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Thread: Tina's Diapering part 4

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    Tina's Diapering part 4

    Tina's Diapering part 4

    She arrived at Tina's house just as her mom was leaving. She entered the house and found Tina watching television in the living room, wearing her diaper.
    "There's my good girl. How are you today?" asked Ashley.
    "I'm so sick of diapers. I haven't wet the bed or my diaper for one whole week already, but my mom still keeps the bathroom locked and forces me to keep wearing these things," said Tina, turning to Ashley, "Is there any way you would let me get out of these things?"
    "I'm sorry, Tina, but I have to follow your mother's orders," said Ashley. Tina growled and turned back to the television. Ashley walked over to her friend. She felt her diaper and felt that it was wet.
    "Oh, you're wet. Does baby want a diaper change?" cooed Ashley.
    "I'm not a baby, so don't talk to me like I'm one," Tina growled.
    "Well, come on then, let's go change you," said Ashley. She went into Tina's mother's room and returned with baby powder and a fresh diaper. Tina lay down on the couch and Ashley got her changed. She returned the things to Tina's mother's room and came back out.
    "Huh, where'd Tina go?" Ashley asked herself. Suddenly, someone grabbed her from behind and locked her arms behind her back. Ashley gasped and felt a rope being tied tightly around her wrists. Ashley was thrown to the ground and fell onto her butt hard. As she tried to figure out what was going on, her feet were tied together tightly by another rope. Ashley struggled, but couldn't get free. She went to yell for help, but a pacifier was shoved into her mouth and tied around her head so she couldn't spit it out.
    "There, now maybe you'll listen to my demands," came the voice of the diapered Tina, from next to Ashley. She walked around to her friend to admire the work she had done.
    "Now, listen to my demands and I'll perhaps let you go," said Tina, "First, you're going to let me out of diapers and tell me where my mother hid my panties. Two, you're going to talk my mother out of making me wear diapers. Do these two things and I think I'll let you go." Ashley shook her head.
    "I can't do that," managed Ashley through the pacifier, "I promised you mom I wouldn't."
    "Well then, I'll give you one last chance to say yes before I begin," said Tina. Ashley shook her head no.
    "Okay then. If that's the way you want it," said Tina. She disappeared and Ashley looked around, scared of what was to happen. Tina came back with a bottle in her hand and a video camera.
    "Drink from this," Tina ordered. She took the pacifier out of Ashley's mouth and inserted the bottle. She turned on the camera and focused it on Ashley. Ashley didn't want to drink from it, but a little of it fell onto her tongue as she squirmed. Soon, more of it began to fall and she found herself sucking on it. Tina smiled as she watched with her camera. Ashley finished the entire bottle and Tina took it away.
    "Good, baby Ashley," cooed Tina. She inserted the pacifier back into Ashley's mouth. Ashley sat on the ground, feeling a little weird.
    "I'm going to go over here and find my panties," said Tina, "Now you stay here and don't have any accidents." The idea suddenly hit Ashley. She knew she would have a bowel movement that she couldn't control in only a matter of time. She watched as Tina walked away with her camera, a big smile on her face. Suddenly, she bent down, holding her stomach. She began to grunt and Ashley saw a bulge protruding from her friend's diaper. A smile went across Ashley's face. The bulge grew larger as Tina continued to poop her pants.
    "Heh, she may not like wearing diapers, but she still can't fully control going in them," thought Ashley. Tina finished and turned around, her face red from embarrassment. Her diaper was sagging at the bottom and she tried to cover it in her shame.
    "I haven't gone all day," Tina growled, "And don't think this changes anything."
    "Untie me and I'll give you a changing, baby Tina," cooed Ashley through her pacifier. Tina growled and waddled off into her mother's room. She changed herself into a fresh diaper and went into the living room to watch television. Ashley sat for about a half an hour when the drink began to kick in. Ashley quickly felt a great need to poop and pee, but tried to hold it in. Tina noticed this and came over.
    "Oooohhh, looks like baby's ready to go," cooed Tina, "But I'm sure you don't want to go in those nice pants. Wouldn't you rather have a diaper? Tell me where my mom hid my panties and I'll put you in one, baby." Ashley shook her head no and Tina sighed.
    "Okay then. Look into this camera here and tell the world what a big baby you are," Tina ordered, turning on the camera, "Tell them how much you want your diapers." Ashley shook her head again and the urges hit her harder. She could barely hold it in and Tina seemed to notice this.
    "Tell the camera, or ruin your nice pants and get no change," ordered Tina. Ashley shook her head, but the pangs hit her harder and she nearly lost control.
    "Ok, fine, give me a diaper," Ashley complied.
    "No, I want you to say, 'I need a diaper. I can't control when I go. Please get me a diaper," Tina ordered. Tears streaked down Ashley's face as the pain came harder.
    "I need a diaper!" Ashley yelled, "I can't control myself! Please, get me a diaper!" Tina smiled and walked into her mother's room. She came back out with a diaper in hand and baby powder. She reached up to Ashley's waist and unbuttoned her pants. Tina slid Ashley's pants down her legs and took them off to reveal her panties. Tina took off Ashley's panties next and threw them away.
    "Big babies like you don't need those," Tina said.
    "Hurry, I can't hold it much longer," Ashley pleaded. Tina smiled and slid the diaper underneath her friend. She fastened it up and walked away. She turned on the camera as Ashley began to lose control.
    "Okay, baby Ashley. Go ahead and go," Tina said, aiming her camera on Ashley. Ashley continued to try to hold it, but could not any longer. Her bladder relaxed and she began to flood her diaper. The bottom of her diaper turned yellow as she peed herself uncontrollably. She finished with a big spot of yellow at the bottom and front of her diaper. She felt the poop coming out and fell over as she pooped her pants. She lay on her side and a bulge was created in the back of her diaper. Ashley bit down on the pacifier as she pooped. Tina filmed as Ashley messed herself uncontrollably. Ashley continued to poop and ended with a huge bulge in the back of her diaper. She was breathing heavily as she finished. She looked at the back of her diaper and saw the huge bulge in it.
    "There, now baby's all done," Tina said, turning off the camera, "I'll bet baby Ashley wants her diaper changed, doesn't she?" Ashley nodded in her shame.
    "Well, then. Tell me where my mom hid my things and I'll give baby a change," Tina demanded. Ashley shook her head no and Tina sighed.
    "One last chance before this gets a lot worse," threatened Tina. Ashley thought about it and finally nodded.
    "Good girl. Now let's get your dirty diaper changed. You wouldn't want to go home in a messy diaper, now would you?" asked Tina.
    "They're in your mother's closet, on the top shelf," said Ashley. Tina smiled and went off. She came back, a frown on her face.
    "They're not there," Tina told Ashley.
    "But that's where your mother told me they are. I swear!" pleaded Ashley.
    "Okay, I'll look again, so you better hope they are," Tina said. Tina went into her mother's room and looked all about the top shelf. She put her hand on it, trying to feel if her panties were there. She didn't find them but instead found a note in her mother's handwriting.
    "Dear Tina,
    If you're reading this, then Ashley has told you of the place I hid your panties. But the fact is that I haven't hidden your panties at all. I've thrown them all out. To make sure you never have an accident again, you're going to wear diapers for as long as you live here, so get used to them."
    Tina read it in disbelief and growled.
    "Dammit. Dammit, now I'm mad," thought Tina, "I refuse to do this for the rest of my life here." Tina stormed out into the living room with a fresh diaper, baby powder, and baby wipes in her hands.
    "Okay, let's give baby Ashley a diaper change," cooed Tina, "We don't want you to get a rash." Tina went over to Ashley and un-taped her diaper. She cleaned off Ashley and applied baby powder to her diaper area. She slid the new diaper underneath Ashley's butt and fastened it up.
    "Wow, it feels kind of weird to be changing my friend's diaper, even if she is a big baby," Tina said, "I hope you don't make as big a mess in this diaper." Ashley felt ashamed and Tina pat her on her diapered butt.
    "Did my mother tell you the password to the bathroom?" asked Tina. Ashley shook her head.
    "No, she said I wouldn't be here long enough to have to use the bathroom," Ashley said. Tina grit her teeth in anger. She grabbed Ashley off the ground and lifted her to her feet. She led Ashley into her mother's room and sat her down on her mother's bed.
    "Okay, now for a little more humiliation," Tina said. She reached inside Ashley's bag and pulled out the paddle Ashley carried with her. She sat down on the bed and lay Ashley over her lap. Ashley looked back in horror, knowing what was to happen next. Tina began to spank Ashley's diapered butt hard with the paddle. Ashley whimpered as each hit hurt her butt even more. Tears began to drip down her face as the blows hit her harder. She yelped as the paddle smacked her diapered behind. Ashley lost control of her bladder and began to wet herself on her friend's lap. Tina continued to spank her friend as she wet herself. Tears flowed down Ashley's face and Tina finally stopped.
    "Oooohh, baby Ashley had a little accident, did she?" asked Tina in a baby voice, "Did you go pee-pee? Want me to change you, baby? Or will you pee-pee again?" Ashley felt completely humiliated. Tina stood up Ashley and pointed to where Ashley had wet her diaper.
    "Does big baby girl Ashley have to make a poopie?" asked Tina, "Do you have to pee-pee some more?" Tina turned on the camera and showed the ashamed Ashley in her wet diaper.
    "Ok, I'll go change your diaper and we can move on," Tina said, turning off the camera. She came back with a new diaper and changed Ashley. Ashley was now completely ashamed of herself.
    "So now what do you want to do, baby Ashley?" asked Tina. Tears began to drip down Ashley's face.
    "I just want to go home," cried Ashley.
    "Ooooohhhhh, is baby Ashley crying?" asked Tina, "Did you make a pee-pee?"
    "Stop it and just let me go home!" yelled Ashley.
    "Uh-oh. It looks like baby Ashley didn't learn her lesson," Tina said, "I think I'm going to have to give you another spanking, you naughty girl." Ashley looked back in horror as Tina lay her over her lap. Tina began to spank Ashley hard again. Ashley bit down on her pacifier as the paddle smacked her behind. Tears flowed down her face and she began to cry uncontrollably. Tina continued to spank her friend and Ashley was completely bawling. Tina stopped and Ashley continued to cry.
    "Please stop. It hurts so bad," cried Ashley.
    "Oooooooh, maybe next time you should be a good baby," said Tina, "I'm afraid I'm not done with you yet."
    "No! Please stop!" pleaded Ashley, still crying. Tina ignored her and un-taped Ashley's diaper. Ashley butt was red from the spanking she had been issued. Tina put down the paddle and began to spank Ashley's behind hard with her hand. Ashley cried out and completely lost control over her body. She was in so much pain that she was bawling uncontrollably. She also began to wet herself a little bit, but didn't have much pee left. Her butt was completely numb and she was reduced to the age she was being treated as. Tina continued to spank her friend hard and slowly came to a stop. She fastened Ashley's diaper up and stood her up. Ashley immediately fell to the ground onto her stomach, still crying her eyes out.
    "There, I think now you've learned your lesson," Tina said. Ashley's crying slowed to a stop.
    "Please, no more. I'll do whatever you want," pleaded Ashley. Tina came over and stood Ashley up.
    "Ok then. Good baby," Tina said, "We're going to go for a little ride right now." Ashley was a little confused, but didn't want to say anything against it and get another spanking. Tina led Ashley out into the living room and untied her. She led Ashley outside and they hopped into Tina's car. They got in and Tina began driving.
    "Where are we going?" asked Ashley fearfully.
    "No questions," Tina said, "Just swallow this." She handed Ashley a pill.
    "No! What's this going to do to me?" asked Ashley.
    "Do it or I'll give you another spanking," said Tina. Ashley remembered her hurt behind and swallowed the pill. Tina continued driving and they stopped at a house.
    "I want you to go out there and ring the doorbell," Tina ordered, "You just make casual talk until I tell you to come back. Tell Susan I said hi." Ashley recognized that the house they were parked outside of was her friend Susan's house. Ashley reluctantly got out of the car, not wanting another spanking, and she walked up the driveway, wearing only a shirt, a diaper, and a pacifier in her mouth. She rang the doorbell and a tear ran down her cheek. She suddenly felt funny as her friend Susan answered the door.
    "Oh, hey Ashley," Susan said, "Hey wait a minute! What's going on! What the hell are you doing in a diaper?" Ashley turned red and wet herself a bit on accident. Susan watched in horror. Suddenly, Ashley felt an immense need to poop. She bent down, unable to control her bowels, and began to poop her diaper. Susan watched in disgusted horror as her friend pooped her pants right in front of her.
    "What are you doing?!" asked Susan, "What are you doing in a diaper and why are you crapping it?" Ashley began to cry as she pooped herself uncontrollably. Her diaper began to grow large in the back as poop filled it.
    "Ew this is disgusting!" exclaimed Susan. Ashley finished pooping her pants and stood up. She saw Tina motioning for her to come back and she walked away from the door. Susan watched her filled diaper as she walked away. Ashley got into the car and Tina drove off.
    "Very good, baby Ashley," Tina said, "Don't worry. We're almost done here." Tina drove back to her house and saw her mother's car in the driveway.
    "Perfect," thought Tina. Ashley's heart started to beat when she realized what was to happen. Tina got out of her car and motioned for Ashley to follow. Ashley got out of the car and followed Tina inside. They walked inside and Tina's mother came to the door.
    "Sorry mom," said Tina, "We just had to go get something." Tina's mother looked past her daughter and saw Ashley in a filled diaper.
    "What's going on here? Why are you in a diaper, Ashley?" asked Tina's mother. At that Ashley only began to cry.
    "Tina, what's going on here?" asked Tina's mother.
    "I made her wear that diaper, mom," admitted Tina, "But I didn't make her go in it." Ashley stopped her crying.
    "Well, come here Ashley, and I'll give you a change," said Tina's mother. She walked over to Ashley and checked inside her diaper. She led Ashley into her room and lay her down on the ground.
    "Is what my daughter said true?" asked Tina's mother. Tina appeared in the doorway and shot Ashley a mean look. Ashley nodded her head as Tina's mother un-taped her diaper.
    "Well, I was going to give you a fresh pair of panties, but I think I'll just change you back into a diaper instead," said Tina's mother, "I don't want you to have an accident on the way home." Ashley tried to look shameful, even though she knew she would rather be wearing a diaper right now. Tina's mother cleaned up Ashley and applied baby powder to her diaper area. She slid a new diaper under Ashley and fastened it up.
    "There you go," Tina's mother said, lifting Ashley to her feet and patting her diapered behind, "You're all ready to go. Don't worry, I won't be telling your mother anything, but I'm not sure I can have you baby-sit here anymore. Thanks again for everything." Tina's mother paid Ashley and helped her find her pants. Ashley put her pants back on and walked out the door. Ashley got into her car and made the drive home.
    "As for you, my little diapered girl," Tina's mother said, approaching Tina, "Take those big girl pants off right now. You will be punished for what you have done to Ashley."
    "No, mom. I'm not going to do this anymore," Tina said. Tina's mom glared at her daughter and started towards her. Tina broke away to run, but her mother caught her by the arm. She dragged in her daughter and grabbed the zipper of her pants. She took off her daughter's pants as Tina struggled and threw them into her room.
    "For that, no pants for a week," Tina's mother said, "You will only wear skirts when we go out."
    "But mom, everyone will see my diaper!" protested Tina as she tried to escape her mother's grip. Tina's mother ignored her and dragged her into the kitchen. She reached into a cabinet and pulled out a bottle of castor oil.
    "No, mom, no!" pleaded Tina, but her mother ignored her once again. She held her daughter in her place and pulled out a spoon. She quickly poured some of the castor oil onto the spoon and brought in Tina to her. She held the spoon up to Tina's mouth, but Tina kept her mouth closed tight. Tina's mother forced open Tina's mouth and shoved the spoon inside. She pulled it out and held Tina's mouth closed. Tina struggled to escape and her eyes raced about frantically. She was forced to swallow and she gasped as her mother released her mouth. She backed away, upset. Her stomach started to rumble and Tina held it as it cramped up tightly. She grit her teeth as she tried to stop herself from pooping, but it didn't help. Her bowels released and she began to mess herself uncontrollably. Poop dropped into her diaper and created a bulge. Tina's mother watched with a smile on her face as her daughter pooped her pants. Tina continued to poop and the bulge in her diaper grew larger. She soon came to a stop with a huge bulge in the back of her diaper.
    "Come and get changed, baby," Tina's mother said mockingly. She grabbed Tina by the arm and led her back to her room. She lay Tina on the ground and pulled out a fresh diaper. She changed her daughter's dirty diaper and stood her up.
    "Oh, and I hope you enjoy your diapers, because you'll be in them for a while," Tina's mother said. She patted Tina's diapered butt, pushing her out of her room. Tina went back into her room and went to sleep, upset at what had just happened. She woke up in the morning, wet as usual. Her mother changed her diaper and threw one of her skirts at her.
    "Time to wake up. We're going to the store," Tina's mother said. Tina got up from her bed and patted her diapered behind, causing her diaper to crinkle as her mother left the room. Tina groaned and put the skirt on over her diaper. She looked at herself in the mirror and saw that it hid most of her diaper, except for the bulk of it and a bit of the bottom.
    "No way! It's going to show! Everyone will know!" Tina thought in her head, very upset. She scowled and walked out into the living room.
    "Ok, time to go," Tina's mother said, grabbing her daughter by the arm and rushing her out the door before she could explain. Tina walked outside next to her mother, extremely self-conscious of her appearance. She got into the car with her mother and her mother drove them to the mall. They got out of the car and walked inside, Tina self-conscious of the stares she was getting. They walked through the mall, Tina's mother leading them to stores. People walking behind Tina could easily see that Tina was wearing a diaper, from the bulge of her skirt to the bottom of the diaper that was visible to all. Tina looked around, aware that people knew she was in a diaper.
    "Mommy, why's that girl in a diaper?" asked a little girl to her mother as they walked by.
    "I'll tell you later," said the mother to her daughter. Tina held her behind for a moment, trying to hide her diaper. She took her hands off and they walked into a store. Her mother bought some things and they continued walking through the mall. People laughed as they walked by Tina and she began to tear up from her shame.
    "Mom, can we leave yet? I'm sick of people staring at me and my diaper," whispered Tina to her mother. Her mother shook her head and they continued to walk through the mall. They continued to shop and Tina felt more embarrassed as time went on. After an hour or so of shopping, Tina smelled a funny smell. Her mother noticed it as well and stopped. She held her daughter and put her hand onto her crotch. Tina gasped and people began to stare at the scene. Tina felt that she was wet and was confused.
    "Oh, honey, you're wet," Tina's mother said loudly, "And…" Tina's mother went around to her daughter's behind and lifted her skirt, revealing her full, sagging diaper. Tina gasped loudly and her face went red. People began to laugh while others walked away disgusted.
    "You made a poopie, baby," Tina's mother said loudly again, "Let's go get that diaper changed." Tina's mother lowered Tina's skirt, but the bottom of her dirty diaper was still visible.
    "Why did that happen?" Tina asked herself, "I only do that at night."
    "Oh, if you haven't noticed yet, the castor oil causes you to be incontinent for a week," explained Tina's mother. Her mother brought her into the women's bathroom and opened the baby changer. She took off Tina's skirt, revealing her messy diaper to all in the bathroom. Some laughed while others turned away in disgust. She lifted Tina up onto the changer and proceeded to change her daughter's diaper.

    to be continued…….?…….no muhahahaa!!!!

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    Tina's Diapering part 4

    "Oh, if you haven't noticed yet, the castor oil causes you to be incontinent for a week,"

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    Tina's Diapering part 4

    There should be a chapter five where Tina kills her mom, because that REALLY seems to be where this story is heading. But actually this story was pretty good. But given what Tina did to Ashley, I simply cannot believe she'd still be so submissive to her mom. Every sentence I was sure would include something like "Then Tina pulled out a steak knife and…"

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    Tina's Diapering part 4

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    Tina's Diapering part 4

    I'd have to agree with Nemo.
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