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Thread: Looking for Mistress-like stories

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    Looking for Mistress-like stories

    So, as the title says, I'm looking for stories that give an atmosphere similiar to the ones written by MistressTwilight8 (her user name in this forum is twilight3). Another example of the the same kind of story would be Sheltered by Me. In general, what I'm looking for is stories that gather the following features:

    - Bonding between the caregiver and the Adult Baby/Teen Baby/Diaper Lover (Simply put, lots of fluff)
    - Both of them female characters
    - Emotional moments between the two
    - Development of the relationship between them (around the fact that the younger character likes diapers, and such)
    - That diapers are not what the plot revolves around, sure, they can be a fundamental part of the story, but not the story being centered solely around them.

    And... that's about it, I know it's pretty narrow, but that's the kind of stories I'm looking for. They don't have to meet ALL of the mentioned features, it's just to give an idea. Anyone who has read Mistress's stories will know what I mean, I'd like to read more stories with a similar style.

    Thanks (and hugs ^^) in advance for any links or references
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    Re: Looking for Mistress-like stories

    Maybe check out the following stories:

    Two-Way Mirror by Whetoric

    Just Let it Out/ Emily's Diary by SashaButters

    The latter is a Pokemon fanfic, but a really cute one.

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    Re: Looking for Mistress-like stories

    Oh! I forgot to mention SashaButters, I've already read Just Let It Out, and I love it. I'll make sure to check the other one, thank you so much ^^

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