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    Candie by author unknown

    This is the original story I used as a template years ago, when I first attempted to write my own sissy-AB story. My first fumbling efforts have changed drastically over the years, and my story "Baby Candy" is now a very different tale indeed. But a couple of people think my story is simply a copy of this one, so I've decided to post them both here and let you decide. Please post a response here or in the post "Baby Candy," and let me know what you think.
    Baby Jennie

    [size=14pt]Candie [/size] - by author unknown

    When I was thirteen years old, my parents decided that I should not spend my summer vacation languishing at home in New York city, but instead I should stay with my mother's sister who lived in a rural town in the State of West Virginia: A much different environment indeed. However, I didn't like this idea one bit. I wanted to spend the summer with my friends in New York, but my parents thought that most of my friends were bad influences and that I would be much better off in the countryside. (Making things worse, several weeks before, I had been caught with some friends who were shooting a BB-gun and throwing rocks at our school's windows. Many windows were broken. Even though I was just watching, I still got in a lot of trouble.)

    I had no further say in the West Virginia matter, and shortly after school ended, my mother packed me into the car and drove me to stay with my her sister, my Aunt Meg. I was apprehensive during the ten-hour trip. I really didn't remember anything about Aunt Meg or her daughters (my cousins) April who was fourteen and Bonnie who was sixteen. I thought I might be in for a long, boring summer. When we arrived, my mother told Aunt Meg that I had been misbehaving lately and informed her about the BB-gun incident. My mother stated that I really hadn't been disciplined enough. I felt she was exaggerating. Except for this one incident, I was never involved in any kind of trouble. Furthermore, I was very meek, timid, and I cried easily. I was quite afraid of authority figures, and I did as I was told. I behaved far better than most other boys my age. Nevertheless, my mother asked Aunt Meg to discipline me as she saw fit, and Aunt Meg was most pleased to do this.

    Aunt Meg looked down at me and ran her fingers through my rather unkempt, shoulder-length blond hair. She frowned and asked when was the last time I had had a haircut. She said that in her town boys sported neat crewcuts. I begged my mother and Aunt Meg not to make me get a haircut as long hair was the style among my New York peers and I who were budding fans of hard rock music. My mother conceded that I could leave my hair long on one condition: If I promised to behave and do everything Aunt Meg told me to. Of course I said I would.

    The next day my mother left for New York leaving me behind in West Virginia. Shortly after my mother departed, Aunt Meg made mention of the punk-rock tee-shirt I was wearing. She told me to take it off as it didn't look nice for a little boy to wear such things. I reminded her that I was thirteen years old (most people treated me as if I were far younger because I was very tiny for my age, had a baby-face, and a high-pitched, little-girl voice that I couldn't help. I was by far the smallest in my class at school and the other kids nicknamed me "Peanut"). I told Aunt Meg that all my friends in New York wore such shirts but she responded that we weren't in crazy New York and that I had needed to learn some manners. She pulled the shirt off me and took it away. Then she led me into the bathroom saying that if I was going to wear my hair long like a girl it at least had to be clean and brushed. I told her I had washed it yesterday but she said that I must wash it every day.

    She bent me over the sink and proceeded to soak my head. Then she shampooed my hair with her shampoo. She rinsed and dried my hair. She sat me down and brushed it out. Finally, she combed it with a part in the middle. I told her I didn't like it that way, but she said it was too long and that's how I had to wear it, just like I was a girl. She said I was to do it the same way every morning. With my hair parted neatly in the middle, I saw in the mirror that I did look like a girl. When April saw me she giggled and said that now I really looked like a girl.

    Aunt Meg was quite attractive, and had a great figure. She often wore tight jeans or short skirts, and I thought she looked very sexy. Over the next several days I came to realize that she was very strict and very concerned with cleanliness and manners. I had been interested in women's clothing as far back as I could remember, and when I was about eleven I started dressing in my mother's panties, slips, nightgowns, etc. whenever I got the chance. They were much too large on me of course, but I didn't care.

    Aunt Meg had a washer and dryer in the basement, but she would dry her lingerie and her daughters' on a clothesline behind the house. I was so fascinated by the assortment of panties, bras, slips, etc. drying out on the line that I couldn't prevent myself from staring at them intensely. Aunt Meg happened to catch me touching some of the lingerie hanging out on the line. She asked me what I was doing. When I didn't answer, she surprised me by saying that if she caught me doing that again she would make me wear everything hanging up! I was so embarrassed I started blushing. Aunt Meg saw my reaction and she laughed hysterically. She teased me further by saying that she would dress me in ladies' underwear and parade me all around town. At dinner that night she told her daughters what had happened. They laughed their heads off and said I was a naughty little boy. I felt so embarrassed. During the next few days I couldn't get this incident out of my mind. I was finding it to be a very, very big turn-on.

    There were some boys who lived nearby who played ball in the road and in the field. I wanted to join them, but they didn't like me right from the start. They said that I couldn't play with them because I looked like a "hippie" and a "sissy." A few of them thought that I was a girl acting like a tomboy. They wanted to bet me and their friends that I was really a girl! I kept insisting that I was a boy, but everyone was becoming convinced that I was a tomboy. When I refused their requests to take down my pants and prove I really was a boy, they all started chanting, "She's a sissy girl, sissy girl," over and over, and I left.

    At dinner, I told my aunt what had happened, adding that the boys in her town were stupid and that I wanted to go back to New York. To my chagrin, my aunt acted as if it were all my fault. She said that the boys wouldn't let me play with them because I was a delinquent, had no manners, didn't know how play with others, etc. I became upset and said that that wasn't true, and that it was completely the other boys' faults. Then my aunt really floored me when she said, "Then maybe I should put you in a dress and make you play with the girls." I was so surprised by this remark I started blushing and put my head down. Aunt Meg and my cousins started laughing hysterically. My aunt saw how embarrassed I was by this and was delighted. She added that she was going to take me to the girls' department at Sears and buy me a very pretty outfit. I started sweating and everyone laughed and laughed.

    Later that night, I kept thinking about my Aunt's remarks to the point that I could hardly fall asleep. The next day however, my aunt made no further mention of making me wear a dress or taking me to Sears, and I was both relieved and disappointed. The day went quietly until dinner time when I accidentally spilled grape juice on my clothes. My Aunt got so angry that she made me immediately strip to my briefs in front of my giggling cousins, and she frantically tried to wash out the stain. She yelled at me, saying that if my clothes were ruined she was going to put me in a dress and spank my bottom. I was so mortified I didn't know what to say. However, in a way, I wished that the stain wouldn't come out and she would make good on her threat. Then cousin Bonnie laughingly warned me about the time a few years ago when Aunt Meg punished another cousin who had ruined his good clothes by playing ball in them.

    She said that Aunt Meg dressed him as a girl and made him stand on the porch all day while everyone made fun of him, and that I was next. I found this idea both scary and exciting. However, a short time later, Aunt Meg announced that she got the stain out and that my clothes weren't ruined after all. I actually felt a big let-down. Lying awake in bed that night, I got the idea that perhaps I could really get my aunt to dress me as a girl by appealing to her hatred of ruined clothes and dirtiness. I thought that if I went out the next day and really messed-up my clothes in a major way, she would certainly make good on her threats to dress me as a girl.

    The next morning, I set out on my bike and rode to the outskirts of an abandoned coal mine I had discovered the day before. I had grown used to not having any friends and would often just ride around alone on my bike exploring. I had mentioned my discovery to my aunt at the time, but she forbid me to go back saying that it was dangerous and filthy there. I had specifically selected my white jeans and a white shirt to wear that day, for maximum effect. (Furthermore, as I left the house, my aunt even warned me to be careful of my clothes.) I began operation "dirty clothes" as I dubbed it by climbing all over some old, rusty machinery and an abandoned car that was there. I figured I might as well have fun while I was at it. Next, I rubbed pieces of earth and old coal all over my clothes, face and long blond hair. Just to be certain I was messy enough, I rolled around on the ground in some dirt and mud. I thought the area was deserted, but I was startled to see an old man walking towards me. He said, "What the heck are you doing there, little girl?" I said quietly, "Just playing." He said I had gotten filthy and that I'd better go home right away, and that my mommy was going to give me a good "whipping."

    I jumped on my bike and peddled home. As I got nearer the house, some of the boys were out. As I rode by they teased me, yelling things like, "Look at the dirty tomboy," and that I was in "Big trouble" for messing my clothes, etc. However, as I got to the house, I had second thoughts. I realized that I might have overdone it, that my Aunt would be furious, etc. I got cold feet and decided to call the whole thing off. I figured I could climb through the basement window, sneak quietly upstairs to my room, hide my clothes, and take a shower. So I lowered myself through the window, listened for my aunt and cousins, heard nothing, and began tip-toeing up the basement stairs. All of a sudden the door flew open, the light came on, and Aunt Meg appeared at the top of the steps! I froze.

    Aunt Meg took one look at me and screamed bloody murder! Bonnie and April came running down. My aunt was livid! She scolded me severely and demanded to know how I had gotten in that condition. I whimpered that I was just playing outside. She was furious and grabbed me by the hair. She asked me where I had been, and I stammered that I was at the old coal mine. She hollered that I had been forbidden to go there, and that I was really going to be severely punished for this. I put my head down and started to go up the stairs but she pulled me back saying, "Where do you think you're going?"

    I said, "I'm sorry, ma'am, may I go upstairs now and clean up?" She said "No! Do you want to track dirt all over the house and make a complete mess of everything?" She then told me to take all my clothes off, that she would put them in the washing machine right there in the basement. I hesitated, and Aunt Meg began forcefully pulling my clothes off while Bonnie and April laughed and laughed. She quickly stripped me naked and threw my clothing in the washer. She then hurried me upstairs still naked and drew a bath for me, scolding me the all the while. Bonnie and April followed right behind, laughing the whole time. I was so embarrassed as I held my hand tightly over my tiny penis.

    Aunt Meg put me in the tub and began washing me very hard with soapy washcloth all over my body. I complained that it hurt, but she kept scrubbing me clean. She shampooed my hair three times. She said that I was going to get a good spanking and punishment that I wouldn't soon forget. She lifted me out of the tub and dried me off. Then she told April to bring in some of her clothes for me. I couldn't believe it! While we waited, Aunt Meg brushed my long hair. April returned with panties, a slip, and a dress! I started trembling. Laughing hysterically, Aunt Meg and my cousins began dressing me in the clothes. However, even though April was only one year older than me, her clothes were grossly too large, and did not fit me whatsoever.

    My Aunt seemed deeply disappointed but said that I wasn't getting out of it that easy. They thought for a few moments and then Aunt Meg remembered some clothes that another relative had given her for April a while back that were much too small. She had them in a box in the basement. I was then lead naked and blushing to the basement. Aunt Meg opened the box and there were a few pairs of girls' designer-style jeans, some blouses, skippy sneakers, and a few packs of girls' underwear in small sizes. Aunt Meg said that these clothes just might fit me.

    She opened the packages of underwear and held out a pair of silky white panties with red polka-dots and lace trim around the waist and leg openings, along with a matching training bra. I was shaking all over as my Aunt ordered me to step into the panties. She then pulled them up in place. They all laughed hysterically. They were quite wearable. I was extremely mortified, but I noticed a silky, exciting feel. I was speechless as my aunt said that my boobies needed to grow more while she put the training bra through my arms and clasped it in back. April remarked that my face was beet red. I was so mortified, I had tears in my eyes. (However, a part of me loved the humiliation and control they had over me.) Next came a small pair of girl's designer-style jeans. They fit me well, and gave me a very feminine figure, including a very rounded little butt and girlish legs. April further embarrassed me by mentioning that she could see my panty-lines through the jeans.

    Next came a soft white cotton blouse with a flowery print. It was of very thin fabric and my training bra could be seen prominently underneath, which was pointed out by April as well. I was so mortified! There were no socks but my aunt had me wear the skippy sneakers without any. The three women continued to tease and taunt me. Aunt Meg asked my cousins to paint my fingernails, which they were more than happy to do. They sat me down an painted them bright pink. They had me remove my sneakers and did the same to my toenails. Then they applied pink lipstick to my lips.

    Then Aunt Meg combed my long hair in a very feminine style and put some barrettes in. They all said what a beautiful little girl I was. They stood me in front of a mirror so I could see too. I was shocked to see that I really did look like a very pretty, pre-teenage girl! I was so incredibly mortified, I couldn't even speak! I just stood their in shock. Aunt Meg said that since I looked "so sweet", from now on my new name would be, "Candie", and I was a to behave like a very good girl, or else! A second later, she looked at me sternly and asked, "What's your name again little girl"? I whimpered, "Candie." She responded, "Candie what"? (I had forgotten that she had previously trained me to answer ma'am and sir.) I said, "Candie, ma'am. To which she said, "That's a good girl."

    After a few moments Aunt Meg announced that it was a beautiful day. Then she told me to go out and play. (She really wanted to further embarrass me by making me go outside to be seen.) I pleaded and stuttered that I didn't want to go out like that, but she insisted I go outside and play or else she would, "Whip my bottom." Most reluctantly, I agreed to go outside. I surely didn't want any of the neighborhood kids to see me dressed as I was, so I asked if I could ride my bike, planning to go away from the house. My Aunt said yes, but that I must stay close by and that I had to use April's old bike from now on, not my Stingray that I had brought down with me from home. She asked April to get her old bike out of the garage. It was a little girls' bicycle, with a flowery basket on the front and streamers on the handles. I protested, but Aunt Meg said it was very appropriate for me, and that it was going to be my bike from now on

    . Reluctantly, I took it out to the roadside. As I pondered my predicament, I saw a group of boys approaching from a distance. I definitely didn't want to see them, so I began peddling the bike in the opposite direction. I rode quickly for about ten minutes and slowed down as I realized I was entering town. Unfortunately, the bike's chain slipped off the gears. As I tried to put it back on, I really noticed how striking my pink fingernails looked. I was so nervous not to dirty myself or my clothes that I couldn't get the chain back on. While fumbling with the chain, I was startled by a voice from behind me. Two cute but tough-acting girls about eleven or twelve-years-old were standing there and one asked what was wrong. I didn't answer, and she said that my chain was off. The other one asked, "What's your name, kid?" I didn't answer again, so she repeated the question louder.

    I whispered, "Candie." They said their names were Sally and Beth. They asked me a lot of questions like where I was from and how old I was, etc. I said I was from New York and that I was thirteen. They said that New York was very far and that I looked awful small for thirteen, and was I sure I wasn't lying? I told them I wasn't lying. Sally asked me why I was riding a little baby bicycle. I told them I had no choice, that my aunt made me ride it. After a few more questions they said that I was "cool" and asked if I wanted to be their friend and join their club. I didn't answer right away and they said that if I joined their club they would help me fix my chain. I said I would join. They said good, but first I had to smoke a cigarette for my initiation. I told them that I had never smoked before. Beth said that all the big kids smoke and asked if "I wasn't chicken, was I?" I said no, of course not. (I really wanted my chain fixed also, so I agreed to go behind the nearby diner and smoke a cigarette with them.)

    When we got behind the diner, Beth took a pack of crushed cigarettes out of her pocket and very unskillfully tried to light one. In the meantime, Sally asked me how long I had been wearing a bra. Her question took me by surprise and I didn't know what to say so I replied a month. She bragged that her mother just bought her a bunch of real ladies' bras because she needed them so badly. Beth got the cigarette lit and handed it to me. I took a couple of puffs and that seemed to make them happy.

    Suddenly, an older woman in a waitress uniform came rushing around from the other side of the diner. Sally and Beth looked scared and screamed, "Run!" I dropped the cigarette and the woman started yelling for us to stop but we all scattered in different directions. I ran over to my bike expecting to make a get-away. However, I had forgotten that the chain was off.

    The next thing I knew was that another, much younger waitress from the diner had me by the arm and wouldn't let go. She pulled me off my bike and held me as the older waitress, still yelling, came up to us. She asked me what we were doing behind the diner and if we were smoking cigarettes. I was so scared that I couldn't even answer her. She kept berating me and a crowd began to gather. Some people searched behind the diner and a boy found a lit cigarette. He brought it over and the waitress asked if I had been smoking it. I whimpered, "No," but she asked, "Then how come it has pink lipstick on it, just like you're wearing?" She demanded to know where I was from and who my mother was. She said that she knew who the other two girls were and that they were bad. She said she was going to call their mothers. I was so frightened, but I didn't want her to tell my aunt what had happened, so I didn't say anything.

    She said that I was in very big trouble and I had better answer her. A big crowd had now formed as this was apparently quite a serious incident for the small town. She then said that if I didn't speak up immediately that she was, "Going to pull down those fancy blue-jeans that I was wearing and spank me very hard while everyone watched." With that, the young waitress who was holding me twisted my arm painfully behind my back. The crowd cheered and laughed as the older woman began undoing my pants. I was on the verge of tears and told the women that I would cooperate. To the crowd's dismay, the women brought me into the diner and sat me down.

    With tears in my eyes, I told them that yes, I had been smoking the cigarette behind the diner, that my name was Candie, that I was from New York and was staying with my Aunt Meg. The older woman scolded me and got Aunt Meg on the phone. A short while later Aunt Meg pulled up in the car. The older waitress told her what had happened and that I was a very bad little girl. Aunt Meg agreed and said that I was already being punished for other things, and that this was the last straw. She ordered me to apologize to the waitresses, but I couldn't think of what to say. To the waitress's delight, Aunt Meg reached down and swatted me several times very hard on my butt, and told me to say I was sorry. I was very startled and said I was sorry with tears in my eyes.

    Aunt Meg announced that she would, "Settle this further when we get home." She then thanked everyone and pulled me out to the car. She put my bike in the trunk and drove us to the house,
    scolding me the whole way. When we got home Aunt Meg was still very angry and said that turning me into a girl apparently wasn't enough to discourage my bad behavior. She said that now she was going to turn me into a much younger girl so that I would stay out of trouble. I had some bicycle grease on my hands and had been crying, so first she gave me another bath. Then she dried me and wrapped me in a big towel. She made a phone call, put me back in the car wearing just the towel, and drove us a couple of miles to her friend Tammie's house.

    When we arrived, she told her friend Tammie, an attractive, very tall lady, that I was her very bad boy nephew who needed to be turned into a very well behaved, little girl niece. She asked Tammie if she could borrow some of her little girls' clothes for this purpose. Tammie was more than happy to oblige. She laughed as she led us to up to her daughters' rooms. She had three girls: Karen, Susie and Chrissie. They were, eight, seven, and six-years-old, respectively. Tammie chuckled that, "I was very pretty for a boy." She also said that, "I was hardly any bigger than her daughters, and that their clothes should fit me very well."

    Despite all my begging and pleading, the women proceeded to show me numerous little-girl outfits. They held up various short dresses, skirts, blouses, etc. to me. Mockingly, Aunt Meg asked, "With all these lovely clothes to choose from, what does little Candie want to wear today"? I was unable to speak and the women continued to taunt me. I begged them to stop, but they just laughed. Finally Aunt Meg said, "Since baby Candie can't make up her mind we'll just have to choose for her." With that she pulled away my towel leaving me naked. As I quickly covered my tiny penis with my hand, the women laughed and laughed. As I stood there helplessly, Aunt Meg pulled a pair of pink frilly, silky little-girl panties up my legs. I felt hot and was blushing all over. They fit me perfectly!

    My Aunt was very happy and exclaimed, "Oh Candie, what a pretty little bottom you have!" I felt so mortified, my eyes began to tear. They laughed and said not to be a "cry baby." The woman sat me on the bed and put lacy socks and rather tight Mary-Jane shoes on my feet. Then they started braiding my long blonde hair into two ponytails on each side of my head. I begged them to stop, but they wouldn't listen. When they finished, they tied a bow of ribbon on each ponytail. All my nerves were finally getting to me and I started sobbing heavily. Tammie held out a light, silky petticoat (a full slip with tiers of ruffles) for me to put my arms through, but I kept crying and didn't respond. With that my aunt said mockingly and in baby-talk, "Doesn't little Candie want to stop crying and finish getting dressed? I didn't answer, and she responded, "Okay, little baby, It's very warm out, so if you don't stop CRYING THIS INSTANT I'll take you home in JUST YOUR SHOES AND YOUR PANTIES for everyone to see. Do you want that, sweetheart?" I tried to nod my head no, but I just couldn't stop crying. My Aunt became even angrier and added, "And on the way home we'll go into town and then stop over at the playground. Would you like that, honey?" I sniffled and sobbed, but I just couldn't speak

    . My Aunt probably thought I was being uncooperative, and she continued, "And when we get to the
    playground, I'll gather a crowd together, announce what a bad little boy you've been, pull down your panties, put you over my knee, and spank you so hard you won't sit for a week, IS THAT CLEAR?" With that she started pulling me towards the door and saying goodbye to Tammie. Tammie, who was laughing hysterically, looked at me and waved, "Bye, Bye, baby Candie. Have fun at the playground!" I couldn't believe what was happening! Aunt Meg was serious about this, so I knew I had to stop crying. This would be far more humiliation than I could handle! I was able to muster up all my strength and stop crying. My Aunt asked me if I wanted to finish getting dressed and I whimpered, "Yes, ma'am."
    To which she said, "Now that's a good little girl."

    My humiliation continued as the women resumed from where they left off. The smooth full slip was dropped over my head and through my arms. To top everything else off came a little-girl style dress with a big bow in the back, puffy sleeves, and lots of lace trim. The women ooohed and aaahed as they straighten the dress out on me. It fit very well, and it was quite short. The woman lead me over to a floor length mirror and I was STUNNED TO SEE HOW I LOOKED EXACTLY LIKE A VERY PRETTY SEVEN OR EIGHT-YEAR-OLD GIRL! I was trembling all over. The woman were extremely happy with the results, and said the I looked, "Adorable." I was told to behave like a good little girl. Before I could even catch my breath, the women led me out to the kitchen.

    The silky panties, petticoat, dress, etc., felt incredibly smooth and feminine. They made a very noticeable swishing sound as I walked or moved in them. I felt both very scared but also extremely aroused. Tammie said that since I was such a good girl I could have milk and cookies if my aunt said it was okay. I wasn't at all hungry and said, "No thank you, ma'am." Then she asked if I wanted to go out back and play with her daughters. I said, no thank you, again. Aunt Meg said I had to do one or the other. I was afraid to go outside so I choose the milk & cookies. Their coffee was heating so we went into the living room.

    I sat down on the couch as I usually did when wearing pants. The women started laughing hysterically as I unwittingly sat with my legs spread open. Aunt Meg said, "Candie, dear, unless you want your panties to be all exposed, you have to sit with your legs crossed when wearing a dress." I immediately closed my legs and the women laughed and said that I was blushing again. They then taught me how to sit properly while wearing a dress
    I couldn't eat many cookies and when I finished Aunt Meg said I had to go out back and play with the girls. I was feeling extremely self-conscious as one could imagine and didn't want to be seen by any more people, including young children. But Tammie took me by the arm and said she would introduce me. Aunt Meg came along as well. The girls were playing jump rope on the patio. As I looked straight down at the ground, Tammie introduced me as, "Candie from New York" and asked her daughters to make me feel at home as I was very shy. She told Susie that I had to borrow one of her dresses, and Susie said I looked very pretty in it.

    The three asked me to join them in skipping rope, but I whispered that I didn't know how. Aunt Meg asked them to teach me, and they were happy to. Then Aunt Meg said that she and Tammie were going in, and she warned me that I had better play nice and be a good little girl, or else. She added that she was going to come out later and see me jump, so that I had better let the girls teach me. After the girls asked me a few questions about where I was from, etc., it was time to jump rope. I whispered that I wanted to be a turner, and they said okay but I had to jump later. I got the turning down all right after a few minutes, but when it was my turn to jump that was something else. At first I actually made a few jumps, but I didn't hold my dress down and it came up high, with all the girls laughing at me. They told I had to hold my dress down. However, I became so concerned with holding down my dress, I couldn't even make one good jump. After a while, I was able to hold my dress and make a few jumps. I saw Aunt Meg and Tammie watching me through the window and laughing.

    Chrissie asked me if I could sleep over at their house that night and go to her seventh birthday party the next day. I told her no thank you. The three girls were all disappointed, and Chrissie asked me, "Why not?" I made the excuse that my aunt wouldn't let me. However, Chrissie went in and asked my aunt herself. To my dismay, a few moments later, Aunt Meg and Tammie came out and said it would be a wonderful idea for me to sleep over with the girls and attend the birthday party! I objected, but had no further say in the matter. Aunt Meg stayed with us for dinner that night, and she ordered me to help set the table and clean the dishes like a good girl, something I had never done. After dinner, Aunt Meg told me to obey whatever Tammie said and to play nicely with the other girls, or else. Despite my pleading, Aunt Meg left, saying that she would see me the next day.

    Tammie was very pleased that I was staying. Like Aunt Meg, she was also really enjoying my predicament and the control she had over me. Tammie had me play with the girls and their Barbie dolls for quite some time in the living room. I truly felt like a six or seven-year-old girl. Then Tammie announced it was bedtime. I said that it was only eight o'clock, but Tammie said, "Don't give me a hard time, little lady." Karen, Susie, and Chrissie each wanted me to sleep with them, but Tammie said there was no room. However, she said there was an old crib in her bedroom that I would use, and the girls laughed. Tammie wasn't joking however, and she lead us into her bedroom and showed me the crib. She checked to make sure it was long enough to accommodate me, and to my chagrin, it was. Then she really surprised me when she asked me if I was a bedwetter.

    I exclaimed, "No, ma'am!", and the girls giggled. Tammie said that if I was I had better tell her now and not let her find out the hard way. I again assured her I wasn't, and she said okay. Tammie then sent her daughters to pick one of their nighties for me to wear. They returned with a girlish, satiny nightie and Tammie asked me if I needed help getting undressed. I said no and she told me to change, wash and brush my teeth and she would come back and tuck me in. She and the girls then left. Tammie returned a short while later and asked if I had done everything. I said yes and again complained about having to sleep in a crib. She said that I would get used to it. With that she lifted me into the crib, tucked me in, kissed me goodnight, and raised the safety bars into place.

    As I lay there in the dark I felt a very erotic feeling come over myself. The silky, ruffly little-girl panties and nightie were really turning me on, especially after having been dressed and treated as girl all day. I began playing with myself and a most intense sensation came over me. I think I had an orgasm for the first time, and in the excitement I urinated a bit afterwards. My panties and nightie were quite wet, and I was
    scared, so I pulled the baby blanket over me and tried to go to sleep, thinking I would dry during the night. I few minutes later however, Tammie came in and put the light on. She came over to me, and I saw she was holding another pair of little-girl panties. She said that she hoped I hadn't fallen asleep yet, but that she had forgotten to give me a fresh change of panties. She then lowered the bars on my crib. I was quite nervous and told her that I didn't need them. She said that all the girls in her house always put on fresh panties when they go to sleep, and I would be no different. She then pulled back the blanket and started to pull my nightie up. She noticed it was wet and became angry. She lifted my nightie all the way up and angrily pulled off my wet panties. She scolded me harshly for having wet myself. My eyes started tearing and she said that she had went through all this before and that she new exactly how to handle a
    bedwetter. First, though, she was going to call my aunt an tell her what I had done. I begged her not to but she walked out. She returned a few minutes later and said that my Aunt was very angry with me and agreed that I should be PUT BACK INTO DIAPERS IMMEDIATELY.

    I begged her not to do that but she said that she had had this same problem not too long ago with Chrissie who used to wet the bed for spite, and that I would need the same treatment. She then went into the bathroom and came back with baby oil, baby powder, lotion, etc. Then she went into the closet and took out a stack of diapers and waterproof panties. I pleaded with her not to make me wear diapers, but she said that she had only left me for twenty minutes and I had already wet myself, so how could I last the whole night? I started crying again, but she paid no attention. Without saying anything further, she began rubbing baby oil and lotion all over my pelvis with a soft cloth. Then she turned me over and while she was doing my bottom, Karen, Chrissie and Susie, who heard all the commotion, opened the door.

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    Re: Candie by author unknown

    Tammie said, "Hey, we're busy in here. Didn't I teach you girls to knock"? They girls asked what was going on, and Tammie replied, "Baby Candie had an accident and I'm getting her all cleaned up. I'll let you know when I'm done. The girls started giggling and were trying to peek in. As I continued crying, Tammie warned them to leave or they would get a spanking. They left and Tammie sprinkled baby powder on me.

    She then diapered me with several layers, lifting my legs into the air while putting the diapers under my butt, and then pinning them securely in place. Next she pulled the waterproof baby panties up my legs while whispering to herself that they would keep me from leaking all over. The panties were pink satin rhumba style, with rows of white lace on the seat, leg openings and waist, with an inner lining of waterproof vinyl or rubber. When she was finished, I noticed that the diapers and baby panties were extremely soft and smooth. They were also very bulky, however, and did make me look like a baby wearing them. Then Tammie put a clean nightie on me, laid me in my crib. She said that I must be thirsty from all my crying and that she would be right back. She returned a few minutes later with a baby bottle full of warm milk! She ordered me to start drinking it and said she wanted it all finished before I went back to sleep.

    She then left. To my dismay, she returned a few minutes later with her three daughters. She told them that, "Baby Candie had to be put back into diapers and has to drink from a bottle because she wet all over herself tonight." The girls laughed and Karen asked if I was really wearing diapers. Tammie said, "She sure is", and she stood me up in my crib. As the girls gathered around, Tammie pulled up my nightie exposing my bulky waterproof baby panties, and the girls laughed. Then she pulled down my waterproof panties showing the girls my diapers underneath.

    The girls laughed and chanted, "Baby Candie's wearing diapers, Baby Candies's wearing diapers," over and over. Tammie then warned the girls that, "This is what happens to bedwetters." She then pulled my waterproof panties back up and tucked me back in the crib. I hadn't finished my bottle so she stuck it in my mouth and held it, telling me to finish. Tammie then warned me that I had better not try to take off my diapers or get out of my crib during the night because if I did, she would, "Spank the daylights out of me." She and the girls laughed as they left the room. As I laid their shocked, I faintly heard Tammie watching television in the living room. Exhausted from my ordeal, I eventually fell asleep.

    I awoke some time later with a strong feeling of having to pee. I didn't know what to do as I had been forbidden to take off my diapers. However, after a while, the feeling was becoming overwhelming. I just laid there nervously and the next thing I knew was my diapers were being filled with warm urine. I was scared but at the same time wetting my diapers felt relieving and very exciting. I had lain there peacefully for a while and then Tammie quietly entered the room. I was scared and pretended to be asleep. Tammie began changing into her nightgown. I happened to catch glimpses of her shapely butt and large breasts while squinting over trying to see what she was doing. I quickly shut my eye as she walked over to me in her nightgown. She gently pulled back my blanket, lifted my nightie, and stuck her finger up one of the leg openings of my waterproof panties. She said softly, "Baby Candie needs to be changed."

    Tammie lowered the safety bars and I pretended to wake up. She was giggling and acting very playful as she pulled off my waterproof panties and unpinned my wet diapers. As she carried them away she whispered that I was a, "Really big wetter." She returned shortly and began wiping me down with baby lotion, oil, powder, etc., She then put me in fresh diapers and waterproof panties, all the while quietly singing, "Rock-a-bye, My Baby". It was quite pleasurable, actually. She tucked me in and said I
    should fall right asleep because we were going to have a big day tomorrow.

    As I awoke in the morning, Tammie was looming over me checking my diapers. I was still dry and she was pleased. I was given a bath and dried off. As Tammie was about to start dressing me I saw her readying a diaper. As she called me over, I begged her not to diaper me again, reminding her that I was really thirteen years old. She asked me, "In that case how come I still wet the bed like a two-year-old"? I pleaded that I would control myself from now on. She said that she just wasn't in the mood to take any chances with me today, stating that she was going to have a whole house full of screaming kids and would not have time to deal with me having an accident in my panties or anything, so I was just going to have to stay in diapers all day long, whether I liked it or not.

    To my dismay, she diapered me as before, put a very short frilly petticoat on me, pink ribbons in my ponytails, lacy socks and Mary Jane shoes, and a very short, silky, lacy, ruffly, pink little-girl party dress on me that barely covered my waterproof panties. She pulled me to a mirror to show me how I looked just like, "A sweet, adorable little girl", as she put it, and she was absolutely right! After seeing myself, once again I could not believe I really was a thirteen-year old boy. We went downstairs for breakfast, and Tammie the girls repeatedly complimented me on how pretty I looked. To further humiliate me, Tammie announced that I was being kept in diapers today, and the girls laughed.

    She then told her daughters to keep and eye on me. To Tammie's delight, Karen patted me on the head and said that she would be my mommy and I would be her baby. I was so mortified! I was made to help decorate the house for the party. At about 11:00 a.m., Aunt Meg came over with my two cousins, April and Bonnie. My cousins were both amazed at my transformation into a baby girl! (I looked so much the part that everyone was treating me exactly as if a were a baby girl.) Aunt Meg was very angry with me. She started screaming, saying that she heard that I had given Tammie a very bad time and that I even had to be put back into diapers because I was wetting myself. She then asked me if had apologized to Tammie.

    I had been trying to hide the tears in my eyes by staring down at the floor, and I nodded my head no. She asked me why not, but I couldn't answer. I just stood there with my head down, and Aunt Meg demanded to know what was wrong with me. She then asked me if I needed a changing, and I nodded my head no again. Finally, she asked then what was the matter with me, and I still couldn't answer. Aunt Meg must have thought I was just being difficult and she lost her temper and yelled, "I've had it with you, little girl." She pulled me over to the couch and laid me down across her knees. She then lifted up my short dress, revealing my frilly, satiny-covered pink waterproof baby panties.

    Then she proceeded to spank my pantied, diapered bottom very hard while everyone watched and giggled. I started weeping heavily from the humiliation, but she kept spanking and scolding me. I also couldn't hold back my pee any longer and began wetting my diapers just as she was finishing spanking me. I was so mortified, but the sensation was incredible! When she finally finished spanking me, she stuck one of her fingers up a leg opening in my panties and announced that I was soaking wet. She scolded me for lying when I said I didn't need a changing, stating that babies like me can get severe diaper rash if they're not changed promptly.

    Tammie volunteered to change me, but Aunt Meg said that I had caused Tammie enough trouble and that she would do it. Tammie said she would help, and the women dragged me into the bedroom to change me while all the girls waited in the living room and laughed. As the women laid me on a table and changed my diapers, Aunt Meg warned me in a baby-talk tone of voice that, "I had better behave perfectly at Chrissie's birthday party, or else." When they finished, they lowered me from the table and left the room.

    I was feeling very humiliated and didn't come out, and I heard Aunt Meg tell the girls to go play with me. My two cousins, April and Bonnie, and Tammie's daughters, Chrissie, Susie and Karen, entered the room. They were all laughing and calling me "Baby Candie," and saying that they wanted to play with me. My cousins saw the crib and asked me if that's where I slept. I didn't answer and Tammie's daughters said, "Yes." Bonnie saw the empty baby bottle in the crib. Giggling, she picked it up and asked if it was mine. The girls responded for me, again saying yes. April said, "Let's give baby Candie her bottle right now."

    Bonnie said she'd ask Aunt Meg if it was okay. To my chagrin, Aunt Meg said it was a great idea and had Bonnie fill it with milk. Bonnie returned, sat on the edge of Tammie's bed, and put me on her lap. She said that her mother said I had to drink the whole bottle. All the girls watched and laughed as Bonnie stuck the nipple in my mouth and ordered me to drink it all down. She rocked me back and forth as I drank. I was so ashamed. When I finally finished, Bonnie tried to burp me. Then April announced that now they had, "Better check the baby's diapers." They all started laughing hysterically.

    I was blushing all over. I exclaimed, "No", and made a dash for the door. The girls grabbed me, pulled me back in, and closed the door behind us. Bonnie carried me back to the bed and threw me down. While April and the other girls held my arms and legs, Bonnie tickled me until I was in tears. She then pulled up my short dress and yanked down my waterproof panties. She felt my diapers all over with her hands and announced that I was dry. She then pulled my panties back in place and the girls let me up from the bed. I was so humiliated. They girls were all laughing their heads off.

    The first guests started arriving for the party at about noon time. Bonnie and April asked if they could be excused as they were far too big for the party. Aunt Meg said yes, that she and Tammie probably wouldn't need any help. I asked if I could be excused too, but Aunt Meg said, "Certainly not!. Especially after Tammie went to all this trouble for you? Snickering, she continued, "And you look so adorable in that dress, sweetheart. Don't you want everyone to see how pretty you are? This is good training for you, and you had better be on your best behavior, because if you're not, you haven't seen anything yet!"

    As I was staring down at the floor and Aunt Meg told me to look up. She put a little toy hat on my head and pulled the elastic string under my chin, saying to keep this on like a good girl. The guests were mainly six, seven, and eight-year-old boys and girls, with some parents and infants as well. I stood at the far end of the room, nervously tugging down on my short party dress as it was almost exposing my waterproof panties and diapers underneath. A very attractive young mother came over and in a very sweet voice asked who I was and why I was all alone. I whispered that I was Candie and that Aunt Meg was my Aunt. She said I was so pretty that I shouldn't be so shy. She lead me by the hand to some other children and introduced me to them, telling them I was a very nice little girl.

    Then Tammie organized a game of pin the tail on the donkey. I managed to sit the game out, but Aunt Meg noticed this and was annoyed with me. Next, it was time to have a spelling bee. Tammie announced all boys line up on one side of the room and all girls line up on the other. Aunt Meg tapped me on the shoulder and told me I had better play with the other children this time. I wasn't thinking, and I lined up with the boys. A young boy pushed me very hard and yelled, "Get on the other side, dumb girlie." I almost fell down. Blushing, tugging down on my dress, I scooted over to the other side. I saw Aunt Meg laughing at me. Tammie started the game.

    When reaching the front of their line, a boy or girl would be asked to spell a word. If missed, the other side would have to spell it correctly. I was developing an overwhelming urge to pee, and I didn't know what to do. I wanted to drop out by misspelling a word, and go some where and wet my diapers for relief. But the words were just too easy for me and for some reason I just couldn't seem to make a mistake. Aunt Meg and Tammie noticed me squirming, and they just smiled. After a while, all the boys were knocked out, and I was left with several girls. I was squirming all over and really couldn't hold in my pee any longer. Then, while spelling the winning word with everyone watching, I soaked my diapers with warm urine. The feeling was incredible! There was a lot of applause, and for my prize, Tammie had me reach into the girls grab bag of toys and I pulled out a little doll. All the girls looked at it.

    Then Aunt Meg signaled me to come over. She hugged me and said that I was a very good little girl, and that she was proud of me. She sat me up on her lap and whispered in my ear if I needed a changing. I felt ashamed and stuttered, "No" and put my head down. She could tell I was lying. In a baby-talk tone she said, "Okay, but if I find out you're not telling me the truth I'm going to have to do something you won't like, Sweetheart." Pointing to a long table she continued in the same baby-talk, "If you're lying I'll have to change your wet diapers right over there on that long table where all the children can see. Would you like me to do that, Candie?" I nodded my head no. She began putting her hand under my dress and said, "So I'll ask you one more time. Do you or don't you need a changing?" I knew she'd find out so I nodded my head yes. Aunt Meg said, "That's a good little girl." She then waved over to Tammie that she was taking me into the bedroom. Tammie smiled and nodded her head. Aunt Meg then led me by the arm to the bedroom.

    While Aunt Meg was changing me Tammie came in and said I was a good little girl. The women fondled me and spoke to me using baby talk. I felt a really nice feeling come over me. When they were finished, they led me back out to the party. The rest of the party went without much incident until near the end. I felt the need to pee once again as I had been drinking soda pop all afternoon. I quietly went out to the patio so I could pee in peace. Soon I felt the warm urine in my diapers and I was really starting to like that. It made me feel just like a was an infant again. After I had been out there a short while some boys and girls came out and said that they just heard I was a "Diaper baby", and was it true? (One of Tammie's daughters must have told them.)

    I said no, but they weren't convinced. A girl said, "You think you're so neat for winning the spelling bee, but you're really just a big baby who still has to wear diapers." Another girl giggled and said, "Let's pull up her dress." The children began to surround me and I yelled for them to leave me alone. A girl had walked behind me without me knowing it, and she pulled my dress up high exposing my bulky waterproof panties and diapers underneath. All of the children howled with laughter. Just then that nice young mother who had earlier lead me over to play with the others came out. She saw my humiliation and asked what was going on. The children kept laughing and told her I was a big baby who still wore diapers. I was crying and she told them to go inside.

    As they left they continued taunting me saying things like, "I bet your diapers are all wet", and "Go get your mommy to change you, little baby", etc. The nice lady bent down and said that that was a very beautiful dress I was wearing. I didn't answer, and she asked in a very soft voice, "Are you wearing diapers underneath, Sugarplum? I was so embarrassed I looked down at the ground and shook my head no. She said she saw that naughty girl pull my dress up and it really did look like I was wearing diapers underneath. My eyes started tearing again and in a very sweet voice she asked how come I was wearing diapers. I whimpered that my Aunt Meg and Tammie made me wear them because I wet the bed.

    She said, "Oh, I understand, Darling. Why do you still wet your bed?", she asked. I whimpered that I didn't know, that it was an accident. She suggested that if I kept my diapers dry for a long time maybe Aunt Meg would let me wear big girl panties again. I nodded my head yes. She asked me if my diapers were wet right now. I was embarrassed and nodded my head no. In a soft but skeptical tone she asked if I had kept them dry all day. I nodded my head yes. She said, "Wow, I don't even think I could go all day without doing pee pee. Are you sure they're not wet, Honey Bunch?" She smiled and said, "You can tell me." I knew she didn't believe me so I whispered that they might be just a little wet. She held my hand and said, "That's okay, Sweetie. Just a little wet? she questioned." I nodded yes. She said that it might be hard for me to tell, that maybe she had better check.

    I didn't say anything and before I knew it she stuck her hand under my dress and put her finger up a leg opening of my waterproof panties. She said, "Oh, Honey, you sure are wet. We have to change you right away." I kept staring down at the ground. She said, "I'll tell you what we can do. Why don't you show me where they keep your diapers and I can change you myself. Then we don't have to bother anyone. Your Aunt Meg and Tammie will be so proud of you. Isn't that a good idea, Sugar?" She took hold of my hand and started to lead me inside. I was so embarrassed I put my head down and whispered, "Oh, no thank you, ma'am." She knew I was afraid to let her change me, so she continued, "It's okay Sweetheart. I know you're very shy. But don't worry, I change diapers every day; I have a two-year-old. She hated wearing her diapers and being changed, but I got her over that…" She saw that my reaction wasn't good and she quickly added, "Oh, of course I didn't mean that you're like a two-year-old, Sweetheart."

    I thanked her again but told her that I only like my Aunt or Tammie to change me. She said that was all right, that she understood, but that I did have to be changed right now so she would take me to my Aunt. As she lead me back inside, the children began teasing me again, saying things like, "Go get your dirty diapers changed, big baby." The young mother told them to be quiet or she would tell their parents. She brought me over to Tammie and Aunt Meg and told them that I was very wet and needed a changing, and that the other children had found out I was wearing diapers and were teasing me.

    Aunt Meg and Tammie laughed and thanked the young mother, calling her by her name which was "Melody." They told her that I was very bad and needed "Special training." Melody told them that she was going to change me herself but that I was too shy. Then Aunt Meg surprised me and said that it would be great if Melody would change me because they were very busy winding down the party and cleaning up. Aunt Meg told her that my diapers were in the bedroom. As Tammie giggled, Aunt Meg leaned over and said, "You be a good girl, Candie, and let nice Melody change your wet diapers." I whined, "No, Aunt Meg."

    Aunt Meg looked me in my watery eyes and said, "All right, Candie, I'll give you a choice. Either you be good and let Melody change you or I'll give you a spanking in front of everyone. It's up to you." I started crying, and Melody took me by the hand saying, "It's okay Candie, there's nothing to be worry about. You'll feel much better when we get you out of those wet diapers." She then led me towards the bedroom. Aunt Meg laughed and warned Melody that she was in, "For a real surprise." I noticed that some of the children had been watching and laughing from across the room.

    When we got into the bedroom, Melody tried to comfort me and get me to stop crying. She said that if I was good the rest of the day, maybe my Aunt would take me out of diapers tomorrow. She saw the crib and asked if that's where I slept. I nodded yes. She looked through a stack of diapers and waterproof panties and said, "These must be for you." I didn't respond. She picked up some diapers and a pair of pink waterproof panties with circus animals and lace and brought laid them on the bed. I started weeping again, and Melody seemed to get an idea. She said wait here a minute, Candie. I'll be right back. She returned a moment later with her two-and-a-half-year-old daughter and a big diaper bag. She said, "This is my daughter, her name is Cindy. She's wet too, just like I thought. Can you please help me with her, Candie."

    I felt very embarrassed but would do anything to stall, so I nodded my head yes. Melody then took out a changing mat from her diaper bag and asked me to spread it open on my Aunt's bed. Using baby talk, Melody said, "It's time for a changing Cindy. You be a good girl and show Candie how easy it is, okay?" To which Cindy giggled and chirped, "No!" Melody repeated in a stronger voice, "I want you to be good today, Cindy, we have a special friend here." Again Cindy yelled, "No!" Then Melody said, "Okay, let's get undressed." Melody then sat her squirming daughter on the edge of the bed, and while telling her to hold still, she took Cindy's shoes and dress off. Then she had Cindy lay down on the changing mat. She squirmed and laughed as Melody tickled her. Melody took out diapers, waterproof panties, baby powder, oil and lotion from the diaper bag. While Cindy squirmed and played, Melody took off her waterproof panties, and then unpinned and removed her wet diapers. Melody said they were soaked and she left the room to wring them out. She returned and put the used diapers in another compartment of the diaper bag. Melody then cleaned and wipedCindy down with baby oil and lotion. Then Melody had me sprinkle Cindy with baby powder. She then diapered and dressed Cindy. Cindy laughed and had a great time of it.

    When finished, Melody turned to me and said, "See how easy that was, Candie. Now it's your turn, Sweetheart." She continued, "Now take off your pretty dress, we don't want to get lotion or anything on it." I hesitated and she said, "Come on, Honey. I can't let you stay in those wet diapers another minute." I looked at her with tears in my eyes, but she told me to put my hands over my head. She pulled off my dress and petticoat and neatly folded them. I felt so embarrassed standing there in my wet diapers and waterproof baby panties in front of her and her daughter. She told Cindy go to go play with her doll, but Cindy just stayed there watching us. Melody then sat me on the edge of the bed and took my shoes off. She told me to lay on the changing mat. I was reluctant, and Melody was becoming a bit impatient, so she pushed me down on the matt. I started sobbing again, but Melody just said, "There, there, Candie. This will only take a few minutes. Now lift up your legs, Sugarplum, so I can take your panties off and get at those wet diapers. I promise you'll feel much better when I'm done."

    I just laid there on my back crying, so Melody just proceeded to pull off my waterproof panties and unpin my soaking diapers. As she removed the diapers, she saw my tiny penis and was puzzled for a moment but then tried to hold back laughter. She exclaimed, "Oh Candie, you're really a little boy, aren't you!" I whined, "Yes, ma'am." She put her head down so I wouldn't see her laughing. Even Cindy was giggling. She asked me why I had been dressed like a baby girl, and I whimpered that that's how Aunt Meg and Tammie were punishing me. Melody made me tell her the bad things I had done, including wetting the crib, and she agreed that I was a bad little boy. She scolded me and asked me if I wanted a "red bottom?" She added that my Aunt had done the right thing. I continued weeping, and Melody seemed to feel sorry for me.

    Melody then spoke again using baby-talk. She told me that she felt bad, but that maybe this would help me learn my lesson. Adding to my humiliation, Cindy really wanted to help diaper me, so Melody let her. I was so mortified as the little girl sprinkled baby powder on me and helped her mother fold my diapers while watching everything and giggling. She even helped pull my waterproof panties up my legs and over my diapers. When they were finished, Melody kissed me and said I had been a very good girl. She tickled me all over until I couldn't stop laughing. Just as the were finishing putting my dress back on, Aunt Meg and Tammie came in.

    Aunt Meg asked what was taking so long and if I had been giving Melody a hard time. Melody said I had been very good, but I was very wet and should have spoken up sooner. Aunt Meg asked her if she had discovered my, "Little secret?" Melody told her she certainly had discovered my little secret! Aunt Meg and Tammie explained the whole situation to her, and the women laughed and laughed.

    Aunt Meg turned to me and said I looked very tired. I said I wasn't tired, and she asked me if I had taken a nap today. I said no, I didn't need naps. She responded, "Oh yes you do, Sweetness. All babies need their naps, and you've had more than enough excitement for one day." With that, Aunt Meg quickly pulled off my dress and petticoat, and removed my shoes. She then lowered the safety bars on the crib, picked me up, put me in the crib and raised the bars back into place. I complained that I didn't need a nap, but Aunt Meg just patted me on the head and told me to be good or else I would get a spanking. I tried to cover myself in the baby blanket, but Aunt Meg took it away saying it was too hot, leaving me in just my diapers and waterproof panties. The women saw my embarrassment, and continued to taunted me further. Cindy stood next to my crib staring at me and giggling. Aunt Meg picked up my baby bottle and said I needed some warm milk.

    Melody said she and Cindy had to leave, but for my Aunt to call her if she needed anyone to, "Take special care of baby Candie." Melody added that I could play with all of Cindy's dolls and toys. Tammie looked at me and said, "Oh, wouldn't that be fun, Candie?" My Aunt thanked Melody and said she would call her. As the women walked out, Cindy yelled, "Bye, bye baby," and everyone laughed. I noticed Aunt Meg had left the door wide open. I called out for her to please close it, but she ignored me.

    A few moments later, a group of children remaining from the party came in and surrounded my crib. The were laughing and chanting that I was a diaper baby. They taunted and teased me and asked me if I had wet myself. They made fun of my pink waterproof baby panties with circus animals and lace trim, and tried to touch at them through the crib bars. I was so humiliated. Aunt Meg and Tammie came in the door, and I begged them to make the children go out, but Aunt Meg just stuck my baby bottle in my mouth and ordered me to drink the warm milk. The children howled with laughter. A girl asked my Aunt if the bottle would make me wet my diapers now, but Aunt Meg laughed and told her that I had just been changed so it would probably take a while for me to wet myself again. The children continued teasing me, and Aunt Meg and Tammie left the room laughing. Finally, the party was over and everyone left.

    The next day, Aunt Meg kept me in diapers and a dress that she had borrowed from Tammie. She then took me to a new and used children's clothing store. As Aunt Meg selected a number a little-girl dresses and skirts, slips, socks, panties, tights, etc. for me, the salesgirl commented that I was very pretty. Aunt Meg took me in the fitting room and tried all the clothes on me. She then took me over to the infant and toddler section. She selected several packages of diapers. She then looked for girls' extra-large waterproof baby panties. The bin where they should have been was empty. As I continued blushing and holding my head down, the salesgirl came over and Aunt Meg asked her if she had any more girls' extra-large waterproof panties. The sales girl motioned to an assortment in size large, asking my Aunt how big the baby was as large would fit most toddlers. To my dismay, my Aunt pointed at me and announced that her, "Baby" was right here and really needs extra-large. She continued that, "My Candie still wets herself and her bed occasionally and gets put back into diapers for punishment."

    The salesgirl fought back laughter and said she would check in the stockroom. She came back a few minutes later with a stack of girls' extra-large waterproof baby panties. With the salesgirl and some other people looking nearby, my Aunt pulled up my dress, exposing my frilly waterproof baby panties with diapers underneath. I was so embarrassed I was fidgeting and she told me to be still. Aunt Meg held a pair of the waterproof panties to my waist and announced they should fit just fine. I was so mortified.

    The salesgirl rang up our purchase, and when she got to the diapers and waterproof panties, she looked at me and giggled. My Aunt Meg kept me in girls clothes, often with diapers underneath for the rest of the summer. She had Tammie watch me and had me play with Tammie's daughters, and she took Melody up on her offer and had me stay overnight at her house. It was one incredible summer!

    The End.

    Well? What did you think? Did you spot the differences between the two versions? Let me know what you think.

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