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Thread: Story about a new brand of diaper...

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    Story about a new brand of diaper...


    There's a story I read once a LONG time ago that I can't seem to find anywhere. It was at a shareholders meeting or something the like of a diaper company and they were showing off new products…including a diaper that could hold A LOT (to the point where it was almost dragging on the ground of a poor model).

    Any help with this would be great. Thanks!

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    Re: Story about a new brand of diaper...

    Well, once on an old board we had a "Punishment" of a member named Amy…. I forget what it was she even did, but we did subject her as though she was a member of a corporation, passing her off to one another to "test" different products as we went along. No idea if that is what you are remembering or not.

    If it is, I am afraid that may be lost, unless someone actually has that saved somewhere…

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