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Thread: Mommy Will Be Home Soon, Sweetie by Sally KA

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    Mommy Will Be Home Soon, Sweetie by Sally KA

    Part 1

    Pat 's hand was shaking as he put down the phone. It was a warm Friday afternoon and he
    had taken the day off work to fix a few things around the house. He had worked hard all
    day, and now he had something wonderful to look forward to.

    Pat and Sally had started playing their games a few years before. The trigger was a fancy
    dress party held by Ursula, one of Sally's best friends.

    Sally had gone as a nurse's aide - it was her first job after leaving school, and her old
    uniform still fit perfectly. After much discussion and rejection of alternatives, and after
    Sally had overcome Pat's considerable embarrassment, Pat had gone as a baby.

    He had got out of the car at the party feeling very conspicuous. He had some dignity, he
    thought, and didn't relish the thought of being probably the only baby amongst the
    collection of other exotic personas.

    As it was, he was the only baby, and he had a ball. His chubby face and small stature
    complemented the simple costume of a thick white towel as a diaper below, and one of
    Sally's printed pyjama tops above. Pat soon found himself very popular with the women at
    the gathering. He was clucked and cooed over by both the older and younger women.
    Many of the couples they knew at the time were yet to produce children, and 'little Pattie'
    as Sally had announced him (or her - Pat wasn't too sure whether his gender had survived
    the change of appearance) was the highlight of the evening. For his part, Pat had had no
    objection to the attention of these sweet-smelling, giggling women. He found himself
    joining in with all the jokes about diaper changing, and even feeling pleasantly aroused.
    Nothing like being close to women, he thought happily.

    The wine flowed along with the jokes, and when some of the more enthusiastic women
    managed to pull down Pat's 'diaper', he went along with the subsequent removal, to the
    general hilarity of the women present, of the briefs he wore under the pinned bath-towel.

    'Babies don't wear underpants!' laughed one of Sally's workmates as Pat was 'de-briefed'
    and rediapered in the approved fashion.

    Most of the other guys at the party ignored the squealing and giggling going on around Pat,
    and probably felt somewhat safer in their gladiator or fireman's outfits.

    Pat was quite drunk but the time they left. He had been sucking Drambuie from a baby
    bottle someone had found for him. Sally, who as usual had left the party significantly more
    sober than Pat, drove home. Pat, asleep in the seat next to her, was mumbling and
    drooling slightly. Sally looked at him and thought how cute he looked. With a grin, she
    picked up the adult size pacifier pinned by a ribbon to his top, and popped it in his mouth.
    Sally had found the item at a novelty counter a few months before and had bought it as a
    laugh without really knowing when she would find an opportunity to use it. It had been
    quite a hit at the party, with Pat having to demonstrate his prowess at speaking with it
    between his lips. Pat's mumbling and drooling stopped as sucked gently at the latex teat.
    His young wife shifted in her seat, and let one hand drop into her crotch. She found the
    thought of Pattie as a helpless infant, sucking his (or her, she thought with a sudden
    pleasant thrill) pacifier, a real turn-on. Feeling quite shameless, she pulled back her
    nurse's skirt, slid her fingers inside her panties and stroked herself to a series of delicious
    orgasms as they drove on.

    Once home, Sally led her waddling, sleepy husband inside. She wasn't really surprised to
    find Pat had wet his diaper. He was prone to accidents of that sort when drunk.

    Sally felt very naughty as she rediapered the unknowing Pat with another big white towel
    before settling him into bed. She cuddled up to her babified husband, and was soon as out
    to it as he was.

    The next morning, Pat was woke hung over and grumpy. He complained about being put to
    bed in his diaper, and complained even more when he found the other towel, wet, on the
    bathroom floor.

    'Sally, I'm sorry I wet that stupid thing - I was drunk - but you didn't have to put another
    one on me,' he said, trying to slide the tightly pinned folds from his loins.

    'Well, you were very wet, baby,' said Sally with a smile, 'and I wasn't going to let my baby
    have another big accident in bed, was I?'

    Pat grunted something unintelligible.

    Sally helped Pat off with his diaper, then, at Sally's suggestion, the two returned to bed
    and made love. Despite his sore head, Pat found himself enjoying Sally's continuation of
    the previous evening's role play. He found the combination of infantile treatment and adult
    lovemaking intoxicating, although he kept that news to himself. Pat fell in willingly with
    Sally's baby-talk, and enjoyed the best sex they had experienced in their young marriage.

    So 'Baby Pattie' became their secret. The couple's role-playing continued, and Pat looked
    forward excitedly to the times when Sally let him know that 'mommy wanted him to come
    to bed' or whatever. Somehow, it seemed right to let her decide when the time was right
    for one of their little games. She was the Mommy, after all.

    And now, Pat was waiting, dressed in the thick, elasticated, print briefs and a coloured t-
    shirt with a playful dragon on the front. Pat didn't know where Sally found such clothes,
    but he was glad to be wearing them. They added so much to the mood of their games, he thought.

    An hour later, Pat heard Sally's car drive into the garage. He had put off having a pee so
    that he could wet the diaper and plastic pants Sally would shortly be dressing him in. He
    stood in the kitchen, clutching his privates through the thick briefs, hoping she would hurry
    up. He had already wet the briefs a little, and was eagerly anticipating Sally's
    remonstrations about how he needed a diaper if he couldn't keep his 'big-kid' pants dry.

    By six months after the party and that first incredible morning of lovemaking, the game
    had gone from being a weekly event lasting a few hours to something more drawn out. Pat
    had more or less given away weekend social activities with his male friends, who assumed
    he was either under the thumb of his attractive wife, or maybe just getting heaps of sex
    from her while they were avoiding their own wives and the other elements of domesticity
    by their fishing and hunting pursuits.

    Sally and Pattie were spending most of their weekends as mother and child. Pat
    occasionally wondered if they were getting too much of a good thing, but the game was so
    seductive, almost drug-like, that he was not going to be the one to call a halt to it.
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    Mommy Will Be Home Soon, Sweetie by Sally KA

    Mommy will be home soon, sweetie' ch 2
    November 24 2003


    During one of their weekend sessions, Sally decided to shave Pattie's pubic area. She
    thought he looked far too grown up with all that hair down there, but she told Pat that it
    was necessary, in her professional opinion as a former nurse, for hygiene while he was
    diapered. Pat was taken aback at first, but found the extra sensitivity wonderful, and told
    Sally as she shaved him that it seemed right for a baby, anyway. Sally promptly used the
    same argument to decline shaving her own thick, dark bush. 'Mommies have lots of hair
    down there,' she had told Pat. The result was that Pat felt physically much younger than
    his wife every time he looked from his pink little private parts to Sally's luxuriant triangle
    of curly hair.

    Sally had taken to bathing Pat every morning, even on work days. Pattie didn't mind either
    the attention or the luxury of being washed by his wife. He often looked around himself at
    work, and wondered which, if any, of the men and women around him were enjoying such
    sensual treatment from their partners.

    Pat eventually quit the company squash club, for which he had still been playing the
    occasional game, as much for fear of his peers seeing him hairless in the showers, as to
    gain time for 'the game', as he thought of it. He considered that the loss of his squash
    games was a small price to pay for what he was receiving at home. Nor did he frequent the
    bar after work any more. The guys could say what they liked, he thought. None of them
    had a wife like Sally, and anyway, the last time he had been at the bar, Sally had rung on
    his cell phone to call him home, and forgetting where he was for a moment he had wet his
    pants while hurrying to the carpark. In fact, a couple of times he had only just made the
    bathroom after Sally had phoned him at work during the day, and he had begun to have
    the occasional slight wetting accidents at his desk when he had been merely thinking of Sally.

    It wasn't a serious problem, he felt. It wasn't really wetting, not like the way he soaked his
    diaper at home, and he put the little accidents down to the fact that the game was now
    almost continuous when the couple were at home together. Pat even thought of himself as
    going home to Mommy every day after work. He was thinking how to ask Sally if he could
    wear something to work for his little accidents, and was glad when she pre-empted him by
    suggesting that he wear an unobtrusive pair of padded pants under his work clothes to
    save washing. She had already bought a few pairs, as it turned out. Pat was pleased. It
    meant that the game really started every morning and ran all day, in a way. How lucky he
    was, thought Pat.

    It was probably just his own viewpoint changing slightly, thought Pat, but the women at
    work seemed to be more attentive to him as the months had gone by. He had been
    startled when one of the women had suggested that he needed a pacifier, as he seemed to
    have developed the habit of always sucking the end of his pen, or his knuckle, or
    whatever. Pat laughed it off, but tried to kick the habit nonetheless, at least when people
    were around. Pattie usually had a pacifier or sucked his thumb at home, and it was hard at
    work to spend a whole day with nothing to suck on. Pat tried gum, but it wasn't the same,
    and he felt a little angry that people wouldn't tolerate adults who wanted to do something
    harmless like suck on something. Another female colleague had commented on his
    lengthening blond hair, and standing behind him, had pulled his hair into a ponytail, saying
    that it was so pretty it was a waste not to make it look nice. Again, Pattie usually had a
    ponytail at home, and Pat felt angry again that he wasn't able to express himself so freely
    at work.

    At least as far as the ponytail went, Sally came to the rescue. When Pat told her about
    wanting to wear one at work, she agreed, and soon he was attending his job with his
    shining blond hair held in a neat bunch by black elastic. Whatever flak he got from the
    guys, who had left him more or less alone since he quit the squash club and stopped going
    for drinks with them, was made up for by the attention from the women, who were very complimentary.

    'I wish my husband couldn't wait to get home to me, the way you scoot home to Sally,'
    one of the older secretaries had said.

    'And I wish mine took as much care of his appearance as you do,' added another of Pat's
    female colleagues, stroking Pat's ponytail.

    Pat valued these comments far more than any praise he had ever got from the rough and
    unobservant guys he worked with. When he told Sally what the women had said, she said
    that her baby deserved every word of it.

    Pat was finding it increasingly difficult to switch back into his adult role at work after his
    baby role at home, especially on Mondays. At home, he was noticing less and less when he
    used his diapers, and liking more and more the comfortable fit of his warm clothes. He
    found that he was wetting occasionally, no more than one, or maybe two or three times a
    week at work, enough to require a spare pare in his briefcase and a change at work. He
    had taken to padding out the training pants he wore with a disposable pad, and was
    wearing looser slacks to cover the bulk.

    Frankly, he was finding the demands of office life a poor match for the freedom from
    responsibility of his relaxed playtimes. The thinking required of him in the office, not to
    mention the relatively complex verbal communication required, left Pat somewhat
    stressed, and hankering for his home life, or, in short, wanting his mommy. He didn't like
    his office anymore, and had started to think of his boss as mean and nasty every time he
    asked Pat to perform some task. Pat had begun to find himself sobbing quietly on occasion
    when heavy demands had been made of him, and wetting himself in order to feel better.
    He began to delegate his work on various pretexts while he sulked in his office, usually
    sucking on something.

    Sally seemed to understand, and began putting Pat into proper disposable diapers so that
    he wouldn't have to worry so much about wetting himself. The added security of the
    diapers seemed to increase the regularity of Pat's involuntary wettings.

    It was so much easier at home, he thought unhappily, where he could wear a proper diaper
    and plastic pants. He was thickly diapered all the time at home now, even when he and
    Sally weren't specifically playing the game. It was just simpler, as Sally said, and it
    stopped Pat from worrying. She was wonderful, Pat thought. She understood his need to
    relax, and had even simplified the language she used when talking to him. He followed suit
    with his responses.

    Pat really began to resent the unnecessary verbiage required at work. Why couldn't he just
    say 'Me want copy' or whatever, or 'drink', using the easy simplicity of his baby talk. He
    had to admit that it was getting hard to work to find the right words quickly, and often had
    to search for words.

    Sally had bought Pattie a couple of pairs of overalls, and the loose fit covered the diapers
    so that no casual visitors would notice. Pattie had even worn them on outings - first just
    with Sally to a picnic, where he had been very glad of his diaper as he wet heavily while
    having lunch, and then on trips to the local mall. Pattie might have felt anxious that people
    would think his rump a little puffy, but holding Sally's hand seemed to put such fears in the
    background. As it was, it seemed that the likely mistake that people made wasn't that
    Pattie was a baby, but that with his short stature, light build, his ponytail, colored overalls
    and bright t-shirts, that he was a girl.

    'Hello, ladies,' a street vendor had said cheerily to Sally and Pattie as they walked past his
    market stall on one Saturday morning trip to the mall, the first time Pattie had worn his
    overalls in public. 'A balloon for your daughter, ma'am?' he had asked.

    Pattie had gripped Sally's hand even harder, and tried to hide silently behind her. He
    soaked his diaper out of embarrassment, while Sally, laughing, had bought a balloon for
    her him.

    'What's your name, miss?' the balloon vendor had asked, seeing Pat's attempts to hide
    behind Sally.

    'Pattie,' Sally answered for him once she realised that Pat was not going to open his
    mouth. 'Her name's Pattie,' she added, immediately feeling an electric shiver run down her
    spine to end in a tingle in her groin.

    Moments later, when they had some space to themselves, Pattie told Sally how awkward
    he had felt about being thought a girl, but Sally had explained that not only had the
    balloon man been wearing thick glasses, but that Pattie did look very pretty in his overalls
    and ponytail, and that he should feel complimented. Pattie cheered up at this, and had felt
    quite special walking along with the balloon floating above him in the sun.
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    Mommy Will Be Home Soon, Sweetie by Sally KA

    Mommy will be home soon, sweetie' ch3 (final)
    November 24 2003


    I'm a bit busy to give this story the bit of polishing it needs - sorry about a few slips here
    and there.

    Sally led Pattie into a changing booth in a clothing department's to change Pattie's sagging
    diaper. She continued shopping, buying Pattie some nice new things. There were a couple
    of further instances that day of 'mistaken identity', with people thinking Pattie was a girl. It
    didn't really worry Pat. He just giggled, felt complimented on being pretty, and the pair
    walked on.

    Pattie was wet again by the time they reached home, and the game continued in earnest.
    Instead of the t-shirt Pattie often wore over his diaper, Sally put him into one of her old
    sun-dresses. Pattie laughed as he twirled in front of the mirror. He like the bright colors
    and the patterns on the dress, and didn't mind the bulky diaper visible below the hem.
    Girls had much nicer clothes than boys, he thought, and was pleased when Sally let him
    keep it on. After all, there was nothing wrong with being pretty.

    Christmas came and went. The pair spent it quietly together. Neither had any family within
    three states, and Pattie naturally had spent the entire Christmas break as an infant. Pat
    had a month's leave immediately after Christmas, and he filled his time between diaper
    changes with pleasant activities such as playing with the toys he got from Santa, sleeping
    and eating. His life was simple, predictable and pleasant. He rarely used words of more
    than one syllable now, and anyway, found that Sally usually anticipated his simple
    requirements before he had managed even those.

    A few weeks after Christmas, Sally realised that Pattie had become genuinely bladder
    incontinent, and was now diaper-dependent. Pat realised it too, and accepted Sally's advice
    that he needed to be diapered all the time now even if they stopped the game. He had a
    vague idea that Sally would give him back his toilet training when they did stop playing the
    game, but for now, he was content to be changed whenever he needed it.

    As for Sally, she loved having her sweet baby to look after, and reinforced his behaviour in
    every way she could.

    The only downside in this for Sally was that Pattie seemed to have forgotten what his
    hairless little sexual organs were for. As far Sally's body was concerned, he was only
    interested in her breasts. She didn't mind this - her large brown teats got nearly as much
    attention from Pattie as did the latex one on his pacifier, but she did miss their regular
    bouts of old. To make up, she had discovered that it was very rewarding to masturbate in
    front of Pattie, especially when he was dressed in his 'girlie things' as he called his much
    loved sundresses and lace trimmed plastic pants. He would watch with mild interest the
    movements of her hand, as long as there was nothing more engaging to distract his
    attention, such as a toy or his blocks, and he would giggle when his wife moaned and
    finally arched her back.

    In addition to losing his interest in adult sex, Pattie had become childishly oblivious to
    being naked, and had even followed Sally into the front garden on occasion, naked or
    dressed only in a short t-shirt, standing in full public view, and absently-mindedly holding
    his penis while Sally collected the letters or attended to the garden. As a result, Sally made
    sure that Pattie always had his diaper on except when she was bathing him.

    The first time Pattie soiled his diaper, he was very distressed. Sally had bought him some
    new toys, and Pattie had messed accidentally in all the excitement of unwrapping them.
    Prior to this, he had always told his mommy that he needed to 'do poos' and she had taken
    him to the bathroom.

    He had cried while Sally cleaned and changed him, reassuring him that it was not anything
    to cry about, and that it was ok to mess his diaper, that every mommy expected it, and
    that it was one of the reasons he wore a diaper.

    Towards the end of the month's leave, Pattie had been sitting on the floor in what he had
    begun thinking of as Sally's bedroom. He was waiting for his mommy to finish dressing so
    that they could go to the mall. Sally had dressed Pattie in a puffy pair of stretch shorts,
    socks and sandals, and a top with a big teddy bear on it.

    Pattie was quite happy, and when he realised he was wet again, his only thought was that
    now he would be changed before they left. Then he caught sight of his briefcase in the
    bottom of the robe as Sally fetched a pair of her shoes.

    Pat was suddenly clearly aware, for the first time in weeks, of his situation.

    He looked up at Sally, who was at the dresser busy with her hair. He had watched her pull
    her lacy adult panties, and her bra. She had adult genitals, and pubic hair, and she wore
    adult clothes. She had a purse with credit cards in it, and she would be driving them to the
    mall. She would be deciding what they did at the mall, and she would be speaking to
    people in the shops there, while Pattie would be silently holding her hand, wearing his
    diaper, t-shirt and stretch shorts, and with nothing in the little bag he carried but his
    pacifier and a tiny teddy that he had begun taking everywhere with him. Sally would be
    treating him like a toddler, and other people would follow her lead.. He even had Happy
    Meals when they went to McDonalds. He began to cry, and gripping the end of the big
    brass bed, he stood up.

    He was really a grownup like Sally, he thought. He was really an adult like her. He had a
    briefcase and he went to work with other grown-up people.

    'Me not baby,' he said suddenly. 'Me…' He struggled for the word to describe his true
    status, '…big.'

    He let go of the bed and waddled forward a few steps. He wasn't used to walking without
    holding onto something. For the last month he had crawled everywhere around the house,
    and had always held Sally's hand when they were out. 'No baby,' he spluttered as he fell
    forwards. The realisation that he could no longer walk by himself hit him hard.

    'Oh, poor Pattie, what's the matter, baby?' asked Sally, turning towards him.

    Sally bent down to her husband, whose gulps of shock had turned to tears, as they usually
    did when he fell or hurt himself. She felt him soil his diaper as Sally held him to her and
    cooed reassuringly.

    Pattie was still sniffling after Sally had him cleaned up and comfortable in a new onesie.
    Pattie sat on the floor, looking down at his padded crotch and fingering the triple snaps
    between his legs. He looked up at her in silent desperation.

    Sally led him gently back to the rug in the middle of the living area, where Pattie sat
    among his toys. He stared ahead, chewing an old green plastic rabbit that had been a
    favorite bath toy. Sally squatted in front of him and held both his hands. She looked at
    him, and said quietly: 'Pattie, I rang your boss and he understands that you need a little rest.'

    She felt for Pattie as the tears rose in his eyes.

    'Mommy…' Pattie said. His mind wandered for a moment, and he caught sight of his blue duck.

    'Duckie,' he said, pulling one hand from Sally's motherly grasp and picking up the duck.

    'Quack, quack,' he said, looking uncertainly at Sally, waiting for her praise. They often
    played a game in which Sally held up a toy animal and Pattie announced the noise the
    animal made.

    'Pattie, you don't have to go back to work, darling, if you don't want to. Do you want to
    stay here with me?' she said.

    Pattie looked at his mommy as she stroked his long pigtails. He was thinking of what Sally
    had said. Of course he wanted to stay with her. Why did she ask that? He wondered if she
    was going to leave, and his tears flowed more freely.

    'Mommy not go,' he said, clutching the front of her sweater.

    'No baby, Mommy not go,' she said with a laugh. She removed his grip from her breast,
    and felt the crotch of her baby's diaper. As she thought, he was filling it with warm pee as
    he smiled happily at her.

    Sally let the warmth spread right up and across baby's bulky crotch, and then laid him on
    his back for a change.

    Pattie had been at home for nearly a year when Sally decided to remove his body hair
    permanently. The electrolysis took a long time, but Sally was very happy with the results.
    The cosmetic surgeon, a woman whom Sally had known for years, shared Sally's outlook
    regarding Pattie, and was glad of a male body on which to try out a few effects. By the end
    of the treatment, Pattie was decidedly feminine in appearance. Sally took to referring to
    her husband as a girl considering his usual attire and his newly softened features, and
    decided to take up the cosmetic surgeons referral to a colleague who specialised in gender reassignment.

    The first results were apparent within months. Pattie was beginning to thicken around the
    hips, and her budding breasts were usually warmly held by a 34A bra. Her blonde hair fell
    in curls around her pretty face with its full red lips and cute upturned nose, and the
    operation on her larynx had given her a soft, high voice, while her Adam's apple had
    completely disappeared.

    Pattie seemed almost oblivious to the changes, although every now and then she shocked
    Sally - as when, one morning after her bath, she looked at Sally with tears in her eyes,
    and, looking down at the small breasts she held cupped in her hands, she told Sally in her
    simple words that the other boys in the squash team would think she looked funny when
    she went back to work. Then she added that her 'pee pee was all little too'. Sally was not
    sure what to reply, but hugged her darling husband until his tears subsided.

    It took Sally some time to properly revive Pattie's spirit by distracting her with the promise
    of nice new toys. But Pattie was right. Her breasts were prominent enough to require a top
    in public, and her penis, now totally incapable of erection, was less than an inch long, only
    as thick as a pencil, and drooped over the hairless, flattened reddish sacs which held her
    bean-sized testicles close to her body. Pattie's genitals were so soft now that Sally could
    only find Patties gonads with difficulty. She also found that the lycra stretch of Pattie's
    smart one-piece swimsuit was sufficient to press what she did have between her legs into a
    gentle mound at the bottom of her cute little round tummy. At the beach, where Sally
    usually dispensed with his diaper, Pattie had no problem passing for a pretty, but
    somewhat simple, young girl.

    By the time Pattie's breasts had reached 34B, Sally's friend the gender reassignment
    specialist recommended that it would be best to bring the appearance of Pattie's genitals
    into line with her general physical appearance. After some reflection, Sally agreed to this
    step, and so, three years after Pat had wet his first, makeshift adult diaper, Sally was able
    to look down on her baby's little pink mound as she changed her. Sally appreciated the
    way the new shape was easier to wipe clean, and despite Pattie tearfully asking her if he
    would 'get his pee pee back one day', to which Sally replied with a reassuring hug, the
    little one seemed to accept this change as she had the others.

    When Pattie christened her new Barbie doll 'Pattie' after herself, Sally celebrated with a
    long, candle-lit, champagne-fuelled session of masturbation, while her sweet, simple
    daughter sat before her in a wet diaper, giggling behind her pacifier as usual and playing
    shyly with one of her pigtails.

    Pattie delivered the surprising epilogue to her journey into feminine childhood a few
    moments after Sally had orgasmed for the third time.

    Sally sat back, catching her breath after bringing herself to another wonderful orgasm, and
    was interested to see Pattie's eyes meet her own, with a look of unusual awareness.

    'Sally, thank you for what you have done for me - I am the happiest little girl there has
    ever been, and you are the most wonderful wife and mommy in the world, and I love you
    with all my heart.'

    They were the last complete sentences Pattie ever spoke.

    The End
    Choronzon: I am Anti-Life, the Beast of Judgment. I am the dark at the end of everything. The end of universes, gods, worlds… of everything. Sss. And what will you be then, Dreamlord?

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