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Thread: The Bet 2 By Jim

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    The Bet 2 By Jim

    Date: 03/10/01 07:18:49 AM

    Subject: The Bet 2 Part 1 (Kirsten and Julie in diapers)
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    The Bet 2

    Part 1

    Julie was busy getting ready for her Jr. class party. School had just let out for summer vacation. All the guys and all the girls were going up to a cabin owned by Sara's parents. Sara was not one of Julie's best friends but, they always got along ok. Julie was a beautiful girl who had blonde hair and blue eyes. She was 17 years old and by far one of the most beautiful girls in her school. "Julia!!! Hurry up!!! Other people need to use the bathroom too!!" Julie's little sister Alissa yelled. Alissa was 14 years old and a freshman. She was very beautiful like her sister Julie, but she was a brunette and slightly darker in complexion compared to her sister. "Just a minute!!!!" yelled Julie in reply. "I sure wish she was back on that cruise with my parents" thought Julie to herself, "and besides that would mean James would be in diapers staying with me and Kirsten" she smiled as she thought to herself.

    James flew down the road in his car. He was a good looking athletic 17 year old that had dark hair and brown eyes. He hit the breaks and pulled into Kirsten's driveway. Kirsten was a very pretty girl herself; she had dark hair, a dark complexion, and a way with guys. She had been best friends with Julie since she was little, and they had both been good friends with James since seventh grade. Kirsten came out to the car with a couple bags. "Thanks for coming to pick me up James!!" she said smiling. "No problem, no sense in us both using our gas to get out there" James replied. "You know Kirsten??? This party is only lasting overnight; you got enough stuff for a week." "What are you talking about??? I packed extra light today!!" said Kirsten. "Whatever" said James and they sped down the road to pick up Julie.

    When they got to Julie's house she was still in her room getting ready. Kirsten ran into her bedroom to talk with her friend, while James sat down on the couch. "Gosh sure do got some bad memories of diapers and bottles here" thought James to himself. "Oh well, I'm done, Kirsten and Julie's troubles start tonight" his train of thought was suddenly broken though. "Hi James" said a smiling Alissa as she walked into the living room. "Hey Alissa how are you??" said James as he got up and gave her a hug.

    "Very good now" said Alissa as she was being hugged by James. Alissa had always had a secret crush on James but she knew he loved her sister and never really thought she had a chance with him. James sat on the couch and talked with Alissa a while before Kirsten and Julie finally came out. "Hi Alissa!!!" said Kirsten, when she saw her best friends little sister. Kirsten liked to tease Alissa as much as she teased James, but she was never actually cruel to her. "Hey Kirsten" said Alissa who was paying more attention to James giving Julie a hug, than talking to Kirsten. The 3 juniors got in the car while Alissa sat on the couch waiting for her mom to take her over to her friend's house.

    It took James and the girls about an hour to get to Sara's cabin. When they got there about half of the class was already there. They spent the afternoon swimming and talking and playing different games. When night time came they built a campfire and all sat around it. They roasted marshmallows and talked with each other as the night became early morning. "Anyone want anything to drink" asked James?? Several people answered but James was delighted to hear Kirsten's voice, because it was the chance he was waiting for. James poured several people's drinks but when he got to Kirsten's he poured it while adding a capsule of sleeping medicine and stirring it well. He took special care to hand Kirsten the correct cup and watched as she drank it down without notice.

    When they all decided to go to sleep it was about 2 in the morning. They all got in there sleeping bags and talked for a bit. Kirsten though was asleep before most of them as the sleeping medicine had taken affect and she dozed comfortably. At about 4 in the morning James got up and walked inside the cabin. He took a bowl out of the cupboard and filled it with warm water. He went back outside and found the spot where Kirsten was sleeping. He gently lifted her hand and placed it in the bowl of warm water. "I sure hope that sleeping medicine keeps her asleep long enough for me to get a few good pictures of this" thought James to himself. Kirsten didn't stir at all as her hand was let down into the warm water. James waited a bit and saw

    Kirsten squirm a little uncomfortably. He placed his and on the sleeping bag and smiled as he felt Kirsten's warm pee making her sleeping bag quite wet underneath her. Kirsten finally quit wetting and James waited and waited. "Gosh, this sleeping medicine works better than I thought, she just wet her bed and she still hasn't woke up" James thought to himself. He unzipped the sleeping bag completely and gently turned her over. Kirsten stirred a bit but didn't wake up until the camera flashed in her face several times. James then put his arms around her as he saw her stirring. "What's going on?" Kirsten asked in a tired confused tone. "Shhhhh!" warned James. "You just wet the bed, and I got about 4 pictures to prove it." Kirsten began to squirm uncomfortably as she felt the warmth between her legs and was beginning to realize her situation. She started to say something but James put his hand over her mouth and whispered into her ear. "I wouldn't say anything too loudly unless you want everyone to find out you wet your bed." He let his hand off her mouth, but Kirsten said nothing. She began to shake some from her pee starting to get cold but mostly because she knew where this was going to go.

    James handed her a pair of dry shorts and a shirt. "Go put these on and put your wet pyjamas in this" James said as he handed her a plastic bag. When Kirsten came out James took the plastic bag and then took Kirsten's wet sleeping bag and rolled it up and put them in the trunk of his car. Then he led Kirsten by the hand to his sleeping bag, he let her get in it with him and then zipped it up tightly around them. James put his arms around Kirsten and held her close. Kirsten was really too tired to think about it much as the sleeping medicine was still affecting her, she quickly fell back asleep in James arms.

    Part 2

    Kirsten woke up to the sound of some of her class mates moving about talking. She groaned as she realized she was wearing the pair of shorts and shirt James had given her last night. She looked around, but James wasn't anywhere around. She got up and began to talk with some of the other girls. When she spotted Julie she quickly ran over and whispered in her ear, "Julie we need to talk alone, NOW!!!!" She practically yanked Julie's arm out as she pulled her away from hearing distance of the group. "What's wrong???" asked Julie when she saw the terrified look in her best friend's eyes. Kirsten then proceeded to tell her the whole story. "Oh my gosh this is so not good" said Julie as Kirsten finished the story. "Oh but it is wonderful" a voice interrupted them from behind. They both turned to see James standing behind them. "James your not gonna show anyone those pictures or tell anyone about this are you?" Kirsten asked pleadingly. "Of course not, well at least not if you do what I say" he said as he smiled at them. "What do you mean by that??" asked Kirsten as her voice quivered. "Oh I think you know exactly what I mean, and Julie, she is gonna participate too unless she wants to see her best friend humiliated" James said as he winked at Julie. Julie turned white as she heard his words. "Well no sense in worrying about it now, I'll fill you two in with the details on the way home" James said as he walked happily away. "Oh shit I am sooooo sorry Julie" Kirsten started to apologize, but Julie cut her off, "No it's not your fault, and don't worry, I'm not gonna ditch you, No matter what I gotta do." "I know you would never ditch me Julie, but……..but…….but……….HE'S GONNA MAKE US WEAR DIAPERS!!!!!!" Kirsten said as a chill ran through both of their spines.

    Julie and Kirsten tried their best to keep their minds off what was certain to come, but they really didn't enjoy the rest of the party. James on the other hand was having a great time, and just when he thought things couldn't get better, he would remember he had Kirsten and Julie exactly where he wanted them. As the afternoon came to a close James came over to the girls and told them they needed to leave. Julie and Kirsten climbed in the car in silence, praying they were wrong about the diapers. They drove for about 10 minutes in silence before Kirsten could take it no longer. "James would you just tell us what we are gonna have to do for you to give us those pictures?" "Well, its not gonna be too bad, When me and Kirsten's parents go on vacation in a week, they are gonna be gone for 2 weeks, so I'll be merciful and say you both got a week at my house in diapers." James waited for a response to this but was greeted with silence. Finally Julie spoke up, "James this is so not funny, common we are friends." "Hmm friends didn't do me a whole lot of good when I was in diapers" James replied. "Besides, you two are still my friends after you put me through that week of hell in diapers, so I guess you two oughta do the same for me." The girls knew they had no good response that would be able to get them out of this situation; they just sat silent until James spoke to them again. "You know, come to think of it, I feel really bad for you two, cuz your gonna eat every bit as much as I had to, but the sad thing is, I can't cook." James said as he laughed. The girls just groaned and they were soon dropped off at Julie's.

    The next week went by all to fast for the girls, it was Monday morning and Julie left her parents house telling them she was going to stay with Kirsten since her parents were on vacation for the next two weeks. Julie's parents were very loose and trusted her alot, and it was not uncommon for the girls to stay at each others houses for weeks at a time. Julie got to Kirsten's house and they slowly drove to James house dreading what they would find there. Julie stopped at a gas station a mile from James house and they both hopped out to go to the bathroom. They took their time as they knew it might be a very long time before they used a toilet again.

    When the girls pulled into James driveway, the garage door went up immediately, the girls walked in and James opened the door for them. "Hey how are you two doing?" James cheerfully greeted them. Julie couldn't help but force a smile as she looked at Kirsten and said, "This is gonna suck." James led them into the house which looked as it always did. They didn't notice anything different until they got to where James bedroom was. James had a huge room, the inside was still decorated the same and his bed sat in the back corner as it always did. What the girls saw in the opposite corner however made them shudder. Two large cribs aligned the wall and lying off to the side of the crib were pacifiers bottles and one piece sleepers much similar to the one they had made James sleep in. The girls shuddered more and they looked between the cribs there was a dozen or so packages of diapers stacked together. James looked at the girls and cheerfully said "I hope I bought enough diapers to take care of your potty needs, but if not I guess we can all go to the store and buy some more." Kirsten and Julie groaned, as James laughed. "Well let's get you two in diapers and I'll tell you the rules."

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    The Bet 2 By Jim

    Part 3

    "Well I guess you can be first Kirsten" Said James as he began to undo her pants. "Whoa what are you doing?" said Kirsten as she stepped back. "What do you think, your clothes gotta come off for me to put a diaper on you. Besides what was it you said to me when you took my clothes off to diaper me??? I think it was something like you better get used to it, cuz it is gonna happen alot, now sit still." said James as he pulled her pants off her. Kirsten stood their defeated as he removed her underwear next and she was standing naked waist down in front of him. James told her to lie down as he went to get a package of diapers. "You can get your pants off too if you don't want me to do it for you" James said to Julie as he opened up the diaper package. Julie got her clothes off while James proceeded to diaper Kirsten.

    He pulled the diaper snug between her legs and taped it tightly on. Kirsten's face was beet red before he was finished. Julie stood stunned as she watched as James got a diaper out of the package for her. "Your turn Jules!!!" said James as the stunned girl stood naked from waist down before him. Julie laid down still in a daze but turned red as Kirsten when she felt the diaper being pulled between her legs. James taped the diaper snugly to Julie and then told them to sit still and he would be back in a minute. The girls stood staring at each other in disbelief as James left the room.

    James re-entered the room quickly and snapped several pictures. "What was that for?" asked Kirsten. "Oh well I had to get a few pictures of Julie, just too make sure she would stay in diapers all week. I thought her loyalty to you might fade when she is about to fill her diapers with poop." James said as he winked at Julie. "Well you don't know me very good then James" Julie said. "Oh I know you are a good friend, but I also know what it feels like to fill your diapers with a mess of poop. You will get every picture back that I have taken when the week is up" James said. "Not a second before then though" he added. "Anyways the rules are simple" James said, and he read them off.
    1. You will wear a diaper at all times.
    2. I will be the only person to change your diapers.
    3. When you have to go the bathroom you will use the diapers.
    4. You will eat and drink whatever I say.
    5. Basically just do whatever I say.

    "If you follow all those rules, when the week is up you will get your pictures back" James said. Kirsten and Julie knew they were in for a very long week. James then proceeded to dress each of the girls. He took both of the shirts they were wearing and told them they wouldn't need any of the clothes they brought with them, unless he was taking them out of the house. Which he assured them they would do several times. He then dressed Kirsten in a bright pink shirt that came down just above her belly button. He had a similar shirt for Julie except it was light baby blue. He left both of them in only their diapers for pants. "I got some cute bottoms for you girls, but I wanna make sure I can see good when you both use your diapers for the first time. James said as he laughed. "The best thing is that you both got alot smaller bladders than I have and you have twice the time I had in diapers, that means you'll be going about 4 times as much as I did." He added with a smile. James then gave both the girls a bottle and told them to drink up, which they slowly and reluctantly did. After that James brought them upstairs to have lunch. He made sure the girls ate more than their fill and washed it all down with alot more liquids.

    By the time lunch was finished Kirsten was already dancing all over the place. "I gotta pee so bad!!!!" she cried to Julie. James watched amused and Julie watched in horror as she knew she would soon be in a similar predicament. James walked over to Kirsten and put his arms around her holding her still. Kirsten turned red as James squeezed her tightly to him.

    "Please James, your gonna make me pee!!" Kirsten begged. James sat her on the couch with him. She crossed her legs and put her hand on the front of her diaper so she could hold her self. "Hold it as long as
    You want, it will come out soon enough" James said as he squeezed her still more tightly. Kirsten struggled through the next ten minutes, while Julie sat and watched in horror. Finally Kirsten just gave up and laid her head back and uncrossed her legs. Kirsten felt sick as the warm pee began flooding her diaper. James placed his hand against the front of her diaper and laughed as he felt it expand and grow very warm. Kirsten's face blushed a deep red as she continued to wet for what seemed an eternity. Julie watched in horror as the front of her best friend's diaper turned yellow. Kirsten squirmed and fidgeted the whole time she was wetting praying it would end. Finally the warm liquid quit flowing and she just sat in shock. "Aww did wittle Kirsten go wee wee??" James mocked as Kirsten's face turned several more shades of red. "James please change me" Kirsten begged as she began to cry. James smiled at her and said, "How could I ignore a face like that" he took Kirsten by the hand and led her to his room.

    James changed Kirsten into a dry diaper and taped it snugly to her. He then unlocked the side of her crib and helped her in. He gave her a bottle locked the side down and turned his attention to Julie who was beginning to squirm uncomfortably. "Lets go and let her sleep, she needs a nap." James said as he turned out the light and led Julie out of the room by her hand. Kirsten cuddled under the soft blankets in her crib and laid her head on the pillows. She found a stuffed animal James had put in there for her and held it close as she cried herself to sleep.

    Part 4

    By the time James and Julie had reached the living room Julie's bladder was starting to cause her great discomfort. James sat down on the couch and laughed as Julie danced around trying to ease her discomfort. "Julie why don't you come sit on the couch with me and relax for a minute?" James said as the beautiful blonde girl seemed to be growing very desperate. "I promise I won't do anything to make you wet your diaper more quickly than you are already gonna" he added as she began to walk towards the couch. She sat on the couch next to him and laid her head on his shoulder as she desperately tried to hold herself. James stuck a pacifier in her mouth and wrapped his arms around the squirming girl. "Why don't you just get it over with, then I will change you into a clean diaper and you can go nite
    Nite with Kirsten" he reassured her. Julie moaned softly with the pacifier in her mouth as her bladder was beginning to hurt badly. James pulled her into his lap and laid his hand across the white disposable diaper. He laid her head back against him as he gently rubbed the front of her diaper. Julie sat motionless for 15 minutes until her bladder could no longer take anymore pressure. She started to squirm, but James held her tightly and then he felt the front of her diaper growing warm. Julie felt gross as her warm pee filled the diaper and seemed to flow endlessly. The only comforting thing was the pressure that was relieved from her bladder. She finally quit wetting and just sat in shock as she took in what she had just done.

    "You wanna be changed?" James asked her as he smiled at the wet girl. Julie nodded, but much to her dismay James only replied "Ok well I will do that in just a minute, I'm enjoying this too much right now though" he said as he started laughing at her. He began to massage the warm front of her diaper making her squirm.

    "Sit still or I will put you to bed in this wet diaper" James warned her. Julie quickly became still as possible but still squirmed uncomfortably as James rubbed her wet diaper against her crotch. Finally after what seemed hours to Julie, James picked her up and took her to his room to be changed.

    James laid Julie out and removed the wet diaper exposing her naked body. Julie's face flushed a deep red as she lay on the floor before him. She now knew what James must have felt like when she changed his diapers. She desperately wished to change places with him and be the one doing the diaper changing, not getting changed. James wiped her crotch with some baby wipes and powdered her. He taped a new diaper around her snugly and gave her a pat on her butt which made her blush all the more. He gave her a bottle filled with a mixture of sleeping medicine and diuretics, which would ensure she would sleep a couple hours and wake up wet. He watched her drink it down and then led her to her oversized crib. He unlocked the side and helped her in and then locked the side back down again. Julie was surprised at how comfortable the bedding inside was, she cuddled in the warm blankets and held a security blanket close and she fell asleep on the soft pillows. James checked to make sure Kirsten was still asleep and then turned the light out again. He went over to his bed and turned his reading light on and read from a magazine as he waited for the girls to wake up.

    Kirsten woke slowly, as her eyes tried to focus. She felt an extremely weird sensation but could not figure out what it was. She tried to focus on it, WARM, WET, where am I she thought. Then she remembered her situation!!!! She was peeing, no not just peeing, she was wetting her diapers in the crib James had placed her in. She began to squirm, but she could not stop the flow of warm liquid into her diaper. She felt its warmth against her skin and realized she must have wet her diaper while she was asleep because it wasn't absorbing her pee very quickly. She finally quit wetting and then turned her attention to a dim light. She could see James sitting on his bed reading a magazine.

    "James…………..James please let me out of here" Kirsten begged from her crib. James looked over and saw Julie sleeping soundly; he turned his attention to Kirsten's crib where he saw the wide eyed girl pathetically looking at him from in between the bars. "Why do you want out, isn't your bed comfy enough??" James asked. "Yes the bed is comfy but my ……….my diaper…….my diaper is really wet" She meekly replied as she turned her face away in embarrassment. "Aww did wittle Kirsten go wettums in her didees while she was asleep?" James said teasingly as he began to unlock the side of the crib. "Well I guess you finally know what it feels like to be a bed wetter huh?" James said as he helped her out. "Well I hope you like it lots, cuz what was it you called bedtime for me when I was in diapers?Huh James asked as he smiled at her. Kirsten cringed as she knew what was coming next. "Oh yeah I remember what you called bedtime, BEDWETTING TIME!!!!!" he said as he smiled at her. Kirsten looked at the floor trying to not make eye contact with him. "Well don't you worry buddy!!! I would never deprive you and Jules of bedwetting time, in fact, seven days means seven nights which means you will get twice as many nights to be a bed wetter as I did. I hope it doesn't have any permanent effect on you" he teased her. Kirsten shifted uncomfortably in the wet diaper while she endured his teasing. She wished she had been a little nicer when James was in diapers, but she knew there was nothing she could do now. She just hoped he would be more merciful than she was.

    James removed Kirsten's wet diapers and cleaned her crotch off with wipes. He pulled a diaper snugly into place and taped it on the embarrassed girl. He helped her to her feet and led her to his bed. "You can cuddle up with me until your friend wakes up" James said as he helped her into the bed and put his arm around her. Kirsten rested her head on James chest as she tried to get his plans for the evening from him. He was more than willing to tell her that they would be going out to eat tonite. As James mentioned food a pain shot through Kirsten's stomach and she shifted uncomfortably as she realized her lunch was ready to come out into her diapers. James didn't notice though as his attention was drawn away by Julie's cries. He walked over to the crib and unlocked the side. He pulled Julie out and checked her diapers. She was very very wet. He calmed her down, and began to remove the wet diapers. Julie felt relief when she was wiped clean and a fresh diaper was taped snugly around her. He was in the process of helping Julie to her feet when he was interrupted by a desperate voice behind him. "James please don't make me do it" Kirsten begged. "Do what??" said James as he and Julie turned around. James took one look at Kirsten and realized the answer to his own question. Kirsten's face was beet red, she had a look of desperation on her face and she was moving around uncomfortably. James began to laugh as he said "Looks like your lunch is about to make a very messy return!!!!" "PLEASE!!!!!" Kirsten begged. "Kirsten" James said as he smiled at the pleading girl "I'm not gonna lie to you, I am going to enjoy every second of watching you shit in your diaper!!!!"

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    The Bet 2 By Jim

    Part 5

    James walked over to Kirsten and wrapped his arms around her and gave her a tight squeeze. She thought she was going to burst but somehow restrained from filling her diapers with poop. James picked Kirsten up and placed her in her crib and locked the side down. Kirsten squirmed around desperately trying to keep from filling her diapers. James then led Julie up stairs saying he would be back for Kirsten when he had finished getting Julie ready. Kirsten thought she was going to explode. She knew she was inevitably going o be messy, but she couldn't bring herself to just let go. James came down the stairs about a half hour later with Julie. She was dressed in her normal clothes but she had pigtails in her hair along with pink bows making her look very childish. James locked her into her crib and then came over to Kirsten.

    Kirsten was so close to filling her diapers and James could tell by her face. When he picked her up to take her out he gave her another tight squeeze. This time Kirsten couldn't control herself. Kirsten heard herself fart loudly and froze as she felt warm pasty goo filling the back of her diapers. "OH MY GOSH!!!" she screamed as she felt herself continuing to poop and starting to wet. Julie watched in horror as her best friend was carried out of the room while she was wetting and pooping her diapers. She shivered as she began to feel pangs in her own stomach telling her she needed to poop as well.

    Kirsten was in a state of shock as James continued to carry her upstairs. James set her down on her feet and then looked down at her. Kirsten's face had a mixed look of embarrassment and shock. James couldn't keep silent any more. He fell on the floor laughing, "Oh this is sooooooooooo great, oh my gosh, you can't even imagine how much I have waited for this day since you mocked me the first time I pooped my diapers at Julie's" Kirsten just shifted uncomfortably as she felt her pee mixing with her poop in the diaper.

    "Oh well, I'm gonna be nice and give you a choice, you can sit down right here on the floor in your dirty diaper for 15 minutes, and then I'll change you, or you can just go to dinner tonite in a dirty diaper" James said as he smiled at her. "What kind of choice is that???" Kirsten whined. "A very generous one I would say since Julie is gonna most likely not have any choice except to be in a dirty diaper at dinner" James said as he laughed a little more. Kirsten thought for a minute and then said "Fine I'll sit in it for fifteen minutes but you better change me right after it" "Great" said James and then he gave her a playful push which took her by surprise knocking her onto her on her backside. "OH MY GOSH!!!!!! GROSS!!!!!! OH YUCKY YUCKY YUCKY!!!!" Kirsten cried as the poop and squished all over inside her diaper.

    "It's 5:00 right now, I'll let you know when it is 5:15 and then I'll get you changed and dressed like Julie" James said as he sat down on the couch and began to watch TV. Kirsten thought the 15 minutes would never end; the seconds crawled as she sat in the messy diaper. Finally the clock turned to 5:15 and James came over and helped Kirsten to her feet. He took her to the bathroom and told her to wait in there. When he came back he was carrying a diaper, wipes, her clothes, and several pink bows. He told her to lie down so he could change her and she quickly complied.

    Kirsten was embarrassed and uncomfortable as it seemed to take James forever to clean all the poop of her body. He finally powdered her and taped a clean diaper snugly in place. Kirsten didn't know wearing a clean diaper could feel so good. She only knew she was extremely happy to have the messy diaper off. James helped her get dressed and put her hair in pigtails as he had done with Julie. When James was finished she looked very childish and had pink bows throughout her hair. Kirsten took little notice to how she was being dressed though. She was suddenly extremely worried as she realized how many dirty and wet diapers she had left before she would be out of diapers.

    James led Kirsten down stairs and let Julie out of her crib. Julie tried to hide as best she could how uncomfortable she was because she had to poop so badly. James grabbed several diapers and his keys and led the girls out to the car. James noticed a difference in the girls, always before Kirsten and Julie were non stop talking when they were around each other. Since they had been diapered however they both seemed unusually quiet. The truth was that Kirsten was incredibly embarrassed at the fact she had pooped her diapers earlier. Julie was not thinking about Kirsten at all though, she was busy trying to keep herself from filling her diapers. This was the reason the two girls said not a word as they walked out to the car. James looked in his rear-view mirror as he drove and saw the two girls scooched closely together.

    He laughed and chatted cheerfully to them as he drove. The girls answered but not so cheerfully. Kirsten was still busy thinking about how embarrassed she was at filling her diapers, and Julie was still desperately trying to hold herself. When the girls got out of the car at the restaurant though, the exact same thought entered both of their minds. They both wished they had brought looser fitting pants, because it was painfully obvious they were each wearing a bulky diaper underneath.

    Part 6

    As they waited to be seated Julie didn't think she would be able to take the pressure any longer. She looked around praying no one would be able to guess what she was about to do. James and Kirsten's attention was quickly drawn to Julie as they both heard a loud fart come from Julie. At the same time Julie felt an eruption in the back of her diapers as she pooped a large runny mess into her diapers. Her face reddened and she began to shake as she felt the warm mess cover her backside and fill the diapers all the way up to her crotch. She was just finishing pooping when a warm stream of pee entered her diaper soaking her and mixing with the poop making her a complete mess. Just then the waitress came and led them to their seat. James took Julie by the hand and smiled mockingly at her as he led her to their seat.

    When they got the booth Julie looked pleadingly at James and shook her head no. He totally ignored her though as he prodded her into the booth next to him. Julie whimpered as the poop squished even more up against her. Kirsten looked sympathetically at her best friend as she sat in an extremely dirty diaper. Julie was almost too scared to ask the question that had been running through her mind since she had pooped. "James" she said in a barely audible voice. "Can you please change me?" she asked. "Oh I think you can wait till you're all done eating every bite of what I order you" James said as he smiled at her. Julie sighed defeated and sick to her stomach. She didn't know how she could eat anything in her present condition. She found out she was gonna be eating plenty though when James ordered her "the Mexican feast" and a large coke to wash it down with. Kirsten sighed when James ordered her the same thing. She didn't know how she would be able to eat a bite of anything knowing she was going to poop it out into her diapers later. James informed her that Julie wouldn't be changed until she was done as well though, so she knew she would have to eat all of it for her friend.

    When the food arrived the girls looked even more discouraged. Neither of them thought they would be able to eat all the food. It was bigger than they had imagined. Both girls groaned as they began to eat. Kirsten felt sick as she ate knowing she would fill her diapers fuller with every bite she took. Julie just had a hard time eating in her filled up diapers. She felt sick as the poop was pressed all over her skin. She some how forced all the food down and was finished before Kirsten was half done. "Can you change me now???" Julie begged. "No not yet, Kirsten has to finish first" James reminded her. Kirsten picked up the pace, feeling awful that she was prolonging Julie's messy condition. She was full and didn't think she could eat any more, but she knew she had to. She felt even sicker as she filled her diapers with a warm stream of urine that she could no longer hold. Kirsten finally finished and James paid the bill and led them out of the restaurant.

    "James are you ever gonna change me?" Julie whined as they walked towards his car. "I was gonna wait till we got to the car, but I guess I can take you back in the restaurant and change you in there" James said. " NO NO NO, I can wait" Julie said. "That's what I thought" said James as he opened the door to the back seat. James laid a garbage bag on the seat and told Julie to get on it. He then pulled her pants off and began to untape the diaper.

    He gagged at the smell which hit fast and strong the second he got her diaper undone. James pulled the diaper off her as it clung to her, pasted on by all the gooey poop. It took him another 5-10 minutes to get her cleaned off put a clean diaper on her. He then laid Kirsten down and changed her wet diaper. He diapered her snugly again and then started the car and they headed back to his house. It was 8:00 by the time they got there and James knew he had enough time to get them both a bottle loaded with laxatives. He knew he would be able to watch both of them helplessly fill their diapers before he put them to bed. He laughed to himself as he knew both of their diapers would be very full, since he had fed them such a huge dinner. This is gonna be great he thought to himself.

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    The Bet 2 By Jim

    Part 7

    James took the two girls to their cribs and told them to hop in. After they got in he handed them each a bottle that he had specially prepared for each of them. Kirsten and Julie had no doubts the bottles were filled with diuretics to make them wet, but they didn't even think of laxatives. It took only a few minutes for the girls to drink the bottles and then James let them out of the cribs. He pulled off Kirsten's clothes leaving her only in her diaper, and then proceeded to put a green sleeper on her much like the one he had been forced to wear when staying at her house. The sleeper had feet and mittens on it and was very warm. He then dressed Julie in the same manner only he used a red sleeper for her. He made sure the girls were zipped up tight and turned on the TV in his room for them. He then went to work preparing their night time diapers. He took several diapers out for each girl. He cut slits in the outside plastic layers to ensure their pee could leak through to the next diaper, and the many more that followed. He left an outer diaper for each of them the way that it came to ensure that their bedding would be kept dry.

    When James finished preparing the diapers he led the girls upstairs and into the living room. He once again turned the TV on for them and went to work filling bottles for them. In the first bottle he filled for each of them he added a sleep aid drug that would ensure both of them would sleep soundly through the first four hours of the night. He then filled many more bottles adding diuretics to make for lots of pee, and a muscle relaxant to make sure the girls would have no trouble wetting in their sleep. When James finished preparing everything for bed he went out to be with the girls. It was 9 O'clock and he could tell both girls were beginning to have pain in their stomach. "James I don't feel very good" Julie whined. "Yeah I feel sick" Kirsten chimed in. "You two will be just fine as soon as the laxatives kick in a little more" James said with a smile. "I'm sure it's just all that Mexican food you ate, but don't worry, it will be out of your tummies and into your diapers in no time" James added as he looked at the shocked girl's faces. "Oh my gosh, I ate so much, my diapers is gonna over flow when I go" Kirsten said. "You know what, your right" said James. He unzipped both girls' sleepers. Both smiled as they thought he was going to let them use the toilet. Instead both were in dismay when he pulled a pair of plastic pants on to each of them and zipped their sleepers back up.

    It was no more than a half hour before Kirsten couldn't contain her food any longer. She felt her stomach groan again and again and then felt a wave of poop rush out her buttocks. She farted loudly over and over as she seemed to poop continuously for what seemed for ever to the little girl. She bent over on her hands and knees as she felt her diapers fill with poop. She cried as she wet, and then felt more poop coming out of her. Never had she imagined that she would go through such a thing. She knew diapers were gonna suck, but this was torture. Kirsten laid down on her stomach defeated and finally done pooping. She cried and cried, as Julie still stood shaking knowing what was in store for her. James took Kirsten in his arms and told Julie to follow as he took Kirsten to get changed for bedtime. He changed the messy diapers and rediapered her with all the diapers he had prepared earlier. Kirsten had quit crying after the messy diaper was removed but almost started again as she realized what was gonna be next. James then zipped up her sleeper and laid her down in the crib and locked the side. He promised he would be back to feed her, plenty of bottles before she went nite nite. Kirsten shifted uncomfortably as James gave her a wink and left the room laughing as he carried Julia.

    When James got her upstairs he looked at her and said "Still holding out against the inevitable huh?" Julie stuck her tongue out at him as she shifted uncomfortably. James took her to the couch and laid her across his lap. He began to massage her tummy and Julie groaned as she felt her bowels beginning to move. Julie was about to start crying as the pressure was becoming unbearable, but her bowels suddenly relaxed and a warm mass of poop filled her diapers, accompanied by farts every bit as loud as Kirsten's. James continued to rub for 15 minutes or so until he was completely satisfied everything had come out of her. Julie squirmed and shifted, but it was no use as her diapers had been completely filled and their was no way she could escape the poop squishing all over her. James took Julie downstairs after a while and took the poopy diaper off of her. He diapered her for bed the same as he had Kirsten and put her sleeper back on her as well. Then he told them before he would get them started on their bottles that he would tell them what he had planned for the rest of the week. "You've got to have something to think about so you can have sweet dreams about them" he mocked.

    The girls both knew it was more like nightmares but kept their mouths shut as both intently listened to what was gonna be their near future.

    Part 8

    "Over the next few days we are gonna be doing some really fun stuff" James said enthusiastically. "Tomorrow I am gonna take you two girls to the fair. The next day we are gonna spend at the beach and then the next day we are gonna spend a day at the Mall!!!" The girls looked at each other worried knowing they were gonna see a ton of people. "What about the rest of the days??" Kirsten asked from inside the crib. "Oh we are gonna spend those at home so I can spend more time on making you fill your diapers non stop" James said with a wink. "Now its time to go to bed, sleep well" James said mockingly as he turned out the lights and got into his bed. Kirsten and Julie could already feel the pressure on their bladders growing. Both wet heavily in their diapers before they were able to get to sleep. The girls soaked their diapers unconsciously while they slept but both woke up around 5 AM. Both shivered a little as their pee had turned rather cold inside the soaked diapers. Both quickly emptied their bladders warming their diapers again. Kirsten couldn't believe the wetting could be so bad but she was sickened by the thought that she was and had been sleeping in a large puddle of her own urine. She was surprised to find her diapers had not leaked but remembered James had diapered her very well. Julie started crying when she realized how wet she was. It took little time for Kirsten to start in as well and James was soon woke up and out of bed. He took Julie out first and checked her. She was soaked enough James decided and he changed her to a dry diaper. Next he checked Kirsten and changed her as well. He let both of the girls crawl into bed with him each wearing a single diaper and their sleepers. The girls quickly drifted to sleep again and both awoke wetting their diapers.

    Julie woke up first and felt herself soaking her diaper again. She nudged James and he helped her out of bed and laid her down to be changed. He took extra time powdering her and then snugly taped a diaper on her and turned on the TV for her. Less than an hour later Kirsten woke up filling her diapers with pee as well. James changed her as he did Julie and then brought her upstairs to watch television with Julie. He poured some bowls of cereal and called the girls in to eat. When they were finished eating he made sure both of them had plenty to drink and then brought them down stairs. He had a short green tank top and a pair of very tight green shorts for Kirsten. He told the girls to wet their diapers now because they wouldn't be changed until after they had lunch. Kirsten filled her diapers with pee and Julie did the same. James then changed Kirsten and put two diapers on her instead of one. He then dressed her in the tank top and shorts. It was painfully obvious she was diapered with the tight shorts pressing against the outline of her diapers. James then pulled out a very similar purple outfit for Julie and double diapered her as well. Both the girls cringed when they looked at each others diapers bulging out noticeably and realized that their own diapers were just as obvious as their best friends. James then loaded a couple of packages of diapers into a diaper bag and filled several bottles for the girls as well. He led them out to the car and they headed for the fair.

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    The Bet 2 By Jim

    Part 9

    When they got to the fair James parked the car and they got out. Kirsten and Julie walked as slowly as they possibly could. They were in no hurry to walk around at the fair, since it was obvious they were well diapered. The girls tried to ignore people's strange looks as they walked through the crowds of people. Their faces turned red with embarrassment as they saw cute guys staring and pointing at them. It was just way to obvious that they were in diapers. Julie started to complain, but James just reminded her of their trip through the mall where he was in nothing but a diaper. He asked her if she would like to walk around the fair the same. She quickly shut her mouth and tried to change the subject. James bought the girls drinks and they walked around looking at the various things while they drank. The girls drank slowly but sped up as James threatened various things that would reveal even more their diapers.

    After what seemed several days for the embarrassed girls it was lunch time. James fed the girls well as always and they both cringed at the thought of filling their diapers at the fair. When they were finished eating and drinking, James led the girls to a counter where he bought tickets for rides. The girls actually loved the rides at the fair and had a decent time on them. They both told James they would have been much better though if they didn't have to empty their bladders into their diapers while they rode them. They still had tickets to ride but it was getting close to dinner time. James took the girls to the car to change them into dry diapers. When he was finished they went to get some dinner.

    They ate another large dinner and both the girls started to feel their stomachs rumble. Julie told James she needed to poop and Kirsten said she felt the same. Julie asked if James would change them before the rode the rest of the rides, if they went now. James thought for a minute, and then decided that would be fine. The girls tried to not gain attention as they squatted trying to fill their diapers. After alot of effort they were finally finished, and were very messy. James changed both of them and they went on the rest of the rides. The girls found out much to their dismay that they weren't done pooping for the day though. They were both messy and wet again by the time the rides were finished. James walked to the car when he had finally had enough of the fair. The girls walked with him, grimacing at every step as people stared at the two teenage girls wearing bulky, wet, and messy diapers. When they got home James changed them out of their disgusting diapers and got the diapered for the night. He diapered each of them with several diapers as he had done before and gave them both plenty to drink before putting them in their cribs. Both Kirsten and Julie fell asleep quickly as they were worn out. James crawled into bed and and laughed to himself as he thought of the girls quickly filling bladders and the wet night that was ahead for them.

    Part 10

    Kirsten woke up cuddled in the warm blankets. James had turned the temperature down in the house, and had fans blowing making a cool breeze in the room and very comfortable sleeping conditions. They would have just been great but Kirsten felt her bladder filling quickly. She had since given up trying to hold her wettings and just let her pee out in her diapers. It disgusted her to lay in her own urine but she knew she had no choice in the matter. She was thankful for the diapers, because they soaked up the urine and she could fall back asleep again without much trouble. She felt the warm pee running out of her body and into her diapers. It was a relieving feeling as the pressure on her bladder subsided. The diapers absorbed her pee as they always did and she was soon back asleep.

    Julie woke up in a daze. She felt warmth between her legs and couldn't understand what was happening right away. Then she remembered her situation. She tried to fight back her tears as she realized she had unconsciously wet her diapers in her sleep, and that she would be a bed wetter if this continued once she was out of diapers. She tried to relax as she let her bladder continue emptying out completely in the diapers. The warm pee gushed out of her and she felt gross, yet relieved at the same time. She wondered if her and Kirsten's week in diapers would have any long lasting affect on their ability to control themselves. She thought of many things but didn't remember much of anything as she drifted back to sleep in a night full of wetting.

    Both Kirsten and Julie wet consciously and unconsciously as the night went on. They were thankful for the warm soft blankets and the soft pillows and the comfort and security the warm beds offered. They both wondered what tomorrow would bring at the beach. They both knew that their diapers would be noticeable if not advertised under their swimsuits. Both the girls wondered what was going through the others mind and how the other girl's night was going. They did not realize they were both awake much of the night together. Neither wanted to speak out though for fear of waking the other in one of their few moments of sleep they got that night. Kirsten and Julie both looked over at the clock sometime between 5 and 6 in the morning and both knew they were going to be exhausted. For as tired as they had been. Neither of them had slept very much at all in a night full of them wetting into their diapers. It was now 6:30 AM and both lay awake in very wet diapers. Kirsten squirmed trying to find a comfortable position to lay in the wet diaper. Julie heard her squirming and decided to talk to her.

    "Kirsten are you awake???" Julie whispered. "Yeah I have been for most of the night" Kirsten replied. "Me too" said Julie as she yawned. "Julie I think I'm turning into a bed wetter" Kirsten said with a slight amount of fear heard in her voice. "Don't worry, James didn't wet his bed for very long after we let him out of diapers, we should be all right." Julie tried to reassure her friend. She wondered if what Kirsten was saying was true though, after all, they would be spending four more nights in diapers than what James had to.

    James woke up to the sound of whispers. He listened intently, yet quietly to the girl's conversation. He didn't want them to know he was awake and listening to what they were saying. James tried to muffle his laughs as he heard Kirsten questioning whether they both might turn into bed wetters by the end of the week. He heard Julie trying to reassure Kirsten, but like Kirsten, he could hear the doubt in her voice. He listened for a while longer as the girls talked to each other and wondered whether they should wake him up and ask to be changed. Finally feeling slightly sorry for the soaked little girls he got up out of the bed and headed for the light switch.

    James couldn't help but laugh as the girls whisper ceased immediately after he got out of the bed. James flipped on the light and smiled brightly at the girls. "How did my two wittle girls sleep???" James asked in a baby talk voice. The girls said nothing as both reddened and tried to prepare themselves for the embarrassment of being changed. James walked over to Kirsten's crib first and unlocked the side. He stuck his finger down the front of her diaper making Kirsten squirm. "Aww feels like my little Kirsten is turning into a pretty heavy BEDWETTER" James said as he over emphasized the last word. Kirsten shifted uncomfortably as he untapped the diaper leaving her naked before him. James powdered her and taped on a fresh diaper very tight and snug to her crotch. James gave her a pat on the rear as he helped her to her feet. James once again commented on the wetness of the diapers as he changed Julie next. He diapered Julie as he had done Kirsten and then gave them a couple of short shirts to put on. He led them up the stairs for breakfast. James prepared pancakes for the girls this morning. He commented the beaches weren't nearly as fun unless you spent the entire day in poopy diapers. James watched the girls faces turn white as he filled their bottles with orange juice to get their bladders started on the days work ahead of them.

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    The Bet 2 By Jim

    Part 11

    Julie and Kirsten ate and ate till they thought they were going to burst. James laughed as he teased the girls telling them not to worry about gaining weight because the laxatives he put in their drinks would ensure everything would come back out in their diapers. The girls had to eat so much they couldn't help but drink large quantities of liquids to wash everything down with.

    When James was finally satisfied with the amount the girls ate he led them back to his room to get their swimming suits on. The girls squirmed uncomfortably as they saw the two piece suits they were going to be wearing all day. James first fit the girls into tight plastic pants telling them he didn't want their diapers getting wet with anything but their own pee. Then he helped them into their swimming suits. The girls looked uncomfortably at themselves in the mirror as they saw once again it would be obvious they were in diapers. They dreaded what was ahead of them as they got into the car and headed for the beach.

    Julie and Kirsten squirmed and moved around over and over as they felt their breakfast working itself through their bodies rather quickly. It was a long ride to the beach and neither girl knew if they would make it without filling their diapers with the load that was building up inside them. They both managed to hold off as James found a parking spot and got them out of the car. James saw both girls struggling to hold themselves and said, "You might as well just get it over with, it's gonna be in your diapers all day anyways and your stomachs won't hurt so bad if you just let it out." Kirsten and Julie knew it was hopeless and that James advice was actually the best thing to do. They shifted around and squirmed as the let go of their aching bowels and pooped and wet their diapers in the parking lot.

    James would have paid a good amount of money though if he could have had a picture to keep of the girls faces. They jumped as they felt something different, the laxatives had turned their bowel movement to a liquid type mess and both girls filled the diapers with steady streams of diarrhea. The diarrhea was warm and filled the backs of their diapers and continued to move on up into their crotch area as more ran out into the diapers. The girls squirmed around as both of them felt the runny diarrhea mixing with the steady flow of pee that was now leaving their bodies. The relief of the pressure on their bladders and bowels was over shadowed by the sick feeling they both felt in their diapers.

    The bulky diapers were bad enough because everyone looked at them. The rancid smell that came from the girls diapers assured everyone that their suspicions were correct though. It also told everyone that the girls had dirtied their diapers pretty well. The girls couldn't wait till they got to the water. When they got down near it they took of half running and half waddling towards the water. They both felt the warm contents of their diapers moving around as they ran towards the waters edge. They dove in and waded out far enough so the water could hide their bulky diapers and the awful smell the diapers gave off.

    James watched the girls, and soon saw them quit standing and begin to play in the waves. He waded out in the water to join them. Julie and Kirsten both filled their diapers with diarrhea again as they played in the water for several hours. The water was pretty cold but the inside of the girl's diapers stayed rather warm as they wet their diapers quite often. The tight plastic pants kept the cold water out and the warm liquidly gooey mess inside their diapers.

    When it was lunch time James took the girls up to the car and changed their diapers. The girls hadn't yet been as glad to feel a clean diaper as they were this time. James put the plastic pants back onto the girls and then pulled the bottoms of their swimming suits back up. He took both girls by the hand and led them towards a restaurant where they were going to eat. They took a seat in a booth and waited to be served.

    When Kirsten and Julie saw the waiter they squirmed around uncomfortably. He gave the girls a strange stare as it was obvious they each wearing a diaper. The waiter was one of the cutest boys Kirsten and Julie had ever seen and they both thought they were going to die on the spot. When the waiter asked what they wanted to drink James ordered the girls each a large pop. The waiter looked puzzled and then turned to James and said, "Don't you think they probably shouldn't drink so much since they obviously can't control themselves"? The girl's faces turned redder than cherries but neither was prepared for what happened next. "Oh well actually they have alot worse problems than that James said" "Like what??" asked the curious waiter. "Well you see" James began, "They both wet the bed at night and they are basically totally incontinent during the day as well, but even if they weren't they would still have lots of use for those diapers, because you can't really stop them from pooping in them, because they both suffer from severe bowel incontinence, so I figure I might as well let them enjoy their dinner, because they are gonna end up in pretty nasty diapers one way or another." Julie and Kirsten were both speechless and tried to hide their faces as the waiter looked at them really strange now. "Yeah I guess that's pretty nice of you" said the waiter as he turned around and quickly walked away obviously as disturbed as the girls were embarrassed. The girls ate and drank everything they were given. They wanted to crawl under the table every time the waiter returned but thankfully the waiter didn't say another word the whole time they were their.

    James led the girls down to the water laughing uncontrollably as both the girls bitched at him like he had never seen them do before. The girls finally shut their mouths as they realized their comments to James only attracted attention to them that was very unwanted. Within a half hour the girls were playing in the waves again and had pretty much forgotten what had gone on at the restaurant. Julie and Kirsten both filled their diapers with a solid bowel movement within an hour of each other and were as wet inside their diapers as their suits were on the outside. The girls actually forced urine out of themselves several times, to try to warm up as the water got cold after a while. A little before supper time James and the girls headed up towards the car. James walked all to slow for the girls as once again their diapers drew many stares and let out and awful stench that almost everyone noticed. When they got to the car James said he had to dry them off before they got in. The girls squirmed as James over did drying their backsides
    squishing the poop all over them. "Please change us before we go home" Kirsten begged as he was packing them into the car. "After the way you two bitched at me after dinner, I think not" James said as he gave her a wink. Kirsten and Julie sighed as they knew it would be a long ride home.

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    The Bet 2 By Jim

    Part 12

    When the girls got home the poop in their diapers was squished all over the place from them sitting in it. Julie and Kirsten had finally arrived at James house after what seemed hours upon hours of riding. James took the girls inside and listened to them beg for a few minutes before he let in and changed the girls out of the disgusting mess they had been sitting in for the past couple hours. James ordered a Pizza and then took the girls to get some movies. When they got home with the movies, James dressed the girls in their night time sleepers and put a second diaper on both of them. James told the girls to eat as much as they wanted and gave them the liberty to choose how much they drank as well. Both girls knew he could make them wet and poop their diapers just about any time he wanted to so they decided to eat and drink until they were full.

    James put in the first of the two movies and the girls got up on the couch and relaxed for the first time all day. They both laid up against him and sighed relief as there was nobody to worry about seeing them. They wet their diapers several times during the duration of both movies. Neither really cared that much though as they had become accustomed to using their diapers rather frequently. James changed each of the girls out of the wet diapers, and diapered them with several diapers as he had done the past couple nights. He then gave Kirsten and Julie several large quantities of liquid, along with diuretics to make sure they would wet the bed alot.

    Kirsten and Julie both fell asleep quickly after James put them in their cribs. Neither girl awoke as they had grown accustomed to sleeping through the wettings until their diapers became extremely wet. Kirsten and Julie both were quickly turning into helpless bedwetters. Kirsten wet a couple times before she finally woke up to the feeling of the warm urine running into the diapers. She just lay still as she felt the warmth of her pee soaking into the already damp diapers. Julie only a couple feet away locked into her crib was wetting as well. She shifted around as the warm liquid flooded her already wet diapers at a rapid pace. Julie wondered whether she would be able to quit wetting the bed once she was free of the diapers at the end of the week. The girls hated the night time wettings much more than the daytime wettings as it wasn't very easy to sleep after they wet their diapers several times. They both desperately wanted a change but knew they would just be laughed at if they asked James for one. As they thought of these things they slowly drifted asleep again. Then AWAKE!!!! As more pee flowed into their diapers. It seemed like every time they fell asleep they would wake up wetting again. Even though their was usually about a 45 minute interval between each wetting it seemed only a minute or two to the soaked girls. They continued this pattern all night until about 7:30 AM decided the girls needed to be changed.

    Part 13

    James took both the girls out of their beds and changed them out of the soaked diapers. He looked at the girls sympathetically as he saw dark circles had formed under their eyes and they looked extremely tired. James put several diapers on the girls as he did when he put them to bed and zipped them back up in their sleepers. "Guess I am gonna give you two the day off and let you sleep in some, then you can get up for a while, and then I'll put you back down for a nap later. We can go to the mall tomorrow when you two will be more awake" James said as he placed the girls back into their cribs. Kirsten and Julie sighed with relief as they realized that they might finally get some sleep. James let the girls sleep till about 11:30. Both girls wet their diapers a couple times while they were asleep but slept right on through it. By the time James had finished taking wet diapers off and putting dry diapers back on the girls they both realized they needed to poop. Julie and Kirsten both knew that James would not be changing them any time soon and they were gonna be in dirty diapers for a rather long time.

    By 1:30 both girls shifted around uncomfortably in their chairs as they tried to eat their lunch wearing dirty diapers. James gave the girls tons of liquids as he was preparing them for their afternoon nap. Julie and Kirsten forced down the liquids and food as they felt their poop spreading through the diaper with every slight movement. When lunch was done instead of changing the girls diapers James put several more diapers onto the girls spreading the mess everywhere and then zipped them up in their sleepers and put them in their cribs in their dirty diapers. "You have got to be kidding!!!" Julie whined as James left the two girls locked in their cribs and started to walk out of the room. "James!!!!!! How long are you gonna leave us like this??" Kirsten whined. "Oh well you were both pretty tired this morning, I think about a 3 hour nap will do" said James as he left the rooming smiling.

    Kirsten and Julie groaned as their bladders were starting to ache for relief already. About an hour and a half after James left Kirsten wet her diapers for the third time and felt her bowels erupt as another large mess squished its way out into her diapers. Kirsten could feel nothing except a pasty creamy coat of poop, and warm urine all over her skin, all held in and contained in several diapers. Julie was even worse off. She had wet her diapers about as many times as Kirsten, but her food had not agreed with her at all. Instead of pooping once, Julie was shooting streams of diarrhea into her diapers on a regular basis. The smell was absolutely awful and the sick feeling of the diarrhea and pee mix on her skin made all the sicker to her stomach.

    James came into the bedroom and was immediately taken back by an awful stench. It had been about two and a half hours since he left them and he was coming to check on them. Julie and Kirsten laid motionless in their cribs, they had long since given up moving around, because no matter how they moved their mess was all over them. James one quick smell inside each of the cribs and quickly took Julie out judging her to be the worse off of the two. "Don't you worry wittle Kirsten, I'll be back to get you, I have to give Jules a bath though" James said as he carried a motionless Julie out of the room. Julie laid motionless as James peeled the messy diapers off her and cleaned her body with wipes. After he had gotten all the poop off her he picked her off the floor and laid her in a tub filled with warm water. Julie sighed as she felt the warm water touching every inch of her skin. Just minutes before she had urine and poop all over her diapered region. She did not protest at all as James washed her body over well and then washed her hair. James took her out of the tub after about fifteen minutes and wrapped her in a warm towel. He left her lying on the floor as he emptied the tub and began to fill it with warm water again. James walked back into his room to find Kirsten sitting up in the crib waiting for him again. He noticed he was just a couple minutes too late though as Kirsten farted loudly. It was obvious by the look on her face she had just pooped in the diapers again. James laughed as he took her out of the crib and smushed the warm fresh poop tightly against her butt as he rubbed the back of her diaper. James told Kirsten to grab a couple clean diapers and then picked her up as he had Julie and carried her into the bathroom. Julie was still lying on the floor with a pacifier in her mouth that James had put their just before he left. James stripped Kirsten's dirty diapers off her, cleaned her up and placed her in the bathtub that was now full of warm water again. He let Kirsten soak in the water while he dried Julie's body and put a dry diaper on her. Kirsten was a little more squirmy as James washed her but never said a word as she knew the bath was keeping her out of diapers for the time being. James finally finished washing Kirsten and then dried her body with a towel and put a pacifier in her mouth as he had Julies. He then put a dry diaper on her and led her and Julie back to his room by the hand.

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    The Bet 2 By Jim

    Part 14

    When James got the girls back to his room he dressed them in very tight shirts and shorts. The tops of the girl's diapers stuck out from the top of the shorts so the white plastic and diaper tapes made it very easy to tell the girls were in diapers. Kirsten was dressed in a lime green shirt and Julie was wearing a bright orange shirt. Both girls' shirts attracted tons of attention to themselves. James let the girls do each other's hair and make up while he got himself ready. The girls were very worried about where James would take them. They knew no matter where they went their bright shirts and beautiful bodies would draw plenty of attention. This meant there would be a lot of people seeing them in diapers.

    When James was finished getting ready to go he finally told the girls they would just be going out to eat at Champs sports bar and grill. They sighed with relief knowing it probably would not be very busy on a Thursday night. James talked with the girls they drove in the car towards the restaurant. The girls inquired of him what they would be doing for the next few days. The girls squirmed uncomfortably as they found out that James was gonna let them sleep in again tomorrow but that they would be going out to eat at the mall and to a movie on a Friday night. They were even less excited to find out they would be spending all Saturday at a very busy mall. James told them finally that he had something special planned for them at home on Sunday and then he would let them go home on Monday morning. The girls sat thinking longing for Monday morning. James thought of his plans for the girls as he drove. Something they had done to him that he had been waiting to do to them for a very long time. They would be spending the night wetting the bed as usual, but they would spend the night trying to sleep in extremely dirty diapers as well.

    His train of thought was broken as he saw the sign for the restaurant. He took several minutes getting a very stubborn Kirsten and Julie out of the car, as their faces were already red from embarrassment at the obviousness of their diapers. Julie and Kirsten walked into the restaurant, and sighed with relief as they saw their prayer for very few people in the restaurant had been answered, well almost. "Hi Julie!!!!" said a giggly voice behind her. Julie froze, she couldn't believe it. "Anyone but her!!!!!" she thought to herself. "Hi Alissa" Julie said as she turned around and saw the smiling face of her 14 year old sister. Alissa could not stop giggling as she looked her sister up and down, then she spotted Kirsten and James, she broke out laughing. "Kirsten too!!!!" she giggled with joy. "What on earth are you to doing dressed like that and wearing diapers!!!!" she managed to say in between giggles. Julie glared at her little sister but had nothing to say in reply. James finally dug the girls out of their hole. "They lost a bet, so they had to come to my house and spend a week in diapers." Alissa laughed and laughed before she could spit out her hopeful question. "Do they gotta go to the bathroom in them?" she managed as she continued to laugh. James just gave her a grin that told her all to well the whole story. Alissa had to run to the bathroom to keep from wetting her pants she was laughing so hard. When Alissa came out of the bathroom her friend Becca had arrived. Becca was in the same process that Alissa had been through laughing at Kirsten and Julie. James invited Alissa and Becca to come eat with them and all five sat down at a table. When James ordered Kirsten and Julie especially large meals and large drinks Alissa asked why James got them so much. "Lots of liquids and lots of food makes lots of pee and poop ya know"? James said with a smirk. Alissa and Becca burst out laughing at the thought. "Oh my gosh I wanna see them go potty in their diapers so bad!!!!!" Alissa said, and Becca nodded her head in agreement.

    Julie and Kirsten tried not to scream, they sat their quietly and ate their food. Julie wet her diapers during the meal but was able to act normal enough that no one noticed. When it was time to leave Alissa wished her sister a happy night of wetting and pooping as she got into the car and James drove away. "Oh my gosh I am going to kill her if she says anything to anybody!!!" Julie said as they rode home. "Don't worry about it" said Kirsten "If she is too mouthy about it we'll just have to teach her a lesson in diapers". "Sounds like fun, In fact I'd love to help, but I think I'll enjoy the rest of the time you two are in them first" said James as they continued to drive down the road. Kirsten sighed with relief as she wet her diapers, "Thank god I can finally do that, I wasn't about to pee in front of your sister" said Kirsten. "I couldn't help it, I peed my diaper right in front of her, I'm just glad she didn't notice" said Julie. "That would have been an interesting situation if she knew that" James said as she laughed. When they got home James was especially nice and changed them out of the wet diapers immediately. He took their shorts off them so they were wearing only their shirts and the diapers he put on them. They hadn't watched TV for very long before they both wet their diapers again. James changed them but this time put them in their night time diapers. He diapered them extra thick and then started them on their bottles. Kirsten was finishing up her second bottle when she called to James. "I need you to change me James" she said. "I'm not gonna change you, your already diapered for bed" James said. "No I don't think you understand, I pooped in them" she said as she smiled innocently at him. "I know you pooped in them, I can smell them from here, I had to sleep in dirty diapers for a night, now it's your turn" James said as he smiled back at her. Kirsten's smile disappeared, "James you gotta be kidding, please don't do this" Kirsten begged. "Yeah don't do this" Julie whined as she was in the process of filling her diapers. James laughed as he said, "Time to get you kids in bed," and with that he led them to their cribs.

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    The Bet 2 By Jim

    Part 15

    Kirsten and Julie both crawled into their cribs and laid on their stomachs, to try to keep their poop from squishing all over in their diapers. Both girls tried to fall asleep quickly, but were unable to with the messes they had made sitting in the back of their diapers. Julie gave in first and relaxed her bladder as the first of a seemingly endless amount of wettings began. Kirsten soon followed and squirmed around as she felt her warm urine flowing heavily into the thick diapers. It took only a couple hours before the girl's urine was soaking the front of their diapers. Julie wanted to turn to her backside, but she knew there was a large mess of poop waiting to be squished around in the back of her diapers. Kirsten was much worse off however. She tried to hold back as a second wave of poop oozed out of her buttocks filling her diaper and pushing poop up into the front of her diapers.

    Julie finally couldn't take the puddle in the front of her diapers anymore. She turned to her backside and immediately felt her poop ooze all over her. Then she felt a rush of warm urine as the excess puddle ran out of the front of the diaper and all over her body and into the back of her diapers mixing with her poop. Kirsten came back to consciousness, she must have fallen asleep, she felt a fresh warm stream of pee running into her diapers. Julie meanwhile was struggling to keep her little butt closed as she was about to have a second bowel movement. She tried to squeeze her butt cheeks closed but the warm poop pushed and squeezed out filling her diapers extremely full as more poop followed.

    James slept wonderfully as the girls tossed and turned wetting every hour or so as the night went on. Kirsten and Julie slept little as they laid in heavily wet and messed diapers. The girls gave up trying to keep from lying in their poop as they soaked their diapers and the mess was all over them. Both were awakened by James at about 7:30. He took them in the bathroom, took off their messy diapers, cleaned and bathed them, and then diapered them both.

    Kirsten and Julie had never been so thankful to be wearing thick disposable diapers. They were just extremely happy to be in anything that was dry and clean though. It was about 8:30 when James began to make the girls breakfast. Kirsten and Julie both laid in front of the television in a daze, because they were so tired from the night before. Julie was so tired she began to wet her diapers without realizing it till she was half way through wetting. She was too far along to stop, so she just let herself continue to wet and then started to cry. James walked in from the kitchen and picked her up and carried her in his arms to his room. He laid her down and put a fresh diaper on her. She was still crying when he was finished so he put a pacifier in her mouth and picked her up to carry her back out by Kirsten. He grabbed a pacifier for her as well as he went out of the room. When he got back he set Julie down and walked over and shoved the pacifier in Kirsten's mouth. She was too tired and too defeated to do anything, so she just sucked on it as she laid on the floor.

    When James finally finished making breakfast he called the girls into eat. He felt some compassion for the girls though and decided not to add anything to the girl's food or drinks and just let them eat as they pleased. When the girls finished eating James took them to their cribs and locked them in and let them sleep. The girls slept and wet
    like babies as they slept until James finished making them lunch.

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    The Bet 2 By Jim

    Part 16

    James woke the girls up and told them it was time for lunch. Both Kirsten and Julie were very concerned they were wetting their diapers while they were asleep. They wondered what would keep them from wetting after they got out of diapers and went home. The girls groaned when they saw what James had made them for lunch. Tacos, refried beans, nachos, and burritos, "look familiar?" asked James. "We are going to the mall to eat and shop a little and then to a movie. I can't have you two walking around without wearing a dirty diaper with every step you take." James said as he smiled at them and dished them some food. Kirsten and Julie felt sick at the thought of dropping a thick pasty mess of poop in their diapers at the mall. James made them eat tons of food and wash it down with large amounts of liquid. The girls were still in their wet naptime diapers as they drank down what seemed gallons of liquid.

    When James was happy with the amount of food and liquid they had taken in he told them to empty out whatever was left inside their bladder and bowels, because he was gonna change them for the mall and not change them for quite a while after that. Julie and Kirsten relaxed their bladders and wet the already wet diapers. They were soaked when they were done, but neither girl could force out any poop. James put 2 diapers on each of the girls and then dressed them. He put Julie in a dark green shirt, tight and short as always and very tight shorts she had been wearing last night. The double diapering caused the tops of her diapers to be visible all around coming out of the top of her shorts. The tight shorts made the bulky diapers underneath extremely visible. Next Kirsten was diapered and put into a blue and red shirt. The result of how her diapers looked was the same. James packed a bag with about 12 diapers in it and a couple pacifiers. James told the girls if they gave him any complaining or trouble he would make them walk around with the pacifiers in their mouths.

    When they got to the mall the girls squirmed uncomfortably as they saw how busy the mall was. "Why a Friday night???" Kirsten moaned. "Is that complaining I hear" asked James with a smile on his face. " NO NO NO NO it wasn't I swear" cried out Kirsten in fear. "I didn't think so but just checking" said James as he gave her a wink. "You can carry your diaper bag for that though" he said as he tossed her the bag with the diapers and pacifiers in it. They walked around without much incident for a couple hours or so. They would have thought it was horrible a couple days ago, because both had wet their diapers a couple times, but neither girl thought much about it now.

    Around 3:30 though things changed. The pains in Julia's stomach became more than just pain as she cramped up and bent over in pain. James came over and wrapped his arms around the cramping girl and kissed her face. He hugged her as the girl filled her diapers with several pieces of poop. James smiled at her as he saw the look of pain on her face turn to relief and then to disgust. He took her hand and they walked on. Kirsten made it another 45 minutes before she was really hurting. Unlike Julie however they were out in the middle of the mall in a large group of people. Kirsten tried to get James to go into a store but he just smiled at her as he led them on by the hand. Kirsten finally doubled over with pain and squatted down in the middle of tons of people. Everyone stopped to look to see what was wrong. They all went silent when by taking a closer look at the little girl they realized she was obviously wearing a disposable diaper. They went silent just in time to hear Kirsten fart loudly and then turn red as she began to fill her pants. Kirsten started pooping and did not quit pooping for a good 30 seconds. The little girl had never pooped so much at once. Some people gasped and stared as it was obvious the teenage girl had just pooped her diapers. Others just walked on as they felt pity for the tiny girl. James seeing a crowd drawing took Kirsten by the hand and led her away towards the bathrooms. Once they were out of the crowd though he continued to lead them as he had no intent of changing the girl's extremely dirty diaper.

    Kirsten felt sick as her diapers were almost completely filled with her poop. Julie's poop had worked itself into a settled position stuck between her butt crack and the diaper, but Kirsten's poop squished up against her skin with every step she took. Wherever she went the awful putrid smell of her diapers was in the air. James finally took the girls to the food court and ordered them some food. Julie pooped in her diapers again as they stood in line waiting for their food. Her diapers were now as full as Kirsten's and very wet as well. Kirsten on the other hand had held off wetting after she had pooped so much because she knew her pee would spread the mess up to the tops of her diaper completely filling it. When they got their food James made the girls sit down. Kirsten cringed as the huge mess squished all over her. She then gave into her aching bladder and let herself wet heavily into the diapers. The pee and the poop was all mixed together and Kirsten now smelled twice as bad as she did before. Julie was just as bad off as her fresh poop squished all over her when she sat down. James told the girls to eat and drink up and when they were both done he would change them. Kirsten and Julie ate their fastest meal yet and waited impatiently for James to finish his. When he did he took them by the hand and led them towards one of the diaper changing rooms.

    It took James almost a half hour once inside the diaper changing room, to get both girls cleaned off completely powdered and re diapered. Both girls looked as though they had just won a great prize or something as they walked out of the changing rooms in clean dry diapers. Kirsten's happiness quickly turned to dismay though. She had not been in her diapers for 30 minutes before she realized she was cramping up and would be pooping again. She looked pitifully at James begging him to change her after she filled the diaper. James felt some sympathy for the cute pathetic looking little girl and told them both that they had to leave for the movie in an hour and he would change them before they left for the movie theatre. Kirsten tried to hold off pooping as long as she could but she pooped her diaper, not quite as badly as the first time about fifteen minutes later. Julia tried to empty her bladder every 10 minutes as they walked around for the next hour. When the hour was up they headed for the changing rooms. When they were about half way to the changing rooms they were stopped suddenly as the heard a giggle of laughter followed by greeting of "Hey wait up!!!!!" James and the girls turned around to see a giggling girl running up to them.

    "Oh No!!!!!!" groaned Julie. "Hey Alissa!!!" said James as he gave the 14 year old girl a hug. "What the hell are you doing here" said Julie angrily. "Whoa sounds like your baby needs a nap" Alissa said to James as she ignored her sister's question. She was about to say something else when she caught a whiff of the air around her. She turned around grinning and looked at Kirsten. "How come you're so quiet Kirsten" She said with a huge grin on her face.

    "Shut up!!!!!" said Kirsten as she glared at her. "Wow how have you put up with these two so far!!!" said Alissa as she looked hopefully over at her sister to see if she had pooped her diapers too. "Oh I have my ways" said James as he smiled at the girls. They both stuck their tongues out at him. "Well I gotta get going unfortunately cuz mom dropped me off here a couple hours ago and I told her to come pick me up in 15 minutes" she said. "All right Alissa, I gotta get these two to the changing room any ways" James said as he hugged her goodbye. Alissa stopped by Julie and sniffed the air. "I didn't poop my diapers you little bitch!!!" Julie said as she glared at her. "Yeah I kinda figured that, since you smell 10 times better than Kirsten" Alissa said as she sighed. "You sure do smell like pee though" she said as she walked away smiling.

    "That damn little bitch!!!!" Kirsten said as they continued to the changing rooms. "I thought she was pretty damn funny" said James as they continued on. "Don't tell me you won't help us get revenge on her James???" Julie said as they continued to the changing rooms. "You really want my help???" asked James. "James I am wearing a shitty diaper, and right now I'm pretty damn pissed off at you. We did however do the exact same thing to you though." said Kirsten. "What she is saying is that we will forgive you in a couple years James" said Julie as she smiled at him. James couldn't help but laugh. "OK OK OK, enough of this, you are gonna make me feel bad for you two or something, we will talk about this after I'm done with you two" said James as he opened the door to the changing room. "Damn, it almost worked Jules" said Kirsten as she hopped up onto the changing table. "Shut up and lay down so I can clean your hot little ass off" said James as he began to untape her diaper. After a few minutes the three came out with Kirsten and Julie in fresh dry diapers headed to the movie theatre.

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