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    College Landlady

    I've read this story relatively recently, but for some reason I'm having trouble remembering where. The basis of the story is that a college student rents a room with a woman who slowly puts him back into diapers. In the end she tells him that he will be her baby for the rest of his time in college.

    Although it is similar to Jimmy's College Landlady that's not the story I'm looking for.


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    College Landlady

    Winnie - was this possibly your one with Brittany and whats-her-face in it?

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    College Landlady

    No. I know it definitely was not one of Winnie's.

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    College Landlady

    There are several stories like this. I believe I know the one you are talking about, but I do not have time to look for it right now. Other details include him meeting a girl who at one time,not knowing he lives there, tells him an "Urban Legend" type story about how the woman living in this certain house takes a new College Freshman every 4 years and turns him into a baby, right?

    I think you are referring to "One Of The Family" stories, Nemo, but that's not essentially the story line behind them.

    EDIT: Is it, "Room and Board"?
    If the above post says "Contents Removed" it may or may not reappear with the proper text soon.

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    College Landlady

    I was indeed - wasn't quite with it at the time.

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    College Landlady

    That was the one. Thanks Winnie.

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    College Landlady

    Oh - a new chapter!

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