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With everybody going for such dark and brooding short stories I have decided to go for one that's a bit more sweetness and light, well for me anyway. And remember Vote for Pedro.

Disclaimer: Please don't steal, or tell Adam Sandler that I stole his idea!

Becky sighed as she watched the picture on the TV slow down and the woman's breast began to sway in time to some cheesy music. Her little brother's left hand shot up in devil horns and he nodded his head approvingly.
"That's the boy." He laughed.
"God that looks dumb." Becky rolled her eyes.
"Like you'd know a good movie if you saw one. Besides wouldn't it be cool to have one?" He countered.

Becky stood and smoothed her hands over her pink top. Shaking her red hair out she slipped her feet back into her sandals.
"Well goodnight Smelly." She gave her little brother a kick.
"Night." He grunted.
Becky moved quickly up the stairs the frigid air from the gap under the front door hurried her ascent. She couldn't believe the immaturity of her little brother. Although now he was 16 she should really stop calling him that. Closing her bedroom door against the freezing stairwell Becky began to get ready for bed. She could hear the TV rapidly switch stations as her brother struggled to find something good on at this late hour.
'Well it is Thursday what did he expect?' She thought dryly.

Lying in bed Becky tried to sleep. She tried to clear her mind of all thoughts. "Right I'm going to stop thinking about anything and just concentrate on my breathing." Becky whispered to her quiet room.

Listening to nothing but her breathing Becky felt her mind begin to swirl. 'What's got me so agitated?' She thought. Daydreaming but not sleeping Becky allowed herself to sink into her thoughts. At first there was nothing in particular her friends, schoolwork, homework, swimming, boys and parties but then she began to half pick out images. From years ago yet somehow they seemed current. Then her mind slipped back to that stupid movie. A remote control for your whole life.

At first Becky thought about how fun it would be to always be ready. It would grant all manner of freedoms to be able to stop and pause time. Imagine waking up and wanting ten more minutes in the morning. Just stop time. Instant ten minutes. In fact why would you even bother getting up before two minutes to school?

And what if you could reverse time? Imagine being able to go back and resit every test you had ever failed. Or even better you wouldn't have to study. Just take your books outside the exam venue and just stop and check to see if you where right.
'Although I wouldn't want to cheat all the time' Becky thought adamantly. 'Or else I wouldn't actually know anything by the time it came to getting a job. Unless I actually change time on myself. I could fast forward myself through all my classes and studying anyway.' Becky's mind began to move onto darker thoughts. 'And what about the power it could give me? Think of all the practical jokes. I could finally get Sarah back for not telling me my skirt was tucked into the back of my panties.' Becky smiled. 'I could tuck her entire skirt into her panties. Or better yet leave her naked in the main foyer.' Becky gave a quiet a chuckle at the thought of her friend and how she'd never live it down.

Becky awoke to the sound of her alarm blaring. 6:45 it beeped. Reaching for the snooze button Becky watched as the digital numbers began to scroll around crazily. Suddenly it was 7:28 and she was going to be late for class. Hearing a satisfied grunt from her doorway Becky turned and looked only to see her brother wielding a remote control.
"Ha ha." He taunted mimicking Nelson Munce. "You're going to be late." Despite the fact that he to was still not fully ready for school.
"Yeah but so are you." Becky bit back.
"Really?" He questioned. And suddenly he was fully dressed.
"Give me that." Becky said lunging towards her brother. He fumbled with the remote but Becky was atop him. She might not be the biggest girl but she swam every other morning and she was rangy. Suddenly she had the remote and she paused everything. All ambient noise suddenly stopped and Becky was able to disentangle herself from her brother. Looking at all the controls on the contraption it seemed just like a normal remote control. She wondered briefly about the numbers and the modes but they would have to wait.

Becky quickly dressed herself in her green school shirt and jumper. Then she righted her brother and put a normal remote in his hands. Rewinding him to before she had jumped him Becky carefully moved back into her bed and stared at him.
"Really?" Her brother questioned again. And once again he was fully dressed.
"Well I've got news for you buster I am dressed." Becky said stepping out of bed.
"But how?" He asked staring at the remote.
"I don't know I woke up like this." Becky stated.
Staring out of the window as the bus slowly drew up the two looked at each other and headed downstairs.

Becky rushed onto the bus and sat down. She smiled at Sarah.
"Morning." Becky said.
"So it is." Sarah mumbled.
"What's wrong?" Becky asked but Sarah said nothing. "Come on you can tell me." Becky pressed.
"OK." Sarah sighed. "You know how last week Billy and Crystal where going out? Well now they're not. But they want to be. Sarah's voice began to get higher and faster as Becky fast forwarded through her friends gossip. Normally this would be of great interest to Becky but today she had the remote control. "It's all so confusing. And I'm stuck in the middle." Sarah finally concluded.
"Well I've got something cool to show you." Becky smiled drawing out the remote control.
"Wow, a TV remote. We've had one for a while in my house."
"Yeah but look at what this one does." Becky said pointing it at a couple of geeks sitting a couple of rows ahead. Suddenly they were turning blue.
"How?" Sarah asked.
"I don't know but it sure is cool." Becky concluded.
"Give me a shot." Sarah sort of asked.
"No." Becky said shying away from her friend.
"Give it to me." Sarah demanded.
"No." Becky said again her finger reaching for the pause button.

Unfortunately as her digit moved to press down on the button the bus hit a pot hole causing everything on the bus to swing about as well as a few jeers as some of the students raised their hands like they were on a roller-coaster.

Looking back up to Sarah Becky saw her friend moving incredibly fast. With the remote control in her hands. Becky hadn't hit pause during the jolt she had hit fast forward. Sarah suddenly stood up and zoomed several feet away from Becky before she could really react. Sarah then moved back to normal.

Becky just turned and sat back in her seat and prepared herself for the worst.

Suddenly the bus was at school. Becky stood up and found herself in a rush of bodies. She was essentially picked up and deposited outside her locker. Turning around she saw Sarah staring at her.
"OK you've had a shot now give it back." Becky said.
"Yeah right." Sarah mocked. She gave her brown hair a flick and made to turn away.
"No. Give it back." Becky demanded.
"Not likely." Sarah rolled her green eyes.
"Come on I'll let you share it with me." Becky pleaded.
"Actually. Perhaps we could share." Sarah gave a devious smirk. Pushing pause the world around Becky and Sarah froze again.

Pushing another button a pale blue menu appeared in front of Sarah hovering in midair. Becky gasped.
"How did you know to do that?" Becky breathed.
"Oh I paused time whilst I learned how to work the remote." Sarah explained as if it was obvious.
"Now, you said we'd share." Becky held out her hand.
"Yeah I lied." Sarah explained. "Aha here it is." She announced. "Perspective. Perfect."

Becky watched as her friend began to change. Although she wasn't fat like all girls their age Sarah worried about her figure. But in front of Becky's eyes her friend was shedding dress sizes. Her clothes began to hang loose around her waist and tighter around her bust.
"What are you doing?" Becky gasped.
"Making myself beautiful." Sarah smiled.
"That could be dangerous." Becky pressed.
"Don't be such a baby." Sarah mocked. "I know what I'm doing."

And suddenly the world began to move again.

Sitting in class Becky stared at her former friend in front of her. She was drawing plenty of attention from the boys in the class. So much so that Becky was having trouble concentrating on what Mr Jones was saying. But it was maths so it really wasn't uncommon.

"Now who wants to come up and solve this?" Mr Jones asked drawing up one of his horribly complicated problems that tested to see if the class was paying attention. As usual only a couple of people in the class could even comprehend the question let alone fathom an answer. Suddenly Becky felt a push on her back. Looking back she saw nobody. "Why Becky it appears your the only one willing to try."

Becky stared at her arm as if it had betrayed her. Here it was sticking up in the air. It was also the ONLY arm sticking in the air. Grumbling quietly Becky stared at Sarah who was smiling wickedly. Moving up to the board Becky tried to fumble an excuse to the maths teacher who simply shook his head and handed Becky the chalk.

Turning to the board Becky began to scribble some working. Actually beginning to work out the question she tried to answer it when the class began laughing. Looking down Becky saw the back of her skirt had miraculously ridden up inside her panties. Tugging it out she shot a glare at Sarah who simply played with her brown hair not even paying attention. Shuddering she turned back to the board only to find her entire workings rubbed out and replaced with simple, yet incorrect, additions and subtractions.
"Are you finished?" Mr Jones asked.
Becky opened her mouth to say "no" but instead found her mouth was clamped shut and her head nodded.
"Then go back to your seat and let's see how you've got on."

Becky moved quickly back to her seat, her hands protectively staying on the back of her skirt just in case and she sat back down. Leaning forward to Sarah. She said.
"How could you?"
"Don't be such a baby." Sarah mocked and turned to face the front.
"I don't appreciate sarcasm in my classroom." Mr Jones scowled at the board before folding his arms across his chest.

As if to save Becky however the clock had sped forward and the bell rang before Mr Jones could finish his sentence.

The class piled out and Becky stared at Sarah.
"Your going to end up in real trouble." Becky began. "There has to be some consequence of you messing with time. You might be giving us all radiation sickness or something!"
"Chill." Sarah said holding her hand to Becky's face. "You are being such a baby."
Becky bristled at this. Seeing Sarah drop her fingers from the buttons on the remote control Becky made a grab for the device. Sarah held tight around the control and the two girls ended up wrestling on the floor.

For a few seconds both girls held the control in perfect equilibrium then Sarah's longer finger nails slashed across Becky's finger tips. Becky found her grasp weakening and suddenly the control was moving away from her and back towards Sarah.

The world then went quiet again.
"Don't move." Sarah said aiming the control at Becky like a weapon. A blue screen then appeared in front of the two girls. Becky tried to read what was on the menu but as it was backwards and Sarah was moving through it so quickly there was no way for her to fully comprehend what Sarah was doing. Finally she smiled. "Here it is." She thrust the control at her friend.

Becky winced and closed her eyes. Opening them she saw that nothing had happened. Becky was about to surge forward and grab the control when she saw Sarah staring at her triumphantly. Looking down Becky saw her skirt had disappeared. Instinctively she bent forward and tried to cover her panties.
"Oh like nobody has just seen them." Sarah mocked holding her hands at her shoulders. Becky slowly stood up. "Besides in about two seconds that's not going to matter." Sarah pointed the control at Becky and began to click the control furiously.

Becky stared at her panties. The red panties began to change. There colour began to lighten and patterns began to form on them. The pink shade then continued to a light then to a very light pink and the panties began to swell. The patterns started to gravitate upwards towards the waistband the panties began to take on a stiffer form until they became plastically.

Becky knew what was happening and she charged towards Sarah. She felt her panties press against her inner thighs. The thick crotch forcing her legs apart and the crinkling became constant. Feeling that the change in her panties was complete Becky stopped just in front of Sarah.
"At least now whilst your being such a baby you're dressed like one." Sarah mocked.

Becky found herself seated in her next class. Shifting on the plastic seat Becky felt her diaper tightly hugging her hips. Running her hands down her legs she found that Sarah had at least dressed Becky back in her skirt.

Turning to face Sarah, who was seated behind her, Becky saw that the other girl was being completely blase about the remote and had it in her hand pointing at the front of the class. Smiling Sarah nodded to Becky to get her to look to the front.

Becky watched as the world was paused. Sarah then moved up to the front and wrote a large "1" on the blackboard. Moving back to her seat Sarah returned the world to motion. Mrs Webber, the English teacher, continued to talk about "Much ado about Nothing". Lazily Sarah moved up beside Becky and pointed the remote at the blackboard. Suddenly the 1 changed to a 2 and Mrs Webber was talking about cookery.

Looking around Becky saw that everybody in the class was set up for a cookery lesson. They had even changed what they where wearing to aprons. And whilst everybody else's' apron was appropriate for their age Becky was dressed in a bright red smock for younger children. Although she suspected that Sarah had something to say about that.

Becky watched as the other members of her class began to carefully roll out the pastry for cooking whilst Becky only had a cutter and ready-rolled dough to use. The number two suddenly began to morph again. This time into a movie channel icon.

The classroom began to shake. Suddenly everybody was standing and the world seemed to be speeding past the classroom windows at high speed. Becky lurched to the sidewall and found herself banging into Sarah. She also found that her diaper felt heavy and mushy around her seat.
"I guess somebody found some use for the dough." Sarah laughed giving Becky a push.
"If this classroom goes below 50 miles per hour we're all dead." Mrs Webber screeched.
"I've seen this one." Sarah said pushing Becky back into the middle of the room and changing the channel.

Becky found herself dressed in a pale blue footed-sleeper standing in line to see Mrs Webber-Claus. Turning around she saw that some of her classmates had ended up in similar costumes whilst others where dressed more conservatively as parents. Feeling a hand at her back Becky was powerless to resist as Sarah forced her forward to her teachers lap.

Becky tried to squirm but the world flashed as Sarah once again changed the channel. Becky was no longer sitting upright. She was now flat on her back with her legs in the air. Turning to the board Becky saw the logo for a health care cable channel.

Becky found that she was completely unable to move as her sleeper changed again into a onesie. Mrs Webber then began to unsnap the garment.
"For Baby's health it is important that after discovering she is messy that her diapers are changed promptly. If babies become used to being in dirty diapers then potty training become more difficult as Baby isn't able to make a discernable difference between being clean and dry from being wet and messy." The teacher explained as she deftly removed Becky's diaper and wiped her skin clean. "Once clean it's important to remember than once you re-diaper Baby the next diaper should be as tight as the first. Here I'm going to use cloth diapers because they are so much better for the environment." The teacher held open the large cloth diaper. "These are perfect because the velcro fastenings means that you don't need fiddly diaper pins. And these cheerful pictures brighten up this already fabulous red diaper."

Becky was sat up and stared down at the thick red diaper between her legs. Her torture didn't end there however her English teacher removed her onesie and replaced it with a white blouse which had a round flappy collar and a picture of Tinkerbelle on the fake breast pocket. The shoulders of the blouse even poofed outwards and instead of buttons the blouse was snapped together. At the very least Becky had been spared the prying eyes of her classmates as she had been dressed facing her teacher but she prayed that whatever Sarah was doing could be reversed or erased once she took back control of the remote. Disturbing Becky from her thoughts a short plaid tunic was then pulled over her head. The tunic was extremely tight against her body and peering over her shoulder Becky could see Sarah busily adjusting the remote control with an evil grin. Showing immense strength Mrs Webber hoisted Becky over the desk.

Becky watched horrified as the skirt piece of the pinafore floated down seconds after her feet touched the floor although it was pretty pointless the material even being there as Becky watched the length of the skirt steadily scale back until it was barely 12 inches long. And being that it sinched at her waist the bottom of her red diaper was permanently on display.

Mrs Webber didn't release Becky's hands as she set her down and as the channel was surfed again Becky found her arms being brought up high for the actions for Itsy Bitsy Spider. Coincidently this lifted her pinafore even further and revealed almost all of Becky's diaper to her watching classmates.

Fortunately as Sarah had switched to the Playhouse channel and most of her classmates were similarly attired, minus the diapers obviously, or with the way that Wet Nurse Sarah was checking perhaps it was minus the obvious diapers. Stopping at four random girls Becky watched Sarah performed long drawn out diaper checks before making each of them stand and move to the side of the room. Studying the girls more closely Becky realised that there was nothing random about Sarah's choices. She had picked the girls who were the most beautiful, and of course the most bitchy and shallow, and was slowly herding them together.

Delving into more holographic menu's Sarah swiftly padded each of the girls' rears and shortened their skirts leaving them facing Becky with flashes of white, pink, blue and yellow poking beneath their skirts.

Finding that Mrs Webber was finally finished embarrassing her Becky's arms were released and she stumbled forward into the waiting pack of girls that Sarah had just diapered. She didn't bother trying to make conversation with the girls however as they were completely mesmerized by the puppet show being performed by Mrs Webber. Turning back to Sarah Becky felt her stomach lurch as the channel was once again changed.

Staring down at her outfit Becky was more than disappointed as she thought that her outfit hadn't changed as the channel was surfed instead all she had was the addition of a red mask around her eyes. Looking at Sarah she saw her former friend was covered from ankles to neck in a perfect green and black vinyl harlequin outfit. Her face was lightly painted and she held a whip in one hand and the control in the other.

Suddenly the girls beside Becky burst into action and with a cry of "Diaper Squad, GO!" two of the girls vaulted over Sarah. It took Becky a moment to realise that she to was part of the Diaper Squad and that they two had masks that matched the colour of the diapers that they were flashing.

Sarah was unconcerned with the girls. Nimbly leaping behind her adversaries she coiled her whip around the two girls. Pulling the whip hard she caused the girls to spin and knock into each other sending them sprawling over the floor. Grabbing two pacifiers from her utility belt Sarah performed the splits and pushed one into each of the floored girls' mouths. The girls took one suck each from the pacifier before dropping into unconsciousness.

Becky and the other two Diaper Squad members rushed forward, Sarah almost lazily drew herself up onto her hands and straightened her legs so she was standing on her hands.
"I see Paris, I see France…" She began as Becky slowed and let the other two girls charge Sarah. The girls rushed towards the upside down jester who snapped her legs down quickly catching each girl smack on their diapers. "I see a kick in the baby pants." Sarah laughed as the Diaper Squad members flinched and doubled forward.

Not even bothering to right herself Sarah spun on her hands and caught the diapered girls on their foreheads with her feet sending them to the floor. Gently arching her back Sarah moved back onto her feet and drew out two more pacifiers.

Becky rushed forward at this, dropping her shoulder she charged at Sarah, hoping to catch the villain off guard. Instead Sarah kicked out at Becky's legs sending Becky face first falling towards the floor. Only she didn't make it as Sarah smashed her knee upwards against Becky's stomach. Becky was helpless as the wind was knocked from her and she couldn't resist as Sarah planted Becky over her knees in a prime spanking position.

Kicking her legs and holding her hands over her rear Becky tried to stop the inevitable however Sarah cruelly took both Becky's hands in one of hers and lifted them sharply causing Becky to stop struggling.
"Don't worry this is going to hurt you a lot more than it's going to hurt me." Sarah laughed.

Becky felt Sarah's hand rising and as it was about to fall suddenly Sarah stopped. Opening her eyes Becky saw that Sarah had been covered in sticky white string. Freeing her arms she turned to see her Friendly Classroom Webber dangling from the ceiling. Nodding her thanks Becky pulled herself from Sarah's lap. Looking around she saw the control was still clutched tightly between her fingers although the webbing around them prevented Sarah from manipulating the buttons.

As Becky was reaching for the control the rest of the Diaper Squad crowded around her.
"You alright boss?" Asked one of the girls.
'Great.' Thought Becky dryly. 'I'm the leader of the Diaper Squad.'
"I'm fine." Becky answered. "We need to get that control."
"Right." The Diaper Squad agreed in unison.

Rushing forward Becky watched as the Webber was also clambering for the control.
"We've got to stop her." Becky yelled.
"We'll use our Special attacks." The Diaper Squad agreed.

The first girl, wearing the pink diapers, reached into her diapers and pulled out some diaper pins. "Pin Fling!" She yelled throwing the pins like shurikens severing her teacher from the webs on the ceiling.
Next the girl with the blue diapers pulled out two bottles. Spinning them like nunchaku she yelled "Bottle Barrage!" and clubbed her teacher with the plastic bottles.

Yellow diapers was up next. And with a cry of "Ring Restraints!" She pulled out two teething rings and pulled them over Webber.

Finally white diapers moved in for her attack. "Mighty Mittens!" She called putting on a pair of pink mittens. Lifting Webber like she was nothing the Diaper Squad girl tossed Webber into the air.

Becky watched as the teacher squirmed unable to move. "Now Boss." The Diaper Squad prompted Becky. Not knowing what to find she put her hands inside her diapers only to find nothing. Looking back to the girls with a puzzled look on her face she gave them a shrug. "Come on Boss." White Diapers said. "It's your most devastating attack. The Soggy Suplex. Just jump."

Becky jumped into the air towards the still falling Webber. As soon as her feet left the ground she called feel her diaper moistening. Shuddering at the thought Becky found her arms entangling with Webber's as she bent the former teacher around her body and landed with the teacher hitting the ground first. "Soggy Diaper Suplex!" Becky called out triumphantly.

Standing it hit Becky what she'd actually done. Staring down at her wet diaper Becky shuddered as she watched her diaper sag. Taking one step in the ruined garment made Becky cringe and her cheeks reddened with embarrassment. Turning back to the task at hand though she moved back to Sarah and carefully tried to pull the control from her fingers.

Hearing a moan from the semi-conscious super hero behind her Becky turned, her soggy diaper sloshing uncomfortably as she did, to listen to what the down heroine had to say.
"Don't disturb the web. It isn't set. She'll escape." Webber said in those short and snappy sentences that super heros like so much.
"I need it." Becky called before running and grabbing the control.

Expecting it to ease away from Sarah's fingers Becky was surprised when her former friends grip tightened around the control as Becky tried to pull it free. Staring into Sarah's eyes Becky watched as she became more animated as the web began to flake off of her. For all the costume changes all the weirdness it had come back down to how it had started as Becky and Sarah once again wrestled for the control.
"Stay back." Webber pleaded with the Diaper Squad who stood back and watched.

Becky felt the control start to once again leave her grasp for Sarah's but she wouldn't let it happen this time. Jumping up Becky again yelled "Soggy Suplex."

As she and Sarah landed Becky disentangled herself from the heap of the villain Becky looked down at her diaper. It was beginning to leak. Holding the control in her hands she couldn't have cared less. After all now she could whatever she wanted.

Turning back to Sarah she watched as the girl brought herself up to her elbows and then wobbled to her feet.
"Give me that back." She demanded.
"I don't think so." Becky retorted.
Instead of an answer Sarah reached down the back of her costume and pulled out a large paddle. "Give me that back or guess who's hide I'll be tanning with this?"
"You know how empty a threat that sounds when I hold this?" Becky said standing confidently in her dripping diapers.
Sarah began to stumble forward. "If you give me it. I'll change your diapers." She mocked raising the paddle.
"No." Becky said flatly drawing the control up to point it at Sarah. "Now stop there." Becky warned.
Sarah didn't say anything, she raised the paddle above her head and charged Becky.

Seeing that she had no other choice Becky hit the pause button on the control. Only Sarah didn't stop coming. Giving the control a shake Becky hastily hit the "Back" button. It didn't stop Sarah though. If anything it made her seem bigger.

Panicking Becky hit the back button again. And again. And again. Too late she realised that it wasn't Sarah getting bigger she was getting smaller. Looking down at the control Becky tried to think how she could stop this. By this time Sarah was upon her. And little Becky was no match for her. Sarah dropped the paddle and instead picked Becky up by the shoulders leaving her legs kicking futilely in the air.

Becky had to do something she she just began to hit every button on the control. Suddenly it began to glow. Becky found the world growing again. Only this time her mind seemed to be shrinking with it. She no longer cared about her diapee being wet because her diapee's were always wet. Mommy cleaned them. Mommy took care of her. Where was Mommy? Why wasn't Mommy here?

Becky suddenly became very sad and afraid. Not knowing what else to do she did the only thing she could. She cried.
"Somebodies upset about a wet diaper." Sarah mocked before picking up the control. "Not that it matters." She said taking one of her pacifiers from her belt. "This'll help keep you quiet."
'No!' Becky wanted to scream but sobs wouldn't let her. She felt the pacifier in her mouth and it felt comforting. Then the world began to swirl.

Becky awoke with a yelp. Opening her eyes she saw her room and her room only. Quickly checking under the covers the only bulkiness there was where her legs were around her duvet. Relaxing slightly she leant back only to become aware that she wasn't alone in her room.
"Ha ha." Her brother taunted mimicking Nelson Munce. "You're going to be late."
"Wha…?" Becky stammered. Staring at her clock it read 7:28. "Then I'm not going to school. I'm not ending up in diapers."