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Thread: Potty Training Parts 1-4 by Moe

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    Potty Training Parts 1-4 by Moe

    Originally Posted: 5/14/00 on Diaper Stories


    By Moe

    I can't believe I am sitting on a potty-chair in the middle of the
    bathroom! Sitting right next to me is the empty potty-chair belonging to my
    little sister Elizabeth who is just over 3 years old. I have been sitting
    on my potty for over ten minutes and am waiting for Mommy to come and
    release me. There is a strap around my chest so I can't get up until she
    releases the strap in the back of the chair well out of my reach. My
    diapers and vinyl pants are bunched up around my ankles. I should mention
    that my name is Raymond and I am 12 years old. I don't know how long I will
    be in potty training. Liz (which is what everybody calls Elizabeth) and I
    have been in "training" for a week now.

    This whole mess started three weeks ago when Mom and Dad decided that Liz
    was old enough to start potty training. Liz is a very independent minded
    little girl and she really did not want to give up her diapers. After a lot
    of persuasion and some tears, Mom finally got Liz to sit on her new
    potty-chair. After about a minute, she was ready to get up and play since
    she had no idea what she was supposed to do there. Being strapped into the
    potty-chair, she could not get up and started crying very loudly. With a
    lot of cajoling and soothing talk, Mom was just starting to get Liz to
    quiet down again. She tried to explain that she should try and make tinkle
    in her potty.

    I had been outside playing with my best friend Tommy since it was the start
    of summer vacation and came into the house for some water. I walked into
    the bathroom to find Mom hovering over a disconsolate Liz sitting in her
    tiny potty-chair. The scene caught me by surprise and I started laughing
    uncontrollably. To make matters worse I started calling my sister "Potty
    Baby" and other names. Needless to say, that really got Liz to start
    screaming and crying and there was nothing Mom could do to make her stop.
    Finally Mom gave up and removed Liz from her hated potty-chair.

    "Well young man, you have really done it this time! I have had a devil of a
    time to get Liz to try out her new potty-chair and now you've made it
    impossible. She will never go on it again. Just wait until your Dad gets
    home tonight. You are going to be one sorry kid – I can promise you that!"
    Mom pulled Liz's diapers back up and quickly carried her out of the

    I knew I was in trouble. I hadn't seen Mom so mad in a long time. I didn't
    look forward to Dad coming home since I was pretty sure I was going to get
    the spanking of my life. I had not been spanked in a while but when it did
    happen, it was really painful. The rest of the day went slowly with Mom
    barely speaking to me.

    Around six that night, Dad came home and Mom quickly pulled him aside and
    told him what happened. They continued talking for a long time I thought.
    How long does it take to tell the story of what happened? I was expecting
    Dad to storm into the living room where I was watching TV and start yelling
    at me and then pull me over his lap. I was really surprised when he walked
    in rather calmly and told me to turn the TV off since we needed to talk. He
    then started to explain, "You know how difficult it is to potty-train
    little toddlers. Liz is at the right age to start toilet training, Mom and
    I feel. Instead of helping us, you have gone and made it really hard with
    your laughing at Liz and making fun of her. You've had your fun and now you
    are going to help us with her potty training. We feel the best way for you
    to help is by setting an example.

    "Therefore, starting tonight, you will start wearing diapers full time and
    use them. The bathroom will be off-limits for you except for baths, which
    your Mother will be giving you by the way. After two weeks of wearing and
    using diapers full time, we will once again try to start potty training Liz
    and you. We hope that when Liz sees you getting potty trained, she will try
    to copy you and more easily accept it herself. You will be staying in
    diapers until Liz is fully potty-trained. You just better hope that she is
    trained before school starts in the fall."

    I couldn't believe what I was hearing. A hard spanking would have been
    better than this. What am I going to do now. I could be wearing diapers all
    summer – or longer!

    After dinner, the whole family got into the car and headed for a nearby
    shopping center. We entered a store called J&J Medical Supplies. Mom pulled
    me along by the hand towards a clerk standing behind the counter. "Do you
    have diapers, plastic panties and other supplies that will fit my son
    Raymond here?" I could have melted into the floor I was so embarrassed. I'm
    sure my face was beet red.

    The clerk, a mid-30ish woman, eyed me up and down and answered, "No
    problem. We have lots of diapers and other supplies for youths. Is he a
    bedwetter?" I couldn't believe how this was going from bad to worse.

    "No, he has just 'volunteered' to help us potty train our youngest
    daughter, Liz, by being an example. That's her with her father over by the

    "Will Raymond be using cloth or disposable diapers?" Mom thought about it
    for only a second and said cloth and we were then led to the aisle where
    the cloth diapers were stocked. She picked up two large packages with a
    dozen in each along with some large safety pins. The clerk suggested that I
    should try on the diapers just to be sure they fit well. Mom readily

    "No way!" I screamed when Dad who was holding Liz came over and gave me
    'the look.' I knew I was dead meat if I protested any more so I meekly
    followed Mom and the clerk into a rear 'changing room.' The changing room
    was unlike any other I had ever seen at other clothing stores. Instead of a
    bench to sit on, there was a table covered with a thin plastic mattress.
    The clerk told me to take off all my clothes and hop up onto the table. I
    looked pleadingly at Mom and got no sympathy. Slowly I took off my shirt
    and shoes. I then pulled down my shorts leaving me standing in only my
    underpants. Again I hoped for a reprieve from Mom but she was impatiently
    waiting for me to finish getting undressed. Very slowly I pulled down my
    underpants and then jumped up onto the mattress. It was fairly high but I
    got on it pretty easily. The clerk then told me to lie down on my back
    which I did.

    The clerk then turned to Mom, "I will be glad to show you how we recommend
    diapering older kids. I am sure you are used to doing it for babies and
    toddlers but older kids require some special techniques. These are the best
    diapers we have. They are two layers thick all over with an additional two
    layers in the center section. How many diapers do you want to use at a

    "It is important for Liz to easily see that Raymond is wearing diapers so
    they should be very thick. How about three diapers to start?" The clerk
    grabbed three cloth diapers and proceeded to stack them. The top diaper she
    folded the outsides towards the middle to form a soaker pad she called it.
    This also made the stack even higher. She told to lift my butt into the air
    and placed the stack of diapers under me.

    The sales clerk gave me a funny look and then turned to my mother, "Will
    Raymond be making poopies in his diapers?"

    "Since he will be wearing them 100% of the time, I would say most
    definitely," Mom answered.

    "In that case I have a great new product for you." The woman then left the
    changing room leaving me lying on top of a pile of diapers. They felt at
    least 2" thick under my bottom. I hadn't even thought of messing in diapers
    and this added a whole new dimension to my predicament. Mom stood by
    patting my shoulder and smiling at me as if to reassure me everything will
    be fine.

    The sales clerk returned in less than a minute with a plastic package.
    "These are diaper liners. They prevent the feces from coming in contact
    with the cloth diapers but let the urine through. They also have a moisture
    barrier so that they can help prevent diaper rash. We wouldn't want little
    Raymond to get a bad diaper rash, would we? When he messes in his diaper,
    not only will cleaning him up be easier but washing the diapers will be

    "That sounds wonderful. Let's get a package of the liners too," Mom
    instructed. The clerk then slit open the plastic package and pulled out one
    of the liners. She told me to lift my butt again and she positioned the
    liner on top of the pile of diapers.

    When the diapers and liner were in place, she reached for a bottle of baby
    oil and spread it all over my diaper area. This was followed up with a
    generous amount of talcum powder spread all over including my chest and
    stomach areas. All of a sudden I really smelled like a baby! The diapers
    were then pulled up between my legs and tightly pinned around my waist.
    With three cloth diapers together, I could not believe how thick it felt
    around my genital area.

    "There, all diapered. See how easy it is?" My Mother nodded in agreement.
    "Now wait here Raymond and we will get you some diaper covers to wear over
    your diapers." Mom and the clerk left the changing room leaving me lying on
    the table. I was in a state of shock. Here I am lying on a changing table
    in thick diapers knowing that this is only the beginning. A few minutes
    later, they returned with a handful of waterproof panties of all types it

    "Let's try these pretty plastic panties on first," suggested the clerk. She
    told me to lift my legs as she placed my feet through the leg holes of some
    pink plastic panties with farm animals playing musical instruments. She
    slid them up my legs and around the bulk of my diapers. They fit over the
    diapers OK but the elastics around my legs were a little tight and I
    complained about it. The clerk said that was good since they would be less
    likely to leak and my Mother agreed. I was told to hop off the table so
    they could see how well they fit. Mom and the clerk prodded and poked,
    pulled at the elastics and otherwise closely inspected my diapers and
    panties and then agreed they were fine. I then proceeded to try on about a
    half dozen other vinyl and plastic, snap-on and pull-on panties. Mom
    decided to keep most of them. Some of the plastic panties had matching
    bibs, which she thought I definitely had to have and so they were added to
    the pile along with my new "underwear."

    Mindful of a big sales opportunity, the woman suggested that it would be
    handy for me to have a package of disposable diapers too. They are much
    more convenient when you are away from the house for long periods of time
    and he needs a diaper change. Mom realized that this made sense and the
    clerk got a large plastic package of disposable diapers in my size. I
    noticed on the package that they were the extra thick "night time" variety.

    Mom told me to put on the first pair of pink plastic panties again. When I
    had the panties back on, Mom grabbed my hand and pulled me out in the main
    shop area. I was wearing nothing but diapers with plastic panties and I
    pulled back crying that I couldn't leave the changing room. "Please don't
    make me go out there in only these diapers!"

    "You might as well get used to it Raymond. You'll be wearing diapers for
    quite a while and lots of people will be seeing you in them. Don't make any
    problems for me or you will be even more sorry." I frankly did not know how
    I could be more sorry than this.

    As I started to walk, or maybe I should say "waddle", the crinkling of my
    plastic panties seemed to announce my arrival with a deafening noise, at
    least it sounded that way to me. When we emerged from the changing room,
    Dad and Liz were standing nearby and saw me immediately. Dad couldn't help
    but smile broadly but what really hurt was when Liz asked, "Is Raymond
    going to start wearing diapers like me now?" When Dad told her that I was
    going to be baby like her for some time, I wanted to cry just like the baby
    I was becoming.

    In addition to diapers and panties, the clerk then suggested that the store
    also had onesies and sleepers that would fit kids my size. We walked over
    to the "alternative" clothing section of the store. The clerk then opened a
    box with a onesie in it and said this should fit me. It was basically white
    but had a babyish print on it. Asking the clerk if it was OK to try it on,
    my mother told me to raise my arms and slid it over my head. She pulled it
    down over me. "Spread your legs a little bit Raymond." My Mother then
    kneeled down in front of me and closed the five snaps at my crotch. It felt
    strange to have Mom pulling the ends of my onesie together at my crotch and
    snapping it while pushing against my diapers. She stood up and admired me
    in my new 'underwear'. "This fits just fine. I would like four more in a
    variety of colors and patterns if they're available." Naturally, they were.

    Mom decided that since it was summer, I could sleep in a onesie so I didn't
    need any sleepers, at least not for now. She asked if they had any
    outerwear since the clothes I had worn into the store would no longer fit
    over my diapers. Unfortunately, the store did not carry any outerwear but
    there was a department store right across the way the sales clerk told us.
    Dad paid for all my new stuff and carried it all out to the car along with
    my original clothes. When he came back, we all walked over to the
    department store with me wearing only my diapers, a onesie and shoes. I put
    my head down trying to hide my face. I can only imagine what people thought
    when they saw me walk by.

    Mom suggested we go over to the girls department. I had no idea why she
    would suggest that until we got to the rack with corduroy shortalls. Mom
    sorted through the clothing on the rack and finally pulled out a pair of
    pink corduroy shortalls designed for chubby girls and held them up in front
    of me. "I think these will do'" she stated. "Let's try them on." I am not
    sure if it is better to be dressed only in a onesie or in shortalls so I
    did not resist. Mom held them in front of me and I stepped into the leg
    holes. She then pulled them up over my diapers. The fit was a bit snug. Mom
    then selected another shortall in the next larger size stating, "We have to
    make sure there is lots of room for your diapers." She then helped me into
    the larger outfit and was apparently satisfied with the fit. The straps
    were then connected to the bib front and adjusted for a good fit. I was
    feeling more like a baby all the time. "I will pick up some snaps at the
    fabric store and put them in the crotch for easier diaper changing. Then
    your shortalls will be just like a baby's." While inspecting her new baby,
    Mom noticed I still had old sneakers on. We then went over to the girls
    shoe section and picked out some matching pink sneakers. Of course, I had
    to put them on to complete my new look. When I saw myself in a mirror, I
    could not believe what had happened to me in just an hour or so.

    While looking in the mirror, I caught sight of Dad coming back with Liz. My
    eyes widened when I saw Liz in her new outfit. She too had on a new pair of
    pink corduroy shortalls and pink sneakers. Liz and I are now twin baby
    sisters! Dad then told me, "I don't know if I mentioned it before but you
    and Liz will be dressed alike from now on. We thought that Liz would be
    more anxious to copy you and follow your example if you two were more
    alike." Needless to say, Liz was really excited when she saw her big
    brother dressed in exactly the same way as she was right down to the
    diapers. She already loved her new clothes (girls seem to like clothes even
    at an early age) and was proud to be just like her big brother Raymond. She
    didn't understand that it was really the other way around – I was dressed
    just like her.

    Mom suggested that Dad take us 'girls' to the ice cream store while she
    finished shopping. She said it was going to be so much fun getting new
    clothes for me now that she knew my proper girls size. Dad took Liz and I
    each by the hand and walked us over to the ice cream parlor in the center
    of the mall. I tried to stay close to Dad with my head down but keeping an
    eye out in case any of my friends should be around.

    "Aren't your little girls adorable," some older woman said to Dad while we
    were walking. I knew I looked like a toddler but it didn't occur to me that
    strangers would think I was a girl toddler even though it should have been
    obvious. Here I was wearing pink clothes and had rather long hair. Dad
    thanked her for the nice compliment. When we got to the ice cream store, he
    bought us each a small cone. Before I could have my cone, Dad put on one of
    my new bibs so I wouldn't mess my new clothes. Even Liz didn't have a bib
    on. The only good thing about this evening was that I had not seen any of
    my friends at the store or ice cream shop. I knew it was only a matter of
    time and was dreading it.

    We then met Mom at the entrance of the department store where she was
    waiting with two rather full shopping bags. I could only imagine what they
    contained. We all walked out to the car and drove home. Liz was still
    excited to be in her new clothes and how "cool" it was to be dressed alike
    and talked about it all the way home. I wished I could share her

    Since it was after 8:00 in the evening and past Liz's bedtime, I was told
    it was also time for me to go to bed. Mom helped me take off my shortall
    and shoes and told me to get into bed. Before she pulled the covers over
    me, Mom reached into the one of the leg holes of my plastic panties and
    felt my cloth diapers. "Still dry!" she smiled. "I'll get you some milk
    after I put Liz into bed." A few minutes later Mom returned with a sippy
    cup with warm milk and told me to drink it all. After I did, she turned out
    the light and whispered, "Sweet dreams, Baby."

    It took me quite awhile before I could fall asleep. I was not accustomed to
    having diapers on obviously and was really scared of what tomorrow would


    By Moe

    Since I went to bed so early, I woke up rather early even though it was
    Saturday – a day I usually like to sleep late. I really needed to take a
    leak in a bad way. I knew that the bathroom was off limits to me now and I
    was debating to myself whether I should sneak into the bathroom or not.
    While I was debating, in walked Mom, "Good morning, Babycakes! How are you
    today? Are we still dry?" Without waiting for an answer, she reached into a
    leg hole of my plastic pants and felt my diaper around the crotch. "Still
    dry I see. Well, you cannot hold out forever. Let's get you dressed and
    then you can help me get Liz dressed."

    "Oh Mom, do I really have to wear diapers. I learned my lesson yesterday. I
    promise I won't ever tease Liz about her potty training again. I'll be
    good, really."

    "Yes you do have to wear diapers. Don't think of this as punishment but
    your contribution to helping us potty train Liz. Besides, I think this is
    going to be fun! By the way, in your new status, I think it would be better
    if you call us Mommy and Daddy from now on. Hop out of bed and let's get
    you dressed."

    I slowly got out of bed and Mom, er Mommy, led me into Liz's room. She
    removed my onesie and then reached into a dresser drawer and pulled out
    some yellow folded garment. She shook it out and I could see it was some
    kind of girls romper. "OK, let's put this on Raymond. It will be good for
    playing in." The elasticized waist and bubble bottom seemed to emphasize my
    diapers underneath even more when I had it on.

    "I think it's time to fix your hair to a more suitable style. Sit down on
    the chair while I comb your hair." Mom then made a part down the middle of
    my head pulling the hair to both sides. She then combed my hair in the
    front down over my forehead. With a pair of scissors, she created a neat
    set of bangs. The hair on each side of my head was braided into 5"
    pigtails. A little yellow ribbon was tied into a bow at the end of each
    pigtail matching my romper perfectly. When I saw myself in the mirror, I
    was truly shocked and let out a small yelp. Mom tried to reassure me that I
    looked like a really cute little girl. No one would know that I was a boy
    unless they knew me. This didn't make me feel any better at all, of course.

    We then walked over to Liz's bed and woke her up. While still waking up
    from her deep sleep, she asked Mom who the girl was next to her. She then
    recognized that it was her new 'sister' Raymond and was happy to see me.
    "Time for you to get up and get dressed like Raymond, Sweetie Pie. Let's
    check your diaper first." Just like she did to me, Mom checked Liz's
    diapers and announced that she needed to be changed. Turning to me, Mom
    said, "You can be Mommy's little helper." Unlike me, Liz wore disposable
    diapers and I helped Mom change her. Not surprisingly, Liz also ended up
    wearing a yellow romper and so we were twins again.

    Mom, Liz and I then all headed into the kitchen for breakfast. Dad was
    reading the newspaper when we entered. "My, don't my 'girls' look pretty
    today." I blushed but could not think of anything to say. That's when I
    noticed that in addition to Liz's youth chair, a high chair was sitting at
    the table. "I am afraid since we don't have another youth chair, Raymond
    will have to sit in Liz's old high chair during meals. I am sure glad we
    didn't give it away."

    "Why can't I just sit in a regular chair, Dad . . dy? I am NOT sitting in a
    high chair." That was a mistake. Before I knew it, Dad was out of his
    chair, picked me up and plunked me in the seat of the high chair. He then
    strapped me into the chair and snapped the tray table in place.

    "This is where you will be sitting – no arguments! Do you hear?" I was
    smart enough not to say anything more to get him mad.

    While eating breakfast I could no longer hold my pee and flooded my diapers
    with warm urine. It was the strangest mixed feeling of relief,
    embarrassment and a weird pleasant sensation. I tried not to show that I
    had wet my diapers during breakfast. When we were done eating, still
    sitting in the high chair, I asked Mom the most difficult question I have
    ever asked her in a low voice, "Can you please change my diapers, Mom?"

    "What did you say Raymond?"

    "Mommy, can you please change my diapers?" I said in a little louder voice.

    "Sure, I would be happy to. Liz, now you can be Mommy's little helper and
    help me change your brother's diapers." Liz was thrilled at the prospect of
    helping to change my diapers. Mom let me out of the high chair and we all
    walked into Liz's bedroom. I was told to get on the changing table and lie
    down. She unsnapped the crotch of my romper and pulled it up above my
    waist. My plastic panties were removed and the diapers unpinned and removed
    as well. They were quite thoroughly soaked. She put them in the diaper pail
    that also held Liz's used diapers.

    "I think we should get you your own diaper pail. Wouldn't that be nice? We
    can even print your name on it." It's hard to get excited about having your
    own diaper pail. "Liz darling, can you get me three of Raymond's diapers,
    please?" While Liz was slowly counting out three cloth diapers for me from
    the stack under the changing table, Mom was cleaning, oiling and powdering
    my bottom.

    "Here are Raymond's diapers," Liz said helpfully.

    "Why thank you Sweetheart? Can you get me some baby pants from the dresser,

    Mom placed the diapers under me along with a disposable liner and pinned
    them on me just like the clerk did at the store. Liz came back from the
    dresser with some yellow plastic pants that snapped on. Mom again thanked
    Liz profusely and placed the pants under me. Positioning the front on top
    of my diapers, she snapped them together and then checked that my cloth
    diapers were completely sealed. Satisfied, Mom then pulled down my romper
    and snapped the front to the back at the crotch. "OK, you are all done and
    thank you Elizabeth for helping. Do you want to go outside and play in the
    back yard?" Liz said that she wanted to do and so we headed for the back

    By now, Liz knew that whenever she was outside alone she had to wear her
    baby harness so she would not wander off. She waited patiently while Mom
    took her old harness and fastened it about her chest and shoulders. I
    wondered why Mom used her old harness but not for long. She grabbed Liz's
    new baby harness and started to fasten it around my torso and shoulders. "I
    don't need a baby harness!" I cried. It was a little larger than the old
    one and could be made to fit me by adjusting the straps. In addition, the
    new harness even had a crotch strap that made it impossible to get it off
    by the wearer. Mom explained that even though I didn't really need a
    harness, she felt that it was important that Liz and I were treated alike.
    We went outside to the backyard and I could see that there were two leashes
    attached to a clothesline pole in the middle of the yard. One leash was
    attached to the ring in the middle of Liz's back and the other leash to the
    middle of my back. I was limited to about 25 feet from the pole. I could
    not leave the backyard if I wanted to. I felt like a dog on a leash.

    I played with Liz in the sandbox and she thoroughly enjoyed having someone
    to play with. She now thought of me as not only her big brother but her
    friend who was dressed and treated just like she was. We made castles and
    buildings in the sand for over an hour. It hit me rather quickly that I
    needed to take a shit. I had not gone since yesterday morning as I usually
    do. I tried to ignore it for awhile but before long it became an
    overpowering urge. The thought of messing my diapers was repulsive to me
    but I could not stand it any longer. I got upright on my knees. It felt
    strange to be outside and trying to take a shit, but I pushed on my bowels
    and out came a large pooper into my diaper. I felt considerably better
    inside with the relief in pressure but my bottom felt warm and mushy inside
    the diaper. I pushed some more and filled my diapers to what I thought was
    the limit. For good measure I pissed into my diapers as well. Talk about
    being a baby, I think this is as close as I could feel wearing baby clothes
    and in wet and messy diapers.

    I was just about to call out to Mommy to ask for a diaper change when I
    heard the doorbell ring. I listened intently as I heard Mom talk to whoever
    was at the door. About ten seconds later my best friend Tommy came walking
    around the corner of the house into the backyard. At first he was puzzled
    wondering where I was until he finally recognized me with my pigtails and
    toddler clothes. His mouth dropped open and then all he could manage was
    "Holy Cow! What happened to you?"

    I wish I could have died. Because I was tethered with a leash to the
    clothesline pole, I couldn't even run away and hide. And of all times, here
    I was with wet and messy diapers just like a baby. "Hi Tommy" I said weakly
    totally embarrassed. I tried to explain that Mom and Dad have asked me to
    help potty train Liz as if this justified my situation alone. Tommy came
    closer to the sandbox where Liz and I were and then smelled the telltale

    "It smells like someone pooped in their diapers. That isn't you Raymond, is

    What could I say? It was obvious. I just shrugged my shoulders as if to
    say, what else could I do? Tommy came closer and then surprised me when he
    reached out and felt my diapered butt. If there was any doubt before, there
    was none now. "My God, you did poop in your diapers! Are you a total baby?"

    I explained that I have been wearing diapers since last evening and finally
    had "to go." It was rock bottom I felt when I had to ask Tommy to go inside
    and tell my mother that I needed my diapers changed. He slowly turned
    around and went to the door and rang the doorbell again. I don't know what
    he said to Mom but she came out a few minutes later with some clean diapers
    and other supplies. I looked at her and asked her what she was going to do.
    "Well, you asked to have your diapers changed and so I came as quickly as I

    "You're not going to change them out here, are you?" I pleaded.

    "Of course, why not?" She then proceeded to lay a changing mat on the grass
    and told me to lie down on it. With Tommy and Liz watching, she proceeded
    to change my diapers right in the middle of the backyard! When I was back
    in clean diapers, Mom said "OK Pumpkin, you're all set. Tommy, if you want
    to stay and play with Raymond and Liz, that would be fine." After checking
    Liz's diapers and finding her only a little bit damp, Mom went back in the
    house. I then explained what had happened since yesterday to Tommy. He
    could not get over how much I looked like a toddler girl with my new
    clothes and hair do. I told him I could not believe it either. I begged him
    not to tell anyone else about my being diapered and all. He reluctantly
    agreed. We played in the sandbox for the remainder of the morning. I
    actually had a pretty good time considering.

    At lunchtime, Mom came and told us to come in for lunch. She asked Tommy if
    he would like to have lunch with us and he agreed. He was surprised when I
    sat in the high chair and Mom strapped me in. I was given a typical
    "toddler" lunch with milk in a sippy glass like Liz while Tommy had a
    regular sandwich and a glass of milk.

    When lunch was finished, Mom told Tommy that it was time for Liz and I to
    take a nap. If he wanted to come back later after naptime, he was welcome
    to. Tommy said his good-byes to me and Liz and left. I started heading to
    my bedroom when Mom said that I should come to Liz's room instead. I walked
    into her room and found that in addition to Liz's bed, her old baby crib
    had been set up by Dad during the morning. "Your Daddy and I feel it would
    be better if you spent as much time as possible with Liz during this
    'training' period. Unfortunately, Liz's room is not large enough to put
    your regular bed in here with hers. Your father then got Liz's old crib out
    of storage and set that up for you, Raymond. This is where you will be
    sleeping from now on. I know it is a little small for you but you will just
    have to curl up while you sleep."

    "But Mom, uh Mommy, I can't fit in there and I certainly don't want to
    sleep in crib. Why can't Liz use the crib?"

    "Because we're trying to get Liz to act like a big girl." It seemed that I
    was now more of a baby than Liz eating in a high chair and sleeping in a
    baby crib. Mom let down the side rail of the crib and told me to climb in
    which I reluctantly did. She then raised the railing. Somehow, it seemed
    like I was in a prison. Mom then asked Liz, "Liz, would it be OK if we give
    a couple of your stuffed animals to your brother to share in his crib?" She
    was more than willing to give me her stuffed Barney and a teddy bear, which
    Mom brought over to my crib and placed next to me. "What do you say,

    "Thank you Liz" I mumbled.

    After putting Liz in her bed, Mom closed the drapes and told us to have
    sweet dreams. I kept thinking I could not go any lower in my degradation.
    Now I am supposed to sleep in a crib. I drifted off to sleep which
    surprised me since I had not taken a nap in years.

    The rest of the day was spent just like normal for Liz and now for me. We
    played outside in the back yard after we were done napping. Even Tommy came
    back and played with Liz and me. We then had dinner and afterwards, Liz and
    I shared a bath. Promptly at 7:30, we were put to bed for the night. Mom
    even read us a bedtime story. I slept in Liz's and now my bedroom in the
    crib. It was cramped but I could manage to sleep alright if I curled up my
    legs. Lucky for me I am on the small side for a 12 year old.


    By Moe

    When Sunday morning came, this time I didn't even bother to try and hold my
    pee. I lay in the crib and just wet my diaper. I figured it would be better
    to have Mom change it when I got up rather than have to be uncomfortable or
    wear a wet diaper for awhile. About a half-hour later Mom came into our
    nursery and woke up Liz and let the side rail down on my crib. Today she
    announced that she would get Liz dressed first. Since it was Sunday, the
    whole family was going to church. I again got the honor of being Mommy's
    helper and assisted in changing Liz's wet and messy diaper. As usual, Liz
    was put into a disposable diaper followed by white tights, a petticoat and
    a pretty light blue dress. She wore black patent leather T-strap shoes with
    buckles. If past experience was any indication, I did not like the looks of

    When Liz was dressed, Mom told me to get on the changing table so I could
    get my diapers changed. I was put in the usual three thick cloth diapers. I
    asked Mom why I couldn't wear disposable diapers. It then occurred to me
    what I was saying. Like I really would be happy wearing disposable diapers
    instead of cloth! Mom explained that I needed the extra protection offered
    by the thick diapers and also wanted to make it very evident to Liz that I
    had diapers on.

    With fresh diapers and a blue vinyl panty on, Mom got a pair of white
    tights out of the dresser and started putting them on my feet and lower
    legs. She told me to get off the table and then pulled them up the rest of
    the way and over my thick diapers. Across the seat of my tights were layers
    of ruffles. Seeing where this was headed, I told Mom, "Mom, you are not
    going to make me wear a dress like Liz, are you? You can't make me!"

    Calmly Mom answered, "You have a choice, Dear. You can either wear a pretty
    dress like your sister or you can go to church in only your diapers. What
    will it be?" Talk about a choice! I reluctantly agreed that I would wear
    the dress.

    She went into the closet and brought out a white petticoat with lace trim.
    "Put your arms up Raymond so I can put this on over your head," Mom told
    me. When the petticoat was in place Mom went back to the closet and
    retrieved a brand new little girls blue dress with a wide collar and puffed
    sleeves. Once again with my arms up in the air, Mom gently lowered the
    dress over me putting my arms through the puffed sleeves. When it too was
    in place, Mom fastened what seemed like a dozen buttons in the back of my
    dress. There was a sash around my waist which was tied into a large bow in
    the back. She then tied some matching blue ribbons around my pigtails to
    match the dress. Finally, a pair of little girl shiny black shoes were
    placed on my feet and the straps buckled to secure them. Standing back from
    me, she inspected me and said, "You make the prettiest little girl! You and
    Liz are just darling together in your blue dresses. I am going to get ready
    for church so you 'girls' wait in the living room." I was getting tired of
    being called a girl but let it slide. I took Liz's hand and we went into
    the living room. When Daddy saw us, he let out a wolf whistle and told us
    how pretty we were. Of course, Liz enjoyed all the attention immensely.

    About ten minutes later, Mommy came into the room in a blue dress similar
    to ours but more mature in design. Now I am part of a
    mother-daughter-'daughter' look alike set. We all went out to the car and
    drove to church. I only know a few people at church and prayed that I would
    not see any of them this day. As it turned out, I did not have to worry.
    Mom took Liz and I by the hand and walked us downstairs into the basement
    area to a room with "Nursery" on the door. She talked a short time with one
    of the women who is apparently in charge and then came back and told Liz
    and I she would be back when the service was over. This is when I found out
    that I am supposed to stay with the three year olds and under in the
    Nursery. When I thought about it a bit, considering my current state of
    dress, this is probably better than being in Sunday school with kids my own
    age. There were about 15 kids in the room most of whom were wearing diapers
    like Liz and I.

    I quickly settled down with Liz and a couple of other 2 or 3 year old girls
    and started playing with some dolls – there was nothing else to do. When I
    crawled around on the floor, the back of my dress was up in the air so
    everyone could see my big diapered bottom under the ruffled tights. One
    girl, her name was Rebecca I think, asked me why I am so big and wearing
    diapers. I just mumbled that I was 4 years old and she went away. It helps
    that kids that age are so dumb. While sitting on the floor playing with a
    doll, a girl of about 14 came into the nursery room. She was a volunteer
    assistant I found out. When she saw me, she came over to me right away and
    asked what such a big girl like me was doing in the nursery. How was I
    going to explain to a girl only two years older than I that I was really a
    boy dressed like a toddler girl in diapers? Could I hide the fact that I
    was a boy? Maybe she would just think I was retarded or something.

    "I am with my sister Liz. That's Liz," I said pointing to her nearby.

    The girl said, "You two look like twins. What is your name?"

    I hadn't even thought about answering this question and replied, "Ray . .
    becca. Rebecca." I certainly couldn't tell her my name was Raymond.

    "That's a pretty name. I see you are still wearing diapers. Let me check
    your diapers to see if you need changing." Before I could even answer, the
    girl was reaching under my dress and pulling down my tights. She put her
    fingers through one of the leg holes of my vinyl panties to feel my
    diapers. Not only did she feel my diaper but also my balls. Her mouth
    opened in shock and she quickly withdrew her hand. "You're a boy!" she

    I was then forced to explain that I was really Raymond, that I was 12 years
    old and I was helping to potty train my little sister. After hearing my
    story, the girl, whose name I learned was Roberta, said she would help keep
    my secret. We talked about how it felt to be wearing diapers and girls
    clothes – she was really curious about my situation. She hoped I would be
    coming back next week to Sunday nursery school and I told her I thought it
    was probably a good possibility.

    When church service was over, Mom came and got us. I waved goodbye to
    Roberta and some of the other little girls I had been playing with. This
    didn't turn out as bad as I thought it might thank goodness. Daddy took us
    to a restaurant where we had breakfast. Liz and I were both seated in high
    chairs at the table. On the way home, he said that since it was such a warm
    day, how would we like to go the lake? Liz immediately said 'Yes!' Normally
    I would love to go to the lake too and it was far enough away that I was
    unlikely to run into anyone I knew. "Do I have to wear diapers if I go
    swimming?" I asked.

    "Of course you do. But don't worry Honey, I bought a nice new swimsuit for
    you. I'm sure you'll love it!" I was rather doubtful about that.

    Since I was Mommy's helper, I was told to get Liz undressed and change her
    diaper. Fortunately, it was only wet. Mom had already changed out of her
    dress and into shorts and a halter-top. She got Liz's swimsuit out of the
    dresser drawer and helped her put it on. It was a light pink one-piece
    bathing suit with a dark pink short skirt attached at the waist.

    I was the only one left still wearing a dress. Mommy helped me undress and
    then told me to get up on the changing table so I could get my diapers
    changed. They were soaked and I am not even sure when I did it. That's a
    scary thought! I was surprised when Mom reached for my package of
    disposable diapers and removed one from the plastic wrap. "Since we are
    going to be away all afternoon, I think this would be a good time for you
    to wear a disposable diaper." Even though it was a thick disposable, it
    actually almost felt like regular underwear compared to the thick diapers I
    had been wearing for the last two days.

    She then went to my dresser and got my new bathing suit out of the drawer.
    She held it up in front of her to show me and said, "Isn't this the cutest
    little bathing suit you have ever seen?" It was primarily yellow with a
    stretchy puckered top half and a big ballooned bottom with elasticized leg
    holes. There were cartoon ducks and geese and some other birds all over it.
    "Come here Honey and let's try it on." The bathing suit I was supposed to
    wear was more babyish than any other I had ever seen. Even Liz's looked
    more grown up than mine. "Come on Sweet Baby, we haven't got all day." I
    got off the changing table and slowly walked towards Mommy who was holding
    it in position for me to step into. I put one leg into the suit and through
    a leg hole at the bottom and then the other. Mom started pulling it up on
    me and instructed me to put my arms through the armholes. When it was all
    the way up, she zipped it up the back and made a few adjustments and then
    pronounced it to be a perfect fit. I have to admit she was right, it fit
    perfectly like all the clothes she bought for me. She "poofed" out the
    balloon bottom of my suit and you could hardly tell I had a diaper on. "Run
    along. I just have to pack a diaper bag for you and Liz and then we'll be
    ready to go to the lake."

    In ten minutes Daddy was driving our family to the lake. Liz and I were in
    the back seat wearing only our swimsuits and sneakers. It took almost an
    hour to get to the lake and there were a lot of people there judging by the
    number of cars in the parking lot. Dad got the stroller out of the trunk,
    set it up and put Liz in it. He then got out the blankets and cooler and
    arranged them on the stroller so they would not have to be carried. Mom
    started pushing the stroller and Daddy told me to come to him. He then
    picked me up and carried me with my legs around his waist and holding me up
    with one hand under my bottom like a toddler. In his free hand he carried
    Liz's and my diaper bag. We then headed for the beach.

    We had to walk a ways but finally found a nice spot to put our blanket
    down. Mom and Dad took off their outer clothing so they only had bathing
    suits on too. "Do you girls want to go swimming now?" Mom asked. Naturally
    we both said yes. "Before you go in the water, I have to put on your
    swimming caps." She opened the diaper bag and retrieved a small pink cap
    for Liz and put it on her. She then reached in the diaper bag and pulled
    out a yellow rubber swim cap. "Come here Raymond, let me put this on you.
    We don't want to get your hair wet." She stretched the yellow cap over my
    head concealing all my hair including my pigtails. The strap hanging down
    from the right side was pulled under my chin and snapped secure by my left
    ear. It really felt weird to have my head encased in rubber. Things sounded
    different too since my ears were covered. "OK girls, you can play in the
    water but don't go too deep. I am counting on you Raymond to keep a close
    eye on your sister." I promised that I would and we then headed for the

    We played in the water for about a half-hour and then came back to where
    Mom and Dad were sunning themselves. My disposable diaper must have soaked
    up about ten pounds of water. My swimsuit helped to hold it in place. When
    I sat down in the sand, there was a big "squish" as the water was forced
    out of my diaper. Liz and I started making castles in the sand. It wasn't
    long before two other little girls came by and asked if they could help
    make castles. We said sure. The girls were Becky who was 7 and Jessica who
    was 5. They asked about us and I told them I was 8 years old. I didn't
    think they were dumb enough to think I was 4. After playing for nearly an
    hour, I could see that Becky was hesitant about something. Finally, she got
    the nerve to ask me, "Are you wearing a diaper?"

    I had no choice but to tell her that I was since it was fairly obvious. I
    said that I didn't need diapers but it was just to make Liz feel better
    since she still had to wear them. Becky thought that it was really nice of
    me to be so good to my little sister.

    About 15 minutes later I got a strong urge in my bowels. I held off for
    maybe another ten minutes but then I couldn't hold it anymore. I pooped in
    my diaper! Within a minute, Becky and Jessica smelled that someone had
    pooped their pants. Becky went over by Liz and felt the bottom of her
    swimsuit. Her diaper was clearly empty. She then came over by me while I
    was kneeling in the sand and felt my behind. "My gosh, you pooped in your
    diaper! I thought you said you didn't need diapers." I could contain myself
    no longer and actually started to cry from embarrassment. Mommy, hearing me
    cry, came over and Becky then told her I had messed my diaper. She also
    felt my bottom to confirm that I had.

    She took me by the hand and brought me over by the blanket where my parents
    had been sunning. Reaching into the bag she brought out the changing mat
    and spread it out flat on the sand. "Let's get your suit off Baby and we'll
    get you cleaned up in a jiffy." Liz and the other two girls were standing
    by closely observing Mom and I.

    "Please don't change my diapers in the middle of the beach in front of
    everyone!" I begged. Mom wasn't listening and unzipped and started pulling
    down my bathing suit to around my knees. I was instructed to lie down on
    the changing mat, which I slowly did. She then proceeded to pull the tapes
    off my diaper and use the front half of the diaper to clean the mess off my
    bottom. Becky and Jessica became wide-eyed in astonishment when they saw my
    little penis.

    Mom used baby-wipes and cleaned up my bottom and then put a new disposable
    diaper on me. "It sure is lucky we brought disposable diapers for you
    today. This would sure be a lot more difficult with cloth diapers." I was
    told to stand up and Mommy helped me put my bathing suit back on. "There,
    that wasn't so bad, was it?" How could I tell her that I have never been so
    humiliated in my whole life?

    Becky came up to me and said it was OK if I was a boy and still needed
    diapers. They would still play with us. For some reason this made me feel a
    little bit better. I was surprised when Becky asked me if Liz was only
    wearing diapers to make me feel better and not the other way around. I
    explained to her that Liz needed to wear her diapers too. We continued to
    play for another 45 minutes until Dad announced that it was time to leave.

    I have to admit that other than the embarrassing "pooping incident," I had
    a fairly good time playing with Liz and the other girls at the beach. I
    could never tell Tommy or my other friends this of course.


    By Moe

    The first two weeks of my new "diaperhood" passed more quickly than I would
    have expected. I no longer bother to protest about wearing baby girl
    clothes and diapers since I figured out it was futile anyway. Tommy came
    over most days and played with me even though I was a little girl now for
    all outward appearances. As far as I know, he never told anyone else about
    my predicament and I am really grateful for that. I haven't seen him as
    much lately though. Maybe he is getting tired of playing with girls.

    In addition to becoming sisters, I think Liz has become my best friend.
    Maybe even more so than Tommy. We seem to get along very well whenever
    we're together. And that is all the time since we eat, sleep and play
    together. Liz is totally ecstatic with our new relationship and just loves
    being with me all the time and having a 'sister'. Even Mom is appreciative
    since she dresses me and changes my diapers and I in turn help dress Liz
    and change her diapers.

    Mom made Liz and I matching sundress and bloomer outfits and a matching
    sundress for herself (but no bloomers since her dress is longer). Daddy
    took a picture of us 'girls' in our sundresses while we were all visiting a
    nearby park. It's funny, I don't even particularly notice when someone
    includes me in with the 'girls' anymore. Once in awhile I even think of
    myself as a girl now that I am dressing and acting like one all the time.

    One thing is starting to bother me. I have noticed that more and more often
    my diapers are wet and I don't even remember peeing in them. Also, whenever
    I have to poop, I find it very easy to just do it in my diapers with very
    little or no effort at all. Two days ago I even woke up in the morning with
    messy diapers. Am I losing my toilet training? I'm not so sure I won't need
    potty training for real. I haven't said anything yet to Mommy or Daddy
    about my concerns.

    Mommy has told us today that our potty training is going to start tomorrow.
    Dad bought a small child's wooden chair and converted it into a potty chair
    for me. He cut a hole in the seat and installed wooden tracks so that a
    plastic pot can be slid into position under the hole. At the front of the
    hole, a rubber scoop was glued to the wood for my male anatomy. The chair
    legs were sawed down so that the chair only sits about 6" above the floor.
    Finally, a strap was added to the back of the chair so I could not get up
    unless I was released. Basically, my potty-chair is the same as Liz's
    except that it is slightly larger and has the scoop in front.

    I slowly wake up as usual fairly early the next morning in my crib. I don't
    even think of it as Liz's old crib but now it's 'my' crib. I have done it
    again! I have made a mess in my diapers during the night and didn't even
    know it. What does this mean? I could climb out of the crib but there is
    nothing to do since I need to have my diapers changed. Coming into our
    bedroom, Mom sniffs the air and says, "Someone has made poopies in their
    pants and I think I know who." She walks directly towards me and lets down
    the side rail of the crib. She tells me to roll over so she can feel my
    bottom. When she confirms that I am indeed the "stinker", she asks me if
    there is anything I want to say.

    With some sobbing and tears, I confess to her that I think I am losing my
    toilet training. "I never imagined that we might have to potty train both
    you and Liz for real. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all.
    Fortunately, today is the day we start your training so let's hope
    everything works out OK. Now we better get that messy diaper changed." The
    dirty diapers now go into my own diaper pail with my name on it. Mom
    dresses me in some pink terry cloth shorts and a sleeveless top with
    "Mommy's Little Angel" in children's blocks printed across the front.

    Mom wakes up Liz and her diaper isn't even wet. I dress her in shorts and a
    top that match mine. During breakfast, Mom tells us about our potty
    training. "You will each sit on your potty-chairs for at least 10 minutes
    when you first get up in the morning and after each meal. You can also sit
    on your chairs whenever you feel the need. You can get out of the chair
    early if you have done your 'business.' That is, if you go pee-pee or
    poo-poo in your chair. We will keep the chairs in the bathroom so you get
    used to the idea of doing peeing and pooping in the bathroom unless Daddy
    or I need the bathroom. Then we'll put the chairs in the hallway just
    outside the bathroom door.

    "If you can go three days without wetting or messing your diapers, you can
    then wear 'big girl' training pants. Is this clear? I am sure you don't
    want to wear diapers anymore like babies do." Mom looked at us both to make
    sure we understood how the training program was supposed to work.

    When breakfast was done, Liz and I were taken into the bathroom where our
    potty-chairs were lined up in a row. Mom pulled Liz's shorts down and
    removed a couple tapes from her disposable diaper and slid them down her
    legs. She then eagerly sat down on her potty-chair and waited for me. Next
    she pulled my shorts down and unpinned one side of my diapers and slid them
    down to my ankles. With some help from her, I sat down over the hole in my
    potty-chair with my penis tucked safely behind the front scoop. Mom then
    took the strap from one side of the chair, put it around my chest, threaded
    it through an opening and secured the end behind the back of the chair.
    There was no way for me to get out of that chair without help. Liz is
    confined to her chair in about the same way.

    Since I had already messed my diapers during the night, I had absolutely no
    reason to go to the toilet now. All I could do was sit there with my knees
    in front of me since I was sitting so low. After a few minutes, I heard a
    tinkling noise from Liz's chair as her pee-pee hit the plastic bowl under
    her seat. She was beaming with pride and called for Mommy to come quick. "I
    made pee-pee in the toilet, Mommy!"

    "Why that's wonderful, Precious. I knew you could do it! See, that wasn't
    so hard now, was it?" The strap around Liz was released and she stood up so
    that Mommy could put her diapers back on. After her shorts were pulled up,
    Liz asked if she could stay with me. "At least part of the training plan
    seems to be working quite well, don't you think, Raymond?" I had to agree
    that Liz appeared more willing than ever before to try and use the
    potty-chair. And now she has succeeded in using the potty for the first
    time. It truly may have been because I was sitting right next to her. The
    question may be, who is going to help train me?

    After my ten minutes are up, Mommy came and released me from my
    potty-chair. With my diapers pinned on and my shorts pulled up, Liz and I
    went outside in the backyard to play. We both still had to put on our baby
    harnesses and get leashed to the clothesline pole so we would not wander
    away. Hanging out to dry on the clothesline were about a dozen of my cloth
    diapers. Shortly before lunch, Liz called to Mommy saying she wanted to sit
    on her potty-chair. She came right out and took Liz inside to the bathroom.
    A couple minutes later Mommy was again showering Liz with praise for using
    her potty. After lunch, Mom took us both to the bathroom for our after meal
    potty break. When Mom pulled down my shorts and plastic pants, she found
    that my diapers were soaked. I could offer no explanation and since I was
    pretty well "peed out," could do nothing on the chair. After our ten
    minutes were up, Mommy led me shuffling along with my plastic panties and
    shorts around my ankles into our bedroom. I hopped up on the changing table
    (I certainly didn't have to be told what to do any more) and was put into
    fresh diapers. Liz and I then took our afternoon naps. The rest of that day
    and the next few were pretty much the same. Liz seemed to be doing very
    well with only a couple of "accidents" along the way. On the other hand, I
    was a complete disaster. It seemed I was always going in my diapers shortly
    before our potty time.

    After five full days of training, I had only managed to pee a little bit
    into the potty twice. I think it was more a chance of luck than a result of
    any toilet training. Meanwhile, if Liz manages to get through one more day
    without an accident, she will be awarded with her first pair of 'big girl'
    training pants.

    Friday was a big day in our household and everyone in the family was
    cheering for Liz to get through the day without any accidents. There was a
    close call late in the morning where she almost didn't make it to the potty
    in time but otherwise made it through to dinnertime without a problem.
    After dinner, Daddy handed her a small box. Liz ripped it open and she
    found three pair of colorful training pants. As far as she was concerned,
    they were big-girl underwear. Dad told her she could go in her room and try
    on a pair and she quickly hurried off. In a minute she was back and showing
    us her new panties. She could not have been happier if she had gotten a
    brand new doll. I was really happy for her. I then looked down and saw that
    here I was wearing thick diapers and a girl's sunsuit and sitting in a high
    chair. Liz is making progress in growing up as toddlers do while it seems I
    am regressing further and further into babyhood.

    Well, that's my story of how I happen to be sitting here on a potty-chair.
    It's ironic that a month ago, I was a normal 12 year old boy and my little
    sister was completely dependent on her diapers. Now my sister is free of
    her diapers and I am the one who needs diapers. My parents are feeling
    guilty about what happened to me. I am sure there is some way I can make
    this pay off for me. The strange thing is, I'm not 100% sure that in my
    subconscious I may not want to wear diapers. Even being a little girl has
    its advantages. Mommy gets me up in the morning and dresses me, fixes my
    hair, changes my diapers, bathes me, feeds me and everything. Even Daddy
    seems to treat me nicer now.

    My ten minutes are more than up and the plastic pot under my seat is still
    bone dry. What if I can't get potty trained? Could I be wearing diapers to
    school this fall? At least it is only mid-July so there is plenty of
    vacation time left. Or is there?

    Master Yoda has taught me well!! I am one with the force!! Its power flows through me, and makes me strong!! A Little Jedi Master & skilled lightsabre wielder!!
    ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬?? ?▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

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    Re: Potty Training Parts 1-4 by Moe

    Thanks for finding and posting the story ICEY. I am certain it will be appreciated.

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    Re: Potty Training Parts 1-4 by Moe

    Thanks Icey. I prefer this version. At least Raymond stays a boy not like the other versions where he is turned into a girl which is sick. As for the BJ version it is hideous and shouldn't be allowed to be posted anywhere. I don't agree with sissification or forced feminisation or child sexual abuse which that version is littered with.

    Again many thanks.

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    Re: Potty Training Parts 1-4 by Moe

    'Scuse me - what is so "sick" about being turned into a girl?? It's okay to put a kid in diapers when he is already potty trained, but not to put him in a dress? Dude - it's a story. Sissification - IN A STORY - is no worse than babification!

    Besides that, from what I can see - there IS sissification in this version just as much as others! Observe: "Tommy came over most days and played with me even though I was a little girl now for
    all outward appearances." Quite frankly, I don't know that there is any difference at all between this and the other one Icey pointed out - Daniel's Life - other than the name of the main character. I may go back and look again, and if I am indeed correct about that, I'm removing the rip-off.

    Now - the BJ one … even though it is a story as well, I feel differently about that. There's way too much hardcore sex in it. I barred her from posting any more of that other one she wrote here, as it was even worse! When a story devolves into sexual molestation of a child, along with scat, abuse, and God knows what else, I tend to start to be a bit concerned about the writer of said story. Either way I know the story itself can easily be construed as child porn by any over-zealous prosecutor.

    BTW - aren't you the same one who keeps harping about Baby Jenny's other story on Sissy Kiss, asking her not to have so much abuse in it … and yet asking her for more story at the same time? Your name is awfully similar.

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    Re: Potty Training Parts 1-4 by Moe

    Sorry Kita wrong dude. I think a case of mistaken identity.

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    Re: Potty Training Parts 1-4 by Moe

    Ok maybe that's not you on Sissy-Kiss, but it is still unbelievable that you would come to a forum where people talk about wearing diapers, ask for a story that has ALWAYS had elements of sissification in it, have the story found and posted for you BY an LG, on a forum where one of the owners and several of the well-known posters are LG, and call sissification "sick"!

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    Re: Potty Training Parts 1-4 by Moe

    Some people just aren't into sissy stories and it might be perfectly reasonable to find a stories they aren't into as sick. However, if I find a sissy story, I don't read it and just wait until someone else comes along with a story I do like. Or better yet, I write my own stories.

    Sissies are part of the ABDL culture and, like it or not, there are are a lot of ABDL stories about sissies. The board is shared by sissies and non-sissies alike and the format works. Just read the stories that you like. I write stories that have actual female protagonists because that is what I like to write. I've been told some of my stories are sick, particularly involving humiliation of a character because that reader is not into humiliation.

    I realize by taking the middle arguement, I pissed off both sides, but I had to say what I thought.

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    Re: Potty Training Parts 1-4 by Moe

    Thanks Write and Left. I stand by what I said because that is how I feel. I am entitled to express those views an shouldn't be 'shot down' because they do not conform to those of others. I like your 'middle view' of things. After all I expressed shock at the revolting stuff written and posted by some members and did not denigrate the likes and dislikes of others that is their affair.

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    Re: Potty Training Parts 1-4 by Moe

    You stated (in a roundabout way) that you felt sissification is sick. You said that in a place where you know there are many TGs and sissies. As such, it is an insult, plain and simple. You can have your views, but there is no place for insulting entire groups of people on a forum that is for them and others with non-traditional lifestyles and likes.

    What you did was committed the, "My kink is ok, but yours is not ok" fault.

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    Re: Potty Training Parts 1-4 by Moe

    If this happened, I would just run away before anything else happens.

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