his body. She then cleaned his diaper area up and got him pinned into a set of nice, thick diapers. As soon as he had a pair of plastic pants on she had him pull his shirt off, as some wayward pee had gotten on it. It was deposited in the laundry hamper while he waddled off to get himself a clean t-shirt.

    "Now, were you a naughty baby in your diapers too, Mr. Taddy?" Celli asked me.

    "No," I squeaked timidly.

    "He didn't even know what that was," Billy said from his bureau.

    "He didn't," Celli parroted. "In other words: he does now."

    "Yeah. I told him," Billy admitted freely.

    "Shame on you, Billy Bradshaw," she said.

    "Hey! He's my baby brother. I'm allowed to teach him things," Billy said defensively.

    "Still, you should have let Dad take care of that," she said.

    "I told him to ask Daddy about it, later," he replied.

    "Okay," she said. "Well, I guess I won't spank you, this time, then."

    "Yeah, whatever," Billy replied flatly.

    By now she had my diapers unpinned and she was wiping me up. I noted that my penis was getting bigger and harder now, just like Billy told me. I guess that was an erection. Of course, I was so tiny down there that my little pee-pee just couldn't get really big. I still wondered why it happened when I got my diapers changed, but at least I knew a little more, now.

    "All I'll say is that's yet another reason why all boys belong in diapers," Celli commented as she lifted my butt off the table to slide a new stack of diapers underneath me. "At least in this house we don't have to worry about you making any messes when you do that."

    She got me pinned into my clean diapers and pulled a new pair of plastic pants onto me. She sat me up and got my t-shirt adjusted. Then she leaned forward and gave me a kiss on the nose.

    "Thank you, Celli," I said politely.

    "You're welcome, baby," she said.

    "Can I have some powder in my casts, please?" I asked next

    "Of course you can, sweetie," she said.

    She sprinkled just a tiny bit of baby powder into each of my casts and then left the room for a second. She returned a moment later with her trusty blow dryer. She used it to blow cool air into my casts relieving my unreachable itches. Once that was accomplished she picked me up and carried me out of the room as Billy tagged along behind us.

    We headed downstairs and to the kitchen where I discovered, to my happy surprise, that Mommy had come home early again today.

    "Mommy!" I exclaimed happily when I saw her.

    "Hi, baby," she greeted me.

    She came over and took me from Celli's arms. She gave me a kiss and a hug.

    "I see you got your new highchair," she commented to me. "Do you like it?"

    "Uh huh," I said. "Thank you, Mommy. I like it a lot."

    "You're welcome, baby," she told me. "Let's go put you in it so you can have a snack."

    She carried me over to the kitchen table. My highchair was sitting right next to Billy's. Mommy got me into it and strapped me in. She then helped Billy into his. For our snack today we ate healthily. Andy fed us some Ritz crackers and carrot and celery sticks along with some sippy cups of Kool-Aid.

    After our snacks, Billy had to do homework, and Daddy told me it was reading time. Billy did his homework at the kitchen table with his sisters, and Daddy took me into the den and we sat down on the couch. He held me in his lap and held my book open for me. I read another two chapters of Indian in the Cupboard. It was hard, but Daddy helped me. I was also getting into the story and that helped, too. As I read, I silently wondered if Omri, the main character, or his best friend, Patrick, were bedwetters or wore diapers.

    After I read for a couple of hours it was time for supper. By then I was glad for a break as I was tired of reading, and my mouth and throat were getting dry from reading aloud to Daddy for so long. Daddy carried me into the kitchen and strapped me into my highchair. Tonight each of the girls fed one of us babies. Andy fed me while Celli fed Billy.

    "Okay, boys," Mommy said halfway through dinner. "You remember that Mommy and Daddy are going to be gone tomorrow night, and the girls will be gone, too."

    Earlier in the week Billy and I had been informed that Daddy had some kind of fundraising dinner that he and Mommy had to go to for his hospital. Celli and Andy were going out on something called a double date together. I wasn't sure what that was, but it didn't sound like much fun.

    "And you know what that means," Mommy said.

    "Babysitter?" Billy ventured enthusiastically.

    "Yep," Mommy said. "I made some calls today from work and found someone."

    "Who'd you get?" Billy asked anxiously.

    "Well, I was going to try to get Celli's friend, Jackie…" began Mommy.

    "Aw, she's no fun," Billy said unhappily.

    "…But, she's doing something tomorrow," Mommy finished her sentence. "Then, I tried to get Andy's friend, Denise."

    "She's not bad," Billy said reservedly.

    "But she was busy, too," said Mommy. "So, guess who I got."

    "I don't know," Billy replied.

    "Who's your favorite babysitter?" asked Mommy.

    "Um…" Billy said, obviously searching his memory.

    "Your very favorite," Mommy added.

    "Oh!" Billy said suddenly. "You mean Kevin?"

    "Yep," Mommy said.

    "Alright!" Billy shouted raising his arms over his head. He apparently really liked Kevin.

    "Who's that?" I asked timidly. I wasn't so sure about meeting someone new.

    "He's really cool," Billy assured me. "We'll have lots of fun with him!"

    "Is he nice?" I asked skeptically.

    "Yes, he's very nice, sweetie," Mommy assured me.

    "He's a baby, too," Celli told me. "Just like you two."

    "He is?" I asked in amazement. How could another baby be taking care of us?

    "He's not a baby, anymore," Billy disagreed. "He sleeps in a bed and everything, he wears big boy clothes, and he's eighteen."

    "He still wears diapers," Celli retorted. "That makes him a baby."

    "Yep. It sure does," Andy agreed. "He's one of Daddy's patients."

    "He was one of my patients," Daddy corrected him. "He's long since gotten over any emotional problems he had."

    "Yeah, but he still loves his diapers," Celli said. "So he's still a baby."

    "Oh, he doesn't have any legs, either," Billy added almost matter-of-factly.

    "What?" I asked in amazement.

    "Yes, he does have legs, baby," Mommy corrected Billy. "He just had to have parts of them amputated."

    "What's 'amputated'?" I asked.

    "That's when they have to remove parts of someone's limb or limbs because they're damaged or sick," Daddy explained for me. "Kevin was in a car accident when he was very, very young, and his legs were hurt really bad, so they had to amputate most of his right leg and part of his left leg."

    "Oh," I said. "How does he walk without legs?"

    "He has fake legs," Billy said.

    "They're not fake," Celli said. "They're called prosthetics."

    "What's that mean?" I asked. I didn't even try to pronounce that word. It was probably half a mile long.

    "A 'prosthetic' is something that takes the place of a part of the body that is no longer there," Daddy said. "They're not 'fake.' They take the place of his legs and let him walk. He walks pretty much like everyone else."

    "What do they look like?" I asked next.

    "You'll see them tomorrow," Billy told me. "They're pretty cool. Just ask Kevin, and he'll tell you all about them. But anyway, he's really fun. He's the best babysitter ever."

    "I hope he's nice," I said a little worriedly.

    "He is, silly," Andy said as she held another spoonful of vegetables to my mouth.

    After that we went back to talking about other things as we continued our meal.

    We were probably three-quarters of the way through our meal when, all of a sudden, I flinched as my vision in my right eye was blocked out by a white blob.

    "Billy Bradshaw! Bad boy!" Celli said.

    Billy just sat there and giggled.

    I realized that the right lens of my glasses was now covered in mashed potatoes, which Billy had just thrown at me. Our highchairs were positioned right across from each other with only the distance across the kitchen table separating us, so he had a pretty clear and easy shot.

    "Now, you get the wrist and ankle straps, young man," Celli told Billy

    Billy just giggled again.

    Celli stood up and grabbed Billy's right wrist and moved it down toward the wrist strap on the right-hand side of his highchair tray. She got his wrists strapped to the highchair and then sat down to strap his ankles in. I don't know why she needed to restrain his ankles, too, since they were useless for throwing food. Maybe the ankle restraints were there to keep him from throwing a temper tantrum or something, not that I thought Billy would do something like that. Billy had a devious smile across his face the whole time he was being restrained.

    While Celli was strapping her brother down Andy removed my glasses and took them to the kitchen to clean them. While she was away I happened to glance down at my divided toddler plate, which was now only partly full of food. Quite impulsively, I reached down and picked up a green bean—I didn't like those much anyway—and flicked it across the table toward Billy. It landed on Billy's orange t-shirt just below his bib.

    "Taddy!" Mommy gasped with a laugh.

    Daddy nearly spewed a mouthful of food across the table he was laughing so hard.

    "Now, we have two naughty babies," Andy said as she returned from the kitchen. "Looks like you're getting tied down, too, young man."

    Billy just giggled again and smiled at me.

    Andy came back over to me and put my cleaned glasses back on my face. She then took each of my fiberglass-encased wrists and strapped them to the tray. A minute later she had my ankles strapped in as well. The casts on my arms were fairly smooth cylinders, and I was pretty sure that I could just slide them out of the wrist straps if I wanted to, but I really didn't want to. I kind of liked the attention of getting lightly restrained.

    "Okay, no more bad babies, tonight," Andy announced when she was finished strapping me to the highchair.

    With that, we went back to our supper. Billy struggled playfully at his restraints and pretended to throw a little fit and not let Celli feed him, but everyone just thought it was cute. Eventually he calmed down and let her finish feeding him his food.

    After supper the girls took us upstairs to give us our baths. I liked when the girls bathed us because they usually gave us bubble baths, and I really liked those. They also let Billy and I play around a little more, and they didn't worry so much about us splashing water around the bathroom.

    They gave us a good bath and made sure we were squeaky clean. Then, it was back to the nursery for clean diapers. Celli and Andy cooperated to diaper us up tonight, which made it go pretty fast. Within fifteen minutes or so Billy and I were well padded up for the night. The two of us then played some video games for a little while. After that we went downstairs and played in our playpen in the den for a little while.

    Finally, around 9:00, we were told it was time for babies to go to bed. I had been dreading that all evening because I knew it meant I would be going back into that hated harness. I got very quiet and sullen as Daddy lifted me out of the playpen and carried me upstairs after Billy and I told everyone else goodnight. He took Billy and I up to the nursery and we went over the little lounging area in the corner for our nightly story time. Daddy asked if I wanted to pick the story, but I just shook my head. Billy picked out a book and we went over to the corner to sit down. We got situated and Daddy read us the story from the children's book. I wasn't really paying attention to the story, as I was too busy contemplating my imminent fate, but it was over all too quickly.

    "Time for bed, babies," Daddy said as he snapped the book shut.

    At that, tears started to come down my cheeks. My bottom lip trembled and I couldn't help but sniffle.

    "What's wrong, Taddy?" Daddy asked looking down at me.

    "I don't want to go in that stupid harness," I sobbed.

    "I know you don't, kiddo," he said. "But you know you have to. It's to protect you, so you won't hurt yourself."

    "But I still don't like it," I whimpered

    "I know," he repeated. "I'm sorry, baby. I know you don't understand why we're doing this to you, but it's because we love you very much, and we don't want you to get hurt."

    I didn't say anything. I just kept sobbing and whimpering quietly.

    "Come on," he said. "Let's get you to bed."

    He got up off of the floor and picked me up. Billy had just been there observing. He didn't say anything, but he did look genuinely worried about me. He went over to his crib as Daddy carried me over to mine. Daddy gave me a big hug and a kiss and then lowered me down to the mattress. I just lay there quietly sniffling as Daddy strapped me into the harness. I could at least take some small comfort in the fact that Daddy did look unhappy to be tying me down. He finished fastening the harness system over me and then he moved down to my feet. I was a little surprised when he grabbed my right ankle and started to strap it down. I lifted my head off of the mattress and looked down to see that there was a new, canvass strap going around the mattress down by my feet. It had some small rings on it that were obviously canvass straps for ankles.

    "What are you doing, Daddy?" I asked in distress.

    "Baby, this is so you can't kick around and hurt you leg during the night like you did last night," he told me. "If we keep your feet held down you won't be able to bang your broken leg around in your sleep."

    I suppose that sounded reasonable, but I still didn't like it. I just put my head back down as I felt him put the padded strap around my right leg. He strapped my left leg down, too, but I couldn't feel much with it in its cast. When he was done strapping me in he pulled my flannel sheet up over me and tucked me in.

    "Now, you can still move your legs around some so you don't get stiff," Daddy told when he was done, "But you won't be able to kick around and hurt yourself."

    "Okay," I said.

    "Daddy loves you, baby," he told me.

    "I love you, too, Daddy," I said still sad.

    "Goodnight," he said.

    "Night, Daddy," I said.

    He leaned over to give me a kiss on the forehead, and he patted me on the chest. He closed my crib up and then left to go tell Billy goodnight. A minute later I heard him slip out of the room turning the lights off as he left. I just lay there for a few moments crying and whimpering. I was, quite frankly, wallowing in self-pity. I tried to stay quiet so as not to disturb Billy, but I'm sure he could hear me.

    I abruptly stopped crying when I heard what could only be Billy's crib opening. The bumper-padding going around my crib prevented me from seeing across the room, and I obviously couldn't sit up, so I could only assume that Billy was climbing out of his crib when I heard the familiar creak that his crib made when he was doing so. There was a shadowy movement outside my crib, and then I saw Billy standing there peering into my crib resting his chin on the top of the crib's side.

    "Billy, what are you doing!" I whispered urgently.

    "Shh," he shushed me.

    He carefully and quietly let the side of my crib down and climbed in with me. He closed the crib behind him and then carefully moved over me to the back of the crib by the wall.

    "You're gonna get a spanking," I warned him. "You need to go back to your crib."

    "Shh," he repeated. "I'll only get spanked if I get caught."

    "But what are you doing here?" I asked.

    "I thought you could use some company," he said. "That harness sucks, doesn't it?"

    "Yeah," I whimpered sadly, wanting to cry again. "You think you could get me out of here?"

    "Sorry, buddy," he said. "Those locks are impossible to get off without that magnetic key. Trust me, I've tried."

    "Really?" I asked.

    "Yeah. You know, that used to be mine," he informed me.

    "It was?" I asked in amazement.

    "Well, yeah. How do you think Mommy and Daddy came up with it so fast?" he pointed out reasonably.

    "Oh. Why did they put you in it?" I asked. "Did you sleepwalk, too?"

    "No," he said. "When I first got here… Well, I was kind of a bad boy. I used to get out of my crib in the middle of the night when I couldn't sleep, and I'd go play wit

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    A Second Chance

    He took the dishes to the kitchen sink and returned to me a moment later.

    "Ready to try to walk?" he asked as he came back up to me.

    "Uh huh!" I said happily actually straining at the straps of my highchair.

    He came up to me and unfastened my restraints. He lifted me out of the chair and carried me to the den. He set me down on one of the couches and told me to wait there and not move. I sat there quietly waiting for a couple of minutes until Daddy returned. He came back with one of my tennis shoes and what looked like some sort of sandal. He knelt down in front of me and pulled a sock and my shoe on my right foot. He then took the sandal thing and started to pull it on over my fiberglass-shrouded, left foot. It was navy blue in color with a black, rubber sole just like a sandal would have, and it had a couple of Velcro straps to hold it in place.

    "Now, this is a cast boot, Tadpole," Daddy explained. "It's to keep you from slipping since the bottom of your cast is so smooth and slippery. Don't try to walk or stand up if you don't have this on your cast. Now, are you ready to stand up?"

    "Uh huh," I nodded.

    He moved back just a little so I'd have room to stand. Then he put his hands under my armpits and lifted me up off the couch and moved me forward. A moment later I was standing.

    "Just put all of your weight on your right foot for now," he said.

    I nodded and did as I was told.

    "Now, slowly put a little more weight on your left leg," he instructed.

    I did as I was told. There was just the slightest bit of pain down in my left ankle as my weight slowly shifted over onto it.

    "Does it hurt?" asked Daddy.

    "Just a little," I said.

    "But, not too bad?"

    "No, not too bad," I confirmed.

    "You want to try to take a step?" he asked next.

    I nodded vehemently.

    He scooted back just a little more.

    "Now step off with your left leg and then your right," he said.

    I did as I was told and picked up my left leg and moved it forward just a bit. It was heavy and awkward to move with the cast on it, but I managed it okay. I planted my left foot a little in front of me, and then I started to bring my right leg forward. For the first time in two weeks—while I was awake anyway—my left leg took the entire weight of my body. It hurt my ankle a little bit, but I decided it wasn't bad enough to make me want to stop walking.

    "How's that feel?" Daddy asked me.

    "Not bad," I said.

    "Let's try some more."

    I spent the next several minutes walking all over the den. It was pretty hard to get the hang of walking after not having done so in two weeks. Not only did the cast make walking difficult, but also, for the first time, I knew what it was to waddle. My thick diapers forced my legs apart unnaturally. I hadn't really noticed for the last two weeks, but I couldn't bring my knees together at all. Even if I squeezed really tightly, the closest I could get my knees to one another was about shoulder-width apart. That made it even more difficult to walk, but I wanted to walk bad enough that I was willing to put up with another minor obstacle.

    "You're doing very well, baby," Daddy told me.

    He stayed right behind me the whole time ready to catch me if I fell. I went all the way around the coffee table and around the entire seating area. I limped along as fast as I could, which wasn't very fast. I was actually having a lot of fun, although my limp combined with my diaper-enforced waddle was pretty tiring. I finally came to the bottom of stairs. I looked up towards the top wondering if I could make it up there.

    "Do you want to try the stairs?" asked Daddy.

    "Can I?" I asked

    "If you want," he said. "Just take it slow. One step at a time."

    I nodded and looked back up the stairs. I scooted over so that I was by the handrail next to the wall leading up. I reached up and got a hold of the rail with my hand, although I couldn't get a really good grip with my arm cast on.

    "Go one step at a time," Daddy repeated. "And just use your right leg to lift yourself up the steps, for now."

    "Okay," I said.

    I picked my right leg up and started up the stairs. It was slow going. I'd put my right foot up on the next riser and haul the rest of me up with it. It was much slower than regular stair climbing, of course, but at least I was climbing the stairs on my own. Daddy stayed right behind me the whole time making sure I wouldn't fall or hurt myself. I was panting by the time I finally made it to the top of the stairs.

    "You okay?" Daddy asked.

    "Uh huh," I said.

    "Now, let's turn around and go back down," he said.

    I did as he said and we started back down the stairs. I went one step at a time again, and Daddy stayed next to me to catch me if I fell in either direction. We finally made it down to the bottom. When we were there Daddy picked me up and gave me a big hug.

    "You did very good, Tadpole," he said happily. "Daddy is very proud of you."

    "Thank you, Daddy," I said hugging him around the neck.

    "You look a little tired, now," he said. "You okay?"

    "Uh huh," I nodded, though I was pretty winded and exhausted from walking around.

    "Does your leg hurt?"

    "Just a little," I said. There was kind of a dull ache in my ankle, but it wasn't too bad.

    "How about I feed you a bottle of juice with some Tylenol in it, and you can take a little rest?" he suggested.

    "Okay," I replied.

    He carried me into the kitchen where he collected a bottle of grape juice from the fridge. He set me on a counter and pulled a bottle of liquid Tylenol out of a cabinet near the refrigerator. He measured out some of the red liquid and added it to the baby bottle. He shook the bottle up and then he took it and me into the den. We sat down on the couch and he got me cradled in his lap. He pushed the nipple of the bottle into my mouth, and I began to suck its contents down.

    "Now, I don't want you walking around too much, just yet," he told me. "And no going up or down the stairs by yourself, yet. You come get help before you do that."

    I nodded my understanding as I continued sucking my bottle.

    I must really have been exhausted from walking around because I don't even remember finishing my bottle. I woke up some time later still cradled in Daddy's. He told me I had been asleep for about half an hour. He let me wake up a little more, and then I had to go do schoolwork. The rest of the day went pretty much like the rest of the week. We did schoolwork for a few hours, I had lunch, and then we did "puzzle time" in Daddy's study. After that, we went to pick Billy up at school. Daddy brought us home, and then Billy and I had to go upstairs for our naps. Daddy told us that if we took a longer nap this afternoon we could stay up later tonight when Kevin was here. Billy really liked that idea, and I didn't mind, so Daddy put us down for our naps. I got to share Billy's crib with him again, since the harness was still in my crib. I kind of liked sharing his crib. I felt really safe being with him. Daddy tucked us into Billy's crib and we both fell asleep pretty quickly.

    Both of us slept until Mommy came in to wake us up some time later.

    "Time to get up, sleepyheads," Mommy greeted us once we were both awake.

    Billy and I sat up trying to wake ourselves up more fully.

    "Hi, Mommy," I said after a yawn.

    "Hi, Mommy," Billy said, as well.

    "Hi, babies," she said.

    Billy and I went up to the side of the crib where we each received a kiss from Mommy. She then dropped the side of the crib down. She helped Billy out of the crib, and then she picked me up and carried me over to the changing table.

    "I think somebody is a stinky baby, this afternoon," Mommy commented as she set me down on the changing table.

    I just giggled and smiled. I had unloaded a pretty big bowel movement into my diapers just before Daddy put us down for our naps.

    Mommy removed the blue, Cookie Monster romper and my Sesame Street onesie I had been wearing all day, and she laid me back on the table. She pulled my plastic pants off and began to undiaper me. She changed me out of my soaked and messy diapers and into a new set. I then sat on the end of the changing table in nothing but my diapers while Billy was changed out of his well-used disposable and into a set of his own cloth diapers. Mommy then changed us into matching, baby blue t-shirts. They were both baby t-shirts with the lap shoulders and snaps in the back of the neck.

    "So, Daddy says you've been walking around some," Mommy commented as she was snapping the neck of my shirt together.

    "Uh huh," I said with a proud smile.

    "Do you want to go downstairs by yourself?" she offered.

    "Okay," I replied happily.

    She retrieved my glasses and my cast boot, both of which were on the chest-of-drawers by Billy's crib, and put them on me. She helped Billy off of the table, and then she picked me up and set me down on my feet.

    "Hold Mommy's hand," she said to me holding a hand down towards me.

    I reached up to her and took her hand with the fingers of my left hand. She led me out of the nursery, and we went down the hall to the stairs with Billy tagging along. We went down the stairs slowly, and I took them one step at a time, just like earlier. We slowly proceeded to the kitchen where we found Celli and Andy both at the kitchen table.

    "Wow! You're walking, Taddy!" Andy told me as though I didn't know. "You're doing good!"

    "Thank you," I said bashfully.

    "Yeah, you look great, little man!" Celli added.

    Mommy took me over to my highchair and got me into it. She strapped me in, and then helped Billy into his highchair. She then brought us a snack of some peanut butter cookies and bottles of milk. Celli pulled a chair up and fed us both. After our snack, Mommy and the girls had to go get ready to go on their respective outings tonight, so Billy and I were put in the playpen in the den while they went about their business. We played in there for perhaps an hour until Daddy came into the den. He was wearing a black tuxedo complete with a silver vest and a black bowtie. He had the jacket slung over one shoulder rather than on him. He carefully laid it over the back of one of the couches before he came over to us.

    "I think we should get some reading time in before Mommy and I leave, Tadpole," he told me. "How's that sound?"

    "Okay," I said.

    He lifted Billy and then me out of the crib. He carried me over to the couch and sat down with me. My book was sitting on the coffee table where it had been left yesterday. Daddy picked it up and opened it to the marked page where we had left off. Billy climbed onto the couch next to us, obviously intending to join us. I found where we had left off, and I began reading aloud. I was a little nervous to be reading with Billy there, but I decided to just ignore him. Even in just a few days I was already reading faster, and I was able to get an entire chapter read before the doorbell rang.

    "That must be Kevin," said Daddy.

    He slid me over onto the couch next to him and stood up. He headed out of the room towards the entryway.

    "Come on, Taddy," Billy said. "Let's go meet Kevin."

    I had a little trouble getting off the couch by myself without the use of my arms, but once I got to the edge my thick diapers and slick, plastic pants came in handy, as they allowed me to easily slide off the seat cushion.

    Billy took my hand and we went to the entryway where Daddy was just unlocking the front door. I was a little nervous at the moment, as I was about to meet another stranger. I also wasn't so sure about meeting him in nothing but my diapers and t-shirt, but then I remembered that he was supposedly a diaper boy, too, so my attire shouldn't surprise him. I didn't have long to dwell on that, though, as Daddy was presently opening the front door.

    "Hi there, Kevin!" Daddy said happily. His large frame was nearly completely blocking my view of the front door, so I couldn't see who was on the other side.

    "Hi, Uncle Pete," I heard a somewhat deep, male voice say.

    Daddy stepped out of the way and let the new stranger into the house. Kevin was pretty tall, just a few inches shorter than Daddy, but he was quite a bit skinnier. He had blond hair that was kind of shaggy, and I sort of thought he could use a haircut. He was a pretty handsome guy. He had a fairly long, angular face that went well with his skinny frame. He was wearing a t-shirt with short sleeves that revealed his extremely muscular arms. He looked very athletic. I wondered if he played basketball or anything like that, but then I wondered how someone without legs would play basketball. Speaking of legs, I looked down and discovered that he was wearing khaki, cargo pants, which hid his legs from view. He had a normal pair of tennis shoes on. I realized he looked completely normal, not at all what I though someone without legs would look like. I looked at his groin area, and I couldn't even really tell whether or not he was wearing a diaper.

    "Kevin!" Billy exclaimed excitedly.

    He let go of my hand and ran up to Kevin.

    "Hey, Billy!" Kevin greeted him.

    Kevin bent down and gave him a hug. He stood back up and Billy took his hand, turned, and led him over to me. They had been about ten feet from me meaning they had obviously needed to walk toward me. I noticed that Kevin seemed to walk with a little bit of a limp, but it really didn't seem that noticeable.

    "Kevin, this is my new, baby brother, Taddy," Billy introduced me. "Taddy, this is Kevin."

    "Hi, Taddy," Kevin greeted me with a smile. "I've heard a lot about you. It's nice to meet you."

    He bent over slightly and extended his right hand towards me. I was still extremely nervous as I moved my right arm to meet his. He gently shook the fingers of my right hand.

    "Well, your mommy said you were kind of small," he said. "I guess she was right, but you're kind of a cute, little guy."

    "Um, thank you," I said nervously.

    I couldn't help but keep switching my gaze back and forth between his face and his legs. I didn't think I was being very obvious about it, but apparently I was.

    "I see you keep looking at my legs," Kevin said with a smile. "I guess they told you about me."

    I just turned red in embarrassment.

    "You probably want to get a look at my special legs, huh?" he said. "Well, don't worry. We'll do that later. How about we go in the den?"

    I nodded and he held out his hand to me. I took his hand and let him lead me into the den. Daddy and Billy came along with us.

    "Let me go see if how everyone else is doing," Daddy said as he left us to head toward the master bedroom.

    Kevin led me over to the couch and he helped me climb up on it.

    "So, I hear you got kind of banged up," he commented as he sat next to me. "That's too bad."

    "Yeah," I said sadly. "Thanks."

    Kevin removed a backpack that looked pretty packed from his shoulders and set it on the floor next to the couch.

    "So, we're going to have a lot of fun tonight, right boys?" he asked us.

    "Yeah!" Billy agreed adamantly.

    "What about you, Taddy?" Kevin asked. "We're gonna have fun, right?"

    "Um, yeah," I said with much less certainty.

    "Did you bring any Xbox games?" Billy asked.

    Kevin held a finger up to his lips to shush Billy, and then reached down to give his backpack a little pat.

    "Yes, and keep it quiet, or your mommy will kill us both," he said.

    It sounded like he had probably brought some games that Billy and I weren't allowed to play.

    We continued talking quietly for a few minutes until Mommy and Daddy came into the room. Mommy was dressed in a long, slender evening gown. It was blue and kind of sparkly. It was very pretty. Kevin immediately got up and went over to give her a hug.

    "Hi, Aunt Jan," he said in greeting.

    "Hi, Kevin," said Mommy. "How are you, sweetie?"

    "I'm good," he replied.

    "Your daddy and I just took on a case together," she told him.

    "Yeah, that's what he said last night," he said.

    It turned out that Kevin's dad was a lawyer that worked in the same firm as Mommy. That was actually how Kevin had come to meet Daddy and became one of his patients.

    "Guess what, Aunt Jan!" Kevin said next a little excitedly. "Mommy is teaching me how to change my own diapers!"

    I thought it was pretty funny for practically an adult to be calling his mother "Mommy", not to mention him sounding so excited about learning to change his own diapers.

    "Really, Kevin?" Mommy replied. "That's great, honey."

    "Yeah, I get to change my diapers tonight all by myself," he said rather proudly.

    "You gonna be starting potty training, soon?" Daddy asked him.

    "Ha! Yeah, right, Uncle Pete," Kevin said with a laugh. "That's not happening anytime soon, if ever."

    "Well, why don't we go upstairs so I can give you some instructions, Kevin?" suggested Mommy.

    "Okay," he said.

    He and Mommy went upstairs for a while, and Daddy stayed down in the den with Billy and I. We just flipped on the TV and watched it for a little while. Mommy and Kevin returned within a few minutes.

    "Now, there are chicken nuggets in the freezer," Mommy was telling him. "I left a box of Kraft Shells and Cheese and a can of vegetables on the counter. Now, make sure both of the boys eat all their veggies, and then they can have some ice cream for dessert. And make sure you eat all your veggies, too."

    "Yes, Aunt Jan," Kevin replied with an amused smile.

    Right about then, Celli and Andy came down the stairs. They were both dressed in fairly short skirts and tight blouses. Their hair was done up and they both had makeup on. I guess they looked pretty, but they were still just my sisters.

    "There he is!" Celli said happily.

    She and Andy went up to greet Kevin. They both gave him a hug and Andy reached up to pinch his cheek.

    "Hey, what are you doing still wearing your pants, mister?" Celli asked. "You know the rules."

    "Hey, I'm of legal age, now, remember?" he replied. "The rules no longer apply to me."

    He obviously knew what the rules were.

    "O contraire," Celli replied. "The 'legal age' rule only applies to men being allowed to not wear diapers. You are wearing diapers, and once you're wearing diapers the rules apply to you no matter what age you are. Now, get those pants off."

    "Yeah, don't make us spank you, Kevy," Andy said with a playful smile.

    "Don't call me 'Kevy'," he replied annoyed. "You know I hate that."

    "Quit dodging," Celli said with a smug smile. "You're just begging for a spanking."

    "Aunt Jan…" Kevin whined, suddenly turning rather childish.

    "Those are the rules the girls have," Mommy pointed out. "And they're not unreasonable, are they?"

    Finally, Kevin huffed and came over to the couch, apparently giving in. I was amazed that an older teenager had just acquiesced to two, younger girls. He unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his pants. He unzipped his fly and pushed his pants down. I heard the familiar crinkle of the outer plastic of a disposable diaper. He was standing next to me, so I got a good view of his butt as he pushed his pants down at the waist and exposed his diaper. I was surprised that his pants concealed the diaper because it looked pretty thick. It looked pretty much like Billy's disposable except, obviously, it was in Kevin's size.

    When he sat down next to me to remove is pants I got my first look at his artificial—I still couldn't quiet pronounce "prosthetic"—legs. I saw the right one first because it was bigger. It looked nothing like I thought it would. The upper part was black and it looked like plastic. It was a tube that was sort of cone-shaped to fit over what was left of his right leg. It went all the way up to where his leg met his diaper. At the bottom of the tube was a hinged, metal joint that obviously substituted for his knee that was not there. Below the hinge was what substituted for his lower leg. It was some sort of blue pipe with a silvery piece that partially encased it. It didn't really look like a human leg at all, but like what a robot's leg might look like in a science fiction movie. It looked like they had taken a robot's leg and put it on to Kevin at his hip. The lower "leg" disappeared into his shoe.

    He pulled his pants off his right leg first and then his left, which fully exposed both of his artificial legs. He had quite a bit more of his left leg left. He still had his own knee, but just below his knee whatever was left of his leg disappeared into a tube that was similar but smaller than the one on his right leg. It tapered to connect directly to a pipe that looked like a plain piece of black metal. The pipe disappeared into his shoe just like on the other leg.

    He got his pants all the way off and stood back up. I noticed that he stood pretty much like anyone else would. He carried his pants over to my sisters. No one else seemed to look at his legs at all. I was obviously the only person who had never seen them before. He held is pants out, and Celli immediately snatched them from him and turned to scurry up the stairs.

    "Aw, you're not gonna hide them, are you?" he whined as she left.

    "Yep!" Celli said with a laugh. "You'll get them back before you leave."

    "And if you go snooping around for them while we're gone it's a big spanking for you when we get home, young man," Andy warned him.

    "Whatever," Kevin groaned.

    He came back over and sat next to me.

    "Girls stink," he commented to me.

    I just giggled quietly. A few minutes later Celli returned with a satisfied gleam on her face. I imagined she had probably hidden Kevin's pants very well.

    "Okay," Mommy said next. "We had better head out. Kevin, the boys can stay up late, but we'll be home around midnight, and they better be in bed before then. You guys can eat whatever, but no making a big mess. Just put the dishes from supper in the sink. Make sure they get their baths, and no watching bad movies "

    "Okay, Aunt Jan," Kevin said.

    "Do you have any questions?" asked Mommy

    "Nope," Kevin replied. "I think I can handle everything."

    "Our cell numbers and pagers are on the refrigerator door if you need them," she said.

    "I don't think I will, but I'll call if anything happens," he assured her.

    "I guess we're ready," Mommy said. She still looked unsure of herself, like she was forgetting something or just didn't want to leave.

    "Everything is going to be fine, dear," Daddy said.

    "Yeah, Mom. Everything will be fine. We need to go," Celli said.

    "I know," replied Mommy, "I'm just worried about my babies."

    She came over to us to tell us goodbye. She picked me up and gave me a hug.

    "I love you, baby," Mommy said to me.

    "I love you, too, Mommy," I told her. "You look really pretty."

    "Aw, thank you, baby," she said giving me another kiss on the cheek. "You be a good baby for Kevin, okay?"

    "I will, Mommy," I promised her.

    She said goodbye to Billy, and she even gave Kevin a kiss and admonished him to behave. She also checked everyone's diapers, including Kevin's. He didn't seem to particularly care for that, but he didn't say anything. Everyone else then came up to tell us goodbye. The girls gave all three of us a kiss and Daddy hugged and kissed Billy and I. They then headed out to the garage. Mommy and Daddy were dropping the girls off at one of their date's houses, so they would only be taking one car. We knew we were alone as soon as we heard the sound of the automatic garage door closing.

    "Alrighty, boys," Kevin said. "Time for some guy time. What are we gonna do first?"

    Billy and I kind of shrugged at first.

    "Are you guys hungry, yet?" he asked us.

    We both shook our heads negatively.

    "Well, let's go upstairs then, and see what we can find to do," he said.

    We got up and Kevin handed his backpack to Billy to carry for him. We all headed out of the room and to the stairs.

    "Your Mommy said you had to hold my hand when you go up the stairs so you don't fall, Taddy," Kevin told me.

    I nodded and reached up to take his extended hand. We went up the stairs slowly since I was still going one step at a time. I wondered how Kevin found it so easy to go upstairs with no legs when I had trouble going up with just a broken ankle. I guess he just had more practice. We went down the hallway to the nursery.

    "Okay, what do you guys want to do?" Kevin asked us again.

    "Xbox!" Billy said immediately.

    "That sound good, Taddy?" Kevin asked.

    "Um. It's kinda hard for me to use the controller," I said. "Can I just play with Legos or something?"

    "Sure you can," Kevin said. "Billy, you go play Xbox, and I'm going to play with Taddy for a while. The games I brought are in the bottom of the backpack. Just dump everything out over by the TV."

    Billy nodded excitedly and trotted over towards the entertainment center. Kevin headed over to the shelf where the Legos were. I went over to a spot in the middle of the room and sat on the floor. That turned out to be a little harder than I thought. It was kind of hard to sit down on the floor without being able to control my decent with my arms. I finally decided to just crouch down as far as I could and let my butt fall back onto the floor. The fact that my butt was heavily padded in diapers came in very handy, yet again. By the time I was comfortable Kevin had collected two bins of Legos and brought them over to where I was. He opened them up and dumped them out on the carpet in front of me, and then he plopped down on the floor beside me. We started to build stuff with the seemingly endless supply of Lego bricks.

    "Alright! You brought Halo!" Billy said from over by the entertainment center. "Mommy won't ever let me play that."

    He put the game into the Xbox machine and started it as Kevin and I continued playing with Legos. Within a few minutes I caught myself constantly stealing glances at Kevin's artificial legs. I knew I shouldn't be staring at them, but they were just weird. I had never seen anyone without legs before, so it was just a new experience for me.

    "Um, Kevin?" I finally spoke up timidly.

    "Yeah?" he replied.

    "Um, how do your legs work?" I asked.

    "I was wondering how long it would take you to ask," he said with a laugh.

    He pushed his pile of Lego bricks out of the way and turned to face me a little more. He had been sitting with his legs folded up in front of him Indian-style, and he presently extended them in front of him, although he had to use his hand to straighten out his right leg. Much to my surprise, he began to actually remove his right artificial limb. It only took him a second to remove the leg, and he held it up and showed it to me.

    "Here," he said handing it to me. "You can hold it."

    I was a little surprise, but I almost instinctively took it from him. I was really surprised at how light it was.

    "The top part is called the socket," he said pointing at it. "Actually, it's the outer socket. I'm still wearing the inner socket."

    He pointed at his remaining leg, which was covered in a white plastic-looking thing that looked pretty much like the black socket but a little smaller. He removed the white socket and showed it to me.

    "The inner socket works like a suction cup and holds the prosthetic onto my leg," he explained. "And the outer socket snaps into place over the inner one."

    He held out the inner socket so I could touch it. It was made out of some sort of soft, flexible plastic. I glanced down at what was left his right leg and noticed that it was shorter than I thought it had been. It was noticeably shorter than the black, outer socket on his prosthetic, which I suppose was sized to roughly match his left thigh. What remained of his right thigh was probably six or eight inches shorter than his left thigh. It was sort of cone shaped and I had to admit it was very weird looking.

    "Why is the leg so light?" I asked.

    "To make it easier to move around in, of course," he said. "The outer socket is made out of carbon fiber encased in polyurethane resin. It's actually stronger than quarter-inch-thick steel plate, but it weighs less than a pound."

    "Wow," I replied.

    "The lower leg is it made out of titanium and plastics," he said. "The blue tubing stuff you see is the titanium. The knee joint is the coolest part. It's got a bunch of springs and hydraulic pistons in it, and it's controlled by a little computer down in the shin."

    "A computer?" I asked. "There's a computer in it?"

    "Uh huh," he said. "It's in the silver part around the titanium tube. It's a tiny computer processor that takes like fifty measurements a second to decide how I'm walking, and then it decides how stiff and springy to make the knee joint to help me walk better."

    "Wow," I said again.

    "Like when I go up stairs," he said. "By the time I put my right leg on the second step I can feel a difference in the knee joint because the computer has adjusted it for going up stairs. Pretty neat, huh?"

    "Yeah," I agreed.

    "The foot is sort of just rubber foot that goes inside the shoe," he said. "It's attached to the leg by a little rubber gasket that acts like a shock absorber. And I can change the feet out for different things. In fact, I can change the whole lower leg out for different activities."

    "Really?" I asked.

    "Uh huh," he said. "I ran track in high school, and I have special feet for running. Actually they don't look anything like feet. They're just a big, curved leaf springs made out of graphite with spiked cleats on the bottom. They're really springy, and I can run pretty fast in them. The right one actually attaches to that socket, but I have a whole different running leg for my left leg. This summer I got different legs so I can go swimming. They have special hinged ankles with swim fins on them, and I used them to learn to scuba dive this summer."

    "Wow," I said once more.

    "The left leg isn't quite as complicated, since I still have my own knee on that side," he said.

    He expertly removed his left leg and showed it to me. What remained of his left, lower leg ended abruptly about six inches below his knee.

    "Basically, its just a socket like my right leg with a titanium tube for the lower part of my leg and a foot just like the left leg."

    He let me hold it too, and I found that it was even lighter than his other leg.

    "Probably within a few years they'll have computer controlled ankle joints, too," he explained. "Then, I'll be able to crouch down like a normal person, and do other stuff like that."

    "How much to these things cost?" I asked.

    "A lot!" he said. "Both of those together are like over $30,000."

    "Whoa!" I said. "That's expensive."

    "Yep," he said. "And that's just the one set. I have several more at home. Insurance pays for it, though."

    "Do they hurt to wear?" I asked.

    "No. Not at all," he assured me. "They're pretty comfortable, and I can wear them for fourteen or sixteen hours a day. They can get kind of hot in the summer, though."

    "What's it like not having legs?" I asked.

    "I don't know," he shrugged. "What's it like having them? I don't really remember having legs. I was only three-and-a-half when I lost them. So, for me, not having legs is just normal."

    "What happened?" I asked.

    "My daddy and I were driving and our car got hit by a big dump truck," he said. "He ran a stop sign and hit the front right side of our car. Our car went under the front of the truck and my side of the car was pretty much crushed. Thankfully, I was the only one hurt. My daddy just had some cuts and bruises. I was in the front seat, and I had my seatbelt on, but I was too small for it, and I slid out from under it and my legs got caught underneath the dashboard. I shouldn't have been in the front seat, and I should have been in a car seat, but people really didn't use booster seats back then.

    "Thankfully, I don't remember any of the crash," he said. "All I know is what I've been told. Apparently it took them almost half an hour just to get me out of the car it was crushed up so bad. The first thing I remember was waking up in the hospital. I remember my feet hurt really bad, like they had fallen asleep and were all tingly, but it was much worse. And then they told me they had to amputate my legs and my feet weren't even there anymore."

    "How could your feet hurt if they weren't there anymore?" I asked.

    "It's called psychogenic pain," he said. "Or phantom pain. You see, the nerve endings that connect my feet to my brain were still there, but they had been cut short. My brain didn't know my feet weren't there, yet, and the cut off nerve endings were telling my brain that my feet hurt. Eventually that goes away, but I can still feel my legs and feet, sometimes."

    "Really?" I asked in amazement.

    "Yep," he said. "I can feel my left big toe right now, and I can kind of feel my right kneecap. It feels sort like they're asleep, like all tingly, but it's not really painful or anything. Most of the time I just ignore it."

    "Wow," I said. "So, if you don't have legs, how do they know how tall to make these legs?"

    "Ha!" he laughed. "You ask some good questions. They actually measure my right femur—that's the long bone in you thigh—and that gives them an idea of how tall I should be. They also measure my shoulders, and back, and even my arms, and they use all those to estimate how tall I would be if I still have my legs. Then I get to choose how tall I am within a few inches of their estimates."

    "You get to pick how tall you are?" I asked in amazement.

    "Yep," he smiled. "Well, I get to choose how long they make my legs, but it's the same thing. Last year I decided I wanted to be an inch taller than my dad, so that's how tall I am. That annoys him a little, but he really doesn't mind."

    I just laughed at that.

    "So, why do you wear diapers?" I asked.

    "Well, after the accident, I was okay for the first year or so," he said. "But then I started school, and I was the only kid in the whole school with no legs. Prosthetics weren't nearly as good back then—they sure didn't have computerized knee joints, and they really weren't good for little kids, so it was pretty easy for people to tell I didn't have legs, even though I wore long pants all the time. No one really made fun of me, or anything, but I was always different from everyone, and that was hard. I started to get mad a lot and I acted up in school. I didn't have any friends, and I didn't talk to hardly anyone.

    "So, about the time I was six, my parents brought me to see your daddy," he explained. "And he suggested that my problems were partially from the fact that I had had such a traumatic, early childhood. He recommended the baby treatment to my parents like they do with you and Billy, so I got to have a second babyhood. That helped a lot, especially since just about the earliest memory I have is waking up in a hospital with my legs cut off. I can't remember any part of my childhood before that. So, over the years, Uncle Pete helped me adjust and get used to being a little more different than everyone, and my parents kept treating me like a baby, which was a nice break from the real world for me. Over the years I came to like being babied more and more, so I just decided to stay a baby."

    "Do you sleep in a crib?" I asked.

    "No, not anymore," he laughed. "I got a big boy bed about a year ago. I grew out of my highchair, too, and I don't ride in a car seat anymore, either. I still wear a bib a home when I eat, though, because I'm kind of a messy eater. I like bottles and sippy cups, too, and I still drink from them a lot. And I still call my mommy and daddy 'Mommy' and 'Daddy.' But, other than that I'm pretty much a big boy, now."

    "Except for diapers," I pointed out.

    "Yeah, except for diapers," he conceded. "I'm not ever giving those up. I love my diapers too much. Do you like your diapers?"

    "Um, yeah," I admitted. "I like them a lot."

    "Good," he said with a smile.

    With that we went back to playing with the Legos. He didn't put his legs back on right away, he just kind of left them there beside him and sat on the floor without them. I eventually worked up the courage to ask if I could touch what was left of his legs. He just laughed and said sure, but he informed me that they were called "residual limbs," although most people just called them "stumps." He had to define "residual" for me, but he also taught me how to say "prosthetic" properly. I thought his stumps would feel weird when I touched them, but there was nothing remarkable about them. They were just like regular legs that happened end a little abruptly.

    "Are you guys about ready for me to make dinner?" Kevin asked after we had been in the nursery for maybe an hour-and-a-half.

    "Sure!" Billy called from the entertainment center without taking his eyes off his game.

    "Okay," I said.

    Kevin put his prosthetics on, which didn't even take a minute, and he stood up.

    "You want to go over there with your bother?" he offered.

    "Um, can I stay with you?" I asked.

    "Sure," he replied with a smile.

    He helped me stand up, which I was thankful for because I wasn't sure how to get up off the floor unassisted. He held my hand as we left the nursery and went down the hall. He helped me down the stairs and we went to the kitchen. He helped me into my highchair and strapped me into it.

    "You want something to drink?" he offered as he headed into the kitchen.

    "Um, Kool-Aid, please," I requested.

    He brought me a bottle of Kool-Aid to suck on. He also tied a bib around my neck. He turned my highchair so that I was facing the kitchen and then he went to work in the kitchen. He turned the oven on and went to the freezer to pull out the bag of chicken nuggets. He put several nuggets on a tray and put them into the oven. He then got a pot of water heating on the stove for the pasta shells, and he opened the can of vegetables and dumped it into a saucepan to heat up.

    "So, do you go to school?" I asked as he was cooking.

    "I graduated high school back in May," he said. "I just started college at the Collin County Community College. I'm gonna go there for a year, and then go off to college somewhere, I haven't decided where yet, and then I'm going to medical school."

    "Medical school?"

    "Yep," he nodded. "I want to be a doctor."

    "Like Daddy?" I asked.

    "Well, yeah," he said. "But I don't want to do what he does. I want to be a surgeon, an orthopedic surgeon."

    "What's that?" I asked.

    "That's a doctor that works on the skeleton," he said. "You know, bones, and joints, and stuff like that."

    "Oh," I nodded understanding.

    "So, your Daddy told me he's home-schooling you," he said. "Is that fun?"

    "Yeah," I said. "Daddy's really smart. He knows a lot of stuff."

    "I'm sure he does," he said.

    We continued chatting as he worked on making supper. I found out that he had a brother and sister, who were twins, but they were a lot younger than him and were only two years old. He told me about his mommy and daddy and what they did. He got the pasta shells cooked and he poured the cheese sauce from the package into them. As he was stirring the shells and cheese at a counter with his back to me I looked down and noticed something dripping from his crotch down onto the floor.

    "Um, Kevin, you're, like, dripping," I said cautiously.

    "What?" he asked.

    "From your diaper," I said. "Something is dripping from your diaper."

    "Aw, man!" he said angrily, stepping back from the counter and looking down at himself. "I'm leaking!"

    He grabbed a dishtowel that was on the counter near him and held it up under his crotch.

    "I'll be back," he said urgently as he turned to rush out of the kitchen still holding the towel to his diaper.

    I sat there silently waiting for a few minutes until he came back. He was obviously wearing a clean disposable when he came back. He looked a little upset.

    "Taddy, do me a favor and don't tell anyone I leaked, okay?" he asked. "If my mommy finds out I had a leak she won't let me change myself anymore. I'm supposed to be checking myself every so often, but I forgot."

    "I won't tell. I promise." I said immediately.

    "Thanks, buddy," he said with a sigh of relief as he returned the to kitchen. "You're a good friend."

    "Thanks," I said beaming with pride. "I think you are, too."

    Supper was ready a few minutes later, and he went to summon Billy from upstairs. Billy came down to the kitchen a minute later. Kevin got him fastened into his highchair and he pushed both of us over by the table. He went to the kitchen and brought out three divided, toddler plates of food and three sippy cups. He tied a bib around Billy's neck, and then I couldn't help but laugh as he put a bib oh himself. He sat down at a place at the table where he began feeding me. He let Billy eat by himself, but I still needed help. He had cut up both Billy's and my chicken nuggets into little pieces for us already.

    "Okay, after dinner it's bath time," Kevin said as he fed me. "What are we doing after that?"

    "How about diaper tag?" Billy suggested.

    "But Taddy can't run around, yet, Billy," Kevin pointed out.

    "Oh. I forgot. Darn," Billy said sadly.

    "Next time I'm babysitting we'll do diaper tag, okay?" Kevin said.

    "Okay," Billy replied satisfied.

    "Besides, diaper tag is only fun when we all have poopy diapers," he said. "And we're all clean right now."

    I wanted to ask what diaper tag was, but when I opened my mouth to ask Kevin shoved a spoonful of corn into it. I figured I could just ask Billy later.

    "So, what are you boys going to be for Halloween?" Kevin asked a little later.

    "I'm gonna be an astronaut!" Billy said excitedly. "Matty's mommy is making the costume. Daddy told me astronauts have to wear diapers in their spacesuits because they wear them for so long when they're outside the space shuttle."

    "That's right," Kevin said. "They sure do. That'll be a cool costume for no other reason than that. What about you, Taddy?"

    That was something I hadn't even given any thought to. I certainly knew what Halloween was and all about costumes and trick-or-treating, but I had never once participated in any of it. I had never had a costume before, and I had never been allowed to go trick-or-treating in any of my foster homes. Sure, sometimes my foster families' kids did all that, but not me. I thought Halloween was just something for regular kids, not orphans like me.

    "I don't know," I shrugged.

    "I guess no one has thought of that, yet," Billy said. "We need to think up a costume for you."

    "For me?" I asked.

    "Yeah," he replied.

    "You mean I get to do that, too?" I asked.

    "Of course, silly," Billy said. "Why wouldn't you?"

    I just shrugged again.

    "Well, you guys better come up with something pretty quick," said Kevin. "Halloween is only eight days away."

    We finished our supper, and Kevin fed each of us a small bowl of ice cream. Then, we waited for a second while Kevin cleaned up the dishes. He took Billy and me upstairs to the nursery and ran us a bath in the bathroom. He got us both undressed and out of our diapers—both of us were only wet—before he escorted us to the bathroom. He got my cast protectors from their place in the bathroom cabinet—I guess Mommy told him where they were—and put them on me. He then helped us into the tub. The bath wasn't a bubble bath tonight, but I very quickly decided that Kevin was the best bather ever. He let us play and splash around a lot, and he even splashed water back at us. He didn't care at all that we spilled more than a little water out of the tub.

    We got so worked up that Billy actually had a little accident in the tub. We were playing around and he was standing up with a little squirt gun. All of a sudden we heard the sound of trickling water. Kevin and I looked over to see a stream of pee coming out of Billy's pee-pee and arching down into the tub.

    "Oops," Billy said, a little embarrassed. "Sorry."

    "That's okay," Kevin said. "But I think it's timed to get you two bathed an out of here. One of you has obviously been out of diapers for plenty long enough."

    Kevin got us both bathed, and then he dried us off. He cleaned up the bathroom a little, and then he took us back to the nursery. He put us both into a clean set of diapers for the night. He put an extra diaper on each of us just to make us waddle more. He seemed to be pretty good at putting diapers on, so I guess he had kept Billy often enough that he had a lot of practice.

    After we were diapered up for the night and had clean t-shirts on, it was decided that we would watch a movie. Kevin had brought a couple of DVDs with him, both of which were rated PG-13, meaning Billy and I would not ordinarily be allowed to watch them. Kevin went downstairs to make some popcorn while Billy and I decided on which movie to watch. Billy was just putting a DVD into the player when Kevin returned with two bowls of popcorn and an armful of baby bottles. He gave Billy a bottle and one of the bowls of popcorn. He then occupied the other beanbag chair and had me sit with him. He got situated and then I sat down in front of him in between his legs. I held the bowl of popcorn in my lap and he held our bottles for us.

    We proceeded to watch the movie, which turned out to be pretty good. Kevin periodically either held my bottle up to my mouth to drink from or a handful of popcorn up to my face to eat. Like I said, it was a very good movie, but before it was over I was getting sleepy. Probably two-thirds of the way through the flick I fell asleep in Kevin's lap.

    I woke up sometime later to Kevin gently nudging me. I discovered that I was still sitting in his lap in the beanbag chair.

    "Hey, Taddy," he greeted me gently. "It's already after eleven. Time to go to bed, little guy."

    I just nodded tiredly. He pushed me up out of his lap and then got up behind me.

    "Did I miss the movie?" I asked groggily.

    "Yeah, but don't worry," he said. "We'll see it some other time."

    He led me over to my crib. He picked me up and started to put me into it. It was then that I saw the harness and was reminded of it.

    "Are you going to put me in the harness?" I asked sadly.

    "I have to, Taddy," he told me. "Your mommy said I did."

    "Please, can you let me sleep without it?" I begged.

    "I would, Taddy," he said. "But then I'd get in trouble when your mommy and daddy come home. You don't want me to get into trouble, do you?"

    "No," I said sadly, a tear starting to trickle down my cheek.

    He held me to his chest and gave me a hug.

    "Sorry, Taddy," he said sincerely.

    "That's okay," I replied. "I know you have to."

    He gave me another hug and then lowered me into my crib. He slowly got me strapped into the harness asking me several times if I was comfortable or if he was hurting me. I could tell by the look on his face that he took no pleasure in restraining me in my crib. He got me fastened into the harness and ankle straps, and then he leaned on the side of the crib and stroked my chest gently.

    "Don't be mad at me, okay?" he said.

    "I'm not mad at you," I said. "I know you're doing it for my own good."

    "That's right buddy," he said. "Did you have fun, tonight?"

    "Uh huh," I said, actually cracking a smile. "You're really cool, Kevin. I hope I get to see you again, soon."

    "You will, squirt," he said. "You'll see me again before you know it. Goodnight."

    "Goodnight, Kevin," I told him. "I love you."

    "I love you, too, Taddy," he said with a smirk.

    He patted me on the head and tucked me in. He made sure that my teddy bear was within my reach and then he closed my crib. He smiled and winked at me before he turned to go say goodnight to Billy. A minute later he turned the light out and left us alone.

    "Goodnight, Billy," I called across the nursery quietly.

    "Goodnight, Taddy," he replied. "I love you, baby brother."

    "I love you, too," I said.

    In spite of the harness, I was pretty tired from having such an eventful day. Even though I wasn't at all happy to be in the harness, again, I drifted off to sleep thinking, again, about how lucky I was to be here and how lucky I was to know people like Mommy and Daddy, my siblings, and Kevin.

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    A Second Chance

    A Second Chance

    Part 6 (a)

    The Diaper Boy Clan

    I woke up the next morning to the sun shining in through the window behind my head. It was normally still pretty dark outside when we got up during the week, so the light reminded me that it was Saturday. For me, the weekend mainly meant that I'd be spending more time with the rest of the family, particularly Billy, who was my best friend in addition to being my brother. Of course, for all practical purposes, he was my only friend. With the exception of Matty, whom I had only met once, I didn't even know any other boys—or girls for that matter—who were anywhere near my age.

    Of course, I woke up to the unpleasant feeling of being restrained. It was neither painful nor particularly uncomfortable, but I still didn't like it. I hated this stupid harness. Why did they have to put me in it? I knew they were doing it because they wanted to protect me, but there had to be another way to do it. I suddenly realized that this was the first home I had ever been tied up in. I had been hit, beaten, and verbally abused in countless homes, but never restrained. I had been locked up in a few closets before, but that wasn't the same. I wondered what that meant. Did it mean they didn't love me? What if my sleepwalking didn't go away? Would I just be tied up in my crib every night from now on? I didn't think I could take that. What if they decided they needed to take more drastic measures? I didn't know what that might be, and I didn't want to find out. They could eventually decide that my sleepwalking was a stunt for attention, and I was doing it on purpose. One or two of my foster families had decided that was the cause of my bedwetting. They put up with it for a while, but then they decided I just wanted attention, and then they started punishing me, which of course meant hurting me. I just hoped Mommy and Daddy didn't decide that was the case with my sleepwalking. I knew they said they'd never hurt me or hit me, but that was before I started sleepwalking.

    I lay there for the next several minutes. I wondered when someone was going to come get me up. I hoped it would be soon. I was getting pretty tired of just lying here unable to sit up or even move around. The time seemed to go by incredibly slowly as I lay there trying not to feel sorry for myself. I strained at the harness for a moment trying to free myself even though I knew it was a futile effort. I eventually started crying I got so upset with my predicament. I quietly lay there sniffling as tears streaked down the sides of my face. I couldn't believe how miserable I was.

    Finally, when I thought all hope was lost and that I'd be stuck in the stupid harness forever, I heard the door squeak open. I couldn't see who came in at first, but a second later Celli appeared standing over my crib.

    "Hi, baby," she whispered quietly. "You want to get up?"

    I just nodded vigorously.

    She went over to my chest-of-drawers and pulled open the top drawer. She pulled out the little, red, magnetic key thingy and brought it over to the crib. Now, I knew where the key was kept, not that it would help me any. It may as well have been on the far side of the moon for all the good it did me. She unlocked my harness and picked me up out of the crib.

    "Why are you crying, baby?" she asked me as she gave me a good morning hug.

    "I hate that stupid harness," I replied sobbingly.

    "I know you do, baby," she said. "But it's for your own good."

    Having everyone telling me that all the time, as though it was supposed to make everything so much better, was beginning to get really annoying.

    She reached around behind me and put her fingers inside my plastic pants to see how wet I was. She decided that I wasn't in need of a change at the moment, so she got my glasses for me and carried me out of the room. Billy was still asleep, so we just left him there. She took me down the hall and downstairs to the kitchen. We went over to my highchair and she strapped me into it.

    "Feel better, now, baby?" she asked as she put the tray in place.

    "Uh huh," I nodded

    "Good," she said as she bent over to give me a kiss on the tip of my nose. "Would you like a bottle of milk?"

    "Yes, please," I replied.

    She went to the refrigerator and returned with a baby bottle of milk for me. She let me hold it by myself as she returned to the kitchen and began making coffee. She was still in her pajamas, which for her consisted of some very short, tight shorts and a loose-fitting blouse that had spaghetti shoulder straps. Andy wore pajama pants and a t-shirt to bed at night. Seeing my sister's butt showing under her skimpy shorts reminded me of eating at Chick-Fil-A the other day.

    "Celli?" I asked after sucking on my bottle for a little while.

    "Yes, Baby?"

    "Why do older boys wear diapers, but older girls don't?" I asked.

    "That's easy," she replied. "Boys just can't control themselves as well. Girls just have better control over their bladder and bowels. That's why all boys should be in diapers, because it's really for their own good."

    "But I saw some boys at the Chick-Fil-A who didn't have diapers on," I said.

    "I'm sure you did," she replied. "A lot of people think that they have to potty train boys. They think everyone has to use the potty no matter what. Because of that, parents put themselves through a lot of extra grief trying to get their sons potty trained. The fact is boys are much harder to potty train, if they can be trained at all, and it takes much, much longer to potty train them than it does girls. Andy and I both took less than a week to be potty trained, whereas my friend Jackie's little, six-year-old brother took nearly a year, and he still has accidents sometimes. I'd be willing to bet that just about all those boys you saw at Chick-Fil-A without diapers still had a lot of accidents."

    "So, then why do parents potty train their boys?" I asked.

    "Society is just confused," she said. "There's this belief that everyone has to be potty trained by a certain age, and it's really just not that simple. Boys aren't supposed to be potty trained, which is why it's so much harder to train them. When girls go through potty training it's just another part of growing up, but with boys it becomes a very traumatic experience, one of the worst experiences of their lives. Do you remember your potty training?"

    "No," I shook my head.

    "See? That's because it was probably so traumatic that you blocked it out of your memory," She explained. "Most people think that if they don't potty train their boys they're going to end up ostracized or rejected by society, or they'll wind of with emotional problems, but that's absolute hogwash. Just look at Kevin. He's pretty normal, isn't he?"

    "Yeah, he's really cool," I agreed.

    "See?" she said. "There's nothing wrong with older boys, even adult older boys being in diapers."

    "But why aren't boys supposed to by potty trained?" I questioned further.

    "They're just not," she said. "Boys are supposed to stay in diapers. That's why all boys love diapers, because they're supposed to be in them."

    "Have y'all really done scientific studies that say all boys like diapers, like Andy says?" I asked.

    "Yep," she said with an emphatic nod. "We've proved it. All boys love diapers."

    "How did you prove it?" I asked skeptically.

    "Okay," she said. "You've seen your brother changed and you've been changed a lot. Whenever you get your diapers changed your little pee-pee gets stiffer and bigger, right?"

    "Uh huh," I said. "That's called an erection."

    "Oh, that's right," she replied. "Billy explained all that to you. Well, anyway, those happen when a boy likes something. Now, I've probably changed two dozen or more boys' diapers—and that's just older boys, not including little babies—and they always, without exception, get an erection during diapers changes. That must mean they love diapers, right?"

    "Hmm," I said mulling over that for a second. "I guess it does."

    "Of course it does," she said. "Besides, even if boys didn't like diapers, it would still be best to keep them all in them. Potty-trained boys are just much dirtier. I bet all of those undiapered boys you saw at Chick-Fil-A had horribly dirty bathrooms at home. Boys just cannot keep a bathroom clean. I once saw a study that showed that residential—that mean in homes—bathrooms had 45% more germs when boys used them regularly than bathrooms that were only used by girls. Do you know what 45% means?"

    "No," I admitted.

    "That means nearly half. So, if a bathroom that was only used by girls had 100 germs, a bathroom that was used by girls and boys would have 145 germs. I haven't found any research to support it, but I'd be willing to bet that a bathroom that has nothing but boys using it is at least twice as germ-ridden as a bathroom that only girls use. See? Boys are just dirtier, but it's not your fault, you can't help it."

    "But why are boys dirtier?" I asked next.

    "It's just one of those ways boys and girls are different," she replied. "That's why boys should stay in diapers because it keeps them and the area around them much cleaner. Jackie's brother is horrible in the bathroom. She's shown me where he's always missing the toilet bowl and peeing on the edges of the bowl or on the floor. Yuck! I mean he's your size for Goodness sake. His little pee-pee can't be but a few inches above the toilet bowl, and he misses that big, huge opening on it. And he can't seem to get his bottom wiped properly after he makes pooh-pooh. She's shown me the inside of his underwear, and let me tell you, they're disgusting. They have gross brown streaks in the seat from him not wiping enough or just not wiping at all after he poops. You probably had the same type of stains in your undies before you came here."

    I thought back for a minute and tried to remember my few measly pairs of underpants that I owned before I got here.

    "Hmm," I said. "I guess they were pretty bad, but mine also had pee stains on them from wetting the bed."

    "See, now, that's something you can't control," she said, "But it's also another reason why all boys should be in diapers. Many, many, many more boys wet the bed than girls, and they usually wet the bed longer than girls."

    "Hmm," I said considering all this information further.

    "So, you see, sweetie?" She concluded. "Boys just aren't capable of controlling that part of their lives. They should all just remain in diapers and let their sisters or capable adults take care of cleaning them and changing them."

    "But, then, what if I decided I didn't want to be a baby anymore?" I asked.

    "Yeah, like that's going to happen," she said with a snorted laugh. "You absolutely love being a baby. Don't try to deny it. I can tell. And, like I told you, even if you decided to be a big boy, Andy and I would figure out a way to make you want to be in diapers. Heck, we may not even give you a choice. You can be a big boy all you want, but you're still wearing diapers."

    "But Mommy and Daddy said it was my choice," I said.

    "Sure, being a baby is," she said. "But you really do need diapers. Andy and I would convince Mom and Dad to keep you in diapers whether you wanted to be a baby or not. And besides that, you've noticed there's no toilet in you and Billy's bathroom, so where would you go to the potty, anyway?"

    I frowned at that. She did have a good point. I had asked Mommy about that one night this week when she was bathing us. She told me that they took the toilet out a couple years after Billy came here, since he never used it, and they needed the space to make room for the big tub.

    "Well, I could go in one of the other bathrooms," I said.

    "No, no, no," she said. "I don't think so. You certainly can't use Andy's or my bathrooms. Those are girls-only toilets in there. And you probably couldn't even get to one of the other bathrooms in time without having an accident. Remember, boys can't really control themselves that well. Did you have a lot of accidents during the daytime before you came here?"

    I had to think about that for a few seconds, but then I did remember having sporadic accidents over the years, for which I was almost inevitably spanked or beaten.

    "Yeah," I said sadly. "I guess I did have some."

    "See, baby?" she said. "We can't have that in this house. That's why all boys have to be in diapers here. But that's really not a problem, since, like I said, all boys love diapers. So, now do you see why all boys should be in diapers?"

    "Yeah, I guess so," I said with a thin smile.

    "Good baby," she said. "One day, Andy and I are hoping that everyone will understand, and they'll just stop bothering to potty train boys. The world will be a much better, happier place if that happens."

    "So, why doesn't Jackie's brother wear diapers if he still has accidents and he's so dirty?" I asked.

    "Well, like I said, most people just don't understand," she said with a frown and shake of her head. "Their mom just doesn't understand that it would be better to keep him in diapers. Jackie and I have both tried to convince her—believe me, we have, but she still thinks dealing with accidents and yucky bathrooms and underwear is easier than dealing with diapers. Maybe next week I'll see if Jackie will bring him over after school one day so you can meet both of them. Jackie will probably be babysitting you one of these day, anyway, so you should probably meet her."

    She got up from the table where she had been sitting in front of me drinking her cup of coffee. She took my empty bottle and her coffee mug to the sink and returned a moment later with a bottle of apple juice.

    "Come on, stinker," she said. "Let's go watch cartoons until everyone else gets up. I guess everyone is sleeping a little late today since we were all out late last night."

    She unstrapped me from my highchair and picked me up. She carried me into the den and we sat down on the couch. She got me situated comfortably in her lap and she turned on the TV. We found some cartoons to watch and then I sat there as she held my bottle of juice to my mouth. As I sucked on it, I gave my bladder a little push and flooded my already wet diapers with more urine. As I wallowed in the renewed, comforting warms of my sopping diapers I thought how good it could be to be a baby.

    About the time I finished my bottle Mommy came into the room.

    "Good morning, you two," she said. "Are you guys the only ones up?"

    "Morning, Mom," said Celli. "Yeah, we're it."

    "Good morning, Mommy," I said to her happily.

    "Hi, sweetie," she said.

    She came over and picked me up out of Celli's lap. She gave me a kiss and a hug.

    "Did you have a good night with Kevin, last night?" she asked.

    "Uh huh," I said. "I like him. He's really cool."

    "That's good," she said. "I'm glad you like him, because you'll be spending a lot of time with him."

    "What do you mean?" I asked in confusion.

    She carried my empty bottle and me to the kitchen with her.

    "Well, you know we needed to find you a permanent tutor to do your home school for the next few months," she said as she put my bottle in the sink and carried me over to my highchair again. "Kevin just started college, and he only goes in the afternoons, so he's free a lot of the time, including every morning. He's a very smart boy, so we decided to see if he wanted to be your teacher. Daddy called him earlier this week, and then we came up with the idea of him keeping you guys last night to see how you two get along. So, you liked him a lot?"

    "Yeah," I said. "He is really smart, and he's nice. He also changes diapers really good."

    "Yes, he does," agreed Mommy. "He's been babysitting your brother for years, so he has lots of practice changing diapers."

    She went to the kitchen and began searching through the pantry.

    "I think we're just going to have oatmeal this morning, baby," she told me, "Since we're going to have a big lunch this afternoon."

    "Okay," I replied.

    "So, are you excited about meeting Matty's brothers and sister this afternoon?" she asked me.

    "Uh huh," I replied.

    "And don't forget, you're getting your new baby clothes, too," she reminded me.

    "I know," I replied. "I can't wait."

    She started making breakfast as I sat there quietly.

    "Mommy?" I asked after a few minutes.

    "Yes, baby?" she replied.

    "Um," I started cautiously. "Do I get to do Halloween this year?"

    "Oh," she said. "You know, I guess we forgot that was coming up. Of course you do, sweetie. We need to come up with a costume for you. Do you have any idea what you want to go as?"

    "No," I replied.

    "Well, why don't you be thinking about that, baby," she said, "And this afternoon when Molly is here we can see what she can come up with in the next week. She's making your brother's costume, and she can usually get something put together pretty quickly."

    "Okay," I nodded happily. That got me pretty excited. I had never had a Halloween costume. I'd have to think really hard about what I wanted to be. I hadn't the slightest idea what to go as.

    Right about then Daddy came into the room carrying Billy. Daddy was the only person who could still carry Billy around. Billy was kind of jealous of me for being so small that everyone could still carry me.

    "Morning, everybody!" Billy announced happily.

    "Good morning, baby," Mommy told him. "Good morning, dear."

    "Morning, Honey," Daddy said quietly but cheerfully.

    Daddy carried Billy over to his highchair, which was next to mine. He got him into it and strapped him in. Before he was even in his highchair I could smell Billy's stinky diapers, so Daddy apparently hadn't changed him, yet.

    "Good morning, Tadpole," he greeted me as he strapped Billy into his highchair.

    "Morning, Daddy," I told him.

    When Billy was strapped in, Daddy moved over to me and gave me a kiss on the forehead and a pat on the head. He then went into the kitchen to help Mommy with breakfast. A few minutes later both the girls came into the kitchen. Andy said hi to everyone and she came over to give Billy and me our good morning kisses. Breakfast was ready just a few minutes later. Celli fed me my oatmeal and toast this morning while Andy fed Billy. After breakfast the girls took both of us babies upstairs to change our diapers. They decided to team up to get us changed faster this morning.

    "Let's diaper them up special for this afternoon," Andy suggested as she set me down on the changed table and helped me lay down.

    "Okay," replied Celli. "How many do you think we should use?"

    "How about six?" proposed Andy. "We want to impress the other diaper boys."

    "You think his plastic pants will fit over that many?" asked Celli

    "We won't know until we try," replied Andy. "We know Billy's do."

    I knew they were talking about putting six diapers on me. I thought four diapers was a pretty thick set, but six had to be ridiculously bulky. I didn't think I'd even be able to walk in that many diapers. I wasn't so sure that I wanted them putting that many diapers on me, but I was not in the least bit involved in the decision making process.

    Celli proceeded to unlock my nighttime plastic pants and remove them. She unpinned my wet diapers and removed them. I noticed that I got kind of cold as I waited there while she put my diapers in the diaper pail. It was supposed to be pretty cool this weekend, and I could definitely tell the difference in the temperature in the nursery this morning compared to last night.

    Celli and Andy pulled out a bunch of diapers and began to fold them up. Celli lifted my butt off the table and slid the first diaper under me. She pinned it on snugly while Andy both handed her diaper pins and folded up the other diapers at the same time. Five more times my butt was lifted and another diaper went under it. The first two were the smaller size ones Mommy bought for me, the second two were the bigger size, and the last two were actually two of Billy's pre-fold diapers. She got all six diapers pinned very snugly around my lower half. I don't know for sure, but it seemed like she must have used a hundred diaper pins on me. She then pulled out one of my pairs of plastic pants and held them up to me.

    "There's no way these are going to fit," she announced as she held them over the front of my diapers.

    "Nope, you're right," agreed Andy.

    I thought that meant they'd have to thin out my diapers, but I was wrong.

    "Use a pair of Billy's pants," said Andy

    "Okay," Celli said.

    She got down on her knees to go through the plastic pants on their designated shelf. She finally came back up with a pair of printed plastic pants.

    "Here we go," she said. "We'll put them in baby print pants today, since it's a special occasion."

    She fed my legs through the pants and pulled them up. She lifted my butt once more and pulled the pants over my voluminous diapers. She got the leg holes of the pants tucked into my diapers to prevent leaks, and then she sat me up to adjust the top of my pants and made sure they covered my entire diapers. By the time she was done with that, Andy had retrieved my cast boot from on top of my chest-of-drawers. Celli strapped it onto my cast foot. She then gave me a kiss on the nose and picked me up. She stood me up on the floor. She then gave me a rather hard swat on my butt. My diapers were so thick that I couldn't feel it at all, but it nearly knocked me off balance nonetheless.

    She told me I could go, and then I walked around trying to get accustomed to my tremendously thick diapers. Of course, "walking" was an abject euphemism for the way in which I was forced to ambulate. My legs were forced so far apart by my diapers that I had to move with a horribly pronounced waddle, and the limp induced by the cast on my left leg only worsened my waddle. I waddled around for about fifteen feet before I lost my balance and fell. Thankfully, I fell flat on my butt, which was obviously amply padded. It didn't hurt at all to fall on my rear end.

    "Are you okay, baby?" Andy asked concernedly, having seen me go down.

    "Uh huh," I nodded.

    I then had to try to get up. That turned out to be difficult. My legs were so restricted by my diapers that I couldn't move them around too much, and I couldn't use my arms to push myself up since they were stuck in their casts. I struggled for a few moments, but I just couldn't do it.

    "I can't get up," I finally whined in frustration.

    "Here, baby, I'll help you," Andy said.

    She came up behind me and put her hands under my armpits. She lifted me up and got me back on my feet.

    "Now, just walk slowly, baby," she cautioned me.

    I nodded as I started to try to waddle around again. I made it another few feet before I once again lost my balance and fell on my butt.

    "Uh oh," Andy said from behind me. "You're not getting around so well there, bubble butt."

    "These diapers are too thick," I complained.

    "Oh, you'll be fine," she assured me dismissively. "You just have to get used to them."

    I just sat there as Andy returned to help finish diapering Billy. I was able to get myself turned around as I sat there in the middle of the nursery. I watched quietly as the girls got Billy into a thick set of diapers. When he was diapered just as thickly as I was, he slid off the table wearing a pair of plastic pants over his diapers that was identical to mine. He stopped for a second as he stood there and looked down at his diapered lower half. He smiled in deep satisfaction as he rubbed the front of his diapered crotch for a second. He then waddled over in my direction. He walked with a much more pronounced waddled than usual, but he didn't seem to have too much trouble getting around. I guess he had practice wearing such thick diapers. Of course, the diapers weren't quite so thick on him, considering he was a lot bigger than me. He came over to me and plopped down on the floor next to me.

    "I love diapers this thick," he said with a fiendish gleam in his eyes.

    "Calm down, diaper boy," Andy told him.

    She came over to me and stood me back up.

    "You two, let's go to the bathroom," she told us. "Gotta get those pearly whites brushed."

    She let me waddle along by myself, but she stayed right behind me to catch me if I lost my balance again. The three of us went to the bathroom while Celli went to our dressers to get the two of us babies some clean t-shirts. With such thick diapers on, I was pretty sure there was no way any other type of clothes would fit on us. When we got to the bathroom, Andy picked me up and sat me on the counter. She got my toothbrush out and put toothpaste on it. Andy brushed my teeth while Billy brushed his own. A few minutes later we were ready to go. Andy picked me up and planted my heavily padded crotch on her hip. I couldn't even feel the arm she had under my butt to hold me up. She carried me out of the room and we found Celli waiting in the nursery with t-shirts for Billy and me.

    Andy set me down and I stood there while Celli pulled the white t-shirt I had slept in off and put me in a purple t-shirt with a "Barney" iron-on on the front of it. She put a red t-shirt on Billy that had a "Bob the Builder" Iron-on on it. Both t-shirts were baby t-shirts with the lap shoulders and snaps on the back of the neck. With such babyish t-shirts and our baby-printed plastic pants, Billy and I looked even more babyish than usual.

    "Let's go downstairs, babies," Celli announced when she was done. "You two can play in the playpen and watch your cartoons while we help Mom and Dad get ready for this afternoon."

    She picked me up and we headed out of the room. Andy took Billy by the hand and led him along. The four of us went downstairs and to the den. Billy and I were put in the playpen and Andy brought us the TV remote. Billy turned the TV to Fox so we could watch some Saturday morning cartoons. It was just after 10:00, and a cartoon he liked to watch had just come on. We watched TV for a while as we simultaneously played with our toddler toys in the playpen. After a little while Celli brought each of us a bottle of juice to suck on. After watching Fox for a little while we switched over to Nickelodeon to watch some other cartoons. "Rugrats" was on, which had become one of my favorite cartoons for some reason. I think I liked it because Tommy Pickles always went around in just his diapers and a t-shirt, just like Billy and I usually did.

    We watched TV and played with our toys for what seemed like a couple of hours. Everyone else in the house was busy getting ready for the little party we were having this afternoon. Daddy was carrying things outside to the backyard to put on the barbecue grill. We were having hamburgers and chilidogs, and he was going to grill a lot of meat. Mommy and the girls were in the kitchen doing a lot of things that I couldn't see. At some point Andy came out and checked our diapers and make sure we were okay. I don't know why she bothered checking our diapers, as we could have probably gone a few days without a change.

    Not long after she checked us my stomach started to hurt a little. Actually, it started to hurt a little more than it had been. I had kind of had an upset tummy all morning. I think it was from the ice cream Kevin fed us the previous night. I tried to ignore my discomfort and keep playing with my Little Tyke toys, but the pain in my abdomen kept getting worse. Pretty soon I stopped playing with the toys and just sat there rubbing my stomach as best I could with my right hand.

    "What's wrong, Taddy?" Billy asked after a while. He obviously noticed my growing discomfort.

    "My tummy hurts," I said with a grimace.

    "Bad?" he asked.

    "Uh huh," I replied with a nod.

    "Sorry," he said. "Does it feel like you need to poop or something?"

    "I think I'm gonna have diarrhea," I replied.

    "Cool," he replied with a look of delight on his face.

    "Cool?" I asked. "Why is that cool?"

    "Diarrhea is the best!" he said earnestly. "It feels so awesome, and it stinks up the whole house."

    I crinkled my nose up at the thought of that. I thought Billy was a little nuts, but I did know he loved his diapers. Then, I remembered back to when I had had diarrhea the last time. I remember how weird, and interesting, and good it felt. I guess diarrhea was pretty cool.

    Right about then I stopped thinking about diarrhea in the abstract sense. Diarrhea suddenly became a much closer, tangible thing. I suddenly felt an urgent, unbearable need to poop. I was sitting Indian-style on the floor of the playpen. All I needed to do was lean forward a bit to take my weight off of my butt and give one little push, and runny poop began to flow from my butt hole. The poop was accompanied by a wet, gurgling fart, which caused Billy to giggle with delight. I continued to push out quite a bit of very runny poop hoping that my stomach would start to feel better.

    While I was still pooping I watched Billy lean forward just a little like I was doing. There was an even louder fart from him, and it looked like he was filling his own diapers with solid waste. He had a smile on his face the whole time.

    We both finished pooping about the same time. I sat back putting my weight back onto my rear end. That caused my runny poop to squish all over inside my diapers. Billy spent a couple of minutes scooting his butt back and forth on the floor. He was obviously trying to get his own excrement spread around within his diapers. My poop was so runny that I didn't even need to worry about doing that. Unlike my last experience with diarrhea, I could very quickly smell the foul odors of my mess. I guess this mess smelled much worse than the last diarrhea I had if it found its way out of my diapers so quickly. Within a minute or so I could also smell Billy's own load of was. His poop seemed to smell worse than mine, but that may have just been because I was more accustomed to the odors my own waste produced.

    "It's fun, isn't it?" Billy commented as he began to rub the front of his super thick diapers.

    "Yeah," I admitted with a slight grin.

    Right about then the doorbell rang. Mommy and the girls came out of the kitchen.

    "They must be here," announced Mommy as she headed towards the entryway.

    Celli came over toward the playpen.

    "Come on, babies," she said. "We gotta go greet the guests."

    She got Billy out of the playpen and set him down.

    "You babies stink," she told us with a contorted look on her face. "We already need to change you."

    She picked me up and set me on her hip. She took one of Billy's hands with her free hand and we headed towards the entryway just as Daddy came in from the back patio. He must have heard the doorbell and came in to greet our arriving guests. We all gathered in the entryway just as Mommy unlocked the front door. I suddenly got nervous like I always did when I was about to meet someone new. I would be meeting a lot of new people today, which made me even more nervous than usual.

    "Hi, guys!" Mommy said happily as she opened the door.

    She stood aside and I saw a bunch of people standing outside. There were two adults, one of whom I recognized as Ms. Molly, along with a bunch of kids. The kids came in first. Matty was the first in, followed by two other boys, and then a girl who was holding the hand of the fourth, smallest boy. The girl was the same one I had seen earlier in the week climbing into the back of Ms. Molly's car at the school. Each of the boys had a backpack slung over his shoulders, which I imagined probably contained one or more changes of diapers.

    I immediately noticed how all the boys were dressed. None of them were wearing anything that even remotely resembled "big boy" clothes. Matty and the next smaller boy were in bib rompers like Daddy had dressed me in the previous day. Matty's romper was red and he was wearing a white shirt with fire engines on it underneath the romper. His younger brother's romper was bright blue with a multicolored, striped shirt underneath it. The next smallest boy had green short-alls on under which was a blue t-shirt with a Scooby Doo motif covering it. Finally, the smallest boy was wearing bright orange overalls with a white t-shirt underneath that had little Tiggers from Winnie the Pooh all over it. He was the only one that actually looked as though he should be dressed as a toddler. It was also quite obvious that all of the boys were thickly padded in diapers. I figured they had to be wearing cloth diapers under their clothes, as the diaper bulges each of them sported seemed much too big for disposables. The girl—I suddenly remembered her name was Maggie—was dressed in a pair of faded blue jeans that were very tight on her. She was wearing a thin, but also tight, maroon sweater. Her fairly long, reddish-brown hair was done up in a ponytail behind her head. I didn't really like girls or anything, but I couldn't help but think that she was very pretty.

    Celli set me down on the floor as the kids approached us.

    "Hi, guys!" Billy said happily with a wave to them all.

    "Hi, Billy. Hi, Celli," Matty said to my siblings. "Hi, Taddy."

    "Hi," I replied quietly.

    "Taddy, these are my brothers and sister," he introduced me. "This is Danny, Caleb, Zachary, and Maggie."

    He pointed at his brothers in descending order by size and then to his sister. Danny, who I remembered was eight was bigger than me by about six inches, even though I was two years his senior. I was closer in size to five-year-old Caleb. He was actually smaller than me, but only by an inch or two, even though he was half my age. Zachary was the only one who was significantly smaller than me. I guess he was about six inches or so shorter than me. I then looked up at Maggie. She was a lot taller than me. She looked like she was almost a foot taller than me. However, I was used to girls in my grade at my old schools being taller than me, so I really wasn't surprised that she was bigger than me.

    Danny and Caleb both came up and said hello to me. Danny even offered his hand and he shook the fingers of mine. I was then somewhat surprised when Zachary came up and wanted to hug me.

    "Zack likes to hug everybody," Maggie informed me.

    I accepted Zack's hug just a little awkwardly. He embraced my pretty tightly for such a little kid and then he backed away from me slightly

    "Ooh, you got big diapers," he said with an amused smile. He reached forward and poked at the front of my bulging diapers gently.

    While he did that Maggie came up and put an arm around Zack's shoulders. She extended her right hand to me in greeting.

    "Hi, Taddy," she greeted me. "It's nice to meet you. I've heard a lot about you. Mom was right. You are very cute."

    At that I blushed deeply. For some reason I felt much more embarrassed by this girl seeing me in nothing but diapers than I had been by anyone else before. I don't know if that was because she was a girl or because she was my age. Thankfully, I didn't have much time to think of that because Ms. Molly and her husband had come into the house. Both of them were carrying several bundles that I decided must contain my new baby clothes. Mommy and Daddy relieved them of their burdens and they came over to where we kids were. They said hi to us, and then, somewhat to my surprise, Molly bent over to me and picked me up.

    "Hi, Taddy," she greeted me. "How are you, sweetie? Do you feel better than you did last time I saw you?"

    "Uh huh," I nodded.

    "That's good," she told me. "This is my husband, Clark."

    She turned toward her husband, who was standing next to her.

    "Hi, Taddy," he greeted me friendlily.

    "Hello," I squeaked nervously.

    "You stink, sweetie," Ms. Molly then informed me with a smile.

    "Yeah, he and Billy both need a change," Celli informed everyone.

    Now that everyone had greeted each other, we headed into the den. Ms. Molly carried me, which I appreciated considering how hard it was for me to walk in my overly thick diapers. Mommy and the girls wanted to go through my new clothes and things immediately. Celli and Andy were nearly bubbling over with excited anticipation at the prospect of going through all my new stuff.

    "Billy, sweetie, why don't you take the boys out back to play for a little while before we eat?" Mommy suggested. "Unless you all want to stay and watch us go through all the new cloth."

    "Nope, we'll go out back," Billy said immediately.

    "Go get your shoes on, first," Mommy told him.

    Billy nodded and he quickly waddled out of the room to go upstairs. He was back a minute or two later with socks and sneakers on. He looked sort of silly wearing nothing but shoes, a t-shirt, and diapers. He led Matty and his brothers out the back door and to the backyard where they could play. Daddy took Clark back there as well to continue cooking the meat for lunch. I would have liked to go out back and play, too, but I was told that I needed to stay inside to try my new clothes on. All of the girls gathered with me in the sitting area of the den. Mommy and Ms. Molly started to unwrap the bundles of cloths, which were all wrapped in brown paper.

    "I don't think anything will fit over diapers that thick," Ms. Molly said.

    "I'll go get some stuff to change him," Celli said, getting up from the couch she was sitting on. "He needs a change anyway."

    "I don't know why you girls had to put so many diapers on them this morning, anyway," Mommy complained mildly.

    "We wanted them to look extra cute for the company," Andy explained.

    Everyone else got a little giggle out of that.

    Celli returned a few minutes later with a stack of diapers, plastic pants, a changing pad, a canister of baby powder, and a tub of baby wipes. She got down on the floor in the middle of the sitting area after pushing the coffee table out of the way a bit. She spread out the changing pad in front of her.

    "Come here, baby," she then said, waving me towards her. "Let me change your diapers."

    I had been sitting on Andy's lap on an easy chair. Andy helped me slide off her lap, and I waddled precariously over in Celli's direction. I tried really hard not to fall to keep from embarrassing myself in front of everyone, and I thankfully succeeded. I got over to Celli and stood in front of her on the changing pad. I then had to sit down on the floor, a task that I still hadn't perfected yet with even my normal amount of diapering, much less two extra diapers. I crouched down on as low as I could get before letting myself fall backwards onto my butt. That actually worked this time, but I landed on my butt hard enough that it squished the runny poop in my diapers around a lot. I felt liquefied poop flow all the way up the front of my diapers past my penis, so I knew Celli was about the have her work cut out for her.

    Celli got me positioned how she wanted me on the changing pad and I lay back and spread my legs apart. It was then that I realized that Celli had knelt down on the floor with her back to the couch that Maggie was sitting on. That left me facing her, which I found very humiliating. I just sat there leaning back on my elbows looking down at myself trying not to make eye contact with her.

    I barely had time to consider that before Celli reached up to my waist…well, actually, well above my waist, and pushed my t-shirt up just a little so she could get at my plastic pants. She pulled my plastic pants down and off of me. She reached up and began to unpin my diapers. I don't know how many pins were in each diaper, but it must have been a bunch because it seemed to take her forever to unpin all six diapers. The first three diapers seemed to be completely dry. I don't think any of the urine from my three or four wettings had gotten to them at all yet. The third diaper from the inside may have been just a little damp. Finally, she got to the inner two diapers. These two were pretty wet, at least up front. I could also see poop leaking out of the sides of them around my legs. She unpinned the last diaper and opened it up exposing my genitals for all the women to see. Of course, they were completely covered in my poopy mess.

    "You made a big mess, stinky butt," Celli told me.

    I heard Maggie giggle quietly at that. I gave her a quick glance and noticed she had a very satisfied smile on her face. She must have been enjoying the opportunity to watch me get my diapers changed. I wasn't enjoying it at all. I was lying there in the middle of the room with five girls watching me. Sure, Mommy, Celli, and Andy changed me all the time, but it was still utterly humiliating to be changed in front of a crowd of girls.

    I was getting very uncomfortable, so I lay back and just stared at the ceiling as Celli started to clean my diaper area with wet wipes. It took her quite a while to get me clean, as I was very dirty, and she must have used probably ten baby wipes.

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    A Second Chance

    "Celli, why don't you put him in some of his new diapers?" Molly suggested as Celli was finishing up. "He needs to try them on anyway."

    "Oh. I guess we can do that," Celli said.

    Molly went through one of the piles of garments on the couch next to her.

    "Here, have a look at them," she said as she handed a diaper to Celli and another each to Mommy and Andy.

    I got a very good look at the diaper Celli held up. It looked a lot like Billy's custom diapers. It was gleaming white in color, much whiter than my other diapers, which had already become a little dingy from use. It was rectangular with half-circle scoops cut out of the sides to contour around the legs. The top and bottom edges of the diaper, which made up the waistline was stretchy, like they had elastic in them to make a waistband. There also appeared to be elastic in the edges of the leg cutouts, which made sort of a little depression in the center of the diaper, which I imagined would help hold its contents in. I realized that the diaper looked a lot like the disposable diapers Billy wore, except it was a lot thicker and it obviously had no tapes. I noticed that the center panel of the diaper seemed to be thicker than the diapers I wore, or even the ones Billy wore. Apparently I wasn't the only one to notice the difference.

    "It seems quite a bit thicker than Billy's diapers," Celli commented.

    "Oh, it is," said Molly. "I found a new type of batting material to use in the soaker panels. It's a little bulky, but it's supposed to work pretty well. Supposedly it soaks up a lot of liquid, but it dries faster in the dryer than regular diaper cloth. I put four layers of that into the soaker panels of all of Taddy's diapers sandwiched in between the regular material. That's the first batch of diapers I've done since we got the new material, so I don't know how they'll work. Since I wasn't sure how well the stuff works I had the girls go ahead and put the normal, eight layers of birds-eye in there."

    "So, it's twelve layers thick?" asked Andy.

    "That's right," Ms. Molly said. "Although, like I said, the batting material is a lot bulkier than birds-eye, so it makes the diapers even thicker, but I'm hoping it will also make them quite a bit more absorbent. Like I said, this is the first batch of diapers we've done, which is why I did it for free. Taddy gets to be our test case."

    "And you made two sizes, right?" Celli asked.

    "Yep," replied Ms. Molly.

    "Good. We can put them on super thick, then," said Celli.

    "Remember he has to try clothes on," Mommy reminded her.

    "I know," Celli said. "I mean later."

    "Well, hurry up and get him diapered up before he has an accident," Mommy told her.

    I blushed in embarrassment at the insinuation that I might have an accident. I had only had a few daytime accidents in my life, so why would I all of a sudden start having them more?

    Celli had me lift my butt and she slid the diaper she was holding under me. She thoroughly powdered my diaper area and pulled the front of the diaper up between my legs. She got the diaper adjusted snugly around me and began pinning it in place. I thought it felt pretty good. It was very soft and comfortable. It only took me a second to decide that I liked the feel of these diapers, at least. Celli got a second diaper from Ms. Molly and put it on me. When the second diaper was in place it already felt like I was as thickly diapered as I was in my usual four diapers. Whatever that new stuff was in these diapers sure made them a lot thicker. She finished pinning the second diaper in place, and then I thought she'd reach for a pair of plastic pants to put on me, but I was wrong.

    "Let me have one more diaper," she said.

    "Celli, we have to be able to put his clothes on," Mommy told her. "That'll probably be too many diapers."

    "Well, Mom, we need to see how thickly we can diaper him in his new diapers and still put clothes on anyway," reasoned Celli. "So we may as well do it now."

    Mommy just let out an exasperated sigh, "I swear, you girls like your brothers being in diapers more than they do."

    "And?" Celli giggled with delight. "One more diaper, please, Molly."

    Ms. Molly just smiled and handed her a third diaper. Celli raised my butt up once more, and she slid the last diaper underneath me. She pulled it up and pinned it in place around the other two diapers. She reached for a pair of plastic pants and started to put them on.

    "Oh, try some of his new plastic pants," said Molly. "I made a bunch of printed ones for him."

    She handed Celli a pair of baby-printed plastic pants like I had been wearing previously, but they were slightly smaller looking. I only had plain plastic pants of my own, since that was all they carried at the drugstore, but now I had my very own baby-print pants. I kind of liked that. Celli had me lift my feet up, and she pulled the plastic pants onto me. She pulled them up as high as they would go and then helped me stand up so she could pull them the rest of the way over my diapers. She got the pants adjusted properly and then turned me around to give me swat on the butt.

    "Such a cute baby," she cooed at me as she turned me back around to face her.

    "Okay, let's get started," said Mommy. "Come over here, baby."

    I waddled over to where Mommy was sitting. She was on one couch sitting kitty-corner to the couch Ms. Molly was sitting on. They both had piles of clothes and cloth diapers on either side of them. It was definitely easier to walk in these new diapers than the six diapers I had been in previously, but they were a good bit thicker than my normal set of four diapers. It also seemed like the crotches of them were just a little wider. I got over to Mommy and she picked up a colorful garment with a baby print all over it. She unfolded it and I saw that it looked like a onesie, but it had long sleeves and legs. She opened it up at the bottom and began to put it on me. It was sort of like t-shirt material, but thicker.

    "What is this, Mommy?" I asked as she pulled it over my head.

    "It's a playsuit, baby," she informed me. "For when it's a little too cold to run around the house in just diapers."

    The sleeves went over my arms pretty easily in spite of my casts. She got the garment over my torso and began to pull it down over my diapers.

    "I'm glad this thing is stretchy," she said as she pulled it down. She got it around my abdomen and began to snap the crotch and legs up over my legs.

    "You know I always put extra room in everything for that," said Ms. Molly. "Maggie likes the stuff the boys into too many diapers, too, so I always plan accordingly."

    "Yep," Maggie chimed in. "The more diapers the merrier."

    "Amen to that," agreed Andy. "Gotta make sure they never have a leak."

    Mommy finished snapping up the playsuit, but she had to leave some of the bottom snaps on my left leg undone, since they wouldn't close over my cast.

    "There," she said when she was done. "Doesn't that just look precious? And it fits perfectly."

    She had me turn around so everyone could see me. Everyone oohed and awed at me and said I looked cute. I only wore the playsuit for a few seconds before Mommy took it off of me. She picked up another garment and put it on me. I spent the next…well, it seemed like hours…trying on what seemed like dozens of outfits. Mommy and Ms. Molly would put a garment on me, I'd display it for everyone for a few seconds, and it would be quickly removed after everyone cooed at me an said how cute it looked. There were playsuits, and bib rompers, and rompers, which were like onesies with legs like shorts, and overalls, and short-alls, and onesies, and so many other clothes I lost count. There were half a dozen sleepers, but I could only try two of them on. I couldn't get into the footed sleepers because my cast wouldn't allow me to put my left foot into the foot of the sleeper. However, the footless sleepers had snaps in the crotch and inseams just like my playsuits, so I could try them on just fine. Everything seemed to fit perfectly, although Mommy just barely squeezed my thick diapers and me into some of the garments.

    Without exception, all of the garments looked very babyish. They were either in bright, solid colors, infantile pastels, or printed with some childish motif. Some of the garments had cartoon themes, while some of them had baby toys, teddy bears, or other childish paraphernalia on them, and others had vehicles on them. Nothing looked even remotely grownup. Still, I couldn't help but like everything. I had never owned so many clothes in my life, much less clothes that had been custom-made for me. I felt very lucky to have everything. Also, even though I got a little tired of trying on so many clothes after a while, I couldn't help but like all the attention all the girls were giving me. Sure, it was a little embarrassing, but everyone kept telling me how cute, and precious, and adorable I looked, and that made me feel really good.

    Finally, the fitting session wound down, which I was thankful for because I was getting pretty tired. I had been standing up for a pretty long time, and my ankle was starting to hurt ever so slightly. Mommy pulled the last garment off of me and put one of my new baby t-shirts onto me. It was pastel blue in color with a green frog sewn onto the center of the chest. Like the older baby t-shirts of Billy's that I wore, this one fit me somewhat tightly, and it was very short. It barely covered the top inch or two of my diapers.

    "There. All done, baby," she told me. "You can just wear that for the rest of the day. So, do you like all your new clothes?"

    "Yes, Mommy," I said. "I like them a lot. Thank you."

    "Your welcome, baby," she said. She picked me up and let me give her a hug. "Now, go thank Ms. Molly."

    She set me down and I waddled over to Ms. Molly.

    "Thank you for my new clothes, Ms. Molly," I told her.

    "You're very welcome, sweetie," she said. "I'm glad you like them."

    She picked me up and I gave her a hug as well. She sat me back down, and she gave me a swat on my butt as I turned around.

    "Okay, why don't we go outside and see how lunch is coming along?" Mommy suggested.

    Everyone stood up, and Mommy came over to me. She picked me up and planted me on her hip. She carried me out the back door as everyone followed behind us. We found Daddy and Mr. Clark out on the back patio by Daddy's big, shiny barbecue grill that was actually built-in on one side of the patio. I saw Billy and the rest of the boys out in the backyard on the swing set.

    "About fifteen more minutes," Daddy announced when he saw us come out. "Just waiting on the burgers."

    "That's good," replied Mommy.

    She set me down on the patio and gave my butt another swat. It was just slightly cool today, and the concrete was cold on my bare, right foot, but it wasn't too bad. I waddled over to the edge of the patio and looked out at the boys playing on the playground equipment. The house was kind of sitting on a very low hill and the small play area was at the bottom of it in a level area. I was kind of sad that I couldn't go out there. I wanted to run around and play, but I couldn't climb on anything. Mommy didn't even want me going out there because she was afraid I'd hurt myself. I stood there for a few minutes staring longingly at the other boys. A minute later, Andy came up behind me and put her hands on my shoulders.

    "You want to go out there and play with the other boys, huh baby?" she asked me.

    "Uh huh," I said sadly.

    "How about I go push you on a swing?" she offered.

    "But Mommy won't let me," I said.

    "She will if I'm watching you," she said. "And if I'm carrying you so you don't get dirt in your cast."

    She reached down and picked me up. She planted me on her hip and turned to Mommy, who was talking to Ms. Molly near the grill.

    "Mom, I'm going to push Taddy in the baby swing," she informed Mommy.

    "Okay. Just be careful with him," warned Mommy.

    "I will," Andy assured her as she walked out into the yard with me.

    We went down to the playground area, which resided in a pit of gravel.

    "Hi, Taddy!" Billy yelled from on top of the slide tower attached to swing set.

    "Hi, Taddy!" Matty joined in.

    "Hi, guys," I replied happily.

    Andy carried me over to the swings. There were three swings on the swing set. Two of them were regular swings, but one of them was like a toddler's swing. It was like a bucket seat with two holes in the front of it for the occupant's legs. It looked just like a toddler swing one might find at any playground, but it was big enough that a much bigger kid could swing in it. She lowered me down into the swing and got me situated in it. She went behind me and began to gently push me. I put my arms around the chains holding the swing up and enjoyed the sensations of rocking back and forth. I wished she would push me a little harder, but I'd take what I could get.

    She pushed me on the baby swing for a good ten minutes or so. After a few minutes she did begin pushing me a little harder so I'd go a little faster. I enjoyed my little, amusing ride as I watched the other kids play. I wish I could have been doing everything they were, but at least I was no longer watching from the patio. After a while Maggie came down from the patio. She sat on the empty swing next to me and joined me. We swung together for a few minutes. She didn't say anything to me, and I was too bashful to make direct eye contact with her, but I could see out of the corner of my eye that she kept looking at me.

    Finally, the adults called us in to come eat. Andy stopped pushing me and got my swing stopped. She picked me up out of the seat basket as everyone else ran off toward the house. She put me on her hip and I wrapped my arms around her to give her a hug.

    "Thank you, Andy," I told her.

    "You're welcome, sweetie," she said giving me a kiss on the cheek.

    She carried me up to the house. We probably would have eaten outside, but it was cloudy today and looked like it might rain, and I guess they didn't want to risk having our meal ruined by a sudden rain shower. Instead we went into the house and to the poolroom. With all the windows in there it was kind of like being outside, and it was certainly a big enough room for everyone to eat in. There was already a patio table out there with four chairs that the adults would be eating at, and Daddy had set up a big folding table with a bunch of chairs for all of the kids to eat at. Billy's and my highchairs had also been brought out here. Along one wall of the room a table had been set up with all of the food.

    Andy carried me over to my highchair at the big table and set me down in it. She got me strapped in and put the tray on it in front of me. Meanwhile, Maggie helped Zachary climb into Billy's highchair. He'd be eating in it today. The other four boys, including Billy, took places at the table. Celli produced a half-dozen bibs and each of us boys had one tied around out necks. Once everyone was settled in, Daddy stood at the grownups' table and said a prayer. Everyone but Zachary and I then got up and headed to the table with all the food. They lined up and filled their plates with food. Andy and Maggie each brought back two plates with them, one for Zachary and one for me. Andy set one plate down in front of me. It had a chilidog on it along with baked beans, potato salad, coleslaw, and potato chips. The plastic, disposable plate was nearly running over with food. I had no idea how I was going to eat it all.

    "Who gonna feed me?" Zachary asked as Maggie set one of her plates of food down in front of him.

    "Well, I am, silly," Maggie said.

    "No! I want Celli do it," he said adamantly, pointing over to Celli.

    Maggie just let out a sigh.

    "Oh, fine, you little brat!" Maggie said with a smile. "Do you mind, Celli?"

    "Of course not," Celli replied. "I love feeding my little Zacky-pooh."

    "Don't call me Zacky-pooh," Zachary said a little angrily, which just caused the girls to laugh at him.

    Everyone got situated and began eating. Andy sat down at her chair at the table, which was right next to my highchair. She took a plastic knife and fork and used it to slice my chilidog up, which I thought was kind of weird. She then used the fork to pick up a slice of chilidog that contained a piece of the bun, a piece of hotdog, and of course it was dripping with chili and melted cheese.

    "Open up, baby," she told me.

    I did as I was told, and she shoved the slice of chilidog into my mouth. I hadn't had a chilidog in a long time, so this was sort of a new taste for me. It was good. I decided I liked chilidogs.

    "Is it good?" she asked me as I chewed my first bite.

    "I huh," I mumbled. "It's good."

    "Good," she said. "Now, don't talk with your mouth full, sweetie."

    I just nodded and kept chewing. She continued feeding me as she ate her own meal and everyone else ate. She rotated through feeding me beans, coleslaw, potato salad, and chips. Every once in a while she would hold a sippy cup of Kool-Aid up to my mouth for me to suck from. There was hardly a moment in which there wasn't something in my mouth. Everything was really good, but I wasn't too fond of the potato salad. I didn't really care for the taste of it, but I knew I was supposed to eat what I was fed, and I wanted to be a good boy, so I just ate it.

    We all continued our meal. I sat there quietly not saying anything, but Billy, Matty, and Danny were conversing about something while the girls had their own conversation going on. I tried to listen into the boys' conversation, as I wasn't at all interested in what the girls were talking about. I heard Matty mention something about wanting to eat a ton of baked beans so he could fart a lot later on. The other boys laughed at that. Billy then said he was going to be sure to eat two chilidogs so he could really fill his diapers up later. I thought that was pretty funny myself.

    We spent another hour or so eating. Andy fed me every single bite of food on my plate. She asked if I wanted seconds, but I just shook my head. My tummy was really full, and I thought I would probably pop if I had one more bite of food. After everyone was finished eating, us kids were dismissed to go upstairs to play while the grownups cleaned up the mess from the meal. Andy let me out of the highchair and I waddled along behind Maggie and all the other boys as we headed back into the house. Billy held my hand and escorted me up the stairs. It still took me a long time to get up the stairs, but I was getting better at it every time.

    We got to the top of the stairs and went down that hall to the nursery. Billy, Matty, and Danny wanted to play video games, so they headed over to the entertainment center. I would have liked to play some video games, as well, but I still had trouble using the controller. Caleb and Zachary wanted to play with some toys, so I decided to play with them. We went over to the shelves on the side of the room that were full of toys. Everyone selected some toys to play with, and we carried them back over to the little play rug in the middle of the nursery. Caleb and Zachary both selected some Little Tykes and Fisher Price toys to play with, so I chose some more juvenile toys as well. We sat in the middle of the nursery playing while the older boys played on the Xbox.

    Maggie, who had come upstairs with all us boys, came over to us and sat on the floor with Caleb, Zachary, and me. I kind of just ignored her for a while because she still made me a little nervous for some reason. She didn't try to play with any of the toys or anything. Instead, she just sat there watching us. Finally, I decided to offer her a toy.

    "You wanna play with my toys?" I offered as I pushed a Little Tykes car in her direction.

    "No, thanks," she said with an amused grin. "I don't play with baby toys."

    I suppose I would have been offended by her calling my toys baby toys, but I guess they were baby toys. But I was a baby, so there was nothing wrong with that, right? Still I blushed in rebuke as I withdrew my toy.

    "So, do you like wearing diapers, now?" she asked me.

    "I guess so," I replied shyly as I looked down at my toys.

    "Do you like being a baby?" she asked.

    "Um, yeah," I answered.

    "Good," she replied. "Because you look very cute as a baby. I'm glad Mom made your new diapers so thick. Thick diapers make babies look even cuter. I just have to talk her into hurrying up and making some for my brothers."

    "Do you change your brothers' diapers?" I asked her.

    "Of course," she replied. "All the time. With four boys running around in diapers, Mom and Dad can't do all the changes."

    "Oh," I said.

    "I'm sure I'll change your diapers at some point, too," she added.

    "You will?" I asked.

    "Sure. I've changed Billy lots of times," she said.

    "Oh," I replied flatly. For some reason, I wasn't so sure that I wanted a girl my age changing me.

    Right about then, Celli and Andy came into the nursery.

    "Is everyone ready to go swimming?" Celli asked us all.

    "Yeah!" everyone seemed to chorus together excitedly.

    I wasn't all that excited. I was the only one who wouldn't be going swimming. I couldn't get my casts wet, so I couldn't get in the pool. I thought maybe we could put on my cast protectors that I used in the bath, but Mommy had told me the instructions for them said they weren't supposed to be used in pools. It didn't give any explanation as to why, but it basically meant I was confined to dry land. I guess it really didn't matter, since I didn't know how to swim, and I wasn't even sure if I'd like swimming, but I was still kind of disappointed to be left out today when everyone else would get to go swimming.

    Everyone but me stopped what they were doing and got up. All of the boys waddled over toward the changing table. I just remained in the middle of the nursery playing with my toys halfheartedly while also watching what everyone else was doing. Matty and Danny went downstairs to collect theirs and their brothers' backpacks. While they were gone, Billy climbed up on the changing table so he could get changed out of his diapers. Andy went to work removing his plastic pants and unpinning his diapers. He was still in his super thick set of six diapers that he had been in since our morning change, so it took Andy a while to get all of his diapers unpinned. He was obviously still poopy from when he defecated earlier while we were in the playpen. He had been stinking up the nursery pretty badly, but I somehow doubted he was the only boy responsible for that at the moment.

    Andy opened his diapers up and began to wipe his messy diaper area clean. He was pretty messy, and she was still cleaning him when Matty and Danny returned with their four backpacks. Celli and Maggie took all of the Sanders boys over to a clear spot where they could begin changing them on the floor. Celli grabbed a couple of changing pads from the changing table for the task. I watched as the two of them began changing the boys. First, all four of them were stripped of their cloths leaving them in nothing but their diapers. They were all in identical sets of fairly thick cloth diapers with translucent plastic pants pretty much just like Billy and I wore. Once they were stripped, Zachary and Caleb got down on the mats in front of Maggie and Celli respectively, and the girls started to remove their diapers.

    Soon enough there were multiple naked boys in the room. Andy finished cleaning up Billy and she tossed his bundled-up dirty diapers into the diaper pail. Zachary and Caleb got cleaned up, and their diapers were put into individual plastic bags that were in each of their backpacks. They were then diapered back up, but they weren't put into normal diapers. In fact they weren't put into any type of diaper that I had eve seen before. They were put into weird looking garments that looked sort of like diapers, but sort of not. They were shaped similarly to the custom, contour diapers that we all wore, in a sort of an hourglass shape, but they were much thinner, and the outer part of the diapers were colored. Billy's diaper was red, Zachary's was blue, and Caleb's was green on the outside. They also had Velcro closures so diaper pins weren't needed. Most significantly, there was a like a wide elastic band that was sewn on one of the back sides of diapers that went across the front of the diaper at the waistline and velcroed to the other side of the back flap of the diaper. It was a very weird setup. Billy had his diaper put on and then he hopped off the table. He didn't have any plastic pants put on him, which surprised me. He just got a swat on his butt from Andy and came over to where I was sitting in nothing but his red diaper. I noticed that the diaper crinkled just a little as he walked

    He plopped down on the floor beside me.

    "Hey, baby brother," he greeted me.

    "Hi," I replied. "What kind of diaper is that?"

    "It's a swim diaper," he said. "So we can get in the pool with worrying about having an accident."

    "Oh," I replied. "You don't need plastic pants for it?"

    "Nope," he replied. "The outer covering is waterproof, so it won't leak."

    "Why is it so thin?" I asked. Up close I could tell that it was even thinner than Billy's disposable diapers.

    "It's not supposed to hold a lot," he said. "I think it'll hold maybe one good pee, but that's it. And water from the pool gets in it once I go in the pool. It's mainly just meant to keep my poop from getting in the pool."

    "Why can't you just wear a regular diaper?"

    "Because regular diapers would get all full of pool water and be really heavy. They may not even stay on."

    "What about that strap thingy?" I asked.

    "That's just an extra strap to make sure the diaper doesn't come open in the water," he said. "I guess it's like a backup."

    "Oh," I replied. "I wish I could go with you."

    "I know, buddy," he said putting an arm around my shoulder. "You'll get to go swimming with us, soon."

    "Yeah," I replied sadly, not really cheered up.

    A few minutes later, the five boys were changed into their swim diapers. The girls went into the bathroom to wash their hands for a minute, and then they returned to the nursery. Celli came over to me and picked me up.

    "You look sad, squirt," she mentioned to me. "Is it because you can't go swimming?"

    I thought Celli was pretty smart.

    "Yeah," I said.

    "I know, Taddy," she said giving me a hug. "But it'll be okay. There'll be plenty of time to go swimming later."

    I just nodded kind of sadly.

    "How about we go downstairs and you can ride around in your walker for a while?" she suggested.

    "Okay," I said. That wasn't much of a consolation, but I did like my baby walker, and riding around in it was better than doing nothing at all.

    Celli gave my diapers a quick check, not that I was in any danger of leaking, and then everyone went downstairs. Matty and his brothers each carried their backpacks with them so they'd have a change of diapers downstairs and ready. Billy was given a stack of diapers, plastic pants, and a large pile of diaper pins to carry downstairs. Us boys went to the den to wait while everyone else changed into their swimsuits. We kids weren't allowed out into the poolroom by ourselves, I guess so we wouldn't fall in and drown. While we waited the three girls went back upstairs to change. I guess all of the adults were already off somewhere changing.

    We didn't have to wait very long before the girls were back down wearing their swimsuits. Celli was wearing and aqua-colored string bikini, while Andy had a pink, one-piece suit on. Maggie was wearing a regular bikini that was striped in pinks, oranges, and other girly colors like that.

    "Okay, we can go get in the pool now," Andy announced.

    Celli came over and picked me up as everyone headed toward the door to the poolroom. She carried me over to the corner of the den where my walker sat next to the playpen. She set me down in its basket seat and made sure I was comfortable. She got a couple of toys out of the playpen and set them on the tray in front of me so I'd have something to keep me occupied. Then, she pushed me out to the poolroom behind everyone else. By the time we got there Billy, Matty, and Danny had already jumped into the pool and were swimming around.

    "Now, don't get too close to the water, baby," Celli warned me. "You don't want to get your casts wet."

    I just nodded.

    She bent over and gave me a kiss on top of the head. Then, she went over to the pool and went down the steps into the water. Everyone was in the pool, now leaving me by myself outside of the pool. I was really sad that I couldn't go swimming with everyone. I just sort of sat there in my walker watching everyone for a few minutes until the adults finally came out. Ms. Molly and her husband came out of the same door us kids had used, but Mommy and Daddy came out of a door that attached the poolroom directly to their bedroom. Mommy immediately came over to me.

    "Hi, sweetie," she greeted me. "Would you like a bottle?"

    "No, I'm okay," I replied.

    "Okay, baby. You just have fun with your little toys and behave. Try not to get wet."

    "I won't," I promised downtrodden

    "Mommy loves you," she said as she bent over and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

    "I love you, too, Mommy," I replied.

    "Let us know if you need anything," she told me.

    She patted me on the head and went to join everyone else. The grownups all got into the Jacuzzi that was attached to the pool, while all of the boys and girls played in the pool. Soon enough, I was watching everyone playing and splashing around happily. Caleb was swimming around with little, inflatable swim wings on his arms, and Zachary was under the close supervision of the girls in the shallow end, also with swim wings on, but at least he was still able to get in the water with everyone else.

    I very quickly got extremely bored. I hated being left out by myself. I tried to play with my little toddler toys on the tray of my walker, but it was kind of hard when I could hear and see all the other boys happily frolicking around in the water. I finally got a little mad and I just sat there and huffed with my little, casted arms folded in front of me in the pouting position. Perhaps fifteen or twenty minutes after everyone got into the pool Celli got out and came over to me. She knelt down in front of me.

    "You look so sad, baby," she commented.

    Well, duh!

    "Yeah," I replied sadly. My bottom lip was probably sticking out pretty far.

    "Wait right here," she told me. "I'll be right back."

    She gave me a kiss on the nose and then rose to leave. She grabbed a towel off of a stack of them on a rack on one side of the poolroom and dried herself off before she trotted inside. She returned couple minutes later, and I was surprised to see her carrying my three cast protectors. She came over to me and got back down in front of me. She took my left arm and started to pull one of the plastic cast protectors onto it.

    "What are you doing, Celli?" I asked her.

    "Putting your cast protectors on, so you can go in the pool," she replied, stating the obvious.

    "But Mommy said they weren't supposed to be used in the pool," I pointed out to her.

    "I think that's just because the rough concrete in the pool might tear them," she told me. "If you don't touch the bottom or the sides of the pool, they should work just like when you're taking a bath, right?"

    "Oh," I replied.

    I was again amazed by how smart my sister was.

    She put my three cast protectors on, and then had me lift my arms so she could pull my t-shirt off. She removed the baby blue garment and replaced it with a plain, white t-shirt. She then stood up and picked me up. She cradled me in her arms and carried me over towards the pool. Without hesitation, she walked down the steps into the pool with me in her arms.

    "Celli, what are you doing?" Mommy suddenly asked concernedly from the Jacuzzi.

    "I'm gonna let Taddy float around for a little while," Celli said.

    "He's not supposed to get those casts wet!" said Mommy, obviously a little perturbed.

    "He won't, Mom," replied Celli.

    "If he does, you're in big trouble, young lady," said Mommy.

    "Okay, Mom," Celli replied without concern. "Andy, bring me that tube float, please."

    There were several floating pool toys in the water. Andy stood up in the shallow end and grabbed a yellow and blue floating ring that looked like a big donut. She waded over towards us with it. She held it in place and Celli carefully set me down in it. It wasn't a huge float, and my thickly diapered butt pretty much completely plugged the hole in the center of it.

    "What about my diapers?" I asked. "Won't they get soaked?"

    "Not so long as the waist and leg bands stay out of the water," Celli told me. "The plastic keeps water out just as good as it keeps pee in."

    I decided Celli was the smartest girl on the face of the earth, except maybe for Mommy, but she wasn't really a girl, anyway, she was Mommy.

    She got me situated in the tube float and made sure I was comfortable. She then pushed me around the pool for a few minutes. While probably not as good as actually swimming, this was definitely much better than sitting on the side of the pool watching everyone.

    She pushed me over to where the older boys were swimming and playing in the deep end of the pool. She warned them not to splash me too much and to be careful not to tip me over. She then gave me a kiss on the cheek and returned to where Andy and Maggie were swimming with the younger boys. I relaxed and enjoyed my improved situation. While I still wasn't actually swimming with everyone, I was at least with the other boys now, and I didn't feel left out. The water was pretty nice. I was completely dry and the only part of my skin that was actually in contact with the water was my right foot, but I could feel how warm the water was. The pool was heated, which was part of the reason it could be used year-round. It wasn't as warm as bathwater, but it was still nice.

    The boys continued talking and playing around me as I casually floated around the pool. They tried not to splash me, but I ended up pretty wet, anyway. At some point I looked down into the water and realized I was floating in water that was well over my head. It looked like it was a long way to the bottom of the pool. That kind of scared me, but I knew that so long as I stayed in my little donut tube I would be okay.

    I floated around for about fifteen or twenty minutes before my tummy started to cramp up again like it had earlier in the day. I knew I was going to be pooping again soon. It was probably the chilidog I had had along with all the other food. The cramping continued to intensify exactly as it had done in the morning. Finally, it reached the agonizing level, and I felt an urgent need to poop. I didn't even need to move to reposition myself. I gave a little push, and poop began to slide out of my butt again. It was a little firmer this time, but not much. It instantly filled whatever empty space might have existed between my butt and my diapers and it oozed all over inside my diapers. Even though I had already pooped a lot earlier, I still pooped a ton, now. I didn't think it was ever going to stop coming out of me. Finally, the cramping subsided and I felt much better. I moved around as much as I could, which wasn't much, but it was enough to cause my poop to squish around nicely. I couldn't believe how much I was becoming to like poopy diapers. Why did I like poop? It was so gross, but at the same time…I couldn't seem to help but like it.

    I floated around contemplating that as I further enjoyed my yucky diapers. I peed in them once again, which only made them messier. I suddenly realized that I had just pooped and peed while in the same room with a dozen other people, and they were none the wiser. That was kind of neat…and funny. I realized I had discovered yet another advantage to wearing diapers: no one knew when or what I was doing in them. Of course, that wouldn't last forever. Eventually, someone would smell me, but with six boys all in diapers here at the moment, it would doubtless take a while for someone to single me out.

    We stayed in the pool for a while longer. The other boys had splashed me enough that my shirt was pretty wet, and I was starting to get cold from it. I was glad when Daddy got out of the Jacuzzi and came into the big pool. He took hold of my floating tube as I floated towards the shallow end, and he pulled me over to him.

    "Hi, baby boy," he told me. "Are you ready to get out of the water? You're lips are kind of purple. Looks like you're getting cold."

    "Uh huh," said through chattering lips.

    He picked me up and carried me towards the steps leading out of the pool. We left the pool and he went over to the rack with towels on it and grabbed a couple of fluffy towels. He then carried me over to the picnic table and sat down with me. He removed my damp shirt and wrapped me in a towel. He dried me off a little and then sat me in my own chair so he could dry himself off. When he was dry except for his swim trunks he picked me back up and sat me in his lap. He wrapped his arm around me and held me close to him. After a minute or two he noticed that my glasses were covered in beaded water droplets, so he took them off of my face and dried them off for me.

    "Did you have fun?" he asked me.

    "Uh huh," I replied. "I had a lot of fun."

    "Good," he said. "I'm glad."

    We spend the next few minutes sitting there, and then everyone started getting out of the pool. I almost laughed when Maggie rather authoritatively ordered her brothers to line up for diaper checks. I was surprised that they all instantly obeyed and lined up shoulder to shoulder near the pool as soon as they were out of the water. Even her older brother, Matty, listened to her. Celli and Andy then told Billy to go line up with them. I could tell he didn't really want to, but he grudgingly complied and stood in line next to Matty. Maggie then went behind them and gave each boy's butt a squeeze and pulled the waistband of his swim diaper back to see if he was poopy. She got to Danny, and apparently found that he wasn't poopy, because she reached around in front of him and unfastened his diaper and removed it while he stood there. She gave his naked butt a smack and sent him over to the towel rack to dry off. The only other boy not poopy was Billy, probably because he had pooped earlier in the day with me. He also had his swim diaper removed and was sent scampering bareback over to dry off.

    The girls told everyone they'd take care of diapering up the boys, so the adults went to change. Daddy set me in an empty chair and went inside to change. I got up and waddled over to where the girls were setting up a changing area on a dry spot on the concrete floor of the poolroom. I sat on the floor Indian-style and watched as they began to change the boys. Matty, Caleb, and Zachary went first since they were the poopy ones. The three of them got cleaned up and changed into clean sets of cloth diapers, and their very messy swim diapers went into plastic bags. After they were securely diapered, Billy and Danny got their naked butts put into clean diapers, as well. After that, the changing area was cleaned up and we all went inside. No one thought to check my diapers, I guess because the room was already pretty stinky from the other poopy diaper changes, and no one noticed my stinky diapers. Before we went back inside, Celli got my blue t-shirt with the frog on it and put it back on me. She then picked me up and carried me inside.

    "Did you have fun, baby?" she asked me as she carried me along.

    "Uh huh," I replied. "I had lots of fun. Thank you, Celli."

    "You're welcome, sweetie," she said giving me a hug.

    We all went back upstairs, but we decided to go down to the game room at the end of the upstairs hallway. Matty and Billy went over to play a game of pool. The upstairs pool table wasn't like a regular pool table. The one in Daddy's poolroom was a regular billiards table, but the one upstairs was a table for something called bumper pool. I had never heard of it until I came here. It was an octagonal table with several bumper posts in the middle. The object of the game was apparently for one player to get all of his balls into the hole on the other player's side of the table. There were red and white balls with a single queue ball. It wasn't a very complicated game, and I actually understood it, but I wasn't able to play yet because I couldn't handle a pool queue very well.

    Danny and I decided to go play on the pinball machine over in one corner of the room. After I came here, Daddy had put a little stepstool in front of the machine because I was too short to really see the top of it very well. I had learned to play pinball pretty well, but it wasn't really all that hard. I let Danny go first, and I stood beside him watching him plink the little, silver ball bearing all over inside the pinball table. Meanwhile, Maggie went over to the entertainment center and turned the TV on for Caleb and Zachary to watch. Celli and Andy went off down the hall towards their rooms I guess to do whatever it was big girls did in their spare time. Andy came back a few minutes later with t-shirts for the other boys. She brought Matty and his brothers the shirts they had been wearing with their babyish outfits earlier, and she brought Billy a clean, baby t-shirt, as well.

    Danny and I took turns playing on the pinball machine. We had quite a bit of fun. He and I also talked just a little and got to know each other a little better. I decided that he was a pretty nice guy. We played for maybe an hour or so before Maggie stood up from the couch on which she had been sitting.

    "Okay," she said, planting her hands on her hips. "Which one of you boys is stinking up the place?"

    Everyone glanced at her for a brief moment, but went back to whatever they were doing without answering her. Even though I was poopy, I didn't bother answering. I had already gotten into the habit that Billy had taught me of not answering when someone asked the condition of my diapers. I imagine Matty and his brothers did the same thing, since they didn't answer, either.

    Maggie then began to investigate the matter for herself. I guess she could kind of tell where the smell was coming from, because she immediately came over to the pinball machine where Danny and I were.

    "Danny, did you pooh-pooh right after you got put in those diapers?" she asked accusatorily. "If you did, I'm not changing you. You'll just have to wait."

    He kept playing his turn at the machine without saying anything. Maggie got behind him and gave his diapered butt a squish. She then pulled the back of his plastic pants and his thick stack of diapers back and looked down inside them.

    "Nope, it's not you," she said. Then she looked at me, "I guess that means it's you, Taddy."

    She came over behind me and reached up to the top of my diapers.

    "What are you doing?" I asked, recoiling from her slightly.

    "What does it look like I'm doing?" she retorted. "I'm checking your diapers. Now, hold still."

    She put one hand up on my shoulder to keep me from moving, and she pulled back the top of my plastic pants and diapers with the other.

    "Yep, you're full," she said. "I think you're ready for a change."

    She turned and began to leave game room.

    "I'll be right back," she said. "I'll go get some stuff to change you."

    I was instantly horrified.

    "Oh, well, um, can't you just go get Celli or Andy?" I stammered.

    "No," she said. "Why bother them? I'll get you taken care of."

    "But, I don't want you to change me," I said trying not to sound indignant.

    She stopped and turned to face me squarely.

    "Who said you had a choice?" she asked, folding her arms in front of her.

    I didn't know what to say. Everyone had stopped what they were doing and stared at us.

    "Taddy, she's allowed to change us," Billy informed me. "Don't argue with her, or you'll get in trouble."

    "Yeah, you don't want me to spank you, now do you, Taddy?" Maggie asked.

    I looked down and shook my head.

    "Good boy," she said patronizingly. "I'll be right back."

    She went down the hall to the nursery, which was a very short walk, and she returned a minute later with a stack of diapers and changing things. She apparently was familiar with where everything was kept, as she couldn't have had time to search for anything. She brought the stack of diapering things into the game room and took them over to the center of the room. She laid out a changing pad on the floor pretty much in the center of the room. She knelt down by the changing pad and gave it a pat.

    "Come on, little baby," she told me. "Time to get your stinky diapers changed."

    I blushed horribly. I looked down shamefully and waddled over to her. I got down on the pad in front of her and lay back. I continued to blush as she reached up to my plastic pants and pulled them down. She got the pants off of me and began to unpin my diapers. I just laid back and stared at the ceiling when she finally had me unpinned and exposed for everyone in the room to see. She took out some baby wipes and began cleaning me up. I was very embarrassed, but I did notice that she cleaned my diaper area very tenderly. She got me thoroughly cleaned and then she unfolded the stack of diapers she had brought out. There were three of my new fitted, contour diapers. She had me lift my butt up—something I wasn't accustomed to—because she wasn't big enough to lift my butt for me like my other diaper changers. She slid the thick stack of diapers underneath me and I rested my butt on top of it. She thoroughly powdered my diaper area, and then she pulled the first diaper up over my crotch and began to pin it in place. She must have had quite a bit of experience pinning on diapers, as she seemed just as adept at it as Celli and Andy were. Within a few minutes she had the three diapers pinned on me snuggly.

    "So, how do you like your new diapers, Taddy?" she asked me as she began pulling a new pair of plastic pants onto my legs. These ones were a soft, translucent plastic.

    "Uh huh," was all I said very quietly.

    "Good," she said. "Because they look so cute on you."

    She got the plastic pants pulled onto me.

    "You can get up now, Taddy," she told me.

    "Um, it's hard for me to get up off the floor by myself," I explained bashfully. "I need help."

    "Oh, okay," she replied.

    She got up and came over behind me. She bent over and put her hands under my underarms and helped me get up. I then stood there as she lifted my baby t-shirt up and tucked in my plastic pants and made sure they covered my diapers. She then turned me around to face her and bent over to give me a kiss on the cheek. My face and ears burned as I turned a dozen shades of red.

    "Such a little cutie butt," she cooed at me. "You can go back over and play with Danny, now."

    "Um, okay," I replied. "Um, thank you."

    "You're welcome, cutie," she told me.

    I turned and headed back over to the pinball machine. Just as I began to walk away I felt and heard Maggie land a hard swat on my diapered butt. I blushed again as I went back to the pinball machine where Danny was. In a minute we were back playing our game of pinball.

    "You know," Danny said quietly a few minutes later. "My sister likes you."

    "She does?" I asked.

    "Yeah," he said. "She doesn't call just anyone 'cutie butt'. She doesn't call your brother that. She doesn't even call me or Matty that."

    "Oh," I said.

    "So, when are you going to come to school with us?" he asked next

    I was glad for the change of subject. We kept playing and chatting for another hour or so before all the adults came up to the game room and told us the Sanders were leaving. The Sanders boys collected their backpacks full of dirty diapers, and everyone headed downstairs. Daddy picked me up and carried me downstairs so I wouldn't have to walk down the stairs. The whole family escorted the Sanders to the entryway, and we told them goodbye. Little Zachary made the rounds giving everybody a hug, including me. Maggie gave both Billy and I a loving pat on the butt in farewell, and I received another kiss on the cheek. Mrs. Molly gave Billy and I a hug, and we said goodbye to everyone else. They all left and we returned to the den and sat down. Mommy picked me up and sat me in her lap.

    "So, did you like your new little friends?" she asked me.

    "Yeah, they're nice," I said.

    "They are," she said. "The Sanders are very nice people."

    I just nodded agreement.

    "You look tired, sweetie," she said.

    "Yeah," I replied.

    "You boys didn't have a nap, today," she said. "And we did a lot. You must be exhausted."

    "Yeah," I repeated.

    "Let's go get you a bath," she told me. "Billy, come on. It's bath time for you babies."

    Mommy stood up, picking me up with her. She took Billy's hand and pulled him off the couch. She took us upstairs and we got our baths a little early tonight. After that we decided to watch a movie as a family. Mommy put us in our night diapers, and for the first time I was put in a new sleeper for the night. Mommy put one of my new, footless sleepers on me. It was blue and red with Bob The Builder embroidered on the chest. I went downstairs and sat in Mommy's lap as we watched Shrek 2. Billy sat in Daddy's lap. I don't remember much of the movie, as I was so sleepy. I fell asleep before it was over, and I don't even remember being carried up to the nursery and put into my crib for the night.

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    A Second Chance

    A Second Chance

    Part 6 (b)

    I woke up about the same time as on the previous day. I had awakened earlier when it was still dark outside, but I decided that I wouldn't be let out of my crib for a long while, and I had managed to go back to sleep. The second time I woke up the nursery was filled with natural light. It was obviously morning, now. I went through what had become my normal morning routine of languishing in the despised harness. I hated this stupid thing! I lay there for what seemed like forever. At some point, just like the previous morning, I began to cry over my predicament. I tried not to, but I just couldn't help it.

    "Taddy?" I heard Billy say quietly a few minutes later.

    I abruptly stopped crying.

    "Yeah?" I replied in a shaky voice

    "Are you crying?" he asked me.

    "Uh huh," I sobbed and continued to cry.

    "What's wrong?" he asked.

    "I hate this stupid harness," I cried.

    "Oh, yeah," he said.

    I heard what sounded like Billy sitting up in his crib or something like that.

    "You know, if you cry really hard," he told me. "Someone will come get you up."

    "I am crying," I said almost indignantly.

    "No," he replied. "I mean really loud, like a real baby cries. Loud enough to wake everyone up."

    "What?" I asked in confusion.

    "That's how I used to get them to let me out when I had to sleep in the harness," he said. "Try it. You'll see."

    "But, won't I get in trouble?" I questioned worriedly.

    "No, silly," he said. "We're babies. Babies cry sometimes. Come on. Just try it."

    "But…" I started to question again.

    Suddenly I was cutoff and completely startled by the sound of Billy letting out a high-pitched, banshee wail. He sounded just like a really upset infant, only with a much bigger voice.

    "There, I got it started for you," he said. "Now, come on, it's your turn."

    "Well…okay," I replied.

    I took a deep breath and let out a cry trying to imitate his. It lasted maybe five seconds, and wasn't nearly as loud as his.

    "Okay, that's not bad," he said, "But you need some practice. Now, don't stop. Keep it going until someone comes in."

    I nodded to myself and let out another wail. Halfway through it I was surprised when Billy joined me with a loud, cry of his own. We kept it up, both of us crying pretty loudly, for probably not even two minutes before I heard the nursery door swing open rapidly.

    "What's wrong?" I heard Celli ask urgently.

    Billy and I immediately stopped crying. Celli came over to me and peered into my crib.

    "What's wrong, baby?" she repeated.

    "I want out of here…please?" I pleaded pathetically.

    She let out a sigh and sort of rolled her eyes. She just smiled at me and shook her head as she went over to my chest-of-drawers to get the key to let me out. She came over and unlocked my harness. I set up and saw that Andy was in the room, as well. She was helping Billy out of his crib.

    "And what were you crying for?" she asked Billy.

    "Sympathetic crying," he explained seriously. "You know? One baby starts crying and they all start crying."

    "Uh huh," Andy said unamusedly.

    Celli picked me up out of my crib and gave me a good morning hug. Right about that time, Mommy came rushing into the room.

    "What was all that yelling?" she asked alarmed.

    "Oh, Taddy decided he wanted to get up," Celli explained, "So, I guess Billy goaded him into starting to cry. Then, of course, Billy had to join in."

    "Billy, you are teaching your brother all your dirty, little, spoiled tricks," Mommy said with a shake of the head and a smile.

    Billy just grinned broadly and giggled mischievously.

    "Come here, baby," Mommy said, opening her arms to me.

    Celli carried me over to Mommy and handed me off to her. Mommy held me and gave me a good morning hug and a kiss on the cheek.

    "Did you sleep okay, baby?" she asked me.

    "Uh huh," I replied as I rested my head on her shoulder.

    "Good," she said. "Let's go downstairs and get some breakfast."

    She turned and carried me out of the nursery, and everyone followed us downstairs. We went to the kitchen where we found Daddy pouring himself a cup of coffee.

    "Good morning, everyone," he greeted us. "What was all that noise up there?"

    "Little Taddy decided he wanted up," Mommy said, "So, he started acting like a baby."

    "Oh," Daddy replied without much reaction. "Okay."

    Mommy carried me over to my highchair and got me fastened into it. She then picked up Billy and gave him his good morning kiss and hug before she put him into his highchair. As she went to the kitchen Daddy came over and told us good morning again and gave us both a kiss on the forehead before he went to his seat at the table and sat down with his cup of coffee. Mommy and the girls made bowls of cereal for breakfast. We didn't have time for a big breakfast today because it was church day and we needed to get ready to go to church. Since we had cold cereal, Billy got to feed himself with his little toddler spoon, but I couldn't do that. Instead, Daddy pulled my highchair up beside him and fed me my Cheerios as he read the Sunday paper and drank his coffee. He didn't eat breakfast.

    As soon as breakfast was done, everyone broke up and went to get ready for church. Billy and I were put in the playpen in the den to watch cartoons and play while we waited on everyone to get ready. They would get us ready last since all we needed to do was have our diapers changed and put our church clothes on. So, we watched cartoons for a little while as we played with our baby toys.

    Finally, after maybe an hour, Mommy came to get us.

    "Okay, babies," she said. "Let's go get you two ready. It's a special day, today. Taddy's first day at church."

    She got Billy out of the playpen and then picked me up out of it. She took Billy's hand and led him along as she carried me upstairs. We went down to the nursery and over to the changing table. Mommy set me down on the floor and turned me around. She undid the little flap at the top of the zipper on the back of my sleeper and unzipped the garment. She then pulled the sleeper off my shoulders and had me turn around so she could completely undress me. When I was naked except for my diapers, she picked me up and sat me on the changing table. She then had me lay down and she began to undiaper me. She pulled my plastic pants off and began to unpin my night diapers.

    "So, did you like your new sleeper, sweetie?" she asked me as she unpinned my diapers.

    "Uh huh," I nodded. "It's really warm and cozy."

    "Good," she said happily. "I'm glad you like it."

    She got the last diaper undone and opened it up. As was usual in the morning, I was only wet, so she only had to give my diaper area a quick wipe with a single baby wipe. She then bundled up my wet diapers and deposited them in the diaper pail.

    "Guess what time it is, now," she said next.

    I just shrugged at her, as I lay there naked.

    "It's time for you to wear your first disposable," she said.

    She reached down to one of the shelves for one of my disposable diapers. A big huge box that contained a whole bunch of disposables for me had been delivered to the house last week. Daddy had told me it had 120 diapers in it, which completely amazed me. I had never seen so many diapers before. I hadn't had any reason to wear them until now, so they had just been stocked away in the changing table and under my crib. After that I had had to ask Daddy to get rid of the box they came in pretty quickly. The big case was actually bigger than the box I had slept in when I ran away from my old foster home, but it was close enough to it that it brought back really awful memories. That night I had had bad dreams all night about being in that cold, yucky box that was soaked in my pee from my accidents.

    Mommy grabbed one of the diapers and held it up with a frown. She then reached down for another diaper and held it up to the first one. Satisfied that she had the correct one, she replaced the other one on its shelf.

    "We're going to have to figure out how to mark you babies' diapers," she said. "They're too hard to tell apart by themselves. They're too close in size."

    She unfolded the white diaper, which made a loud crinkling sound. She grabbed my legs behind the knees with one hand and lifted my butt up so she could slide the diaper underneath me. Then, she gently set my butt down on the new diaper. She then powdered me up and spread my legs apart to pull the front of the diaper up between them. She flattened out the front of the diaper around my hips and lower abdomen, and then she pulled up the sides of the back of the diaper over the front. She expertly fastened the four tapes on the back of the diaper to the front of the diaper securing me snugly in the diaper. She then picked me up, gave me a kiss, told me she was done, and set me down on the floor. That was definitely the fastest diaper change I had had since being here. Mommy then gave me a soft swat on the butt and told me I could walk around and get used to the new diaper. Billy climbed up onto the table to get his typically dirty night diapers changed.

    I started to move around the room noticing how much the diaper crinkled when I limped around. The plastic pants that covered my cloth diapers were crinkly, but the plastic on the disposable was even more crinkly. I wasn't sure what I thought of my first experience with these new disposables. They definitely felt a lot different than my cloth diapers. I wasn't sure if I liked them. They were a lot thinner, and I had grown accustomed to and liked thick cloth diapers. On the other hand, they were also a lot easier for me to walk in. The center panel of absorbent material that ran down my crotch between my legs was a lot narrower than my cloth diapers, but it was still wide enough to prevent me from bringing my legs completely together. I stopped and look down at the front of my diaper. It was definitely a lot different than my cloth diapers. The tapes that ran down the front of my hips were slightly blue-tinted white and there was a column of pale yellow stripes that ran vertically down the front of the diaper and continued through the crotch. I guess it also went up the back of the diaper, too. I wondered what the stripes were for. I ran my hand down the front of the diaper and felt that it was soft and smooth. The plastic felt pretty good. I decided that these disposable diapers weren't bad.

    A few minutes later Billy hopped off the table and crinkled over to me in his own disposable.

    "What do you think?" he asked me as he came up to me.

    "I don't know," I replied. "It's not bad."

    "You'll get used to them," he told me.

    "Okay. Come on, boys," Mommy told us. "We have to get your teeth brushed and get you dressed so we can go."

    She took us into the bathroom and Billy brushed his teeth while Mommy brushed mine for me. We then returned to the nursery and Billy and I waited while Mommy disappeared into the closet to pick our clothes out. She returned a minute or two later with clothes for both of us. She had two pairs of khaki pants and two, white dress shirts. She handed one set of clothes to Billy and told him to get dressed, and then she got me dressed. She first pulled the button-down shirt onto me. It had buttons on the sleeve cuffs, which made it easier for her to get the shirt on over my casts. She buttoned the shirt up, leaving the button at the collar undone. She then unfolded the pants and held them open for me. The khakis slacks were just regular, boys', dress pants, just like Billy wore to school. The only difference between these slacks and Billy's was the fact that they had snaps in the crotch and inseams. Last week Mommy had taken all of my big boy pants to Ms. Molly to add snaps to them. Mommy said it was so the pants would be easier to get on over my leg cast, but it would also make it a lot easier to change me once the cast was off.

    Mommy unsnapped the left leg and held the pants open for me so I could step into the garment. She got them on me and pulled them up to my waist. She tucked my shirttails into the pants and then snapped the waist shut before she zipped the fly up. The front of my diaper was so puffy that she had trouble zipping the zipper up, but she was able to get it closed all the way. She then knelt down and snapped up my pants leg. She then went to my dresser for a pair of socks. She put one on my right foot and then returned to the closet for a moment. She came back out with three shoes—two were Billy's, of course—and two tiny bundles of cloth. She put a little, brown dress shoe on my right foot before she gave Billy his shoes to put on. She then unfolded one of the little bundles, and I could tell that it was a necktie.

    "Let's put your little tie on, now," she said.

    She buttoned my shirt collar up and then put the tie on me. It was just a little clip-on tie, so it only took a second for her to put it on me. She got the tie adjusted and then went over the rest of my outfit to make sure I looked okay.

    "Such a handsome boy," she cooed at me with a smile. She leaned forward and gave me a kiss on the nose. "Wait right here, baby."

    She rose and went to the bathroom. While she was gone Billy came over to me. He was just finishing putting on his own necktie.

    "You look good, baby brother," he told me.

    "Thanks," I replied. "So do you."

    I looked down at myself once again. I immediately noticed that my diaper, thin as it was, completely filled up every bit of extra space in my pants. There was a huge bulge in the front of my crotch. I then looked behind me as best I could and noticed how puffy my butt looked. The back half of the waist of my pants was elasticized, which caused the pants to cinch snugly around my waist and only made my padded butt stick out more prominently.

    "It looks like I'm wearing a diaper," I complained to Billy.

    "Maybe because you are," he said a little patronizingly.

    "Everyone is gonna make fun of me," I whined.

    "No, they're not," he said immediately. "Hardly anyone will notice. Trust me, I go out in diapers all the time, and no one notices. Besides, just about everyone at church knows I wear diapers, so it's not gonna surprise them that you do, too."

    I thought that made sense, but it didn't really make me any happier. I wasn't really looking forward to going out in public dressed like this with my diapered butt conspicuously showing for everyone. Sure, I had been out in public in diapers before, much bigger, thicker diapers in fact, but this was different for some reason. I guess it was because all the previous times I had gone out in diapers I had been wearing babyish clothes, so anyone who saw me would have automatically assumed that I was wearing diapers. But now I was wearing big boy clothes, and everyone was going to think that I wasn't supposed to be wearing diapers.

    I was very distressed over this, but I didn't have much time to dwell on it as Mommy had come out of the bathroom. She had brought a comb and a hairbrush with her, which she used to try to subdue the raucous mop on top of my head. Once my hair was relatively neat she combed Billy's hair. His was much more manageable than mine, so it only took her a fraction of the time it had taken to do mine. She then retrieved my glasses and cast boot from the top of my bureau and brought them over to me. Once they were on my face and left foot respectively, we were ready to go. Mommy went over to the changing table to collect the blue diaper bag. She went through it and put two or three disposables each for Billy and me in it, and she checked to see that it had enough changing supplies.

    "Taddy, do you think you'll want your slings for your arms today, baby?" she asked me.

    "Um, no. I'm okay," I replied.

    "Okay, well, I'm going to put them in the diaper bag for you just in case," she told me.

    She finished packing the diaper bag then handed it to Billy to carry.

    "Okay, let's go downstairs, boys," she said.

    Mommy took my hand and led me out of the room. I immediately noticed how loudly my diapers crinkled as I half waddled half limped along. We went downstairs and were told to wait in the den while she went to finish getting ready. We found Daddy in the den continuing to peruse through the Sunday paper. He was wearing a very nice looking gray suit with a pinstriped shirt and a colorful, printed tie. His jacket was draped over the back of the couch he was sitting on.

    "Hi, babies," he greeted us when we came into the den. "You boys look very handsome this morning."

    We both thanked him as we went over to the couch where he was sitting. He helped me climb up into his lap while Billy climbed onto the couch beside him and sat down.

    "Daddy, what do I do about my sleeves?" I asked as I sat in his lap.

    The cuffs of my shirtsleeves obviously couldn't be fastened around my casts, so they were just left open rather untidily.

    "Hmm," he said. "I guess we'll have to do something about those."

    He stood up, picking me up with him, and turned around to set me down on the couch next to Billy. He then went into the kitchen. He was back a minute later and he picked me up and sat back down with me.

    "Okay, here we go," he said.

    He took one of my arms and produced a thin rubber band. He put one end of the rubber band over and behind the button on my sleeve cuff. He then fed the band through the buttonhole on the cuff and looped it back around and over the button. My cuff was now held together by the rubber band. He used another band to repeat the little trick with my other sleeve cuff, which solved the problem of my shirtsleeves looking sloppy. It also helped hide most of my casts.

    "Wow. You're smart, Daddy," I told him when he was done.

    "I'm a doctor, remember," he replied with a light chuckle. "I have to be smart."

    We sat there for only a few minutes more before the girls came downstairs. They were both dressed in nice dresses similar to what they had worn out on their dates on Friday. A minute or two after that Mommy came down the hall from the master bedroom. She was dressed in a conservative, navy blue dress.

    "Is everybody ready?" she asked.

    Everyone answered affirmatively. Daddy stood up again and picked me up with him as Billy also stood up. We all trooped out of the house into the garage. We went to Daddy's big SUV. The girls helped Billy and me get into our car seats, which had been moved to the bench seat in the very back of the vehicle. Once we were buckled in securely, the girls took their places in the middle seats, and we were ready to go. Daddy started the engine and opened the garage door. He backed us out of the garage and we were headed out of the neighborhood. I hadn't the slightest idea what church we were going to or where it was, so all I could do was sit back and wait to see where we went. As we got on the road I immediately noticed that everything was wet. It had obviously rained during the night.

    As we headed through town I took the opportunity to pee in my disposable for the first time. I suddenly realized how much easier it was getting for me to pee whenever and wherever I wanted to. It used to be hard for me to pee sitting down, but now all I had to do was push just a little and my bladder emptied itself into my diapers. As I peed into my disposable I noticed that it was definitely a different feeling from peeing in cloth diapers. I felt the urine run down the front of my diaper and puddle briefly down in my crotch before it was soaked up by whatever the padding in the diapers was made out of. After peeing my diaper and sitting there in it for a few minutes I decided that disposable diapers weren't bad at all. They felt different, but no worse than cloth diapers. I decided I liked the feel of them once they were wet.

    Within ten minutes we were pulling into the parking lot of a pretty big church. At least I assumed it was a church. It was a really big, flat, square structure that was made out of gray brick. Its roof was a sort of low, lopsided pyramid. The parking lot in front of the church building was huge and it was pretty full of cars. There were people all over the place headed into the church. It looked like there must be thousands of people who attended this church. I wondered if it was the only church in town.

    Mommy, Daddy, and the girls started to get out of the SUV. The girls folded the middle seats down and unbuckled Billy's and my car seats so we could climb out. Billy still had the diaper bag with him, which he handed to Mommy once he got out of the car.

    "Billy, take your brother to his class and drop him off," Mommy instructed him. "Then go back after class is out and make sure he doesn't get lost."

    "I don't get to go to class with Billy?" I asked somewhat upset that I was going to have to go to my Bible school class alone.

    "No, sweetie, they have separate classes by grade level," explained Mommy. "You go to the fifth grade class, and Billy goes down the hall to the seventh grade class."

    "But can't I go with Billy?" I asked desperately.

    "You'll be fine, Taddy," Billy tried to assure me. "I'll be just down the hall."

    "And Maggie will be there, sweetie," Mommy informed me. "So you'll know someone there. You won't be alone."

    "Maggie will be there?" I asked.

    "Yeah, their whole family comes here," Billy said. "Matty will be with me after class when I pick you up."

    "Oh," I replied. Well, I supposed I wouldn't be totally among strangers, then. At least I'd know one person in my class, even if she was a girl.

    "Okay, everybody," Daddy suddenly broke in. "Let's go before we're late."

    We all turned and headed toward the church building. Before I got very far I felt Daddy's hand on my shoulder. Without further warning he scooped me up and carried me.

    "It's going to be okay, buddy," he told me as he walked with me. "You don't have anything to be scared of. You're going to meet lots of nice kids today, okay?"

    I just nodded somewhat unassuredly. Within a minute we were at the church building. Daddy set me down in front of the main entrance before we went inside. Billy then beckoned me to follow him. We didn't go into the main entrance like everyone else. I walked beside him down a sidewalk along the front of the building. I very quickly noticed how our butts seemed to crackle and crinkle in unison as we walked. I tried very hard to ignore that as we turned and went into a side entrance into the church building. We entered a wing of the building that looked pretty much like a hallway in any school. It was a simple corridor with several classrooms opening off of it. Billy escorted me down the hall to one classroom. I could see through the little window in the door that there were already children in the classroom. Billy opened the door for me and we went inside. Everything stopped when we went inside and everyone turned to stare at Billy and me; mainly me, I think. I nervously swept the room with my eyes hoping to find someone I knew. At last my eyes fell upon Maggie, who I could see was already coming our way.

    "Hi, Taddy. Hi, Billy," Maggie said as she approached us.

    "Hi, Maggie," Billy greeted her. "Can you keep Taddy company and introduce him to everyone?"

    "Of course," she said. "I had planned to do that, anyway."

    "Cool. Thanks, Maggie," Billy said. "Okay, Taddy. I'm gonna go. I'll see you in just a little while."

    "Okay. Bye, Billy," I told him.

    He gave me a reassuring smile and a pat on the shoulder before he turned to leave.

    "Come on, Taddy," Maggie said once he was gone.

    She reached down and took me by the hand and led me over to the center area of the room where most everyone was. I suppose there were close to twenty boys and girls in the room along with an older guy—he might have been in his thirties—who I could only assume was the teacher. Maggie led me over to that guy. He was sitting in a chair at the front of the class.

    "Eric, this is my friend Taddy," she introduced me to the guy. "He's Billy Bradshaw's new brother. Taddy, this is Eric. He's our teacher."

    "Oh," Eric said with a smile. "I had heard the Bradshaws had a new member of the family. Welcome, Taddy. I'm glad you're here."

    He extended his hand to me and I shook it.

    "Thanks," I squeaked nervously.

    "Let me get you introduced to everyone," he said, "And then we'll get started."

    He stood up and called the class to order. The classroom was set up with a large circle of chairs in the center of the room. Everyone took their places and sat in their chairs. Eric started by introducing me to the classroom. I was glad he didn't make me say anything, because I don't think I could have spoken. I was frozen with fear as I stood next to him in front of everyone. Thankfully, I didn't have to stand there long. As soon as he introduced me he allowed me to sit down, and Maggie escorted me over to a seat and I sat down next to her. I was glad to sit down, finally, not only because it removed me from the limelight, but also because my ankle was starting to annoy me a little from standing and walking so much.

    At Eric's prompting everyone in the class then introduced himself or herself so that I would know everyone's name. After that, Eric began the lesson. The lesson today was about some parable in the Bible. I didn't quite understand what it was about, and I didn't even know what a parable was, so I just listened attentively, and tried to pick up as much as I could. There was some reading from the Bible. Everyone but me seemed to have a Bible to read from, but Maggie was kind enough to share her Bible with me, so I read along with her. Before I knew it, the lesson was over. Eric said a prayer, and then the class was over. Everyone seemed to congregate around me once we were dismissed. Just about all the kids introduced themselves to me once more. I was nervous, but everyone seemed to really want me to feel welcome there. I thought that was really cool. No one commented on my casts although they weren't hidden all that well. I was glad for that because I wasn't really in the mood to discuss why I had the casts. Eventually, everyone began to meander out of the room. Maggie and I left together after we told Eric goodbye. Eric told me he was very happy to meet me, and that he hoped that I would be back next week. As soon as we were out in the hallway we found Billy and Matty waiting there.

    "Hey, Taddy," Billy greeted me.

    "Hi, Taddy," Matty also greeted me.

    "Hi, guys," I told them.

    "Did you like the class?" Billy asked.

    "Yeah, it was good," I replied.

    By then I had already noticed the stench. Either Billy or Matty or perhaps both of them definitely had messy diapers. I had wet once during the class, but my diaper was still only wet. I hoped that would last until after we got home from church, but obviously Matty and Billy weren't concerned with that. I gave Matty a quick glance. He was dressed similarly to Billy and me except his slacks were navy blue, and his dress shirt had vertical pinstripes on it. He also didn't have a tie on. I noticed that the front of his pants were just as puffy as Billy's and mine. It was pretty obvious to the experienced eye that he had too much padding down there for a boy of twelve.

    We headed down the hall and turned down another hallway that took us through the church building. I was extremely disoriented, but soon enough, we wound up in a large auditorium that was filling with people. It was very loud as everyone was milling about and socializing. We threaded our way through a forest of adults, all of who naturally towered over me. Finally, we came upon Mommy and Daddy who were sitting next to each other in a pew pretty much in the center of the auditorium. I then saw that Ms. Molly and Mr. Clark were sitting in the pew in front of Mommy and Daddy. I guess, since they were friends, they sat close to each other. I immediately went up to Mommy and Daddy for some attention.

    "Hi, baby," Mommy said as she picked me up, set me in her lap, and gave me a hug. "Did you enjoy Bible school?"

    "Uh huh," I replied. "It was fun."

    "Good," she replied.

    "Mommy, can I sit with Matty?" Billy asked as he stood next to Mommy and me.

    "No, sir," Mommy said immediately. "Last Sunday, you two almost got yourselves spanked. This week you can stay right here with us. If you behave yourself, you can sit up there next week."

    "Okay," Billy replied disappointedly.

    Mommy then passed me over to Daddy, and I sat on his lap facing him.

    "So, you liked your class?" he asked me.

    "Yeah," I nodded. "It was good."

    "See? It wasn't scary at all, was it?" he asked.

    "Nope," I said with a smile.

    "Good," he said.

    He then reached behind me and I felt him give my diapered butt a squeeze. He then pulled back the front waistband of my pants and stuck his hand down my pants and I felt him feel my diaper.

    "I think you'll last a while," he announced not too loud.

    While he had been doing that, Mommy had been doing the same thing to Billy while he continued to stand next to her. Mommy wasn't being nearly as discreet about checking his diaper as Daddy was with me, but Billy didn't seem to mind much.

    "Taddy is just fine, dear," Daddy told her.

    "Okay," Mommy said. "Come on then, Billy. Let's go get you changed before the service starts."

    She stood up grabbing the blue diaper bag that was under the pew by her feet. She slung it over her shoulder and took Billy by the hand and led him out of the auditorium. Right after they left Daddy moved me off his lap and sat me on the pew right next to him. About then, Celli and Andy showed up. Andy sat down next to me and Celli sat down on the other side of her. Andy leaned over and gave me a little kiss on the cheek, and asked me how class went. We chatted for just a few minutes before Mommy and Billy returned. Billy came and sat between Andy and I, while Mommy resumed her place on the other side of Daddy.

    Right about then the church service started. A guy led the congregation in a couple of hymns, and then some other guy greeted everyone and made some announcements. A few more hymns were sung and then they did something called communion. I didn't quite understand what that was about, but it involved the passing out of little, tiny cups of grape juice that everyone drank from along with some white crackers that everyone broke pieces off of and ate. It was almost like snack time in the middle of the church service, but the little crumbs of cracker and the tiny sip of juice certainly wouldn't be satisfying. I didn't get it at all. I also wasn't allowed to partake in that ritual because I was told that I was too young. That was okay with me, since I wasn't hungry, and I didn't think the cracker and juice would have done much to fill my stomach even if I was.

    After the communion was over there was one more hymn—there was a lot of singing in this church, and then a guy in a suit got up in front of the church. He was apparently the preacher or whatever it was called, because he proceeded to give a sermon. They guy seemed to talk forever, and I really wasn't paying attention. About halfway through his sermon I started to feel the need to poop. A few minutes later I realized that there was no way I was going to make it through the church service and be able to wait until we got home to go poop. I needed to go, now. I sat there shifting around trying to hold it a little longer and get more comfortable. I kept that up for a few minutes before I decided I just had to defecate. I didn't want to go sitting right in the middle of a church full of what seemed like thousands of people, but I couldn't wait any longer, and I didn't know what else to do. I continued shifting around a little trying to find a comfortable position to poop in. After a minute, Billy leaned over and whispered in my ear.

    "Just go ahead and go," he whispered quietly. He obviously knew why I was so antsy.

    "I can't," I whispered back.

    "Slouch down a little," he said. "That'll help."

    "Shh," Andy hissed at us quietly.

    I basically ignored her as I took Billy's advice and slid down so that I was slouching in the pew. That did help some by taking some weight off of my rear passage. I gave a little push and I felt a soft, gooey mound of poop slide out into my diaper. It was fairly large, and it very quickly filled up the empty space in the seat of my diaper. I sat there slouching for a minute or so as I pushed out the large glob of poop. It was quite a relief to finally get it out of me. No sooner did I get it all out than Daddy leaned over and whispered for me to sit up straight. Apparently it wasn't acceptable to be slouching in the middle of the church service. I sat back up, which obviously squished my poop around and pressed the mound forward up towards my privates. I think the squishing also accelerated the escape of odors from my diaper, because as soon as I sat up I began to smell my own mess. Billy quickly picked up on the odors and he gave me a little smirk and a nod of approval. I wasn't nearly as happy as he was. Now, everyone was going to smell me. This was going to be embarrassing. I was also somewhat afraid that my diaper wasn't going to hold my poop in. This was my first poop in a disposable and I wasn't sure I trusted the diaper's ability to hold everything in.

    For the rest of the service I just sat there quietly, hoping that no one else would smell my diaper stench, and if they did they wouldn't single me out as the source of the odors. The last minutes of the sermon seemed to drag on for an eternity. Finally, the preacher ended it and asked the congregation to stand and join him in yet another hymn. Daddy helped me slide off the pew and stand up, which caused my poop to squish around more. As the hymn was sung Matty and Danny, who were right in front of Billy and I in the pew in front of us, turned and gave Billy and I smiling, knowing glances. They knew one of us was poopy. After the hymn was over we sat back down. Sitting down naturally just squished my poop around even more, and I could tell that the smell was getting worse.

    Thankfully, there wasn't much to the service after that. A couple more announcements were made and then there was one last hymn and a prayer, and then we were dismissed. I thought we'd leave right then, but instead we spent what seemed like forever milling about in the throng of people socializing after the service. Billy took me by the arm and led me out of the auditorium. He stopped by Mommy and told her we were going to go outside, and then we left. We went through a large lobby outside the auditorium and then outside. There were already a bunch of other kids out there.

    "Are we gonna leave soon?" I asked Billy, hoping we'd get away from all these strangers soon.

    "Probably not," he said. "Daddy is a deacon in the church, so he has to stay quite a while."

    "What's a deacon?" I asked.

    "Oh, I don't know," he said. "It means he's sort of one of the people who helps run the church, and it also means he has to stay after the worship service to talk to people. I think he and Mommy know everyone in the church."

    "How many people go here?" I asked.

    "I don't know," he said. "Like a thousand or something."

    "A thousand people?" I asked in awe.

    "Yeah, it's a pretty big church," he said nonchalantly.

    Soon enough Matty and his siblings joined us. Zack came up and gave me a hug and told me I was stinky. I turned beet red at that, but everyone else just laughed. We hung around with a bunch of other kids out in front of the church. Billy introduced me to a few of his friends. One of them said I needed a change, but then he gave me a friendly clap on the shoulder and told me he was just kidding.

    We waited for what seemed like an eternity as people continued to stream from the church building. I was getting really impatient and I wanted to leave because I knew at any moment people were going to start making fun of me because of my poopy diaper. A few minutes later I saw Celli and Andy come out of the church. They were conversing with some girls who looked to be their age. They told them goodbye after a minute or so and then came over to where Billy and I were.

    "Why did you two run off?" Celli asked. "Someone needed a change."

    "I wanted to get Taddy out of there, so he wouldn't be so nervous," Billy answered for her.

    "Well, I can see why you'd want to do that," Andy said. "You were sure stinking up the place."

    I glowed in embarrassment once more.

    Andy reached down and picked me up. She gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

    "Your such a stinky butt," she joked.

    She gave me a playful swat on the butt as she held me. I wished she would stop talking about me smelling. There were still a bunch of people around, and I knew some of them must be able to hear her.

    Finally, Mommy and Daddy came out of the church. It seemed like we had been out there for hours waiting on them. They came over to us, and Daddy immediately took me from Andy's arms and held me.

    "I think somebody really needs a change," he said. "Good thing we're going straight home. Come on, everyone. Let's go."

    Billy and I said goodbye to the Sanders kids, and we all headed out into the parking lot toward Daddy's SUV. Everyone climbed in and got settled in. The girls made sure Billy and I got buckled into our car seats properly. A minute or two later we were on the road headed toward home. It only took us a little while to get home, and Daddy pulled the car into the garage. We all got out and headed inside.

    "Okay, let's all get changed so we can go," Mommy said. "Can one of you girls make sure the babies get changed and dressed?"

    "I will," Celli volunteered.

    "Okay," Mommy replied. "Then, Andy you come help me get everything packed up once you change."

    "Okay, Mom," said Andy

    We wall went into the house. Mommy and Daddy went down the hall while the rest of us went upstairs. The girls told us to go wait in the nursery while they changed out of their church clothes. Billy and I did as we were told and went to the nursery. We went over to the entertainment center to watch TV while we waited. Billy took off his tie and he removed mine for me and unbuttoned my collar, which made me much more comfortable. I then plopped down into one of the beanbag chairs and made myself comfortable. As I sat down my poop obviously squished around more inside my diapers.

    "Billy," I said. "This diaper sure is full. You think it might leak?"

    "Nah," he said with a dismissive wave of the hand. "Mommy buys great disposables. I've never had a poopy leak except when I had really bad diarrhea at school once. So long as you don't have diarrhea you'll be okay in those, and even then, it would have to be really bad diarrhea."

    We watched TV for a few minutes until Celli came into the bedroom. When she arrived she was wearing a khaki pair of those weird pants that ended a little below her knees along with a halter-top with very thin shoulder straps.

    "Okay, babies," she said. "Let's get you two stinkers, changed."

    "I'm not a stinker, yet," Billy said as he got up.

    He came over and helped me get up out of my beanbag chair. We waddled over to the changing table together.

    "Yeah, 'yet' is the operative word there," Celli commented. "You will be soon enough. Okay, the stinkiest baby gets changed first, and we all know who that is, right now."

    I just grinned, knowing that she obviously meant me. I went up to her and she knelt down in front of me. She removed my shoe from my good foot and then unbuttoned my pants. She unsnapped the left pant leg and then pulled the pants down off my waist. She got me out of my pants and then my shirt leaving me in just my disposable diaper, which was fairly wet from having been worn for a few hours. She then picked me up and laid me down on the changing table. She carefully pulled the diaper's four tapes away from the front of the diaper and opened it up.

    "Okay, boys," she said as she began to clean my up. "I'm giving you two a choice today. You can either go to the park as babies, or you can dress like big boys for once."

    Today we were going to one of the city parks for a family picnic. It would actually be my first outing with the entire family—other than church this morning—since I had been here, so I was pretty excited about it. I was also a little dumbstruck at what Celli had just said. I hadn't been given much of a choice about what I wore at all since I had been here.

    "I wanna be a big boy, today," Billy said almost immediately.

    "What about you, Taddy?" Celli asked me.

    "Come on, Taddy. Let's be big boys," Billy prodded me.

    "Let him decide for himself, Billy," Celli scolded him. "So, what'll it be, baby?"

    "Um, I wanna be a big boy," I said.

    "Okay, sweetie," she said.

    "But just for the picnic!" I blurted suddenly. "I still wanna be a baby, later."

    Celli just chuckled softly and shook her head.

    "We know that, stinker," she said. "You'll always be our little baby, anyway. You just get to dress and act like a big boy for the afternoon."

    She got me cleaned up and she taped a new disposable on me. She then helped me sit up, and she picked me up off the changing table and set me on the ground. I sat down on the floor to wait as Celli began undressing Billy. I was getting a little better at sitting down on the floor by myself without practically falling down. I imagine the task was made easier by the fact that I was diapered in the notably thinner disposable. Within a couple of minutes Billy was out of his clothes. Celli checked his diaper, but he was only a bit wet, so she told him he'd be fine for a few hours, and she didn't change him. She then went to pick out some big boy clothes for us to wear. She got us both dressed in blue jeans and t-shirts. Like the pants I had worn to church, Mommy had had snaps added to the inseams of my blue jeans to make putting them on over my cast easier. The jeans were pretty nice, the first new pair of jeans I had ever owned, but they seemed to fit me a little tighter than my dress slacks. They were very snug around my diaper, which obviously made the diaper even more evident. What was more, the jeans didn't even cover all of my diapers. The top three inches or so of the disposable stuck rather prominently above the waistline of my pants. Celli pulled a striped t-shirt onto me. She didn't tuck it into my pants, which allowed it to cover the rest of my exposed diaper and the top of my bulbous butt, but the shirt really wasn't all that long. I could at least take comfort in the fact that Billy looked just like I did when Celli dressed him. His t-shirt wasn't very long, the top of his diaper stuck out above his pants, and his butt seemed just as puffy as mine.

    After we were dressed Celli escorted us downstairs. We went to the kitchen where we found Mommy, Daddy, and Andy. They had already changed out of their church clothes, and they were packing for the picnic. We were having mostly leftovers from yesterday's meal. On the way to the park we were going to stop to pick up some fried chicken from somewhere. They were just about done packing when we got there. Daddy took a big ice chest out to the garage to put in his car. Mommy had another smaller cooler that had things that she had heated up. Once those were packed we were ready to go. We all went back out to the garage and climbed into Daddy's SUV. The girls got Billy and I buckled into our car seats, and then we were ready to go. A minute later we were on the road heading across town. I didn't really know where we were going, but it didn't seem like we were going to the park Daddy had taken me to the other day.

    Along the way we stopped at a KFC where we went through the drive-through for a bucket of chicken. We then kept driving until we got to a really big park. It definitely wasn't the park Daddy had taken me to last week; it was much bigger than that one. Daddy parked in the park's parking lot and we got out of the SUV. There were several little pavilions spread out in the area around the parking lot. Each one had a picnic table under it. Mommy and Daddy selected a picnic table that was close to the car, and everyone began unloading our stuff. Everyone grabbed a little something so we could take everything in one trip. I carried the bucket of fried chicken, since it wasn't heavy, and it was about all I could carry with the casts on my arms.

    "Boys, you two can go play for a few minutes while we get everything set up," Mommy told us. "But don't go too far because we'll be eating in about five minutes."

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    A Second Chance

    "Okay, Mommy," said Billy. "Come on. Let's go, Taddy."

    "And remember it rained all night, so there may be some muddy spots," Mommy said. "You boys had better stay out of them. You're both in deep trouble if you get dirty."

    "Okay, Mommy," Billy said again, smiling and rolling his eyes at me.

    The two of us headed off into the grassy park. I limped along as quickly as I could, and Billy was kind enough to go slowly so I could keep up with him fairly easily. I looked around at the scenery in the park. I didn't see all that many people. There were a few adults and kids scattered here and there having picnics of their own, playing games, or just enjoying the warm, October afternoon. The park was very nice. There was an abundant scattering of big trees that provided ample shade along with plenty of open, sunny areas. There were several playground areas within view, though none were particularly close. I could also see what looked like a trail disappearing into the tree line at the far end of the grassy field we were in.

    "Later on, we'll go over there," Billy said as he pointed towards the trail. "That's a little nature trail. It leads to another side of the park and there's really neat stuff to see in the woods."

    "Okay. Cool," I replied.

    We would have continued strolling a little further, but we suddenly heard Mommy calling us. She was beckoning us to return to the picnic table to eat. We turned around and headed back. We got back to the picnic table a minute later and found the picnic table arrayed with a ton of food. We all sat at the table without much ceremony.

    "Can I feed myself, today?" Billy asked.

    Billy was allowed to feed himself when we were out in public, and I guess he thought the park qualified as public. I assumed that once I got my casts off I would be able to feed myself out in public, too, but I still wasn't physically capable of that.

    "Sure, sweetie," replied Mommy. "Just don't make a mess."

    "I won't," he promised.

    "You still have to wear a bib," Andy said.

    "Aw, come on," Billy complained. "Mommy, do I have to?"

    "Oh, it's just a little bib, honey," Mommy said dismissively. "It won't hurt you to wear it."

    Billy huffed a little bit, but he didn't say anything else. Andy tied a bib around his neck as Celli did the same thing for me. Daddy then said a quick prayer over the meal and we ate. I sat next to Celli and she fed me my food. She had pulled some chicken meat off of the bone for me, and she fed me that along with baked beans, coleslaw, and that yucky potato salad. I liked the baked beans because they were sweet, and the coleslaw was not bad, but I just didn't like the taste of the potato salad.

    "Celli, I don't think I like potato salad," I mentioned as she fed me another bite of the stuff.

    "Oh, okay, baby," she said. "Well, next time we won't give you any."

    "But, I thought I had to eat what I was fed," I said.

    "You do," she said, "But potato salad is one of those things that you don't have to eat if you don't like it. Vegetables and stuff like that you have to eat whether you like them or not, but not potato salad."

    "Good," I said.

    We finished our meal chatting quietly. Mommy and Daddy asked if I was excited about having Kevin start home schooling me tomorrow, and I said that I was. I couldn't wait to have him teaching me. I knew he was going to be really fun.

    "Can Taddy and I go play, now?" Billy as when we were finished eating.

    "Sure, sweetie," Mommy said. "Let the girls check your diapers, first."

    Andy and Celli checked Billy's and my diapers respectively. Neither of us were poopy. We were just wet, but they didn't think either of us needed change at the moment.

    "Okay, boys," said Mommy. "You two go play, but don't go too far, and remember what I said about getting muddy. You're in big trouble if you get into any mud."

    "Okay, Mommy," Billy said.

    "Now, be good and have fun," she said as she dismissed us.

    "We will, Mommy," I answered.

    Billy and I left the little picnic pavilion again and we headed out into the park. We headed across the field. As I suspected, we made our way over to the start of the trail that led off into the woods. We headed down the gravel-paved path through dense trees and undergrowth. Tree branches stretched out over the trail providing shade and making it seem like we were in a green and brown tunnel. There were all sorts of noises from the wind blowing through the trees and the birds calling. I also saw some little furry animals jumping from limb to limb on some trees.

    "Billy, what are those?" I asked, pointing at the little creatures.

    "Those are chipmunks," he said.

    "Oh," I replied.

    "You've never seen those?" he asked.

    "Nuh uh," I replied.

    "You'll see a lot of them here," he said.

    We continued on through the woods. We went over a little, wooden footbridge that went over a narrow, meandering creek. I thought that was kind of neat. We went around a bend in the trail and over a very low hill before we came to a slightly larger creek. This one had a line of stepping-stones that went across the shallow stream.

    "Be careful going across here," Billy said.

    We went across the crossing slowly. Billy went first to show me how to do it without falling, and then I followed him. It wasn't as hard to get across the creek as I thought, and I made it without incident.

    Shortly after that we came out on the other side of the woods. It was a field much like we had left a few minutes ago. There were scattered trees and more picnic tables and playgrounds.

    "This is another park," Billy announced.

    "It is?" I asked.

    "Yup," he said. "It's still a city park, but it's a different one than we were in. The woods and the nature trail connect the two parks. I don't know why they did that, but they did. Anyway, some friends of mine from school live near here, and they come here sometimes. I want to see if maybe any of them are here."

    We made our way through this other park. Billy spotted some boys playing together on one of the playground areas, so we went over that way. There were two boys who seemed to be about Billy's age. They were the only two people at this otherwise deserted play area.

    "Do you know them?" I asked Billy.

    "No," he said. "But they go to school with me. I've seen them there. I think they're in either seventh or eighth grade."

    We went over to the playground. The pit it was in was filled with slightly damp wood chips. Billy suggested that we go over to the swings and he'd push me in one of them. We went over to the swings and I sat down on one of them. I noticed the noisy crinkling of my diaper when I sat down on the swing. I tried to ignore it as Billy started pushing me.

    "Hi," he said casually to the two boys who were climbing on a tower that was attached to the swing set.

    "Hi," the both replied flatly in unison.

    "Don't you guys go to my school?" Billy asked.

    One of the boys, a kid with dark brown hair stopped what he was doing and stared at Billy for a second.

    "Yeah," he replied. "You're the seventh grade, right?"

    "Yeah," Billy confirmed cheerfully. "I'm Billy Bradshaw. This is my little brother, Taddy."

    "What happened to your arms and leg?" the other boy asked me rather abruptly.

    I wished he wouldn't have asked that. I sat there silently for a few seconds, trying to decide how to answer.

    "Um, he was in an accident," Billy said. "A rollerblading accident. He was doing a cool new grind down a twenty-foot handrail, but he lost his balance about halfway through and tumbled down the stairway."

    "You do grinds?" the first boy asked. "You're like five. I bet you can barely skate."

    "Actually, he's ten, and he's really good," Billy came to my defense. "He's almost as good as I am, and he's gonna be better than me pretty soon."

    "Really?" the boy asked.

    "Yep," Billy replied for me.

    "Connor! David!" A female suddenly called from off in the distance. "Come on, boys! It's time to go!"

    "Gotta go," one of the boys said. "Bye."

    "Bye," Billy said. "See you at school."

    "Bye," the other boy said.

    They climbed off of the playground tower and ran off toward the lady.

    "Come on, Taddy," Billy told me. "We better head back."

    I nodded and slid off of the swing. I went around it and back to Billy. I put my arms around his chest and hugged him.

    "Thanks, Billy," I told him. "That was pretty cool."

    "You're my baby brother," he said, returning my hug. "That's my job. Now, come on. We better go before Mommy and Daddy start to wonder where we are.

    "You know what this means, though?" he said as we walked.

    "What?" I asked.

    "Now, we're gonna have to teach you how to skate," he said. "Next time we see them, you have to be able to do a grind."

    "I don't even know what a grind is," I said worriedly.

    "I'm kidding," he replied. "But we do need to teach you to skate. Don't worry. It's not hard, and it's a lot of fun."

    We headed back across the park and onto the nature trail through the woods again. We went across the stepping-stones over the wider creek and continued on along the trail. When we got to the first stream we stopped.

    "Hey, let's go look for frogs and snakes and stuff for a minute," Billy said.

    "Snakes?" I asked with a concerned gulp.

    "Yeah," he said. "There's usually a lot of them around the creeks. They're really cool."

    "But don't they bite?" I asked.

    "Nah, not if you don't get too close to them," he assured me. "Come on."

    He waved for me to follow him as he went off onto a side trail that paralleled the creek. Actually, it was really not much more than a beaten, dirt path covered in leaves.

    "But it's muddy," I said. "We'll get dirty."

    "Nah, just stay on the leaves," Billy told me. "We'll be fine."

    I didn't really want to follow him, but he was already several yards off the main trail, and I didn't want to stay by myself. I looked down at the footpath and reluctantly stepped off the main trail. Leaves covered most of the path, but I could tell that the ground was pretty soft and muddy underneath the leaves. I had to be careful where I stepped. We carefully plodded our way down the narrow trail. Every few seconds Billy looked back to check on me, and make sure that I was okay. At some point the leaves on the trails started to thin out a little, which meant we had to be even more careful not to get muddy.

    Billy suddenly decided to stop when we got to a spot where the creek widened just a bit into a bit of a pond in which the water wasn't moving very quickly. He looked on the opposite side of the trail for a minute until he found a stick that was about two feet long.

    "Come here," he said. "Watch this."

    I got a little closer to him. He crouched down in front of a flat rock that was about six inches across. It sat a foot or two from the edge of the little pond. He wedged the end of the stick under the rock and flipped it over. I nearly freaked when I saw a little coiled up thing underneath the rock that looked like a dark gray, electrical cord. It moved when it was exposed. In a flash it uncoiled and shot off in the direction of the pond. I couldn't have been more than eight inches long or so and was barely the width around of a pencil.

    "Wow!" Billy said excitedly. "That was a water moccasin."

    "A what?" I asked.

    "A water moccasin," he repeated. "It's a type of snake, and it's poisonous."

    "Poisonous?" I said in horror. "Like if it bites us we die?"

    "Well, not necessarily," he clarified. "But we still don't want to get bitten by it. Besides, that was just a little baby. It probably could barely bite us anyway."

    "But what if its mommy is around?" I asked worriedly.

    "Snakes don't have mommies like we do," he said with a chuckle. "Their mommies lay their eggs, and then they abandon them. Once the eggs hatch, the baby snakes have to fend for themselves."

    "Really?" I asked.

    "Yep," he confirmed.

    I thought that kind of sounded like what my birth mommy did to me. Maybe she thought humans were supposed to abandon their young, too.

    "Hey, look. There's a frog out in the water," Billy pointed.

    I looked out into the pond and, sure enough, there was a frog. The water was clear enough that he was easily visible. He was sitting on the bottom of the shallow pool of water completely submerged.

    "How does he breathe underwater?" I asked.

    "They can hold their breath for a really long time," Billy told me. "Like several minutes. They can also absorb oxygen from the water through their skin. We just learned that in science class. We're supposed to be dissecting a frog next month."

    "Wow," I replied. "What's dissecting?"

    "That's means you take a dead frog and cut it open," he told me.

    "Yucky!" I said, scrunching up my face in disgust.

    We went about turning over more stones. Well, actually, Billy did all the looking under rocks. I just watched, and I made sure that I was sort of behind him the whole time so he could shield me from whatever he uncovered. We found a lot of bugs and a lizard or two, but not much else. Then Billy turned over a fairly large rock and a foot-and-a-half-long snake slithered out from underneath it. It was brown and green and gray colored.

    "That was just a garden snake," Billy said. "They're not poisonous, but they're cool looking. You want to try one, now?"

    "Um, I don't know," I said a bit nervously.

    "Oh, come on, Taddy. There's nothin' to it."

    "Well… I don't know," I was still hesitant.

    "Come on," he said. "Just do one. Nothing is gonna happen to you."

    He handed me the stick and then got behind me.

    "Go turn that rock over there over," he said pointing at a rock.

    I went over to the rock, which was between the footpath and the little pond. It was right on the edge of the trail, which was good since it meant I didn't have to risk getting muddy to reach it. I crouched down by it perhaps two feet from the stone.

    "Just get the end of the stick under the rock and flip it over," he said.

    "Okay," I said nervously.

    I did as he told me to and slowly reached forward with the stick in my left hand. I got it wedged under the edge of the flat stone and began to pry it out of the mud. I finally got it pried loose and I flipped it over. I was only half hoping to find anything. The second the underside of the rock was exposed I saw a flash of green. It was a snake, coiled up under the rock just like the other two. It immediately uncoiled started to slither away. I thought for sure that it was coming towards me.

    "Ah!" I yelped.

    I immediately jumped up and backwards trying to get away from the hostile snake. With Billy standing right behind me, I couldn't help but collide into him. That knocked us both backwards and we both fell. We fell onto the ground on the other side of the footpath. Unfortunately, the other side of the footpath was a quagmire that had probably recently been a large puddle. Now it was just a big pool of mud. We landed on our backs with a squishy set of splats. I landed partially on top of Billy. That protected my right shoulder and part of that side of my back from the mud, but my butt and the left side of my back weren't spared. Billy really bore the brunt of the impact.

    "Aw, man, Taddy!" he groaned once we landed.

    "I'm sorry," I said immediately.

    "Crap!" he swore.

    He sat up, pushing me off of him. He grabbed my right upper arm and helped me sit up. He then stood up. As he did I saw that the entire back of his t-shirt was covered in mud. The entire back of his jeans was equally plastered in mud. He stood up on the trail and looked at his backside.

    "Man! I'm a mess," he stated.

    "I'm sorry," I said again.

    "It's okay," he said with a shake of the head.

    He turned around and extended a hand down to me to help me up. I took his hand with my right hand and he pulled me up out of the mud. He had me face away from him so he could look at my backside.

    "You're a mess too, buddy," he said.

    "What do we do?" I asked, urgently hoping my brother had a solution to our current predicament.

    "Well, there's not way we're gonna get this much mud off of us," he said. "There's only one thing we can do; just go back and find Mommy and Daddy."

    He let out an exasperated sigh.

    "Come on," he said. "Let's go back."

    We turned and made our way back to the main trail. I was very upset.

    "Why did you jump like that?" Billy asked me.

    "I thought that snake was gonna bite me," I replied.

    "It was just another garden snake," he said. "It wouldn't have bitten you."

    "I'm sorry, Billy," I said dejectedly. "I didn't mean to do that."

    "I know, Taddy," he said. "It's alright."

    "We're gonna get in trouble, aren't we?" I asked wretchedly.

    "Yeah," he nodded soberly. "I think we're in big trouble."

    "I'm sorry," I said yet again, beginning to whimper softly now.

    "I said it's okay, Taddy," he said.

    He gave me a comforting pat on the shoulder.

    "Aw man, you got mud on your cast," he suddenly said.

    He was a little bit behind me on my left side. He reached down and grabbed my left arm. I looked around behind me and saw that I indeed did have mud on the back of my cast behind my elbow.

    "We're in deep trouble," he said. "The back of your diaper must have been showing, too. It's all muddy."

    I looked all the way behind myself as best I could, and I could see that the back of my now soiled t-shirt had ridden up, exposing the top of my diaper. The top of the diaper was no longer stark white, but caked in mud. Now, I really wanted to cry. I knew we were in the biggest, deepest trouble ever.

    The trip out of the woods and through the park went all too quickly. Soon enough—much too soon for me—we were within sight of the picnic table we had been eating at. Daddy and the girls were nowhere to be seen, but Mommy was there. She was frantically pacing across the concrete slab that the picnic table sat on.

    "Oh, Thank Heavens!" she exclaimed when she saw us approaching. "Where have you two been?"

    She immediately came rushing over to us. She crouched down and hugged us tightly to her chest. That only lasted a second before she pulled away from us with an obviously angry look on her face. She had obviously just discovered that we were muddy when she hugged us.

    "What did you two get into?" she asked.

    "We got a little muddy," Billy admitted.

    "A little muddy!" she said disbelievingly.

    She turned us both around to look at our backsides.

    "Oh, my goodness!" she exclaimed. "You two are filthy."

    "We were by the creek in the woods," explained Billy. "And we kind of fell into some mud."

    "Ugh!" Mommy grunted in frustration.

    "And where did you go?" she asked angrily. "I told you two not to wander off too far."

    "We went over to the park on the other side of the woods," Billy admitted.

    "The other park?" she asked. "You know you're not supposed to go over there by yourself. We've all been worried sick about you. Your father and sisters are off searching for you right now. I can't believe you boys!"

    "I'm sorry, Mommy," Billy started to whimper.

    "That doesn't cut it, young man," she said. "You know better than that. I told you boys not to go too far and twice not to get muddy, didn't?"

    "Yes," Billy said quietly.

    "You heard what I said, too, didn't you, Thaddeus?" she asked me.

    "Yes," I said barely above a whisper.

    She called me Thaddeus. She hadn't done that since the day I came to live with them. She must have been really mad at me.

    "Come on," she said as she stood up. "You two are in big trouble."

    She turned and took each of us by the hand and marched us toward the SUV. She went slowly enough that I could keep up as I limped along, but she still moved abruptly and with determination. I could tell she must be furious. As we headed towards the back of the SUV I began to get really scared. My stomach began to churn uncomfortably as I pondered what lay ahead. I figured that this was it. This incident was most likely the proverbial final straw that had broken the camel's back. Mommy and Daddy had said they would never hurt me, but that was before this had happened. Now I was probably going to be beaten again. If I had been in any other house I had ever stayed in I most certainly would have been severely beaten for getting myself so dirty—I don't think any of my other families would have cared too much about me running off somewhere. Mommy opened the tailgate of the SUV, and I prepared for the worst. She sat down on the edge of the vehicle's rear bumper and bent down to begin undressing us.

    "I just can't believe you boys did this!" she fumed as she undressed us. "Do you have any idea how worried we were about you? We were scared to death. So many bad things could have happened to you. What if you had gotten hurt and couldn't move? What if someone had taken you?"

    She completely stripped both of us of our clothes very quickly.

    "I can't even put these clothes in the car they're so filthy," she commented.

    She just dropped our soiled clothes on the parking lot next to us in a pile.

    "And then on top of running off," she continued ranting. "You go and get yourself absolutely filthy. I told you twice not to get muddy, and not only do you get muddy, you both get yourselves completely covered in muck."

    When we were standing there in literally nothing but our diapers, she then turned both of us around and gave our butts a squeeze to check the condition of our diapers. Neither of us was poopy at the moment.

    "Ugh, Taddy, you even got your diaper muddy," she said.

    She then turned us around to face her again.

    "Well, I'm sorry, boys," she said. "But I don't have much choice but to do this."

    With that she reached down to Billy. In short, very quick movements, she untaped his diaper as he stood there. When that happened, Billy immediately started crying rather hard. She finished untaping his diaper and she pulled it out from between his legs. She set the wet diaper inside the back of the SUV next to her. Then she very abruptly grabbed Billy, picked him up, and laid him down on his stomach across her knees. Her hand then rose over his butt and fell very quickly in short, choppy motions. There was an amazingly loud smack as she spanked Billy's still-wet butt. I didn't even try to keep track of how many spanks he received. By that time my body shuddered as I sobbed out of control. My vision was blurry with tears, but I could see Billy's butt cheeks turn red as Mommy spanked him. Billy bawled loudly as he took his spanking. She suddenly stopped spanking Billy and lifted him up off of her lap. She set him back on the ground next to me, and he stood there as he continued to cry.

    Then it was my turn. She pulled the four tapes of my diaper open and took the diaper off of me. I didn't care in the least that I now stood there in the park completely naked in the middle of the afternoon. I had much more urgent things on my mind. Mommy picked me up and laid me across her lap like she had just done with Billy. Before I even felt the first spank I was crying even harder than I had been. I then felt her hand smack my butt. That spank was followed by a rapid succession of more smacks. Even as it happened, I realized that this spanking wasn't like other spankings and beatings I had received. It hurt, to be sure, but it was a lot less painful than I was used to. But it wasn't the physical pain of the spanking that hurt me the most; it was the fact that she was spanking at all me that was the hardest for me to take. As suddenly as it began the spanking was over. Mommy picked me up and set me on the ground next to Billy. His crying had already subsided to sniffling and whimpering.

    Mommy reached over the back seat for the diaper bag, which was still in between our car seats. She pulled out a changing pad and diapering supplies. After spreading the changing pad out in the back of Daddy's SUV she picked Billy up and laid him down on it. She gently powdered his diaper area and taped him into a new disposable. She then picked him up and gave him a hug and a kiss. Then, she set him back down on the ground.

    She picked me up and laid me down on the changing pad. I was still racked with uncontrollable, loud, stuttering sobs. She powdered me up with the same loving care that she always did. Her touch didn't hint at all that she was mad. A minute later she taped a new disposable diaper onto me.

    "Now, babies, I'm sorry Mommy had to spank you," she said as she diapered me. "But you have to understand that you can't run off like that. So many bad things could have happened to you. We make rules for a reason. We want you boys to be safe, and running off like that isn't safe. And when Mommy tells you not to get muddy, that means don't get muddy. When we tell you to do something, you have to do it."

    By then she was finished taping my disposable on. She picked me up and hugged me tightly to her chest.

    "Mommy, loves you very much, baby," she told me.

    I couldn't respond to her. I was still crying too hard.

    "Oh, and you got mud on your cast, baby," she said with only slight annoyance.

    She laid me back down on the changing pad. She got the baby wipes out of the diaper bag. She used a couple of wipes to clean off my cast. I was still sobbing pitifully as she did so.

    "There. All better," she announced.

    She put the baby wipes away and then picked me up.

    "I- I'm s- sor- sorry, Mo- Mommy," I stammered through my sobbing.

    "I know, baby," she said. "I know."

    She held me as I continued to cry.

    "Baby, you can calm down, now," she said a few minutes later when I was still sobbing loudly. "It's all over, now."

    That didn't cause me to calm down any. I still couldn't make myself stop crying. I was too upset.

    "What's wrong with him, Mommy?" I heard Billy asked a little worriedly.

    I looked over at him and noticed that he wasn't crying anymore. His eyes were still red and puffy looking, and he was sniffling just a little, but I could tell he was no longer extremely upset about getting spanked.

    "He's just upset, sweetie," Mommy told him. "He'll be fine."

    She then stood up with me.

    "Come on, boys," she said. "Let's go over to the picnic table and sit down. Billy, put your socks and shoes back on. It seems your shoes were the only things you two didn't get covered in mud. We didn't bring any extra clothes, so diapers are all you babies have to wear."

    She carried me over to the picnic table under the little pavilion and sat down. She continued to hold me and gently rubbed my back as I continued to cry profusely. I didn't care in the least that I was in a public park wearing nothing but my diaper. Billy followed us over to the table a minute later after he put his shoes on and closed the SUV's tailgate.

    About then, Daddy and the girls returned. They came walking up through the park toward us. When they saw that Billy and I were back they rushed over to us a little more urgently.

    "Where did you two go?" Daddy asked.

    "They went wandering through the woods to the park over there," Mommy said.

    "Billy, you know better than that, young man," Daddy told him somewhat sternly.

    "I'm sorry, Daddy," Billy said meekly. He started sniffling again.

    "They already got a spanking for it," Mommy said. "And their clothes were completely covered in mud. They got spanked for that, too. Now, Taddy is very upset. He won't stop crying."

    "What's wrong, Tadpole?" Daddy asked me.

    "Here, honey," said Mommy. "Take him."

    She handed me to Daddy, who took me and hugged me tightly to his chest.

    "It's okay, Taddy," he told me. "It's all over, now. You just calm down."

    He sat down one of the benches at the picnic table and held me. He rubbed my back comfortingly just like Mommy had been doing. He held me for what must have been several minutes as I continued to cry.

    Finally, I began to calm down. Actually, I think, more than anything else, I was just exhausted from crying so much. My sobbing died down to a whimper, and I sniffled quietly as I rested my head on Daddy's chest.

    "Are you okay, baby?" Daddy asked me.

    I just nodded without saying anything. I was suddenly very tired. My long ordeal had sapped my energy. I don't even think I could have lifted my head off of Daddy's chest if I had wanted to.

    "I'm sorry, Daddy," I barely had the strength to say quietly as I drifted off to sleep.

    I woke up I don't know how much later. I felt extremely confused and disoriented. I didn't know where I was at first, but then I realized that I was in a crib. I was lying on my stomach. The side of my face rested on a pillow. I raised my head off of the pillow and immediately noticed that Squeaker was lying right next to me on the pillow. I reached up, grabbed him, and clutched him to my chest as I rolled onto my side.

    "Hey, Taddy," I heard Billy say.

    I looked over at the corner of the crib that was above my head and saw Billy sitting with his back up against the corner.

    "Hi, Billy," I said quietly.

    "Have a good nap?" he asked.

    "Yeah," I replied flatly.

    I sat up rubbing the sleep out of my eyes with my thumb. I noticed that I was now wearing a plain, white t-shirt in addition to my disposable diaper, which was now pretty wet.

    "You feel better, now?" he asked.

    "Nuh uh," I shook my head.

    "What's wrong?" he asked.

    "Do you think Mommy and Daddy are gonna get rid of me, now?" I asked trying not to start crying once again.

    "Get rid of you?" he asked in amazement. "Why would they do that?"

    "Because I got in trouble," I said. With that a tear rolled down my cheek.

    "Of course they're not gonna get rid of you, Taddy. I was there, too, remember," he replied. "If they got rid of you they'd have to get rid of me, too."

    "No, they wouldn't," I replied. "You're their son. They can't get rid of you. I'm just their foster son. They can get rid of me any time they want. That's what always happens to me. My foster parents get tired of me for some reason, and then they get rid of me and send me to someone else."

    "Don't be silly, Taddy," he said. "You know they wouldn't do that. Mommy and Daddy love you, Taddy. All of us do. They're not just gonna decide to get rid of you. That's not how it works."

    "But, Mommy was really mad at us," I replied.

    "Yeah, but that doesn't mean she stopped loving either of us," he said.

    "I don't know," I replied unconvinced. "I don't think they're gonna keep me much longer."

    He let out an exasperated sigh.

    "Why wouldn't they keep you much longer?" he asked.

    "Because," I said, starting to cry in earnest, "I sleepwalk, I have night terrors, I'm a stupid bedwetter, and I wander off and get all muddy when they tell me not to."

    He just rolled his eyes and shook his head. He crawled over to me and sat next to me up against the side of the crib by the wall. He put his arm around me and pulled me into his side.

    "Listen, Taddy," he said, "Nobody cares about any of that. None of that is any reason to get rid of you. Trust me, okay. No one is going to get rid of you. I promise."

    "Okay," I said, though I was still unconvinced.

    About then the nursery door opened and Mommy came in.

    "Hi, sleepyheads," she said cheerfully. "Did everyone have a good nap?"

    "Yeah," Billy answered for us.

    "What's wrong, Taddy?" Mommy asked me. She could obviously see that I had been crying again.

    "He's still a little upset over the spanking and everything else this afternoon," Billy answered for me. "He's afraid you're gonna get rid of him."

    "Oh, sweetie," Mommy said to me, her face going from cheery to sad in a second. "Come here."

    She dropped the side of the crib and picked me up and hugged me to her chest.

    "I'm sorry I was bad, Mommy," I said as I started crying again.

    "You're not bad, baby," she tried to assured me. "You're a very good baby, you just did something you shouldn't have. We still love you, and there's no way we'd want to get rid of you, okay?"

    "Okay," I whimpered.

    She gave me a last good hug and then set me on the ground. She then helped Billy out of the crib. She gave both of our diapers a squeeze in the front to see how wet we were, and then she checked our rear ends to see that we weren't poopy. She then got my glasses off the top of Billy's bureau and put them on my face for me.

    "Okay," she said. "You boys can go play for a while. I'll be back in a few minutes."

    "Let's play with Legos," Billy said as Mommy left.

    He went over to the toy shelves and pulled out two tubs of Lego bricks. He dumped them on the play rug in the middle of the nursery and we began to play with Legos. We didn't get to play for very long before Mommy came back, but this time she had Daddy with her.

    "Hi, boys," Daddy greeted us merrily.

    "Hi, Daddy," Billy said.

    "Hi, Daddy" I parroted him.

    Daddy came over and reached down for me. He picked me up and planted my butt on his hip.

    "How would you like to go out for some ice cream with Mommy and me, Taddy?" he asked me.

    "Okay," I replied with a smile and a shrug. I wasn't about to say no to ice cream.

    "I want to go out for ice cream," Billy said immediately.

    "You and your sisters are staying here, sweetie," Mommy told him. "We want to talk to Taddy for a little while."

    "I can't come?" he asked.

    "Not this time," Mommy said.

    "That's not fair," he pouted.

    "We've taken you out for ice cream by yourself lots of times, Billy," Daddy pointed out. "It's Taddy's turn, now."

    "Okay," he replied a little sadly.

    "And there's plenty of ice cream in the freezer," Mommy said. "You and the girls can make sundaes."

    "Okay," Billy said again, but more happily.

    "Come on," Mommy said to him. "Let's go downstairs so I can tell the girls what we're doing."

    Mommy took him by the hand and led him out of the room.

    "Let's go get Daddy's little boy dressed," Daddy said once they left.

    He carried me over to the changing table and set me down on it. He told me to wait right there and he went into the closet to find some clothes for me. He returned with some clothes to put on me. He removed my t-shirt and pulled a long-sleeve t-shirt on me that had horizontal stripes and a white collar on it. He then put a pair of denim, big boy overalls on me.

    "It's getting a little colder," he said. "So we need to dress you a little warmer."

    I just nodded as he finished fastening the overalls shoulder straps to the bib on the front of the garment. He then got a sock from my chest-of-drawers and my lone tennis shoe and put them on my right foot.

    "Ready to go, big boy?" he asked me.

    "Uh huh," I said. "But can Squeaker go with us?"

    "Sure he can," he told me.

    He went to Billy's crib and pulled Squeaker out of it. He brought my teddy bear over to me and handed him to me. He then grabbed the diaper bag by the changing table. He picked me up and carried me out of the room. We went downstairs and to the kitchen where we found everyone else in the kitchen. Billy was in his highchair while Celli and Andy were in the kitchen putting together a triplet of ice cream sundaes.

    "Ready to go, honey," Daddy asked Mommy, who was in the kitchen with the girls.

    "Yep, let's go," she said. "We'll see you three in just a little while."

    "Are we having ice cream for supper?" Billy asked.

    "No, silly," Mommy said with a chuckle. "We'll eat some sandwiches in a little while."

    "But I thought we could only have dessert after supper," he replied.

    "Hmm," Mommy said, thinking for a second. "Yep, you're right. I guess that means you'll have to have an extra helping of vegetables tomorrow night."

    "Aw," Billy whined.

    Everyone else just laughed.

    Mommy grabbed her purse off of the kitchen counter, and the three of us went out to the garage. Mommy held me while daddy very quickly moved my car seat to one of the middle seats. He must have been very experienced at doing that, because it only took him a minute to complete the task. He then took me from Mommy and strapped me into my car seat. Then, he put the diaper bag down at my feet and he and Mommy climbed into their respective seats. We backed out of the garage and headed out of the neighborhood.

    We headed through town for about five minutes until we got to the same Dairy Queen that Mommy had taken me to on the day we got my glasses. Daddy got me out of my car seat and the three of us went inside. Daddy just carried me inside without even asking me if I wanted to walk or ride in my stroller. We went into the restaurant and ordered some ice cream. This time I asked for and received a Blizzard. We decided to go sit outside at the outdoors eating area after we got our ice cream, since it was more private. We sat down at one of the metal and plastic picnic tables. I sat in Daddy's lap, and Mommy sat at the chair that was kitty corner to us. We ate our ice cream for a few minutes. Of course, Daddy fed me little spoonfuls of my Oreo Blizzard.

    "So, Mommy says you thought we might want to get rid of you," Daddy said after a few minutes and ten or so bites of ice cream.

    "Yeah," I said sadly, looking down at the table.

    "Can you tell me why you'd think something like that?" he asked gently.

    I suddenly wanted to cry yet again.

    "Because," I said pouting.

    "Because why?" he asked.

    "Because I sleepwalk, I have night terrors, I'm a bedwetter, and I don't do what I'm told and I have to get spanked," I said. "Oh, and I'm stupid, too."

    By then tears were already streaming down my face.

    "First of all, you're not stupid at all, Taddy," Daddy said. "You're a very smart little boy. And even if you weren't, so what?"

    "So, why would you want someone who did all that?" I said.

    "Because, we love you, baby," Mommy said.

    "That's right, Taddy," Daddy said. "Remember what I told you the other day about when you love someone you can't just stop loving them and get rid of them."

    "Uh huh," I nodded.

    "Do you know what 'unconditional' means, baby?" Daddy asked me.

    "No," I replied.

    "'Unconditional' is when you give or do something without expecting to get anything in return. It means you don't say 'I'll only do this if you do this for me, or only if you act a certain way or do certain things.' Do you understand that?"

    "Um. Yeah, I think so," I said with a nod.

    "Well, when you love someone unconditionally that means you love them no matter what they do or don't do. No matter what they do to you, no matter what problems they have, no matter what they do wrong, you still love them. Do you understand that?"

    "Uh huh," I replied.

    "Well, that's how we love you," he said. "We love you unconditionally. No matter how much trouble you get into, no matter what problems you have, we will still always love you. Understand?"

    I just nodded.

    "But, then, why did Mommy spank me if she loves me?" I asked.

    "Mommy spanked you because she loves you, kiddo," Daddy replied.

    That had to be one of the most confusing things I had ever been told.

    "Huh?" I asked in bewilderment.

    "Mommy and I want you to learn to do what's right, and we want you to be safe," he told me. "And when we spank you, we don't do it because we want to hurt you. We do it because we want you to learn from it. Do you understand?"

    "I think so," I replied, though I wasn't all that sure that I did.

    "Sometimes Mommy and Daddy will have to spank you, baby," Mommy told me. "But don't ever thing we don't love you just because we give you a spanking. Okay? We're spanking you because we want to help you."

    "Okay, Mommy," I replied with a thin smile. "But, what happens when you get tired of me?"

    "Why would we get tired of you?" Daddy asked.

    "I don't know," I shrugged. "But that's what always happens. People get tired of me and they get rid of me. That's how everyone is."

    "That may be how all your other foster parents were," Mommy said. "But not us. We're different. We'll never get tired of you. No ever."

    "Are you sure?" I asked.

    "I'm positive," she replied.

    "Taddy, let me ask you something," Daddy said. "When you got hit in your other foster homes, when they spanked you or hurt you or yelled at you, did they hold you and tell you they loved you?"

    I didn't even need to think about that.

    "No. Never," I said immediately.

    "See? That's how we're different," he said. "If we didn't love you or care about you. Do you think we'd hold you and comfort you?"

    "I guess not," I said.

    "And we certainly wouldn't do it if we were tired of you, would we?"

    "No," I replied.

    That was when it suddenly hit me. Daddy was right. Mommy and Daddy and this whole family were a lot different than any other family I had lived with. I had known that pretty much from the start, but it wasn't until right then that it really hit me. This family really was a lot different. Even though they spanked me, it wasn't because they hated me, but because they cared about me. I understood that, now.

    "Feel better, now?" Daddy asked me.

    "Yeah," I said with a thin but satisfied smile. "I love you, Daddy."

    I wrapped my fiberglass-encased arms around his chest as best I could.

    "I love you, too, baby," he told me as he returned my hug.

    He gave me a kiss and then handed me over to Mommy, who also gave me a hug and a kiss.

    "I love you, Mommy," I told her.

    "I love you, too, sweetie," she said.

    "Now, let's finish our ice cream before it melts," Daddy said.

    He pushed my Blizzard over to Mommy and she fed me what was left of it. We finished our ice cream, and then we got back into Daddy's SUV. I smugly luxuriated in my comfy car seat for the entire ride home. We got home and went inside to find the girls upstairs doing homework and Billy playing by himself in the nursery.

    We had a quick supper of sandwiches. No one ate much since we had pretty much filled up on ice cream. Billy and I both just had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. After that, Mommy and Daddy bathed Billy and me. Once we were clean and dry we were put into our night diapers. I realized I had missed having my thick, cloth diapers on all day. Mommy also put us in our sleepers. I wore another one of my new footless sleepers that was made out of soft, cozy flannel.

    After our baths, Billy and I played downstairs in the playpen in the den for a while, while Mommy and Daddy sat and watched TV together. All too soon it was bedtime, so we told Mommy goodnight, and Daddy took us upstairs to the nursery. He read us a story for about half an hour, and then it was time to go to bed. Daddy carried me over to my crib.

    "Now, Taddy, after this morning, Mommy and I are turning on the baby monitor so that we can hear you if you want to get out of your harness."

    "What's a baby monitor?" I asked.

    "There's a little microphone up in the ceiling," he told me. "It's connected to a speaker our bedroom, so we can hear you from down there. We haven't used it in a long time with Billy, but we're going to start using it a gain. So, when you want to get up you can just call for us. If you want you can cry like a baby. You're a baby, so that's just fine with us."

    "Okay," I replied with a smile.

    He gave me a hug and a kiss, and then he strapped me into my harness and tucked me in. After tucking us in and telling us goodnight, he turned the lights in the nursery off and left us alone.

    "Billy?" I called quietly across the room.

    "Yeah, Taddy?" he replied.

    "I love you," I said.

    "I love you, too, Taddy," he said. "Goodnight, baby brother."

    "Goodnight, Billy," I told him.

    With that I hugged Squeaker to my chest causing him to squeak quietly. I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep.

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    A Second Chance

    Home town pride!!! Dallas, what what?

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    Re: A Second Chance

    I realize this is pretty old but damn i love this story, shame it seems like it's missing pieces though.
    Keep your powder dry ~Backwoodsman

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